Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 121
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 121

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 121
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easonable, J77-3745. ers cleaned and rep- CqTsT weedseleanup. m-m T. RoWs repaired «. reshTngTedTE Ua r »£.alntfn«( cement work, odd I 667 iooLERS, service! reaalreS, Jng, remov J;Ti "$l ""sroPRg"' M/-IJBU. OOLERS, service, repalFed,, satis- icflon quaranteed. Master Charee, a n k amerlcard. Elman's call servjee tree t r I m m I n g. .custom Lawn Service, its, .residences, ipartments, res tee estimates on re- f . — -7 cheap. Free estimates, guarantee. 276-6440. 955 K LOADER, multipurpose bucT- sL.ffl- a I "*•'! ned and operated. haullnn. Clean-uo, etc. awn Service, commercial, LAWN SERVICE Commercial, Lg Residential Rea< sonable, Reliable, Dee's Lawn Serv. CUSTOM grading. Clean-up. Plfl dirt. Dumptruck — loader. 993-9262. SOD Installation, 955-2705. FURNITURE . reflnishino, claarette burns removed, antiques restored, repairing, renlulna home and office furniture. Touch uo work done in the home. 263-0273, 3058 North 16th eet. and apartment repair. Paint Ing; paneling, plumbing. Floor and ceramic tile. 955-6102; 956-6270. _ JAY ALLEN GRADING: Tractor work, lots, yards. 9 years golf course experience. 247-2291. HAULING, odd lobs. Free estimates. 942-3527. ' f ILL_ DIRT. 942-1410, YA^BWSR'K. _44-02». 667-Building Trades ROOFTNGTrooflng repairs. 278-8844, CONCRETE work. Free estimates 24 hours, 7 days weekly. 264-6106. PROFESSIONAL Housepalntlng. In tcrlor - exterior. Reasonable. Satis faction guaranteed. After 5p.m. 967-4709. 265-1160. CACTUS Custom Cabinets. 992-5580. TndH 667»iuHdlni TradM 682-SchNli " woVkV'Tree esti DRYWALL, repairs, taping, acoustic ceilings, and' texturna. "fee estimates. 942-376?. NQ» .D?w construction) r* ALUMINUM patio covers, carpots, screen rooms, small • d d 111 o n I. 265-3903. MASONRY WORK work, all tvws,. aking, commercial, . sawing. & .breaking, commercial, rts- Idential. Licensed, 30. years, expert- ence. Anderson Concrete, 253-tMO. , , • masonrv, fireplaces, Janeta. homes, commercial. tff-ffSfi ...DMAS wallpapering. 942 enlnas. r __^_,^ FLUMBING, carpenter. 276-2710. ROOFING and /epalrs, hot tar, cash rade. 275. - DRYWALL, acoustlc~eemngs. Licensed contractor. 93«-12aO. ALL phases, of construction, license •ubStPAM?' * r " MtUU PAINT ears , vfl ING, Interior, exterior, . 20 experience. Free estimates. BANGING, painting. 992-2450. RVWALL. Reasonable, 27«-69lOT PAINTING, $10 average room" 2JS-1072, CONCRETE, patio, brick, bli stonework, free estimates. 94 urn, TroeesiirnaiB! ITfflRTCheapriiTi ites. 944-7 -27e.1«C.- and \RPENTRY, rempdellngT COTTAGES palnted,_S15D7 INTERIOR/extenor painting, reasonable rates,, Work .g u a ran teed 946-5979, ask for Mike or Mark. SCATTERING, d r y w a II texturing, patehlna. 258-4159._ 258-21" PA INTINS: Don Ball, 242-1223. TUCCO. 263-7893. ENCE"wgoa7ctialn link. »46-14tl. PAINTING, Bfush- spray -roll. Fret estimates. 268-4153. „_ DRYWACLrHaToTtape, texture. LP censed 992-5259. PLgSTER. drvwall, stucco. 27Tffi5T CONCRETE" work, free estlmati 272-9812. CARPENTER, experienced, paneling doors, windows, walls removed, repairs. 271-9481. cement work. Want" driveways, patios, fence repair. price In Phoenix. 255-5368. MASONRY. All kinds, 937-1376. CONCRETE work. 846-6406. PROFESSIONAL paperhanslng. 9430804. ELECTRICAL. Wire anything, large or small, 955-9317. BRICK & Block work. Room addl tlons. 934-5973. m CUSTOMIZE cabinets, formica too. ._ED" plumbing?.Licensed eontrac- or, reasonable. 272-9564, BRICK, block7stone, concrete room additions, fireplaces. 278 CARPENTER, patio, r Reasonable. 943-7940. i o, remodeling G, all types. Reason- PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY GUIDE GUAR. ATr Cond. 8, Refriq. repa'ir, reasonable rates, 834-5459, 945-4794 Service - Repalr-lnstallatlon-Licensed, Bonded, Camelback Alrcondltloning Inc. 26$-2097. .; __________ ..... ____ Air cond & comxn refrlg repair, 24 hr. service. Earl Payne Air Condi . 1 _ J __ _ _ COOL-AID aTr cond, & refrigeration service. 12'.' turbine vents, stalled. Call 992-7884 before 3. DORMAN AIR CONDITIONING CO: 24 hr. service. 946-7331 APPLIANCE REPAUt MAJOR Appliance Repair. Reas, Guaranteed. 242-4363, 264-4254 "ASPHALT PAVING*-24^0473" B 9 a.m. MASSAGE PARLOR 10 p.m. 10 mln. from Phx. 276-0916 SATIN TOUCH.MASSAGE Very best staff 2764)961 "^ RENE'S MASSAGE . 265.6624 9^9 Naw Personnel RELAXING Massages and Sham poos. 966-2361. THE NEW TWIST Expert Staff 971-1141 BLACKTOP "BLACKTOP. SEAL COATING. . 959-8847 _ BLACKTOP, SEAL:COATINC- - BUILDINO CONTRACTORS NORTH Mtn. bldrs. 944-5138. Remodeling , _addltlons. & homes. Lie. . LICENSED contr. FHA approved remodeling, add-a-room, porches free estimates. Competlve 937-O44. I'LL beat any .qualified written bid Vou show ma. Lie. Cent. AM 4-3921. Cameron Construction •>. Invest me builders of commercial, Industrial custom homes. Bonded. 263-9176. horn Jew constr, res & comm. Remodel- iq, addn's a specialty. Non-union, ic, bonded, guar. Mv references-any Ustomer I've ever served 274-3523. )M addltfons, patios, remodeling'. 278-1180 ycensea. tree est. 2/u-im T_[c¥NT>E and~bonded contractor, 20 yrs. exp. Room editions, cement work, etc. Free estimates. Please call 946-3707. C •CABINET MAKINO KITCHEN CA'BfNETS, BOOKCASds CAHPENTkT CARPENTRY remodeling tr. 4's: & BATH 264-979! Sffl II lobs a specialty. ALL types carpentry, anywhere Work guaranteed. 945-5873. _. Remodeling, repairs, floor covering roofing, additions. 