The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 20, 1918 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1918
Page 11
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ffljTpAY, S^EJSMBEft 20, 1918. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. ^LIVE STOCK MARKETS) Kansas City. . * Katisas City, Sept. ZO .-^tloaS— lte- aelpls 6,0011; steady t6 \0c lower; bulk $18.75iff.20.2u; heavy $lE»,!iO@ 20.60; packers and butchern $19.25© iSO.46; lights $18.70020.20; pigs $17.00 919.2:-,. . - CATTI.U—Kecepts C,000; steady to tfic lower; prime fed steers $18,000 19.40; dressed beef steers jll.BOfW '17.60; western Bteers $10.50@15.00; southern steers $7.00®; cows »«.20«ri2.2Sj heifers $7.6O(f*13.50; dockers nnd feeders $7.60 #15.70; bulls $7.00ifi)9.r.0; calves $G.50{i'12.r>0. SHEKi'—Receipts 0,000; steady; lambs $li>.00<ft 17.60; yearlings $10.50 013.50; wotliers ?10.00©13.00; ewes tdo LATB TO ct-AMIFV. . ... APPLES., Jonathan, armies cjofdon, Stayroan wlnosaps. End or lllh Hired, west of town. Call and bring your Backs. 1'lrsi ^lajiM applus. 1 'houo 2b01-S, . J. v. pLouar-iG. 12 tf All kinds of stove repairing. Phone 31 17. 2-U fori SALE-—Klx'lioln nnd lour nolo cook stoves. 110 Went II, 19-31 AlAM-1 IIKI J V—Wanted, bookkeeper, must be experienced, good opportunity [or right man. Kantian rucking Co. 10-1 L FOK HAI.H Oil TIIADK—For land, a modern U-room bouse; furnace; RarnRe; foot frontaaii on one of be«t streets. t'otertion-Huiubaugh Investment Co. 19-31 $8.00011.60; $7.00@17.50. stotkefs and feeders Chleijlo, " \ Chicago, Sept. 20.—(U. S\ Bureau of Markets)—HOGS—Receipts 12,000; steady; butchers $20.i0©20.65; light $20.16020.50; packing $19.35019.85; rough $18.60019.15; pi«s, good to choice $18.50@19.26. CATTLJ5—Receipt* 6,000! slow to tower. '•'...' SHBEP—HecelpU 20,00t); steady to strong, \ * Wlehlta. ' Wichita, Kans.; Bept, 20.—HOGS— Receipts 600; lower; top $20.18; hulk $19.00ifj;20.00. CATTLE—Itecelpts 260; slow; un­ live steers $10.00#16.50; cows and heifers $6.50(^9.50; Blockers and feeders $7.00013.00; stock" cows and heifers $6.7606.76; hulls $7.00ft>9.00; calves $7.50013.00. ' New York Sugar. New York, Sept. 20.—RAW SUllAtl— Steady; centrifugal, $7.28; tine granulated, $9.00. Liberty Bonds. New Vork, Sept. 20.—Final prices on Liberty bonds tdday were: 3Mi's 100.20; first convertible 4 's 96.24; second 4's 96.66; first convertible 4H's 96.28; second convertible 4»4 's 05.02; third 4 '/i 'S Srfj.00. ^ GRAIN MARKETS^ RANGE OF OPTIONS AT CHICAGO. Wheat. No prices quoted. —Closed— Today Y'day WALL STREET LOST—Motorcycle pump, east of town. Leave at News office. 19— FOR HAI.K—Apples—Itrlns your sacks and save money. 1 mile east, 1 mile north of Packing house. Wagoner Pros. la-tr 1X1ST—Mha'a rlnp Initial on black onyx, Reward. Vhono 417J. 19-lt roil HA LIS Oil TltADE—For WlchlUl property, 9 room house at 600 1st West; lilso 8 lots. 19-2t FOR SALM--llase burner, kitchen range, dining room furniture, dresstvs, rugs. Phone l'2u or 1511. 20-24 FOR HALM—Foil! tourlrur car; first class condition.' Phono DIG or 2002. 20-2t FOR RAI.IO-—Red and green niango i)ep- pcra . Phono t.'. W. Olirlnlophor. 20-21 KJRHALK—I»-i section ranch In Lngim county; six room house; big barn: fenced and criww fencisl; living Rtirlng water; splendid Brass; not pastured this year. Immediate, possession. $12.50 per acre; leas than half cash. Ira II. Clark. Oreat Bend, Kims. 20-21 WANTED—Hoy to learn prem feeding. Apply Hutchinson Offleo supply and Printing Co. 21).st New York, Septi 20.