The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 5, 1956 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1956
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE "4 tfip SaMloutit 'frim Ai Public Meef CHANNELVIEW CITIZENS AIR VIEWS OH NEW HIGH SCHOOL posed By HAROLD MTL1.F.X Sun Si:iff Writt-r Hr-rc nro :!)<• quc'sliims arid siate- nrnts rnH-ii": by Ifi persons at'end- ir.p Turp-'by 7:ipht's public meet- i ;'.;;• 1;; ChsniicJviow. called by the f-shwl nonr,;! to discuss 'ho pro- con.fij'uo'.iori of .". high school. qiio'.Ca ard questions are in the order in which citizens wen; io thi- microphone : F. ,T. I'ATF.IXA— Stated he thoush; a hi.Kh school for 300 ."iu- dc.-its \vou!d bo too small an,: ;; would bo foolish io busl<5 su^h n sc'hool. (School Supt. H. C. Schochirr n;'5-.verc-d that the architect had irn'.Kated the proposed fiudLJorium n:i<i cafeteria ~.vcv,;',.". be ftdcov.atc for ."00 lo £00 SiUiio.ViS. The- to ciSssi'OQ.TiS would, with the •uso of tinf'CO-upied roo~s in iho junior allow home rooms 'or Ji'.Xi to 6->> students, he sni.-i.' 1 MRS. \v. F. \\ 'AI,LAC:B— Said she had br-cn told that the pro- j-'C.sed rooms wo-jld hold only 00 students f-K'h. and she also questioned advisabilitv of j\:;!'"ii:is; classrooms ;or j;:st 3i>j students. ; Scho- chler Tf-itpratt-d his previous ex- pi8r.:»tJ--r. of the i:se of additional rooms in the junior hijrh. snd pointed cu:i that roc*:"? ia the junior hich now osmppv-i! tor sci- cr.c?. cookir.p. and shopwork could t-asi'y be usrvi by high school s'-.j- rc>o?r: = could be t:sod a= hon:croc"is if the need arose. > MUs. }{. T. SEEMS — Asked clarificatior; o' a telephone paJgrn conducted Tuesday in Chan- rselvje-.v in which the caller warned that defeat of the bond issue would result in Ch?.r.nelview students being sen: to the AVheatley sc!r;o! for rs'efrro children in Houston. ! .'Immediately she was challenged from the floor by several people daman cine she reveal the name of the person, who had telephoned. Sirs. Sierns said she- understood it was a "Mrs. "".Vilson." Sohochlor taid the whole thing- was .-•:•••'.•= to him. but that it was possible for the county board to send Channel view students to any school in Karris Countv.) JOE GILBERT— Ashed time required to buili a high school in. Channelview. He was told school would be ready a year after contract: *or construction is let. MRS. JOlCvNT BEVERLY— Said" she was speaking :n -reply to ~>Irs. Sierra' quetsion about "vVheat- 3ey school in Houston. Mrs. Beverly said she was one of a group making telephone cailg in support oi the bond issue, but said to her knowledge no mention of Wheatley school was being made by her group. She said she had said in. phone conversations that Chan- r.elviev.' students might be transferred to Houston A. R. THOMPSCX— Said these points should be considered: "Is this school board worthy of making a decision? Kas the elementary school been repaired 1 ? Is the ca/etc-ria mess straightened out'.' Is the tax assessor doing a good job? Would there be a fair count when the school board tabulates the election returns?" Ke- implied negative answers to these questions, and concluded by saying "L*:t your conscience be- your guide in. answering these cues- tionf before you vote." An unidentified man saM "'A'e sliould S'H.jJii.'; business about the pnssibln transfer of CViannelview students to other schools straightened' out before we decide on a high school here." He said he felt insufficient information had been presented about possible transfers. iSehoch'.er replied by citing a letter from the state education office saying that if Channelview didn't provide for its own st\:-::er,ts. the county school board would have the full authority to send Chanr.elview students to whatever school the county board deemed" best able to accommodate them.) L. E. SHEUAM-.Asked if a fee for sale of bonds had been established. Also asked if it was true that the school attorney got 15 per cent of delinquent tax coUec- tior.s— even if late payments were made voluntarily. (Pohochlcr replied fee of about one half of one per cent would be set after the bond election. Also said it was true that attorney got 15 per cent of delinquent collections even thouirh attorney hadn't beer, re- spor,?ible for the collection.) C. G. UXDSTROM-In a brief bur fieri- speech said 1 that a high school in Charnelview wou'j increase his taxes about J6 per year but "I'd pladiy pay SO a month to l:eep my kids from having to ride that bus to Bavtown twice a dav!" >m>. F. ,T. PATELLA— Said her they would have- qualified teachers and a full rar.srp of extracurricular activiiics at a hisrh school in C^an- r.elview. iScnoehler replied that he will do aii within his power io make the Ohannelview high school "all that the P-TA would desire in scholastic standards.'' He said he was sure that a band, drill team, and athletic teams would afford adequate- opportunities for ail your; esters''. •I. VT. (.H'DGE) OERRALP Charged that architect's plans aren't for a high schcoi—just an anr.o; to the junior hi.