The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 3, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
Page 2
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FACT TWO THE PARIS NEWS; Move Made To Expedite 1 declares this action is necessary ! iu, ordtr the jjirxs may start imm-e- I diate operation. The a^pUcauya i miist be approved by tlae commis- ; sioner's court, which meets Aus: ust 1C. The application further set* oct f\ j j jk A \ that aupointmeni. of these icin- I 'lYITrifl r%r* •'««•» ^ <**?«*« WU1 obviate ?ay- V>«Vr CtVrJLJL ^ ivyL| ment by the cotton grrower of the Application to Have Cin- ners Named District Depuiy Clerks Filed Application to have La mar • eicnmty Dinners ^peintec as dtp- ; uty district v^rks :o take :-.c- beea filed with County C:erk R. V. Ham mack by R. L. l,a:iin*ore Jr., disrric-t clerk o: county •; The §rinners «•;:; serve .vlthout ; salaries an<1 ar-? to ::.ake no I Hugo Takes Second Game Sand Lot led At Antler* Fridav ; ~* 1 Food Market Advice — ' ' " '' ' ; ' ""'"•' " ••••" •-1 LL »«tti «r*. temporarily at 1***^ either jitaiicAuy *n price or a little lower. LAMB is " ~ for every bale of cotton ginned. Those :or whom the appointments are sought are Davis Ha:n- 33i or:« of Petty: \V. S. vTed* Biard of Paris and Jesse Justiss of Kovv- *" The application #e:< out that appointment of tht-* a> r.o- would require too much tl:::e ar.<! BRKAKS ARM MLss Burdine Tijrert, the 14- year-olc daughter of Mrs. Edmund Tigert. f?n at the home of hc-r en South Thirtieth street. Thursday afternoon a-d brok* both l-ones in her le't a.r:n between rh^ taker? to n hospital for treatment, and Friday KiornrRgr was reported to be re-sting w«3i at her home. i HUGO. Okla.—Scoring in the j j second tame of the district .and j BROILERS are attrmdively j*ic«i I lot tournament her* Tharsday »a»< and FOTan, *r« do*^TS»t\'S23d j more like the first football game j whol«al*. Broiled chicken, jeai«d i o: the season than a baseball bat- ! chick*n and ehiek«& nlmd m fa- | tie. but Huso won it. 29 to 12. • j Antlers, already winner in the first ; ; same, jumped into a lead of 21 to! : 0 iii the first two inninjrs. Hu^o • | could master only one in their half ; | of the second buj in the third, put \ I on a nine-run splurge that made } 1 it a. close contest s^ain. | j With Shell, yoans Indian pitch- i i »- holding Antlers the rest o' the; : day. Hu^o slaramed away at the; I offerings of fotir Antlers pitchers I i to run up the record score- j j Leader a«d K. \Vestbroofc each] I bounced one over, the fence but I vorit* hoc weather di*h«*. Th« importance of refrigeration caa&ot b* QVArestiaoaxed *t this se*- «oc. It ha* been fully recognized in the handling of meat, poultry. fiah, and " " roduct* and is cow being- ap* fruit* and vegetable*. Berries. aa moon as picked, cany to earket "without xnaldi&£ or erat^blac. chilled corn and peas .k«*p their :rw«en»ess. vine-ripened nielors when thoroughly chilled arrive in market is firtt-class condition tender^ cwc»t and full of flavor. Lettuce has a lo&f journey from the west coast bar »r- crivp and fr*sh du« to SATURDAY SPECIALS AT CASH STORE Pure Cane SUGAR, ! 0 Lrs. Lipton's TEA i-4-Lb. Pkg. . . Palrnolive SOAR 5 Bnrs.. Great Northern BEANS, 4 Lrs. * While Su-an COFFEE, 5 !b. ca Larce Package OATS, each ". . For Dessert 'JELL, 1-. ? k-... WHEAT; i^. P k-. American SARDINES, 6 boxes Blue Ribbon -MALT, 3 Ib. can Pore CATSUP, Grape JUICE Quart Bottle . . Laundrv SOAP," 12 Bars. . 