The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 1, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1932
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

rouR THE DAILY NEWS, FEEDEEICK, MD., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1932. TEH, AN INDSPr P-"-Usi:E »1 Ti* K KEWSPAPKR. . "cs *x«r: 6-jos«} os: Su:idi=« Court S;r«^ WILL ROGERS EXPLAINS SPURT OF T CO«RBS VERA GE FA MIL Y TAXED $36 p ROpoSED RE V £NUE BILL . a . . TSB C-S£AT SCVTHER-N PSINT1NG *N! JiAXTFACTCRISO CO. MSXEBEK OF ASOClAlEt- i"R£SS T^e ssocli".«£ Press ·-? «xc.^s:*-y « ~ titled to IS* 'J» tcr jcs;:c»iics ol mi; cew» e--s?»tci:» cred;ietf te n « =ci o:ser*:w to tts« C»X' * 3!i · ; * e si » !cc * ST. N ··.·. er ^?vs cr expressless c; ?c= »sj tc;;c ^u t« ;-:::»rrc cr=Fi=:«: c; :;« re =»=:« c: r. Tfte o»3» wi:; net o« pv»- lfi? ccaseri : f.Tea. C-'. '.'· aa»" it»a ts m--t£i:!'.T !« tie nmu- v.'i:.:. ROGERS. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR .Mr. Ifum-Mi ii\e f.firt-u tJ 'lanff N;:-'V. ·::·. N'e-s S_- c-r :iV l_s:.j-c. a* :··.-·. i^.-. IT. Jill N--.-.N of May 1. . WEDNESDAY. JUN:. I. :.-'^ J I N K DAY*. Tr the rad:arT rn:-c ··: ^.- ;- v. :f iiiere ire ever ptrfec: dsy.-. t^.ry - m? ir. rosy J-.;:ve Thr -ur:h : -.urrscd --.:? JF^?!^ .^re c.irp* v-c "*iih ':-^"A' r T3 io'^^-r :n :he sra::c ::::'.·;::: ^ : K'.r- ;«· '!"::·· earlh cverflc*' ·.·.;!;; h ,-v a:;d jror.-.ii?, :: wh^pers :' i:-j.-.s ;-.r.~ t . ^ - - ^ come, ar.d ::;e l-.e^ts -' rr.i^fjrr.rr.iT ar« cyrucsl ce^:ruc::?r.. O* all tlia: eof.a.-y. the '5n:r ;'_-;l.:.-r zc. his f-c-^c". -.!··;· (rardcrwr fto-v-"» «»··'«" his r!ec-c!- s plan:*, b^ :im? ··- e-- lit'Ie. For h;m Jur.v ^? a n-.^r.'.:; ··: anx:-?ui to:'., u-j-.h the ycur.g crops ; :st se:;:r.5 cut or. the march : !::-r'. ·. :. v.-hile he begirt hi; b.'.:::c -.·.;· h pcf. and -ivecd 'nt'5. Nature p^rvarfo* t^:I v.'i'h thr most £t33:u!atin^ weather o;:r clizn.Ve produces. ?.Ian 15 :hus .-."r 1 .;-d or. :? :::s best work, yet no: sti.'kd ur.d-;r the saSocatinj: :-.:r of i.^ss tender months. If we rsri't ^icrk :n Ju'r:^. nh-r. o. 1 ..". we? rr. "i any t*nef:: 0:2 ac- ' ·..:;!! Vrrrrrs ::j cen- = »- _. rr.adc up of :;..;··,:-::- :!'.··:·(· L-- ·.::· i:tc::--r ·ir.c H'.ovi.f.:-.' '.::·· C -·:. n: r v . ; · - . . . t , » , , . h ^ - i . : . , J . r l crotxis !-··· r.L^tr:e U» ;::;-n:::c ·.·: .-*·:::'· CTi'r.iry to ;x-pu!.ir t-^Uef. tJv- country r"t:-tr:-"- ;.v- T!;-- :crt':::nf srr't:p in [ thji country do^s not t!:c!:;dc even the BV COSMETICS A VEAB */.30 A -.r , TUSES, ACCeSSQK f7.(X A r, ,w,.r sy.^jp, f re. S8.00 A V£A^ TOTAL REVENUE EXPECTED $669,5OO,OOO HEALTH B7 DR. MORRIS PISHEEN. aaa at Hrtrla. TJ» He»i: CAN VOU BKAT IT Bv Ketten Odar La City Water MJ6l cejaruaent of public iieaaic o!