939-5292, ALL.REPAIRS AND PA I NT I NG Just call Charlie, 272-1957. CARPENTRY. Expert. 271-9796, $TS, ANY Size living room, 4 way system. 9-12, 5-7, 944,8522^ ___ cKHP¥TS~ln»tallad & Repaired. Pavs, Evening and Sunday 275-3053. CARPET LAYER NEEDS WO~RK Wholesale carpet. 248-0780, 266-6143. CARPET SALES _ CA'RPET Rolls left from JobTHTLo or shag. Terms, 248-8731. 248-8731. IT wom WORK .. v»v"<-'' • cement work, competitive prices. Free estimates. 277.1971. bnveways, patios, slabs & masonry work. Reasonable. 268-3326. mpcW&s,. PAT I OSrdrTvesT'etc. ~Free estrverv reasonable. 273-1806 CEMENT work. Small lobs O.K. 2473752. __ __ ____ CEMENT, Patios, Block, Brick • Remodeling, 258^2064 ____ TH "" _ CONCRETE _'_ BOB PfTTS CONCRETE " LICENSED, BONDED , Driveways, oool CUSTOM CONCRETE, iveways, walks, patios, swl l work, Kool-deckino. Fr , lmmlna ree est! Complete cooler service, 263-8522. ALPINE COOLER SERVICE & RE. PAIR. ROOM AIR COND., ALSO. DIRT man Best top soil Fllldlrt t pranlte. 937-2761. tlev topsoll and fill, immediate livery. 252-8263, 277-0019 or after 5. TOPSOIL, Clean fill. 273-03W. TOPSOIL, GRANITE. ROCK CALL^GLE.NN, 939^8.55 DRAPERIES BRAPERILES,CUSTOM WORKROOM . -. Su^llty wprk. Brlgd3_93?J223 r ELECTRIC At ' _' ' ' Et6CVRICAL work done. No iob too small. Anytime, 945-2301 "" work, free estimates, CLECTRICAL ^AL work, any ol fgCes_tlmate._994.9103,1i58-2579. ELECTRICAL Electrician: Little Jobs. Tel. 257-1021 TCENISE"D~ELE"CT RIC A L ~ CONTRACTOR 946-6887 GRADING GRADING'," top qiiaffty, new tractor. 943-3381. HAUMNO PROFESSIONAL FURN, HAULING Rellaple— Experienced 264-9831 BRICK, block work, fence*. 252-0723.; MAN with pickup will haul for you _ _YOUR PRICE 969-1170 2 TRUCKS 24 hr. service, movina & cleanup, no 4ob too small. 266-2502. JANITORIAL SERVfCjr—; '_ !2M g^pr?«avrtowoTR: L LAND5-APIN6 SPRINKLER and Landscaping Serv- Ice. All work guarantees License. Fre_e_e5timates. 242-2524. COMPLETE landscaplnfl service, all 25B-2306 an -- "" a " n -" QUara '" eed - To " v -085 PROFESSIONAL Land free estimates. 992-2472. andscape service, ' -_i*WN_?l Reliable Lawn-Garden Service, ~ "" Cleanups, new lawns, rea. malnt.: Comm. 8, Residential, 265-6418. M _ Masonry Work, residential commer- 938.6225° 934-6127. TNT & Ext. Free est. All work ouar 24 Hr. service. 258-5824, 258-3711. I A n B U n~~~ '~~'~i:TlTl"~ ' •»- 1 ''At '—- _ Y & sons custo **.. G.Phx. Needko-TJ fj ting 31 PAINTING, -,.m,, ., able_fluar. Free estlma... ^,_- y ..,. YOUNG Italian painter needs work Paperhanglng-anflqulng. Int. & Ext L'.ve a _ r !.J''p.jn5ured. 265-7964. Avg. INTER7 i. celllni jm ST PA INTER: Colors tailored' to' taste. ling $15. 257-1021. Int. ext. ,neat, efflcent, quality workmanship guar. 267-0259 ^free_ est. 253-7107 J & K Painting Service. Quality Is pur. standard. All work guaranteed. 992-5294. DlST.INCTIVE int-ext paintlna. Reas. ,OVE.RINGS_8,. pap.erfian.glng. WAL.LC Quality work. FR PAINTING. Interior • exterior. All work nuaranteed, 969-9434. _ m laranl DFES , ' PROFESSIONAL PAINTINfi Int.-ext. Reasonable. Satis, guar. After 5. 967-4709, 265-1160, PAINTING, ca-rpentrv. General all around quality work. 257-8451. . ., PAINTING, NEED WORK 25% off. 30 vrs. exo. 253-6425. INTERIOR, exterior, paperhen* Ing, free estimates. 279-0721. Painting, work guar. Immed. Serv Ice. Licensed. Bonded. 956-5356. PAPERHANGING PAPERHANGlNG by jjrofesslonals, free_e_estlmates._?64-983L L_ PAPERHANGING, all types. Also painting. Guar. Est free. 253-9903, pAtioeBveRS — Patio covers, aluminum. Sold & Installed. Free estimates, 279-1622, 846-6232-, Repair ''' PLUMBING _ s °!lH M¥m<3 - R»modeJ ' sfi 8 -*' OHNNTS PLUMBING 942-0707 REPAIR. REMODEL. LICENSED. A B R A M O 'S Plumbing contractor, new constr., sewers, remodel. Reasonable prices. 275-3309. ROO, Ice. REFRIGERATION IOM AIR conditioners, sales, serv- . New motors $23.957 275-0653. Service - Repair - Installation • Licensed, Bonded CamelbscR Air Con- dltlonlng Inc. 269-2097. obs, 810. 997-8206. M, 01 MACHIN . IL & ADJJ, your homo. 25: AH. makFi RESIDENTIAL »nd IndustrlaMawn >prmkler design. Reasonable- TREE SERVICE' PROFESSIONAL TREE CARE LL.^YJ) COLM.S JSS K NLOC Tree j Service. Trees trimmed, topped & cut down. 7 yrs. 1 For "•" rwults ln >pln ius, Wechlnes mm' 258-794? ROOMADDTIONS 944-5M work, cat) on • ing e tapint, iceuitiei. ELING Room additions, ciri closures,, air around Nothing foe small or handle all. cusfom w ' 946-6823 . AL BUlldlni S! ..asonry — Carpei. lommerclal. Free ai CECIL LAWTER REAL ESATE SCHOOL 275-7203, 956-5H3. CONCRETE foundations, fleers, tlOS, 247-1342, CONORETC pa- MASONRY. Repairs. Additions, Custom Work, etc, 937-4534. MASONRY, houses, room additions. 959-9323. ELECTRICAL contractor, licensed, bonded. New construction, remodeling and upgrade service. 273-1216, ROOFING, new and recover work quality workmanship, excellent reter ences, free bids. Call after 4 p.m., CEMENT man wants enced available now. ; .Experi PAINTING? Cheapi cjieapl Cheapl Airless spraying. 94* > bifh ' CARPENTRY. Una, repairs gO-CTRlC work. 942-6423.; PRY.WALL, haneinp, taping, spray- Lm T WMUU, Ing. 267-1241. yiet 8) v«t» JuaMv wfrtt. Int. axt. PAINTINGI Spraylnai^ Reeioneblei Work auaranteedi »9g30l2. coN£RET E work. Very reasonable. CARPENTRY, imal! lobs, repairs and remodeling. 27M436. KITCHEN cabinets..and. formica tops, save 50% by with factory representative. Fri Ing and estimating 947-4244. PAINTING. Free estimates. »66.9447 WALLPAPERING; $10 douwe roil, |5 single roll. Work guaranteed. b'RYWALL repairs, taping, acoustlF ceilings & texturing. Very reasonable. Insurance repairs. 