The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 5, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Thursday, July 5, 1956
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High, 92 BAVSHOKK YVEATHEK—I'artl.v cloudy and warm Thursday night and Friday. Temperature range, 71-St;;. GALV'KSTOX X1DK3: High J-mv For I'Yidny— '1:08 a.m. 9:40 a.m. 12:3-1 p.m. 8:38 p.m. lagtmim YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER VOL, 36, NO. 247 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Thursday, July 5, 1956 BAYTOWN, TEXAS TELEPHONE: 8302. Five Cents Par Copy Failing Pumps, Drouth Cut Supply- Conserve Water, Baytonians Urged The threat of a critical water Gmuthan, pleaded with might b-.vomc nectary to r.mou do» n in the pump. i lnu l these I wo wel'i 'loriage bangs over Baytown un- ers to "conserve the water supply the w,tcr supply !n- cuti ing i, off A seer,,,,! well, ;ll ,. il( , water cau be returned ro norm? opVm- i s» consumers cooperate^ in con- in every way you can by confining during certain hours of th ( . day tower on Carlton stroet. is break- f.ou." " en-ing prescr.t^upphes that liHVo its use si nelly for domestic pur- un',.ss residents cooperate in con- ing suction and could cease opera- He susgc.sicd thai residents cut a.u^dousA CJIIA.K.I lv. an- VOLCS. >U,M as was.ung and !,:>i:i- scrvt, U; ;'„,. short supply. L i m , at anytime, Uraiithsm said. down on use of water Ln wuter rThr WorVi tr,T "o 1r !"*' m " T '• l ' Bt '' r f ° r Wlltori "« 'iranilmn, S.-U,-, 0 ,-.,> -.v,-!!. a! Uv "There is no need for alarm mwus.,' cars, fill swimming . ° .„ ,., T 1 _, r * ' , ns or w;lshl »P «'; 1 ™- (| nvc :\nd R-.ggs s:nv>. is out of right now." th.- city works diroc- pools and other activities that arc i .antnam said in.iisu.u. city Manager Miudletor. said it commission because of a break- lor jsaid. "but we need to be con- (See WATKK—1'ngi! Two) YOUNG BAYTONIAN news in brief MISS JENNY GRAY MISS JOYCE WILLIAMS By UNITED TRESS (UlANt) CAXVOX VILLAGE— Caring; helicopter ore\v lands two men ab-ive precipice above wreckage nl° 1'niled Airline* IK'-7. WLMBLKUOX. ICng. Lew ilixid 0 Australia eliminates last Anieii- m men's singles Wimbic- lun tennis tourney, defaming H:ni'- Hkm Richardson. :;-(>. fi-1, 6--. lj-1. LMTTSBXTKCfl! — Federal mcdi- ilnrs meet with Uey officials of Tinted Steel wm-lters niul steel industry's ISig Three in e.vpli.ira- I try firs! .steps to eut short steel striUt'. WASHINGTON— Attorney General 1 rowndl ynnonncos g'ovcnniii;]'!. i lii-trusl ;ictinn against Ouncnl .Motors. \VA.stlJNGTON— Tin- SI.. 1 ) liil- linn seliinil eoiistrueli'iii liill c.v- peeted to !'