Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 1, 1968 · Page 24
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 24

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1968
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

DONALD DUCK THIS LU GET HER TO THE PEACE TABLE.' THE SMITH FAMILY I GOE.Q,«^ 1 BETTER ^TOP*. 7-1 TIGER / I'LL BANT/ -mis OurOFTHSPbOU SO CAN BLONDIE I WON'T NEED AlslV EXTRA MONSV .THIS WEEK AT ALL/ VOU MEAN VOU jl DON'T NEED AN )' ADVANCE THIS CAN ONtV MEAN SHE'S SOFTENING ME UP FCW A BLOCKBUSTER/ BEETLE BAILEY BEFORE WB TAKE OUR 6RIPES IM TO SAR6B, W6 WANT TO WOW WHERE STANP, BEETLE Jooo 7-1 BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH GUESS WHAT, TATER-ELVINEV INVITED ME AN' VOU OVER TO HER HOUSE PER LUNCH ^ ooete ^600!! •j)«^>^^ — TIFFANY JONES (THIS is THE LAST Y TIME I'll BE ABLE i TO SEE yOLI BEFORE THE COLLECTION... /SCANTELLI'S KEEPING V US AT IT NI6HT V AND CAY... MAAM...THEN I MUST MAKE THE MOST OF YOU WHILE YOU ARE HERE/ THE ATMOSPHERE^ IN THE SALON WAS '"* FRANTIC BEFORE — NOW IT'S . • RIDICULOUS/... OH, MARC... THE PICTURE*, IT'S WOMOeRFUL! ) JUST A SHADOW IS THAT ME-IS IT/OF YOU, AAV REALLY ME? r-1 ADORABLE TIFFANY... THE PHANTOM WHERE IS HE GOING? WHAT HAPPENeD? IT'S ALL TOO MUCH FOR ME! IN THE CELLAR HIDEOUT-7HB PHANTOM QUICKLY OVERCOMES GENERAL BABABUAND HIS THUGS- HUZANPBEN CLEAVE TWE N AW SUBMERSIBLE ANP STEAL UNNOTICED BEHINPTHE MOBSTERS' SUB... BUZ SAWYER . ...ITS DIVERS ARE ATTACHING EXPLOSIVES TO SPUPDER'S OIL WELL... 1 THERE'S A SUDPEN FLASH OF LIGHT. ,~-~~ -—— I B|^ /HEY.' WHAT'S THAT? I Comedian Dick Martin Discusses Media Humor By DICK MARTIN EDITOR'S NOTE-Dick Martin, writing for both halves ol the comedy team of Rowan and Martin, drops his buffoon mask to discuss seriously the impact of humor in a mass medium. The team, successful in clubs and as television guest tars for years, have shot to the peak of success during the past season as stars of the hit NBC variety show, "Laugh-in" with ts new, furiously paced format. HOLLYWOOD (AP) -Why does America need more freedom in its comedy? Let's put this question in con;ext—in television, because, TV, Radio Highlights MONDAY NIGHT — Radio — 1:10—OHM* Bemea. WMAQ; ree- rdi. Specie LlM. WBBM: Rlek Wta- t'.U— UaUmhe4. WON; mmle. Ask a Banker, WBBM: business. 8:00— Extension 720, WGN. 9:30—Insight, WGN. 10:00—Norman Ross Show, WGN; music, news. —TV — 6:00—Fllntstonei, 13; cartoon. 6:30—Cowboy In Africa, 13. Monkeea, 6, 17; comedy. Gunsmoke, 4, 23, M3; western. 7:00—The Champions, 6, 17. 7:30—Rat Patrol, 13; adventure. Lucy Show, 4, 23, M3; comedy. 8:00— Felony Squad, 13; adventure. Andy Griffith, 4, 23, M3; comedy. Movie, 6, 17; "All the King's VIen." 8:30—Peyton Place, 13; drama. Family Affair, 4, 23; comedy. Monday Nlte Movie, M3. 9:00—Big Valley, 13; western. Premiere, 4, 23. 10:30—Johnny Canon, 6, 17; variety. Late Show, 4, 23, M3; movie. 10:30 — Joey Bishop, 13; variety. TUESDAY MORNING — Radio — 6:00—Wally Phllllpi WGN; rari- ity. Morning People, WBBM; Information and features. 10:00—Eddie Habbard. WGN; mule. Pat Sheridan, WMAQ; records. 10:10—Arthur Godfrey, WBBM; variety. 11:10—Call Dr. Kehm, WBBM; — TV — 7:00—Today, «, 17; Hugh Downi. 