Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 11, 1966 · Page 12
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 12

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1966
Page 12
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£^U M ^^>k jKMbdttAtf -*. — • - ... _... .^.^ fRRHDOM NKWiPAPfH &4 .Wij 8 % tpjiiy to daily jivteB the Coftunaiiffinenti the Golden itt tifrli to to hnl tltfiiOft fNttm . . Blow ic and thi tottriihiiii iftfofmaflon tewf rw* ino^reftrvB ujejf own freguoni ant Wily wtwi man untlcrttAwli and all he pforjuew, can fit in tnrmaiy wlffl the ttovt mo; P1LB - PHONIC .-„ C^WNEWS>JOtmNAL. Wed.. MaylTBflfl Inflation Growing "* Thanks in large measure to :;:£e*eessive government spending, :^thc United States has the cheap- ;*«st dollar in its history. compared the 1S40 dollar, Is worth 44 cents. In other words, It $22.87 to buy what you ,IpaTd$10 for In 1940. rtjiw 40 ::£ Sbuiids pretty bad, doesn't it? ;2SJr "Is and there's tio relief in t^filght Value of the dollar keeps ^*«n declining. Inflation is a vl- ;:*cious thing. It hits hardest those can least afford it, the poor the elderly, most of whom £*are living on fixed meager In- is Mdomatic that wild and unrestrained federal spending is the principal cause of inflation, but there has not been a hint from Washington that the Great Society plans to do an about face and live within its means. On the contrary, more and more spending projects are being approved for all kinds of socialistic schemes. U.S. Sen. John Tower had a few remarks to make about inflation in a weekly report from Washington. Here are some excerpts from his report. "It is a matter of grave concern to me that continual federal deficit spending and continuing federal fiscal irresponsibli- ty have operated to drive the cost of living upward. Yet, the plain fact is that the federal government, even in the face of war and inflation is not reducing Its domestic spending nor placing responsible priorities on its spending. "For Instance, from January of 1965 to January of 1966 some 91,582 workers were added to the federal payroll. Federal payroll costs now are in exceess of $1.8 billion a month. That is nearly $22 billion a year which taxpayers must provide. Our national debt now stands at $32' billion as the igovernment con tinues its policy of 'going now and paying later.' That deb penalizes Americans $22,000 in Interest costs every minute. "There are many places in which the federal governmen' could restrain its spending. . .: doubt that we would have to have a $9.2 million fish aquari urn for the District of Columbia right now. It seems likely we could forego, in the interest of a sound dollar, some of the $13.9 million planned for the federa art appreciation program. Prob ably we could wait a bit before buying $6.2 million worth o metropolitan area. We ought to be able to delay nearly $5 mil lion worth of Smithsonian Insti tution archaeological excava tion. And. by concentrating on helping only friendly nations we can cut perhaps $1 billion from foreign economic aid. "Also, it seems obvious we can save some of the wasted ad ministrative cost of the poverty program. Right now there