967-0629. „ , , INCREASE JOB $S's ProfwslqnaT Resume Service FU- TURAMA, Mon. thru Sat. Walk-In eves to 10 by appt. 955-0230. 3835 N. 32nd St., Suite 9 PAINTING. . Apartments. !PBll srtn 944-0690, iron work, gates, fences, shulters, racks, etc. Free estimates. 846-3897. PAINTING, Interior, exterior. Free estimates. General repair. 959-7774. PAINTING, specialize In repainting 277-0292. REMODELING. 992-1737. STARS and Stripes Construction. Concrete, carpentry, landscaping, masonry, etc. Free estimates. iiia&uiiir/ ell. rree ea 968-3505 between 2.7 p.m. ELECTRICAL work, resider "™"l?. r . c . la .'- Reasonable. 957-2H7. intlal, PAINTING.?:" Spravlni sklptfoweli "custom"Tibnie" special) 948-4623. FLOOR tile installed. 943^512. ...TERIOR, exterior painting work can be compared with Interior fNl decorators'. Work quaranteed. Rea sonable rates. Free estimate. •'6B-9275. .INOLEUM — floor tfle, profession- Iv Installed, reasonable. 247-4323. additions, EMENT finisher, floors, patios, CEMEN 276-5171. REMODELING. We bid, we build. * i o*yyi>«»» >AINTIN6. Residential, commercial. .Icensed, bonded. Reasonable. --3165, injLja:_ PAINTER ne do small patch lobs,, hlng. Free estimates.; CARPENTER Reasonable rates, guaranteed work. 257-8481. ROOFING repair hot-tar. Large or small, 276-7/46, 268 3957. CON STONE work, barbecues, fences, patios, 966-21177 MASONRY workT*• very fireplaces, __ reasonable prices, free estimates. 939-1874. 967-1874. 269-2814. _ REMODELING, 992-1737. ' EDUCATION and JOB PREPARATION Claim Ul throuih «»3 • 682—Schools Lecal Class or Tutoring KINCHELOE BARBER COLLEGE Men & Women 258-4255. 101 E. Jeff. ABC WELDING SCHOOL GROCERY CHECKER* SCHOOL OF MARKET CHECKING 1511 W. McDowell 254-3657 AIRLINE Stewardess School, airlines are hiring now. Cat orep training at ,-'-' 7 — -School. 942-3941, 2020 Rd. The 'at" Xlr.ffne "brounef TUTORING, all ages, your home or mine. 937-2576. WELDING "S3W I __,,. __ VA APPROVED PHOENIX SCHOOLS INC, 603 S. 1st Ave. 252-7304 TRAIN NOW!! FOR A FUTURE IN BUSINESS Secretarial, accounting, DU s I n e s s mat., drafting, key punch * many more. For more Informitlon call ,„„, Durham Business Colled? 3001 N. First St.. Phoenix. Arizi AUTO Mechanics, earn learn,. Arizen* Automotj nn ARIZW FOR CONTRACTORS, INC. 3437 E. McDowell Road Bujlnes* asawr- cense. 275-3021 Arizona State Board of Private Technical i BMSlnss* School LIWDiESELlECfl: AIR CONDITIONING REFRIG. & BEATING $f Tirtdflftw 6I2» N, 46th Ave. NIGHT SCHOOL COLLEGE 735 N. CENTRAL WOMEN 1112 E. McDowell 258-5901 S-0-SH.KlG DRIVER TRAINING :»»lf _ 4626 Ni A 16TH ST. __.. HAIRDRESSER with following, fun or part time. For. Camelback-Uth Street, 60% commission, cefl pm, 944-0412, INSTRUCTORS:! TOM RESERVATION ADVISED 956-3050 2095 E. CAMELBACK (Town * Country Shopping Center) MALE, or female for Liberty Pest Control Sales and Service. Must know city and want to work. 937-5988 after 5 p.m. Be a Radio Announcer 27' least ', Ai Veterans call 274-1921 roadcas.tlr •nix. no experience needed, only _.slre to make money. Call Rick at 264-7107 forappf. • ___ _j 686—Schools Correspondence I, Out of State HIGH SCHOOL AT HO/I American School of Chl< Mesa, Arli. out ' .655 693—RESUMES, Counseling * Employment Services 4747 N. 16?h E5 sV ME V.J2 $ 0 10 264-1735 EMPLOYMENT Classes 700 through 777 703—Employment Wanted Female Full ar Permanent Part Time RECEPTIONIST wants busy lob In Northwest area. Can type minimum. Owned beauty salon 7 years. Knows how to meet people end handle problems. 943-1669. ORGANIST and-or choir director. Years of experience, full knowledge of church music and liturgy. Z oo*2 73 3. RELIEF cocktail waitress, days, ex perfenced, 955-2524, weekdays 9 LIVE-IN light housekeeping for one person. Wanted by mature lady. Reference exchanged. Will relocate. Drive. 939-0692. 707—Employment Wanted Male full er Permanent Part Time AVAILAI iroker. S qualified real estate 587 evenings. BOOKKEEPING - accounting. Part •Ime. 276-6068. ' , COST accountant, general bookkeeper, payroll, experienced. Write Box 75-LX, Republic and Gazette. SHORT hair, married, aqe 32, BS Bus Admin. Relocate Phoenix Aug 15 Comm pilot, CFII Gold Seal. EXP foreman punch press foil die set-up, whseman, bookkpr. Request resume E. Lucas. 335 E. Church, Liberty- vllle, III, 60048. _J!e<_ CHEF 25 years of International rest, exp. references. Looking for top DOS. In top rest, as of 10/1/73 Box 16-MA, Republic and Gazette. SALESMAN, 36, 5 years district manager recreational product, 3 years 'sales industrial product. Just moved to Arizona, but have lived lere before, wishes to work for es- labllshed company. 959-0932. ACTIVE 64 year old science teacher -—•-•-i employment which will con- beyond ao« 65. Backnrpund heavy In bioloalcal science, psvcholo- gy. medicine. 937-4056. XPERIENCED top notch salesman floor covering - furnitu irmanent position. Call 9 ure, desires 955-5786, VIETNAM Vet needs good permanent lob for future. 943-2856. 726—Help Wanted Canvimrt—Solicitors FULL-PART time sales of quality npme fire & burglar protection devices. 254-6054. Male/Female Commissions, Bonuses, etc. 735—Help Wanted etc. EN~ NEEDED AT ONCE J600 Monthly guaranteed, start Immediately. Car Ts needed to work In Phoenix area. Permanent lob, 994- THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC has ADULT DELIVERY ROUTES Available EAST PHOENIX This Is early morning work. Applicants must be 18 or over and have dependable transportation. Incpme based on number of subscribers. Good earning on a part- time basis. Apply To Walt Figura or Jim Batt, 271-8683 8:00 TILL 11:00 A.M, Monday thru Friday 2873 Sky Harbor Blvd Equal Opportunity Employer M-F .CE"b telephone solicitors, P %*'|jg 1 .e.» d ' "« rt T full .BE YOUR OWN-BOSS posltlons, pleas, is, .age 21-50. TELEPHONE 'sales PC ant" worklna condition., ,.