5 15 25 Market Dept. Where Better Meats Are Sold Cream CHEESE, 2 Ibs. Seven STEAKS 2 Pounds STEAK, Ib. . . F«ncv Loin STEAK, lb. . . Guaranteed Eggs -—Dressed Poultry -—Hot Barbecue Every Day TASTY CRACKERS ™ d !."i2 19 I Dase hits, so TTesibrook,, not to be I outdone, sent one over the fence ;: for the only home ran of the j The third same is scheduled at ' •: Antlers Friday. j Antlers . . S30 001 000—12 15 si i ^-^50 019 SS3 05x—29 IT 5j ; Batteries: Antlers: Calhoun, By-; l::?ton. Cracdock, Wells and Benn. i ; I>urhan>: CaidwrelJ, Shell and Rice. ; Browr:. Umpire. Perrj-. I PERSONALS i home if foods are to appear on the table at their best. Ice, sax. and electric current ar* al! cheaper thma foods discarded because of spoilage- r««efc«* Good This Week * G*orsia. yeHoir Elberta PEACHES are arriTing in quantity aad. in addition, some early white peaches from more northerly points. This treek and next will be the best, this season for canning peaches at horn*. The Georgia crop ix larje and fine and is heins shipped not* 1 . Most northerly peach orchards sJifTered from last winter's lotc temperatures, •sraich wi£l n^ean a later in the peak o* 4b* season pasM*. LOUPES ar: plentiful are ixi^her as tkw APPROVES SALARIES „ M«ete Friday to Reliec .f or. she*. GBAFES. indudins; Tlw»p- ' Mat s«*dies* «ad ih* Mslafms. «n plentiful and moderately pcie*A. BA> JCANAS are somewhat more plentiful bat little change is price is expected. PEAKS. PLUMS, and GRAPES help to make aa attractive bowl of fruit ' HUGO. Okia, — Th* Choctaw coanty excise board »»t TSxursday aftemooa jind considered the items of salary appropriation for the county, which were approved as requested by the board or county commissioners. si TOES are very cheap tod TOMA- consists 6; Charles Smith of mtlot Flashes Of Life TMDAY, AUGUST > 1*34 other 4*r—ajad cetunied la */hurv, with A ballet hoU In hl» hmt. Th!«." said rnuik, *^» jny first **•* .d»r hunt. .I'd. rather traffic than bullets."* By fhs Associated Press WHAT, XO FEAXCTS? EVAKSTON. I1L—A circu* with- ! out peanuis. pop. corn aad pink leiii-onade—thaz's what Evartston yoangsrers were up against. Several of the circus performer* were convalescing from typhoid f«-ver. so no food was *being served. cheap artd *tIG youaf acd «w**t. CABBAGE"i» somewhat higher, but still an inexpensive -refetable. Cole slaw and its variation* are a' well- liked accosapaniment to cold plates. Neic- RUTASAGA TURNIPS are in market. SWEET COHX i» now «-«n- eraJly available at inoderat* prices. LIMA BEAIsS^ are »carc« and high that succotash, is not . dish at present. Skillet-rftied v«f«- table fritters of COHN. SU1OCER SQUASH or cooked CUCUMBERS a*-* sood for Tancheoa or supper with bacon or ehsese sauce. Uncoaied, fried EGQPTjLKT Is also a ch*ap and seasonable dish. Here is a «upp«r aa«na* made up froxn foods our experts consider seasonable. Crisp Bacon Corn Fritters Tomato and Lettuce Salad Cheese Muffins Butter Sliced Peaches Cup Cakes Tea (hot or iced) Milk BRIEFS About Town G. G. Beckle? of Fort Worth. ciaim a«ent of the Frisco railway i* in Paris. JB.« is stopfciufc a* Gibraltar hotel. - 'This menu tested and tasted in the AJbP Kitchen, Miss Jew*! !>erryberry o* Den- r. Colo,. Is visiting: her aunt, Mrs. aul I>orsey. HUGO PERSONAL PLAY AT SUMNER BY AND LOCAL NEWS; PALESTINE CHURCH Mr. and Mrs. ,Jess B. Alford returned Thursday night ^roirt a two week's visit in Chicago. 35? 