Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 17, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, July 17, 1961
Page 2
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Poqe Two M U r 1 L i A r" i. A K Other Editors Except For Me . • . The Chattanooga News- Free Press A reader scnl us tli» following self-explanatory little Hem through the mail Hie nther day. Wo believe it's wor'h slm-ins: A true story: A younsj man lives with his-parents ,n a rmb'ic housing unit. He attended public 14 .> A ;> Monday, July \i , A Short Short Storv ONE MAN'S OPINION By RALPH DYLONG 1961 bf NEA, fcn. Weather Continued from Page Ohe ARKANSAS REGIONAL FORE- ! \VllellcUT OI1C spoke of Mo.ses schools and participated ir. t | K , Murdoek. HIP lorm. "tycon" i free lunch program, lie entered w;is '''Uplit'd automatically, even; the Army and upon discharge re- I'""!" 11 'he word lias been worked tained his National Life Iiisur- to ll '' ;il!l - M »- l ' v - Murdock was a { CAST ance. He enrolled in the Slate t'"'"^"*- i BY THE ASSOCIATBD PRESS University, working pnrl lime at 1I|S I'tisiness enterprises didn I | the State Capitol to supplement ' ll(1 l' w '"' " 1(1 boundaries of the I All .sections: Clear to partly his G-I educational cheek. Upon ".-ilinn. bill kept liuht on {joins cloudy with little change in tern- gradualion, he married a Public''"' 1 ' 1 " 11 ' ""' world. And he wasn't peraturi 1 this afternoon, tonight Health nurse and bought a home ""'>' ;l hu.-.iness man. He was and Tuesday. Chalice of _a few with an FHA loan, (hen obtained • sll)l "l' 1 alter by colleges, not only'scattered al'ternon or evening a Small Business Loan to r,o into ''"' ''"mmcncement addresses to thumlershowers. Winds light to business. " insmiv young men in follow in his j variable, mostly in southwesterly A baby was born in the City f"tsteps, hut lo explain the intri- Wednesday partly cloudy and mild Hospital. He bought a sniail ;ll '' (>s "' economise and high fi-;\vith a chance of a few widely ranc'h with the aid of Veteran'-;. "•' lll( ' (> - " is philantrnphic actviities .scattered afternoon or evening Land Program and obtained m iuirod a stall' of trained special- . thundershowers. Ooutlook Thurs- ALC Starts Study to Gut Up $11 Million IJTTI.K HOCK i A!>)—The Arkansas Legislative Council meets today lo begin a sluily of a plan for dividing the stale's $1! million i surplus. The council will make recommendations to a special session of the legislature which probably will be called next month. Little River Hep. Marion Crank I has suggested thai, the council jopen (he discussion to anyone who ! wants lo offer a plan for diviclin" the surplus funds. " In anohter development Perry Hep. I'aul Van Dal-em says he has heard considerable talk amon legislators favoring a central coordinating board for the Univer- emcrgcncy feed from die Jovern- isK He'd made revolulionary in- day to Saturday afternoon: Minor ment. Later he put part "of his' Vl nl '''"'- ^ :ul l ' V(>n " u> Russians j changes in temperatures. Chance land in the Soil Bank and pay- I"'' 11 ' 1 ' 1 ' w ' l;i1 ''(' s:li( '- '" K P' lf ' of, of scatercd afternoon or evening ments soon paid off his ranch ; ' His father and mother lived on Moses Murfloek had connec-i northwest; and near 70 central. in many lands and some- southeast and southwest. limes knew as much about some was i thundershowers. High today near |!)0 central and northeast, low to the ranch very comfortably on " l ' was :il ""' Vt ' partisan politics. |mid 90s southeast and southwest their Social Security checks' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ('•'"'Wessmcn and governors.|and upper HOs to low tlOs north- REA lines supplied ttie electric- ;lslu ''' Ilis advice. Kven members I west. Low tonight mid 50s to fiO ity. the government helped him °' llu> c ' al)illl ' t sought nim out. be- 'northeast: mid 50s lo mid OOs clear his land, the County Agent showed him how to terrace it and the government built him a fish pond . . . Then one day he nal '" ns ns ''"-' career boys of the wrote his Congressman: ' L State Department. "I wish to protest these excessive governmental expenditures and attendant high taxes. I believe in rugged individualism. I think people should stand on their own feet without expecting a hand-out. I am opposed to all Socialistic trends and I demand a return to the policies of States Rights." THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATBD PRESS .01 Riders Back Continued from Page One a third order to move on or be arrested. " Two women riders — one white, the other 'Negro — entered the restaurant in Baton Rouge and were immediately ordered to leave or. be arrested. They left the restaurant and sat clown in the White waiting room where the order came again. After moments Of explanation and argument thcv left. At the end of their southbound ... .