The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 20, 1918 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1918
Page 12
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THE HUTCttlNSOK HEWS. FRttlAY, SEPTEMBER, 20,, 19,38. High Grade Dress Boots for Ladies Ladies Boots in Grey, Brown or Black classy Footwear at Popular Prices. Brown Boots $6.50 to $12.00 Grey Boots - $7.00 to $12.00 Black Boots $5.00 to $10.00 Teare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 NORTH MAIN Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Kept. 1M A. (!. Temple. 2 mllc.i fast, noiili of Suxnian. Kepi. L'l, -C. II. Clark, 12 miles south .-iiitl mill's west of Raymond. On l--.Mr. Ildwmnn. 1 mill' ninth mid 5 inih ^ rust of Arlington. (In H'. .1. H. Kini:, -I miU-s north, li mlh' wist of Alrtiyvlllc. OI.-I J Dsvr K. Ilrldi', 2U miles wi'Kf of ?i. Oil. l 'i Raymond. 4 mili'B *»-i'ai, 1 '-j south of l'ri'My I'ralric. HI—I. S. Van Orilstl'ulld. 216 mile* H'^(, .:•''( solldi of Jlavi'ji. (Jo;. IT .1 V llpvino, •! miles north, 1 l .'j i .isi ol XkUi i Mm. Kif:y hi'nU ot white fai -i- sti -t -rs and T'd hi ail white I'III.'C heifers, weight 1% His . for sale at inj corral. lJ.iti?; can I)' arran ;:i 'd ai any lime hy callin;: my office pliiuie. Nickerson 21' a! my expense. Jesse Langford Careless Use of Soap Spoils the Hair ALFALFA SEED I-"or Fa!! I'lanting $6 .50 to $ 12.00 per Bushel All central Kansas firowii. Non- irri^.'itwl—wrile for samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson. Kims. DESIRED TO BENEFIT OTHERS CAUSES HER TO MAKE STATEMENT Soap should lie used very can lully, If you want yuur hair IOOUIUR Us best. Most 3oaps and prepared sliamjious eonlaln nio tnucli alkali. This drifts tlie scalp, ir.alics the hair brittle, and ruins it The best thliiR for steady use.Is just ordinary muisillrd roconnul oil (which is pure and Kreaselpss). and Is In Iter than the most expensive soap or anything else you can use. One or twu teaspoonfuU will clianse'lhe hair and scalp thoroughly, dimply moisten (he hair with water and rub It ill. It makes an abundance of rich, creamy lather, which rinses out easily, removinK every particle of dusl. dirt, dandruff and excessive oil. The hair dries n/ili-kly and evenly, ceil il haves the salp sofl, and I he ha - fine ;mil silky, origin, lustrous, fiuify. and easy to manage. You can p. i ir.ulsified coeoanut oil i.t ;iny | harm: • y, it's very cheap, and a few ounces will supply every mem her of th" family for months. ' FRAMEUP BYJIYPSY Joseph Adamos Arrested OnuglK- ers and Pled* HOLDS WIVES FOR HOSTAUli Steve Mark's Daughter Refuses to Marry Adamos' Son— Trying Force. On a framed-up case, to forcp the. daughter, Anna, ot Steve Marks, king of a Gypsy band now camped on the Kalr grounds, to marry his son, Nito, Joseph Adamos charged Ills two duuRhters, Mrs. Cbona Marks and Mrs. l'arthena Marks with stealing f3P0 of sold from his camp, and caused their arrest Tuesday by county authorities. They were taken to the Wyandotte County jail Tuesday night where Adamos assembled large numbers of his band who were ciimp- t d at Dodson, Mo. One of the women is the wife of Steve Mark's son and Ihe other I lie wife of his nephew, lor each of whom J3.0U0 was paid ut Ihe lime ct the marriage. Now the miller and daughters who, it 16 thought, are