The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 3, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE IT'S FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA Iff Yow tm N«w» U No* Or. ' Yo« Porck By 5x15 o'Cfedt. Citt TW N«w» Offfic* Brfot* 6 o'Clock For Prompt D^rr- l€4«r totting Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER- HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VOL. LXV. NO. 242. , TEXAS.. FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 1934 EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED 11 fiuey's New Orleans Troops "Dig In? , •--.. ' -• ", . ... ^r • • • . _____ . _.. ^^ • : — €- . • - - '••.'• Parisgrafs Hitler Visits Home Of Von Hindenburg the peo»l* of Paris con- •jsider the- matter _ of th<s proposed issue, of-bonds and, acceptance of the Federal gilt of $25.000 for : repairing' the ttniiary sewer •ystem of enough . consequence- to cast * ballot, the proposition ."•will be refused and the opportunity that is now presented will be per- j manently Jost. ( The application for this loan and grant -was tnade by the administration that ended its duties last April. Every member k>f that .administration was heartily in favor- of n^akinklihe application and of sobroiitihs the r bpnd 5ss«e to the people, Tli*~ usual delay in Ted era! project* left th« matter still up i» the air when the new adnaini-<Jtration came in. The members of the former administration should be as earnest NOW in support of rhe proposition asr they then •were, and . should use all proper effort? to have the .proposition ad opted. • The present administration has taken over the burden of carrying on In this as in .other city "affairs, i S10 r m S In Germany,MourningLossOf ' GoilTt Ordef Great Lakes Hindenburg, Stares Ahead T 0 Disband And Atlantic! Jnto Unbridled Hitlerism\ i s Flouted . Dictatorial Pover Without' Former Crown Prince j Nine Persons Are Thought! Parallel Is Assumed By I Leads Thousands to Pay i Dead In Illinois, Five In Ohio PROPERTY DAMAGE IS THOUGHT HEAVY Wires Are Down, Homes Wrecked As Winds Tear Across States Der Fuenrer Homage At Bier By A. J>. STKFFKRUT> ! BY GUENTHER BEI7KERT . . _ '. {Ccpvriffht. 13.2•(. by Associated Press.» (Copyright ji»3t by Aaaoe!-t«i Press., > ^^UDECK. Germany. — Ger-! B^ILLJN. C/P).—Germany gazed | mari y* s former . crown prince ar-; across the bier of Jier dead pres- i ^.^ Thursday at Neudeck. now a | bearing condol- i Sentries at Gateway of Barracks Refuse Sbeiiff: Access to Command This Associated Press' picture, I son of Germany's late president, «venerated former field, marshal I _ | died. Also are shown "William ,~t''or -fee sam- r-aso-^that ac- s * nt to XeiT Tork by radi °' ^ows..when he the Von Hin- j Bru - eckner . (rlg >, t) . Hitler's ad- hS.^? the former "ad^mistration | Adolf Hitler Cleft) shaking hands j deaburs home in Neudecfc, East j jct aa.t. and Otto iTeissner, Ger- ~ efl water famine for In making th,e application—the j with Col. Oskar Von Hindenburg. i Prussia, a few hours before the -j man secretary oi state. j -^.^.^^.-^.p. fan ,_nies fled need.- the" ABSOLUTS NEED, f or j the betterment arid the employ- | men t it wHl afford men who need; With the work that CAN -and | Utat SHOUI-D be done by the } ^iieiH.bfers," of .