The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 1, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1932
Page 5
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD.. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1932. rive DEATHS ! Governmental Costs Of Cities Shown " Facing Defeat? e= . In Figures Compiled By Census Bureau LOCAL MENTIONS Charles B. Tebbs. Cliarlei; Bums Tebbs. prominent \Vasrur.ston. D C . attorney, died Tues- dav at ~h_s hc-zne. 2230 Cathedral ave- Washington, D. C.. June ! --Accord- I permanent h£ pn^ci- rece: ' ±~~. He was a nat^e of Leesbsirg, Dec. 31. 1930. amounted to S3.810.68I.- , i-e enterprises. Va and had been a resident cf Wash- '. 763: th* azsregat* revenue receipts were | B*Tcn ington since 1319 Following his gras- S3.*:S.502 395: and the total net :n- Tne tota. reveca. uatxtt from tie Georgetown Uc-versity cebtedness *as S6.S57.2S9.759. 3^0 -^"^-T-^i.-? T ·air ^5ct* f *C l * \Y^* "T"^i?ijS ?*lvKT'G til? jtiTSl *¥·%».-. ·.-v»« «-.-y«^»»**»w^i'rt»'a''_(*^%c." »vav"»v»^*»· 5 ^" ^«TM..v* of Ksnnery Craighill. He ser\«i trzh that Srm for some years. The 1 Srm of Tebbs «fc Myers was organ-zee by Mr. Ttb'as about r.'.tr years ago. Mr. Tec-bs TR-SS the youngest son $2,180 080.442 from general taxes; $S;.587.380 from p T x e TO;a: gO verr^en:al-c*t payment* LOCAL MENTIONS LOCAL MENTIONS Strawberry Festival and Food Sale. THE RECTORY LJUVN ADAMSTOWX FV.di. Jan* 3 : «T*Ml!e Me S*i:s.-2; S. S: Episcopal Church Will M-rv* a _ -T,-,--,,- . \*-v ' *!!'. v Ice Cream and Sira»l«Trv Festival. Glade rtc!.r:r..-d Church La M. \Vals- For Sale -- Poland-China 10 Wecits Old. SC Your choice. H COI-blFlOWER. 'PHOXE 1804-F-23. POTTS GEIFFIM. TONIGHT ti'i In'.o the !»rfciess mcd ·: . =^'- 5h^;t:g"' But 03 Brst property il tax**-: r.on. Tex. Mr. Teens activities. Wednesday r=om=ng a; 10 from his H'.e residence. Ii»enDen' LPCSO'-H" 1 ?. Sirs. Charles H. Stunkle. Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Stur-kle, 'A if electrie light plants, and siscular ? ;ases. nnes, forfeits, and escheats. Pro- ' ~~ enterprises, amounted to $178.109,735; ? re eis from the issuance of debt, obliga- j · interest on debt. 5405.152,731; and out- ; tions are not considered rev*nu« re-· lays for permanent improvements, in- j jeipts. ! cf eluding these for public service enter- j Tb« per capita net revenue receipts of ' l»in.r At Vindobotu. Ti:,i:d.i N-ght. Jlira? - BRADIXX'K. HEIGKrS Mu-. · Bv r:i- X*h::=g4:*5. K »·,,:·.· L.t::.v You"', enjoy :t Krsular Dance. B A K I O N ^ V i : LK WED Jt'SE 1. 3io ar.d :5c .U--0 ay Jolly v r . rjft .Msiwuiuise Free. Vr Tr.e S-^rv-L" Saie-l" ·*.'.-.:: Krtv TxXt*. O'-u- -'·" The C'.'v Oolf. o-..-..- 'ajii Service In T:* City PBOPI-S'S SERVICE DRUG STORES CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK ··· '.'. 5-.--.-s !^ '-=5 a-J5is«s world .:er buy POTTS G?.:FFIS T.S \tTORS PUBLIC SALES. JOHN N. CLASY. rrj »nd Ire Cream KestnaL B A R N A B A S CHAPEL.. 9 p CrJiduatton-- While there iras s^s increase of S460.- i . ';i*.*r* »*·-!' '--." ex* .1 "X'lr'niLi o imi-Ti EDMONSTON STUDIO. Str.»