-, ..-„. Advertising sales for two local news- >«pers, no experience necessary. For Jersgnj) Interview, come to 1429 Morth ist Street, Suite 201. Mr. Fos- REAL ESTATE SALES one bedroom cottage. manager of 10 rentals 5t.-V»n Buren, retired or ,, Write owner, 2041 West nix, 85015. 735-Hilp Wifltri rn9\wf PvlnllV CwfflfnlMlOnS* VOnUSvtf •**> SALES-SMALLER OFFICE Good advertising - Lots of floor time „ sow lis»in«"td sen • member of s&yv^^e'irS?! 11 ...- iftmiMlLtY 7104 N. 27th Ave. Cl COTTONWOOO open- ert. NOLAN FROCHEY COTTONWOOD ,6344701 Equal OPoortunltv Emoloytr Excellent op|sp>tun ty for advanee- t..lf you ke to - .... lols of m our office, ca SETP; ialesmi Realty, AUTO ROUTE AVAILABLE NORTH CENTRAL PHOENIX Must be. 18 or over/and have a flood driving record. Truck or van needed for this spot and home delivery route. Ap" v JESSE DETRICK 8727 N, CENTRAL 1P.M. TO 9 P.M. Equal Opportunity Employer M-F scoilsdale. Office now for man & woman of who desire ah oppor above average Advertising Sales Courses : Toor Time •Jo Sunday Work NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED All vou need Is the desire to be successful in selling homes. We will he p you acquire your j-eal estate license. Call John Clark 939-9471 or LARGE ARIZONA BUILDER openings In several new home visions. Experienced o n,l V, ,.—>! Must, know all financing. iharp, quick closers. Call for confidential interview. 258- SHINE concession. Hilton Hotel Barher Shop. Scottsdale. 265-6519. REAL ESTATE SALESMEN High vol leads, m desire to. LICENSED ONLY volume office with plenty of LICENSED R. E. SALESMAN Small friendly office located at Central & Camelback. Have openings for 3 good listers. ~'LD KEY REALTY 264-9867 REAI EXTI NEED EXTRA-MONEY? Work your, own hours. Part or ful me available. For information call ir. Jones, 278-7753. K cool of the moaning. Salary ilsslon. ~" plus commission, 264-93 PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT SALES International In color _,_.pment. Photographic background essential. Prior sales experience helpful. Box 10-MA, Re- publle and Gazette. Opportunity to loin Intern! manufacturer specializing in processing equipment. Photog MANAGER for gift shop. Trailer or living space at location. 1002 East Southern or call 1-882-9925 for more WANTED: three experienced water- ess cookware salesmen, 35 pet. immediate commission plus bonuses, up to $2000 monthly income, Interna- tlonal_corpgratlon. Call 962-023?, HAfRD'RESSER Crimper Shop, N/E Loc. 957-0840 & 274-6696. ~ JUNIOR DRAFTSlAN Drafting course graduate for electro-mechanical drawings. Submit resume or contact chief Mech. Enai- neer; Talos Systems Inc. 7311 E. Evans Rd., Scotsd'l. Az. 85260. 602-948-6548. NEW REAL ESTATE & DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Has opening, for exp'd salesperson for Scoftsdale valley luxury homes- land sales - development interest. Call Catherine Blddle, broker 994-4344 or 948-7376. THE PHOENIX GAZETTE WEST PHOENIX OFFICE HAS MOTOR ROUTE AVAILABLE Involves approximately 2 hours work In the afternoon and on Sunday morning. Weekly earnings based on present number of subscribers. You must be 18 or over, and have dependable transportation. For more Information, CALL 271-8301 LEN RUT OR JOHN 1 MANLEY Or Apply in Person 4242 W. CLARENDOM MONDAY Thru THURSDAY 1:00 to 9:00 P.M. FRIDAY, 1:00 to 6:00 P.M. Equal Opportunity Employer M-F HAIRDRESSER with following tor established Scottsdale Hotel. 60% commission, call pm, 946-0412, INCOME AND LAND Successful land Co. now expanding Into the Income market. If you have experience In either field & .wish to Into t(ie incpme .market. If you.h.aye Held discuss "your future. 944-4680. make a change let's sit down CAMP-OUT America needs execut ve career sales people. Top commission for those who Qualify. Arrange for Interview" 957-1400. ...resent a National Leader with a varied line of Nationally advertised household products. You will call on Grocery, Hardware, Drug, Discount and Vtii'tetV store accounts with a pre-soid line backed by aggressive advertising. Excellent salary and incentive package. Group paid benefits. Company Car. Combined secyri- with future potential.. Write Box 3-PK, Republic and Gazi :QUAL OPPORTUNITY " fR MALE & FEMALE. Write zette. EMP PLO A Y N COMMISSION ADVANCED Real Estate Sales We have a new office and a new Idea. We offer an advanced compensation plan to qualified persons. If you have wanted to try real estate but can't go without regular pay, call us, we might have the solution. Ask for Mr. Roenrborn. SUNLAND RLTY i INV,. 956-52M _3525 North 24th Street COUPLE wanted, to run small but lucrative business. Lee Associates, EMPLOYMENT COUNSELORS Will train $$ conscious,/sales orienteo mature people. JOB FINDER8-263-9602 5119 N. 19th Ave., suite B LISTERS 30% commission. 4449 North 12th Street. 263-0972- Eve. 955- PROFESSIONAL SALES We expect that you will Be expert enced In sales 1 have attended some measure of success & nave a desire to enter a professional real estate career & make top money. Send a resume to FJ. Bouroue, 8910 N- Central, Phoenix. Alrzon? 85020. REAL ESTATE SALES TIME TO J PROG NOW IS THE OUR ETHICAL _ . SIVE SALES GROUP. OUF EVER INCREASING BUSINESS PROVIDES A N IMMEDIATE NEED FOR BOTH MALE 8. FEMALE REAL ESTATT ' ' AN INITIAL (NO COST) SALES TRAINING PROGRAM. AN ADD I T I O N A L (NO COST) ADVANCED TRAINING COURSE THAT IS CONSIDERED TO BE THE FINEST COURSE AVAILABLE IN THE INDUSTRY. INDIVIDUAL ON THE JOB GUIDANCE. HIGHEST COMMISSION PAID GUARANTEED SALES & TRADE PROGRAMS. 