being held until Anna will consent to marry Nllo, are' lleelng eastward and are being pursued by Steve Marks and the husband of one of the women. The olher husband is in another part of the state and did not know of the trouble; C.eorgc A. Neeley was employed Tuesday by Marks'as his attorney. Mr. Neeley went to Kansas City Wednesday morning and the authorities and attorneys there agreed that the case was a frame-up arid decided to dismiss it. The son Nito was at Olatlie, Kansas and finding that his lather had obtained permission from the sheriff's office to keep the daughters over nluht at the camp at Dawson, he ealied the sheriff's office to learu whether .or not his father was being followed 13y some mistake, Nito was informed that the Marks band was on their trail, with the result' that when the authorities were ready to have ihe women brought to Ihe Jail and dismissed In the presence of (heir husbands, it was found that the father had flown with the daughters. LEMON JUICE TAKES OFF TAN Girls! Make bleaching lotion if skirt is sunburned, tanned or freckled Squeeze the Juice of two lemons Into a bottle containing three ounces ot Orchard White, shuko well, and you have a quarter pint of the best freckle, sunburn and tan lotion, and complexion beautlfler, at very, very small cost. Y6ur grocer, has the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of Orchard White for a few cents, Massage this sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face, neck, arms and hands each day And. see how freckles, sunburn, wlndburn and tan disappear and how clear, sott and white the skin becomes. Yes! It Is harmless. Wichita Woman tlatl Suffered for l : our Years"Says Orjjatone Relieved Her. Mrs. W. A. llullard, residing at CU8 Houih Topeka Avenue, is still an- j olher woman of high standing whoae j deep sense of gratitude and desire to I benefit other suffering women, will j not permit her to remain silent in re- ; gard lo tile remarkable benefits she has derived from orgalone treat-' uienl. Mis. llullard is the wife of W. !• A. llullard, a well known boiler-maker lor the Orient shops. ! *'I sufferred from stomach trouble ! and appendicitis more or lets lor [ the lasl four years," said Mrs. (Jul! lard In her statement al Dnciium's j Drug Store a few day* ago. "What I I ate," she continued ej us , juy |„ I my stomach nnd felt like a hard ball, and nothing 1 could do would remove it. Kor hours after eating, 1 ivaulil be nauseated and I would rath- el have had a had toothache than the misery caused by the gas on my woui- ucli. My tilde would hurl ine like a knife was culling me in two. I hail no taste for food anil the Jittle 1 did OJIJ- gave me no strength, and 1 was HI nervous 1 could hardly sleep at all. "No olher medicine ever seemed reach niy case, bpt It's the actual ! inull the first bottle of Orgaione 1; took removed thai lump from niy < stomach ami tin.- paiim from iny ap- ; peudix and shies and 1 have not | been troubled Willi th.'in since. Afler : 1 hud taken Oigutone for a while my j husband remarked thai I looked so ' much heller, and If feeling butler can ! make any one look better, 1 ceriiiiu- ly Mjust. because I'm cmirely relirv- . e,l of all the nausea au<! pain an.l ; haii- a spli lliliil appetite anil leel ; good all Hie time. i u.taume has ciiiaiuh done line work for me and 1 Hunk lis ihe in st im-dirinc inaili-! lur people Mlllenn.L', as I did." Such Mlilellii'lltt; lis Ihe I should appeal to the thousands I unit r friiiii the faun: troubles Mr*.' lllllbni's tlolli'lis were li'li, Md IJ.V Orgnfotie .'