«lxrr\- and Ire Cream Festival ,: Y«-.'..--v -S T.::;^ Friday evc:i.n. Juno ,,' -v-r.e:.: !;r\-..-; ··;:: Church. Every- THE K N S ' N A T I O N A L BANK OF F U K D E K I C K , MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,0(50.00 JOHN N CLARY. f.:- L · ··« O: !rt.:i^;« O Mi: 3VRS ?7.ZS. S3lIC"or. 'Phor.e 775 9 S Cotsrt St. MISCELLANEOUS. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. S-23-iSI Louk! Look! ?.'. \V.:'.o-A Beach Park. r.::.:' Junt- 1. Music by .-.^iers Everybody ·.velvVn:?. Annie Frazier. Terra Alia, W. Va., and Mrs. Smith. Boonsbcro. Emma '· Of th* 310 cities covered by this re- i port only seven irere lacking in revenues ! ! Mfr:o;.oj 1 i to meet all operating expenses ica! observers so- Sinoot'o Card Of Thanks, k..r.S'.y 842.199 in net debt for the 310 cities : -- ^cv "a :h- ns^-iiX r-ict-or. as a M'hole. 119 individual cities showed iT^f i.^ -^.W v ,v, .-,,.. ,,,.,,, . rf^.,^^^ !n -v,oi- no. i«A»HvHr.i=« agaaiS. ...S- -·» ^ ·--· WEDDINGS i operation and maintenance of general j deoarunents; 4.7 per cent, operation and ! maintenance of public service enter- Ramsay--Kenner. Frederi and stree: Louise Rermer, Sirs. T. S. Renner, 219 Xorth Pine street, York, were married on Saturday j prises, such as water-supply systems. ' t,y HW V vi. Thompson, pastor of 3S per cent, was for education; ,, Uj J W - »» e~TM *· » _ , _ ^ -^w^^a-^-irt^i *rt. -fcp.-ej-.« «Tirt ' Of tie payments for operation and maintenance of general departments 19.6 tr:e , n church, of Elkton. i ?«- cea:.. protection to person and prop- beise chiSon dress ! erty; 8.6 per cent., general government; --*- S' ,, . l_:__V.«-^». r -. T *» wsfc*- rta*^f from proceeds of bond issues. Assessed Valuations and Tax I*vies- Por 1930 the assessed valuation of property subject to ad valorem taxation for city purposes -xss SS7.234,- 279,162 for the 310 ciiies having over 30,000 population; and the amount ^' taxes levied for the city government MRS. MAHY M ZIMMERMAN AND Among County Women's Clubs ' -- Chicken Supper Harmony Grove Club and Strawberry festival in Ms. Pleasant Mrs. Mvra Thomas ar.d Miss Maiv Hall. Thursday. June 2 From 5 to 10 ' Ellen Thomas, uere hostesses to fie ?3 - Benefit Reformed Church. Price . JOSEPH D. BAKER. Chtirn:an o/ Beard. l - i t l M I S 1 ) H \ K E R , Prrsidrnt. Jons H. BAKER, \'ift-I'rfsH!ent. JOSEPH McDiviT, I" ice-President. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAK, WANTED. ----^^^_--«_^*-^-*-- =ff _\v\ST3 COSGESIAU \V1N~CO TO --- -'- -,-ii v- C " ! · - " · · · ;'r- ' ' \V\STFO -- S- OK BUY GSSSHAI. - n.-i". sr.a sroccry. A S N C P - S E O K !·.-" Our: Vt c · S2.389.319.497, or S50 37 per capita. Harmony Grove Women's Club, and the Independent Divisions- j Harmony C-rovo Girls' 4-H Club. Fr.ciay These statistics cover the government j afternoon. As the members and their o* the city corporation property, and i guests arrived, they i^ere shown a very °- --^ e also independent school districts, san- | attractive rock-garden. The meeting. -^la.ior. i;arv district, park districts, and other \ conducted by Miss Ethei Thomas, th-.