12-MO. NO COST WARRANTIES ON HOME SALES. PLUS MUCH, MUCH, MORE. INTERVIEWS MON. THRU FRI. '""" -.ILL^264-0691 OPENINGS for community rhindec voung people 13-16. part time 4-< hours daily, completely adult supervised, earn too money lof summer, candy drive, can Bob at tfi-0070. 73B-Hilp Wantid , Mei»&*ni*li • Bonuses, t»«. I ^N'S MiritvniUj.for now Seofll- r - —-—- '-'— Sof/ler preferred. , [censed . wilt assist elf »t*rf tn. , art d any experience you In all phases for a ou rie ARE YOU a licensed real estate salesman? Have opening for one topnotch sales executive. For appoint- rtemV.please call Don, 93M223. TEltl SALES manager. 24g-90i£~ rrienr.If V6uTlke"to'have fun'nn'ak- ng lots of money booking tours from Exce ent salary plus commission. estate lth Alp " § ESTABLISHED R.E. LEADER INCREASING SALES STAFF is ppenlnas ..igh, character 'unity for an NOEXPI uv' Back RIENCE ,, Inanclng op Bonuses Telephones SSARY HEYWOOD RLTY'& INVESTMENT HELP!! WO salesmen 'needed: for White fountain Project. Also two for ucson area. Excellent commission- raw. Experienced land salesmen ONLY. Frontier Land * Cattle. •882-0430. Sales, rep,wanfed-j Has 358-6779 AUTO body and fender man, experT need. 242-1305, . _ _ ' "FOR" NEWrfTEATTES LICENSEES ONLY WANT THEN JOIN THE FIRM THAT WILL HELP' YOU OBTAIN THE ABOVE. FREE TRAINING, GOOD COMMISSIONS, LUXURY OFFICES, MAJOR MED. A CHANCE TO DRIVE A NEW CAR. HELP AND GUIDANCE IN ALL YOUR TRANSACTIONS. CALL OR SEE ME TO- A^ol^^M ' 2 N °° N - RED'CARPET-REALTORS 1827 W, NORTHERN AVENUE An Egual Opportunity Employer , , , rfescott area— only?' Are you Inter- ficant part ram In an ethical, well-known company, utlllz- ested In becoming a significant part of a real estate safes program In an DON'T CALL US . . . unless you live in and . "love" N.W., Phoenix. We are neither the "largest" nor the "greatest" real estate com- • . pany In Ariz. We do not "guarantee" your success nor do we have the world's greatest training program. On the contrary we KNOW you -will be successful with us (or with any other real estate firm) if, you .enloy what you are. doing & are willing to work, We offer you free opportunity to associate with a reputable., firm &. some of the nicest people . you will 'ever meet ... a listing "tool" ithat Is 2nd to none . . . the chance to earn • an ex ceed i n.g I y good income ... & be'-proud of the manner in which you do it. We have openings in onlv our- N.W. office. Please call 'Gus Adams 931-2411. BUD MELCBEfl & ASSO& : Realtors RiT'fRE'D couple with . t7aTie~r~as caretakers. After 2 !».m..tJ7.6-61.9.g. _ I NEED one good R:E salesman to work with me. Dwaln Norris. THUNDERBIRD REALTY, 275-9453. ng: Concentrated training program Two-way radio system Ads geared to your listings Then you will be a Fannln Man. Benefits Include a good bonus Incen- Ive, Integral escrow service, equal loor opportunities and congenial cooperative associates. Experience not necessary. Call Tom Fannin for in appointment. & ASSOCIATES :956-5630.. Jim Tuesdfly \ai<*v/ i>jji **«•«-7*>««i *"»• .110, or ,write PFS Safety, Programs, Inc. 6320 Mbnona Drive, Madison, Wisconsin 53716. WflOtESATE tire salesman, guaran- eed salary plus percentage on sales, nsurance, pension plan, .transporta- ion- furnished. All replies .strictly confidential, write Box 24-MX, Republic and Gazette. 739—Help Wanted Female Commissions, Bonus, Etc. BEAUTY CONSULTANTS Call between 2-4pm Fashion Two-Twenty 264-9272 DEMONSTRATE toys and qifts . 20% commission, no Investment Selling. August-November. Limited openings. For interview, call Phoenix 993-8109. Prescott 1-445-4267, Yuma ••783-5124. PHARMACEUTICAL SALES M a I o r speciality oharmaceutical company has an ooenlna In thp D hoenix area for a medical sales reo., applicant must have colleae de- jree. selling exper. 8< oreferrablv r o s i'11 o n offers above average starting salary, commission plan 8, profit sharina. Company automobile & all expenses furnished. Comoanv provides excellent tralnina 8, offer^ manaqement opotv thru management ralnlna •& development proaram. Equal ppoortunitv Employer. MakR all confidential replies to Box 36-MX. Republic 8. Gazette. PUT your extra hours to work — For a great return in SSS. For infor- matlon call Mr. Lanalelder, 278-7753. EXPERIENCED women for contract sewing. After 4pm, 955-2104. • WE ARE looking for several women, all ages. Must be neat In appearance and willing to work. We provide complete training program. Advancement to management if you qualify. For appointment call Mel 248-0476. Friday 2-4p.m. Saturday nornlng between 9-12. WOMEN. Immediate part time work for 'Phone solicitors. No selllna. Disabled American Veteran's Thrift Store. 276-0514, 11 -3 p.m. only" AGENTS LEADS FURNISHED Need workers & self - starters to join forces with us. Program has endorsement of national celebrity. Insurance at Its finest approach. Our agents now earning over $325 oer week. 80% day work. For appointment call 957-2500. •. AVON CALLING 263-8023 MODEL TYPE WOMAN We need 10 women to train in the fashion field. Full or part time. Call 258-8212. 11 743—Help Wanted Male Commissions, Bonuses; etc. illlns Moto ... no exp. necessary. totors, 5210 N 27th Ave, _. JEMETERY, SALES -• Lucrative. lonest, Dlqnlfleci. 274-70M. AGENTS LEADS FURNISHED Need workers & self - starters to loin forces with us. Program has endorsement of national celebrity. Insurance at Its finest approach. Our agents now earning over $325 per week. 80% day work, For appolnt- ment call 957-2500. --.