-.the t" Ions. f1rtff«: ; l«- it'rso^ : 'to, ^-peork^Ijb;:'t?iis Eight Dead Jn Michigan iStonnlfike FREIGHT WRECK IK | OKLAHOMA KILLS 2 Wrecking Crews Busy On Track Near 3, who;» willing to do day la>or, can vote for this propesitfotr ne be a property otroe^ whose , ? g cores Injured By 5>vif14 ^J^ Wind and Haili Dam- 1 crews. v SMday..,were clearing th* r | Santa'"Fe railroad track five, iniles I ~ f ; south of Gushing: where Thursday | night 3. northbound freight train Caddies Turn 19Nudism Ini V " ; to Cfai- is r»r, the tax roFl^. and _ S not a. property o^vraer be can j 3r£r^ his friends wfeo are-•Q.uaUficd j voters fo favor th* pr^pORition that will offer him an opp^^t^ !t ? ] io -srorK. Xot all nncrnploycd men. j of course, wttl b* civeu ^ o: | k *~ <i * | •will not reCi*-iire so Tnany—-btit tnis ,• •work will put in-oSrc-Blatlon rr-oney | that will Irad to other -scork. an*3 j ors;v hv circ^;arion 'of money can have aspe Runs Million There are- others who- can do aiuch toward ihi« proportion. Every member of a tx-o- aiac's club In tb« city— literary. social, school— can wield an 5n- f!uenc<» that ^'Hl p^t voters- to the of thf s«vcrnmernt"s sift antf of the- necessary Itond^ it i* -work in which they should b^ intorCTTcd. Many of them can them5*Tr~* cast 'ft To?e— a.jj<i ..Jrthe trowen of Paris arc no' in faror <-«f better sstnitaXiors- t ^ ic ^ •wT-'.j cnn 'ic «^prcte<2 ro fnx-or it? This elcciion Ss a cfca*!-eti£:« to tfc* citizenship of women c»pcc!aHy. '"r they strand for The utmost in c'.vic ««w», and civic shin to civic rtg: * No one, can dodge in this matter. One rrsay refuse y ^t thai does no' the responrifcilitv- And everyone w^o should do *o ' not don?York** Charter Commission Snarled NSW TOKK. i«», — A» US ib« deepest confusion. l«gi»iative cf- fort* to rnodcniiz* and ' readjust X«w York C'ty*» »ncscn: charter headed toward t>.c rocks Friday •on*l4*r the irnpcttas of th* tion from the charter of former Governor Alfr*«5 E. Smith nnd SaTnuel I>KTKOIT. Mfclifsaa. fL-vine its ca=>aalty list at eijrht dead and stores injured, plunged Friday into the task of clearing stre/tTn roads and 5iorm damage unofficiaHj es- timatod at $1.OOO.OOO. Hoines and stores .m a dozen copimunftio bvt^vcen Detroit and Flint IMH#T. be recon- strtsrted. TIxe istorm T»tn*ck late Thnrs- cucd the ?-fcy for ari Juwtr, polled the <t>«iitrjsS«Ic xvitlt hail, disrupted wire and hisrh- •xvay <-omoi«nication and benched the e^cnrsion jito-ani- *cn;rcr< in thr Sf- Onir nvcr. TJs± dead: Walter K. PunLap. 55. Flint, heart attack xvhile iwovinj:: failed 1 tre<r. Robert \VilIett. to. Detroit. <!ro\v-ned near Pontinr \\licn boat upset. M. N. \VHIctt. SS. his father. drtxmMXl tryin? to aid Kobcrt- MicbacI Roddy. S^I. Bis Rapids, hcatrt-snack. Charles Van Blairconnt, Wayne, injiarcd when Rnlc up- j-et car. M^v. O, \V. Pk-ard. DciroU, dro^-ncd with t-hildrcn when boat unset. Picant, J!. twr e "as derailed, killing ti men believed to been, itinerants- | Cause, of the derailnaent was not j determined Friday rooming. i Fourteen cars of the long string \ o* around seventy were derailed, i iMrteen of them, including five • tank cars of gasoline burning. The | victuals vrere pinned underneatli | [the -wreckage. All of the crew of = { five -were uninjured. | Wage Strike Is Pointed By -Display Which Rapidly Clears Course By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. Stornis Trhich, s-wrept-the Atlantic seaboard and Great I^akes states left nine persons dead in eastern ilichigan and possibly five in