The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 29, 1924 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1924
Page 13
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SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 29. 1924 HE HUTCHINSON NEWS t 1 PAGE THIRTEEN. by EDMUND SNELL BEGIN HERE TODAY Donald Whita, bound for the Or»ng- Futch cstulo in Itoritcn, meets lieau- tlrul Minn Sunn-Hun*: nhnard the bout. Miss Henir ts on her wny to n nnlcti- boiing cfitute to marry Mr. Lal-Ho, Oilnrrso rubber klnit. whom she hn* nevor scon, A Inve uffnlr dovclops ahnnrtlahlp between young While and Miss H OUR. In Borneo Mr. Lal-Ho and Miss Hens: are married. Hoimi wuekii laU'r Mr. Lal-Ho visits Cnrri&an, Donald "Wlilla'a employer, telling bim that Whltn Is paying too much mlrntion to the lleiv Mi«. J.aNHa Gurrlgnn tKROS steps to stop the nffllh' nt olli-e, Tiftji'" T White to cense fteelng Mr. HUys ftrtti* it?r. Uil-llo te.lls Corrlgan tluit bo will nlmoht i.hnselr for ten days ttnd llmt In that tlmo he experts Currlsnn to put an end to the nffalr between Mra. I.ul-llo and White. However. .Mr. !,nl-Ho does not K« sway, «.'.»• Cc-»-limn sees him on the trolley rrom the coi»At town. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY It occurred to Corrlgan that the other did not seem tho least hit pleased to see him and, (or the first time, it dawned upon blni that no steamer Id t JnaseHon lor Labium that week. Tho well of Chinese cunning has no bottom! Corrida n Mn.i hcglnnlng lo understand things! It aliimls to tlie great man's credit that ho succeeded In keening Mr. Lal-Ho In pollta conversation for a little over an hour, HO long, In fact, that It loft very little doubt In the planter'!* mind that the Chinaman's wayward wlfo hnd been given ample time to get home! As hn watched the magnate's trolley lumbering nut of sight, Cor­ rlgan shook his head. "I shouldn't bo tho leant mir- prised," be reflected ,"lf that yellow blackguard had some Inkling as to what was in (ho wind—anil has had young White's bungalow under clone observation for some tlmo imst." He strolled down to tho water's «dge to admire tho rippling surface, burnishing by a rising moon. It was close upon midnight when ho retraced his steps toward tho bungalow. Half way up tho slope h« overtook n strnngo coollo going in tho same direction. He caught blm by tho shoulder and BWUHR him around. To the uninitiated all coolies look alike, but to Corrlgan who knew every man In his employ, this creature's face was strange. "Where are you going?" lie demanded in Malay. "Snua," replied tho man, which was not helpful. Corrlgan allied his memory with his ittalncca. There was too much veiled insolenco In tho coolle'a tono to stilt the planter. "Who employs you?" "Lni-Ho," replied tha man, with some hesitation. "Hl-la," and ho lot him go. There was only one reason why tho rubber-klug's men should have Invaded Corrlgan's territory at that tlmo of night. The planter, there- tons proceeded to tho coollo lines on his aide of tho estate, roused a reliable Chinaman, nnd sent him ort to keep a watchful eye on his neighbor—and report progress from time to time. Whlto woko front a levered sleep to find two shadowy forms bending over him. Before ho could raise himself to u sitting position, a. cloth was clapped over his mouth and he was borne, struggling, Into the night. There wero more men ottlBlde and hn could hoar no sign of his doe;. The orientals who held hint wero possessed of enormous strength and and presently he felt things being wound tightly around his waists and ankles. He was thrust Into a sort of hammock suspended from a pole and knew Hint ho wa« being carried down the slope. As the Journey continued, hall'-stlfled as lie was by the cloth over his face, ho lost all sense of direction. The moro he endeavored to tree himself, the more tho cruel thoneu bit Into bis flesh. He marveled at Iho firm efficiency of tho Plan for his abduction, and wondered what sort of end