25 2 Lb. Pkg SCOTTI5SUE, 3 Rolls MATCHES, 6 Boxes PORK & BEANS C SHORTENING, S-Ir. canon 25 25 69 Phone 828—Delivery Service EAST SIDE MARKET SQUARE ^ HUGO, OkJa.—Cecil !McM: j has a position wi;™ tbe South- ! j land Oil company gtn iere. | Miss L<orene Simmons of Antlers, i -^rs. Kal "Welch has crone to j okia., is at the Sanitarium of Paris ! ^sy^'-eville. Ark., to visit rela- | :'L-r treatment. } tives, Misses Kazel and Fs.y Balch, are spending Lhis v.-eek -n Katv-orth. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bvjrris and son, accompanied by Miss Sue Houser of Cbicota. Texss left f The youns- people of I | church will present a play. "'The Third Customer" at" Stunner Sa.t- i The pub!Jc is invited, a small admittance charge to be made. HanliA, ««cretarjr to tbe president of ta» Louisiana and Arkansa* railway line*, wa« in Paris Thursday visiting his sfster Mrs. A. P. Bohpney. Two youjtta: men were arrested Thursday niyht by city police. One was charged with simple assaoiK and paid a fine and the other dismissed ^ fire department was called Thiirsday afternoon to East Price street to extinguish a fence that had caug-ht fire .from burning Uaoaajre was not 3XAS, THE POOR HUNTER: SAN FRAXC1SCO.—^The deer tbe woods have a sympathizer. Frank Cervelll. !6 year, old. --^r He Frank went on. a deer hunt the' deputy mark*t comznissioncr. WHO ARE .—A -1 c«* charged down tfc« corridor* of city hall, .intent on clearing out lolt*r«rs.--. , •• - • - . ,..' ... j "•What** your busin«*« her*?** An officer asked gruffly of a. younjr" man standlnjr near -the front door. "I'm waltlns: for ^athan Hale." "Toa'IL have a lona; time to wait: "he's d«ad." said th* officer. But th« young man proved politely, to the contrary, that Nathaji Hale was *n assembly candidate in the last election. "And wrhat's your name?" ask*d Saturday Specials We're back on the job, folks, giving the highest quality groceries at Wilson's low money saving prices. Miss Virginia Alexander is in Dallas spending- several da-s visit- ins:. rs. C. \VaIke- J. G.. ilor-ris. of Borsrer, is visitins: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burnett an-d ; , iani:!y ar Powderly for a fe-n.- dav^ I ei " • !sh Mrs. Jim Thomas of Clarksviile is a patient at the Sanitarium of "^'2.' r "*S Mr. and ilrs. Kenneth McCraw of I>a!ias here visiting Mr. an-? Mrs, Mark I>ancer. Miss Rubr Guest, has returned to her home in Detroit after hav- 35 been a paiiess at the Sanitarium of Paris. Rev. arc! Mrs. J. ~B. Ward are In Oklahoma City f,:r a few days. Miss Mary Lillian Biard reiurn- Thursciay from Xorman where i en{ has been attending summer ' : ' a:: | school. ! sen ! Announcements TV ere received j here this week of the s.rr:val of I a. baby grlrl in the home of ilr. and • ^- r s- Clay Hushes of Corpus t-iristi Ji:iy 23. Mrs. Hughes v.-as formerly Miss Judy Jolir.ston of ; Parii and Mr. Hushes is a former , Hu^o resident- /-ASAXT HUi. - The Meth- od:st revival io P^^ress here Is at^T^ed by largre consreg-ations, - v -r- and Mrs, Capeheart of ^ M ? h v^ FaJls spent the past week en - nere 7 ' =iCn Mrs - Capeheart's A preliminary meetins; of th« directors of the I^mar District P^-ee Fair was held Thursday afternoon at the office of the * Paris and I^amai- County Chamber of Commerce. 1 Lather Howerton and wife bare I returned from Rock Springs. Wyo| m!c£. where they were recently in an automobile accident which Mrs. George Griffiths was killed. George Bowerton, also injured in the accident. still in a Rock Sprinsrs hospital and is expected to return to £ about Atigrsri 15. ; Xh« Amcrkstn txsgiou te plau- ...