(.; called up for fiir- thfr a,e(ion :ilth(iu>rli supporters I sired it wouldn't he. Ode To Drunks MIAMI IlKACil —U I'— Disc UK-key Art (Ireen spent the, I'niirth of July playing Ohrist- mas caroki dedicated lo drunken drivers tt'ui spowlrrs who "uvy not 1)0 around nc.vl DecemlK-r. "They never will last until Christmas so I am giving them ui earful of this beautiful music now," Green said. ACCIDENT TEXAS LEADING NATION IN DEATHS CHICAGO —Wi— The nation today ennnleii its (raffle- dead from one of the ninsl disastrous inid-neek holidays since masses of autos Ix-jran i'loi;!;inf;- the highways. .Safety export;, feared the fiiiul toll iltirinj; Ilir HO-hour hol.-day pirriod ^otild I'limli ahoy,- the 130 denths predieted hefoiv tho .roiirth of -Inly rush jjol niu!er\\'ay. A t'nitcil Press c.oiint from fi p.m. Tin-sda\ lo •! a.m. RST today showed I hat III. 1 ! persons hud Iwen killed in I ruffle neijideiits. Drowitinirs Uilletl -Is IM-I-SOIIS, (Unto [lersons dif ( [ i,n plann enishe.s, •;;> dii-d miseolhuicous nilshnps and one died in n . fireeraeUrr aceHlent for H tntiil of ISO dead. Texas and Miehixn" led (in> luitimi in ii-affit; ileiilhs with 10 persons killed i n ciicli sUUc. <.eorj;iii follmvod with eii;hl. Ohio uml South Carolina eaeli hud M-VCII. J wo Others Injured in Car Wreck MISS WUSCtlXA BLAKJKNEV 3,000 See Roseland Beauty Contest... were nmong 11m.:,,. kiil.'-f or injure-! in Fimriu of July aieidcn',3 on UVSiius iii};hwa,y,;, De.iU! is Sr.TVii.udo Campos. 3i. son of .Mr. tmd 'Mrs. Joiio Campo,". •^k __ mm r '^ 1 *"'' Ail ' n!ir t- Drive, one of Baytown Host In ^Sil§f~ ~ ' Reynolds, i.7. daughter () r .Mr, ;tnd Mrs. R. W. Reynolds of '2-108 West. ..Main, and" Richard Nniscr, 13, son '>f Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Na.iscr oi .11)01 East Texas. They -were injured when the car in which they were riding crashed Baytown will be hoM. I'Yiday-'o industrial workers to drop by Rebel the six candidates lor governor imo ;l w ntj;r t' 1 "!; truck on tho two candidates, for governor. | nn llm | v j s j, t Sl , n Oank-f." (;,,,,. uvn , ln ^ vn ^ \ n SUM Aneelo road between J,n. Marque and Gal- U. S. Sen. Price IJaniel will <•><• nally .said. "It will be an Wednesday ni"bt Three -conml'lv vcsto " »''" ul - » P.m. Wednesday. in Baytown from 2:30 to -t:;it) p.m. yi'fair and Mrs. Sclnvoilxnr v, ill be bought television time lo gel over Bor!l '''is.s Reynolds'n.rm/5 and her He will visit with members of th-.: on hand to welcome the, women their mr.;-,uge Kg-hi; leg an; brolu-n. VOU:IK executive council of tho Baytown guests." ' ' -- - Employes Federation In a meeting p.>,-i.mni Daniel, O'Daniel Here- own Host In Governor's Rtice Porte Lass Is 'Miss Baytown' arranged by H. N. (Son, Love, a ^^^^.f^ Heuben ScnterfiU. and J. .,. member of the council. - • "' c . .., ,. .\a.isi>.r suffered an arm injury and were hen. IViee Ua.mel, f;on ,.,,, H i,, u „;; lh( . bl . ahu ^ , ir ,. Holmes. Ralph 'Y a i borough and .1 'nine old m«n" of the .Unite;', Evcttu Haley wcie the nthur S nh- Sen. Daniel will be guest at a Stains Supreme Court look 1iie ernalorial asr,ii-:inl= schediile,j u> reception at Rebel Inn at 3:3, r > .spotlight in lnde),e.udencc Pay [nil- speiil-- Miss Jenny Gray is Miss Baytown of 195C. The charming 