tho dishonored Lai-lio him selected lor blm. The fact that ho could not smoko Irritated him beyond measure. He remembered Hint his glasses were reposing on the table by his bed and cursed the magnalo heartily. It ho ever got clear of his captors, it would ho a miracle; hut It would be something still more extraordinary if, havlnir escaped, he could find his way back. Ho must have dozed, for the plliul Jerked suddenly to a standstill and the bump ns he was lowered unceremoniously io tho ground brought White back to consciousness. Tho cloth was removed and the assistant looked up Into the evil, bloated face of Lal- Ho. "Ttyera will bo a vacancy on the Orang-Putoh Knbun today,'' he announced pleasantly, hit eyes scarcely visible through the alits. White, still worrying over those rimless glasses, felt decidedly handicapped. Ho retnombered, to his disgust, that he wan still in that eomowhat scanty form of night attire affected by Borneo Bottlers, but not usually offered for j sale by tho leading drapers. "You don't happen to have a clgaret about you, do you7" he Inquired with great earnestness. Lal-Ho shook his head. "I am' afraid I must ask you to bo patient for a while. I can assure you It will not be long." White's was one of those great spirits that are most cheerful when up ng'ln It! Corrlgan had no tlmo ofr men who lacked grit. Tho yAunger of his two assistants hnd been In tight corners In a good many portions of the earth, but he was bound to admit that this was the tightest. "May I ask what tlmo the execution Is to take place?" he demanded with a coolness that puzzled the oriental. "Yours will be tho second," came tho ngimntlcal reply. White was moro than ordinarily rtenao. He had by no means recovered from the effects of the journey from his comfortable bed to tho clearing hewn from the virgin Jungle in which ho now lay. "Ah!" he commented brightly. "One of your charming little fostlr vals! Are there many competitors, may I nsk?" He glanced aside to where four enormous coolies wero digging with feverish energy. Lal-Ho turned on his heal. "There will bo two executions," ho returned coldly. "It Is our custom to destroy unfaithful wives with their lovers I He strode to where the work was In progress. White's blood seemed to run cold In his veins. Presplratlon oozed from every pore. He struggled like a madman with his bonds, cursing Lal-Ho at the top of bis voice. Presently ho grew calmer, conscious only of the acuto rawness of the wounds the thongs had made. He called to the rubber king. "Mr. Lal-Ho!" Tho Chinaman came slowly back to him. "Murder me in what fiendish way you will but bs just to your wife. Hnmember her European upbringing, the freedom ot our girls as compared with yours. Bellove me, she has done nothing, nothing whatever." He paused, gasping for breath. "You will excuse mo, I know," said Lal-Ho, wrinkling up bis enor- A CLOTH WAS CLAPl'l'.D OVER HIS MOUTH. mous fcae; "but I cannot believe you, Mr. White." "Ciond Lord, man"' the Englishman cried hoarsely. "I toll you it's true. I can't do moro than that. If Mr. Corrlgan wero hero, ho would tell you tho same." "Mr. Colligan is not here," declared the oriental with an air of finality. There came a sound of footsteps In the forest and, as White stared helplessly In the direction from which the sound came, ho saw her. Her hands were tied behind her back, but her feet wero free. She came with little, halting steps Into the opening, two brown-skinned bearers at her heels.' Sho screamed when she caught sight of White, and ran toward him. Lal-Ho caught her arm and threw her to tho ground. He shouted something In a dialect the Englishman did not understand. Tho bearers lifted her and carried her to where coolies rested on their long-handled spades. Writhing In ngony, White saw her thrust bodily into the earth, until only her bend appeared above the surface; watched the soli stamped In over her fair neck; and then, as bis eyes seemed to bulge from their sockets, he