- : ha'.e recognize*! t£e g«ai. da- j ; fieulty of satzsfyiES peopie '*-"-" a \ I »ater supply that has taste and oc/r.; | Because our seuse of taste is a coscbi- ; j natico of t£e sens* of odor and of S ! giu and macy other secses. taste IE : ! wain is usually scerriy odor | The gas or vapor given off reacted ; the nose and is Denied as saeii. Cer- j tain gases, soch as hydroe«i suiphice. j sometimes Bbeiaied by water, have ob- ; jectaoeaJMe smelte The? are usaaUy j due to organic matter, such a^ mi- . | crcsoopic organises. Sometimes scsei. | 1 of water is due to excess chianor or t_-e : formation of compounds with chlorine, by industrial wastes. i Much iron in wauer nay give rise !c ; the presence of a typical iron taoi*. = . Any e*perl*ne«i observer can fine -.he · ! cause of taste aed odor easily. Trie ; ! vorEt tase ss sewneumes cue to pr.eGO- I ! laid bodies developed by industrial j i wastes that contain coal tar. j j Tbe variety of tastes corr-vcly is- i i sociated with liTing organunns are ce- r i scribed as arocaiic. fishy, earthy, osiy | or grassy. The most serious tasses cc- j currtr* in chlorinated ·ara-er result : from poliiitaH! by industrial wastes. Th«ae taates are dssdncUy medical and do not disappear xith boJinj?. j Therefore, the bad taste is found noc j only In fresa water but SJAO in tea. ; canned goods or food -jrhich may be cooked in such waer. ' Tea is particularly affected. Ptor this ; reason iaboratories jooeu=!«5 :«s'. the: water by making tea. j Living organisms in water inay oe j destroyed by small amounts of copper ' sulphate. QlTiF HT \ Chlorine is effective but only in OJ-L'K. U L-l- much higher couceetrauons. Super- chlorlnation ha* the advantage o* destroying the bad iosce due to :h« effect of the chlorine on rhe aiatwr in- ; volved. i The problem is one prircanly for en: gineers. The average user of water is concerned only irith knowing Th?.t : causes the bad odor or tne bid taslt. i ' and '-Vith the cjucs*.^::i of w-K-c-ivr or [not it is likely :o ae hami'ui :o hU : j h«i'ih. There is no evidence that tie amoun; -*?*/! So / PUZZLES By George Clark! IN NEW YORK ' - r ' ! ." ^'C''" l ~;'.''*..''j'' r^l'"'.'·-"·"; "if C^r.-^'-.^-v; -h. ;: .-.:v-~,-d ,-v^.. : ; : .Vr~ «? s.i T v^'i- ; of pcUution or the imurt? of the ;» nrk-rs O«::-: , .,'_ n:.«ch:.:. ry » i and special {«*« .Cready approved lor ^.^^ vou _, , 3X Qf course ^ | average c:ty °'^~^'TM--\-"'^ i:pon * ox much bre '" you | *" "**-*ted with a health problem THE DREAMS MED. The creams of 1300 pe-vpSe in reg.ird ~jo the Lindbergh baby, \rcrc reported to the Harvard psychological clinic, a.-.d not one of them approTteatrc! {s^ c;r - cumstancrs or ·:;:-.: pathetic tnutcc'v. The mar.y folks ',vho -sorry bocau'e of seemingly cmimus drrorrji rr.i?:i: reflect on tha; fact. Some suthcrities thirJc d^eAa^s express people's suppressed ^i^hes. v.'hile irvinv rjcrscn.* notr that they dream about things and people thai were in their rnir.ds durini; the previoiis evening. The knowledge of our future cloudy piljtrimas;" thro;:sh this life is mercifully hidden froni our peerL-g rye.=. Never Ti-orry abo-r tlio fantastic scenes of ;!:cse n:sht v:sio:is. which teli r.othitiK of future ever.:*. article rcakcs it posaible to raise! :!:· scliir.!; price o: that art:c t!i j cr *"'""'' '"'" "'' l ' !;ir:ff at rrK- .'ante time makes :t PCS-iTM' r ; i r ; 1 .