The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 6, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 5
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(SoTM offd-b Given Sentences^ ,AMA. Feb. fl-«TM-A THE DAILY REGISTER, HARKISBURG, ILL.. FRIDAY. KKlJKUARY 0, 1048 PAGB I nates, w«.s given an eiglil-ycm* sen- 'U'lice for criine which included 'cramming potatoes into the mouths iol Americans and beating them willi l i l l e bull. ! O.sao liilsu was .sentenced to one year ami Yukio Okuhuchi to 20 Ncbuo Ikadazu was ac- were guards at ol his RED RYDER Just Trigger Quick H iii'Jti"»J A"' '. camp near Osaka, " 1 - I" 1 . \ f.ftl' · 1 ' 11 ' 1 i m o n ,,,;. m ilil.»y tommisbu li" tu1 ' II CoriH ""' yl l w o for fail»'« OK «r orison predicts Cave-Dwelling BOSTON-- U.K) --A Boston architect .says an atomic \yar would IIIPSI- oion:i:il before turn the United States into a na' was ac- tion of cave dwellers. Chester . Lindsay Churchill told a group of fnrme'f Warrant students of architecture that un- w-is sent to less peace is preserved, "we may i hard labor as well start digging better and rim r "is men. bigger caves "to -solve our housing of the Mibordi- shortage." l WHILE R£t TALKS to -DOM^ LlttlE e£A\£f? 15 It* THE ROOIA A.DONJE MENT n 5 The C'. HarrWmrjf Cliff Grindle Studio:- in Curbondale and to operate under the wj!!^ continue of Vlrs. Grindle, assisted by the very efficiently trainj^help of the late C. Cliff Grindle. The standards'of Duality work and courteous treat- m cnt will be maintained by both studios. We in- u t e o u to visit us. Mrs. C. Cliff Grindle /f Red On/y Kncv/ UGH-' ROPSS tic3HT,^U OOSE -2£ (50" WAY- By Fred Harmon | Recommend Only .^x -^'240 School Districts So. iliinois Area CAKBONDALK. 111.. Feb. (5.- (U.R)-- School .survey groups have recommended a reduction in the number of school districts in the 2U southern-most Illinois counties fi m the j)rc.scnt 2,552 to only 240 dibtricts, it was announced today. Dr. Howard A. Boslcy, advisory chairman of the School ation commlttcv nt Southern IU1* * nois University, said the surveys* were made by person* not affillnM cd with the schools and therefore* show "the hope of John Q. Citizen* that we may develop better schools * for southern Illinois children." * The compiled report Included^ recommendations for single county^ school units in Franklin, Saline,;) Lawrence. Pulaski. Hardin, Ed-^ wards. Randolph, Massac. GaUatiru and Union counties. jf Radio-Active iodine o Success Against Cancer icrv Numerous Shortly By PAUL F. ELLIS United Press Science Writer Copyright 1948, By United Press NEW YORK, Feb. 6--U.R)_The success of radio-active iodine in the treatment of one type of thy- jroid cancer is told in the case history of a 53-year-old man. That patient today is able to drive his own automobile and do active iodine in 1944 and they found that the distant tumors col- could not be started because of a lack of adequate amounts of radio-active iodine. Considered a Dying Man Meanwhile the patient was losing strength and by September Washington Column Peler Edson iodine he wouW have been He The disease in this patient was first diagnosed in 1939. The condition was confirmed by examination ·v tumor in the thy' in 1941. Half was considered a about that time iodine began arrivin uranium ovens of Tenn. radio-active g from the Oak Call Meeting by Legion and VFW A call meeting of all members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion will be held at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday in the i city hall auditorium, Chester i Thornberry announced today. j Thornberry said that members of both organizations throughout ' the county were urged to attend. Admittance will be by membership card, he added . NBA-Register Correspondent were found whatever measures necessary. What happened then was that the Swedish Communist paper NY A. DAG (New Day) picked up this w,-^«o ' WASHINGTON -- (NEA) -- -- --^ ,^"~", r~-' l ""\".. ",' ' " Rldge i Russian ex-newspaperman named , remark and interpreted^ it by ssy- I Jacob Quite* Now you can serve margarine in appetizing squares with this inexpensive plastic mold. MARGI-MOID squares a fu'l pound of ·margarine. MARGI-MOID serves as a storage dish in refrigerator or ice box. MARGI-MOID is easy to wash. Ask Your Grocer Today . o o m a k i n - n o w in New ' ing that the atomic bomb was "the A Memorial scientist in report- | York as dele g a te to the United measure found necessary.' 