are 1, 557 federal povertycrats making more than $10,000 a year — 25 o them making more than Gen Westmoreland in Viet Nam. "A tax increase might be ben eficial if the government woul pledge to take the money out o the economy and use it to hel pay off the federal debt. But right now, individual citizen have a much better record in putting money in savings than does the government. If citizen have to take money from sav ings to pay higher taxes, and i the government spends rather than saves that money, the re suit would be accelerated rath er than slowed inflation. CLOSING OUT 3000 YARDS DRAPERY AND UPHOLSTERY FABRICS 45" TO 56" WIDTHS SATINS AND IRRIDESCENTS CUT VELVETS 56" WIDE - REG. $10.00 COLORS . FIVE NYLON QUILTED FABRIC Florals • Short Lengths 77! 56" FANCY UPHOLSTERY LIMITED QUANTITY PRINTS & SOLIDS t HOPSACKING PRINTS • SERRANO SOLIDS STRIPES $100 1 FRINGES ANP WUIDS INCLUDING PONCHO TRUIS « 4IX REDUCED f 0& SPOOLS COK8O THREADS GOOD COLOR RJBGUURIV SUSAN KAY INC. 9iW IA-M- 19 H. L Hunt Writes It would be 80 moeh convenient for the planners if they could figure out a way to cancel man out of thelf equations entirely, and get along without him. Fortunately for the human race, they have never been able to do that. Technological planners design vast and complex machinery, and sometimes fool themselves into thinking that their machinery has done away with the need for men. Before our space nights began, there were scientists who thought that their 'little black boxes" would do all that was necessary In space, and that the astronauts would simply ride along as passengers or excess baggage. Once actually out in the hostile environment of space, as we all know, time after time one of the "little black boxes" failed and only the disciplined, skilled and superbly trained mind and body of the astronaut brought his craft safely back to earth. In just the same way, social planners design vast and com- slex bureaucratic machinery ;or redistributing wealth, providing education and jobs, and taking care of people generally. They often fool themselves into thinking that their machinery can solve all problems a.nd that men need only do what the plan tells them. Once actually in operation. these plans invariably prove defective in a thousand ways, because human behavior is more complex than any machine ever imagined. Without people willing at least on occasion to break the pattern and improvise these social schemes would nev er even appear to work. Man is not a machine and he w 1 1 never function like one, for he needs freedom to live and grow. Legal Publication Iff Tht Ntw Hotpttol talk ltd FOR SALE: l.V I fine Star Aluminum Roat with trailer A .V. I/P Johnson Motor. See nt 1721 . e holtlon. 30' HOUSEBOAT FOR SALE Good condition, rail Hurt Murks, 7B2-1091 or 7fi2-i*Vt3 Ap ' aa p iv' ^;J°' *' May 4 ' "• "• "W6 i.