Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 7, 1975 · Page 42
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 42

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 42
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AVALANCHE.JOURNAL—Monday April 7, 1975 ' - 1'IVB icrcj. »i;oSo~do^"n, »60 pe niouth._ 6% miles won o( I.ubbock, WANT to buy 200 acres or le» |a t.ubbock Counly, 7U-S1H3. ISO AGUES unimproved sras» lam Nlco water point lor entile. $100 |io siri". Hi nine* north, cms mile eat oi.BA.v oiso bedroom, anruift. iilenl ',4 tulle noith of Ho(f, Oklflhom in Honlotoc CMunty. l'ho«i« 505-156 744S, alter CPM. SCUM ACKES Northwest, small lake JiiOO Acre, lermi; 10 Acrei KM-17* J!0.000; 5 Acres on south Krankfori! owiwr financed, 8 percent; Moblo ''«rn» Jllfi. utilities. Shollownlor "63 » *' I!arulU Eal1 — 1-5 ncro trarti o Kllilo Koad. Restricted to protoc your Investment. County aonrovec 10 pel down. Cull lor Rati Ue.-T. 795-1802 or Sllnionj Inc CIIMC'K on», three, five ncr« tracts <~;auti so'I. lave tilco, ralso vegetn blcs. Tomu. 703-6667. FtVK Ac-'res, Kooil irell. |hrc» hp,i loom house. S4 horse stnlls, rldlnx menu. ouUlandlni: price, South !,ul> )io.-k within cily llrnlti. fitlnsoni Inc. 7M-3733 *0 ACRES I-yiin County. CGO Acre Hix-kley County. 160 Acres Uibbock County. 2,10 Acres will divide. Hen TV. 7J5-2:<H. 7iW-3:«3. M-O Healtor.t CIIOICTJ Irrlxtilod fanu. 527 acres '.'•JO wheat, 107 (or vegetables, 7i Imitated pnilure. Ell-onu 8 Incl veils. Modem homo on pavemen near Hrrofnnl. Also adlnlnhiir tracts I'roXTr.-i welcome', F06—, IRRIGATED FARM l!(i>ves Caunly: 320 acres. Two hhurc wcMl.i with pumps. Good wa ler itlilrlct. \j mile of concrete irrliMtlim channel. Wallace A. Jloiitz X- ASHiclotcii, Henltors. 1DOO sher wnoil Wny. Kan Aniielo, Tf\as 70301 C'l.'n !H!t. I!B3. TTE NKCD I.LSTINCN 2-'J3 AcreE-530 uulllvnlcd, 11 wells • Iso wiilcrsL DCO ncrL's native crass; Improvements, i^U mites from Lub' bouk. SJM acie. PAKJfKR County \< t trctlon 2 8-Inch ^clU - , 3 bedroom house. Terms. rnsiro Counly Section, HO acres cul- tvaU-il, {lu dcre wllh terms. HURLBUT S, HOLDER 1S03 ,\ve. Cl 7W.0337 Itnliinil Clem, Taliolcst 9SR- II. V. Stniilon 7W-071: 1800 Acres Bluesfcm Limestone, all open prairie, no rim bcr. Bryan County, Oklahoma. $250 Acre. 43 Silver Ctaims in Nevada. 51,000,000. half down, balance interest free 1 year. M. L. GARDNER REAL ESTATE 1717AVE. K 763-3916 COTTON 7* LB. 198,500 IBS. FOR SALE NOW ARNOLD BANKS dVrt AH'. I 1 Office 6-A 747-2222 799-2621 79. Out of Town KEVEN'TV— MINK ACREAGE with country homes. Prefer Christian ix>up!es. Paved road Phone 7j7-'J'JU. 80. Resort Properly SACRIFICE equity nnd assume S77.IS monthly payments. Cabin veslside While River Ixilte. Rocks tiuxnv from \s-nter. 7!t5-W3fi. 1U7JDOSO Now Mexico-I-lx-Si ^rx)bilc >Iuni? almost nc^v, furnished, nir. faiVL't. you cnn have- equity by TivMiininn pi-c.scnt lo^n. I>ocaletl in fV'VU'Kr Keurea'Jou \'l[lai;e J'uj*. Available Immcdlalclv. Call r.oss. ' rtlvcr: Bcautl/vil west slile la'»o front home. ISCHI sq. ft., throe bedroom, 2 hath, fireplace, double crtniorl, l>oat house. 