.Imply IJCCIIIS.' it r.-i.i',\,-.f ll'e c;nlse. lolled up her v 11: 11 my.i.'is. anil enabled llei lo (lU'e.-.; le-i food i I'lopi rly In fuel, there is MM ;I tdii j t;le portion of the body thai ir< not, I,, liolillc il by Ihe helpful rullm: ol Drgaione. •.vliicli begin. i M work hv j slumilallng ihe dlgi'slhe and ni .-ji .l j tiiiivc organs, thereby i in iil'iti}' ih,-] Mi oil ami im igoi'itling Die whole SYS i li m Next, il enables Ihe weak, j worn out .stomach to thoroughly ill i gisi.iia food, piTinitliiu,' Ihe assim!' atiou nl ihe nourishing products in he I'uiirerii'd into blood, bone and muscle Oi-gulnii" is not a so culled paieni or secrel remedy bill il {ipw scientific treatment containing nq ulcohol or olhii' stimulating drugs and Is'sold In Jli/lchlmson exclusively m A. ,i A. Drutt (-0. Out of town euatomi'i's are being supplltd all charges prepaid upon receipt pf price $1.25 per bottle or six hollies for ?G.25. (Advertisement.) Don't worrya^ufyour skirt Resinol cleared mine completely I, too, thought that notliing would clear my skin, 1 had used EG many, cemcdies and nothing helped much, but when I finally tried Resinol Ointment and Uesinol Soap, 1 could feel an improvement in a short lime. The pimples and roughness gradually disappeared until my akin was clearer and fresher than ever. Yor wle by *N rlwlen. Why dou't yon tryihera? Her Face Beams wilh tho "Wash day *m»7^," insttiad of tbc "Wush Day Grouch, in ehoer juy and do. I light ot tho duz/.liug, snowy white puritj lo > of her white goods. Red Gross Bail Blue Will rliusfl •'wudli-day-hluca"— Hin-i ;i;t 'il *vhor» othors fail, and hrii:^ thu Piullf? of triumph to every ln 'Uh '-vifo who renl/// t\tre$ for pure, whitu, frtwih yloihea, 5 CENTS. AT ALL GK0CERS Amber comb, ;'u section*™J. A. Mnln- ner, int. lluy thinner, i'nd; Cloverdnic Aimlry. :inl, A If ui Til cunib 20 *it?t-tf«na—\V. A. Mc- <-orink-k. 1st; Clovi>r<luln ApUiry, and; J. A NMnliiftor, 3rd; \h>v Hunter, 4th. (,'oinb. 150 lbs.-J. A. N'lhiiiKtr, 1st; t'luvunijile Apiary, 2i«V, W. A. McCor- niok, 3rd; Hoy itutiR^r. 4th, White honey-for cxlnn'tion—Roy t!nu- Ber. J. A. NlnhimT, '.'nri; A. l\ Uar- riiiKlnn. mil; OovcnliiJp Apiary, 4th. Amhcr Tor rrxli-.u-Uun -t'loi'i'i'dulu Apiary, ]st; A* 13. naffinfil'.'ii, 1'iut; J. A. N1n- Jnser, 3rd. \VWt« extracted bonoy—Clovordiilo Apl- ury, 1st; W. A. Met'ormlck. *Jnd; .1 -A.' NlidtujOT, 3rd; A. D. Harrington, 4th. Amber cxtrat'iid hunry — Cluvordalc Aplno'. l«t; J. A NlnlngtM". ^nd; W. A. McCormtck. 3rd; A. U. KntrinKton. 4th. 150 I lis. Pxtriu'tt'd--*.'lo\'(-rdiitt! Aphuy, lal; J. A. NlnlhBPr, Jnd; A. l>. Raflinu- u>n, IVrd: W. A MrConnlek. 4th. Honey vinegar—A. U. Itaftinutun, 1st. <sliaitutated hciit'j — A. D. 1U Kington, 1st; .1. A. Nlnlnt^r. -nd; Uoy ttungcr, 3rd. KmiKtLS hcme> pioducInR p!ants--\V. J. Mtywer, 1st; Artlun- V. Small, AuKUata, nd; .1. A -Nlnfim-ic, ;trd, Uceswnx—J. A NliiliiRcr. ltd; Clov«>r- d»Uu Aptar>-, ami: A. l>. UaffliiKtoii, 3i\I; W. A McCormltlt. till. t>ul;a prcflcncil in honey—A. D. Uuf. ring ton. 1st; Huy lUmgvr, ^nU; J, A. N'ln- iiiKi-r, 3rd. 1-aiKCst yieio oitiurled honey from col- nny—lloy t»un r ur, 1st; J. • A. NLninger, :ml; \V. A. Mviurmick, 3rd; Cloverdule Apliiry, 4th, Oenerul Hpiorv ilUplay—J. A. Nhnnsur, 1st; Cloverdule Api'ary, L'nd; Uuy Hunger, JrU; A. D, RafriiiKton. 