\ TUB msTnirr cotmr OF THE I'MTKJ) STATES IHSTRIrT OF NKW MKXICO AMERICA. Plaintiff, COMPANY, a corporation, ) "NANCE >> Defendant*. ) ORDER * u "* C( " nln * on of the nt, o.. e United States 01 America for «n order re- qulrlnff defendant. Shaplelgh Hardware Company, a corporation, Klrkpatrlck Fin ance Company of Roswell. Inc., and Paul hM Wu ™ tpr «? appear or plead within hlrty days of service of ttiln order, or n the alternative, Jf persona) service * not practicable, within fifteen davn after publication. In accordance with 2R USC 1655, and the Court havlnsr read the motion and being fully advlicd In the premises. It Is therefor* ORDERED that the above-named de fendanti an»wer the complaint In the i?." ' • nt ' u «'l •"<« numbered cause within thirty dayi after service of thl§ order and a copy of the romplalnt; It Is FURTHER ORDERED that If personal service Is not practicable, <ald defendant! hall answer the said complaint within 30 days after publication In accordance with 28 USC 16SS; and It Is FURTHER ORDERED that If the above- named defendants fall to appear or plead within the time allowed, the Court shall >roceed as If the absent defendants had been served process within the State of New Mexico, but affecting only the iroperty which Is the subject of this action. . _ /s/ H. Vearle Payne UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE MOVED FROM 230H Hull to 515 W. Grand. All business appreciated. Joe's Shoe Shop BACK HOE wurk, Write*, , ccsspooU, slush pits, trees dug up, shelters Horaco May. 762-0109. 1103 E. 4th KOAI. K33 May 4, 11. 1R. 25. 1968 STATK OF NBW MEXICO rorxTV or ri'Kuv iv THK nisTnirr rotmr JOLLAR SAVINGS BANK OF ) THE rTTY OF NEW YORK, > Plaintiff. vs. )Ko. 17402 <ENNETH C MrLAl'fiHTJN ) nd JANET E. Mrf-ArGHUN, > Is wife, Defendants ) <oTirn or PKN-IIKNCT or ACTION TATE OF NF.W MEXTTO TO: KENNETH C. McLAUGHLIV and JANET E. MCLAUGHLIN, his wife, Defendants ajsinst whom constructive service Is sought to be obtained. O THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANTS: You and each nf you are hereby notified hit you are named as Defendants iti a IvII action wherein Dollar Savlnsrs Bank f the City of N ew York Is Plaintiff: that aid cause Is pendlne In the District Court f Curry Countv, state of New Mexico, ause No. 17402, and that the general Ijject of said action Is foreclosure of ;eal Estate Mortgage on property as de- Bribed In the Comnlalnt In said cause, aid property being located In the City of lovls. Curry County. New Mexico, and recover Judgment on a promissory >te. You and each of you are further notified hat unless you enter your appe»rance i said cause on or before the 17th day June, 1966, Judgment will be rendered •> said cause against you bv default, and he relief prav«j tor In said Complaint III be granted. Plaintiffs Attorneys are Wilson. Ahern Montgomery, P.O. Box^ 4243. 1401 Unl- •rslty Boulevard. lew Mexico. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL OF THE DISTRICT COURT this 2nd day of 'ay, 1966. s' IJI.YAN ANTHONY CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COUHT SEAL) N. E., Albuquerque. May 4. 11. 18. 25. 