18-year-old blond» from La Forte, -.von the title over 15 other bathing bcatics who ~- • raclecl before a crowd of 3,000 Bay- tonians gathered at Roseland park to witness the fifth annual Fourth of July contest. Miss Joyce Williams, 19. of Crosby, took second place and Miss Priscilla Blakcney, 16, was winner of the third spot. Miss Gray, sponsored by the Brunson theater, is the daughter of Afrs. W. H. Gray of La. Porte. A trophy from the City of Baytown, $25 in cash and a bouquet of roses from the Busy Bee flower shop were presented Miss Gray by Miss Janice Ellis, Miss Baytown of 1355. Miss Ellis also presented Miss Williams an orchid from McClurg's florist and S15. Miss Blake- ncy was given $10. Another first place prize will ic a portrait of Miss Gray to be presented her by John C. Gittings, .113 artist from London now at tho Shamrock-Hilton in Houston. Gittings, along- with Larry Kane, a disc jockey from KNXJZ. ami Miss Ma.xinc Zucker of Houston, were judges of the beauty contest. (See COXTKST—I'ag-c Two) SUN 1 i. S-.7-' Special Election A SPECIAL election will be hold Aug. 2;; at Deer Park to fill the vacant. City Council scat created by t'no recent death of Councilman P. L, :-an(!lcr. The filing deadline is Julv '21, and the K-p will bu 5.2!). Due Back Home THE RKV. s'.no. Mrs. Uennis .K.anics of Hiyhlands Kirst Baptist Church arc due bad-; late this vprk from attending the funeral Tuesday of his father. .1. YV. Barnes, in Boifsvillc, Ark. Teen Gasiteen iVleel 'Scared Stiff' Kidnapper Threatens To Kill Baby MINK OLA. N.V. fUPi— A ".scared stiff" kidnaper thrcntencil today to kill a. four-month-old boy abducted from hi.s carriage unless :.i S2.000 ransom, was paid this iiiorninp. Tlic kidnaper set a 10 n.m. deadline for payment. Tho baby, Peter Weinberger, was kidnaped about 3. p.m. Mrs. Sfrpe, Contractor's Wife, Dies CP: MA.VN Teen Cu::U-en v.-;ll meet from 7;MO p.m. to 10 p.m. ThurMfny in the school gym. League To Meet MRP. JACK Jacob.!. Ml North Jones, will be hostess tn the Baytown .Service l-'-asue a.l P:.1i'i a.m. Friday in her home. (Continued on T\vo) Town- MR. AND MI't.S. Allfni Siebcr f;n- niiy r:Hi!e H deal . . . he ;;rttl( : d for h^.lf an nirrilaiv . . . And :ipe;>king of aii pi.-ii'.es. v/au fh.".t. onr friend }-'.:ll K iViin;::^\vnrlh (-.iKtrtin-; a ;v^w cUuid hnppi r the oilier d.iy'.' . . . Clint n:ui Bobby Davis havi- fo;ind th;'rr- arc certain compel:.^.-LI ii,;\s to trading Xc\v Mexico for Baytown, and one of them is a shad.' tree to play uncl'.T during tho summer. -Mrs-. Bill (Hita> Whittrodgc mighty busy these days, especially that. Captain Bill is doing better, thank you . . . "Frenchy" Brous- E.-.rd finally joined the union, and n•!•••<' he g,-is a 'lay off every other wc<-ii. Sin-la like tin- custom tiu-y iiave 1:1 mhcr pai-i;.- oi" the world. " ri;','cr ' Unaii.]". lia.s a little r-ic-cc f.f \v;:ite -,i,-i.|..-i-i- in |;is pocket d?ys-. ar.ii }•>.