7[>7-fc05l. Mc:i-: Cabin on West Side or White J'.ivi-r on cliolcn lot. Central Healinc. KorrlBcrntcd air, cnrpeted. furnished bunt cinfk and -Minnow House. Call K('!'s- Ferguson. Kails. 253 -2217. 79. Out of Town Prop. XSTAUUSHKD Indian ciirto shop will sell Inventory only, or bulldlnn tiud Inventory as n pucknxe. Terms available. Itoatirunncr Itcalty Uo- swcll N.M. 5O>.622-9al'.|. KOit Sale. ScaKravos. 3 bedroom 2 hath home. Or will trade. Call 7B7- ft!S3. Ask for Hose. 79j.fi35S. 81. Reol Estate to Trade NICK 2 bedroom. JJ.OOO lolin, chenp Trade for II x 80 mobile home «f s,,<>d unnlliv construcllon. Must l^ In excellent randitiun. fiTS- ' 82. Real Estate Wanted \VA.NT lo tmy house, basically sound Init in need of repair or remode 7H7-17KI. WANT ID buy B house In the country. UnilL'r 520,000. 7IJ-3II!). WANT to Buy:*. Soi)tinrr?t l.ulihock necdine pnint. rcunlr Any 83. Oil Land & Leases \VA.NTKI) To Oily: t'rodlll-lns Mliipj-. nls, royalty end overriding royally. '•'intai-l Dutch-Irish Oil. Inc. I'd) liciv -i'-'.'a, Mldlnrul. Tuns Tii'lil Wi: buy royalty nnd minerals. 7K-, (T.:i7. 84. Houses m;.\imnjl, new Imme. '.', bedroom. " It.nli. rcfrlHernt"d air. nil liii* nmonities. Open .Sunday, by liullder. K..":: <;enc\-a. TW-IISO. lifl-JO.'ir saiid- el s. I:V Owner. 2500 K(t. rt. 3-2-2. Gnme- room, double .solf-clcnniiii oven, wa- ,s\virrmiini; p^xil and club ji.-iv'lMCi-. /irep:;nT, .smikra <lon SlS.flCX) equity. No nzenis. 4-i:t2 77th'. ' 4 ltl';ur.OOM. 3 Imth. formal livlns fl'nini. den, nl.ivniom. established »ivn. Jcrin. 7M-27S3. Sandy SSJ-2237. Knnt'liTic 3i>\nUors. 7H7-I267. I'lVB liodronm, Three Bath. South of 50th. Under $40.000. lx!VTls-NYir- 78. Forms-Ranches LROSIiyCOUNTV JK Acres, 3 miles Nt; lulls, level, 2 «rllj, no Improvements, hl^h yields, l.'n.lerground pip«. Perfect f.irm. CROSBY COUNTY SM ACRKS, 3 strong wells, t-'C pipe, ri.itural jtai. ftrong land. Part bench Irvrlt-d. old house, 1 mile off pivtment, 6 Miles North Malls. I.UBROCK COUNTY ]7! Acres with light water. North New l> f.ayj perfect. Dtcp sail. L'xisting loan. Priced to sell. FARM SALES CALL MIKEWKST 7S5-SI7J rVVKSTORS EXCHANGE IIKAI.TOHS 737-3231 t , ^ATGARRETT REALTORS 2 Acres trnctn mUnlnlnir S Inr-h ji 30 Jnt-li wnler. Noir Karll). henlinn Nortti of Liiblmck. Four licvlroom home. Onltlo i«ns. 3D Kcctlon ranch Knst of I,ul>lK>ck. <\<,<i<\ nr.-iKS 1,0(3 ot Qurill. Deer, Turkeys. Tcrmi. COO .Ar-rtw. Tivo lioilroom Jionie. Iji«o born. R inch well nml srvln- Wcr. $11,750 down. Possession now, nirliard luymonil 707-3130 Ken (Stanley 7IV1WO «3J tlUi HI 79WWII' RMlEtUt* for Sato 84. HOUMS Two Bald — Den - 3103 2!(ri — Trade — Uuy Nowlll Juhn- slon Kcally — TU-UK. Rial Estate for Salt 84. Houws UWNKll: 3-1! Inruo llvlnu room. don. We (.wage, ccnlrnl heal, air. J26.50U, 3-nii asth. 7M-W95. BILL YORK REALTORS SL1DELL ADDITION - New 4 bedroom home soon available. Hurry on Ihij on and pick all your colors. Lov«ly show homt In Quaker Heights — 3 bedroom — Garden Kitchen — Ovcrslied covered patio for those cool summer evening ahead. MLS JocMiys ;<].4]l» Chrl>Whll» 744O23I ^Jeanne Notllngham 7f/-39?l 2345 50th St 795-5591 REALLY B Id - 2150 sq. It. and less than jli per fool. Gameroom, refrigerated air, all brick. Closo lo L.C.C. SI move-tn V.A. ARKETT BENSON - 3 bedroom — totally remodeled, ,FHA appraisal 112,650 — Very Low move-In, Low Payments. RECOA t?J Ask about our olhir projMrllts Al Wlllitord 795-3961 '] Bill York, Broker 7»5-S85Sj CAL BTATE plus 747.4941 r NO DOWN PAYMENT - G. 1. 