—Fresh evidence of a broadening demand was afforded in the stock market today by a pronounced show of strength In a long list of shares which comprised both the so-called war and peace issues. Steels and equipments resumed leadership nt the opening,of tho stock market today. Belief that the steel conference at Washington would result In an upward revision in prices waa the ostensible cause for the buying of United States steel, which advanced nearly a point. Impending large orders for equipment forced purchasers^)! Baldwin locomotive und American car at substantial Improvement llecent favorites, such as oils, and shipping were relegated to tho back ground. Accumulative evldonco, reflected in the growing scarcity of Blocks at current prices, thut the recent selling had its course, afforded opportunity for the bull forces during the morning. Whilo buying of tho railroads was of a limited character, owing to a disposition to await further development In connection with government control contracts various issues inov.ed forward smartly. Numerous specialties established advances of 1 to 2 points with the short interest active buyers. The buying power diminished In (he final hour and traders were disposed to Like profits on a small scale. Recessions were confined to slight fractions. The closing waa firm. Open High Low Corn. Sep •. l.uiiVs Oct.. 1.53 ',4 1.5314 l".r,ll4 1.60\ Nov., 1.60 1.60% l.-rt'b 1.47% Oats. Bep.. .73 .73V. .72*1 .73 Oct.. .7K ->i .T4',» .73% .7314, Nov.. .741* .75 .74% .74% Oct.. 41.00 Mess Pork. 41.10 40.'.'O 41.00 1.64V, 1.5274 1.47V4 .72!, .73 »i • 71H 41.00 RANGE OF OPTIONS AT KANSAS CITY —Closed— Open High Low Today V day —. Corn. l.SS',4 l.GSVi ).r.8>4 1.G8V4 1.>'0V4 Oct.. I.ESV. l.m-k 1.50 i.fifi if'?;» Nov.. 1.55 1.65V4 1-5.1 1.5JV4 1.6o!4 uats. _ , 2'i .Ti'.i .721,4 .72% .i2Vs •3* .74 . .7314, .73* .WA 5 .78 Vi .74 V4 .71% -i*U Slept Oct. Nov KANSAS CITY RECEIPTS. Today ^ ear Wheat 31 *9 Corn }* Oats <> ''4 GRAIN AND PRODUCE. Chicago. L —... Chicago, Sept. 20.—Corn_ developed considerable strength today as a result of frosts lost night. Predictions of additional frost tonight tended also to stimulate buying. Action of- the exchange dlreclors putting a stop to new business In.the September delivery counted however, us a handicap on the bulls. Opening prices, which ranged from %c to %c higher, with October $1.53 to $1.53Ms and November $1.49% lo $1.50, was followed by slight further gains and then a general reaction. The close was heavy, 1 % lo 2'4c tit lower with October $1.50 r !« to $1.50% and Nov. $1.47% to-$1.47 i ». Oats hardened .with corn. After opening a shade off'to Vs@Uc higher with October 73%c the market rose a Utile all around and then eased back. Provisions had an upward slant. Subsequently declines in the hog State Final appearance of the Vaudeville Acts including the Russian Ballet Dancers Final exhibition of the great protechnic display, "The World at War" - " 1 Concert by Herb's Band, 7:30 P. M. Saturday's Program Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., and Kindred War Organization's Day. 10:15 a. m.—Music in Speakers' Tent. 10 : 45 a. m.