• j. s mighty proud of it. Don';, fi:irr- ,-./^; ; ;,(„, «-|, n | ,- j s _ n,- co-.j'll h" mlcrlpinrv! ^\;\i ^niio f. - > c«!\''-' 1 --;^i.3-i . . Mr.;, P. P'., Mr?, \1ary Ann Stipe. Ot. -wife of a Baytown contractor, died nt 6:40 a.m. Wednesday in a Houston hospitnl. Funeral services will be held at Kaithman funi-ra! home with the Rev. Clifton Smith, pastor of Stewart Heijrhts Baptist, church, officiating-. The tune of the service has not been o<n. pending- the arrival of relatives frnni ^VisconsiIl. Survivors arc her husband. Rob'•!'!. i'j. Stipe of Baytown: two (laiiffhtoi-.B. Mrs. L. Af. Upton nnd Mrs-. R. T. Willcins: two sons. ,Inmi:-t> and Re-ben. Stipe, all of Baylnv/n. and her mother. Mrs. Ki's.-ie Kotara of Loke Xcbagamon, surviving ni'e liirco si.stors. .Mr.=. Charles R:\mpier and Mrs. Joe Horn, both of Lake .Vebapa- men. Wis.; Mrs. Frank XIarothiiek of .Superior. Wis.; four 'orothers, • loo Kotara of Superior. Wis.; John Frank and Jerry Koiflra of Ijike Xcba;;anion, \Vi::., and six grandchildren. Pallbearers will bo Billy Wilkins. D. L. DeWitt Sr.. James H. Dunn, M. R. Bailey, Paul W. Wade and Raiford C. Lamb. (Wednesday.) from his ciirriagc on the renr patio of liis wealthy family's S-iO.OOO l-.ome in the fashion- nblc \Yheatlcy Villa district of We.stbun-, on Long Island. A ki'.lnap note, to the bnby's father, Morris Weinberger, a dm;; supplies salesman, demanded t h e ransom money and gave instrno tions for leaving the S'J.ODO at. ;i sjxtcifictl jjnraffo in the neighborhood. , A clonk of fear enveloped the entire community ns .ill detectives- rind uniformed police raced t h '• clock in their hunt for the kidnaper. Peter was kidnaped during- the few moments his mother h a d stepped into the house to talk with ;' maid. Another child. Ix?wis, .", w a s pla.ving indfiors. When Mrs. Weinberger returned to the patio. Peter was gone. The baroly legible rr.nsom note said in part: "I hate to do this T nm in great need, stiff. 1 could ask for more but I am asking only for what I need. Put S2.0flri in small bills in a s»- r.-ige tthe nf the garage was sjveified but \vithiie!-! by [«> liee'l. Do not. notify police before noon tomorrow or I'll have to kill your b.'ihy," S;-i-ne of the kidnaping wn? less than three miles from Kasl Meadow, whc.-.'e Stephen Djinnnitn, ", was abducted Oct. HI (Jl'AD SntVn'OK — Xmv weighing n hefty five pounds, i-ight ounces, Kllui Liiy, Mi?(liii:i is held In a nurse in I-'lou'er- Fifth Avenue hospital. New A'nrli. l-]iha. is the sole survivor nf quadruplets born tn .Mrs. C'.\- prian Medina "1 New ^"(irk April ':,'!. The two boys died \vilhin :u> hours of birth and the other icirl within six days. DIba weighed three pounds when born. Sbr bas twin sisters. (International) p.m. Friends and supporters well as the public—are. invited I" the reception. The other candidate scheduled to visit Baytown is W. Leu O'J.'aniel. He is carded for a speech at H::V\ p.m. Friday, and sui announc'.