3 bedroom with pretty shar, carpe This home features central heat, nice (.urtalns 4 drapes, large Pjyio «. slorage house. One of the dearies! homes In Lubbock. SELLER PAYS THE CLOSING on ihls brick 3 bedroom, 2 bath double car garage, Ivg.-dcn comb, with fireplace. Other fealurci include shag carpet, relrlg. air, bulltln cooking, dishwasher S. dls- LOW EQUITY' - LOW PAYMENTS 3 bedroom, 1 bath wllh shag- cornel throughout. Features Include central heat, evaporative - cooling i. fenced back yard. Cute and clean wllh paymcnn of on^y MELONIE PARK 3 bedroom, 2 bath, formal living room S. dining- room, separate den wllh an outstanding used brick fireplace wall Isolaled master beSroom, all the bulltlns, refig. air a. new sha carpet. !t20 sq.ft. lor only S38,«0. g INFLATION FIGHTER Brick 3 bedroom, 2 balh, 2 car garage In ! iX d ?, k ' ? 41ur " lndude "" the bulltin » ln »h°*"che n " • sunken den, f Ireplaca & ref rig. air. All of this for only «24,5CO id $ ' »^ NS ' MONTER E Y S29.950. 3 bedroom, 2 balh large ivg.-den wllh fireplace, all the bulltins, covered patio 4 shan "r r" '"""' h0mfl ^ °" "* to " '" W «' John Ash= 792-5809 Chwlcs Cox Dale Young 762-1425 Jerry Cypeit Caiolyn Cypert 744-763S 799-5031 744-7635 BUILDERS-REALTORS 792575? >•••••• Iris Shuson«»••«•.§.««6t» Jt-ss Slitison ••••»• GREAT LOCATION is what you'll have in this 3 BR, 2 balh brick home al 4509 SBIh. Many extras like kitchen buill- ins. central refrigerated air, double garafje, beaulilul landscaping. WALK RIGHT IN Ihe big closets ollhis super 3 BR, 2 balh brick home, conveniently located n\ 4202 51st. Nice den with shag carpet and paneling. Kitchen built-ins, new paint oul- side. super sharp interior. Nice landscaping, roorny corner lot. ONLY ONE LOOK is all II will lake lor you lo want mis lantaslic 2 BR homo al 4807 44th. Brick exlerior, good landscaping, Largo den and living room combination. Nice kitchen CALL IT HOME is what you'll want lo cJo alter you seo tins 3 8R. 2 bait) home with personality plus. Nicely located en corner lot at 3442 53rd. Brick exterior, double attached garage. Nico fruit and pine trees. Small cjUiCL 1 , separate living room. BURNING DESIRE i3 what you'll have lor this super stiarp 3 BO brick home with fireplace in den. In good neigbor- hood at 5415 39lh. A very good buy at S21.000 FHA. INMELON1EPARK at 3704 63rd Dr, is where you'll find this refreshing ?. story colonial home. Separate den with beam ceiling, lormal living room, large eating area, nice patio, buiit-'in desk in pantry. 82 Nd AT INDIANA DENNIS GRirrirH 795."28 DAVID WILLIS .74S-I615 DONNALEE 79J.M6S CHARLOTTE PATTERSON 797-WUS CHUCK THOMPSON 797.3100 RANDAL fllEGEH • FABMS . ..795-1602 5ANDI IRELAND 7J5-2J2!> HAROLD GRIFFITH - COMM..782-0239 BILL STINSON - S. MGH 79i-36CS j.t S2.000 00 tax credit [•UK !0th — Very Spanish, arches 3J07 77th — Formal dining, huge and wrought Iron — 138,950 — rooms, wet bar — SJB.950 — il.947.50 lax credit J2,COO.OO tax credil. 