1 MIX A8D PLAGE IK MOLD 2 PRESS OUT CUBES 3 READY TO SEWE AS HEEDED -Cancer Growths afterward th patient , ing on this case said: "it was obvious that treatment would bo promptl the p-Uert might Nations Subcommission on Free unless dom of Information-is currently ei- ' kicking up quite a fuss over what Sc ^ particularly bv sex stories, like h ?^ arilia murder case in -makin also s The p a t s coSdi-'Soo per second. Seven days later speech, freedom .of the press and n Sfadiiv grew wo?sc ( H e was he- was given a dose of 121 milli- freedom of artistic expression The given f some ?Se£ by occasional , curies in water. Such an extreme- last sentence of his resolution V treatment 'iv large dose was emitting radia- reads: i Mpmorial scientists were ! t"ion from the disintegration i of 4,- ;- ,, It shall be intolerable that det a l ittlc "Si ^hl radfo 477,000,000 atoms per second, this {reedo m of information be L^Hyy5LS~=; Suffered Complications used to permit propaganda for! ^--------~ . { . ., { t t heavv -^ oses fascism and aggression, or to dis- of ^adfo-active fodine, the p^cnt seminate. false reports dahonest suffered severe - almost £al- , information, or · r e p o r t s i likelj to comnlications,.-but--thc crisi^xvas fincitc,, unfriendly, iclations .be- overcome by prompt work of ; the ,iween nations. Memorial thyroid team. One of | This sounds pretty good, until the complications is known tech-, you hold it up against some ot nically as thyrotoxicosis, which, re- , the stuff that the Russian press This is he picture of America tcHmg Ac Distributed By NELSON WHOLESALE FOODS, 330 Ford, Harrisburg, Phone 830-R NEW CAMERA ROOM 18 S. Mill St. Mommy and Daddy are certainly proud of My Newest Pictures. They say I'm growing awful fast" and they wanted you to see how very nice J. R. aiki- CALF really makes baby pictures in his New Camera Room. I hardly knew I was being photosra'phed by the New Safe and Sclent Speed Litcs. Be Sure and Phone 1280 For Your Personali/cd Camera Service. Wholesale and Retail Home Killed Meats Fresh Fruits Vegetables 213 N. Mcsn St, suits "from an excess amount of thyroid hormone in the body. and radio have been putting out. Then you get the feel of what U. S. life" is really like, according to It's Vabsif ine's Day All Over the World Y o« will find a suitable gift at Skaggs Pharmacy VALENTINE HEART BEATS Lucicn Leiong One of the reactions was uni- 0 , il n, ^ »^«..j , que. It gave the patient an enorm-1 the Russian funny papers, ous appetite. He clamored for | £ Ver s j nc e the Marshall Plan food virtually around the clock. j was con ccived, Russian propagan- It was not uncommon for the pa- da ^ as Decn going all out against tient at the middle of the night, it E Very day, Radio Moscow picks to call for food. There were i n - i " Jon g articles from the Russian stances around midnight when he press an d re-broadcasts them, ate three whole pies and drank, ' jn %Vas hington these j several glasses of orange juice. roadcasts arc monitored and j However, .there was consider-, tDra ° nslated , and this daily report i able regression of the cancers. fe h iest reac u n g in town. Treatment to prevent recurrence sjnce De f cn se Secretary .of complications was given over a y Forrcsta l. GOP foreign i period of 76 days. Then another^ 3 TM* *· errt John Foster Du n cs j large dose of radio-active iodine i d * Bei : nlard B aruch testified on 'was administered. Tins time laerc -»" h n Plan . Moscow has i was no unfavorable reaction b u t , « - , - f . w d It bcgan wit h a i there was further improvement. |jong article in Pravda by Zhu- I Discharged to Home kov^-Russia's leading commenta- I A Memorial report on this case tor. though no relation to the genjsays: ieral. This Zhukov covered the · ""The patient has now been dis-,san Francisco UX charter con- charged to his home, having gain-' fcrence in 1945, so he thinKs-. ne