Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 6, 1968 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1968
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE A-S Sail Powder Puff Regatta On Alton Lake Thursday By NINA MES7AROS I The wiffflef Editor telegraph Family Pag* A fish's-eye view of the Alton take waters this holiday wwk- end mirrors schools of gimlet' eyed swimming creatures pas* sftly majorjng in selMmmola* tion and minortng to powder puff-inspired hysteria. After a massive exodus stream to Wednesday's the blaze $2,500 worth tip. of of ths fifst frustrated middle* , catfish and sturgeon were given the added sting on Thursday of some 0,000. worth of sailboats with masts flylttg Old' Glory, and with 'dainty fingers at the tillers wearing diamond tiffany settings. It was a "Lady-Thls-Is-Vour- Life" pageant when the Valley Sailing Association Powder l»tiff Regatta ploughed up and down the Mississippi. The event got under way at 1 p.m. With 14 parttdpatlng boats stoppered by TROPHY WINNER FIRST TIME OUT — Mrs. Ed Someits of Chesterfield,. ,Mq.i gives a victory smile as she and her son, Chris, finish;the Powder Puff Regatta in which women and girls skippered the boats Thursday on Alton Lake. The event was sponsored by the Valley Sailing Association. Ann Landers Ignored by Dad for 5 Years DEAR ANN: I will be 16 In three weeks. My problem' is my father. He has said exactly three things to me in the last five years. Please don't think I am exaggerating because I can tell you what they were. The day after Christmas in 1963 he said, "Get off your fat rump and clean up the house. Or do you plan to let the boxes and wrap- ... ping paper lie AM Landers. around till next year?" On Jan. 2, 1964 he said, "I don't care if it was our party* Clean up toe house." Three weeks ago he said, "Either get a haircut or roH it up. You look like a witch." I have tried to start a conversation With him many times but he ignores me or talks to me, through someone «lse. For example, if I say, <'Hpw come your sox don't' ma.tch?" he'll say to my mother, "What is. she bugging me about anyway?" Please tell me how to deal with this problem. When I see other kids carry on conversations with their fathers I get very unhappy.—IGNORED DEAR IGNORED: Accept toe fact that your father is no com municator- and never not going you'd better change your attitude. I feel sorry for a man who is so walled off from his children that he can't even speak to them. And one day I hope you will understand how ead this is and that your resentment will sion. •probably never was will be. You are to change him so DEAR ANN: I feel like I've been hit , by a 10-ton .truck. Please help me to understand What has happened to me. ; Peter and I went together for nearly three years. We are not teen-agers—far from it. I am 25, Peter Is 27. For the past two years I dated him and no one else. So far as I know, he was completely faithful to me also. Last February he gave me a diamond. We planned to be married in August. We've been apartment hunting and made honeymoon plans: I've been buying linens and china. Last night after dinner I felt something caught between by two front teeth. I took a tooth pick and tried to dislodge what must have been a piece of chicken, Peter suddenly jumped out of his chair and said, "The wedding is off! I could never marry a woman whose manners are so poor that she would use a toothpick in my pres ence." He then launched into a tirade about my upbringing and how all of a sudden he saW me as I really am—uncouth, coarse, vulgar and "no lady!" I burst into tears, handed him his ring and he left. Please help me understand. I am in a state of shock. WILTED ORANGE BLOSSOMS DEAR WILTED: A romance that could be felled by a toothpick wasn't much in the first place. It should be obvious, even in your stateof shriek,-that Peter used the tooth] turn to compas as an excuse "•$> craw] put. of toe commitment. Accept the fact that he lacks the inaturity for marriage aiid consider yourself lucky to bV'iid of;him. • MIRROR OF YOUtt MIND By JOHN CONWELL Is It foolish for » woman to keep her age a secret? Answer: With so many cos-ing properly in school and buck metics on the market cajw^Mng down to their of holding back the years a In a V™S™ m conducted by Ye- *". r* w **f*?'l9 •"•W»»». , *9** ^'"^T,"? ** ,_!.!