14501 76lh — Side entry oarage, 5520 76lh — Formal living & din- bay window dining — 536,950 — ing — Den, walk thru balh, greal Jl,547.50 lax credil. plan 549,900 - S2,000 tax credit. SEE US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE NEW TAX CREDIT. Ronnie Foiter ...799-7870 Don McGuirc ,,.,,, 7?2-?WJ Jean Brooktf 795-7739 ^^ Sandy Harrison 885-JJ37 PS WE ISJ RonCllne, Broker 797-7816 TRADE 11 ' BFAHOr/' '3302 34th SK 2 STORY-4 BR 3000 sq. ft. of quality with formal LR, full DR, den, plus large playroom. $64,950 OPEN SUN. —452577th STREET Beautifully decorated new3 BR brick. Very unusual cabinet detail. Rouyh marble fireplace. 538,950. NKARSHOPPING CENTER Unusually attractive 2 BR brick with fireplace, ref. air, huge walk-in closets. Good SW location. THIS WEEK'S EQUITY BUY S4,183 equity, payments under S250 on this 3 BR brick. Large den — living, fireplace, ref. air, covered patio. 3 BR —QUICK POSSESSION Brick home close to Mali. New carpet, ref. air, storm door — LR & large den-kitchen. Only S22,500. Sue Allen.. Kitty Horelion ... Jerry Howard..., David Hewitt Joan GilJiam 799-2360 ....795-1958 ....792-9232 ..,.745-1914 ...792-31)3 EgieCrozier 795-5764 LcilerYork 795-1776 Mike Hewitt 744-7865 Darry! Berry, Mgr. .. 795-5221 Jeff Wheeler 795-55221 • M MIS ffl OFF THE RECORD "Just bclmvc naturally, Mr. Jacobs." Real Estate for Sale fft 84. Houses I'HKKE txMrooin home, Excellent comlilion. DouWo Karaite. J2U.950. i!6!)5- ECJUrrY. IV o bedroom, fenced, tenure, SSI pnymenls. North of -1th Strctt on Uviilde. Immediate possession. Wcbb-Roihwoll, I'.eaJtors. 702-4801; nltes 737-50S6. iOiri'KWKST - Botmtliul re-deco- riiteJ 3 JJedroom — 3 Hath. Den-llv- "X combo. Carpet. Bullt-ins. noublc iii-neo. S2500 Equity. Western Healy. 797-l?J)l. KM! Estate for Sal* 84. Houses LOW cqully, three bedroom, one and three-quaiter bath, single camge. carpeted, dishwasher, dlsposnl, West Lubbook. 799-4543 otter 5:00 p.m. All dny weekends. S3EO DOWN FHA-VP. Sparkling new brief, s BR 3 bath, roomy paneled den with fireplace, Is.-ze kitchen wltli bay window, eallns bnr bullt- lns. double Garage. $28.100. open daily, 4623 Itasoa ( BLOCKS NW north Quaker & loop 2S9) Webb- Rothwell. Realtors. 7^2-ISOl; Kites 733-6358. SPECIALS OF THE WEEK COUNTRY HOME Owner Must Sell • Moving, 6 Bedrooms, 3 Balhs. All brick. Two story. One year old. 5 ac-es which can be Irrigated. Ready to plant now. Call lor appointment 555,000. MEW 3 Bedrooms, 1 Baths. Isolated Mailer Bedroom. Prelly yellow kilcl'cn, 1 car Garage. 7Vi VA-FHA. Call today and we will Surprise yoj al Ihe Low snd Easy way you can move-In lo this New Home. NEW Spanish Home. Melonle Gardens. 46,950. We will trade. 4 Bedrooms. Close to Stewart School. 