•j i t'rs-i -T 1 ' ' ' '" • vi. ' .—. —.•*>•••• ' • .'. .'_•• YOUNG men with interest in motorcycle industry. Join us In this exciting and profitable field. 252-8039 or write M.M.I. P, 0. Box 20374, Phoenix, Az. 85036. REPRESENTATIVE This can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get out of a dead end lob with no future. $900 per month draw - plus bonuses based on 3 sales per week. Must have provable sales record. Must be Immediately available for training by Regional Manager. For personal Interivew phone. MR, J; B. Bustillos 267-1183 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. United Electronics Institute AUTO mechanic. Columbia Import Service. Top salary and working conditions. 267-0651. conditions. 26MK5I. ___ r _ SAtESMAN for~lhoe store with some experience In shoes. Cancella- llon Shoes, 6015 North 35th Avenue..: . TWO men for mobile truck driving and set up, experience nee. essarv. 964-9182. _____ ....... ______ CAREER MINDED? MANAGEMENT ORIENTED? ofsfispnd self-motivation then you have the basic ingredients to qualify for one of the most exciting career opportunities offered this year In the Phoenix area. A large well established financial Institution is looking for a bondable working district manager to establish a permanent office In the Phoenix area. Must have a good background In sales ana management, be trainable but have good Ingenuity, foresight with a long range goal to be very successful. Only applicants who pan set goals of $20,000 and UP need apply. Box 37LX, Republic & Gazette. AUTO FRONT END ALIGNMENT MAN. AUTO SUSPENSION Cl NY. 2532 EAST MCDOWELL. BEAUTICIANS - applications now belmi taken at Salon DaLana, 161: North 44th Street In Kruft Plaza. USED CAR SALESMAN If you can sell — this is the job for you Apply now, Mr. Wayne. 266-2494. PHONE SALES, LABOR, YEAR ROUND, TOP COMMISSION, APPUY £Mf OWELL " VOLKSWAGEN "SALESMEN"" New {. used. Must be experienced. Call Bob Grant Motors for an interview 939-9731. AUTO body rris'n wanted. 278-9272. 743~Hilp Wantid ; fJliHi . comfftlitloni, BMUMI/ tie. ALL EDITIONS HIGH School gin 14-19 for house work,, 3 hours weekly, ,.$1.25 per lour. Sunnvslope area. 94J-9405, ointment. 'ABYSiTTER needed, mv home. ood with children, 18-19, references, _davs_weeklv, Si hour y. ?48-8l93. COMMUNICATION SALESPERSON P '*L. PEttl$' u »^^p»ri»nc«_.. In !t rhenf necessarsOT". ,,... . wte« L , . way radio sales or similar ;grourtd, (nereirilnB benefits -PpwpB'tWfmi. Appoint- Tttttiayt IWPORARY yard work. SI.50 hour- v, aoes u 15-17, If .Pickup available, It would, be, helpful, WWpay for 9as, tc. 43rd Avenue -Dunlap area. FURNITURE SALESMAN. Top pay and allowances for art • experienced man. weekly. Guar- anfee, sliding commission scale, plus Insurance, etc. One of Arizona's largest,, reputable, [ridepend- ents.. No "clerks." Must be able •- -•--- --itact Mr. ' lOYwIflTmower to mow large lawn. Ases 16-i9. Indian Schooi-lSth Ave. Vicinity. 2S4-J443. .AWN care, $2 hourly, u-17, part [me. 937-2M 4105 West Catcher. , IOY, 16-18, Joi do yard work. VfcTnT- v cenlral-Sefhany Home. $1.50 an hour. Z74-W07, ylf GLOBE FURNITURE CO., INC. 3333 S. CENTRAL . 760-Help Wanted Employment Ajenclti , „. REAL ESTATE BROKER With 3 years mortgage experience as vice president of now corporation. 2929 E. Thomas AGRICULTURE calling, itu THt $20,0.00 QflfeSTiON - LET US DO THE WE. ARE EXPERTS OUR FIELD Are you • a' highly .motivated sales- an with the Incentive to earn a -tlgure income? Do you live In the a, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Sedono or ' $200 WEEKLY DRAW Aqainst • commission. $18,000 to $25,000 'por year. Used to making a lot of calls dally. Own car, bondable, family, man preferred. Some . Arlzpna travel. Management 'potential..- Also-openlngs other areas of U.S. Call or see thru .. Spaldlns 1 , Saturday (6/30-7/3], 244-9341 _ex. Safety 'HE RIGHT PERSON 1 HUE RIGHT JOB ARIZONA. p rivate Employment Agencies WESTERN PERSONNEL CAREER BUILDER DOCTORS OFC. PLACEMENT SNELLING 8, SNELLING NORTHWEST ' FANNING PERSONNEL FAR WESTERN PLACEMENT REGAL PERSONNEL SNELLING.& ENELLINS MESA SNELLING & SNELLING NORTH CENTRAL PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT KOGEN PERSONNEL ROBERSON & CO. AREA EMPLOYMENT ACE EMPLOYMENT B & B EMPLOYMENT" 'MAY/DAY~EMP7SlJlTE~C-ft6~ 01 W. INDIAN SCHOOL 264-_7573 $500 TO $1,000 PER W : .NO INVESTMENT . PROMPT COMMISSIONS NO CREDIT TURN-DOWNS UNLIMITED INCENTIVES . LIFE-HEALTH INSURANCE ABUNDANCE-OF LEADS. Ecellent and complete training proqram. Interviews 10a.m. or 3 P.m. sharp! Monday, July 2no. Green Acres, 401 N. Havden Pd.,. Scottsdale. . . . ••• ' ' PROFESSIONAL:. . . .CAR'SALESMAN ' 1 need 2 experienced men capable of.handling their own deals. New and used cars. Prefer Volkswagen experience. Must be sharp & want to make S2000 per month -or better. Do not apply unless you meet these .qualifications. We have a large Inventory, 2 used car lots. Demo S. profit sharing-. Contact Mr. .Clark at Patterson Volkswaaen Saab, 1127 W. Main, Mesa. No phone calls U~S"ED~~Car S"a"l?smen~wanted. Good av,-health Plan. 1321 E. Van'Buren. •58-4979 MECHAIC • . Knowledge Of front end & disc brake work nee. Must .have, own . tools. Comm. plus sal. All malor tire company benefits. Egual Opptv Em- >loyer. Call for appointment. 26ft-04Jl WINNERS ONLY SOMETHING THeRE'.s_.FINALLY 3U. TICK'ET WEM'THAT THEY NEED =OR THEIR OWN ?J^P JEBLIEIG3H G NOW, 4 s.TA_ L .. MRi SELTZER'AT 1^"el:hTnlc",~6333~North"67tF7We. NEW' IN DIRECT SALES. CALL 3USINESSES ,-yVITH AN EX< SIVE. -EXCITING, NEW >H TICKET If EMi.THAT THEY Nl ......ESTAfE SALESMAN Exp'd only, Large company with large Inventory. Top commissions paid wkly. Member of MLS, backed by Phoenix & Tucson TV i Newspaper advertising. Call Now for confi- dentlal Interview. 