1966 IN THE FKOBVTE COVET OF riKBV rOl'KTV. KKW MKXICO N THE MATTER OF THE ) AST WILL AND TESTA- ) MENT OF WALLACE S. ) CARMACK, AI.SO KNOWN ) No. S173 AS W. S. CARMACK. ) Deceased ) NOTICE OF Kl\41. UK4K1VQ STATE OF NEW MEXICO TO: Bessie Curmack. Jo Marie Balfanz and James Wallace Carmack. «nd all unknown heirs of Wallace s. Carmack, also known M W. S. earmark and aJl unknown persons i-lftimlng any lien upon or right or interest In or to the estate of Mid decedent, GREETINGS: Notice Is hereby given thftt James Wallace Carmack and Ralph 8«U«ju. executors of the estate of W»ll»c« S earmark «l*o known M W. S. C»rm»rk. deceased, have filed Uwlr flnil report and •count. «jid W D CstUs, ProtMte Juder ot the Probate Court of Curry County, by order duly entered, hw appointed the list day of June. 1966, at the hour of 10 A.M. of said day. la the Probate Courtroom of the Curry County Court Uoute. In davit. New Mexico. «« tb« d*y. time »nd pUw (or ttc*rb)f objections to mid flnul repon *nd settl««ent thereof. tor determinlflg lh« heJ«hlp <rf «ald e«t«le. the interest of ««cfa daJawmt thereto. and the persons entitled to the dwtrtbu- UOD thereof, FRED E. DENNIS, Font QCQct 8o» 1UW. Ctovta. New Jtotlco. l| th« for lb« . IN WITNESS WHEBEO* 1 . I b«v* here><se * «/ A>NG£LJN£ STANLEY CWNTY OUE&K NEWS-JOURNAL CLASSIFIED SECTION CA§H RATES (Plui anlei Tux) 10 11 12 U 14 «.7t ».« 7.18 8.38 9.98 10.77 1197 13.1T 14.36 15 M 16.76 2.51 S.13 S.78 4.39 5.02 6.64 627 €.90 7.33 8.1S 1.7* .88 .91 1,14 1.37 l.«S 1.92 2.U5 2.28 2.51 2.74 2.06 a 19 CARD OF THANKS . >'lgjjre Approximately S tvordi per line. Ten line minimum $1.00. ttc tor Nch additional lint. Above r<ttn are c*ih ratet ind apply If pal« within *«ven dayi final insertion CLASSIFIED DEADLINE All Want Ad« cancela'lom or correction* must be ordered by 3:30 p.m., the day before It appears tn the paper. 11:00 noon Saturday for Sunday * Monday. SPECIAL NOTICES SPENCER girdle* • t>ru. Alio medical lupporU. Mr». & M. Temple. 312 W. 7th. 765-SUO ALCOHOLICS ANONVMOCS h. 763-97M, 763-70M or T63-MJ4 WrHo Box 244, Clovli LOST I FOUND 10 LOST i Flrtndl* Roatim Terrier, in«l«, 19 Ihi., and an«wer« to Doodle. Ha* no I.D. Ph. in-WM or Mri. Cl«m ColUnt— School. BUSINESS SERVICE 11 LAWTV MOWIVQ O A L I, 783-93 »l CARPENTRY PROBLEMS? Contact Gabriel Florn 76I-3IJ1 BILL'S RENTAL SERVICE We rent A lot nf Thlni* ttn W. 7lfe. Legal Publication April 27, May 4, 11, is, 1966 m .fc NO »T llIf! T0 C*KB In the Matter of the Last Will and Testament of MARVT LEE MOSS Deceased. No. 3160. In the Probate Cowl of Curry County, New Mexico. Notice Is hereby x lven that th» under- 8 , um, ere a PP° lnl «i Executors of the -«st Will and Testament of Mary Lee Mo«s, deceased, by the Probate Court of Curry County, New Mexico and the Letter. Testamentary were Issued to them in the tJrif K ty i96S. * n(1 numb(fred jnaller on THEREFORE, til persons having claims against the estate ->f the said decedent are hereby notified to file the same In he manner provided by law, within six months from said date, or the *ame will be forever barred DATED this 22nd day of April. 1966. s/ Lela Grain i/ 11. S. Ward Executors tte April 27. May 4, 11. 18. 