saw a man, whose muscles stood out in knots, passing his thumb along the blade of a sword. The figure came suddenly erect, placed both hands ovor tho hilt, and looked toward his master for) the word of command. i White closed his eyes, then opened them again quickly. Two shots rang out in close succession, Lal-Ho fell heavily on his fnco in the Bprlngy turf; the executioner spun round like a great top, tripped on his weapon and dropped. Tho coolies ot the rubber king fled In panic, scattering boforo the grim form of Corrlgan nnd bl9 guide. White stared at him, believing that his brain bad gono. Something snapped In hl» head—and he lost consciousness. He came to himself with tbo taste of raw spirit In his mouth, and a feeling of acuto dampness on his face nnd nock. He blinked up into the lustrous eyes of a girl In a quaintly flowered Jacket of blue silk, whose Hps hovered tantalizing above him. She nodded back at the torm of Corrlgan, towering In the background. "He found the way out, Donald, dear," she said simply. Still Incredulous, he passed bis hands'over her arms. Suddenly he realized that bis bonds bad gone. Ho struggled painfully lo Ills knees. "I say, Corrlgan," be blurted out, "I'm deucodly sorry to have get New System of Fat Reduction Here is a new way far nil fat people to reduce. A new way to rid yourself easily and Quickly of the burdensome fat which makes you miserable. Why should you let yourself go. resigning yourself to being tut, when by using Marmola Prescription Tub- lets you can become slender again? Thousands of men and women erteh ye .nr regain hf.althy, slender figures this way. You, too, can tnko :>ff your excess flesh In this sami plensnn' manner. No need for violent oserclscs or starvation diets. Just take one small Mftrmola Prescription Tnhlet after each menl and before going to bed In a very abort time your fl:iobv f'esh will begin to dlsappeur nnd sunn you will become the proud possessor of a slender, shapely figure. You will never bo admired as long as you are fe.t— for fat people are nlw:iy.i being made fun of. flut don't let that worry you any m-jre. One of the foremost physiola'ig of his time discovered the Marmot Prescription for fat reduction and he a!*o conceived the Idea of putting it up In the convenient tnhlet form. All you have to do Is to go to your d .-us- gist anrl get a box. Or if you prefer, Send the price—one dollar—*., the Mnrmola Company, General Motors Miillrlitig. Petrolt, Mich., ind a box will bo seat to you postpaid. .S'.nrt taking thefip pleasant little tablets now— you will always be glad thit yotj decided to try them. Many of yell' friends have used them successfully you Into this nicn-i. Thnro'H be no end of a row about this'." Corrlgan held his head to one side nnd wrinkled bis forehead like a clown, "Don't worry your head about that, my boy," ho said. "That's my pigeon. There's a little girl not .1 hundred miles away who's been aching for n kiss for fifteen min­ utes—nnd I'm living for my breakfast!" (In Our Next Issue: FASCINATING MISS SON.") "THE PATER- Grain Movement Makes a Record October receipts of wheat at the principal markets In the Tenth District nindo u new high record for that -aonth. Tim total of 21 )4,760 ! :• hels received nt Kansas City, Oni'ha. St. Joseph and Wb h- Ita wns i .uiy 3,200 bushels below tho Snpl-uiher total. It. exceeded the total receipts for October, l»23, at tho sain" markets, by 9,597,7.10 bushels, or S2.7 percent, Wheat received at these four markets July 1 l" N'nvemhcr 1 aggregate,! 