^"J ! ". r ;-:':i fr-r hnd-om-nr;v to raise rr.-/. or i :itN . 1 '"'* " " : : '" 1 ' f-:i:!5!r pnre of land !:: the prot-'Cted · t-"-- 1 '- 1 "' vi.-rrict "Workers boinjr dns\v:t iron; · - · · - · · i i i t h r r j-rcrkris of ;::e country, '··me-; {times £ro'.:nd r-at. and the pru-e of I 1 !?_::·-: may decrease, business may .-ulfcr j in these oLrwr sections rcsuJtuiit In i tor.-. They last arc accustomed M fa',: i : th'--"S-hvr, -v^rkvr?. on: they srr-..- m I : purpose fxcopt to retard progress: fre- [ I qs:r:-.:iy the- foccislittive gains cr loses 1 f-;r:;;:ne .ir :ru!i!^*rni activity of the ' BY BRUCE CATION . "s !;..\ an-'; li:i:' '. r t!:f ChrL-.trnas box. y-..-ur tax will b-j : As i-r ;-vrtinst i;c--xi3 l.-t's pro.." tnv_-1 4 2J : rial yo:i a. or-.'.c-a-week golfer, veil,, i .-hoots .i'.:-.t i-.vt-r 100. Yo;i buy two club.-. 1 ; urn-ing the yrar at $5 rach 50 ; DET ECTIVE STOCY IS LOSING cents tax tin:.-. \ou Icse on the : v.vr...- t - .:-!:,- b.iii l.'r each! IT ? POPULARITY. ; Also 'Phone Tax. ' Authors' agents have re.v;rt-:-r1 re- | mother. contly that the d-.-t^ctivo xt--ry is rj losing its poptilari'y: and about onr-tenth rf tlx o"i:r.;.ry's ; ° 1 '-'' I 'V 1 "''..,_""' sr. end to i t . ' '"" '" jr-KJ'-o. -··.-»::::· W. C. ni'NCAN. ^* :n '·*""· '·'· : -'~ $3'- 00 p',:: :v\..;^; :.;',.' t^!i liiWif.-:*, Th;- hvo-- in a div.-un ;w:i. She calls o:icc j casual glance a; current. :;et:ciive fir- a rr.inth. :he rc"4t«!.'.r charce being: '· K!1 ' x ^'- ^ e ^ o u '^ reason why. ?:.-?. Ada IS cc::;.» tnx '"»· ---.-h .-_'i The mystery story. ::i brief, li l'Js:ri3 :ho 1^ (v.:i. That's $!.SO a year. I f"" because, as a genera! ru'c. it is at- Of i-o;:r?o. if v.n: c::.i:'.ci- to b::v an i rociously writie::. utterly humorless and vkctric :.-rris:.-r;::or tor S'JOO. S10 more f devoid of the si ;hte?r. kinship v.-ith ' \v.ll h- .icderf M y.-nr t : hi;rdcns. And reality. if '.··;:· rv.T. p. str.aH ::totrir boat, another Consider, for itistance. "Kzvc H:.S!0 or n-.,-re tr.tist ::··- pii.:i. Carcase." by Dorothy L. Savers. B:it. i,x-r."r;i".'.y .-P".ikr.!;. S3C will be This tells h-".v a Russia:: gigolo -'..v- ·. ",:r .-.;· KV i^f ·:;' S( ; p9'Of 000 i vx :n-· - our;t i 'yiris on an EnsLsh beach '.vith i re.:.-·» ten: icvv'y approved by Con- REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. - - :S32 BY SEA SERVICE. INC. ^ End J Xe* Yori. Jtne :. -- T"=e ecd (rf tbi j^tcry. if ever there is oce. rests { :he Xe-x York ant: PeMsyivaaJa Bureau I o-r Vita! Statistics. · Th-s besinnirje has for iss scene j rangy, tiled corridor of the T7. S. | office in E5gh; A-"ent;e. There, through i :2e days said tn» weeits. drill aac ' rsi^ions cabins arxx;o?isZ}" as the g«ser- i 3! ceiivery ·«'a" or drooping a J Xo-sr 2^:d then, gaiiered aloag tfc i writirjs^ counters, are a scattered ! Trho see2i :o be sear^iir;? each passing · fare. Whatever the illieracr fiaum jztay be for Manhastan. tisese ; gl^rs