Ohio. Wind, rain. hail, and lightning, striking Thursday. Thursday night ] | and early Friday, wreaked heavy • I damage to homes, conxinerce, ship] ping, utilities and communication- Train rails were washed out near Townsend, Del. Trolley and telephone poles and trees were blown down and cellars were flooded in the Niagara Falls district- High tide on tHe Cobansey river flooded Bridget on, N- J-. marooned 1 the city for four hours and threat- time- n night clothing from an apartment house a half hour before it toppled into the river. A suddenly-formed twister destroyed eight homes and injured a dozen persons at Hickory Point, Sid., a summer colony south of Baltimore. . ' .' •. ""~ "EaBsioSes ^and. Hgb-tnins , came with the wind and the rain to Ohio store towns, XiOraic, Sandns- ky, Gedar Point. Vermilion. Put- in-Bay, an island, town, was cut off imunicatioa with the MILITIA MQVES TO VOTING OFFICE Ident Friday into an uncertain fa- j Radon's shrine. ture of super-HiUeri«m. | ercgs of the K ohenzol!ems for the \ CcilTt Summons Served 4M* Complexities witiin the Father- j death of their one-time, war serv-j ^.^ - f ^ ^ '«_*•• '•"""* land and without confronted Adolf j ant, Paul Von Hindenhurg. ; Hitler, the corporal who. by the j Friedrich. Wilhelm. once h-eir to j death, of the aged,. Paul Von Hin- j ^h* throne, was. -however, but one : denburgr Thursday, has become-! among- thousands of mourners for' _, ~>ov Tr'rr—r-c 1 T ' : • ••~ia*i^'~'"-'". master of the destinies of 55,000.- i thrr old warrior-statesniao. ! _" nvA ., ^°^ Gs ^- J- 3 -* r^^TJT 000 Germans. His weapon for i Tae-body of the president lies ! *«nporanly • quitting ..the s^ene^ successfully overcoming t b e s e | iu state in a b,uge room of the an- j^J problems is a. dictatorial power j ee-stral estate he loved so •well- i 1- as ~~A Conspirator" without parallel in all Europe. ; Fifty candles flicker nearby. The "free plebiscite" ne has o*-- j A special guard of hocor. dereol to be held August IS to de- ! stiff attention, watcies. e a successor to Vcn Hin- j Messages poured oznize, political war tes TValmsley -in ? ns. Senator Suey P. . ] to the state, capital Friday morri r "" j inc- by i automobile, reviving reports thai he planned, to call a."-s is. as all Germans rec- i throughout the world—from kings i ^°^ on of tne legislature but a ceremony. It will'? and commoners- rubber stamp Hitler's assumption •rs, neighbors of th« of presidential powers in addition j denz. sent expressions of their grief i ^°. or ' "" JX " la hand in his dispnte -K-ith i Icy. Senator I^ong went at once Allen's , executive See POWER. Page S, CoL 5 See"..FORMEB.. Pagre S, Col. 2. Hamilton Is BuDets and Active Again \ Ballots JFly In Ft. Worth! In Tennessee i^Py.—Sur- I rounded by' the sruns of .the nrobi- I lized national srtiard at Jacssoii i 'rarracks. Adjutant Gen era!.-,Ray-:: i mond .K. Fleminir Friday" "re!>liciJ" I to a civil district courc order.-' Cor i cismiEsa.1 of the troops by direct-r I ins: his officers to fortify their -po— i sit ions. ' ' . __••••...."_-,;: ."