The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY. AUGUST 3,1*M THE .PARIS NEWS, FACE THREE County Agent at Hugo Cotttm Checks | HUGO. OWau — Eleven hundred cotton reduction checks arrlv- «4 -Thursday^but recipients must •*rait lor. notice before coming for them, - says B. I. Bilyeu Choeiaw county farm agent. These checks amount to f20.009 total and about 900 more checks will bring the to- ta! to approximately $47.000.- BOYS, Is Checked Winds Keep Thousands of Fighters Over ', Area Watchful Texas League Leaders By The Associated Press Leadins hitters: Belt. Gaireston. $5: Morgan. Saa Antonio. .36S. Total hits: Bell. Galveston, 1«2. Doubles: Bell. Galveston, 40. Triples: Hooks. Tulsa. IS. Home runs: York, Fort "Worth. «J » • Bettencourt, Runs batted in: n Antonio. 95- Runs scored: Bell, I 10=. I Stolen bases; Shelly, Beaumont, Galveston, won: Hillin. San SPOKAXE. IVasli. (£*) — Major ivrest fire, in the aorth western United States were reported under or near control Friday. Aided by an iinjMrovement in i ~ jjost 5 ames weather conditions, thousands of i ^monio, -1- fire fighters checked'the advance: Most/strikeouts: Kennedy. Okla- vt the flames, but dared not re- ; j lOJ rja City. 1-3- lax their vigil for fear high winds j . might cause them to Hare out of i |'|I IflVf 1C HELX) MRS. DALL AFTER NEVADA DIVORCE Fourteen hundred men had dug ^5 miles of trenches in the Colville National forest of northeastern Washington to bring a 30,000 acre fire near control, but only after searing -work in the face of advancing flames- Across the line in British Columbia, fire fighters stopped the AT COMMERCE Chamber of Commerce »nd CoUe«c People Bteve Melon Feast CO3I31ERCE. A crowd estimated at 3.500 persons gatfeered at the city park here Thcrsday to partake of an evening's entertainment, with 512 ice-cold -watermelons served by the Chamber of The occasion -was the eel-together, observed in official an in- Montana, although shifting poshed the Trout creek fire JK YOU can't swim, here** a book that will Help you learn. And If you want more speed or better form, read bow famous swimming coaches develop their in t he"cabinet national forest over teams. Helpful pointers on div-| the divide into the Martin creek vice officials said blaze nearly coning Book has been prepared for j ^! «very active boy who likes the j railcs northwest of Missouia. iv*tcr.' written by experts. It's ' Fires Jn Lincoln county, north- free! Get your copy todar. ,1 ivestern Montana, and in the Koo| icnai and Kaniksn forests in Idaho i v. ore reported to be nv-a.r control. destructive ticte in the Salmo-Xel- way and Grand Forks areas, aided by a. light rain. They fought the Commerce. Sheep creek isre to a standstill. Millmen fousht shoulder to j £.; 7 man ncr .of merchants and shoaMer with CCC men. and £ ea- ^ men , vith the stnd ents and soned foresters to hold a fire in j faculty men , bers O f the East Tesas State Teachers College. Different members of the various .groups short talks, but'were not per- loaff discources. i ing too. And life-saving. In fact, I basin, forest servic the Kellogg Swimming and Div- j ^J* 10 ^ th * obl gar. Add rest of i&cr*dleat» and f teat 2 £Ein.tites. Four tata tare j medium «iz<*i cake pans lined with ( waxed papers. Bake 29 minutes f in moderate oven. Cool and frost CAKJE FOR Breakfast Cantaloupe Halt* Omelet Quick Coffee Cake Coffee Dinner Chilled Diced Fruit Roast Veal Browned Potatoes Escalioped Broccoli Bread Plurn Jam Peach Shortcake Cream