The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 22, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 2
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Gaithersburg Boy Winner Of Derby Burdette Places First; Huge Crowd Sees Races, Award Many Prizes fiee, Jr. Nips Gaithersburg Rival At Derby Finish Line inr ·«.·«·«. Frederick .Mt Thursday Julr 13. 19J8 Dark-horse 12-jear oM Jusvaiy Burdette, J r , so:i of Mrs. James A Burdetie, and tee lave Mr. Sur- dette of 20 Russell avenue, Gailh- ersfaurg, piloted his unsponsored No. 25, sleek, black "Bee Jr ' gravity-racer 10 :ne Tri-Coun:y Soap Box Derby caampiosship here Wednesday afternoon, before 3,500 cheering fans. The first Frederick-Morstgomery- Carroll courity Derby winner. :s a fifth-grader at the Gaithersburg elementary school and in the f-nab between the Class B ar.d Class A winners, representing the jocnger class, he was pitted against a fel- low-tov.-nsman. Thomas Herhey 15. of Gaithersburg. Championship t.nie was -- seconds. Marr*d only by one or two accidents, none ser.oiis. t'ie Frederick Jaycee-Xews-Post-Kev Cnevrolet sponsored affair uas a-- sajoothlj runoff and conduc'ed a^ even :ne National Soap Box Derby at Akron could be. Monath First Casualty State a^d City Pohcc ". M.'itarj Police from Carrp De:r:ck and National Guard l^ediLs: Camoa!\\ personnel, hai-dlcd i:ie croud A beaming sui s"O"e tio-.v:; until the semi-fsr«als v "en a spr.-'k'e of ra::i cooled the pei^oTir 1 ^ brec:ato-s. officials a"d oo""c t^ ts oa: d.-J not interrupt tne event' Walter Lee Slonath. No 39, Taney Apts, Frederick, in a racer sponsored by Nation s Station, \\ as the first casualty * the day. In the first best of Class B runs, his car \\ent out of control and turned completely around, naif do\\n the course. Gene Aorecht, No 40. winning the heat, alone :n 23 63 iec- onds But the most hard luck of the dav happened after James H Mossburg and Leon Crummitt, m their first triaS of Class B competition ended in a dead heat of 23 54 seconds. Crossing the finish line nose and nose. Crumrnit. No 36. =n Lane '-. slipped a steering cable and was slightly injured about the neck when his racer crashed the por'h- curb of the street and ran into the crowd. The jouth. who lives at RFD 1. and whose car was the pride of the Co a* the o::d o: · :r.o i' boo" 1 )- ^ 't. e information on II ' --aces. L ons Club in 226" »tO ·. ei . 'i- loudspeaker · a; o.jid ond' -"J' 1601 - To -nt- winner of the Herlie speedy Ne.\i-Po.vt tr.p to National Swap In the Class A t r u ' . 1\ -,\ ik-L- Box De-oy August 15 Burcette, ·j. a Montgomery-B..1.1 Kich v P cd '-kc '·" a-row, straight «i- Scliool tenth-glacier. HJI of Mr t-sddle h's lane s center to a-^feat and M i - Charles r Hcr.,io. :Jii oijvr Montgomery County ;.i the. bur^ pilot!*',; u 18 a compct.tor a i d C3a~s \ -.sinner. Hershey s cjr loi* fractional sec- ,\j t j the v'*ia t iip:tMshjp o- the o!id*s °" Bobbing -I.shtJy m-d^ay tune heat- Greeted B-. Brother Open.«s; -Jte C * ^ s i I n u t s Rf i- Good spjr:^-"ar;=h p prevailed .ue i-Aemej s o ' o v Sp-i'isc. · "·-:? ::i.ou;ho-j- A - the champion cm !.i"!ibci ' 'us v. ^: % . f ' n t r} h.s .1 .:,r:.t:g run. hs; eldest a- trolhtr grab^-e-ci him from h's out «u-.:,iJ pa-' na.Klie: v :·'.· rjit-r t j · i.£ r. r, 1 T-ici tne bass- el i-vsV ·'" ':· "*·' -.!2 Gee Jr. boosted - 3'i.t nojlj_-- of other \oung ?(.c-b .»·.; t ^ r r ej Odck to tne i "\ !«.-: A c"-a !.· o ~-T- -wniediateiy i\o "bra-t . : = a .--rf,.-^.^ed pre- n b j a .«.· ! - ) . ) ' n.'u:j of \ ' - _ : - j expect at A k i » i T .ere v j s a -j'tio inter. .ci.