The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1968 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1968
Page 16
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l~AI0»fte (la.) Upptr toft Molnti Thursday, March 7, 1968 'iiiiiniiifiiiimiiiffliiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirniiiinniiniH ..fcy fve/yn Feb. 28 - We have had so little snow it hasn't seemed like winter, but today it seems typically Iowa as snow is coming down in greater quantities. Pve heard it will be welcomed by the farmers, who say the moisture is needed. Then come on snow! I wasn't planning on going anywhere. - o I had a nice chat with Mrs. Scott Monroe the other day. She has lived in Houston, Tex. and Moline, m. and since I am familiar with both places, it was fun talking about things of inte rest. - o I was so glad to see Theresa Ostwinkle when she called on me and her father-in-law, Charley, a resident here for some time. Theresa has had a spell of sickness but is making good recovery. She is such an ambitious person I cautioned her to not over-do. She is a perfectionist housekeeper, a wonderful cook and enjoys both, but I kept saying, "Be a good girl and be a bit lazy for awhile, for your own welfare." - o The older Algonans will well remember the Donohoo family, which consisted of John, Bayard, Darrold and Juanita, children of Mrs. Donohoo, and all made their home with Mrs. Donohoo's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dingley, Sr. John was with the forestry department, is now retired and lives in Hawaii. A daughter also lives there. Bayard lives in Memphis, Tenn., is a retired paint dealer, is a widower, and a son lives not far from him. Juanita was an artist and her main work was painting sceneries for theatres. She and Darrold live in Glendale, Calif. Mrs. Donohoo has been deceased for some time. All of this leads up to Lawrence Gillespie having Send $1 today for our ALL NEW DESIGN COLLECTION 46 ALL NEW MODELS ALL NEW FLOOR PLANS ALL NEW STYLES ALL NEW INTERIORS NORTH STAR This is without question the most beautiful and the most magnificent home planning catalog of any company in the country. For your copy of this all- color book of hundreds of home building ideas — send $1 to U.S. HOMES, 5390 2nd Ave., Des Moines, la., or call your local Home Consultant: RONALD TAYLOR 1001 N. Minn. Algona, la. Phone 295-2217 (5-55EOW) ONE EASY STEP $2000 LIFE POLICY FOR UP TO 22 YEARS FOR ONLY $120 The "F-35 Fortune-Builder" Plan helps make dreams a reality. One $120 premium payment for each child or grandchild (ages 0-15) will start an Insurance program which will guarantee them the opportunity to build a fortune. FOR DETAILS-SEE US MIKE SMITH Office Phone 295-3351 Horn* Phpne 295-7093 Pit MQIMIt. IOW* Illlill! li I Hi I (III I l O m l* * H V iiiM told me he had a phone call from "Bay" not long ago -just chitchat about the town and old times and enjoyed very much by each man. Of the family, I knew John best and remember a picnic he and Henry Willey invited Mary Benjamin and I to attend with them. Then we went to the old, old Call theatre for rehearsals for a home talent play. - o When I first came here, Herbert Lindquist was manager of the home and his office was in the room east of mine which we call the TV room and which is a reception room. So many times his office was by-passed and my room was thought to be the office and I taken for his secretary. He moved his office to the extreme west end of the hall, then new rules were made for fire escapes and his office was added to a bedroom, the north half had an exit put in, and the office was then made on the enclosed porch. He said, "You'll not steal my thunder now." But he didn't know people. In spite of a sign on a door leading from a portion of the front porch and an arrow pointing to "office" on the door leading into the main hall, both are frequently ignored. The other day a couple came in, asked where the office was and I told them. I heard the woman say, "She must be his private secretary." I feel all puffed up at looking so efficient behind my desk and typewriter when I'm just an ordinary reporter 1 - o Everything is kept ship-shape around here and yesterday was the time to remove wax, then on will go a fresh coat. The smell of yesterday's concoction was not exactly Chanel No. 5 and for awhile made me a little wheezy. I am what shall we call it allergic to certain odors. Cigarettes and cigars for instance, fumes of a car, grease burning and a certain cosmetic I won't mention. - o Debbie, daughter of Carl and Helen Hansen, came in to show me how she looked in her new dress, chosen all by herself to attend the recent school party. She looked real sweet and had done a very good job of selection. Helen is an aide here and a very efficient one. - o- You have heard of the "pig in the parlor" but I'll bet you never heard of a bath tub in the reception room! Well, that state exists here. And there the huge thing will have to be until plumbers can get ready to install it in the larger of the two bathrooms on this floor. With a few pillows in it, it would make a good place for a nap. - o- Mr. and Mrs. Merlon Baker and Helen Hansen went to Lu- Verne one day last week to see Bill Hedrick, father of Marge Baker. It was his birthday and they took cake and ice cream to celebrate with him. He was a resident here several months ago, convalescing from a stroke. He was determined to walk again and his persistence has paid off. He walks up town, takes a cane along, and it is wonderful what good recovery he has made. - o Joan Hovey was proudly and happily strutting around here one day last week showing us the corsage her husband David's mother, Mrs. L. E. Hovey, had given her on her wedding anniversary. It was very thoughtful and kind of Mrs. Hovey. It was the first anniversary and the couple had so few months together before he' was sent to Vietnam. He will be back in the states ere long and will