Coffee iniitC'J to give Candidate -,vere required to remain SWIMMEVC B4H»K Now ml ^our grocer'* FREE tfce purcl»»*e of 1 FEF. NOTICE TO WATER CONSOLERS Water bills musr be paid on or L>efore August 10 in order to secure the 10 per cent diseouiK.. Superintendent of Water \Vorks. silent for the evening. The Pioneer String: Band, which " was 5 has won considerable attention - 5 " j due to the programs presented ' over radio station in [Dallas ar:d Kot Springs, rendered musical selections throughout the evening. - The Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the event, plans to make it an annual affair. Mr*. Anna Roo**v«It Dall, daughter of the President, la «hown as sh* teft th* courthouse at Minden; Nev., after obtaining her decree of divorce from Curtis OalL She is escorted by Charles Hich, a department of ju«tic« agent. (Associated Press Photo) MENUS OF THE DAY SAVE ON FOODS Everyday m the week at this motJern Grocery and Market PHONE 213—WE DELIVER FREE i MARKET : ring ,\11 kinds of quality. ta*ty cooked meats such as that srood barbecue . . . 1-a.nib, VeaL Beef. Pork and Chicken . , , . Crearr. Gravy and Chili Sauce. FANCY VEAL STEAK ..... 2 IBS. 26c VEAL OR BEEF ROAST LB. ..... IQc PICNIC HAMS TALL KORN BACON ELK HORN CHEESE VEAL LOAF HEAT LB. LB. IB. LB. ISc 20c I7c 9c WIUs FREE 6REEN BEANS LETTUCE CORN FLAKES FLAVORING LEMONS TOMATO JUICE GROCERIES Books Nice and Tender Good Firm TIciwl* Nice and Crispy \'anilla or Lemon. i»? oL and F.Ttra Fancy No. 2 Can*. PEP LB. I2c EA.8c PKG. IQc 9c DOZ. 25c 2 FOR ISc SMITH & HILLHOUSE CROCEftT ANT> MARKET Corner "Wall und" Kaafmats WHD CLUB HOLDS PICNIC AT WESDOM WIN DOM.—The Women's Home Demonstration club held its annual ] picnic for members and their, f am- j last Thursday at B raw ley-Fool j picnic supper being spread. After- j v.-ard, music -was furnished by a. i string band composed of Roy Ep- { p ers on. Earl Mai-chant. Howard J and Ho"«*ell Connaiiy an«5 vV.. J. j liliies. J. .Howard Connaiiy gave a short talk in appreciation of the j club and its work, with response j from the club president. Mrs. Grady Raspberry- Fifty-five persons attended the gathering. The Methodist revival meeting ivas begun here Tuesday evening, the Rev. Mr. Kleine of Memphis, Tenn.. being the evajagelist- Services are held on the church lawn •eatcfc evening and in the church building at 30 o'clock in the morn- Mr, ar.d Mrs. "\V. H- Dbton have as guests their daughters. R- A. Mod rait of Austin. Troy Holmes of Luling and Chester Ere-** ton of i^ubbocV. beside Mrs. Dixon's 5ister. Mrs. T. S- Teddlle of PRO'JE FOR s Joa >v. l--rr* !:ss Donnie Docd left Sunday ! for College Station as the Hoinc { Demonstration club delegate to the | annual A. and M, short course, i Mrs. J. A. Dow-lea and sons Jo j ar.d Bill ai7d Mr?. Claud T>o and daughters Nell arid Mary Ann hav*'* returned from Abilene. Kill having- joined them there after visit ins: Chicago. Mis* Marie Nash of Austin, connected v. ith the state railroad cotn- mK->i'>n. spent the week end here art: was accoir.psrtied back by her rrsoThcr. Mi?s Bobbie Lree Johnson of Uo3 Angeles. Cal.. has returned after visiting Mr. a'nd Mrs. John Mc- M.