1966 NOTICE: or si- IT State of New Mexico to Knox C Lake. Falrye N. Lake. G. A. Olson, and Betty Lou Olson. GREETINGS: Yoy are hereby notified that lult has *een filed and Is now pending against In the District Court of Curry County. New Mexico, wherein First Federal Sav- ngs & Loan Association of Clovls li plain- ' ... . and you are defendants In Cause 17372; th*t the general object i of if! No. said fult are the securing of Judgment in avor of plaintiff. First Federal Savings Loan Association of Clovls, In the »mount of $13.03£.16 on one certain promissory note executed by Knox C. Lake «nd Falrye N. Lake, dated July 31. IS.iS. with nterest thereon at the rate of 525 per -ent per annum from date until paid: and or the further purpose of foreclosing a mortgage deed executed by Knox C. Lake ind Falrye N. Lake of even date with he .note described above, ^curing payment of said Indebtedness, which mortgage covers the following described real estate, to- wit: Lot 2 in Block I of the Dennis Chavez Addition to the City of Clovif, Curry County. New Mexico And for th* additional purpose of barring and estopping all of the defendants named n said auit from having nr claiming any lien, right, title or interest in. to or upon said premises, prior to the lien of plaintiff by virtue of its mortgage deed. That unless you appear, answer or plead In Hid caust on or before June 10. 1966. plaintiff will take Judgment by default .gainst you for the relief prayed for In til Complaint; that Smith. Smith 4 Tharp. Clovis. N«w Mexico, art attorneys for uUintiff. WITNESS my hand and official teal this »Jlh day at April. 1966. •/ Ltlyan Anthony Clark of the District court, Clovifc New Mexico. SEAL) VOTMt: TO HU>«9£M To« Melro** Municipal Board of Education invlua bldi for *upplying light flx- urai. door*, windows, and floor tile to the Mtlrote Public School*. Also, olay- pound equipment W4 toroos fcnd mwclOcations are avatl- « from the ottic* of the Superintendent kfelroae. Kew ifttxico. S«*!ed Wd* v»-W tie mc«lv«d at th« uttiw of th« Superln- tendeot until 4:00 o'clock P M.. May 30. IMS. and Ibeo ajoud. Tb# fio«rd to ofleoed wd read of gducaUoq te««rv«| U *ny or »1J Wd«. «' MELVLN ESTES £»-.«», BUSINESS SERVICE 11 OAI.L OR. FIX IT! He'll flT IhBt doot molillnf or add • room. »U Pll« John MeAmlMd 102-0114 WRINGER TYPE M«yt»B WMh»r» Startln* at $169.98 O«mb*t 604 Mltchtfl SERVICE. Tally Fllerf IM-5811. PnrtiUei. WANTED: Lawn Mmvlng, Tree Work, Dirt HaullnR, Ditch DlgRlnif. New Lawns -Fixed A Seeded • Free Estimate. Raymond Hall PH 7R3-6282. LAWMMOWER Repair .1 Day Service 512 THORNTON 762-2829 DRESSMAKING 16 WANTED SEWING Fhone 7«3-M13 INVISIBLE REWEAVING. Cigarette burns, moth holes, cuts & tears. Invisibly re- woven on all types of fabrics. Reason, able prices. Bring your Rarmcnts to Dearbara Naslund, 1018 W. 13th St.. Clovls. New Mexico. KNIT t NEKDI.E — 763-3716 Free knitting Instructions. Reg. 98c Mohair now 59c. Crewel A Needle Point. Sheldon & Tlerra Blanca, 3208 N. Sheldon UPHOLSTERING 18 CUSTOM WORK done and free estimates. Also reiipholstered, couches and chairs for tale. Dunagan's Upholstery Shop 1004 W. 7th, 762-089? BUILDING MATERIALS 19-A JOHNSON'S I.nmner, ROCOH VKLI/W riVE, lo« cabin ildlnr, iheetrotk, p»r- Itrln hn»rd, rrhar. Cask prices mewit SAVfNOS to you. Wbole«*U * Kel»ll. New Location, I MM W. 7th. BUILDING MATERIAL 19A C & B LUMBER CO. i.rnnncK, TEXAS FLINTROCK GYPSUM WALLBOARD Special— 1 week* only. We art overstocked. 4x8H No. 1 FHA App. C| 9C Each W • ••• PRIMED HARDBOARD SIDING ».,». $18,95 GYPSUM WALLBOARD No. 1 2nd! v . 