ed about 55 pounds of weight and knows all about the U . S . being free from pain, except for j According to him. Secretary occasional twinges in the left leg." | Forrestal has announced bluntly This man now is able to drive ' that in exchange for rcconsiruc- an automobile and do O'ld jobs'tion aid. "the western European about the house. He still must use 'countries arc to grant the united crutches, however, because the, Slates military' bases. Also, inai large tumor in his risht pelvic' "the task of unifying the military area had almost obliterated all I forces of the 16 countries would normal structures. His improve- be handed over to the u. b. ue- ment has been described as: partmcnt of Defense." "Of a high order of magnitude." The Pravda piece then goes on This patient is an outstanding to paint the picture of Britisn, case at Memorial where radio-act- French. Italian. Belgian and Other ivc iodine really has proved itself 'soldiers marching at the command to be a kcv unlocking one of the ' o f U. S. officers armed with U- . doors to the whole cancer prob- lommv guns and singing Inc xan- 1cm. - ikec Doodle, with U. S governors -- in command all over Ihc place. , Ex-Governor Griswold of Nebraska, supervising the Greek rc- coverv program, is presented as bavin's "replaced Ministers at his own discretion." U is reported that "he rules this unfortunate country like a colonial official en"in his job in some sort ol a The best lines of perfume and toiletries U U C I E N U E L O N G \ , r r 'A Lucien Leiong Lipstick learned with a lucitc applicator that flawlessly outlines your lips .. . instantly perfects their beauty. In Eight Fashioned Keyed Lipstick Colors $2 plus tax \ Lcadina brands of candies in heart shaped boxes L P. SKAGGS The leading Druggist We Wrap Packages For Mailing Nomination Means Legislature for 51st District Candidates p u "crto Rico." Britain. Sweden, the Danes and SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Fen 6.-O! -- Seventy-eight candidates for state representative will be .insured scats :n the 66th General .Wombly . , ; after nomination in the April pri- the Dutch. Pra\da finds, are dis- i mary election, a survey of jrnalor- covering tliat. "while dispatching 'ial dbtricl committee nomnatins to Europe stale cigarels. n ' So " ' resolutions showed today. ; stockings and similar g 00 ^ 5 °.» i Committees in 26 spnalom! dis- far-frorh-first necessity, the Amen- .tricts filed resolutions v r t h the car is ask for the right to intcrlcrc Secretary of Stale's office calling , n the domestic affairs of western for the nomination of onl; two Europe. 'Sovereignty is to oc cx- candidatcs irom one parly a-(3 one changed against an omelet-- made from «hc other in the primary, .from dried cccs.' as recently re- Since only three arc to br ^cctcd Barked the British Evening bianfl- from each district in November, 'ard." . . candidates nominated in tho^e dis- 1 But this seems to he the ' 'cai 1 tricls will automatically be cc5cd. c f it. According to Pravda. inc U. i Of the districts w3ierc r.omina- S. is threatening to use the atomic tion will be tantamount to cd;on. bomb, if Europe docsnt accept 'cipht will nominate two Demo- Marshall Plan aid. Proof is o,- crals and one Republican. r".d 18 fcrcd by reference to a : spcccn ! will r.ominaic two Rcputhc.i - and made before Ihc Swedish Chamber 'one Democrat. ,of Commerce by Freeman Mat' General election content - v.crc thews, new U. S. ambassador to 'scheduled in 25 of the 51 -^na- Stockholm. Itorial districts, where morr than Reports on the speech as re- three candidates will be nomi.^tcd. ceivcd in Washington snow _ mat i Districts where nomination v.ill Matthews never even rnf-ntioncd i be tantamount to electior. are the the atomic bomb. \N hat nc did 2nd 3rd. 4th. 6th, 7ih. 8th. 9»n. say was that the European recov- 12lh, 14th, I5lh, 16th, 17th. 13th. cry program was vital to tnc U. l. 19th. 20th, 21st, 26lh, 32nd. S5lh,; because, when Europe is threaten- 37th. 39th, 41st, 43rd. 44th. 45th. jod. Jhe U. S. has found that it, and 5i $ t jtoo was threatened and must take I 1. *· Ji J 1" r '4" C ·ft I

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