->ckir:. Mrs. X. B. Sauve of Nashville. T"nTs.. is visiting M ; ss Estelle \Vood. Mr. and Mrs. Z. B. Burra* and ? * family of Oklahoma City accom- { pa tried Mr. an-d Mrs. John Burras t to Tennessee this •w^eiv for a visit. f Mrs. Beitie Smith of Wichita | Falls is visitin» h^r sister. Mrs. "W. ^ Nf. l^aycock- She was accompanied ' here by her ^en Edgar and Miss ' Mildr^i? Van Antwerp o* jOersis^on. (Makes Delicious Sandwiches for Picnics") Breakfast Chilled Blueberries Soft Cooked Eggs Broiled Bacon Buttered Toast . * Coffee .r/uncfaeon ' Prune Bread Sandwiches Iced Tea Watermelon Dinner Sliced-Ham Sa,vory Broccqli Bread Strawberry Preserves Fresh Vegetable Salad Fresh Pineapple. Chilled Iced Coffee Prune Bread (Using- Sour Milk) 1 '~ cups flour 1 cup graham flour 1 cup Imperial sugar C-S teaspoon salt I teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon soda 1 egg 1 cup sour milk •i cup prune juice --S cup broken nuts 2 tablespoons far. melted --3 cup chopped cookeg prunes. \ Mix ingredients arrd pour into one large or two rneciurn sized L*r*ii^ T>n.ns lined ^"."itri -^"axed r?s.— per. L,et riss 15 minutes and , bake 50 minutes in moaeraieiy [ sauce. - Serve immediately. t!ow oven. " I Cfeeese Strips To prepare prunes, wash •w-.ll, cover by s inches "WTth cold -water tornaiges. Chop them, (they require no peeling). Slice or chop onions. Mix tomatoes. onions, peppers and celery. Add salt and let stand overnight, T>rain we!! an* add rest of ingredients which have been heated together to boiling point. Simmer 25 minutes. Pour into sterilized jars and seal v.-hile hot. SL'MMEK DLNNKK Servins: Four Crab Stuffed Tomato Salads Cheese Strips Com on Cob Butter Pickled "Watermelon Sirid •• Ice<3 Tea Crab Stuffed Ton^ato Salads -• firm tomatoes 2-3 cup crabmeat 2-3 cup diced celery " tablespoons chopped 3"s-eet ckles - tablespoons chopped pimentos 2 tablespoons chopped green I peppers ! I tablespoon chopped olives 1-4 teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon paprika 3-2 ctip mayonnaise 3 tablespoons chili sauce Wash, peel and chill tomatoes, S tablespoons mayonnaise "with all rest of ingrecieiivs. e^:ceptin£r 4 chili sauce. Remove centers from tonjatces an<i stuff with crab mixture which h-as been well chii'-eti. Arrange on lettuce. Top with re- g mayonnaise and c b i 1 1 ( For Com pa n y > Stuffed Tomatoes Cheese Straws Orange Sherbet Angel Food Cak" Iced Tea. Quick Coffee Cake 1 1-2 cups flout 3 teaspoons baking powder 1-3 cup Imperial sugar 1-4 teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons fat 1 «SST 1-2 cup milk Mix flour, bakins powder. Imperial sugar and salt. Cut in fat with knife, slowly adding egg and milk, mixing lightly. Pour into greased shallow pan. Sprtad Tvith Imperial su?ar mixture. Imperial Sugar Mixture 1-2 cup dark bro^n Imperial susar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1-4 teaspoon cloves 3 tablespoons soft butter Mix ingredients and spread over dough mixture. Bake 20 minutes in moderate, oven. Cut in bars or squares and serve vrarm with butter. If desired, chopped dates. raisins, figs or nuts can be added to increase the flavor. Stuffed Tomatoes 5 firm tomatoes 1 cap cheese 2-3 cup diced cooked asparagus 1 tablespoon, chopped pimento 1 teaspoon chopped onion 1 cup mayonnaise 1-2 teaspoon salt ^Vash and peel tomatoes. Scoop out centers -with spoon. . Invert and chill- Mix cheese, asparagus. pimento, onion, 3 tablespoon; mayonnaise a.nS salt. Chill. When ready to serve, sruff tomato cases tvith cheese mixture. Serve in lettuce and tc«_p -with remaining mayonnaise. Sprinkle "with paprika. LEAVE TOR CHICAGO BONHAM.—Coacb. K. L. Strickland of the local high school. Howard Dobbs, assistant coach T and Perry Caldwell left. Thursday for Chicago to spend several cays Trade Level Stays Firm Fall Business Will Be More Orderly Than 1933. Observer N'EW YOKK, t-?