- tncnt released in Houwton .says that the O'Danic) cntouniRc is sclu'.j. uled to be nt the Harris Cotni" Precinct Courthouse on South 'Main. It is understood that O'Dan lei will talk there. Judge Ralph Varboroufth also i. in Southeast Texas, but he is sche,I uled to be in the Hr.-i7.oria. Cou:i!y area. A committee- of iJaylown iin.J..-- foi- Sen. Daniel's visit includ'- Thi;to Wilhurn, Bob Mathei-'v, Roberl .Slricklnnd. T. b. Satte.-while, Bill Siitl'-Twhiti-:. Mrs. Mou ; ton, l/jwell Larnm-jr' 1/ove and M. P. i.Spikesi Connall. the chairman of the group. "Wo especially invite onr fello. Ship Channel Swim Fatal To Man, 64 •Justice of llie Pi.-acr- \Vali.c •• Queen returned a verdict of accidental drowning in the deatii of Mauli M. Traweek. >;.j, of Houston, who collapsed an.'l died whilo swimming in tin.. Houston ship channel ui. Hog jsland late Wednesday. Trawitek wa.s with three other Houston people on a Fourth of July nuUng. A woman, who gave her name as Juanita Gonx.'Ucs of Houston Said :.he noticed Tra-.veU r.-ii.-,.. down in th" water only a moment after he ha/I been "sv.-i:..- anri playing." J-thi.' grablx -<\ itieUin;,' in Tox:ix, in San .Iiicinlo Memorial hospita'. At least. !fi otliL-r piioplc di'-'fi. and &U others WI.-TI; injiir«:(f, in accidents l.i.i more iliaii douijlii the- T<.'Xii.K Dv)Mrli(t'.-iit of piiolio wifely ... . -, j »,A:I." ivi: JMI uui, n L, vt [Hunii.. r'iii.M v \ -1,,,-n, «••,<.•!, t ,„ . , , • , , U Uani '''' wll ° lla '- ! ]wm i-Htimat,; tluU xix, would be klllfd .. t^;;;,;ed tt ;± i , j ,,ici ^vi! 1 , s*><?n^&t a ^ l ° b " 1 r r i- u - ^^r VT. holi ...— : ... ...._,"'-,'..'.,_-?."__!'„_.*. a h" __ f) "y. I'oiir drowned, including a GOING TO (.01- CO.NVIO.Vno.V—A K nv.-l iniidr of \ ..rmont hinl's eye miipli- is prcsroli-d to Itep. Josnph Mill-tin (l{), .Massm-hilM-tts. in U'iisliinclrin by Itcp. Winston I,. Protit.N ill) Vcriiinnl I'-fl. Tim Riivc-l will be used nt llu- Iti-pnhlieiin S'nliomd convention. (Intcriiiilioniili Hou.ston man who r.'oulij nol. revivud after he .s.'ink beneath the water in the ."hip channel at. H f 'K Island near Baytown. DrlailK of (.he necidenl In which Crnnno.s, a sraifuati; of f.e' <:ollog(r and a .'tummer student nl Sani Houston .State Teacher:; Col le^i 1 , \va.s Killed \vere not. availabl-- here, but a United Press report of acr.-idoniH over the stale .said thai. he -lied in the \vrecha,".e with. Jesse O. llermuidi.'x 2'i. a Smiiei-- ville Mchoolt c-ivcher. an<l Alonrxi FIoreK. 2.'!, of P.ryan. Her- nnndez. driver. |OH|. control of hir, i-iir v.-bifh plunEf-' 1 ! off l.hc road i;iU> the tree, according; to th" report. I'uiuiral iiervicc'i !or Ca.rnpoi- iviil be announci'ii' by l-l.-irtliman funernl liome. I'.i'side.s IIIM parent.'-. I'arnpos i.H :nirvi\ i i'd by f.\ o .sister.*:. Mrs. Pedro I'.ravo and Mr;;. Cnrinlo Di'isado; four brothers. Tony. Afanur-l. Jesse T. and Jesse Cam POM. all of llaytown. 'i'hi.'re v.-ere ,'ieveral irtinnr aeri- d'-nts in the vicinity of Baylov-'n during the. iay V>'<"lncsday, bin no one v.'a:i injured i.