7:30—Breakfast, 13; with Roddy. 1:00—Capt. Kangaroo, 4, 33, Ml; or children. 8:30—Jack LaLanne, 13; exer- ilie. 9:00—Snap Judgment, 17; game. Candid Camera, 23. Dream House, 13; game. 9:30—Concentration, 6. 17; quiz. Beverly Hillbillies, 23, M3; com- idy. Dick Cavett, 13; Variety. 10:00—Andy Griffith, 4, 33, Ml; omedy. Personality, 6, 17; game. 10:30—Hollywood Squares, 17, 6; ;ame. D(ck Van Dyke, 4, 23, M3; com- dy. 11:00—Bewitched, 13; comedy. Jeopardy, 6, 17; game. 11:30 — Eye Guess, 6, 17, Treasure Isle. 13. TUESDAY AFTERNOON' — Radio — 12:00—Country Fair, WGN; agri- ulture. 12:10—Mai Bellalrs. WBBM; Inter- lewi. 1:25—Baseball, WGN, Cubs vs. 'billies. 4:00 — Eddie Hubbard, WGN; music. 5:00—Newsday, WBBM; Inform*Ion. 5:55—Business Final, WGN; stock market. ' — TV — 12:30 — Let's Make A Deal, 6, 17; ;ame. Wedding Party, 13. 1:00—Newlywed Game, 13. 1:30—Baby Game, 13. House Party, 4, 23; M3; Art Llnkletter. 2:00—To Tell the Truth, 4, 23, M3; quiz. 2:30—You Don't Say, 6, 17; game. 3:00—Dating Game, 13. Match Game, 6, 17. 3:30—Felix the Cat, 23; cartoons. Mr. Ed, •, 17; comedy. Mike Douglas, 13. 4:00—Merv Griffin, 6, 17. Branded, 4, 23, M3. 4:30—My Favorite Martian, 4, 23, W3. 5:00—News, 13; Bob Young. 8:30— News, 6, 17; Chet Huntley, David Brlnkley; M3, 4, 23, Walter "ronklte. TUESDAY NIGHT - Radio — 6:35—Music Unlimited, WGN. 7:30—Art Mercler, WBBM; audience participation. 8:00—Extension 720, WGN. 9:30—Insight, WGN. 10:30 — Magic of Music, WGN, with Franklyn MacCormack. — TV — 6:00 — Fllntstones, 13; cartoon, 6:30—Daktarl, 4, 23, M?; Africa. I Dream of Jeannle, 6,117. Garrison's Gorillas, 13. 7:00—Showcase '68, 17, 6. 7:30—Showtime. 4. 23; variety. It Takes A Thief, 13. 8:00—Movie, 6, 17; "Captain Newman." 8:30—Good Morning World, 4, 23, M3; comedy. NYPD, 13. 9:00—The Invaders, 13; adventure. News Special, 4, 23, M3; 10:30—Joey Bishop, 13, variety. let's face it, that's where it's all happening. As Dan and I see it, the acceleration of change in our institutions, that is both political and social, is so fast that it takes a broad stroke to paint a picture of what is happening now. The broad stroke is comedy because it's the most devastating stroke you can use. Maybe devastating isn't the proper word, but in this sense we think it applies. We can illustrate what is happening out there in "the real world" in a flash on television, make it burlesque, fast and explosive. You see it for what it is. That's the style of our times and finally television is catching up. In the past, it seems to both of us, TV didn't lead, it followed. The pace was set by commercial interests and the material was written and .illustrated accordingly. Now we see a change where the pace of the material is passing the commercials—and, of course, I am talking about our show. Breaking Own Barriers I sound as though we're taking the credits for this but please don't misunderstand. The pace really was set a long time ago, underground, by comedians like Lennie Bruce, Jonathan Winters, Buddy Hackett and ourselves. We were all out there in the clubs popping Mary Poppins out of her tree while motion pictures were breaking down barriers