69e H» 74c $1.09 Every Piece Gyprum Board Guaranteed or Money Back FLINTKOTE ROOFING IS VKAR BOXO 235 • Lb. 18-Lb. Felt 90-Lb. Rolled Roofing 250 T Lock Creosote Posts, very straight Open All Day Saturday 2207 Clovn td. 763-3244 IUB10CK, TEXAS $5.99 $1.95 $3.45 $7.49 76c MINTING 20 RESIDENT \L « COMMKBC1.U. Paint- lof contraoUir. Ucented ft tnnured. Kloy Mario — 7S3-3888—KHEK JLARGG or email. If Ifi luppoud to get cold, we'll fix It Star Refrigeration. IRRIGATION 2f r"OR SALE: Model "31" Ft. Worth Spud- der, n««i engine. Ideal for water wel!«. would trade for combine. Phone OR -43117, Abilene, Texa* or 447-2517. Peco». Texas. WILL DO BABY-SITTING in my home. Fenced tack yard. Hot lunches. 763-9220 :N<:E P S CHILD CAKE no* m new location., where everything 1* built with your child in mind. 1412 Reid—7SJ-6377. mr WAMTID NEEDED: LADY over age 28 for child care. June through Aug-ust S day week Ph. 7&2-0493 after 6 P.M. or weekend. FULLER BRL'SH CXJMPANY has openings tn Clovis. Portale*. ft surrounding areas for men or women with car & phone to earn S3 to |3 per hour, sen-icing est»W:«hed customers. Will interview in your home or wine. Ptaone Portales, WANTED: EXPSR1ENCED truck stop help. Age £5 to 40. 8 hour. 6 day week. Ph. 482-3413, Texlco, N. Me.\. HARVEST HANDS wanted. 6 months work. Apply immediately, 903 W. 5lb. Friona, Texas - Pa. 2-17-3146. WANTED: EXPERIENCED ienlc« station gttendant. Apply in person only. Must be marred. lOfl Sftnl» Fe Ave. Roy s. W»0ker Oil Co. WAITRESSES WANTED at Clara's Spur 8e«taurant, Texlco. Apply to Clara. 482-3861. EMPLOYMENT bkkp. exp ......... ...... OPEN » rersu. sn exp ................. TOPS GAi- F&1OAV. some GOOD HELP WANTED 38 FULL TIME DIUVEHS Apply In person inr> pile CI.OVIS KMrt.UV.MKNT * rKKSONMU. 725 W. Munana 7«2-47:U • Secretary, Sliortlmnd renuired * Manager trainee ' Depl. 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THE CLOTHKS LINK At New Lncntiiin - S21 llinkle 7itt-J.Hl We Kny t'vd furniture PART HJK.MTl'UK \- AlTTIOV •nii rite 7ii'MM<ii JUST KlOCKlVt:n~a new st<x-K nfpastel color of rJ.P.S. palnu Also good stuck of hardware and plJiritiini.' supplies Stephens Hough Lumljer, 020 Prince — Ph. 3-5817 CLOTHESLINE prvu Cemented e.nd painted $14.95. Two ran metal gnrlm^i- i.-icki Installed $4.93. Wc-lilini; 71KMJU2 or ItU W^VTS nor» PO. Sam Moor* buyer. W« buy all (fradpi ot hogs. Open alx dayg a week 783-«I22 WFPIH6 ROOMS 74 BICI,1UK)M.. Ol'TSIDK cntranrr, air c'lndlflnnprt. Off-street parking R(KI Oinneliy. 7B.T-B747. I ibirF, Bt-iroom7~Stra rn ~H?a rnlrnnce, close In. aiS Pile. d.OSK In. iilceTy^rmsihSn Mlh Hick's r Esiatos. TFUtlJIR SPACES: Nltrht. weeh or month clpan rest rooms. Pioneer Tr-ill»r Park 22IS W. 711. (HlwMy 60) 782-1 !T18 SWINFOUDS TRATLER IN.S. Hose ln~Tn onvomont. TV Cable easv purklnc nrtu"t« w_wlth small children, lore E Grand NICE rnhl "'it pel. ihqu'ir NICKI.V FfTi.V." 1 child. ci«is.> 'urn. npt.. air pond.. TV fenced yd., hills pd or ire lien E. rjrand. ". apt. for couple op nir cnnd.. nnrnRc. .'MtOOM Ft'RMSHED S.M.IH). Hill, P f,:,|. ( - ollnlrl ot ,7 NO PKTS. fho. 7fi3..1i.