}.—Current indications point to a fall trade not much below that of last year, but •^n a more orderly basis and devoid of the extreme fluctuations of that period," says the !>un & Bradsireet weekly business r-i- \ i~w. ' The maintenance of retail distribution above the comparative level of a. vear ago is out of the most reassuring factors in the present situation.'' the summary states. "Reports tiiis week SIIOA- ed the largest sains on tiie Fa.- cii'ie coast w^ere postponed, buying of urgent n-^eds crowded the stores with, stoppers who - ha,d. been forced to curtail budgets tor more than two months ur» account of the strike. "In the soutnwest the industrial and wholesale divisions have been affected seriously by the drouth, but retail trade has held up ru- niarkzibjy well, -n'iiii the jjairis in sales running steadily around -a per cent better than at this period a, year ago, lu the midwest there was a brisk turn tor the better in most districts, while in the east, more comfortable summer weather and special promotional events lifted the total or retail sales to the best position achieved in nearly three weeks." SUPPER. THURSDAY FOR MINISTER AT HUGO HUGO, Okla. — ^Ninety members of First MetSodist church attended, a. supper Thursday evening in the cnurch basement in. honor o R. Hutchison T the pastor ~vho leaves Sunday for Georgia and -S-Iabazna to join his family for the month of August- Vance Posey of Sullwater and Myron. Gilbert of Xe~K~klrk were out of town visitors. at the -world's fair. Strickland and !>obbs will 5-0 to the University of "CVisconstn at JIadison after their Chlcag-o visit and enter sumn3er athletic school where they will lear ntJie latest in football, basket- bal land other sports. B ALLHS MEETING IS CL09EU BAILING ER. — Th» meeting at the Metiiodist closed Sunday night »nA three, tiitions were made to the membership. Alvie Burns and family raovWl to Amb'a with Mr. Burns grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. F*. Freemaia, Mr. and Mrs. Hcghis Scer«as and daughter of Bagwell and MIS* Eva Daniels of Grant, Okla.,- 'visited Frank L-arie aivJ family Saturday. "~ Johnnie Terrell visited his uncle at Arabia, last. week. ' Mrs. Hoy Hensiey and son o.£ Paris spent last week with 31 ra. Hr-nsley's parents. Mr. and Bob Frederick, BROOKSTOX The Rev. Ben F. rsa^tor of the Bonham Street Methodist church, -will bc^in a, meeting Friday night at tfee Srookston Methodist church. of which the Rev. R. S. Kerr is pastor. Nothing Cheap Bui The Priee Mixed Sausage. Pound Stew Meat, Pouivd Chock Roast. Pound ....... Cbncfc Steak. Potmd ...... No. T Steak. Pound .Prime Kib Pound and Round Steak. Hot Barbecue* Ponnd ..... 30c Just a f e~x- at our specials. TVs also have Slue 2loc-n Cheese, lunch meats, that famous home-baked ham, fish, fryers, hens. Xelson's milk and cream- t Hafner s Market an<j let soak 6 hours or overnight. \ Sirr-nier I boar, cool aud use. If ] extra prunes are prepared, af'er j the amount required for bread | has been removed from pan. add j 2 tablespoons lemon juice to remain-Jer and simmer 5 minutes. Cool and chili and an excellent saue-r results. j Sandwiches can be made ^ith | this bread by using buiier cream or ye'lotv cheese as fi:l Savor>' Broccoli Found broccoli 3 cups watef " tablespoons butter -•s teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon paprika 5 tablespoons ca.tsirp Thorouglily wash, broccoi leaves arid staltv are used. "Discard