—'Rcv_M. L. Kain, who has just returned .from the battlefield oi! I^rance, will deliver address and introduce speaker furnished by National Bed Cross Organization, who will, he anounced later. Four Minute Man. 12:00. m—Activities will cease, at sound of whistle for one minute Silent Prayer for success of our Cause and safe return of our Boys. N ' / 2:30 p. m.—Automobile Racing. Special program of not less than six races. AUTO RACES carried provisions down World's greatest dirt track speed kings driving for championship records. Final heats of the spectacular race between Glen, Breed and one of 7 J. Alex. Sloan'a famous drivers. Don't Miss This Feature of the Fair 9, President, A. L Spousler, Secretary, market grade. Kansas City Wheat Prices. Kansas City, Sept. 20— Cash: — WHBAT—Steady; No. 1 hard, $2.15V4; No. 2 nominal; No> 2 and 3 red, no quotations. CORN—2 to 3o higher; No. 2 mixed, $1.70@1.72i No. 3 nominal; No. 2 white, $1.9001.92; No. 3 nominal; No. 2 yellow, $1.726' I 74; No. 3 nominal. OATS—Steady—No. 2 white, 72 ©7Rc; No. 2 mixed. 71V44i "'7Uc. HY1C—$1.59{J11.61. KAFFIR and iVUbO MAJZB—$3.»3 03.40. HAY—Prairie, 50c to $1.00 higher; cholco prairie, $28.09; other liny unchanged. ' SHORTS—$1.40fi>l.49 k IIRAN--$13CP1.39. RECEIPTS—Wheat 94 cars. Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas City, Sept. 20- CORN—Sept. $1.5»H; Oct. $1.66@M; Nov. $1.53!,,. -Oct. Chicago Closing Prices. Chlcaeu, Sept. 20.—COItN- «l.nO<«0%; Nov. $1.47%(!) OATS—Sept 73c; Oct. 73',i.c; Nov. 74%c. PORK—Sept. $40.55i Oct.. $41.00; Nov. $41.15. I A AIIO—Sept. $27.60; Oct. $20.40; Nov. $.'i5.90. SHORT RIDS—$23.30; Sept. Oct. $23.32; November $23.15. Kansas City Produce. Kansa -M City. Sept. 20.—UIWTER- Creatnery 57c; firsts 65c; seconds | 53c; puelting 39c. BOOS—Firsts 41c; seconds 3««. POUI J TRY—Hens 231i^llc; roost- i ere lS'/4c; broilers 28c. CHAMPS IN A PARADE (Continued from Page 1.) Hon. Scott Ferris to Speak Ono of the main speakers- of the Fair was billed for the morning program, Hon. Scott Ferris, member of Congress l'roub Oklahoma and he ar- 1 rivod in the city at ten o'clock from Washington and was due to leave on j the afternoon train so his address was listed lor Ilie morning program. The subject of his talk was to be the "National Administration uiul the Plans I for the War," and he waa to outline the plans which the government has I made for future wartime activities. He wits met at the 1 ruin by a committee headed by Henry S. Thompson, president of the Fair board and a 1 representative body of Kansas men. I Tomorrow Automobile Day. j Tomorrow, Saturday, will be auto] mobile day at the Fair and a program of seven events will be given, with some of the speediest drivers on the track showing off their speeds in competition. None of Ihe exhibits will bo removed touorrow, all remaining open and In place till Ihe last'. At the morning program at 10:45 Father -VI. I.. Kain of Hutchinson will speak. He has just returned home from France and his story will be tho- feature ot the morning. The program is as follows: 10:15 a. m.—Musle In SpralterH Ti'nt. 10 :4a ». ,11.— Itev. M. 1.. Kftln, who ha:, just returned Iron, the buttlo fluid of France, will it,liver address. Four Minute Men. U':00 in.—Activities will ceano at sound of whistle for one mliiuto Silent Prayer for HUecess of our eau.-.e and safe return of our Hoys. 2:30 p. ni.