1-836-5767. • FIRE FIGHTERS EXTRA $10 lONTZAfTON °MOKE DETECTOR;'CALL MR. SELTZER AT 254-6054. TTSTCONTROL SALESMAN 30% comrriisslons. Here, pest conlroj INSURANCE SALESMAN WANTED No experience necessary. Tralnlno and school provided. Up to 20 mall eads furnished each week free Excellent -commissions oiys vssteo renewals. For confidents In ervlew call 279-8049. 947- REAL ESTATETEADER •INCREASING SALES STAFF If you want to be a leader & increase your Income, loin the valley's leader. 9 valley locations. AVAILABLE TO YOU Constant training program Highest commission TOP bonus plan Advertising Escrow company insurance company Trade n and equity buying Co. I I QUC III O'lM fc«»wii i **i*j •••" Advanced Real Estate School Be sure & call for a confidential uyi Sc Intervli B0Y INC. Multiple listing service ^WANT TO il MONEY? month . .earn the itomoblles Camel funds, life insurance, ...» .-. ance- and annuities, previous exoeri ence unnecessary. Background In sales, business and accountinc help ful. Sound training program. Ca Nell Sorensen, BMA, 6122 North 7th Street. Phoenix. Arizona. 264-5886 Provided bv BMA Securities Coroo „.„_ ESTATE"? money? No one wll Not making «ny money? No one wll help you? H«t e open houses ant working Sundays - then ' YOU" neee to talk-to us. Please C*ll Mr. Terry ROWJL our President t-onjl-t-yl INVESTORS SERVICE , 956-5050 743-Hilp Wantid Mil* commissieas, semises, tie. Carter, opporiunit sales, Irafni 'rank Cc rank CcTeVMp ODY and : fe lnsi OT 3ODY and : tender • rrtan wanted Must do aood jfralaht work. No ilhers need apply. Vince, 997-8403. 951 west Iron wood. 752-Jobf Per Tttii Olds SABYSITTER, dependable Area of 19th Avenue-Pi m^ "•*• * . , day weekly. 756-Jobi LtNTRAL employ, 40 N. center, 69-7239. All types lobs avail. Mesa. Republic Personnel Service 95«-7331 . „ Accts, Bkprs, all types 2M.95«f /IP Consultants 510BC N. 7lh St. -73 f EE.pcRonstr Exfm to.25M+Bc . TLAS 3550 N. Central Rm.,U JA'KlRS' Helper. Excellent J550 N. _CENTRAL_ REGAL PERSONNEL ASSOCIATES SUITE ...3.12 222 W. OSBORN • 248-9336 'EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AGENCY" . PHOENIX EMPLOYMENT 5MJL Central 252^57_6_4 " HOTEL-RESTAURANT PERSONNEL NEEDED Only exper enced need apply . - HANS'& ASSOCIATES Hotel Westward. Ho 258-8Q71 - STAFF BUILDERS For 5 years the friendliest temporary help service in Phx. We always need good skilled people short or ong assignments In all areas. Come or call Monday morn. S" •" -' W. Ind. Sch. Rd. 264-9451 ee us at THE BEAUTIFUL ONES COSMOPOLITAN PERSONNEL 309 N. 16lh Street 263-8214 761—Domestic Wanted Help WORKING wife needs housekeeper and care for • male semi-invalid Ive-ln. 277-7595, evenings, weekends, PERMANENT housekeeper. 959-0922. .IVE-IN, help with babysitting and lousework, 948-5137. *!EED lady to live-In to keep house and help manage small tpwnhouse complex. One child OK, 248-0920 after. 4:3j_piTi. HOUSEKEEPER, LIVE-IN, OWN IOOM, BATH, TV. 5 DAYS. CARE : OR FAMILY OF 4. MUST DRIVE 'ERMANENT. REFERENCES. 24fl 1338, ASK FOR MRS. A. AFTER 5 P.M. CALL 944-8202. HOUSEKEEPER, I I v e-I n, mature woman preferred. Reference re quired. 992-8546. MATURE woman to live In my lome and take care of adorable iabv girl. Must be extremely notx with children. References preferred MATURE babysitter, my home, 931-3928. Glendale. r REE rent, retired couple. Very Ight duties, Cave Creek area. 1-488 I486. IlVE-IN housekeeper -'babysitter for wo small boys, motherless home driver's license and references re guired.J3i3660. , HOUSEKEEPERS; Live-in. salary open. 258-5824. MOTHER'S helper, live-In. 959-0994. 5 days weekly, north , 966-8563. area, BABYSITTER, feinoe or Scottsdale a 5ITTER needed. Our home nor ihwest area, mom works, 7:30 a.m o 3:30 p.m. 934-5039. LIVE-IN sitter needed Immediate! by three small people whose mom works. 992-8194. : FIVE nights week, two children, 2te 5. 4i30 p.m. - 1 a.m, 50c hourh Vicinity 19th Avenue 8. Camnbel 277-7338 y HOUSEKEEPER wanfed to live In driver's license required, three school age children, salary open isy widow ,. _..., - ild working grandson. Mus Own refrigerated room v . , so forth. East of Mesa . Golden Hills Country Club Estate HOUSEKEEPER and light cookln for busy widow executivp and 2 ear old wo- 1 J —' ""• ve-in. Own V and so f olden Hills 832-6712. DAY C A Rffe, wheefchalr patient South £hoen!Xi-2Z6-28JB. Hos 275-4692. LIVE-IN sitter I EEP sitter iSPital. 6:30 area. 94' Mall are. E LDE R L Y day 276-3816, after_8 PJ 4 p.m. Two children Scottsdale. Cos Arcos care, needed ,__ TdSaturday, WANTED, housekeeper to live-In South West P "XPERIENC X. 258-1462. EXPERIENCED housekeeper, three days weekly in northeast Scottsdale Good salary, must have own trans portation. Call between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. 948-9578. MATURE sitter. Vlclnltv 34th Street ~ k. 273-7956. MATURE lady, babysit five yea old, llqht duties, five day week. a!m.-S:30 o.ny gall 944-0777. NEED someone to live-In and car for children with housekeeping Spanish speaking OK, 266-3708 afte 4p.m. 4p.m. _ _ , ____ E L D E RTY couple, with . health problems need full time, live-In house keeper chauffeur and compandor $150 plus room and board. Blag Canyon City, Arizona 374-5362 242- 73 evening ijcad s MATU enings. _ housekeeper, 3 children salary, 997-3883. ..,r,TURE couple wanted for llgh house and yard work, companion for elderly couple, salary, furnlshe apartrrent ana utilities, no pets East Mesa area. 964-3016. MATURE lady, occasional slttln! One child. 