- ^ "" Don't For;et: The ISth Series. : of tlie Fidelity Butldin; and lxan Asi office at Fredericktown Savir.srs Institution starts Saturday. J \COIJ t!t.i?:Kn.\CK. \v- .;·!··!· el Mir:-:^-,-f« ""- A ·-· -.:.·--. ^ i t t - i - I . S . S ·.!.'.:· 13.23 independent districts practiceili* co- | president, -.vas opened wr.ii sir.gin;. estensi-re trlth the cities. They a-so ] "America, the Beautiful." Dunns the de a pe=" «at. of tine financial i business session, trie a;h:even:ents ? ere sactions, cebt. and tax levies of the ] taken by the director. Miss Mary E-len -,.,-- Jur.e 4. es include transac i- governments for cities » rnor'.KJg" ip O Fry. ; . !9!B. and -'I 325 A-f o::f t :.-·!:: Hj:rv C Krv .ir.d Be- having I Thomas: the report for the list meet- Private Sale: , _ , ,_ , T DUb Property. Southeast corner Market : f.", : ^. r!c ° ;1l:: ^' [1 i.';!',--','-Vw' V-"" ai ;"'.b- acd Fourth Streets. \ Wedding Announced. j Mrs. Amelia Pearse. 215 West Patrick ' street, has announced the marriage of her son. Gordon W. Pearse. to Miss Mildred Bitnsr. Hanover. Pa. The wed; ding took place May 28 in York, Pa., i the ceremony being performed by Rev.. Carl Simon, pastor of the Lutheran | church. They -were attended by Miss j Cora Wentz and Le-rris Carver. b-Kh of Hanover. AJser a sho-- Breeding trip they wiU reside at the Fisher Apart- WITH RODNFY DUTCHER - Miss "·"··*" L - : f^°"^ s 5 - - c * ! ori Market Street '' erlc't C:-.v. F.-tu--r:.-: c;i:-.-.-. :, en urer's report -nd 129 feet on Fourth street. A ; ..^^rP^'e-^o ^" " 3 TM . »:i :. Ranis'aur?. s " s br:;:: d-srelling house and store | l.l a; '''; r ., c .. or P3rc , : o: : i: ..d t .-.. : v.c ;n D:P.--latter in occupancy of Amberg ar.d Jorian. furniture dealers Prlc« , x: _ irv -^: .^ : ,"'. v . ^'7 iVr 4 .-^-."'^reasonable Persons interested can in- j llS.,,,. sV^.^L* r ° : ' B"-^:~V.-?'* ments in Hanover. PERSONALS BY RODNEY DL'ICHEK XEA Service Writer Washington. June 1.--All the wet hullabaloo over the progress made in their battle to get rid of prohibition program. Miss Nannie Everhart, vice- president, introduced the program chairman. Miss Helen Witter, -a ho acted as leader. Before each number a short poem or quotation v,-2s given. The girls opened their program with t*o songs. "We're Always Glad ti Meet ^ew i Friends." and "You Can Smile." A ' en PR ASK C XORWOOD. Executor. SAMUEL G. DUVA.LL, Assistant Cashier. J. TRACERS THOMAS, Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKES. THOMAS H. HAU.ER, CHARLES H. CONLEV, M. D., JOHN S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR., HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEL BAKCR, JR., JOHN H. BAKER, ELI AS B. RAMSBURCH. ARCHIBALD E. FISHER, CHICKS FOR SALE. i BABY CHICKS -BARRED AND WHTTB ;:oci S C Kris. \Vl:;te Wy^ndottes Ami Biii: O-p.r.s'.Jr.s. S7 00 J?r?«T Biict Gt»sa. $1-00 !!-avy 3«or:ri. J« 00 Also sorted ch'cJ-% C--i- '.ii hi:etiins. We bUT pooUry and cgu 'Pt'..-.r.e 433. Md Chick HaMhery. !1S slrec'. 5-27-dSt F O R SALE --BABY CHICKS. SPECIAt. price for J;:r.r £.