— -...trip to New Orleans, they ato : mourning. Hardly had the funeral quietly and orderly at the Trail- ended when a publisher signed up ways restaurant and sat in the : Orestes M. Werton, author of two white waiting room. They were best sellers, lo do a full dress not molested. Neither were they biography of the Great American ordered to leave by police. The group returned to St. Louis by train. 'Read with the learned; tali with the vulgar." \Vhcn Moses Murdock died, laying not a few doubts that he was mortal, the nation went into U.S., Russia Open Talks on Disarming Moses Murdock. Celeste Murdock. the widow.re- received the graying Mr. Werton in her summer home in New Hampshire. "First." said the writer. "I'd j like to get. a mental picture of I the real Moses Murdock. the man i the public never knew." I "There was no such man." said | the widow. "Moses Murdock was I great, even when he was taking MOSCOW (AP> — The United his mornin "shower." States and the Soviet Union ; Mr. Werton pondered on how she opened the second round of their i might have knowledge of this, but disarmament talks today. An un- ' he did not pursue the idea. In- compromising editorial in Pravda i stead he said, "Then let me get made chances of success doubt- better acquainted with him, and ful by insisting on talks on major his personal habits. His hobbies, questions without participation by ; and so on." America's allies. ; "Being a great man was his U.S. Delegate John .1. McCloy hobby." said Mrs. Murdock in a arid Soviet representative Valeria , tone that implied that she had Zorin met in the elaborate Spir i said this many times because it iddnivka Palace. j was expected of her. They maintained the policy in- She escorted Werton through the itiated at the first round of talks house, showing off his many art in Washington earlier this month trea-ures. and sentimental keep- oil making no public statements. ; sakes. But Pravda has already spoken ; The tour ended in the great and it is doubtful if Zorin will man's study, a room of some tell McCloy anything he could not ; magnitude with mahogany furni- have read in the organ of the Hire, wall to wall bok cases, a Soviet Communist party this vault for valuable papers and an morning. " ; T'5? 5 ?j ] expensive bar still stocked with . A U.N. resolution called on the liqueurs. two powers to decide who would "This room was His," she said, take part in general disarmament using the capital H. talks, where and when they would j Wei-ton's eyes roamed the book- take place and what specific sub-' shelves, possibly looking for cop- jects are to be taken up. ies of his own work. Then Werton We United States does not want • realized that an ephemeral best to discuss the solid substance of' seller, such as his, could never Disarmament behind the back of hone to hold its own in such corn- Britain and France. Washington pany. These volumes were the regards these talks in Moscow as works of Shakespeare, Milton, primarily procedural. But the Poe, Mark Twain, and other liter- Soviet Union has been trying to ary greats. The volumes were in turn them into a formal two- : expensive bindings. •atioB disarmament conference, : "Moses loved the classics," said Albany, cloudy Albuquerque, cloudy Atlanta, cloudy Bismarck, cloudy Boston, cloudy Buffalo, cloudy Chicago, clear Cleveland, cloudy Denver, clear DCS Moines, cleat- Denver, clear Fairbanks, cloudy Fort Worth, clear Helena, clear Honolulu, cloudy Indianapolis, cloudy Juneau, -rain Kansas City, cloudy Los Angeles, cloudy Louisville, cloudy Memphis, cloudy Miami, cloudy Milwauke, clear M .. • .If. .05 85 Gfl !)3 00 86 M 86 62 63 60 81 63 83 65 . . 80 61 .37 94 62s.. 87 67 .. 94 62 61 54 T 96 08 .07 96 08 .. 84 72 T 86 62 .75 71 51 .03 86 69 .02 86 66 . . 85 66 1.38 83 72 .. 87 80 .02 80 59 .. Mpls.. St. Paul, clear 82 5G .. New Orleans, cloudy 92 70 2.78 New York, rain 84 73 T Oklahoma City, clear 93 67 .. Omaha, clear 86 63 .. Philadelphia, cloudy 82 70 .57 Phoenix. 'cloudy 109 85 .. Pitsburgh, cloudy 79 62 .. Portland, Me., cloudy 67 56 .03 Portland. Ore., cloudy 74 62 .. Rapid City, cloudy 97 68 Richmond, clear 93 70 .45 St. Louis, clear 82 61 Salt Lake City, cloudy 101 65 . . San Diego, cloudy 75 66 San Francisco, clear 74 57 Seattle, cloudy 75 57 .. Tampa, cloudy 95 74 1.10 Washington, cloudy 91 M M (M— Missing: T— Trace) Pravda reiterated today. Legal Notice "~ NOTICE IN TMi PROBATE COURT OP MfMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS ]N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Ad$e Nash, Deceased : Mrs. Murdock quietly. "He was •; always saying: "Read with the i learned: talk with the vulgar.'" i "I don't think he really meant ! it." said Werton. "Think of the I great men he talked