The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 20, 1955 · Page 15
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 15

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1955
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

On The Air By JACK O'BRIAN NEW YORK UNS)-Julius L« Ro- M closes his biggest yeat by sign- fag a rich ^hree-year pact with RCA-Vlctor records, racing onward, «nd upward from Archie Bieyer's tiuence waxworks , . . iponsor was so delighted with the climbing ratings of "This is The Life." he Christmas-gifted stars Jimmy Dunn, Mike O'Shea and Bill Bishop with brand new convertibles. Piper Laurie amazed us with a line performance for R. Montgom- •r climaxed with a perfectly lovely Jit of hysteria, dream of aiJ: lady hamlettcs ... ' Lee Bowman is a consistently deft and solid actor . . . And her late beloved pop Homer Fickett <Theater Guild's fine radio diree-| lor) would have been very proud i •f his Mary R calm, expert mum-; mer.x. • * » ThoHKh the ratings keep fHllinR.| "Thff Honeymooners" has .11,000.000 already invested in future filmed 9how.<! and can't switch bark to "live" shows. Perry Como moved past his entire Sat. night competition 27.1 to ao .i ... The lengthening credits at the finish of TV shows are getting ridiculously out of hand. At this rate we'll soon learn who ushered and svrept the stage ... Pliil Silvers' finest flattery is the addition tonight of Martin k Lewis to Uncle Millie's NBC-TV frffcas. All of Berle's old notions to go classy and satirical and do "story lines''4n.«tead of his old dependable old revues have been tossed aside. The NBC bra intrust decided addition of "names " will make rating sews. THE THREE WISHES A Chriftmai Story BY WALT SCOTT Backstairs At White House Junm Lockhari. wh« made her •creen debut in MGMs "A Christ- m; s Carol" in 1937 with her mpm and vop (Gene Loekharti playii'.R Bob and Mrs. Cratchitt, may be tiewef m that not too \pncrdb!e cell., oid Wednesday ni'iht via ABC-rV'h "MGM Parado. ' The chow, or chowchow. doj»s of China have woolly blue or; black tongues mti Itpsr-bcing the only dogs .so marked. District Petroleum Products, Inc. INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS 1132 Milan Rd. Ph. 347 By MERRIMAN SMITH United Press White House Writftr « >K * GETTYSBURG. PA., Dec. 20— Backstairs at the Gettysburg White House: It seems wise to some of the people around Mr. I^isenhower, Irritating to others, that newsmen continue to report the Chief Executive's changeable physical appearance during his convalescence. Actually, this practice is a good indicator of how Mr. Eisenhower is feeling, not only physically, but emotionally, too. When he shows up for work at his postoffice quarters here looking glum and paying no attention to the people who wave to him, chances are that he is faced will) a pressing problem or just plain feels tired. • • • And at this stage of his r«eu- peration, when he is tired it Is a matter of national and even worldwide importance. * * • Mr. Elsenhower can look drawn and almost unhappy one day, and the next morning be a smiling picture of radiant good cheer and mending health. « « If The Republican leaders who saw him last Monday said the Pre.sident was looking fine and they were not spreading political propaganda. His color was excellent ^nd his facial expression indicated a sense ol relaxation, although he put in one of his hardest work schedules that day. Ma.j. Gen. Howard McC. Snyder, the President's physician, checks his patient's blood pres-j sure and pulse three times a day,. When House GOP Leader Jo­ seph W. Martin, Jr., came out of the White House the other morning, he was asMed whether there was any disagreement on proposals for 195g discussed./among the Republican legislative leaders. The story last week that Mr. Eisinhower called Gov. Averell Harriman of New Vork at "Park Avenue Truman" doesn't sound i typical of the President. He's not a quipster. Best guess locally is that some- cne in the cabinet or among the Republican congressional leadership threw this quote at