127,250 VA. DRAKE REAL ESTATE —797-9884-24 HfiS. , 3 OPENSUNDAY2tilS:30 3202 77th 532130th 231479th TAX CREDIT ON THE FOLLOWING NEWHOMESI IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BUY A NEW HOME!! WESTERN ESTATES North Frankfort At Ersfcine St. • 3 or A E*cfroomi • 2 Balh i • 5!ngb or DoubU Garag «i * 1150-1500 Sq. H. * (Optbrxs!) R<fl, Air £ Firepbc* • Cover nd Patio • Al Ciry Serncri and Ufilitiei PRICES BEGIN Af $23,450 T3AO / 74 / O Financing Available POTOMAC PARK 8300 Block Geneva Avenue • All Biict • 2 Solhi • Double Gcrogt • fireplcct • EWl. Kitthe* • R«'. Aif • Covered Polio • Vvoll- paper orvj Pofftlirg • 1300.1iOOSfl.H. ."RICES BEGIN AT *28,250 TAN61EWOOP TOWNHOUSES 50DO BlDCk 27th Street • 3 SedrooTii • 2 Bolhi • 1600 m. it. • All tin- tic • Firtpfoc* • SVyNn • Sei. fir • Dcubh Cor- porl • Compoct but with loll of Using Space end Colorl 533,750 CONYtHTIONAl FINANCING 90-95% OPEN WEiKDAYS 3 'tilf....OPEN SUNDAYS 1-6 P.M. J ,.,„., Wldering West 795-8174 ILSON C.W. "Dub" Turwr, *NO Realtor 735-5428 RSON 799-6010 24 HOURS Equal Homing Opportunity 3,71 >RS '795-55^6 Home Of The Residential Specialists I • I • I • I REALTORS Just outside city limits and out of this world. Beautiful home on 1 acre, cyclone fence, barn, garden and ideal place to keep horses. Fun for the summer. Shown by appointment only - so give us a call. Looking for a larger home? We have a lovely 4 bedroom, 3 bath with large basement and large playroom. Ideal for a growing family. Under $60 000 and almost nnw. Coml'ort at an inviting price. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large den, all brick nnd oven has a storm cellar Only $22,500.00 We have 1 duplexes left. Better take a look af these. They are nice - live in one side and rent the other to help pay for duplex. Remember v/e will trade on these. I H*VEIedg« 7J5-2W Bettye Roberts 795-588] Carroll Garner 797-4972 Tom Lawion 74S-290I Ken Branum 795-0707 Mary Morrison 792-6080 Houston Pearson, Farms T>t-6m JACK BOWMAN BROKER I 3004 50th St. CUSTOM BUILT MELOHIE PARK SOUTH All the extras you can Imagine In this beautiful 4 bdrm., 3 bath luxury home. Antique paneling, brlghl, cheerful gameroom, 2 Isolated bdrms., huge living- den. Price'd 554,950. Call Dick tor appolnlmenl. MELOMIEGARDENS 149,950 Compare location • compare price - compare construction! Vou'll appreciate Ihe value of this beautiful new 4 bdrm, 3 balh home featuring J Isolated bdrms., large kllchen, separate playroom and lots of room tor Ihe entire family. Call for Johnny. SIX MONTHS OLD ...but like brand new! Livo In luxury in Farrar Estates. Thi« home is different, wllh all the conveniences of a 3 bdrm., 2 bafh home. Such extras as large playroom with wet bar, lava rocii fireplace, expensive carpet and light fixtures. Call Billie. LOW EQUITY 7 3 /4 0 A. assumable loan, 4 bdrm,, 3 balh, playroom and basement, Ifl months old, below reproduction cost. Owners have moved nnd are anxious to sell. For a personal showing on Ihls excellent buy, Call Nellie. 3400 SQ.FT. IN HEARTOF MELONIE PARK Custom finished by Burl Jones, this unique 2 story has 4 large bdrms., - Isolated master - 3Vj baths, Irg. gameroom, formal dining. Balcony overlooks den wllh high slant beamed ceiling. Oak trees, astro-turf patio and many other extras. Equity buy or convenient terms. Call Rick to see this exclusive listing. FHAORVA- CUTE AND CLEAN Don't pass up the opportunity lo see Ihls exceptionally sharp 3 bdrms, 2 balh home. Separate den features built In bookcases and mirrored bar. Refrigerated