-i tln-iu. Tint accidcnL in v.-hii-h Miss Knynold.s and Xaisi r we re injured rn:c.nrr./,f as tin-- emijiu.- v.-as r 1 '- turnin;; from r .!ii!vc.-s!,on wlien*.- they had ;;one \vit.Ii bi-r family I'or .'i. holiday out in;; at the beach. Hor parr-nts werr- in anolhc'r ear fihend r,f thi'in a'vl did not. Jc-.o-.-.(Si-,. \\'l{i:CKS— l':, Cl - Tu-.o 'Put Up Job 1 Charged In ChanneMew Row Foe Of High School Bonds Blasts Letter By Gentry l!> IIAKDl.l) MVI.I.KN Sun Staff U'riler Mr;-. M. L. dilbert <<f lOL'ii \ Try after IK- had writ ten 'he letter M-MO"! an- i>i-i in .Scho.-lil.--t-. .she maintaine,! thai by !h»'-'ini ; ,,,,.! Ihe !eu,-r '-'-'a--- -.'.ritt'-n M i'Jiniil. lite a.-en'! pay:r..; • him. .she said, and screamed for ''""'• ' ; hann' lvi--v,. one oi the up- I'-'iyt-own boar-!'.-, knowledge. .-••i-.barra.-'.-.'n-:i; help. ijoncrits nf a prO])o:-:.-(! lo build a ' •"•* a i-e.Milt of all Ihi.--. liiey''-i; youn^ pisjpi.- t L.'n. SicJgc of Buytown. one of ll<: « h sdK "''' in th "' : ^"'"""" lil ---tin- two men who went, to the rf-s- eiie .'.nd carried Trawe-k ash,,;-, . ( "-'^""Ivirw Schnol Supt ^a.v,.' the man arti.'i'-iai n spiration until un Karthnian fimbulancr >\r- Rabid Fox "Comers" Family •i Animal Killed By Member Of 'Posse' >l - l'''yt"-.v;i \i}> In armn iiboiit on:n;i oar f<w:i h '-' n f'-ct and not paying -v;r ;;h.t:-'t :i!g ' '''• ''"'' r( '>t>; i,'j cdiicallni;- I'iiamel- ),..|,p; v:r "-" siudr-nts.'- M .-•;<. ' lilberi. -io- be b< clar-~d. soiid. ''; Vh;i '* ":'!>!)• n:ng i.--' :n:,i. .,«.r >Iin:> r '" 1 '' irf> " •'"""'»'•- 'he r,e!ei THE SUNDIAL Arsa News Ci,;:;i{ied Cc.r\-:s tcaroiv-l •^;' )! . _;_ j - : - ; ;-,,. '_ .-, V.'--. ).•.- -. \'--',-r'-i 9 . ilO . ;s . 12 ?3-?4 3 ':• - i i. A rabid fox kiik-d a cat. chaM-d a boy and heid a family captive in a house off Garth Road near Cedar Bayou for two hours Wednesday before it. was killed by a man in a posse of 25 firemen and two deputy sheriffs who went to the rescue. The fox was uccapititeii niter it was slain by a shotgun blast am? its head \vas t niton to Houston Thursday by Deputy Sheriff M. M. Brown for examination. H. G. Brown told the officer that the fo.v came i n ;o the yard at bis h.-inu- ar. i k:l!"<l a pr-t, iKui^'"5i. One nf hi.*-' sons grabbed ••> .••hpl Tii" ;"i<l -.v-H! on! lo :;boo ! . ,'T f,.v '-.!•• t,i,/- :;ij,i r-ijl^r) t c , fi-o. T ; i,-< fo\ tiv--i v;.i-n,j -,r ;',•,•, ]v.y. , n,->Pj'' -7 ••;;,,' .tr.'r'ii:-,^ nilO C'l?"t;d h'm in'.o :'r im i-'f . T!v cr?.-'". ill ''"' : '-ifl t':< -n ."it; iv,r'.e - l lr> ;ear Ihe ••i-rem "T i:'i- j--o;i-'t !o r;ei ;n the pcoph 1 in.s;cic. Ilrov/n .'-aio. Bro'.vn .sain he bad only one siiotgun cartridge in the house. and it was Lbo one which hai snapped in the shotgun when tho boy tried to fire it. The sheriff's departmt-nt and the Wooster Fire Department were called to kill the i'o;v Armed will-, shotguns, the firemen and went to ib..