probably have a month's leave, then will be sent to Georgia and Joan can be with him. We hate to lose her as an aide, for she is such an excellent one, but we are happy she can be with her husband. She likes Algona and has been happy here with Mrs. Hovey, who has enjoyed her, too. - o Speaking of wedding anniversaries, I mislaid the ones for the last week of February but I have March 6, the Chalmer Reads, 8, Dr. J. G. Clapsaddles, and 9, the Everett Andersons. Cupid must have been on vacation the following week for only one couple is listed, Mr. and Mrs. George Keleher, - o Feb. 39 - The "pig" is out of the reception room now, the old bath tub sits in the hall and when Thelma Tschetter came on her books errand she said, "Now you can bathe in the hall." When I moved in here, I saw a small cupboard-like place near the fireplace and knowing wood was burned years ago, thought it was probably a place to store extra wood. It turned out not so interesting. It is merely an opening into the bathroom on the other side of my room and the "cupboard" is a place to get at the plumbing should anything go wrong. I was thinking on the lines of the olden days when young couples "bundled" in bed-fully- clothed, of course, and a board at least a foot high between them, and when the temperature got too cold, the couples did their wooing in acceptable manner with blankets to keep warm. I saw a cute movie once - don't remember the name of it, and the heroine, wanting to be sure she was made love to, purposely saw to it that the fuel supply was low. Oh, it was decorously pictured, this "bundling" and was much safer than couples keeping warm with the car motor running. Oh, old times had its points I - o- I had an interesting magazine sent to me today by a friend who has a friend who has a shop in Los Angeles called "The Collector." The magazine is called "Coinage" and there were two interesting items by the owner of the shop, plus contributions from others. I phoned Lewis Ferguson who is interested in numismatics and I think he will find it enlightening and of considerable interest. I had never realized the extent of coins minted and their history. There is constant danger of thievery and this dealer had two such experiences. I am under the impression he has installed safety devices. - o - I'm all ready for the first report on seeing a robin. Who will it be? Algona Bridal Couple Pictured above are Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kinsman who were married Feb. 16 at St. Cecelia's Catholic church, and whose wedding story appeared in the Feb. 27 issue of this newspaper. The bride is the former Virginia Ann Evers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Evers. The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kinsman, all of Algona. Gregory is awaiting a call to report for duty in the Navy. (Glenn's Studio Photo) County Self Help Hog Program Getting Support The ambitious new' 'self-help" program of the nation's hog farmer is finding broad support in Kossuth county, where County Pork President Dick Kuecker reports that hog buyers and producers are supporting the "Nickels for Profits" checkoff. Of the 18 hog-buying points in the county, all started making the five-cent deduction in January, first month of the project. Kuecker explained that the goal of the program is to enroll the help of every hog buying point, and to obtain the uniform support of every producer in the completely voluntary program. County swine leaders have held informational meetings with producers and have discussed the program with hog buyers to seek maximum participation. The County Pork Producer group has also established a goal of 125 individual members for 1968, with the membership representing a minimum of 25% of the hogs produced in Kossuth. Although the membership year is only a month old, the county producer association already lists 105 members. Officers and volunteer leaders expect to complete their membership drive by March 1. Because major sections of the National Pork Producer Council programs will be financed by funds from the market deductions on hogs, the local membership dues have been set at $2 per producer. Because county hog men have planned to undertake a substantially larger local program designed to improve the quality of hogs, to reduce the threat of disease and to increase production efficiency, the State Pork Association has pledged to "match" local membership funds on a basis of a $2 grant for each member enrolled in the county. Research, promotion, merchandising and other projects designed to restore profits to the hog business will be conducted by state and national councils, with several major projects to be launched within the next 90 days. -500. C. (Dee) Boeck of Denison recently celebrated 50 years in the automotive business. Farm Grazing Groups Are Being Formed Farmers and cattlemen are acquiring needed land resources by forming grazing associations and obtaining financial assistance from the Farmers Home Administration, the agency's Kossuth county supervisor, Kenneth D. Crandall, said this week. A grazing association is composed of a group of family farmers and ranchers who join together to acquire and develop land to provide seasonal grazing for livestock belonging to its members. The nonprofit association is owned, operated and managed by its members. Small farmers can increase their incomes, make better use of land and water resources and develop larger equity in land through use of a grazing association. Other advantages of an association include providing opportunities to improve livestock quality, gain bargaining power in the marketplace, build more stable operations and strengthen the rural community. Eligible to form associations are neighboring farmers and ranchers who operate family size units. Financial and technical assistance is provided by the Farmers Home Administration. Additional aid is often provided by the Department of