-::!? your eggs on S»:- u-d:v t; rich wrri :cr cus R:r e -'s Chick H.-i:taerv. Wa'. rsT'.lte. Md. 5-iS-d32t HELP WANTED. · \VANTED --MEN AN"I WOMEN CASVAS c-s I''" ca... S~e Mr. coctnbs 65 Soul* ' M'-s-- S- :ni Jlacr. r.33ra 1. 9 to 1« k'ad's'to 4. 8-1-dlf Mrs. Pearl Weinman, of Is vtsiting her mL-ther, Mrs. Smith, this city. and their freq'Jeni trumpeting about the probable damp planks in botii party | platforms has obscured the that i Congress will be the final battleground I on this "momentous"' issue. ! And those who think prohibition is as Marian ! good as gone would do well to look care- j fully at the results of the recent beer ! vc-tes in the House and Senate. And no oossibi-it:.- of a wet Senate majority | I in · nea-- r tit"-e Counting oairs. 13 ; stunt, trie Cracoane Sor.z. was 5. ates" were represented by pro-beer j °? ^iiss Isabel Cram, and Miss Nellie .TBS IT, the Senate, bat onlv nine saw Witter, with the other girls singing. The . . . chairman for County Camp. Miss Ever- tortua..;. .o a..ena. hart, gave an interesting talk, telling of votes in the Senate, but only nine saw both their senators go wet. Flower Show. ausoires cf the Garden Club of Fred- i eri:^ vill be held Friday. June 3. in the p.irlsh hall of Calvary Methodist Ep-3;3?3l church from 3 until 9 p. m. Entries of S:y.v-_rs in competition for irizes c. coen - * all, and the public is Manor" ar.d ^^.r.r I'-.Ity il^c-lb--; in a tic-d :rcm Charter F Ma.a a-.-l ·*.!". :o Harry C. . ! Llitr !!- W. B N'3 300. Fot'.-t i3'J. one o! : Irie Lar.^i Hpcord^ for Frcdcr.c: C-jur.:y. and i si:sa-- I35M YE\S -OOVERNSIEST JOBS. ?.:e:i-- -urorr.-r.. 13 :p to S:e?-dy -ecori:. We I coac^ v o j lor Frcier:;"a nara-aaUons. Lisl ! vov,ior.i ind r if. ^r.r-.:c-.-.ars. Frfff. Write I'::;-- to'l-«y s-are. Box 1076-C, J!c«- '" ~ How It Gets That "Way. The obvious reason for the continued ttepr^mf^JuM 20-25 ai Camp · Beautiful Peonies ,._^-_ .v, r cor.:.i!r.:~^ "- f - ' EC I :JS ACRES. I ROODS AND 16 SCJCARB F'ERCHZS OF L'.N'D. GOOD SUB3TANTIM. 1IOUJE. BANK BARN and ?.:: rscr-^-.-y o :ib :l'sl.-K- "I-:-, ijrni r.'-tc: 1 : ^r.d :!.·- "-.r.J ^ if fine ^-nl.:.- Terns ot S' 1 . · --A-: r.x^'t by^ ;^re as criascr or. dav of sal" PP.ANK L STONES. WANTED -- LADY TO HOCSEXEEP AXO sew. ar-.3',-r -pSoao !r. -jphotstcry shop. S'a'" a.-- w.i?f ir.-.r; Address 5633 Gror E :i"arrr.':c. N W . WssiSSEMn. D C . F. LUTHEE RICE. can b? h^i at reasonable prices until are generally tne -x-ettest. -.-.-"? '.SOC-P-4. FOR RENT. ter. Miss Xellie Witter to'.d about the Boys' ana Girls" Short. Course Fire Wood For Sale. NOTICES. ADMINISTRATORS' NOTICE. Ttls is '-o g:-.e nonce t5a: the TJbscrlber BM Iron) trie Orphans' Court o. I Frederick Co-jr.-.:.-. in MarrJand. letters or Adslnistntiin on ;Ss es;z-.s of Mrs. W. r 1 . Compher is spending. especially at the Senate vote, some dme a the Seachrist Mountain ' Xo federal law is going to be changed House, Bracdocfe Heights. ! until Congress acts. That means both i branches. The current agitation over Kefauver j re-submission, something which at the ^lin- They have the largest delegations in . the House, proportionately representing j population. --hereas the Senate is even ._ i held at University of Maryland under ly divided among the 48 states. Any j | the direction of E' G. Je.