115.102.70(1 bushels, ngainst UO.S.Vi.SoO bushels received during the same period last year, an Increase for this year of Sl.Sfil,- Sfid bushels, or 91 percent. It was er.tiinnted that by November 1 fully 75 porcent of this year's surplus wheat had been marketed. In addition to heavy milling operations nnd fairly heavy shipping, stocks ot wheat In elevators n»- fiumed record proportions. On November 1 total elevator slocks at Kansas City were 19,"S7,7S.i bushels, at Omaha 4.71 fi.OOU bushels, at JSC Joseph I..t((VK'f) hnshai*. Wlrhlla 2,S3t,00n bushels. CL^BK'S Slh CRt/ISB AROUND THE WORLD l.'unvil nnd Anelmf <iil-tiiinilr ,ir S, 3. ''Cull* •<rr\:%.," H.Cm torn. livlijit:n» Hav-Mta. I'«nam« Can*!. \*+ AnmlM, ((> wit/an M/kft'tt. Mtf»»» '.i J4 pen mrM Ch;r>* ftVlitrm urtlinal). MumiA, Ja»», K'nywor*. li-iiTr.rih. fjitlifl i-.Wy^in (rwlt*. r«trn. J*•••<.in* Inn. Atiwn«, i 4 MONTHS, $1250 up j ImrlWtfnn HnM«, Drive*, Gukiri. ftt; etc, , r CLARK'S 2(n cm;iSE,MN. 3* MEDITERRANEAN TO THE H» nwHftfty fh«ii«*rM wnpinwi* n*« rtl -htnT .rrtjr 8S. 'IJMMlnU, , • B).-*W trrw. I? i !*yt in Kmrpt wvl P»I«t!ti.>: Spain. A«r»*ri. B- «<•• '••Uninwi. -. Rhr -«T »,.!!iv i^M*v«' crui-«.|e"'-iri. th.-ltiiiin* Iloh-M. Gni.t**. iMv.n. r ••<-«. w- N.y -*r..l Vnnattnrn M«liu:rfsriwin CruinA. Jul/ '•: M W «o(i. Ortirirwinr of HmiTiil tWorld Cm'.** IyW(r*«t ct- p*nftirt-l cnjUf runi-wxci!, L>t;il.ll.ihi*<l 3-i |«r«. FHflHKC.CLn.RK.TimM Bldr ,N«wY*rfc UCOUS MEMBRANES LineMntireBodif A e*Urrh*l condition of these membrtnc« it res port lible far seventy-five percent of all hum in disease. No matter .where this condition is focatcd, -It Is catarrh. Ninety-seven persons out of every hundred have catarrh in some form or other Coughs, Colds, Nasal Catarrh, Stomach and Bowel disorders are among the commonest of bodily ills characterized by a catarrhal condition of the mucous membranes. This Remedy H«» Helped Other*. It Will Help You En M. E. Klnjr. B«i It. YrUov Stuff, AU, uyii **l re«»r4 Pe-ni 'M 4» tfce most wcwubrfnl tn««iJcln* to Wnrt4 a »«l •tlvlie all •Illnv women to t»km tt.** Mr. JrMA C 0 «mh«r1, Oam M. 3**> pAmca, TOM *, uyit "I • physical wreck from hlttn«y trwuMa mmtt Fm-ni-nm m*iW. m *MW men •** rrw." Mra. C, G»t*«, Mwfck, MUS* mw*t "I hav* uaed Pe-ru-n* for «tv«ral jramr*. tl is (outl (or (Might, «oMs, ut *t «IMIIBCJI trnublt.* 1 Fiffht Catarrh. Fight it with the remedy that Dr. Harlman bequeathed this world of stirTerinff, over fifty years ago. How'« Your Family? Here I* m Suggeetion Worth Whf|# PE-RU-NA Soia Everywhere Send -4 eenll posuve to thf -M Company, Columlw., Ohio, fa» book Tebleta^r Ll<«i4 SprlnRfloln, Mo.—"While brlns- Ine up my family I always employed Dr. Pierce's remedies in case of sickness antl they have nav-er failed to give entire sutls- fartlon. There lj nothing so good for weak women as tha 'Favorite Prescription.' Anil Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery Is n wonderful medicine to enrich the blood. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant. Pellets are the mildest and the most satisfactory pill 1 ever tried. I believe the hlphest standard of excellence characterizes all of Dr. Pierce's medicines."—-Mrs. Lula West, 2044 Kasl Ave. Obtain now from your neighborhood druggist Dr. Pierco's Family Remedies, Writo Dr. Pierce, Pres., Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y„ for free medical advlco, and send hi in 10c for a trial pkg. of an', of M B medicines. Read Nows-Herald Wantads HUTCHINSON Mulehlnton >• the toalcal market place (or mer chant and for consumer In ^/emern Kansat NorthWBitern Oklahoma ana Eastern Colorado Hutchinson alone has :he transportation facilltlei to economically serve the neople of lhl> lection Favored as It la by railroads, by Industry by aorl culture and by finance. Hutchinson la truly lh» metropolis of (Ma territory. HUTCHINSON INDUSTRIAL REVIEW A Center of Service Progressive industries In almost all llnaa of business are to be found In Hutchinson. Many of them ire reo-eaentrd on this paga. These Industrie* ere largely responsible for the growth of this territory. The service which they afford sets a standard which outside organizations must equal, Theaa industries make your Ufa moro pleasant, and thev deserve voiir support Certified Public Accountant's Service Wilbur E. Swenson, C. P. A. Audita. Examinations, Systems Tho Sunflower State Accounting Co. One- half block North of Poet. office. Phone 998. 