—AutoiaoblUj Having. Yesterday's Racing Program. The largest crowd that has been in attendance at the races this year was present yesterday afternoon showed much interest in Hie event.! which were given. The results of the races are as follows: 2:17 Pace, 3 In 6—Purse $500. Clay Patch, J. M. Mooney, Suua Lake, Texas (Johnson) 13 11 Foxy Ann, C. I., '.ian-ison, Anthony. (UarriBoiil 5 1 & 4 Hid Ki'isi-ni, W. IJf-nnia. Sail l.'Ute I'lly, I'jh. (Knulcl ; 2 L' 2 Anife'iie.1 M and Hcien e Counters, uiao ran. Tlinc—2:1GV4: 2:13Vi; 2:17',4; 2:1G>/ S . 2:20 Trot, 3 In 5—Purse $500. ljuey Huse, l.\ It. Allen, Durum, Okla-, (Carpenter) >. Hannah J. A. I'klwarda, llurc-ku, (James) I^xel, M. P. Sebree., Independence (Sehree) Tlme--2:l[)V J ; 2.-1SV4: *:!?%. Free for All Paco, 3 In 6—Purse tSOO. Todd Kelio, W. CI. Knelo, Wilson, (Knifle) 1 1 1 Nuuoy Maud. Itoy Clark, Pratt, (Jamea) , 2 2 2 Joslc KnlKht, W. Dennis, Halt XjikC lUcMiiila) 3 i 2 Goueway S I BO ran. . Time—2:l2V.j; 2:10Vi,: 2hm. Hutchinson Derby, One Mile—Purse $100. Cork, W Clark. Parnell. Mo., (McAdariu)) 1 LJttlc Abe, Jrwln, Cheyenne, Wjo, (Ilrown) .• s 8r >aii3nn, a. J. Cornweil, Salt Ijikc, (Uu«un) 3 Tlme-J:«. 1 1 1 2 3 3 '322 HUTCHINSON. KANSAS. • • 4> LOCAL MAhKET PRICES. • • • LOCAL GRAIN MARKET, s (Fumixhod by tna Ilutctunaon l'lour I UllUi Co., and are wholuaaia priced.) WHEAT—Cash, No. 1 hard, $2.05. CORN— Cash, $1.50. FEEC. BRAN—$1.47% per 100. CHOP—$3.70 per I OO. FLOUR—$5.60 per 100. HAY. (Prices given by the Hess Feed \ Company.) Alfalfa hay—$20 |» ton, HIDES. (Furnished b;- J. F. Rohlcder, hides and rurs.) GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 1. 19c. \ GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 2 lhc. HORSE HIDES—$3 00 to forOO. SHEEP PKLTS—2bo lo J2.00. uitEBiN HiuiiJB —ile >csii man cured. HALF CUKHiD—114c lecss than I UKjbiEN SALT GLUE—10c. UKEaN aJO,T UULL HIDES—No 1, Hie. OHEEN SALT DULL HIDnJIs—No. <!, 10c HUTCHINCOtt PRODUCE. (Wholesale prices furnished by Carl I Nelson.) HENS— V/i pounds and over, 22c. HENS—Under 3V4 pounds, 20c. BROILERS—191S hatch, 22c. OLD ROOSTERS—15c. DUCKS—Full feathered, i6o. YOUNG TOM TURKEYS—111 lb*. | and over, 22c. ' . TURKEY. HENS— S -lbs And over j 23c.' . . No. 2 acd small turkeys.' bait price. GEESE—Full feathered, 12o. OLD TOM3—20c, GUINEAS—25c. EGGS—Caudle loss off, $11.50. DAIRY. •BUTTER FAT—Alumlto, C0c, delivered In Hutchinson. II The New Autumn Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts, and Waists Couldn't Be More Attractive. And Nowhere will you find a Greater Assortment to Choose From There can be 110 denying tlAt these New Fall Coats, Suits, Dresses, Kte., possess more grace', distinctiveness and beauty than any brought out in years, and it is still further to their advantage that they lend these very qualities to their wearers.— It will be greatly to your advantrge to make yotir selection at once—present stocks were contracted for at juices that are 10% to 25'/n less than present day wholesale cost—and in addition there is an absolute shortage of nearly every sort of desirable material. Under these circumstances, we feel it our duty to tell yon that 011 later purchases at wholesale, \vc will have to pay more for inferior qualities and you will be asked higher prices than we arc asking today for superior Garments. Rich New Effects in Cloth and Plush Coats are Priced $25.00, $27:50, $35.00 Lovely New Dresses of Serge, Silk Velvet nnd Satin at $9.95, $15, $18, $25 You Will Admire the Perfect Hanging Skirts at $5.95, $7.95, $9.95 A Bountiful Profusion of New Waists are Priced— $3.95, $5.95 and $7.95 Sweaters Will Be Most Popular A Generous .Stock of Bright and Gay Colors at $5.95, $7.95 and $9.95 They arc sensible garments, for not only arc they cosily warm and protective, but they are attractive in appearance. Our PreTfiler Showing of Renuliful Haiti—hut adds another gar- laud to our I'asl-growing-- and enviable repulalion for Trimmed and Untrlmmed Millinery— The Hats We Sell Represent the Latest Ideas From Reliable Style Centers Only Hats in variety of colorings, styles, materials and shapes that are exceptionally beautiful. Authentic Millinery—new In style, excellent in novelty, superb in quality and exclusivo In design. Every Hat Reasonably Priced. From $4.95, $5.95, $7.95 and $9.95 to the Finest Pattern Hats at $15, $18 and $25 KANSAS. For United States Government work at Baltimore, Mary- laud, 100 carpenters, 50 mason tenders, 500 laborers. Good wages and good boarding ac­ comodations. For full information apply United .States Government Employment Office, Number 5 Ave. A, East, Hutchinson, Kausas. Four Furlongs, Running—Purse $100. Toty Cray, Frank iiwla. chfyunm-, Wy. .. 1 Me, Ei win. (KronVi 3 Ilarlon, \V. P. (laliH-.-*. Kansas Cily, (Mt'AdaitiH) 3 Jum: 13UK and (iliirf.s- also ran. Time—til) tita-utulH. Six Furlongs, Running—Purse $100. Man-UK, 1*1 Utovur. t.'ixilidtj..', (Claik- Htnil 1 MI II.T.L I Jim, Envill, Chi-ii:iuii.', Wyo , (Itiiiwn) 2 Laiiy Janu'H, J. Price, Vani-ouver, 11. C ] Monty also ran. Time — 1:2&. TO BE OPEN TOMORROW. Government Exhibit Will Be on View Until Six O'clock Saturday Night. The Hoard ot Dlreclors ot the Kansas State Fair wish attention brought to the fact that Saturday will bo as any other day at tho State Fair the exhibits will be In place with the exception of such as huvo to be moved to fairs elsewhere. / Especially it Is desired that tho attention be brought to the f»ct Unit the - Welcome State Fair Visitors See our large line of Watches, Diamonds, Clocks, Jewelry, Cut Glass, Silverware, Kings, Wrist Watches, Khaki Sets, Novelties, Etc. WE SAVE YOU MONEY. The Most Complete Jewelry Store in Hutchinson A. L. WILSON Leading Jeweler 108 North Main St. government exhibit will be open lo the public until six o'clock Saturday night. SEND HIS GREETINGS. President of the United States Has Congressman Ferris Give Them. A telegram received today by Congressman Scott Kerrls shortly before going to tho platform to make the patriotic address on Liberty Day from iho president of the United States, YYoodrow Wilson, saying: "Will you not convey lo those as semblcd at the Statu Agricultural Fair In Kansas on the 20th my very cordial greetings and an expression of my sincere interest In the success of the fair? 1 wtoh th»t 11 jjfere possible tor me to attend in person. In order to liuve whal would be so cheering to un> a personal contact and cotifi-renee with the uiKity men ami women who are lending their thought and energy to the suciiiss of the Nation in this time of crisis. "WOODKOW WII J SOS." Archbishop Ireland ill. St. I'aul, Minn.. Sept. <!0.—The con- clliiuu of John Ireland, Romun Cutholio uri'hliishop of St. I'aul, became increasingly grave this forenoon. Ilia physicians hold slight hopes for bis recovery. Silk and wool combination* are extremely popular. ,

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