bekrx to the charts. They can] not \vrire. They are looking for a I friendly, kindly face. '.Vhea they set I one. they'll go meekly over and ask-- j ususilT in broken Sngii.:-.: "Will yo«J ! please ·write a lvtt?r for me?" j" 4r * * i A ;ne;:d :rooi tnc- micale west. I j stranger in \e'.v York, -xho was thtisj ! approached. :old me the story. The re-j j cues: carr.e from an elder!;.' Italian, ! re;rr?i to himself as Tony. Tonjj ; orerate3 an ice 2nd '.rood pedclisg f e*m in a cellar in toe East; Sihrr Annivrr;iry. nt a onff Mav i ,,.W- I ·". . \vTa:tc mccme tax. 11 i::c!tjdcs more than N 1 :.:. icd by ir.cre?-ses w':::.-l! -,vi!l not. affect Pr.r.oe c-f \V.\l.-s -·..=_« :;:: .! c : -ec to nnc h:rr.. thamiin? ;·. h-hiftil. Wo talked ship. dif-L-ii.'/: splitrtr.e ar.d ill r.r:^ i !v-:v^r -.-·:' 'he :-.v-?nty-f!ftJi i ~ ::v..-rsir--- ···? !ter paten!.*, i R.-v. Mr .·,':·..· f i n i t e :-t:rac!ive :!' iu! u;!l .-.;-.;: . i ·f .·.·::· ..-r and buf. The ' Fro::'r.rl-;: .-re rv'-:v-d hy Mrs. A-:arn j C-'-'::v:i:'-: .--.·.:! ".- S-::--:-r^;" Tho · .v.jti r:r.-= = ^ - ^ (:·-.. .-::::;.;ly :;--.;-·:, In ! -I.;... ? i --hi:-- li-r :1'-.\"r? ^--rc;.:v' ·;:::-::· L\v-vr:;.-. L'.;:;ti; -\A:; .-.ervo-:'. a; ! Ad:?;:-. 1 .:-..·': ··:-;·.:;" v - : - ^!^ .;::-. Mv.;. Nrv; V.': --..-' H KuiuScrji;; nr.d riiiishti-r. Tr:;-; r \V · :;;'. :%!:-.- Tivodor'- S'.inder-, 3al:ini.:-rc c-.;unty: M.-s Marie Diehl. ;-:;-.·::. M.\ry ana Stan'.e-. : ,?': Messrs K--y Sisrkr oiij Roy Ir. :ir,d .T:j, Franrls E:..-or. ; ?rr:tth. N"7.- J?trry Mrs .! H. S:;ndersi!l. Mr.! -- ir. :i::-i Mr? J.\--.-ph E:rr : Crailuate From HUftriral ?chooL and Irvs: Mrs : ' ·::J::-_.:-T: Mr. sue: Mrs R-- i i orse ::. D.i:-...L-!.-r=er. !73 West, it '.r,--.-t. ;h'.« i'it.y. Charles V K - . ·' Br.-.-I::-c-: U.-ichis. -racu- ;^rf-.y ;:-! t h Blsrs E!ec;r.c». .1 t!i^ o-.-.-' vp ; -,r of electrical rct^ -r. - hctltcr th-.- c-r ccn::r::.i t ".-·:- :;:;· ·n=; :~- s - t : . f it Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP his throat slashed frcin ear TO ear. Peter Wimsey. who seems to go about i England detecting jus: for the fun of it. ; solves the murder--and introduces you '. to such a hopelessly complicated, in- i volved and general!;,- witless homicidal ! plot that the chances are tea to one ! you'll quit the book Ions before you reach the end. And. I might; add. if ; you do you're smart. In fact, if you're really smart you a'on't even start it. : Then there's "The Lister.inB Woman." i by Massicks Sparroy, An oid gentle! man gets done in his t^cirocrn. at rnid- i night, and the story comes to us through a dull-minded servant, woman. . who ccts :he low-down by keeping her ; ears open. At no time is it really clear ' jusi what has happened, and at, no time "What I want you fellows to ksep in mind is that n*body loves 3 fat man. Today In History j Toda 163 ; Death I "iy l^;e th^." Tony in s:utnb-| j li^g Hlugliih. "Say I -.van-, to asi what-i j ever aK^c.c3 so people srhas are deai3 [ Say I wan; to ask can they find sc 1 