400 Hoke Bids. Hutchinson, Kansss MON-TRO Coffee Every Cup's Good to the Last Drop. You'll like it, and it's economical, too. 60 CUPS TO THE POUND Your Grocer Sells Mon-Tro THE GUYMON-PETRO MERC. CO. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS J. 8. HIGG, Architect Residence Work a Specialty "Whiteside Bldg., Hutchinson, Kanaaa, Corner 2nd nnd Main Phone 1937 THE MALONE POSTER SERVICE Outdoor Advertising Home Theatre Building Phone 140 INTRODUCING MR. B. P. BOZEMAN New City Representative of Kansaft Central Indemnity Co. The Hutchinson Produce Co. UNOER SAME MANAGEMENT 26 YEARS WHOLESALE Fruits and Vegetablee Fourth and Waahlnoton Phone 63—2195 SALT CITY PRINTING CO. Will save you 10 to 20V. on Printing, Phone 1914 Cor. Opposite Convention Hall RKNOrTYl 'KWKITEl! KXCHANGK All makes of typewriters. Exclusive agents for the ROYAL aV CORONA TYPEWRITERS. 405 N. Main—Phone 3639 M. C. FOY Gcnci-iil Contractor 416 E, 13th St. Phone 2999W Try McArthur's White House Brand Hams, Bacon and Lard—Cleveland Style Ham Bologna— Milwaukee Style Frankfurters. The McArttiur Packing Company PROSPERITY IS BECKONING Business Boom is Under Way All Along the Line, Says Apple. BY ALBERT APPLE. Good times are returning—tut pocket-books for everybody. A business boom Is under way. Many conservative bitnl.er3 anil Industrial le: Jera nra even prodictlnj; tlmt ahead lies prosperity such as this country never before knew except in the boom that folli ,ed the World War. Maybe they are expecting too much. Cut all signs point to n tremendous revival of trade. The Block market fur several mouths haa bee: betting on a coming business boom. Recently, eales of stocks and bonds on tbo New York Stock Exchange exceeded all previous records, wlt'i average prices ot securities the highest in eight years. Individ al speculators frequently guess wrongly. THil the market itself never Uou». It anticip ites aen- eral business conditions by u period of from four to six months—rising ahead of booms, collapsing ahead ot hard times. Last summer the iron and steel Industry ...laied . Its pi duction sagged to about half ot mill capacity. Dut now the output Is rising swiftly. In October tbo nation's production of pig Iron was 2 ,477 .127 tons, compared with only 1,784,SO!) tons In July This rate of gain, continued, would find the steel industry running full blast and top Bpoed by spring. Indications are that there'll be no letup in recovery. times are dull and no relief In eight, car loadings fall as low as 640,000 cars a week. Compare that with a million a weok! Business men do .not buy tho goods represented In freight unless they expect buyers. In October, average wholesale prices went up one and a half per cent, announces Dun's organization. It now takes >1!M in the wholesale mnrliets to buy what cost $1S4 six month* ago. The price of prosperity Is hi/rber prices. Few care, as long as they have the "jack." This coming business Doom brings you another opportunity to pet rkh—or, at least, better yourself. To the majority of the population, a period of prosperity merely means more money to spend. A minority seen It as a chance to save and get ahead. Trees are most heavily lmlon with nuts Just before a severe winter. 13o a squirrel. BIG INCREASE IN BANK DEPOSITS CAPPER ENGRAVING CO ARTISTS-ENGRAVERS DESIGNS ZINC ETCHINGS HALF TONES COLOR PLATES QUALITY- SERVICE HUTCHINSON OFFICE 11.NELSON BDLG. PHONE402 PLANT* AT WICHITA ANO TOPEKA The Richards-Scheble Gandy Co Manufacturers of Fine Candies Fountain Supplies and Accessories CANDY LARA BEE'S BEST FLOUR (t Is ALWAYS (ALL WAYS) (Ip'iofvl. able. "Better bread with less effort." 