."V. | .Sentries at the srateway • of ftfie i barracks refused rhe civil .sheriff [ access to the -j-omrnam<2 of-the ; stat-e Wide Need Is j Felt For Rain! i " ' i Three States Anxiously j Scan Skies For Signs of j Awaited Downpour j CHICAGO. t-P) — Farmers of i Iowa. "vViscorssin ana Illinois scan- j ned tfae. skies anxiously Friuay forj | Twenty-four counties in south- • j em low.i. ravaged by chinch busrs, I 1 seared by san and drained of sub-! ! <oH RsoUsiart. are in dSre need off I water and feed for livestock. Hay { | and pastures, particularly in the J youth«-est quarter of the state,! burned up. Corn tasse'si CHICAGO, —The, ST r Golf dnlx- in Hlr:h- Part f ought off the spread of nndism Friday, Tfce nudists, about a scx»re of theiu. romped over fjiir- ways aaid greens and 'splashed around in the water hazards, to the consternation of the golfers- Ic \x^s the caddies novel way of striving for more play. and the climax of their strike. Earlier TTharsday they had demanded more money—at once- One hundred and sixty of them dropped bass 1 they had been carrying- and mot at the cinbboc««e- They turned cold shoulders to proposals that tliey wait until a Held of 2OO members and their j^iests completed Se« CADDESS. Pace S. Col. 2 Two Die As Floor Falls I - • - ... •.•••-• i _ • _ i znilitia"-K-nei: they songlit to >e [PoKee Sctarcli For Despar-j Senator ajttd. Irovernor Are ;, the court order on nim. i'n U ado After Ne"H r Kidnap- i; f , Rejio^riuiiated; KiHed In Quarrel* | men: f I shall carry out tlie sto~eni&tfs' FORT "WORT3. (J?y Police! rom co souads of Fort Worth and Etellas i let flew 1 orders. I have giver 3—3nl- : orders to fortify their The court order calling, for searched for Raymond. Earnilton ; Thursday. Three nien -were killed ; rnobfli33.c!^n of tbe troops, i an<i Joe Palmer, desperado f ugi- i In. election cuarrels: Governor Hill ! . moned to d uty in the bitteW €ac- boats -K-ere torn | tives, in this sector Friday after! McAlister and Senator KL IX Me- j tional dispute between the politi- they had <>een reported. as the! K^Iiar were renominated. - j cal forces "'of Senator kidnapers of "Vf. E. IXJ^K- of Fort I Governor McAiister, direct de- 1 I-ons: and ~~ Saayor T. - | sf.endaHt of rsro Tennessee chief | "Walmsley of ^STe-*- Orleans, -'sras: abductec by rsco men | ^^ecutives, defeated I^ewis S. Pope I ctrrefi late Thursday br crry attor-_ mainland for hours- Its hotrses were unroofed, a -srarenouse was demolished and from their moorings. Po^er service -was crippled, and tomes and crops -were severely ! Worth, damaged in central Illinois by lash- L.-OTV and heavy rains and haiL j as fce emerged from a cafe early t Xasnville latryer. for the Demo- \ ~«ys. ^ t Friday, forced to drive nine miles i cratic nomination for governor.; The civil si Prison Guard Declares He Is Innocent riff an<5 the cliie-f out the Grapevine road, relieved. J Senator .McSel ran a-nray from ! of police served 'Lonsr as **a. con- the The casualty lost: ; genera.]. But Simmons* Prison Break, Confident He Has Right Man | of all but SI and left stranded on|l>r. John R- Xeal for the tiomina- j ynirator* T with the ccnrr the road. {tion fc-r a. sii-year term in the { Thursday nigiit but Ix>w*s descriptioii of the xnen, \ senate. especially thaz of Hamilton's j facial features, led police to be-1 Jonn Tallest. 40. fatally wound-1 Meanwhile, national guard bffi- lieve the two escaped convicts [ ed in a quarrel at iladisonville. I cers sent a fresh detachment of i were his abductors. "l.-ow sadc the j Beecher Phillips. 17. shot to; militia into the city votina; =*a-an he believed to be Hamilton' death in Anderson county. A de-! tration office, held by force-: : ad a pitted race. ! P-ty sheriff was wounded, | arms since last Monday ni^ht. and ' " * ~ v ^ i n*--c- ^--r'ha-ts" <s*«fjT m d^^tri • urtloaded additional machine joins L T7-^-.