-,ii ' FOR RENT In rrmn: 2 room furnished g.initje nnartmcnt. Bills paid, S:tT> rno. c,i|i 7ii.t-.ts7n nri'-r H P.NT. TRY THK WKST M'V.V APTs". forTnTrT fnr luiiu:. '",,i|d Mcdiilllon, ref. air. wnlk in c|.,sel. i::ili!;.. s pd. 1-HR np!s. fun" or iinfurn. Availii'iN- now. West 1i)lh at Coiner . ^ . 7(i3-7u;.1 or 7tiM-427li. 1-KEI.IR( lO.M. M( 'KLV "F' : R NlsTjED APT., iic'iir Air 73nse. "R-t-.'trt.")! ^r.|VEI!Y NK'KLY furn. .'l-rm. *~l)7lh"anT .\e\v riitpel. cahle. nir cniid.. 1 or 2 persons. N'i) PK.TS. IiKiuirc' Snl Hull. Knl? rtKVr -K'nnlshnl three mom duplex .•ipiirtm-ot. 'fwo liirj,-" ":ilk-in close!?, i:eiirioiK >-i/(» ro.inis. sep,-irnle dineite s l'"'''. <e"'d hn'.-iiiMn. clem, niid atlrac- liie. A\;nlalili. M*iv 15 or sooner if desired. Siiii.od nmntl]. call 7ti2-U2S;l or BIIUKTY'S (1OOI) USF.B CLOT1I1NU A UOOKs — Iliiiicllt Si Sold 111 \V. 2nd VACUUM CLEANERS 53B ItKWAKI) 85.00 REU'AUD M'ltl lie pulii tn llu> first person furnishing hirorinnlluii li'inlluc to the Mile nf B new liirby, KJrti.v SH!*"., oi);> \\, I'lulns, 7li'!-aiSl, ('l»\ls. \. M. FI'IfN'. APT. KOI! UK NT .119 Sheldon .'I l!ms.. haih. .'sen j,,.,- nio Hills paid. I'MVinKtuii. smith &• Ourliam Jul -Main. 7UL.'-:'!ii!2, aft-r ."i P.M. 7li.'i.7Rfii). ;i ROOM FrRNisiiEl) Apnrtment, air con- diiliiiied. hills |iaid. 921 HOUSEHOLD GOODS SALE 54 WITH PURCHASE of Hint- I.ustiv. rent! Elcrlrir Carpel. ShamiJoopr tnr only .">! I per day. Gambles ~.-,,i| M-trlirll. | SICKLY KriiXlSHKLi 2 & :i room apt< . lulls p;i:«l Also 2 nil Inquire JIHJ E. .llh. Flill RENT 1 HR apt. Bills pd. Inq. "Pt. H. 911 W. 9th St. AUCTION Kviry Tupsdily Muhl W £ J Allrtliin 1H8 Pile « Invls, \l>w ^le •1 ROOM furnished apt. Located lH>:f', pile. Impure IIM rink. 7H:t-:i2-i;i APPLIANCES 54A i' BK npt.. attv.-ic'ivfly furnislied. dvsirealilv loc-; IB cu. ft. Chest type frre»nr $I21.!>.V Ciinil used 6 cu. ft. chest typo Iree/iT . Good used dryer* SIlt.M.V OoiHl usvil Irnn Rltft Irnner $74.!I5 Late Model Iron Illte Inmcr .. *MI!I ll.'i Itelinllt, rccdiulltluiifd, Kiinrnntotul I',' months, parts, mid Inlmr nn \\Vst InchoiiHO Aiitoniutlc ^Va*)her<4 . .. $71.95 Repossessed I.nto IMudcl \VesttnRlinnse Aiitn. \Viislifr & llrjer. Tnko U|> puy- MIRADOR APARTMENTS It \V. ilst — 7li''-17J2 LEAN .T rm furn. npt.. off street park- in','. \o PETS, sir, a rno. wntor bill |«l S'.v at rrl.'l E. I.'ith, Call rii.1-.WilO or UOUI) used i/o hp. motor* Ml'ltl'llY • KCilOI.S BOO MITCHKI.I, 7(!:i-tlT.' . ,EXr. ni/'p. 2 Bii. paneled, cable, bills » t "' J pit. washer, fen., no nets, l baby. Also 1 I'.R. All n!r eond. 7fi2-(Wl. USED FURNITURE 54B BEST 1'ltlCK I'.\ll> fur i SI:D irKMTfiti: J -- :t HM npt.i. Jiim. Bills pel. Couple or with sm/ill Imliy 7(i.1-5765 after 5 P. M. 7ti.1-lirjfi nnytimc WE PAY TOP PRICES FOB I 7-a FURNITURE & u , nr APPLIANCES 7G3-7311 VERY NICK Ic. 3 . nn. furn. npt., walk- in closM*. T.\'. cahlp, nU' ron/1,, garage, for unshcr. See to appreciate. In TELEVISION 54D WILLIS TV RKVTALS f, Hrpn'.r - licntnls by week or month. Week rlavs call «ftcr 5 P.M. Sin Hondo, 7tiS-ILMB .l) YOU HEI.IKVE you can livo csf bi'and !:r\v 2 li.'ijrivim apts for ,i« littlr as Slin per month with Jill lulls paid. Furnished or unfurnished, ea-y nrces.s tn the liase For mure in- formntiiin ahniit the Shcndnn Apart- nii!iit» r,ill Mori'land HnirinRton, 7B2-H318 or .lark Wlnlon Realty 7t-2-47Sl LESTER OAVLS TV Kepalr Used T\''s i for sale or renc fret- trial. 