'More bread with less Iflour." Ask your grocer—Ask for it by name. L&rabee Flour Mill Corporation HUTCHINSON. /KANSAS Kullroads have been moving record-breaking amounts ot freight. Since early In September, shippers have loaded more than a million cars of froight a week. When Depofills in the UoS national banks in Kansas nnioiiuti-d to $20],075.000 according to their statements under date of October 10. W. W. nowman, secretary ot the Kansas Bankers Association, has complied the combined reports which show resources nf the national banks In tho amount of $2111103.000. The statement reflects improvement In business caiidlt'nns throughout tho state and shows an improvement In the ability ot the borrower to meet his obligations. Banks, Mr. Bownniti said, have reacted under tho returns: from the big wheat and corn crops and rediscounts have been cleaned up I" every section of the state. At this time, according to the report, the rediscounts are less than a million dollars lor the first time In several years. The October 10 statement shows $97S,00O. HUTCHINSON BOARD OF TRADE DIRECTORY Paul Gano, President Ralph Russell, Tress.' C. W, Colby, See'y. Gano Grain Co. Colllngwood-Moore Grain Co. The Grain Marketing Co. Ralph Russell Grain Co. Southwest Grain Co. The Security Elevator Co. A. G. McReynolds B. C. Christopher & Co. The Central Grain & Lab. Co. Hutchinson Grain Co. Goffe & Carkner Inc. The Consolidated Elevators Midwest Grain Co. Geo. E. Gano A Co. CONSIGN yOUK GRAIN TO THE NEAREST DEALER "MADE IN HUTCHINSON" Before you buy see the "Kelaey Gtretchteu Mattrsie." Hutchinson Mattress Co. Manufacturers The Jett & Wood Central Merc. Co. Hutchinson, Kansas Phona 30 INDUSTRIAL NOTES The lliehards-Scheble Candy Co., has an annual payroll of 51 .10,000. There ore 23,000 sucks ot sugar In storage in tho Hutchinson Honil- ed Warehouse at present. Hutchinson rihlps 3,000,000 barrels of refined salt and l.oou.OOO million barrels of rock salt a year. Tho Hutchinson salt bed is 320 feet thick, although not all the bod Is being mined. There are GOO persons omploy tn the salt Industry In Hutchinson at present. The Realtors' ansoclatlon reports that $40,000 worth of city realty was sold here during the past weok. Tho general contract for the new high HC I IOO I building ut Wlndoiu, has been let to the Uusboom Uroa. of Falrb try, Neb. Smith & English, "We put the Snap In Snapahott" Winstead Photo & Finishing Co. Curtis C. Adamson COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Quality Kodak Finishing for tho Trada. Phona 468 Hutchinson, Kansas MANN-AND-COMPANY Office 722-721 R-W Bldo. ARCHITECT/ Hutchinson, Kansas I of Hutchinson are the architects. Four local contractors, E. (J. Click- iter, Joe 1'aul. II. T. I'leplow and Oacar Young wero bidders. In order to accommodate the. niiW plant ot the Massey-llarrls Harvester Co., Kasley strr-et will be opened across tho Santa I'V mil- way tracks. A plpti Una nearly three miles I long Is being constructed to carry : fuel oil from the East Hutchinson , retlnery to the power plant of tbo j United Water, (las &• Electric Co. j Car loadings aro breaking all previous records and Indicate that business by volume Is unusually active. The Stamoy-Mackoy Construction Co., Is building the grade for Ti '.-i miles uf improved highway being built between Kldorado and Augusta, la Butler county. THE STAMEY-MACKEY CONSTRUCTION CO A GROWING CONCERN Serving In tUe nelghborli o of 1M Kansas towns, th United Power and Llglr Corp, Is one of the tastes' growing organizations of Its kind In this section M the country. Just recently the Sallna Power and Light Corp of Sallna, utd tho United Water, Gas & EJloctrlc Co. ot Hutchinson wore absorbed by this company. United Powe and Light Corp. United Water, Qa* 4 Electrlo Co. Hotel Stamey Enjoy Good Sunday Dinner. Special musical program every Sunday noon and evening. 12:00 to 2:00 P. M. THE HUTCHINSON HIDE & FUR CO. Cash buyers of HIDES—FURS—WOOL Consignments a Specialty. Correspondence solicited. 626 So. Main. Hutchinson. K«s. Paving and Road Contractors HUTCHINSON. KANSAS Kansas Gas and Electric Company "AT YOUR SERVICE" HUTCHINSON, KA XSAS In answering advertisements, please mention ' r he News-Herald. In Answering; Advertisements Please Mention The News-Herald

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