4lh. Useful all over the farm, International Motor Cultivators, l'ull your disk harrows, drills, seeders, land pucker, land rollers, peg -tooth harrows or any field work that four horses would do. -See them today ;it the Harvester Company's State Fair Inhibit. H-tit Tho famous Torbiusun rear axel in Republic Trucks. Heno-Uulck Co. 16-6U ..** & <p. ,;, Ci> w & <f. •?> Cr> <S> HORTICULTURE DEPT. A Health Uuilder For Weakened Lungs A;l<: h. Wi'llki'lml I'l' :i cellllnucil . -ii.-ti t.i.. inn:,-, niu'il ih,. mtii-l caiilul ut- '••titn n. I'II ni.i.i) «». B'KIU.V'S ,U.'!'!; VI I S" I;. ;i r.ili.luio i,all pri.|,u I :i I loll. \\ 1 . 1 1 III ill', lie-!,, tlcin Iwltlly .M '.H .-i' SU'-. ..-!ul in i l.a.i b.-> n luunii vi-iy tiuiu-flcial in .-it, et;liii Hint; llu' luiiK- anil lii'l]i:ii'^ tu n li. h.'tillll &U .\rul ll .'XI tlol(l#h at all diuoo .ttt or fixm in.ulufacUeer, postpaid. . I'.'l'K.M.lN' I. UlATuKY. i' I' 11; n!<-l i. I .Kl GOAT MILK UMlUtORIEJ 5*i rrutcucf fold by Utus|lstf <» ••• ?> « --i <i>\fi- ^> ^ <i> Q> Apples. Sculling —Jt*ttiKer liros.. Strong City, 1st Karly co^k^rn—1'" .1.. .Murlln, 1st; D. II. Kinsoy, Klnginun, 2nd. l^iwitll— IJ. IX. Kitwfjy. 1st; Tom Van Ar^dalf, 'Jtui. Maldtn Ulush—HtUtlgt'i- Bros.'. 1st; Tom Van Arridalc. -ml; K. t- Martin, 3rd. iiiino—.loliri U Martin, 1st; V. U .Martin. 2nd; C, l-\ Xiuoldns, liinian. ^rd. Him IMvlr —K .L-. Matitjn, 1st; Jlab,' I'rhsimi, Uott'Jiiwo 'Jd Palls, L'nd; S. 11. HoUKnl'ill, 3rd. ^ (;i tuu-.s—John M . Martin, 1st; W, M. Juhn», iJuliJcr, 2nd; V. i.. Martin, 3rd; Van M, Martin, lib. K A. Ht'Ti-cn, rartridge, ulh. lluniwniaii—D, U. Klnsoy, 1st; Tom Van Antdabr, -H .1; C. I-\ Uooltiiia, 3rd. Jonaihan—1-\ 1-.. Martin, 1st: Tom Van Ar.-d:Ue 3rd; Van M. Marim, «rd; 'J. l>\ (1«'okfnrt, ttli; John At. Martin, bth. Arkansas (M. 11. Twig)— liettlgor J3ru«., 1st; Tom \\tn Arsdale, Jnd; C. F. tiuok- in^. 3rd. Miwuirl—R U .Martin, lal; C 1-'. Gook- i\tn. Jnd; Uet ti^rr Hr"s., 3rd. Itatnbo—W. M. Johns, 1st; C- P. (Jook- ln». 2nd; 1> .It. KI Miry,- 3rd. Rally —lb*tngvr Hros., 1st; l-\ U 'Martin. L'nd; Tom Van AisdiU«, 3rd. r .iMieuse—<1ookln.s, 1st. Home beauty—Torn Van Ai'Kdale, 1st; K. Iloughioii, -nd; C. K Qookina, 3rd. Wc'iUhy-Ton> Van Arwlale, 1st. WlmvHiu—Ibstiiger Broti., l>*f, W M- JolinB, 2nd; Van M. .Martin, ".trtl; -om Van On -d ;Ui\ 4tli; U Martin, 5th. YYIJIOWUVJK —Uuttlgm- lirod.. Jut; Van Oi>dale, 2nd-' Hlayman Wlm-aap—A. I.. Ltrooke, Orant- vllle. 1st; Itfltlgcr Hroi.. ^nd; J. V. i'lough, 3rd. Atl;anHas Utat-U — il^illgei' Hras, lal; Tom Van Or>duU\ 2nd; i<\ L. Martin, 3rd. l.)ointnic— Iti-ttiKor liro;j., 2nd.* \»rk linijerlul--Ht tligwr liros., 1st; 1°. L. Marlin, 2nd; Tom Van Uradale, 3rd; It. Kliibiry. -i:h. iioinan stem—Ut'ttlgor TJroH, 1st; n, U. Klnst-y, 2ntl; Tom r un Orisdale, 3i'u. YelUiw Bcliri(»wfr-1», H. KtnKey, 3rd. l)elictou.4-..-i\ ,\, lltrren, 1st; Wd Uwim Uai .Hii'.ui, Jnd, 1'icstun Jlale, t.'ottouwuou l-\tlls. ;u<\. Ktis« Havid—Mrw. (.'. II. I'Ylesc-n, |Juh- lid I. lM(-|il;iy, >:, varlntb.-.s—Itt-ltlger, 1st; Van u.fJal"'. 