^, .>lr. and Mrs. John Clark- | runs to sponsor a baseball ( ( here- August 25 for the benefit | A hg-h: shower fell here last Frl- | the Salvation Army, according: to i day even:-?. i information received from Evan 'Jd Snell and family have been ?ouih Texas several days on p. Cameron, adjutant of WinTield ; "Q'^'n Post !No. SO. ' making is just about finish- HEI.I> FRII>AY AT COMME.KCE. CiTXTRCB -^^"w^- -a, y - _ T ^.—f ^^ , derwent an operation s.~t^x days a^o at the St. Joseph hospital, was repcrtec to &e setting- aJong nicelv. Men, Woman. COMMERCE. — F-cneral ser- ces were ar--a.n^ed tVc ^ ..... -CK ii^mirMnn uspicion Carl Stucer of Sulphur Springs. under-,vent a major operation aL the Sanitariurr. of Paris Thursdav * :n ° m rested Mi -•- r s. Cla-jde Inrin ing- tt her home foU operation hospital. convaiesc- g- a minor a local Ganges ( Lemons Medium Size 5 Snnklsr bz,.. 28c! Dozen ..19c r.d' Mrs- Burton Mason of 3'ossom. who are attendrng the SMU summer school irz Dallas, are k-eek en<5 at home- men artd a. woman, crav>?:- a Poniiac ccupe, wjre a.r- eariy Friday morni~g L>y city police und- are •• beins 1 h^id :r« Tbe car b-ore an, Oklahoma i:- c«~se plate. Tbe ajrrests w-;ro mad'? at Bywa:ers park. Ths woman was said to have admitted she was not married :•;> either cf the men in the car ani • that they had crossed two state? as Xodaway. Iowa. Chief of Police Gus Cothran o* = ir-s further questioning. ? ' Irs daughter. i?nt- j at _ jj^.jj^. this ] P • risf ted Mr .C. ^^feeeler Sunday, ard Wheefer with her i visiting her Tnoiher .-'.-AUGHT.— A &urnb*r- of peo- Pie from Jranght attended church * at Xovice Sunday evening. Friday afternoon at hte College I r ^. r ' acd ilr »- Henry Ackcj- anrj Street Baptist church for Miss ! *^ : -Jons Damron, 21, who passed 1 3I5 av.-aj- at the family residence on v'arapbell street ^Vednwsdav r.i-h" The R ft v. \V e T. 2on E ??ao . " ciry has charge. C v TV. I>^.rnr-.n. father and a,! numoer of oti--r relatives survive. I Miss r>amr^n was born in Pavne | •rounty. Oklahoma, August '15. | :3I2. The farniiy movec to Texa,s I :n IS32. and. had since made this. Free Delivery— Tel. 846— S Shortening ... 8 Lb$. Maxwell House Tea EiX Strained Honey . . 10 Lbs. Palmolive Soap 3 Bars . Crystal White Soap, 5 Bars . Washing Powder ?r£r Table Salt ..... 25Lbs. Ice Cream Salt 10 Lbs.. . Sugar 10 Lb. Cloth Bag . Tubs, No. 2 . 55c, No. 3 12 Qt. Pails 25c; Vinegar^" Baby Lima Beans . . 3 Lbs. . . Campbell's Pork and Beans . . 6c Sli. Bacon, Ib. 20c; Cheese, Ib. 16c Mix Sausage . Pound 5c Steak ,... ..... 3 Lbs. ...... 25c Ireen EeaRS he Rev. "ST. J. TTilycr.. pastor POUNDS "V. T. 19 Fresh Peas £ POUNDS . . 15 Joe TT. Friday to be resting- better at the Sa.nit5ri'jrr; of Paris where fc» nn- d*rwer:t an operation a few <iays Elmer Dancer has returned to his home in Bos-wel! afier having- ?tif?:cient!y recovered from a. niz.