tough ends of stock. AdJ water and cover. Cook slowly until lender. This win require about CO minutes. Drain well. Arrange hot broccoli on shallow dish arci toi> witTi "TeFt of ing/re-dicTits. Serve Eoth 2 ctrps pasTr- flour 1-4 teaspoon salt 4 teaspoorss fat 2-S cup milk ^ 1-" cnp graTe<5 cheese 3 tablespcoTis soft b^ttsr Mis flour, bakitr-g powder a-d salt. Cur 5 in fat -jvith knife. Mis dough forms. r>at it out until 1-4 thick. Sprea-3 with cheese 5 burfer. Ti:rn naif over so that the cheess mixture !? a filling. Press we". Cct into bars 1-2 by | ± inches artd one inch j a-pa.rt or; greased baking sJieets, I required served T^ifh these at table. { Caramel Filled Cak?I 1-2 cur? butter I T cut* Imperial sugar m " 1-2- teaspoons bakin? p T teaspoon vsnil'a -I-? teaspoon <a1t Crean: butter ard Imperial s-a- Browned F1*o 3 sound fish 1-3 cup com rnea', ' «??:» yolk 1 tablespoon <x>ld water '•i teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon paprika i tablespoons fat Clean fish ar.«2 cut s*~'!n;r i*:eocs. Soak 5 nsintites tn cold T--a,ter. I>rain and 'chin. B-ar yolk s"d -water. "Dip fi?h lr <-c.i: T?-.;xTure and in com rneaL H-;nt r^t in frying: r»aT! and whe-s ^ot *idd and quickly browrj fish PT> stl sides. Add rest cf JRsrredJ^^'s- J .'ox'or and bats? 5? iD'nytrs. . large firm tomatcc? '. cup crumbs ' rsr^ yolk •J tablespoons chopped onions. l* tablespoons C tablespoons res :?r IN IMPERIAL MARKED PACKAGES THE ONLY SUGAR MADE IN TEXAS -4 teaspoon ya't paprika :s butter, m«-ltc cup -Crater elect firm iornato«s. r*? s arsd irith spoon sc«>cp « and pulp. Do isot TT^?. o? in^rre<3i*Tjts exceptin.c ^ and stuff tomatoes. Fit *rt U pan. Add ^afcr w<« ha minutes. Green Tomato Pickle p*ck jrr««r» tomatoes cu^s sliced onions cups chopped gr**n peppers cups chopped eet^ry cup salt tablespoon -white r fiery se whit* musta poon niKed pi>*Vl«» s 1-S cut* ImperiaJ sujcar t tablespoons b.ors*rad\sh 4 cups vjnejar 1 cup water 1 tablespoon black pepper It's A Treat To Eat COUNCIL'S HONEY COATED BAKED HAM l\"e carefully s£:ect o^r own hams and bake them our own secret -way ir. honey, that's why they exce".. SPECIALS BACON. Sliced Country style. Pound . CREAM CHEESE Pound FISH, White Snapper. Lr. FRYERS. Fed, Lb Choice STEAK, Lr. . BEEF ROAST 5 Ltrs HOG LARD I •h DRESSED HENS. Lb. Fresh EGGS Dozen 3 Cans DOG FOOD . Pit B*rb*cwe. AH Kind* of Luncheon Meats Large Size LIMES CABBAGE POTATOES ORANGES ' • Dozen 2Lbs. ,.. tOLbs. Doz, 10c 7c 19e ANN PAGE BROKEN SLICED CAMPBELL'S QUAKER MAID PRESERVES PINEAPPLE Tomato Soup BEANS ctT 9' Pure Fruit 16-oz. Jar Hillsdale No- 2 Can I4c f Cam Medium Cans Grandtnother f s BREAD 16-oz. Loaf X4C 7c A&P Coffee Trio 8 o'clock... U.... 19c Red Circle Lh. 23c Bokar Lb. 27c Camay Soap, 3 Cakes 14c Snowdrift, 3 Lbs. 37e Lipton's Tea, 1-4 Lb, 19c Our Own Tea, 1-2 Ib. 19c Sunnyfield CORN FLAKES, Sm. Pkg. 6c, Ig, pkg... 9c Rajah SALAD DRESSING Pint Jar 17c Quaker Maid BAKING POWDER . 1-Lb. Can . 14c WESSON OIL Pint 19c PICKLES from 2 Quart Jar . 31c AMERICAN BRAND BRILLO. 2 YEAST, Cake 17 3 RUMFORD Bakmg Powder For ROYAL GeUtin AAP APPLE SAUCE, 2 Cam . CRACKERS, Excel 2-Lb. Box 31 6 25 22 MEAT DEPARTMENT SPECIALS Sliced BACON ;;;' 2Lbs. 39c OTITAIf Round, Loin or I L ICf* ^ILMIV T-Bone LD. . IOC ¥eal CHOPS . Lb 12c Seven ROAST, good cuts, Lb. 10c CHEESE,Longhorn. .Lb... !5c Fresh Ground MEAT, Lb 9c PknkHAMS Lb, f5c Dry Salt JOWLS Lb *c WATCH OUR WINDOWS FOR ADDED SPECIALS

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