2nd; Kinxi-y, 3id. iwitty i-wiii- iu,tugi'r Br OH ., 2nd. T'ilm;iti- Ki-HlK 'T lUo-., 1st, Cni.unt "i •'. il vara-.'ieK - (*' .1*. Mitt'liti, lbt; A. 1.. I)IUUK <*. «Irnntvlllii, 2nd. I'iitj varii-ilv.>-Tom Van t>fKdale, l«t; A. U Uroi >lic, 2nd. Box Apidcx. iii-Inn H— Van M. Martin, !sl; .lohii M. Muriln, -Ttl. .lunatlian-'-Vaii M. Mat tin, 1st; y .L. Mai tin. 2nd . \ViiL« nap i,. .Martin, lal; John J... .Maniii, ^nd. i.iani' A. U UiMokc, tM. Ktitc<'ti I'iti'lf.Ut'.'i <\ I-', c-'o'lilnw, l.-t; if. li. K'jrmty, 2cd; A. J> lirmtUo, 2n<l. Twelfth val'b-tU-t. C. V. liuoUi'iis, 1st; A. 1*. Brooltir, 2nd. Ilyslop iTabiippU*--\>. It. K'inarv, 1st; Si .-tdllng - A. l„ Jiiouks, J.--1; .\|ts, J,. A. ShuliT, 211*1. 1 'hainpU'H intaelK-H-- 1 il.-n llotitlfd^i-, 1st. 1 tine I luiusiiji, Kuropi'tui piuiti-s—\\ . ,S. lU'dbuiu. l?>l; Mru. I. .A. Sbulei 1 , Jnd. Pears. Kii ffer--A. M. ;-toviytiii'ri, route 1. 1st; A .1. . HpM -Jtjs, 2nd, T»m Van oj^iali-, ;;rd Auuuiib'titL'—1> H .Klii-uy, isl. I laybvi - A . M. SUIUKIUOII , lal.. Sr i ite| Turn Van Actulule, ltd, Mtu^uurt Moiinitutb cpiln.e Mrti. ,\, O. l.ainlnTl, lliawiillta, Did you seo the Republic Truck at Hit- Fair? Jitmo-Uuiek Co. lC-til. •V <§> *^ <$> \i 4> 4> <?' ^' ^ ^ <§> & •v FLORICULTURE DEPT. <?• .js ,f ^ ,;, <o <*> <$> .-i> <?. <S) 4> <S> Professional Exhibitor. John Slamm won l«t prizes on groen- hnust* plants, palm, itstprs, canna*, coieu», 'r>i>tunla,H f geranhmis and on roses. •Stiimni won 2nd on salviaH, snapdrnax cms. and Zlnnitu.s and 1st on boarordaa, cat 1 1| and oleos, f lowers not annuals, best plant bouquet and hanging basket. Amateur Clnss. Bouquftt«-Mrs. J. a Bollp. city. 1st; Mrs. Elmer Brewer, 2nd; Mrs. B. K. IVnta, 3rd. Collection annuals—Mrs. ' E. K., Asters—Mrs. IJ .1*. Iloeker, ' 1st; Mrs. Elmer Brewt-r, 2nd; Mrs. J. II. Bolen, 3rd. L'oscombfj— Mrs. 15. K. Pentz. Box l*a>Tie, 1st; Mrs. J. X Bailey. 2nd; Mr*. Uficoln 3>avis, 3rd. Na-siui-titims—Mrs.«:oln Davis, 1st; Mrs. .)- B- Bolen, 2nd; Mrs. J. X. BaJley, 3rd . rhloxes—Mrs. J. K. Bolen. petunias—Mrs. G. W. Nurrls, 1st; J. A. Nlninger, 2nd. Ilitfi's—C. 13. tiuttle, l^t; W. II. Underwood, 2nd. Salvia*—Mrs. E. K. Pentz. 1st. Snapdragons—Mrs. J. N, Bailey, 2nd; Vcrbtma/i—Mrs, J. N. Bailey, 1st; Mra, Bov Payne. 2nd; Mrs. E. K. Penu, 3rd. Zinnias—Mrs. J. N. Bailey, 1st; H. EI. Taylor, 2nd; C. P. Nelson. Darlow, 3rd. Wlidflowers-—Mrs. Boss Martin. 1st; Mrs. E. K. Pent», 2nd; Mrs. Gladheart, 3rd. Wild Graces—Mra. Uoaa Martin, 1st; S. E. S tough ton, 2nd; Mrs. E .IC. Pentz, 3rd. Children's Class, Mixed bouquet—Francis Cue. Marigolds—Emerson Carey, Jr. A I^olley purcha««* Is given service. Keno-Bulck Co. 16-6t. *!> ^ Q> -S* <S- <r ^ 'v Q> <3> - v &> DAIRY PRODUCTS AWARDS ^ 4' " • « Creamery Butter. Swift and Co., city. 1st; Merrlt Schwefn, Great Bend, 2nd; Ottawa Conds. Ottawa, 3rd; Bon trice Creamery Co , Denver, Col,, Hh; AJlinitu Dairy, BHi." Pound print, ten pounds—Swift and Co.,; Ottawa fond. Co., 2nd; Allmlto Dairy 3rd. Granulated butter —Swift and eo, y Dairy Butter. Tound print. 5 pounds—E. M. Whittle, rltj*. 