siiisrs o: a n:;e old lady ·what, is dead.'S ! So begin ^ae letter to the Bureau o-t ! Vitsl Statistics. Over' c-r.e shoalder3 · Tony elir.itec as tbe corri-cor cros I Soocled by. I Up in a Bronx undertaking- parior3 · an elderly 7, oman lay in death. Hes j body had been fo-roid in z. cart hai= bedroom of a cheap apartm-ent ! Once sh« bad had weaish. And ther? [TCEIV had been a caresaier on he? Taday's Horoscope. -. estate. She iac beaji iiac to "n'-m Kg In the special indicaticais the mc-ntii; hai n-erer forsoitea. A. scemoranduirl I, '· opojs Tcith good prcspects, and this; -3 her rooaa had bro-jsh» an officer ttl ries ' day gives a Sinn, sjmpathenc naarre. | his ceilar. Th-e officer had read it tx| j ? . .^ ~-,f-.-r--·---= SV-^TC Jes: A P^^ 3011 bom this day TrSI gain a : him. She had. seemingly, died penni-i .'j7.jr_,l-/.^-iA c-r^orcr rn Artieri n"-' :r ^= s c-£ fie ^ris and sciaices: less. Tais seemed incredible to Ton-f I^_I~"~£.^"".^L V.v.-" -\jlchiEir ^~ ^ l£:l = E '-" u 8h ariQ ' R S make : He could remem'jer her onjy as the : '^"",,^-~ "~ " "' """ " mrcself understocd. The ciEposiLon : sr-ess of a country place vita ca _-- a i-.ojgi **~ S^tsEally be gentle and benero- i sric a fj^-e aoase. Tbere in-ust. he de-3 v,-- ,j,_ bo*"^ ^ ent - ·-- ^ 1 a des^e K help and consck : ciaed. be sec- Died ai "liarI- : ^^ si ^ and need 3'- i must have go; :S s\, 3r r ?h3i V-ur.::. ascend urasl- ^ a; o; -" ; ; ;r , Mcrm-n church, bcm a i ' ' does the ccntie reader rea-lly give a ; hoot. O-"::rn5 Of D. C c--r.;.. Flapper Fanny 3 4 s j * ; 7 s ! ·» '·»« Us 1Z : 13 I 1£ I IS I Ifc : X7 : ; zo *i ! zac : 27 ; ze ; WAS ?= A UXTKV R V.4?CRi\.S= AS FAS iSTi^ rlCWSS: Of NvS SEicCl ~H= .? '931 «V "t* SCXtXt. »C- Whir.r.u-.shnrr.. V:. Died at Salt. Lake Ct--. A;;rii5t C?. 1377. : · ISCfi--John E. Fl-^vti. Virgirjii eov-: Far better is "Cierica! Error." by An- ! e mor S^crc-tar.- ·: "A'^r. Cenfed- \ thony Rolls: a :ale of a m:!d En^lisn ,-,'.^1 -. -^, ? J^- b--^" "-- ^j'a^'^' ccun*v j rector who becomes a homicidal maniac. v-T"' ofcd "r.Wr" AlTir.g-.on. Va.. Au! poisons his wife, a prominent parishion- i _".V. "^ '\ ? .^~'" er and an ancient clergyman and Snally : j 33 rUjViin's. H:ocl. noted Codec-: EE:S tripped up because of the suspicions ; C r3f* e^n^rr.l r?--r- '-.-, Oa-inssrilie-i of the local cJoctor. It's not a mystery. ; j^-- ry-^ ?- y^-,- O-l-^r= A^i^iiStSO but :t is intercsung and fairlv piaus- : 1^-9 able. . " ''S3^-J--.'--2 M -ui-lar: of Kentucky. "Havo His Carcase" is published by ""A^ncia-e ".7-:=r:co '%'f '-he " UrLceti · Erescr. Warren and Putnam. The other : suites" Suprerr.» Court, frcm "577 to : _iiro come from Little. Browrj and Co. J Q J J 'y.-- --. H.-T'" c-i; K- Di5i * . in Washinrtor.. Oc-vcr-r 14. :31i. "MENUS, i o-*^»~n^r on .n^ Girty stens o. ms i of. bufineac. he had thought baci. i had rementbe--d that sh-e riad spokerC j of iwo sisters in Philadelphia--or ?ean-l jsylTania---tr Wffietiiicst iiie ;"nat. i s.s only c?-jid reach them-- Daily Lesson In. English Cor_=o-.