~i^ tn Trtrit =—-5»is-*>r a^ssn t ^f^y Siii-na..j.a_, s^ot <.o c._^. l -u. r . - -^j^,,^. ^T^c^QT]; returns ^ at T " e ofr:ce. just across a. narro-w ~^ *" : ftreet from city hall, where Mayor s landslide helped j "^"alnrsley has massed score* of of Forced to look straight ahead i throughout the ride T I^o^f said the 1 w ~ ; seat -waiting for tis, so co just as i J ! "we were accused of a job over - 1 In Louisiana today that we didn't i ~ r HUNTSVILXS, Texas. (.•?) — j do." {* Prison sy-stem officials, aided by j Officers said they probably re- j ^ ,^_ s, state representative. Friday con- j ferrec to the robbery of tire Robe-; :=Ge ? tinued to ?ax-i ly R rm ed fourth race between him | t - aa " •—* l^ u " "7 police. had beers unable v\'t*lnts~ McAlister j""- > "^? **^^-i •-•»•»" Question Jim Patterson. | line, i&~. bank. wh.ich officers had 1 on. Naturally I • cannot comBaent j about the way a court order of'the f civil district is beirssr received, or Any comment must coirie a prison gnard charged with com- pluity in the spectacular escape of Raymond Hamilton. Joe Pai- pinned on Palmer. Hamilton ajid { Irvin «.B!ackie? ' The state's junior u. S, Senator.!"" . . . . x-o*- TIT | froTn the district Jwdsre. Nat vv. third member of the trio still a. 1 -j, e i Nathan I* Sachman of , I nooga, had large after a sen satio nai orison breal; at the touch of a hand. 5 Relief Board Probes Col* More than half th* farmers in j are without a ; lapse of Flooring In Travis Count Canne.r Jerry Picard. six. her >on. Koad> \xx-r** blocked Tor honr>. on both sides of t^ake Eric a* the jea'c toppled tx>lc5 and trctrs, Even train*, were «oi»petl. BHiWinjw crcct<t~d in Toronto for th« Canadian reunion w^rc toppled. water supply. Federal relief of- fiscsls are consiclerir.?: the feasibil- \ L tty of employing an army of well \ AUSTIN". (3*. —The- Travis coun- dfppers- | »y reiief board Fridaj: planned to Kay 1? at a premium. Many { investigate the collapse of a scc- ajrriculturis's have exhausted lastpion of a floor of the federal can- year's supply and rso current crop rsery which resulted in the death is anticipated. Thursday of two persons and in- that corn jvsry to four others. Cror« o^ervers repcr still hay an excellent chance S. Col. 1. Aircraft Defense Plan To Protect U.S. Is Perfected ready to take hi* j <C t,yy^gM, IM«. by A*?«x>i*tinj Pr«* •, s»tren«rthen their air forces, also, flpht to th« peop»« over tbe radio.; WASHINGTON vP)—The xvar !The air corps has submitted a pro. _ •- ' department has perfected a SSS.-ijjj-aj^ ^ o v, U y about 1.000 plane* to dilatory tactics of commission | members »o<-kinK to maintain the j povernm*ntal tind political 5t*tus | qo^.in New York City. Smith nev- | Back Into th« r«*3 city of Honolulu after & won- 000,000 plan to encircle th* United jhring its* fleet «p to the 2,340 urg- States with an'i-Jurcralt defences,I ^ t»y the N«wion D. Baker investi- Th*»e plans will be laid before \ ^atiny board. The general stafTs Ihft next sw?j«ilon of consre-ss. They [ Approval is expected soon. c*ll for th« newest thine in antt- in Two men. both worker* in th,-: cannery, were fatally Injured by s,n avalanche of cans pack^^d w:th mest which hertled from the second floor of the cannery to the main floor when beams save ^ay. Numerous other employes esc.ipcd t>y ^inches, fleeins: from the &ui:d- infT when the timbers started crack iny. The dead were: 1 E, D. Daxjjrherty. 