The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 8, 1967 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1967
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

T. Jol of .!. me da ne Pag* A-10 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Friday. September 8. 1967 Bugs Bunny OKAY, CICEKOi ..THAT MAKES GIVE MP A CWOCOLATE ICE CREAM CONE WHILE I SHAKE TEN PENNIES OUT OP MY BANK/ BUGS: WEBE YOU ARE, BUGS, 725V PENNIES'. UC06NIZE THE GUY AT THAT TABLE f I'M $U« HB WA5 A60AKP OUR JWIP1 FORSET HIM'. I'M HAVING MAP FUN! MAP' NBXT NIAGARA FALL* CAM1 OVER- POWERINd! Mutt And Jeft " MOW'S THINGS? SAID ONE FLV T'TH 1 OTHER. "OK BABV is SICK;' SAID THE OTHER, 'HAD TO WALK THE CEILING WITH HIM , ALL NIGHT.'" JEFf; YOU'RE] A REAL KOOK.' / ,-^LJ BETCHA.'WHAT / WOULD VOU LIKE TONIGH VEAL GOTCHATORV OR I SHNITZEL FRITTERS? THANKS?DO YOU KNOW WHAT A KOOK !S? Winthrop YOOG T5A£Ha2. CALLED ME AT THe OFRCE M (MOTES TELUHG ME ABOUT YOJC 60NDUCT. 3 IH7 br NCA, Inc. 7-6 S/c/e G/onces "Junior? Oh, nothing much. Just sitting around outgrowing his clothes!" Fight Antwer to Previous Pulll* ACROSS IBout (coll.) 6 Combat 12 At full speed 13 Obstacle 14 City in France 15 Idolizer 16 Epoch 17 Suffix 19 Philippine Moslem 20 Revolves 24 Asiatic language (ab.) 25 Biblical murderer 27 Masculine appellation 29 Boy's name 31 Land mass from Portugal to Korea 35 Stirring slightly 37 Foot joint 38 Embellish 40 River in Arizona 41 Dress edge 44 Bolder 46 Raw metals 48 Shoshonean Indian 49 Male person 52 Totipalmate bird 55 Whorl 57 Land of the Eddas 58 Misplaces 59 Feminine name 60 Greek holy mountain DOWN 1 Mentally fit 2 Near East prince 3 Tropical tree 4 Cravat 5 Attack 6 Depraved 7 Upper limb 8 Make neat 9 Novices (var.) 10 Empty (dial.) 11 Mistake 13 Scene of The Jackson Twins WELL. IF WE'BE GOING TO KEEP ) ) t - THEY TAKE X'S SOME PEACHY PGWACY ABOUNC? HEi?E ft POSIE FBOM FC6AKING OUT INTO A DEAO FAINT. I ^ --GUESS I'LL HAVE /COLBY ABB1VES TOTELLYDU ..... »T5 A ACROSS THE OCEAN THE GUV LET ME SIGN MY NAME ROB IT.' Alley OOD HEY, OOP! DID YOU KNOW THAT NEANDERTHAL, DOLL YOU BROUGHT/ SHE IN JUST TOOK OFF ( DIP? FOR HOME? military action 18 So (Scot.) 21 Russian lake 22 Australian bird 23 Wheys of milk 25 Taxi 26 Sumerian deity 28 Scope 30 Frees from 32 Encounter 33 Sick 34 Cord made of candlenut tree bark (Hawaii) 36 Negative word 39 Woody fruit 41 Pueblo Indians 42 Build 43 Free-for-all 45 American inventor 47 Threshold 50 Martian (comb, form) 51 Promontory 53 Presidential nickname 54 Literary collection 56 Cooking gadget IACOBY N BRIDGE By OSWALD J A C O B Y Written For NEA S E R V I C E omlrr rr NORTH 4 A Q 1 0 9 8 2 V A K 9 3 · 9 5 3 * Void WEST (O) A K J V 7 6 * A Q J 2 4 - K J 9 7 5 EAST A 5 4 3 ¥ J 8 2 * 107 *Q 1 0 6 4 3 b!e. Skillfully used. most f them giva their users an advantage. Uns'.dllfully used th.y r irj likely to bite back at y ^ u . One "w^n-er bid" is the Michaels cu? bid inve :ted by l!u late Mike Michaels. It is u - u a l l y used over minor suu. r . only and shows both majors. I t may be strong but it also I n.ay be quit:? weak. Sjuth was u s i n g this bid f j r I the f i r s t t ; m f a?id decided t h a t