Mr. Ki- lodfc ttiflgatine trils ah interesting sti:^ aUouf me President's lUtiess. Kiicbcl Says the first medication th« , Ptfesident received aft^r his heart attack in Denver was a batch of milk of magnesia administered hy Mrs. Elssnhowisr. She thddght the President was suffcr- ling from indigestion. . . „. KI- .senhower, and that he laughed and "Why. you know we '^^P"'*''" cans nevtr quarrel," he said. l"* ' ... Sen, William F. Knowland, the! fhtf Kisenhower farm, for all of California Rspublican who fre-'jvji electric eye securiiy. can t luk quently doesn't agree with the one problem of intruders, administration, specially on for-| Every night recentl.v the farm cign policy, looked stralghtij,^,^ jjad „ number of uninvited, j ahead at the photographers and unwanted guests—marauding | said nothing. red foxes and raccoons. •* * • The foxes and raccons slip in> For the tlsiting j ^rMMent ©f from bordering WO<K 1. S nnclci- co\er Uruguay this week, Mrs. Elsen-of tiarkncss and try to nah the; L.ITT1.C 1.IX hower was decked out In a festive, Christmssy red taf{«ta dress. • * • For reasons vnannounetd. a commercial styls telephone booth has been installed just outside the cabinet room in the White House. Probably so VIP's can quaill and pheasant that nestle in the hedgerows around the f.'nin. This is inhibiting for the President. He could go out witli his shotgun nd have a turn at the foxes; and raccoons except for one facl .I They hole up during the da.\ time in the nearby woods, and the woods are part of a national park where A spoce driver is a fellow who goes 'round and 'round the block looking for o parking spoce. slip Out of meetings and makeshooting is forbidden, calls without disturbing confer -1 Fletcher Knebel in the current ences in progress. B .MORROW .Dc HIROPRACTO 52 3 JACK:.ON r W«'re Closed All Day Christmas and Christmas Monday Food Center S 3 2 P U LTON ST. Read And Use The Classified Pages- The White Haute staff was TisiblT irrlated by a pabllshetf repert that President Eisenhower might dellrer his State of the Union message t« Congress by radio. Such a maneuver would denote inability to appear in person. And more to the point, it would be next to impossible to hold a radio audience for 45 minutes or an hour in the middle of the day and with the President not in view. Unless there is a radical change in plans, Mr. Eisenhower will send a lengthy, written message to the House and Senate to be relayed to the members by reading'clcrks. There is ample precedent for this "system. Until relatively modern times, most presidents used it. SVIVANIATV C31UEJS THE BIGGEST 24 LOOK iM "HELEI/ISIONJ SnVANIATV ^><pa^^ds tUe. picture' S*« TV's biggest, brightest new looi<l New 24" Sylvonio® TV with HaloLighf *i -the trome of soft surround liglilmg that makes the picture loolc bigger--and mokes TV •oiiesf on your eyes. And you'll lee OS much a% 7 times more picture contrast with Sylvama's exclusive "Silver Screen 85." Come ii soon - tec the biffgett new look in TV! 199 .95 ?4 inch 'Co noi 30°>, moft tnoloL.gbt Mo- Wogany groined finish;^Btooo* Korina stighliy •>.rro hoioLigiMond 'SilverScrttn 85." Mohogony 9 (air>*<i On- ish. Blonde, legs extro r I I «'*^ UcW- SnVANIA'S BIG TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES EASY TERMS ALL SETS BACKED BY GUARANTEED SERVICE SALES & SERVICE BILL SCHAEFER'S TV 1 ^921 Columbus Ave. "~OPEN T T LL 9:00 TILL CHRISTMAS — SATURDAY TILL 6;00 HOLIDAY TIME Canada Dry timel This is the time when people, conversation and drinks sparkle. Particularly drinks. Take a bright, lively Scotch and soda... the kind Canada Dry Club Soda makes. Or a deliciously dry, light rye or bourbon highball... mixed, of course, with Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Or a brisk, bitter-sweet gin-and-tonic, made with Canada Dry Quinine Water. The point is, Canada Dry makes a mixer for every kind of drink... and Canada Dr\' makes all drinks taste better. THE FLAVOR YOU LIKE ..THE NAME YOU KNOW fCANAD A MIXifl FOR CVKMV TASTi

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