with." He ' reached out and took a classic : from the shelf. He opened it. The i binding was still stiff. He- turned i the pages. The pages were uncut. I He tried another volume. And an- Cast blown' address of decedent: ! o!h< r These hoks had 'not been re f°; ,. . „ . .. t , He fl " Jn * have time *° d ° said Mrs. Mur- Rt 4, Box 157, Hope, Arkansas Date •! Death May 14, 1961 The undersigned was apointed mueh reading." •dministratrix of the estate of the ' !ock !e( - lj1 >'above named decedent on the Gth Uerton's eyes swept the room. day <rf July, 1961. In a far comer were five or six All persons having claims ; --helves of hoks with inexpensive against the estate must exhibit hin ' !in - N He walked over to them. them, duly verified, to the under- 'I'' pickr-d up one. found the bind- eigned within six months from iny !oo<c and there were no un- tte date of the first publication of fit p^'es. Many pages were dog- fofc Botice or they shall be forever eared. barred and precluded from any Mrs. Murdock stopped being the benefit in the estate. sad-t-yod widow. She flared. This notice first published 10'> i "All right, so he read westerns of July, 1961. i and Murder mysteries." she ex- Mary Nash. [ claimed. ''I told him he'd bt Administratrix ! found out some day!" Rt. 4, Box K)7, | A>- she k-ft the room. \Verton Hope, Arkansas ; shook his head. "Read with the i July 10, 17, 1961 : learned, talk with the vulgar," he repeated. "Well, I guess you never can tell what a man's opinion will be." THE END to the HARD-OF-HEARING TRU-LIFE REPLICA Here is an Opportunity to see and test a replica of a most unusual hearing aid in your own home. Acousticon's "PBIVAT- EAR" has been designed for utmost concealment. It can tuck behind the smallest ear. It's amazingly light too...only 1/3 of an ounce. A colorless tube and tip convey sound to the ear. To appreciate its superior contour styling and comfort, you should try it yourself. And you can... in the privacy of your own home. Send for your FREE replica of the "PBIVAT-BAK" today, without charge or obligation. Wear it...tuclc it behind yourear...test it at your leisure* Fill in and mail coupon today -get your FREE TRU-LIFE replica of the Acousticon "PBIVAT-EAK." If you prefer- tear out coupon and present it at the Acousticon office below for your FREE Replica. ACOUSTICON 214 W. THIRD ST. TEXARKANA, TEXAS ACOUSTICON ^ ! { PIMM und'mrmy hn Tru-lif* raplic* l of Ui« MW, llghtwtlght Acointicon I "Privat-Eir." I und«rstin4 I miy kwp j ind wur-tut thlt (net modM with ! tbsolutely no ebligition. - j NAME _•«_ IPPBESS CITY --- __.70NE sity of Arkansas and stale-supported colleges. Such a plan could'-'be I a ton up at the special session, which must re-appropriate funds contained in the invalidated omnibus construction act. The special session also may take up the matter of a stale const rucl ion proi.'ram in the wake of voter disapproval of ('lov. Orval R. Faubus' SliO million construction bond issue. State Sen. Merle Peterson of Dumas says some legislators are considering trying to include con- 'gressional -redisl riding in the work of the .special .session. The regular 1%I legislature set up a congressional rcdislricting pjan bill a petition campaign succeeded in gelling the plan referred to a popular vole in the l!)(il general' ileclion. There has been some doubt expressed as In whether the legislature can legally take over the re- Rusk Ponders West Meet on Berlin By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP> — Secretary of State Dean Rusk today [was reported considering whether I the Western foreign ministers i should hold a strategy session on Berlin next month. InfoVmecl sources said no definite decision had been made, but i Husk and the British and. French j foreign affairs chiefs may. get t.o- jgether in Paris in view of the i mounting seriousness of the Berlin situation. The Western foreign ministers j districting situation now that it ihas been placed in the hands of I the voters. presumably would review the entire Berlin situation and work out joint strategy that might be adopted lo meet future Hed prcs- ! tough position" President Kenno- dv takes on West Berlin. . sures. This came againM n background of assurances from Sen. j Styles Bridges. R-.N.II.. that Republicans will support any "firm. A native of llunza. the mount- tainous kingdom near Pakistan, & reels a stranger by moving hi3 index finger in slow circles about his right ear. This is a gesture o£ respect, not derision. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain Pfew York, N. T. (Special) — FoT the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, nnd relieve pain — without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual redaction (shrinkage) took place. 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