122U W. 9U\ 763-3781. I GOOD rwondltlnnrd t'sed TV'i a« Imv n< i I39.US. CluvU T\ Cfiilfr. tilth mi it Main. Clovla. i 1 — '2 Illl fitrn. apartment & 1-1 Rll furn. apirlmont Hills raid Inn. -'^ Prince. 7ii.'!-.iM7 or s'Jl 7rvt-.'!l"S MUSICAL GOODS 55 MKL UAY. l"th & Reid Lnrpi' 'J lilt npt. Carpet llu;i-out "new". C.jMiI'lete liiidt-m kitchen. "Hishwasher" rriVHt:- vfini. nir cond! Free washer & ilryer service. (;N'IA' «87 ."ill with lease. .See Todav - Coll Hull Bureh . . . 7ri'J-4"'01. FOR SAI.K: Ha I iy Cr.m.l, Call 7ll:v;i7JH. NICKLY FUHN'ISllKIi new 1 hedronrn apartmnnl. near base, bills paid, no pets, Thi-.^n")! Ifl'ltHY! NEED soni'ime tn take over small payments on Sl'IN'KT P1AXO in your area. No down pavmcut. Write Credit Maunder. TRI-STATH MI'SIC CO.. 609 No. Mesa St.. F.I Paso. Texas. 118 -Vain 7r>3-.10ll QUALITY piANolT& SKHVICE" Slnitton !jL-hiii>l of MJSIC 7K1-7JS1 Boj Coniii'lly I:L noHAno APTS - P'i\\ p nto\vn mva - l.arcc 2 HH furnished fip:it'men!. K!-''tlie \vi'Il Hef Air- All I,ills paid - Build- in kitchen, "dish- w:i>!ier". St'ive disposal, cfin opener. fu!i\- earfiete.i & cusium drapeil. Separate pa!i.i - storage • utility room. Resident TEIJ KAVKN MI'SIU SIKU'I'E PIAJVO'S UUtiA.N.S. HAM) IJS.STUU.MK.VfS 40& Klist Utll. GOOD THINGS TO EAT 59 RICH FOOD SERVICE If your KruriT) Mil U tuUini; Ion \nrnf a lilio nut til MMII |>u> i Iir. U. do sui lliint uhout U. lluv ul Itidi 1 ouil I'luii rh. 7tiu How To Address Yoyr Lawmakers (Federal) Sen. Clinton P. Amlfrsnn, Senate OfMca 111.In.. UushlniM'in i,v D.C. >.'n. .fuscpli M Miintova, Senate Offlca IlliK-., \\ isliiiiL-tnn -'.•,. I) f . Itcp. K. S. l.lnhniiy) HalUer, House Offlra Itlili:.. \ViishlnuUiii ','3. D.C. Itcp. Tlnnmi» (i. Mnrris, House OdlrB HUlt., \\ushliii;lun 2'i. II.l'. (Slate) Sen. \V. II. (Dill) Uurkwurtn, Uux 1010, C'lii»U, N M. lt<|i. Hi»t 1'alllsun, But M Star Route, Cliivls, X.M. Itep. Jluvld .Norvell, Buv 829, Clovls, N..M. Kc|i. frank funtcr. Box 983, Clovla N.M. Special Days Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS J December 25 (van 6 Friday 9 Necktie 11 Mature 12 Vegetable 13 Fish sauce 14 Islet 15 Kten 17 Fishing pole 19 Number £0 Bom H Male swan 16 Legal point 18 Loose soil 23 Crimson 24 Mouths i anal.) 25 Company tab.) 21) Whole of 29 Hawaiian garland 30 Festival 31 Son of Agamemnon 32 Visionary 37 Stopped 45 Learning 21 Arabian name 34 Bachelor degree 38 Saint Eve 46 Paradise 22 Foundations lab.) 39 Land parcel 49 Christmas— 26 Rocky hill 36 Storage box 41 Ventured 51 Japanese sash 27 Greek love god 28 Watchful 30 Type of cheese 33 Strong wind 35 Craft 36 Of a sacred book 40 Constellation 41 Dividend ub.) 42 Self-esteem 43 Serpent 44 Infirm 47 Emmet 48 Row 50 Knotty 62 Roof edge 53 Diving bird* 54 Lop i Scot) 65 Arthurian lady DOWN' 1 Treated with radiation 2 Insaue 3 Bird (UUn) 4 Window part 5 Vine fruit 6 Lubricant 7HUJW 8 Bleach 9 Wading bird

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