-.kins. and Miss Any Q-;ar.ttty. Delivered. 'Phone 982 | half dozen dry western or southern Mr. and ilrs. Charles R. and daughter. r;-rathy. Brooklyn. N. j moment; permits many dry politicians T.. are vIsiting Mr. and Mrs. C. Ed-rarcl j to appear moist without getting wet. STT-.TI, North Market street. | will no; reach any conclusive point unci! ; the wets can paint to congressional ma- Mr, and Mrs. WUlard Ahar;. of Rich- : jorlties. And that goes regardless of mond, Va., spent several days last' wet, moist or damp planks adopted at week with Mr. Ahalfs sisters, the; the Chicago conven-tior^. Misses Ahslt. near SurkiKsvtUe. ' The more enthusiastic wet leaders-- P^.tation. "To A W atcr Li.y. Kent-A-Car. A?ART7.tSNT. ·A- L P..;r=.-r. 6-t-dit - 3-ROOM A.F Vr-.T'.tSNT. A uarreling w;:h it bui oy »d."-jt:ria Jersey. Prospect Xcw Ixw Rates Gas and Oil Included. FRANCIS SCOTT KEY GAP.A3E. . June I.--A celebration was . nuinaer. a EO.O "rat-ier cf tr.e , held K, the home of Mr. and Mrs. James ', Ixve." was sung by Miss Xellie Witt-cr. ' C. Mar.on of Prospect in honor of : accompanied by Miss Elear.j- Th3.-r.os. their 33ta -xedcliag anniversary May | Two huraerous readings. "Mrs. Xewly 30. Miss Helen Witter. Another stunt -:n- i tilled "Can-Sir", was given by Miss · Dorothy Thomas, Miss Cram. r.c · " , Miss Leida Mercer. Tne Washington The Milk We Are Selling At Our Farm. ^ pr7, J .u;-.-d exclusively fr:m our own :.orJ. V.'e ar? Containers. CHAP-1XS WEHTHZIMER. i FOP. RE rt.ooR APART:.:FNT - ' ' early bird A JOB AWAITING 3 room modern brie* !ar louris; t-j'-irifs;. s:-.h cc^-.c^t DIoci: T.odjrn s-.a-.lDn ir.ctadinK oie acrr :or capping pu pDit-s. loi-alct! or: H'.shiay itay trsde on s proper:? ! 27 j;r« on Hisriwaj r.«r PrederlcK. a^sn- : S (e. 1-3-15-32-29 FOR RENT r-ar.;rv r.r.i ::-.(· i-ir.ri r 3 r--::-.-. S'.-l V,-. PJT.-'-. ?: C-l-JSl . A rea! opportunity 'or touris: ; ::Dn -^-,.r.cs5 ..ALE Apply J35 _ J. The home was beautifull- decorated · We -- at the Butcner Shop." ar.d a Mr. Joseph H. Apple. Jr.. a member ' ot-e cannot say--prectst tost tne coun- ^.^ ^^^ and o .-_ er So ^ ers . -j^g we c- "Xesro Sketch" were read by Miss r,ver- ·f the junior class at Franklin and : try will elect a wet majori-.y in the i ri; ^^ . . . . of the j Marsi-aZ College, has returned to his · House next No. ember. home of the e dij , g p -^ T eu by Eulalia . Asse.vUig that j i;)n S:; j ; , ne ;der. Other selections were . s 5 - °- 4 - K . Mar- '. h ^"- ihe "rrier.dship SDng." the nc-w ' was .sun; by Notice. The M. ~Z Church. Lcwistowr.. vrlll cla a fcotival on the Church Lawn. Tr.ursiay evening. June 2nd Hefresh- t'. hvxe-rr.aie :~e creacs. straw- ·is this city, folio--Ing the close ; tbs popular wet trend is not yet -s-I :D V Xo^ma~'wagner. A sumptuous cin- ' group. Miss Ernestine Chubb, ar.