- Prown honv for the fox hunt. The fox. under the house, snarled amf fou;.',hi at there.. As someone backed a pickup truck up to a back door to r'-sciu: the family before the shooting bo- X'A;;. the fox rfl.n into !'n-- open. Firi'-rnaii W. F.. Broom of Ihe WOO?'.T fin- '.l^parlmr'-t shot it "Tbcrr-'.-. no rio'lhl. tba: fov '<'^r, ti'.a! one fought H. i'. S'-hi»-hl,T I..-.- Kay:, own Su|ii i';.'0;--<: H. l>!it.-y. was a "pn!. -:p rived. Trawee! ( va.s Ulten I', ;-'an -i oh '" Jacint/i Memorial hospit.-i!, hut The ref'-r:'C(j !o by Mr.-, '-'•'•'is proi'iounco'i dead a;i hour iJi'bort s'atfi tl'ial Bayto-.'.'n pro 1 .)! ; Lt<'-r. a':'-]-- -.-.ou]'! .'ml b" abi<- to .'I' 1 '--p' Chiinnel'.-if-w tlndcnts at fjo'.ir-;-' K. \j'f high .school sifter Ifi57. Mr.-. Cubert charged tliat V'A'itii ou* the knowledge of Channelvir-.v ;;.-!iool lr;i.-;;.''c.s. Supt. Kcaochl-'r '.'.•••,-,l \,> Sup;. O'nlrv and ask-d him to wrile Ih,, letter." DALLAS ,1'Pi-. Thny-ycur-old a! Ca;-:^:,,-.,! Sin; sa;.| she felt "Tim lia"- •'"' !I1 A1!l ' :1 \Vink;.••; lingrrcd near i:;t<> ;< c-.). l i),i town .Sun has so far presented only d--'ilh in Parki.ind M"!r.ori;ti Ho.;- '.''.' '' . a-o-hcr virtue ^ th« -.'av-ror-id ° f tht " ' ''"'' " n """ n ' ;i '" i I'' UU '•'"''•'''-'• ; ' v ''' tiri1 . 'io-'ors saj.1, '.^'^-^'^ ^..'un'i pn.i>c Oi ui. t ),a\ gro], .KI .• Vi'^i, ,-,,',•,,., i ... /••;, ,n,i..<'.'^... • ' *\ l • :•..-.. program ',,' \, " - .,! <na,in. i...... t) ; ,„,. ,„,,, ,,,- _, ,..,,„,, , i( r^nn-fs show -,-iK ,: ^ ..^^ IS MrS - ^^ K ' :> '"- "" «•"'=•»««" r-i^.,: ..; a.m.; -:-; }•';. l>''.v." Mrs. <;i: ; j":-;, i.Aii'-IUi.i-'-i ''>'•' .IL.I' i!g 'hat .-h,- ar.d a. ;n :;i; r;ly '..' ,..|,p;i. j :! i 'n,i:;-> iv;.- .v f.--!! i' woni'I e b< ':cr fur ('•iiri.-int-jvii'-.v !o con- Recreation Center Hobby Shows Set T" • ( i • Ki<!i. .summer ntci-.-atmn^n Will na,v<. nobby shn-vs r-nnay as Tot Near Death From Rabies Dallas To Declare Quarantine On Dogs Roth John A'.iec, Following is Mrs. Gilbert's stav. •' '.- 1 ) r;it'-nt' Bayou and San .la- ' ".\nor he :-ol II;.- letter. Sci-.oc i- C-dth"'!'^'''!-- '^'>'.•••".''. -^''^ rra,"VS, M S^ ls 7n,i ^K^^irV'^i ii^-^^-v;;.. u '^; Car,,-,-, 3 p.m. and A.hbe, Sm.h, ^t* {"^ th« ti^ ^o! San'^C! '^^ '" '"^ . p ; ni ' board at that tinv; should lvi. : i lie Ji ccmcrs A.-id throe swim- r^^tion-d Schochler s judgment in nung pools had 15.7'.'4 attr-n-lirig ^king !>„• I';K. ic.ier from Ovtry." ta.'^t we(;-V. briivig thr month's Mrs. Cilbert ari'-.p-ted to;/>| <n ,y».3W Tiio r.r.n:i»rs alone ~be ••:' r d !! lr G'ianrci-.''e;i -.-sin,.' "1/iX'c '.ot->!r>,i oi ."iC'<". HOT f.-l -vri "O othr- r-'noicc t ; iH-. t.i T-ir third <••--,---ion of s'-<-'t-,-m:-lg back up Kchorhier af>r he ;r A ;.- t.ilong I-J'-MC'- -'-'-Mm <-:ri';.-.e<i :nar:^/i Monday -.-;th r.SO ;.hr '"tter public. AUo. Mr". IWK-! fn'!-r,- .'nh-'i Ailer f-iroiliv;; RoFf iar.'i has 2'-S. 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