-:.-i-- .-f Mtatc. r-m .r. -.var- ; -rt-k. R. I. D:-i ir, E-ts;.:.:-.. Apr.i 12. ; : 1 S 9 - - · Word^ often m^-i=^c: Do r.-:c s?.y. "She h:is an BTk-ful sight ,v beautif-.:: thing?." Say. "She has ?. great rr.any beautiful thir.g?.' Often rr.:sprcc;0ur.cec. Friendship. ?r- ; nour.ce the d. r.ot fren-sh.o. Often misspelled: Cavalier. Observe BASED CABBAGE ASD CHS5SS. Brtaifcst. Orange Jnice Oxiied Wheat Cereal Cream Fri-ed Sfess Buztered Toasi Coff-ee LoBcheoa. Fein-j: Butter Sand-sicbes Pear Seace Cocoan-jt Cookies binner Baked Cabbage and Cheese BaJceo Potatoes Bisrtiii Plum Jelly Frait Saiac Strawberry Sbcrtcaie CocoznDt Cooties (3 dozen! '· cup fat c=n extract ; c ^f · 5 ' a s ar : » t«aspeori s ; Just a Letler ] So be rtished t-o the Bronx undsr^ j taktn; parlors. Tbey were aboti; ]ser:d the body ;o Potter's field, un Iciaircec! j "No. no. I tell :hea=." sa;d Tony. ··: ] -aril! Sad her sisters. Then it will all i be fixed." I The iind-er"-iier had bela the inxiy--t _ ' ace. tTro. thres days! Then Tony de-j 153 | cided that the sisters might be tracedt i ise ^*ouiu * rite a Art.c tnst^ ; zas ·arhere my :rien3 Tralied in. I Jast a stranger going- ir.t? mail ; l«:ter ar:d -sriadin-g up as party to i --that's Ne~A Vcr'i for youl j -S- « -5] One tom there is There ; tTlric and Sidney Blackmer appear ~'ith ; out pay. It's 31o»'ing Roci. N. C.. tie:. · were appearing; there 'arht:: this penried. For it's Blackraer's home ' and his parent.? still live there. I ! I imperturbable. I Word studv: "Vsi 1 a 7»rc t'trcx: t^r-'-s j and ;t is yours." ~^; :-j. ;r;crcssv .v.;r j vcva:;u:srv by mAjtcrtrr cr.- ^---. cs.h · Luf s Stuff i teaspoon vasiUa crsam of tartar -;-, £ ..ei: -K-X;...., -^ -0^^ T ^,, ; ... -^-»-j ·? teaspoon kn:- ·- cup rocoac::: ·'-;- x rereiver's hands' th- yi-r cavj Crearn t4?e fat and sugar. Add eggs . t , a - --, _^« e _ i ,^ -^ .-^ : _ , ; ^ . _ . ^ j and cream. Beat 3 minutes. Ac-5 rssl ! - -j-.^ j^-- ^"« -H! Hot-Ie o* r"----= " J -^cS · apart rn greased saiin; sheets. Bsl« j_ Q U's'"'""" ' ~ "" '" 1 Cabbage and Cheese For S A 33=; suos:itute Take Vcor - c-it^ o: ; tAblcspoons :c-r · 5 7a"c-lesr-tn5 fkur »i: Thouffht salt "rita ' ; made.--Psalrr_; ·33:!4. "i ;-3 .r.;- cheese. 3 cups, c-t-oied * # ~ ; Mj-lt bu:t«r anc add Sour. Blc-d and derstc^d.--Carlyle. j add mils and cooS untU creamy sauce :' -- fc-rns. Stir constantly. Ad-d cbec=« and · Sticklers . A CH.ATE CONTAJMN. DO11EN all irddir-.c Arrar.src .ng vV.:'wd N- the v :t:r I ktic'-v s;/."e f.:..-- o: '^h-.^o l-.r.^rts .'. r-' .tey . ^"hrtfe v.^-rds .-;v- : til- ,-.:'.d i u : v:"err'rr Biscuits. blind X'SCT: N. A. LLFBLKKOV.". ::-. - ;.-~'der C'.Jt- :n tat ·vT-.-.h snit anc add rcilk. ".".ten so't coush rorrns. pat :r ot" on ^ "?;;r£d papor attd pA' until rlottgli i? be--:« anc use as siwr: cake. ' PNMN r.-f iC'-'V.s .·:;· r-.:f;-- iro-rr , c^;] of !:» sKcive tore o; letters. CM yr-u s;l^. in 5^ 35 !c torrr* vc'Tu.O Answers SIL: ae roana on :as; page. ~

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