^tstant ~.c-r.ts ;f horce-ma:e :ce create. coll-ega for the scholastic year, i fleeted in Congress, they say "x. win be j _" e _ ..^ ^-^a 0 --e -^ollowtng guests- i home dernanstratior. asint. and cire-ctcr bi-rries. cake, cancv I as soon as the voters can get to the ; j t aa(1 iE _; j^,^ rf Schneider. Mr" 1 °' Girls' ^-H Club ar.tvities cf the or.?.de. etc. Cc-rr.e or.e a»d^all Wagner. Miss IN'onna j coarity. told the story cf "The Blue Mrs". James Stoddarc. | Jf-owsr." from which the county camp :. Willet. Mr. Smith. .' ^-^:'-ed its name. The girls then prc- ar.a - a n d Mrs. Henry Wagner. ~M~iss Xorina ; county. t3li the story cf "The Blue =pcr.d a social e.aning tJgether^ · Wagr}°- "M~ and " IT "* '---·»» e-TM««.--- '.i-.owsr." from wruch the coutr.v carr.o'ria. Mrs. Mary Tyson and Miss Yera ; polls. Ijeber, of Wrigctsville. Pa., are spend- '. * * * ing a week -with Mr. and Mrs. John De- j The Wet Chances. | jir. arid Mrs. M. Lacier, North Market street. With Mr. | j. ,. co _ ce5va - 3:e eiat those wet hopes i Miss Nellv Lambdin. Mr. and Mrs. J. i ser.ted the members cf t.-.e v. c and Mrs. DeLauter they motored to i _.., . =3 -^^g^ a --- a ou?a t is alto- j P^wlings. Baltimoret Mr. and Mrs. C. i c:ab aaa guests eac.i witn a snoulder Ltirsy Cave-- = and Natural Bridge, Va.. | OT; ,. er loo ear -_. , Qr -,-,^,3 to ^ ^.j. G . Schneider, W3dville. corsage of fem. blue-c3~.-r.ower,:. over the week-end. '-^^ o ^» w ^v o- "he o"ie- Tre ! · 1 ?:nk * 3se buds - The ~ ::rs3 ? es "'·--"= ~ a --° ! House vo"^ on "the'O'Connsr-Huli bill p leasant r «« Md Meets. : by the ^lub girls and Miss Chubb A W. G. RunkI-2S. formerly of Mt. AaT. . ,, ·,,,,..,, 7 -= ^ p ,_ Tl ,. h ;, , --. ,,-,-. i _ P'fasan* Grow .\ia_Meets. , p . a - .Tea Lea Tes .- T7n: ^- D ,- ::LV , Fon Rs:rr --.\t?A?.~ :E::T AND OF.-ICES A-^p.y B.;' ..--: c--r- B- .-.;· F. -p. 1W W. Pa"r.C£ £: i' SCi*. 5-3t-o3*. FOH RENT -- 3F.O FI.OOR. FPO m -"T A P \ R T - sy^icm "7 "" * FARMS FOR o: ir.? '-ze. ~.:t and .3cst:or. ] F-*r "iriisrm-itiori. oppori^rilite?. 33!is:ac:ory J "p" LCTHER RICE. ! RE.U, ESTATE I ·PHON-E HS4 :» EAST THIRD 31 ! STAR FURNrrURE CO. Modern Apartment Tir Bent Apply Weil Bros. 410 North Market St. FOR -FURNISHED i FOR RENT --APAHTirENT FO^-H r.OC'.tS. Finr Watch Kcpairinsr. Work guarar.teea 1 yr BARGAINS £N F 5-0 sl:»h:l7 used re-rl^eraiors. a!; sizes. S4 C*' to $1200 100 :e.t ru;"i T.e'Ki 52 CJ -jp L.r.r.s -c;n-.. d:r.:-; roo^.. ted roorx: sr.^ £.:cr.5n '-rr.: 4 .ure and no-^cno.i: efTec:." of ev-r? t:nd ar.i de^cr.pi^n. ;o ;ega::ze 2.75 beer--which is a lot dif- 2TJ3 ---e N-s;-?.' · :o his iormer r.orne. .\ir. nao ; A _ £ - House -^,-^t- which TOU ; d i _rrr" a wise circle of friends in this locality ' _.,- .,, 3 £sa:e[ s until December 1933. pre- ' ""'-and seeps in tench them by read- --pp"";^ :na; there""will be enough ing The Xc~s every cay. ; c / 3 nges of on the part of mem- " , bers or defeats of crvs at the har-ds AMONG THE SICK ;?Jt.^ a to ~ m the ^^ --^ -- ^ ^ T , c... ca. = _ , M-D^-O-J--and M:s . Katherine Biser . Drys tee. m.