^h . s c:too:. Asserted that the 15 per cent increase in taxes wouldn't oven pay the interest On S635.00CI worth of bonds. Called the 15 per cent increase a drop in 'bucket compared to additional revenue required for a high school. "You'll face g. tax 5 rate of Sl.ST after these fellows grt your high school built, and they'll increase your valuations another 300 per cent.'' Said old people on pensions couldn't stand the tax increase. Stated that Channelview students car. continue at REL -bo- cause the county can as-sign them there. Said he's given up asking school board questions because they don't know the answers, and they refer him to Schochler. Asserted Schochler shouldn't have to make financial decisions for the board. ."MTKS. LAMS SMITH—"I admire this school board and never have known them to do anything dishonest. They are some of the finest men I've ever known in Channelview. and I moved here in 1931 . . . have known most of them ever since. The same vision and faith that had brought our growth so far will build this high school, as well as nations." MK.S. niCRBEKT MANLEY — "These board members are conscientious Christian men . . . Scho- i.-iiic-r i= doing: the best lie can with the hc-io we are gi-.1p.g- him. If we lion'! vrivo our ki'.is a proper education in their own school, what, other heritage: can we leave them?" MRS. C. K. BANDY—Asked J. W. t'Judirei Gen-aid what he proposed Char.nehlew should do if not build a h-jrh school. I'Gerralii replied. "I dun': believe in bonds, bonds, and more bc::'.is. I believe we should have n graduate tax, and consolidate with a district that has a higher tax rate." J. O. HEF.VER — "The judge seems to be aarainst the bonds. But I would like to remind him that it was the people of Bavtown who had to s?n bond? to build the Robert E. Lee school that we've been sending our youngsters to. I don't always agree with the editor o£ The Baytown Sun. but I agree with him. that we at Channelview should on our own two feet." TEX SPATES—"The judge said the oid folks shouldn't be taxed for a high school. All I've got to say is my mother and father are both over SO years od. and both believe wo should have a high school . . . and they're going to vote for the bond issue even though it may •aise their taxes. DAILY,CROSSWORD Relieve Bladder irritations- Get Comfortable Again Such R corr-mC'S thir-u ts unwis* ea'Jatr or Crir.ktac: rr.fiy be a. source of rr.ild. t.u; bltddt-r irriui*.i:-r^— rr.itKinc you feei rcy-lles!. tcns-c, unc ur.c:;^.fi.irt£!:l';-. And if ret,*.k'£s mirk'-*, triih na^jrir-K barkachc^ heftdtcbe or Kv.iiculLr t-ciie-v r-nd j>^:nh dun try I.'OHr/p pil^. Duan'fi Filit i;ave tr.rc-e Cv'^tfcijfiinff t'J- v&r.urt.'6— ac". ir. :hr(.'j w-siys 5:;.- your f j.e^dy re'.um 'jo carr;for:.. J— 'j'h'.-y ;ir.v^ t:j cwir.K FOOlhir.K t^fc*. f.-r. LUfider irrj'^.*.!; 1 :^. i— A ittst ijnia-rclin-::;!.- tc'-.-.T. en 'faci:- eam«t hjj.^:-y r'-iii-.' ::::;. jr.'.-.y havi- »T.,-.-yed for ever fri'i yt-i&rf. AVJ; f. ;r r;f, XVi Jft.,-;;.-. ..^--jnociy tax aad tave nio::i-y. Cc: Daiu.'£ I'ills \jjiias 1 i ACROSS : : 1. To dart 6. .Abounding • in rocks 11. Attention- -. * y.. attracting; ; »-" call •;. : 12. Island in ' i. New York • Bay 13. Among , „. 14. Not fastened 15. Italian river 16. Skill 17. Through IS. Mulberry 19. Aspect 21. Sea bird ':; 23. A bryo- '' phytic plant 27. Vapor 28. Subside- t'5. Weirtl <var.) 30. Native of Crete 31. Steep 33. Neuter pronoun 34. Perish 37. Public notices 38. Indefinite . ,j article " ,SB. Urge '": courteously ' 41. P.Oman poet 43. Cost •54. Think 45. Eotloirj of sho<-5 46. i_ fence '- DOWN" 1. Shinto tc-rr.pte 2. Entire 3. A medley •l. Ancient 5. Toward J • 1. Baldy,"! J--.. Mountain • f- (Col.) jij: S. To limp ift'ti (Dial.) i3 " 9. Cattle 'I (poet.) '- ' 10. River <Belg.) 1-i. River (Russ.) 16. Exclamation IS. Projecting » end of "^ a church 19. Beseeches 36. 38. Set of boxej (Chin.) Wicked .-;•' Greedy 1 40. Frozen water 41. Open (poet.) 42. River 4. Exclamation Y//, IT 7-5 8 out of every 10 TSO patients are referred by someone we have examined and fitted with glasses. 21'2 MILLION PATIENTS are your besh GUARANTEE OF COMPLETE SATISFACTION AT TSO! You foo can S ef PRECISION cx.minafion from our experienced opfomc-trfstj . . . PRECISION lenses ground fo your needs . . . PRECISION frame fitting frorrt skilled opHcians af TSO. FINEST QUALITY $20 VALUE SINGLE VISION GLASSES INCLUDING EXAMINATION WEAR WHILE YOU PAY Directed by Or. '*. J. Rcgert. N. J«y Regen, Op(om«<r/'il» See "SherlccK Holme;," Wednesdays, I0-!0:30 P.M., KGUL-TV, Channel I I W. TEXAS DIAL 7008 ER'S .ATE OR. 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