34, also, i . Oscar Swamiilts, *7. !rd«red were Mrs Ix»!a s«. director of the canning .tn«r and Irvla <3Iackie) iho: sw>a from the "death house" of i from Hunts-ville the penitentiary here July 22. ] house" July 22. Patterson maintained his Inno- j !x>w said the men told him they i c*iaee after several hours of ques-1 vrere s^oing to Oklahoma, but that I Thursday night. Lee Sim- i they intended to stop at Dallas 1 ,. [ with Sep. Gordon , Bond, who issued the order. ... - .... . neck-anc- neck ra.ce} _ ^ . _,. . . Judsre Bonds order tad airect- Brownins ot; >,=« i vv Senator Ixin^ and. "death ! H —^Sd°- for a ==*• but ***^ {General Fleming to appear I ahead Friday as trie vote-counting continued. i him at II a, m, Tuesday- to I cause -why the. troops should sot 1 be. disbanded. Meantime, th* NEW YORK. — District Attor- | court signed a temporary re*tram- nons, sreneral manager of the | --^o get some guns." i ney William C. I>odge Friday ask- j in^. order directing Lon» «»d Tsxas "prison system, announced I AS they drove out the Grapevine \ ed Governor Lehman to request | Fleming: not to take any *c«on that the questioning: led them to \ road. Low said the men mentioned j the state department to cause- de- | under Governor O. K. Allen's d«c- b-.-heve they had "the right man." | the killing of two state highway ) tention with a view of extradition ; laration of partial martial law. Simmons said Patterson told! patrolmen near Grapevine by the j of Ivan Pocerjay. husband of the | Warden "W. VV. X\"aid. Rep. Gordon i iate Clyde Barrow and Bonnie missing Agnes Tufeversoa. wh Burns of Huntsville, • member of | porker. ' held in Vienna. committee, I — • -— ~—"~ ' ~~ the legislative prison aud himself, that a "tail man in a j white- hat paid him S500 to de- | live^ a letter inside the prison." | Simmons said that an in-vestiga- I tion revealed that Patterson spent! that amount in Paris. Patterson! •teas allowed to leave the j prison the day before :he j. break after he has asked permis- j Government Moves To Stop Corners On Food Markets The suit was entered tn th« names of Rer^e Radvitch and CJus I Blancand. Walrnsley candidates 1 for congress, who charged Sec! ator Ix>ns had caused tbe seizor* ! of the registration office to ia- 1 fluency the approachiay primary. cpvrtsit. 1S34. by Associate^ Press.* said Victor A. Chr;t?au, ^ ^ vvim ««d - -"I p J^^? ! '^*rr-Sr a »! lOT - ama * a - s "for Paris to attena to personal ; actin: I CATTTJE MOVED I CHICAGO, (& —Cattle and hogs } were driven Into the Chicago (stockyards Friday under police I escort as commission men sought 1 to resume tradins, stopped for Congress hm» the stay about pro- wircraft srwrs*. jwarchltsMs and • vidir.g the money. Although the few day» (too f«w) on the | fire control equipment for: j j.rogrram is resdismateC for J$S8. It cuttle ranches of th« isl«n<!». j I. Eight rrs:\ilar sirrny r*-sri- ' ss not ejcpected that more than ie t;«!»n<Js look Itttle on the map { ments. ] >0i> planes will b* purchased that thry sure do thins* btff. No-| 3, s*«v*n Xational Guard r^£i- J fsscal year. That, with other par- wltcru «'-n tho nminlan.!. (tlirtt'w w<i«t they esUl tli* joint \vher« we. live) nowhere is th«r« *uch stjrns of doing well «» there ls« her*. Tow jo ha ses already planned for the tn- regular terlrn. would grtve the army 1,SOO planes. n-senis, S. Ntneteon Inactive army r««im<snts. The d!