-^t of t-ie .ise.y j ^ K ^^: o - oSc ,, rs -^ -» :d --tr, -bo i£r. Robert, jMiller. steward at the . jumps to damper ground already have ^^^^^ result.-: Mrs. Francis S.-;-:t s-:y hc-tel. is improving been made, sinre are · -- .-, to be c-ut r.d re held in Frederick during the ; 7e ad by Miss Leida fiercer, ar.rl s;nr. Fr.i.v-. ?.!sy Z'. ar.d June 1. - ar.c 3. ; past month showed S22.02 cleared. The ', "Bless Be The Tie." Dunr.r .-:r.z- r.a'.e iw: a: the annual C.ty : was netted. The 'Rainy Day" system ' Cram, presicer.t of the Federa-i'r. '·: '.-:· :-»t :-ut all refuse fcr ccllectic: will be cor.tir.ued the coming year. Two : Girls" 4-H Clubs of the county, to---i ^ =- 3 will be in various Miss Sthcl Tr.^r.?.^. presidcr.t -f the se:t."j as follows. Tuesday. 'O-:t'r.westt ' Harmor.y Grove Wcmtr.'s Cl-b. by -h: v..jcr.f£C2.- r.ccthw.;st; Thursiay. hand and led her to the center :" t.i: .-;jth---it. Pricay. r.or.r.esst Tr.e co-. In . £i;S r.:rc STAR FURNITURE CO.. -325 S:rtri :.!ark;: Stress. Frederick. ?JaTM:and- OKDSR :.~S1 CN ftCDIT vo i:ns EQUITY. ·h' Clrc-^.i court :=r Frcicrlci County. Sitting ta E.--llty MZT Terra. 1932. .--:=!· Fi D-c::r..s. Jr . Ais.jscs o- :-= C=.oa Trust Cirr,pir.y_c: Miry'.ir.d. c ·_ :-Iori " Iri' :"ie°" A'-'itV-~o:":Vc" Au-.'-or s Report -^.'^'.'..-"'r-^l..- T -. -^-scc^j to act upon ',:i.tor. S'.ia as aloresasd o ^ra^tty rati'v and cos- ·' ;iusa '-a tie contrary i j"_",Vl c ; -j|^ s ^rc;r t- pjs:^sr:-d :a sosse _,Z--.^p.l ~-. a :.---;i ·- Frti'ricS Ccasty. it j D_.e- .^. --j ^J EI.V~G KAUGH. Cl'ri: o! f-.s Circuit Court rcr Freder:i£ -^: -'- -" · S3'..t::sr. =.LI O 3AUGH. C'.srS OFZ-'iS KtS! OX AUDIT ; 1 = t t " 7 " *'"''~'^ll[*Z%»* [ z'.r '- '^~L~ r --:~ E BD-- ird B^rlia M- .;-;."" T "--".-"'t-.^V3Vn"dr- of June, Mrs. Hirry Johr^ton. whs has be-en ill for sotr.e time, w ss en ?\Iorj-day re- rr.oved f-r-cm her "r.orr.t. 341 Nc-rth Mar- tricts. The question is whether there saturati Set, street in the "D-D you al--ays leave cards whcr. you call"" gloves or an umbrella ."--Answers. Market Prices Grain. NOAH E. CRAMER SON. Scgar Da-is. ; group they remain::! :-.=.r.--i :- SYljER'3 SALS. LOCAL MENTIONS K E CRA\:ER A: SON. corsT STr.-rT. F.^rDSF.tct-t, :.:D 'PHONE S"3 .re :s ~e Do:' Fr?ie " '" POS r.ENT -- D i V t - t G H T FOR SALE. ?'..-. ca- of J«n S».t,E --Br.OtT.t~C3 OB F R T I X G C. E. Cline Sor. : is an r-rcce.ic^ Ci y i^Ov-- ) -ccn^rcs^iorta. .r?nti -- wnetner it wi.. continue irresistibly c-r whether the lilies _ oeing acting prestser.: for Juris 1C ." 3 JT'__.~_ n _ e _^f. : , n-.issior.ary rr.ectinc. A lawr. :"et« was Th~rr.a5 Miss Sv-tl; plar.ned for Saturday June 13. r.ost^v ts the Girls Mrs. ivels^l Hav. Miss Ckatherir.e Paze will soon be tightly drawn again with ,,,, 5^ ^^^^ ^ ^ e committee ' a. .c-r.g -tare fir.-.t an«ad. i: , char e . I · ·* T? ·*· ! A delicious sapper was sen-ed by the Bat Look at the Senate! ' r.ostess The n-:~t nteecinc will be "~f~A · '. In any event the really hard nut . at the home of Mrs. John Lawson or, ' , the wets have to crack is the Senate Thursday. June 30. , ' The vote aa-ainst the Tycings 2.75 per · Those present were' Mrs. Scgar 3avls. ; -: cer.t. beer tas bill amendment was 6: Hev. ar.d Mrs. E. E. Coleman. Mrs : Spcofes Bcanty Shoppc. I to 24. Tl-.e drys r.o longer have ar. [ Jsm« Etey. Mrs. Har-.