_.. Vf u l__._^.lJ. At.:; * J__ J.. — _ woman -- ._.. be more her real age. to some cases, effective to motivating students thanks to 8 bottle of dye, or a than the traditional gold stars special make-up effect, ftip may tor work well done. even be able to subtract a few Why do some people pick years. If^. cosmetics can keep, annoying habUs? the grey hftlr away, and cover Aiswer: Popping gum, drum up some of tine wrinkles, » WQ- ming on the table, whistling o man may (tod, herself with 9' other little mannerisms tha younger outlook on life and thus annoy other people should tx brightejj .her. attitude and, build curbed, The people who praotic her geJI'respect, ... these habits show an inconsld Are Btwfcnjs more hjghjy nwtl- erateness towards others .tha vtted by gott stajrs ir ptaw? approaches complete disregard Anawer; Some psychotic, ne«< A loud gumchewer, table-drum roUa and atjieiwlse disruptive mer or even a person who play etudents In New York City prj. a transistor radio on a bus or vale and Pjp Mbwte are al- train, may be suffering from towel to ; rejd popular magi- an inferiority complex. His ha ilnfla,,drli* Bo48/eat ptoa ancibit Insistently draws attention •veol to^earji, money for ''behav* « to ht Ifi'VUt m^ *, ^rMBBfj^Wf^^^UF* fPQ '^i-merm^ w vm w ' ~' FWWW, * *. :* « . - : : DEAR ANN: My hMsband is i the service. My father-ih- aw travels a lot s& my moth* r-in-law and I play gin rummy Imost every evening. She is a lot of fun and I en- oy her company but I can't fford the losses. Last Week dropped $16. The week be- ore, $12. I don't want to in- ult her or appear to be a poor loser but I'm-HURTING DEAR H.: Tell your mother- n-law she'll have to cut the takes or find another fish—I mean card-player. This is no nsult. It merely shows you have better common sense than :ard sense. (And P.S. Don't knock with nine after half the deck has been played, Dummy-) * * * * DEAR ANN: Whenever I'm m the phone my husband walks >ver to me and says, "Who is t?"Then he asks, "What does he want?" The next question s, "Why waste your time talk' ng about that?" After a couple 'minutes he says, "Get off." It is,awfully hard, in the middle of a phone conversation, to answer his questions. It is also smbarrassing because the per- ion on the line can hear him. decided a few weeks ago that he best solution was to ignore him. This makes him furious. Can you offer a solution? —ULCERS SOUTHERN STYLE DEAR ULCERS: A husband who is so childish that he cannot stand being excluded from anything—even a routine telephone conversation—should be dealt with on the 10-year-old evel at which he operates. Keep a notepad and a pencil by the telephone. When he asks, /"Who is it?"' wWte the name/ of the person and add, 'I'll tell you all about it later, dear/' This should quiet the little darling untfl you get off. .._ and girls..... least wwrried of anybody about the piscatory life under, the waves is Mrs. Ed (Mary .Ann) Soniew, who skimmed her family's Comet class craft into top spot in the race. "It's terribly exciting," She said, adding It was doubly thrffltag because K was the first ttane she had skip- peri*} .».' , '-• "I've sat on the shore and watched the boats an summer," she said. "Yon know, yon can learn by watching. And besides, I had my 14- year-old son, Chris, (who safe With his father) to help Just how much she learned as a spectator was summed up committee mem- I liked her anybody class silver award in addition to the women's traveling trophy after i close race with seefliMI class wiflMr, Mrs. Dan (Jan*) Arrow; and third place winner, Mrs. John (Cot) Brom Looking radiant and, happy in her green and white striped shirt and Bermudas; shfe admitted she hadn't thought of a real powder puff (cosmetic type) all day, She said she hadn't intended to enter the competition, but was talked into it by an insistent husband and her sons, who said, Of course you've got to be In the Powder Puff, Mom!" Due to the lowering of toe river level, toe current was the ointment fly-of-the-day. Some of the women said it was rough current; some said it was heavy current; and one said "a weird currenfrso little wind" suggesting more current (against you) than wind. I B U X Y was the sign on toe committee boat where race personnel ran toe regatta In midstream. This spelled out zones for toe windward and leeward marks, and the starting and finishing lines for a one-lap tfimigh her plastic jib and win* dows, rounded the merit to find the wind had suddenly yawned oft stoggtffl sails. Hie spinnak* ef, raised quickly, hung mm, and was doused, The remaining boat pack, reaching the area, eked in lateral drifts until renewed