1st: E. D. Giathart, city, mute 4, 2nd; C S. Bruen city, route 4, 31^1. Sweepstakes. Kwlft and co. Factory Cheese, li. A. Kalk, .Shuboygan, Wise. l«t; shcl- len-Anton, New Holateln, Wise., 2nd. fEsinCHT fVfRY WRONG RIGHTED Th* ham* «f Hart fidudEaar t* Mux We're willing to go the limit to please you; it you're hot pleased, then money cheerfully refunded. Y OU'LL find that the best clothes - are the cheapest; you'll get more for each dollar you pay, in good service, smart style, fine qnalitv, if you buy the best. We offer you a great stock of Special Made Suits and Overcoats from the seven best manufacturers in America. The fabrics are all wool; the designing and -tailoring are of the highest order. Men's and young men's Suits and Overcoats at prices below the present wholesale price. —$20, $25, $30,. $35, $40, $50, $60. Ivan Frank's Boys' Clothes Are High Grade. Look better, wear better, styled better than boys' clothes generally do. Suits and Overcoats for boys here now. $10, $12, $15, $18, $20, $25. (others<$3.95 to $15.) For 31 years headquarters lor Manhattan Shirts and Stetson Hats, The twrnllnth century way to har- vem with ii blade*. Use an Intarna-. llonal drain Schocker. Don't worry uuoul htirvnst hands. Working today at tho Harvester Company's Exhibit at the Kalr. 14-61 Why wolk in the dark wlien thero in a Lalley Light and Power plant to bp li.ul? Ask Tom Majors. Keno-Bulck Co. 16-(St. ... <|- <j> -J> 4' <£» l$> >$• lg> 'if * APIARY AWARDS. <i,- <^' 4 '<j> ^* <fi <5» 5> <s» ^ ij) & iy Tlirro liiuiiii'ii lldllnn— W. A. McCof- inti-li, Ml. 1 l.>]ic. lat; J. A. Kinlngor, ?oU; liuy iluiiitet', Kskrliltje, 3rd. (iiitdi'ii iUlllun—t'lgvt'iilali.' Aplury, M.t Hiipr, 1st: J. A. Nlliliiivr, 2nd; Hoy lluii- t'uiKMstun- -.T. A. NinlnKCt*. JililW. lmtiiiv in jal'tt—l-loviildule Apulry, lal; ,1. A .S 'ltiliiiiGl. Slid: Huy DuilBW'. 3rd, CUJ^II whltv cumb, 'in -acciUuiii — iwy »mi«w lot: W. A- j*l#!(W'i * 1 "k '-nd: Clur • BUTTER PROFITEERING, Pood Administration Declares It Will Put a Stop to High Prices. Wichita, Klin., Sept. 20.—The Food Administration today announced limit) on butter profits and will start a sOitcv.'lde Inspection Monday to pre- vi'iil proiitefcrlng lu this commodity. No woste to INSTANT POSTUM Every spoonful A delicious cuoful Wiiim SERVI^TATION While In Hutchinson you had better have your battery tested by experts. Our service and advice is free. Any make of battery. Electric Battery & Repair Co. a E . GiLLMORE 1 08 Sherman East (Real Wonder-Worker For Wrinkled Faces- Thnsa vrha hav'fl tried all sortn of so- called "wrinltlf. removers" in a vain effort to lose those unwelcome traces of ng«, Illness or worry, can scarcely find words to express their delight with the wonderful saiolltc formula, once they havf glvtin It a. trial. The HUCUOSS of this inethrxl la duo not alono to Us .mnrvelouH i»-ffectlv«- no-ss—upon tho d'vpiwt lines and crows- feet, as well tut upon tho very fl'nw oiu-s— but also to its surprisingly quick action nnd Its entire harmlessnc*y. Tts slmpllo- Ity ajid Its Inexpenslveneaa are other commendable features, fur one need only dissolve an ounc« of powdered saxollte in a half pint witch-hazel, and bathe the face in this solution. At once ft remarkable transformation la beheld. It Is not only the effect on wrinkles and cresses that Is so notfeeablc, but facial contour la remarkably Improved and the face looks much younnfrr. One should be sure to ask the drus^at for tho powdered saxolltP. The lotion, btdnj; s »> refreshing, is particularly grateful to tired faces. Thought His Time Had Come—Disappointed "1 never was more surprised in my life than when I took the first dose of Myr's Wonderful Remedy. My stomach trouble had been of eight years' standing, sometimes so bad as to cause convulsions, followed by hemorrhage. 