in their own field. Then cams the Smothers Brothers. Thanks to their guts in relating their material directly to what youth was thinking, comedy started breaking out on television at a pace and in areas that were theretofore considered taboo. I think we came into the medium and took it all that much further. And there's Jonathan Winters, [f Winters were allowed to fly tie could give us all a tremendous run for our lives. The only thing that is keeping him down is the old-fashioned format of tiis show. Three years ago even Winters would have been cut to pieces by the censors. I can see where he's picking up tremendous freedom as a consequence of the changing times. Social Change Buffer But at the root of the matter lies the fact that comedy is a Duffer for social changes. If you can see some humor in it, tften ihe change becomes more palatable. We can deal with subjects m our show like race, religion, funerals, politics and mother- lood—any fast evolving institution—and cut them to the bone. How do we get away with it? Because the public is hip, because the medium is hip, the material is hip and its fast and that is exactly what is happening. Dog Severs Friendship With Duck MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) The friendship is over between a young duck named Fuzzy and its pal Smokey, a nine-week-old German shepherd. Memphis city crews found the frazzled duck trapped on city property behind the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Rowland. Smokey and Fuzzy lived peacefully in the Rowland's fenced back yard, even sharing the same plates of food. The Rowlands believe the companionship ended when the puppy discovered the pastime of duck chasing and ran Fuzzy through a hole in the fence. "Fuzzy" is the latest addition to a flock of 22 city-owned ducks at a municipal park. Commission Set To Streamline Criminal Code BOSTON (AP) - The state's 132-year-old criminal code, which has 1,500 different sec- tions, will be revised and streamlined by a 52-man commission. Atty. Gen. Elliot L. Richardson said Prof. Livingston Hall of Harvard Law School will head the group. The $50,000 cost Open 8 P.M. • Start Dusk Kiddies In Cars FREE LAST 2 NIGHTS *FIRST RUN* up cars soupeduf bats, 'ft action wit i women anil thrills! mm/wo SCOTT ANDY DAVIS BRADY DEVIN | IN EASTMAN COLOR \ -BONUS HIT— "Nashville Rebel" . . Dusk "Road Hustlers" . . 2nd RELAX IN COOL COMFORT |FREEPORT NOW SHOWING SAMJYIONIS KEIRWLLrlA AN'NK IIKYW001 Open 7 P.M. • Start 7:30 "The Fox" at 7:50 Box Office Open 'Til ... 8:30 NOT FOR CHILDREN -ALL SEATS . . . $1.50- Air Conditioning—Cool Now! Ends Thurs. 1 Complete Show Starting At 7, Open 6:30 Sean Connery Is James Bond • PLUS* Clint Eastwood THE GOOD: THE BADS, THE UGLY ijjjiJTECHNIBCOPI* TECHNICOLOR^ - - unnto'i'iffiJTS STARTS FRIDAY With A Matinee At 1:30—Open 1 p.m. Walt Disney's WALT DISNEY Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard Pg. 24 Mon., July 1, 1968 of the two-year study is pledged by two charitable funds. Air-Conditioning—Coql TECHNICOLOR* OIMUMIO PLUS: Walt Disney's THREE LITTLE PIGS TUESDAY Matinee At 1:30 Only Open 1 P.M. 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