esprit ol the breeze ended their listless posture. race. The lady mariners bore in mind that Page 3, Chapter One of a familiar racing Bible says "Fore-and-aft balance do for the speed of a boat what posture and carriage do for the glamour of other ladies," and hoped that a few rules of thumb (of their husbands) had rubbed off (or washed off) onto them. A good breeze played onto the shore, carrying back an occasional almost sotto voce "Starboard" call, laughably contrasting to the customary franctlc shouts during a man- The silken • snared skippers were mindful of toe four warning blasts of a towboat long be'of* they could read the red letters that spelled Ingram Barge Ci; and the five insistent final blasts served to vacate the channel waters occupied by fledgling femme fatales. flurrying eto assist Thistl No. 1044 paddling dockward, Its skipper's husband enthused, 'Did you see how Janle finished? One, two or three, depending on the results after they've handicapped." True to toe family name, Janie had steered straight as. an Arrow, assisted by. two of their three sons, Kevin, Mike and Don. Every good sailor knows the sides of a boat. The Valley men, with respect for the progressive sailing ability of their wives and daughters, are thinking in terms of three sides: Starboard, Port and "D'rtaff." Married Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Jones of Carlinville have been married 50 years today. On Sun day their daughter, Mrs. Paul (Laveta) Carrigan of Virden, will entertain at a dinner and open house for friends and rela lives, in her home, Mr. and Mrs, Jones lived in Hfagaman before moving to Carlinville in 1923. Mrs. Jones is toe former MJs^i CordeUa Tate. They also have two sons, tor- en c, of Sparta, and Derak of Golconda. There are nine chUdren and three great grand* sMppered race. A baby-sitting owner of a SECOND PLACE AWARD — Mrs. Dan Arrow, left, of Ballwin, Mo., was awarded the second place bowl by Mrs. Wayne Goode, chairman of the Powder Puff regatta, following the race, Thursday on Alton. Lake. College N&tei Mrs. Arthur Kistner, the former Miss Madge K. Zimmermann, daughter of Mrs. Shirley immermanti of 229 W. Cofoin St., Betbalto, nas graduated summa cum laude from Cornell lollege in Qrinnell, Iowa. She will corst'.nue work toward her masters dej*ree at the Unfversi- y of Coiof ado. Miss Lynda A. Bunecky, 4500 College Ave.. has been named to toe dean's list at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia, for the winter semester. Miss Jean Marsh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Marsh of Godfrey, has been named to toe dean's list for the winter semester at Illinois State University. Miss Marsh will be & junior at the school. JOE STORK CLEANERS Wall-to-wall CARPETS CLEANED Satisfaction Guaranteed Prtc Moth- Proofing DRAPERIES We will take them down and re- hang them at 10% of cleaning eott 2706 Godfrey Rd. Ph. 4A8-SS11 BIRTHS Rhodes Bantam boat adjusted his binoculars, anxiously keeping in touch with the up-river progress of toe family craft while small Bobbie Shaftoes, unlike Mem who had "gone to sea," wishful-fished with stick- and-rope feigning technique. A voice distrust of another mom asked, "Who was it that repaired that hole in your boat? I'll probably need It after this.", A blue-and-white ^on-competitive ! Sunfish -rocked near t hi e floating f dock. Nearby, t he ««H,twan Too" sloshed unat- Mr.,and Mrs. Larry Barnes, 806 Center St., East Alton, a son, Deon Gene, 9 pounds and 4 ounces, 5:36; pita., Wednesday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pruitt, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barnes. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Miller, Rte. 1, East Alton, a daughter, Denise Renee, 8 pounds and 15 ounces, 8:37 a.m., Tuesday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder children, Jay Jr., 10, Jeffrey, 7, and Darla, 2. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Christy, 08 Edmond St., a daughter, Stephanie Adele, 7 pounds, 2:10 p.m., Tuesday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Grandparents are Mr:' and Mrs. Robert E. Barr Sr., Springfield^ and Mr. and Popular Casual PRINTED PATTERN This shirt-look skimmer is a k>y for busy people. Just step into it, and look fresh, feel Free all day long. Sew it now in easy-care cottons. Printed Pattern 4993: Half Sizes 12%, .14%, 16%, 18%, 20%, 24%. Size 16% (bust 37) takes 3% yards 35-inch. Sixty-five cents Jn coins for each pattern—add 15c for each pattern fpr first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 243 W. 17th St., New York, N.T. 10011. print Name, Address, Zip, Size and Style Number. ~ " ;oe» ion. pretty! Bind tended at Anchor, and a temporarily deposed Comet skipper, Ed Somers, prepared meat and corn-on-the-cob at the grill, unaware-he would be serving it to toe champion "Powder Puffer." At about seven minutes to two, toe Lady of toe Rivers statue" looked out over the red-topped whi f e billowing spinnaker of toe S-ll (Scowndrel) owned by toe Walter Morgans) and to its right where, the S-J ("Pappy's- Happ-E" own^d by Dr. Ed Philippi and family) flew its blue and white "kite" as far as possible from its mainsail. The *irls were going strong upstream. The skippers pro-tempore snubbed winches, cammed cleats, heeled,: hoisted jibs, re- Leased *guy' lines, and lowered and raised cehterboards, bow- Ing to the winds and bearing in mind that the manual says, "If toe wind is merely weakening, toe best bet is that it will pick up from the original direction. Just about here, they also tried to remember another line: "Guessing the new wind may come fr^m an entirely different dire<r.ion may pay off hand- Announced Mrs. Marcella Freshour of 611, Snedeker St., Jerseyville, is announcing the June 15 marriage of her daughter, Debra, and Warren Lott of Jerseyville. The bride is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Angel of Dow. The former Miss Freshour is a 1968 graduate of Jersey Community High School. She was employed by Jerseyville Free Library. Mr. Lott, who is employed by Harry 'Sinclair, is toe son of Mr .and Mrs. Samuel E. Lott Of Rte. 3, Jerseyville. The couple is living in Jerseyville. Mrs. Raymond S. Christy of Alton. . Mr. and Mrs. James Meranda, 617 St. Peter Drive, Godfrey, a daughter, Michelle Renee, 7 pounds and 11 ounces, 3:17 a.m.,' Thursday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Grandparents are Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Katchmar of Godfrey, and Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Meranda, McLeansboro. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wallace, 101 Nelson Drive, Bethalto, a son, Neal Jeffrey, 8 pounds and 10 ounces, 1:40 a.m., Thursday, Alton Memorial Hospital Elder child, Kevin, 3. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Crane Rte. 1, Edwardsville, a daugh ter, 8 pounds and 1 ounce, 3:04 p.m., Friday, St. Joseph's Hos pital. Elder child, Tessie Lea 3%. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Makler, 520 N. Kansas St., EdWards- ville, a daughter, 7 pounds and 2 ounces, 3:10 p.m., Friday, St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland. Mrs. Makler is toe former Carol Tahase. somely." The flukiness of nature was emphasized later when the speeding red-decked yellow hull of the S-ll, waves glistening Fashion . . _,.„ for new Jprlng'Summer Pattern Cats og. Free pattern—coupon ! In S& t ,?J 1 . < »k*L 9e , nU - « Nfewl INSTANT SEWING Book, Save how ' fit, new'modern, expert'way. BOO pictures. Only |1. ,,. Oyer 'Cooking Cues TO make a gravy: cook chick-, en giblets with water and seasonings. Add wing tips and chicken necks $o broth will be richer. Strain; cut lip giblets and return to toe stralneja broth. DISCOUNT! STORE '•\H, fnlli • lallB.t 0<ll UNDAY -COUPON- PECIALS 12 NOON to 4 P.M. SUNDAY, JULY 7th, ONLY JUPITER1ULI 24 INCH BOWL BAR-B-Q GRILL W/SPIT AND MOTOR REG. 9.97 CLOSED FOR VACATION JULY 8-19 Open for business SATURDAY, JULY 20 DUKE BAKERY 819 Henry St. SWEEPS • tyCTWN CLCANI REDUCE F-A-S-T Slend«rin« now o>ffars you the finest in reducing, weight gaining and health building facilities. stop IN OR CALL TODAY 48Z-08I9 EXPANSION SPECIAL 50% fton* ilMlTBD OFFCK • R«ltf(tl LAPIB8 SIZE II? / lo « PEHFBPT »U« • by otn, Ji SIZE 14? Be a PERFECT tUe 19 by Oct. M SIZE 16? Be a FBI SIZE Bft" EHFECT line !» bv Oct. L? FECT Slf 0 14 by Oci UPITER! 20 INCH BREEZE BOX FAN 5 YR. GUARANTEE REG. 18.66 COUPON 77 JUPITERUKl SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR LADIES' NYLON HOSE OUR REG. 66c PKG. OF 2 2 PAIR PKG. mMSWJsmmmyimmm^ COUPON 15 VARIETIES TO CHOOSE FROM PACKAGED COOKIES REG. 27c PKG. ..... ftWMM\ JUPITERIL^ BOX OF 8 n'/j OUNCE GLASS TUMBLERS OUR REG. 1.37 WWfoWW'^W^ Intenwtionally Affiliated JUPITER! 27 INCHES WIPE 6 FT, LONG BEACH MATTRESS OUR MO. He C3UPON 271M, Horn AjfM loo. (Af u Fid 9 «•»• 19 9 412*0919 DOWNTOWN PLENTY OF ALTON FREE PARKING

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