\ .; *ne ;- -t sc \ coj^e. in · h \ !·_· s Bu:-cfv sa'd. '! m 4o .3£ '.«. An.:-}-: « ..i i t:..:j.-j ! have a St'txi iha-Kt- ' -. ··· ii-j there" J.ffe C-ia- c N. ^'Jc.-'U^ :· photo-finish which Jones, nosed Jonei. Frederick, is: 2272 seconds ' - et raced. Ic ivas all Gaither^bj.-g ;a!eist in :he championship run In cutting the o5ecu»o-e\e bea-« .f but one of the inosr heated heats of the ileek b^ck lacer of Lane ! :he nnung oe\ite. Juhen De!phc\, the" Tri-County Soap Box Derbv^ieiD :v Jarr.ei *Xo 25' Burdette Fiedeisok M'otoscc!e siMpres-jtio at Frederick. Wednesday afieinoo'5 \\insier by !e? ina' half a \\heei- is just brinais'g «ov :» the v, M J. Grove Lime Co. uas v.hisk- as l ^ e winners of Cla^i A * 13-15 , suj-! In Lane 2 Tomm 'No. IS' flag on \ouug ed to Frederick Memorial Hospital. · years) and Class B '11-1- ear j Hershey is jusi i':aco\\ed out o f , visibly where he was treated for brush burns from a rope stretched to keep crowds back froij the course. K:s car was so badly damaged that he coa:d not continue competition. In the last of the Class A first -OJ-'d heats Lou-s Cole III and C. 3as:I Jones, in tv o racers spon- i-o:ed b\ :he Salvation Ain^y, first trr..!ed iJ% crov.d with a near out sn 23 22 seconds. For 'he senu-fsnal^. Hershey de- Young Hershey drew a be :hen feated Dsine! Lutman. Brunswick beat Xo 17 Richard Baer" ned- P^.ese of L:;tea Cnevrolet. in erick. ^2 49 seconds, in the seco-.d ~ 4 5 ^°« as io ta ^ e tne c - ass A heal. For the :h:rd run. Herhhe\ cr "^"outraced Edward Bosi'a" T:HI-- But tlie little fellow who stole The crowd wa^ orderly. ESabo- ra;e arrangements b\ Chevrolet oroMded a:i eloctr ^ l::n :.R U c x u e 'o record heat wini'i-ri :·) uno- hundredtns of a second ANo an intercommunication s\ 5 te.:i uc mont. 'n 2247 Foi four" 1 the show and \\oii the coveted Tn- twee-i 'he f;!i!jli ln-e and t i e ,.-io!o "i ri^nK Krt-»... ;.i:.-Ii O!i!HaS~ nm pjlea she chass^pio!'. ^ Uiu speca -it _jy :":.t-v pci i ^ x hour 0:1 t h e !CK,I coui^e ' \ j i s i h :-· Busdeues cai J u:t tlirie-quartets of '.he length of ahead at the , Akron Deibv Down- ' «e:.d j'jfor-»,t:oi» out os- foil! iuo- lic address lior: 1 .-- alon^ :ht tra^k Wcbt D.i!;o.- Chevro'et a-- -ta-s: zone man.iRi- for the Bai'. no r e. Richmond V.i . Zone w . t l i Dsv'r.n Manager Bii! Caipenter a:ui Bob Siii'ivnn B.i't.inoio c'i.tb,i.itol ·\ ith Cap: \ V a l t t t \ \ o i f e o! !nc i i. v ,. ^ t .-. K-i.t li ".·^..·^ in / i. v · ')- a-.'i Rober: * '4 ·· e h.n^ h^i \ e ti -, »" I'st'e" ^ p^'iuo C " » " . ^ " He*:drick- t a v..r-»'\..: ato-i-oJscre ^.^ a : J r «-u-- i- '5 - rsa-.d h.j, cer;- ' ' i i . \ o i w it!) .,· i- 1 -·'.}·" i^ittTM tT'.ficate o' " ".c a:id chsm- · ^ j - - - e in a '.' e f'ii.-h i ne b t u ^ d v - .HI .1 :j .-icr'. 'Jc J' -.11-. ·, Bu'ditte -5.i!:e«,l csit ui bi.r- un ~° ,"' e the Class B heats fn bi - 5 1 - 3 ^ ^ p ' x - j t a r s o ' aue I-'srst K- t'ajkn: "2'^i " lc "'^ sevofds -a I'.i-^ !-.j!,:is; Xt 24 Get'. Rud\ Siife« Msddie-.ou-i ,\c\; poised \ous.s !!u:tiette '^ok out Rober: L t:lelo-i 111 ! -tx!v ic-. \ncro he to h f 'lie is Lo.ti'd " i · " :·'» irjoh'e* Bic B..-de:te J - fed ta f ::d For the :hi.d heat o: C'a^.. 3 -us vjict « \ N- ^o ^..- -.j take ho-r:e Bee !H)sci on; K»!i:«.o Tv^n'.t-. 3 '' ! r« ! nh ,:|- fo' t i e Y c l l n A S p i . ' i s ^ in JJ 7.5 second*: a c c l i c ' A ' ' ' · ' il-tjh'ly d.s- !·. the Class B f u i a N nv \so'i o \ t i ' - ' a - i d 'she.. :· found t h a t co- heat, he outran Xo. 3i. C. Basil I Count;. Soap Box Derb. had not Parting ramp. \\ as furnibiied tu f !oca! 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