- jor operation at the Sani-^arlnr^ o* Paris. * ' FISHT FRY FOR VISITOR AT HUGO ^ HUGO. Okla. — Mr. aad ^^ T. \V. Tyler entertained with «. fish : p" _Thtirs-day eveains in honor of -heir gT-aaddaugrhter Miss Betty Jean Tyler of LrUb&ock. Games were played later in tb« ever-inz- Canned Goods Advancing It Will Pay You To Take Advantage of Our Large Stock And Low Price* As You Will See Price* Much Higher =4"^°*^^^"*"^; Parfs ^«'«t« recently w €rc r>!e frc-m r-^* "«-,~^" VgCf * r C^-"' i adTertl ^ ed ^ "sharply reduced" as "V, s j C:r ," a **'^ ' or Americas touriat trads Lt:enj. ah • which was fa!!!np off because of SUGAR 10 Ll>«. Beet 10 IN CLOTH BAG5 SUGAR Poynd Cloth Bass Mr. and ilrs. R. C. Z-ane cauyhter. Kiss Elizabeth Lane, have returned irom Dallas ^here :hey visited ilrs. I-a,n*"s sister, Mrs. Tom Allen, and fa-mi Iy. Xrs, J. C- "tVarreir, Jr.. has r«- Grove after a visit h*re with her parents. Mr. ar^ Mrs. Prask ^-^^^™«^^^^^^^^^^™ Just phone us your order—then don't worry Vanilla Wafers 1-Lb. C*Ho P h*i« PVj. HONEY New Cotton, Gallon ROAST, Baby Beef, Anv POUND STEAK, Baby Eeef T Pound.*. .... BACON, Decker s 2 POUNDS for VEAL LOAF MEAT POUND CHEESE, Swtft', Br POUND OLEO 2 POUNDS for ICE CREAM SALT 10 POUNDS for 10cl2ic lOc 3lc lOc 17 25c lOc :• ^ iliss Helen Blair hajs . from Hugro. accompaned by her | . aunt, Zkl.-n, J. L- BrinfiJey. . Visit a fev.- days here with h«r ' ' moth*.-. 'Mrs. A. XV. Blair. on' Pine B;a" street. jfnr. VI,-. N. Sumner and daughter, iJrs. Morria Fears of Antler*, Ok is,. *-in arrive Saturday to sp*n£ the w«t«k ^nd ixith J, if. Sure re r and ilrs. J. 5, Patrick. X'rs. P. E. Kenson of Little Hock. Ark.,, la here for » visit with i her mother. Mrs. Ixiuis Crook, £35 ; 'Jlark^viH- jftr*et; sfce «^:*o arilj j vi»:t I»'n-. ilcott Thompson a,n<J i Mrs. Ralph Provine while her*. \ Otir delivery cars 2fi» on men at tl:e "/heels. No i over which they do not ] customer; in everv «cec*'r QUICK SlfRVlCE." There's a reason: Hackei things to e2f—with prices only grocery srore in to-* kinds of ?GOG that *'H! ar tire family, and all priced If you are not *io * r one <~;f ber vou as one soon ? tne job with courteous young :aved srreei or unpaved ailev ::c % for ve number our lova'l n of the city, and ALL get s Grocery Is noted for good al-A-ays right. We are not the n. but we are here vith the p^al to the tastes of :he en;n a way to help you balance our customers, may u*e num- PEACHES No. 2% On ASPARAGUS Ubby*» Picnic, Can RAISINS 4 Lbs. 290 Ginger Snaps 1-U>_ CtOopkan* Pkj. .. POTATOES R«a or White, 10 CHEESE Cre«n, Lb. OIHGER ALE CEcqnot Club, 2 Bottl*.. TEA BU», 1-4-Lb. [ [ Crackers 23c 2ib. box23c Mr. and Mrs. E5*-a.r<; Brooks . H*r;>y of Mex.'caii. 3.S~xico. *r« ; her* for s visit rrith Mr. Her.tey'* I father. Tom G. Henley, on Bon: ham street, an<« other relitivesi, in- ciu<r;-r,sr his yrand father. John T. KerSey. Liplon's Tea J[ i v i s o "A ' 1.2 j*.e I €% ^tf 4 POUND PKG. ... 21 i M1.5S EJeanir S<u>tt wi21 leave : Saturday for Hoo*toa where fthe : wiH v^it h*r sister. >rrx. Philip r Scrivaer. She will aj*o visit & ( school friend in G*.]ve»ton an<J »-^JJ | spend 4 few <J*yx with Mtw Ore:i cben . Itaufon and her Sun^y who I are vacation Inff ai Sylvan near GaJveaton, Best Grade ' 'i O TO WATEK Water t>ill« tna*t l>« p«i<! on or Au«ru«t 10 in or<3«r to ««core 70 per -cent W WaMr Folger'sCOFFEE. 2Lbs. 63c SUGAR, in cloth bag, 10 Ibs. 55c A H tMUM T^ • • HA CD Pi Decker's English I k 9C^ "*" Sliced «i8» * jLvw Vanilla Wafers. .Lb.Pkg....15c Cinger Snaps Lb.. J3c Kdlogg T » PEP 2 Pkgs. 2tc Swimmm^r *nd Diving Book Free with Each Pack**• Hackel's Grocery •ferw^Likww j. * ^ . , ' FLOUR Corn Flakes M31«rX 15e Pkj- • Baby Beef For«qovt«r StwJc, Lb., Baby Beef St«w PHONE 112 Creimery BUTTER, Lb. . COFFEE H«I«', Leader, 3 Baby Beef Forequarter Roast, Lb. . Baby Beef Lx>m or T-Booe St*ak, U», BACON Dexter'* Sliced, Lb. .. . Not Too Little For Not Too Bit For UttU

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