1 thought my time In this world was short, and believed it Uio last medicine 1 would ever take. It Is now eight weeks since, and I am feeling better than for many years." It is a Blmple, harmless preparation tbat removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the Inflammation which causes practically all stomach, liver and Intestinal ullmonta, including appendicitis. One dose will convince or money rofundod. For,sale by druggists everywhere. ,The price has risen rapidly In the last thirty days due largely to the buying o£ 00 per cent of all storago butter In tiia country for. the govern, ment, according to an explanation of the Food Administration. Manufacturers tiro now bidding against each other for butUirfal so they can refill their IIOUSCB and lake care or the demand next winter when the production will fall off. The farmer is gelling the benefit of the increased prices paid by the manufacturer and no effort will bo made to curb the farmer's profits as Die increased prices will stimulate production during this season of abundance pasturage. Ftortnors are getting (SO cents a pound for butierfat delivered in Wichita. It takes 100 pounds of butterfat to eyual 12(1 pounds of butter. As there is duuger of profteeritig on a rising market a slatewltjoflnspection ot jobbers, commission.liouaes, wholesalers and retailers .ft'JU start- Monday. Manufacturers arq already under inspection » ; . Wholesalers wli be allowed it margin .of 1 cet\t a .pound fpr haudling putter il> carloU and as much as &JH cents a pound (or handling it In lots «J2oo A Perfect Roof at a the Cost of Shingles This guaranteed weatherproof roof is applied ' right over the old, leaky, expensive, shingled . roof, or direct to roof boards on new buildings. Better looking, longer wearing, fire resisting and far more economical than any • other roof obtainable. Cannot leak or come off. Wears like iron. Adds distinction and beauty to any building. Never has failed to give perfect, permanent satisfaction. Cornea in three beautiful patterns—Red, Green and Silver Gray. i Ask us for samples of the Art Jl Craft, and get an estimate (or your house. C I The Art Craft Roof will save you money. jflKU.jl {/i L. J. WHITE LUMBER CO. ixBl^9v>7i 100 Shermnn West phone 65 PORTAGE TIRES SOOO MILES Wichita Double Tire Go. DISTRIBUTORS. 205 South Main, Hutchinson, Kan. Attractive Proposition for Dealers. of less than 700 pounds. Retailers will be allowed from, 5 to 0 cents a pound margin for handling butter, 'file -top .v/hytesiila price .In WlchlU tpday Js'fiB oenti a jpdund for butter in quarter poum} wrappogs. On September 1 thore were H4,?87,- 000 pounds pf butter in storage In tho leading warehouses of the country fts, againej 7^268 ,009 noundg in .the same warehouses a y<jar «.gQ ofltj 83,5f$2 ,000 pounds in ttl9 #e wwejjpuse* l(j Wit. SAVE FUEL BY USING Monarch Weather Strips on your home. No obligation to show you. G. T, PRONLEEWE ISO 14th West Phone 58? 4«k HI Heap* abo\itihe*ReDuWU> Truck, Ren 9 .BuigK C9. , lfi$,L

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