his hand called for a j u m p to t i i i o j h i a r t s . T h e har:l \v)u!t! support a strong bid over a l e a l cue bid ard Nr;rth expected South to show up with .. better hand. Nst t h a t N o r t h bid c a u t i o u ^ l\. South cr.uld havL 1 a p r e t t y good hand but West mi slit be n l"ad w i t h the ace and king \'. c 1 . nnonris. But Ni:rth Jici know he had a mighty good SOUTH 4 7 6 V Q 105 4 · K 8 6 4 + A 8 2 Both vulnerable North East South 2 A Pass 3 V 6 V Pass Pass We*t 1 4k Pass Pass Opening lead -- Y'WANT US T'MAKE UP A POSSE JsT GO AFTER P R? NO... BUT THANKS JUST TH' SAME... I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT.' WELL, OKAY, OOP, SUIT YtXIR SELF Priscilla's Pop THAT'S A PPETTV SIDEARM, JENNV LU! The Born Losei Eek Meek NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. hand for his Michaels cue bi'l and that it seemed to be a tood time to forget scieicc, bid a slam and hope for the best. VV. 1 would like to r e p u r t t h a t Scuth went down but \ve h a . , to stick to the facts. South \ . a s n t happy with the lira ' lead but he decided to make |the jest of things. He won j i ' a s t s j r c k cf hearts with th ? WHO WEEDS MOWIQUE? DUMB DAMES LIKE VOU ARE A DIME A DOZEW! Freckles And Friends queen and promptly led a spado. West':; jack foil t-, c'ummy's quc.n and Soiu . l;reathed easier. When but i i p p i i n t n i s tallowed to the av · i,i hearts it was just a matte, ol mopping up. South p l n y . d a h e a t t t j his t i n and led J .-.ccon.l spade. W?st dropped t i e k i n g a n d South wound u p v.'ith six spades, f i v e t i u : ; i ; : . l r n d the ace of clubs. A FULL MEAD ) OF HMR/ / The- name "wonder bids" has been applied rather scathingly to the set of weak bids so popula.' today among our leading players. The modern expert uses weak twos and weak jump overcalls as a matter of course Ar.y othrr weak bids he uses are a matter of his stylp and there a e plenty to choose from. We us? some wr-ak bids our. se!ve"S' but hav:- never been ,· completely sold on them as [3 Dora from U.S. WtATMIK BUftlAU FORECAST Show U»w Unril i«twrd«y M*rning |Out WKATHKH FORKC'AKT -- Fa.r t ) partly cloudy weather is ,'.Tca?t for aimost tie r a t V r F" ay night, wifh scatlerrd sh wers r v "/"t H rrlv i · v S'e" n N W Vr-rlt snH WPSt- A P '.V r .· : :T N' w M t x i c i It will h: cooler in the Pa,-. ic N - t h / . c s t ai:d southfiii P'.ains. and · a i v " i t'l · nr ·( i · n Intnrm untain region, i f . r h - r Plai s f\\\ C J . ! f C r.-.! s!:-; s. INEWSPA'PERf 8A20O, START TILL i^OMDAV- Yoa 9TILL HAVE THREE DAYS I PE6WEE, TRAT WAS THIM6 TO (K'RlTe OWN\VSKULL.' NOW youve SCUTTLED DISSUISE---AMP HNYS WILL We PE66EP/ Our Boarding House IT ·JESM-.J A 6HAME- TO ALL, IT TO NiS HUMAM- ITV.' IP WE DONi v T TEACH HIM A WHILE HE'4 4TILL IN , -SEO3MD CHILO- HOOD HE COULD A WHEM NO, HE COM'T LIKE IT AMV BETTER'KJ VOU AM' ME, BUT HE'S GOT TH' WILL POWER TO RESIST LOUMGIN' -AM' TH' DAY GOES FASTER .' I NEVER COULD--AM' I'VE SPEWT A HUNDRED YEARS IN THIS SHOP IM TEN YEARS.' 3U6T LIKE WE ,-AURDLER W AFTER CKA\\'LlN THE TIME KILLER iNEWSPA'PER

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