12th Strs«t/Bethany area 266-3608_. ZOO-.JOUC. EXCHANGE room and board fo some child care some Itoht house keeping. Prefer oWer v;ornan. Nea Thomas MalJ^ ?i7-19?4^ ?5£v.|10._ MIDDLE age, Christian woman t live-In, in good health, any race, fo very light housekeeping. Must hav drivers license Car furnished fo marketing. No rug vacuuming 933-2769. ; ARTHRITIC MALE In wheelchair needs live-In help, mature couple Convenient location. Glendale 939-2362. ~f The Arizona Republic Sat., June .10, 1973 the Phoenfx Gazette. Want Adi Things Happen Call 271-9111 761—Domestic Help Wanted .HILD care/ one child, my hofna>- ood salary, beginning Auaust 1.159-4343. , ..'\, 767-Help Wanted Malc/Fem*l/-S«l»rlrt Jobs" BOOKKEEPER lusjioui He ' sl iaHERS NMdr :g FRY COOKS * HOSTESSED CASHIERS * WAITRESS^ ,11 Shifts,, Excellent benefits, wl! xcellent slarling rates. See manr >n dutv. 601 W. van Buren, 3 lentral and Camelback. - "f-^ Sfc ApRS 7 - ondltlons. allan Gri . Apply In Grocery, 4600 ASSISTANT MANAGER . .",, XPERIENCE'p. office supply saler* erson, fantastic opportunity to Ifh vouhg company, pen. Send full resume to Box 91 epubllc and Gazette. MTU RE couple to manage STn\ ain apartment complex. Salary' Pt. 265-30,22. j_. COMPUTER OPERATORS A major • manufacturing^' company located in El.,-^. Paso, 'Tex. needs experk'f;; enced computer operators'^ for all shifts, A minimum^ of 1 yr. experience de-;^ sired- in multi-job mix,'^| disc operating systems^ environment. Promotions g| from within, create ouiKd-f standing growth opportun- £f ities for top performers;^ For a personal interview; |f send your resume to: -3$• Charles Miller : ;''•$ Box 9519 • .,% El Paso, Texas 79985 v;^ • <'\W An Equal Opportunity Employer V,i"f'- APARTMENT MANAGERS ;§£ ' LEASING AGENTS :' -' ! ;j No encumbrances, no pets, sak'l^ ary plus apartment. Send resume--vi to Box 94-EC, Republic and Ga--'7rf zette.• • SEED courtesy car driver, night•••• hift. Class A chauffeur license: .Atf-^- licants apply In person. 765 Grartct?'. Avenue. An equal opportunity emy* iover._ . —j-fffa 1EAD cook and assistant, July T>M hrough August 23rd And Labor Daiw, weekend. Cook for 85 to 100 famlfyA Me. $1800 plus meals and lodging. ..- v lOUPLE for apt. m a n a g e m e.iP!>v/ ..NEED TELEPHONE WHO ARE USED TP MA GOOD MONEY. I need Telephone so- icltors to set tours to a beautiful ubdivlsion with a beautiful golf..,. ourse, excellent salary plus weekdi bonus, plus a monthly vacation us for the best work from 'at MEMORIAL HOSPITM1 RN'S M . Learn about ioininq our staff'.'jnV our beautiful new ICU-CCU Ity. Certified coronary care ICU training essential. Full ••$••>•. part time openings available' P.M. & Night sniffs. . ^'.g Possibility of charge position, '3'*'$' 11:30 for qualified person. • . .j<f>. UNIT CLERKS Day 81 P.M. opening:. Only cxpe- -t*" rienced need to apply. Full lima'vir & part time. ' V't* Personnel Department .' ''-•ii"' 201 S. 7th Ave. 252-59W5- An Equal Opportunity Employer ',,'>.. JANITORIAL SUPERVISOR-. '•?% Excellent position with rapidly ''ex^J, landlnq co. Duties Include pur, ;i :haslng, record keeping & supervision,-' ' large crews working In office]' bldg's"."Send"br|ef"resume & salanf .eq.uTrem.ents to Box 83-H HX Republic Opportunity < Gazette. An Egual jmnloyer. , -~-^. JNDER new ownership Samoa VJIn"* age. interviews open for front desKV :lerk, maid, and waitresses. App|vij< Q Person. 3901 East Van Buren. ^ iSJJl' ' FRY Cooks wanted, steady employs*' ment. Holbrook Truck Terr :afe, Holbrook, Arizona. •524-9665, between 6 am-2pm. SCHOOL bus drivers, 21 "years tflT. over, for 1973-74 school veaWj.. |34-3411. Glendale Unions H%r JANffOR-Ma'lds, part or full tlmeZ ivenlngs, male/female equal opporij unity, 3800 North 38th Avenue, m---. i627. EXPERIENCED GARDENER-^: Duties Include all phases of lawn >lant care around office, bldgs. arv depends on 79-6261 for appt. An unlty_Em Plover. , experience. Equal . ODPO. RXFORA REWARDING CAREER| UN's, LPN's *? 4 NURSING ASS1S. ' •;:> Join a progressive nursing team Ijr one of our new radial nursing unltj-- with care focused on adult patients.. Opportunities for Interesting work,^ continuing education and time for recreation. , BOSWELL MEMORIAL 10401 Thunderblrd Blvd Sun City, Arizona 8S35I .*''•. An equal opportunity employer "••/ jffice hourly. Pa 10-8, Mr. B agpsa, Lan rt 1 me, rown, 264.-98.73_, ll on the"phone7 and Developmen e, plus bonus. C .. SALES specialist, ful appliances/TV *. Stereo. Apply sonnel Office, W. J. Grants, 800 Eas.t- " . . Southern Avenue, Tempe. __ ^;""r process printer. Expert?* . Stevens Decal Companvi-. SCREEN enced only. _. . 2745 West Palm Lang. ileserilne _XPERIENCED Average salary »12 ' per month. POOL CARE. Couple or individual \yt care for pool In return tor apart* merit. Semi-retired preferred. • ; MIDDLE~~age or retIred~coupie"S'' manage small trailer nark. Trailed and utilities furnished. Small salarv," 992-6683, after 5 p.m. __ _ * *" NEED NURSES — N'O'FEE "^. Medical Personnel Pop! 263-M6A FULL time experienced denture lab technician. Dental office. 274-7691 ^af' ______ . _ -™ ltpeTienced COLLECTOR CATTLE man and wife houseworker for t ______ . _ EltpeTienced COLLECTOR *"^' Call American Express. 2$.\7a •_;•*• TTLE ranch: maintenahcs chore! n and wife houseworker for sinele' lady owner. Both full time. S500; Private quarters, utilities, phone. Spider Ranch, or write P.0..|ox 592, - Prescott.

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