«doauns follows studies by AT present-the United Stales has with *om« Faclftc nation, lo-e th« PhtHpplnew before Tunrh but »f w« b« our own fault. Your*, American antl-auircraft *1efen««*si of War T>ern. as a r*' *ult of » r«c*nt inspection, is de- 3Crtb«<J ** fe*linsr that th* Fanania Canal in ixrlowttly InckJng in d*- Icnwe aRJiln« enrmy aircraft. Anajr «fl«n *r» znovin* t« don't btiv* to b* war-like to K«*t a war d*partna*nt experts, who call-; tour skeletonized anti-aircraft or- r«ral kick out of our Kreateat nrmy pout. SchofleJd barrack-, and th« navy Ht P*-ar4 Harbor. If w*r wa* in this country. tour in Panama, Hawaii iuul th» Th« w»r department would bring thos* units to full project, and Cl>-de \Voods, \VilHara I break. S icatters. Patterson is charged smu^gJint; three pistols prison. The pris was directed ment thwar: wild cat speculation or; .:*v ] "corners" in the nation's food in i. V"} the aftermath of the drouth dis- | into tne i, *.-----—: aster. ^ t bility of imports. normal • price-1 <**? An organisation is being: form- \ nine days by a. strike of handlers. e<i w ; tV*i th» a.<2 —'^Stration to ! Four hundred more stockyards ^terr^ini actall and potential sup- \ employe., the commission mens- plie9 of a ,. S00 ,, 7radnczs . avaiia . | handlers, joined th* strtk* Fn- Baker ajid Walter Willmon, said he A portion of the s-econd floor 11^ tj. e j e t as s storehouse for the, | tion with temperatar* Thvjrs- preitmmary j terson, at the request of m- \ «j t <joes look funny." Patterson lief official*, said he believc-d sap- • replied, "but befor* God i didn't beanri» had been weakened j know anything ab*at piacs for a by "dry rot," | break," Flan-s for rec«-»n>tructjn?r the d*- f Patterson s«aid that after he r«- molishert portion of the buUdins | ceived the $5^0. he placed two •were wade. ReUe? officials ordcr- dJstartce telephone- calls, one { reinforcement of the floor with | t o a cousltt at Paris and the other j , additional beams and foists and | to a lawyer in th* North Texas j juienjrth »n^ *<*utpmfcnt. The na- ^^^^j^^^ ^-^ ^ t ^«. .t^sace for 15.^, ^Varden W»id s«id that he f tifrnal sruard orsanlaatlons »i*«> ( Morase <»f pack<^J cans. f tried to find th* attorney ,>r» described lui ''woefully lacking} The buHrtiM was ample- and prices retattveiy This is due to heavy marketing. particularly of livestock which the drouth threatened to k:H. Through the winter, though, the normal reaction would b« smaller food supplies and higher prices- The- administration will try to suppli in l*o Col *, for naaximuTT; and fir» for mini-* SCORES NEW I>EAI, mum the highs re g ist »rin« »* to PLYMOUTH, Vt, ^—U. S. [ 103 desrees ar.d the lowm. from 13 ft.epresentatjv« Jaines M. Beck i to 77 sine* Saturday. lA«t Fn(K) of Pennsylvania, speateins | flay. 105 deirrees was th* top. Friday at exercises in honor of the { EAST TEXAS; Partly <*««lr '~ Jate Calvin Cooitdge. charged that ! Joudy. scatwred nhowerm I* varia'Son cuarante* tlie new & C3L * ^^^ aobjugated "in- !*wtkm Frklmy for all sWciona and dtvidualism" and said that "dicta- j .lay-JUsht to ;ct«a:ion» in prices, (torial potrers. are not less dictator ' somewhere mid- fial becaiaMs th«y might b« politely A ai-f S*t*r»

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