Agriculture's Soil Conservation Service and Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service. Loans are available to qualified borrowers for periods up to 40 years at an interest rate of 5 per cent. Information and applications may be obtained from the Kossuth County Farmers Home Administration office at the USDA Building, 1306 N. Main in Algona between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. KOSSUTH. COUNTY'S FAVORITE NEWSPAPERI! Lake Site Near Here Will Be Developed The Kossuth County Conservation board is drawing over-all development plans for the site of the man-made lake north of Algona on highway 169 and for other projects. • The plans for the lake site include facilities for cooking, a shelter house with a supply of well water, further development of swimming facilities and possibly a camping area. According to Al Buchanan, Algona, secretary of the Kossuth board, they hope to get the major part of the work on the 120-acre lake site completed this summer. The county conservation board has taken options on 20 more acres of land on what is known at the Michaelson marsh three miles northwest of Titonka. Last year they bought 20 acres in this same area. They want to develop this land into a duck marsh with wildlife plantings for nesting sites and winter protection for upland game and waterfowl. Sign-Up For Grain, Wheat Programs On Farmers in Kossuth county were reminded today that signup is now under way for participants in the 1968 feed grain and wheat programs. All commodity program signups are being held at the ASCS county office during the same period, Feb. 5 through March 15. Richard I. Anderson, chairman, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation county committee, urges that farmers who wish to take part in the programs file their applications early. The applications Indicate the farmer's program intentions, including the extent of his participation. The later the filing, the more likely the office is to be crowded with a resultant delay in the whole process. Under the feed grain program for 1968, farmers may earn diversion and price-support payments as well as qualify for price-support loans on their -crop. The wheat program provides price-support loans and marketing certificates which bring returns up to full parity for the part of the wheat crop allocated for domestic use- Bancroft JC Plans Annual Auction Sale The Bancroft Jaycees annual community auction will be March 23 near the fire station. A complete line of farm machinery has been consigned and small articles and tools will be sold. Buyers from Wisconsin and Minnesota will be at the sale, Jaycees report. The Jaycees are still working on their street sign project and expect to complete it in the spring. Algona Cadet Serving On R.O.T.C Staff DES MOINES, IA. - Clayton Charles Mowers, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Mowers, is serving as Group Inspections Officer on the group staff of the Air Force ROTC cadet corps at Drake University. The Drake senior is a cadet major in the advanced cadet corps. The group staff is responsible for the operation of the cadet group of the cadet corps during the fall semester. In his position, Cadet Major Mowers is responsible for establishing, supervising and conducting a cadet guidance program. Upon successful completion of the Air Force ROTC program at Drake, the cadet will receive a commission as a second lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force. VALENTINES Mrs. Jo Schuler of Buffalo Center has been saving valentines sent to her since 1923 and her collection is both interesting and beautiful. The majority of the valentines are three dimensional and brilliant in color. KOSSUTH COUNTY'S FAVORITE NEWSPAPER! FOR PLUMBING HEATING COOLING INSTALLATION - REPAIR OR REMODELNG WE'RE AT YOUR SERVICE Phone 295-2104 LAING Plumbing*Heatinq*Coolln9 12 No. Dodge, AlgOrto Cooking Demonstration - all day Friday, March 8 - Everyone invited — get big tips on cooking ! ^F^^r^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^F^^^t^^^^^^^^J^^^^^^^^^^^^J^^^^F^^^^^ ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT ON THE BIG MONARCH APPLIANCE SALE! Ends Saturday, March 9. Free gifts with every major Monarch appliance purchased. Famous Monarch ranges/ refrigerators, freezers and refrigerator-freezers. A Monarch factory representative will be in the store all day Friday. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL OFFER. BEED HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE Phone 928-2127 Titonka, Iowa OHTHO. CHEVRON DESIGN-REGISTERED TRADEMARKS Helps get corn popping ORTHO Starter Special Fertilizer can have things popping around your place not long after planting time. Band it to the side of the seed row, or apply it with a drill as a pop-up application. Either way, it gives planted corn a big growth push when it needs one. Early. It's strong on the elements that produce fast action. But that's not all. ORTHO Starter Special is a uniform chemical combination of plant nutrients, including nitrogen and potash. Each pellet is packed with plant food, each pellet is a chemical replica of the next, for uniform nourishment wherever Starter Special's applied. Right away, these elements get busy, working to give your corn a healthy start in life. Young seedlings grow roots that are strong and sturdy. Vigorous shoots start popping up. Corn stands better. Yields are bigger. At harvest, you'll still be reaping the benefits. If you've planted early, the corn will have matured earlier, so you can harvest it earlier with less risk of damage from frost. Get your corn off to a strong, sure start with ORTHO Starter Special Fertilizer. You'll be far ahead at the finish. ORTHO CHEVRON CHEMICAL COMPANY ORTHO DIVISION Ortho Way, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627' Part of the great group of Chevron companies ORTHO Starter Special

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