^ey Grubbs, Mrs !N.f;iy rr.-.-^.rcr 5--' °ver-Rh;lrr.in3 majoritv ir. the Hpuse. 'Dallas Ke' Jr.. ar.d s-3r.. Mrs. Rodney vir."*-' /-.- -p-- - -j-. rins Canary Birds 53.00 Eocri. ^CH£ HARRV HAZ.l,rl ~2 T%£~. Sc.-J-.Jl St. For Sale. A'l si-Ss -S- s.e-:cr.d hand Pipe frata 1 ·_ to 3 :-BeiTES. ani Angle Iron Mrs. O. B. Baker. Mrs. M, M .Sharr.p,-;. s: 3-D. W r Wheat. bu os ( bu; t --. y have in the S?r.ate. If they | Kelly. Mrs. O. B. Baker. Mrs. M, X! Corr., bbl -Si £5 ^ ve :3 "- V3 ;:e a last ditch stand for na- i rage. Mrs. Robert Windsor. Mrs. Julia. Live Stocfe and Produce. j ;=.._,,-, p r y a .- 0 ;;; 0r . ;t -s-^; corr.e or. the i Furdum. Mr.=. Dallas Kehr.e. Sr.. Mrs .F-.Tr..^.^d^?_Fjc^r : cs Ccir.-.7 · 5 O?r O f the upper chamber. j Seise: Day. Mrs. Katherine Biser. %Jrs S-x-s '.'.."..''.'". . 4: to - c j The Serate"isn't easily changed. Ks ! Totr. McDor.ou;h, Mrs. Mary McDon-; Groff t.-.e r.orist. -,= offer.r.r "--»". p,V*«^ji 3c to 4c j members are elected once every six · otszh. Miss Katherine Page, Miss Louise j 6 jr.. Gcrar.iurr.s at SI."" 1 "T c--r-r. j c j 0 3-.,;: years. With about 35 senators up for i JJoakes. M:ss Evelyn Purdum. Musis';??, lar;c plar.-j: at 4^0 CDZ S-ro-'-.a- Phcr.c- 55T-J. :i7 N'. Mar.-i:t S: Special Sale of Plants. PRSOSHICK JUNK COMPANY. rr^.r.i Gsst.ey Proo Thcr-e 333 OfTi-e .us Warehouse--Chate: Alley Bet-eer; Thirc ar.d Pburtri Sts. R-^iience--215 E Third St. ?OH S2S POR ?.E:~ --':T tr--»d.i:c ir.v.e- .- C5W3 Bulls - . . Calves Lam Jc re-cl:tior. ih-s year it doesn't se^m that 3o to 5: I half a dozer, cry seat^ are in ar.y dan?er 4: to 6c ' o: ca'-.uro by the v.-ets. although some _ c'ss'i .." .. . - ' t o 5c j sena~or.= r:; already lia-.e flopped Hogs _ _...; .2: to SijC | io repeal, beer or re-submission. There's Laura Davis. Mrs. John Larson, Mrs. i at 50c c 17. la"? p'.nr.v r^'. J. O. Barnes, Mrs. Aubrey Davis. Mrs. This sale ic-s or..: A.'W. Davis. Mrs. Robert Davis. Mary Wonderful bar=ra.n.'= Virginia Day. Johnnie Page. Bobbie j Windsor, Jack Baier and Keisel Etey, Jr. I GROPF. I.o«rr Prices On Scratch Pads. ?·:-;.! rab.ets newsprint paper) No* 6 Cents a ;b. Bcucl and B»s Paper Tablets, Now 9 Cents a ;b. THE NEWS-POST, POP. RENT -- ^TTr.iCTtVE \P».ST::EVT :; Er-« H - . r t . J- . ICC FT' S-- -- s ' POP RENT --SI V . SOO''! HOUSE ON VOSTH i M.-. .-· f -3-' -0 C. E EC.. -·· --·· ' 714 S. ilaiic: str.e^ 5-i-iU FOP. SALE -- ittt-K .=· CENTS A QCAR. P.-1--T1 V f-r r? -:· F-.r-: Oco S Itar". FOF. SALS.-r?F.tGHT P."'.NO. 4LVOS1 :-.£*·. A rea. t'V Aor'.-- 3 \Ves; ^J"_St FOR SALE --ELEVEN ACRES O? ALFALFA, i r.esrl- rpaciv to SIOT. App'.y John W. ) Grove, West Fourth Street, Ext. ' 3. j HTLI G HACGH. Clcr -f :hs C.:;u.t Court 5or FrciJr.cS Fra-' C NC.-T:C.-. So"..c:-cr. Truj Copj--Te'i: ELI G. H^UGH. Clerk.

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