air, nicely carpeled and draped. Priced al 524,950. Call Marilyn. Si02-7i!f> OPEN SUNDAY J-5 3 bedroom home in Farrar Estates built by Harold Long. Front kitchen, Isolaled master wllh his and her balh. Huge den wllh cathedral ceiling and fireplace. Basement, corner lot, side entry garage, circle drive. Come by or call for Toni. fS% NEW LOAN OR LOW EQUITY Two years old, arched, Spanish doorways, vaulted ceiling in living-den, fireplace, 3 bdrms. (one Isolated), 2 baths, double ovens (self-clean), dishwasher, disposal, double garage Haynes, Evans nnd Coronado. See this doll house. Call (or Mary. mNSFIKIrCD A MO VI NO TOANOTHUCITYI Bllli. Huddleslon 795-SOti 793-K4] NtWHOMIATNOCOST OROUK3MION REL© UM S*rvk* fft Real Estate for SaU HARRIS & CANTRELL REALTORS ?201 UNIVERSITY 742-0504 OPEN HOUSt SUNDAY 2 to 5 1 5503 78th MirySturgMn YvonntFuqu* Bill Schwjrunbach. , Ottn Ellison M«rlt«l«ti«r Tommy Canlrtll OonL. Hirrll 7M44M 7*2-0014 . 747-1150 7**4»M 7J7-IJM 7M-W7S 7M-IM* NEW ON THE MARKET • Brand new healing, n»w r»friger«ltd ilr, and humldllier. 3 bedrooms with 1 baths, living room & d«n with fireplace. Over 8. low equity. • • • OWNERS have bought home In San Anlonio • Would give possession soon. 1957 sq ft. wilh3bedrooms & 2ballis. Priced at under S3S.OOO. OWNERS would like to trade tor smaller house. Present home has 2255 iq. II., living room, den wllh fireplace, & 3 bedrooms. Nice landscaping 8, goorj neighborhood. APPOIN ™ ENT T0 SEE *NY OF THESE 3213-34th REMEMBER 799-4321 CHAPMAN CAN OPEN HOUSE LAKE RANSOM CANYON On Lak<; Shore Drive. Contemporary, tri-level stucco home. Den-living, fireplace, refrigerated air, dining room, 3 bedrooms. Beautiful colors and choice location. Driveacrossthedam. Bob Rose nights & Sundays 828-3478 "WOW" Step down den, fireplace. Big kitchen, lots of cabinets, 15x12 eating area. 3 Bedroom, 2 ceramic baths, storm doors. Super sharp 2 year old home at Lake Ransom Canyon. Call Gerald Whatley W321 nights & Sundays 799-8889 TAX BREAK... SOUND INVESTMENT Very desireable location, quality construction, brand new. 2900 sq. ft., 2 & 3 bedroom units each featuring 2 baths, spacious den-living area, beautiful kitchen, AM-FM system 8, double garage. Consider cash flow 8. depreciation. Contact MikeCrisler "9-4321 nights* Sundays 799-1427 DREAM HOUSE Prime waterfront location on Lake Ransom. 3 bedroom house with appointments to gratify the most discriminating. Two fireplaces (one in master bedroom). Marble sunken tubs. Call Louise for private tour. Louise Knoohuizen (Nuhizen) 7"-*321 nighfs& Sundays 795-4090 SHARP4BEDROOM Located in Melonie Park South, 4 bedroom, 2'/2 baths, gameroom, office, den-living, extra large rooms with nice curb appeal. Only $57,950.00. Amy Collins nights & Sundays 79S-852S YOU CAN'T IMAGINE How charming a house can be until you see this one! A touch of Spanish, two separate living areas, fireplace. A custom home - almost new • excellent location. S7500.00down, 5318 per month. Suzanne Murphy 799-4321 nights & Sundays 797-0505 -EXTRA SPECIAL- Recreation room 27' x 17' with bright colored patch carpet and full wall fireplace. This 3 and den with sun studio, built-in color TV, AM-FM intercom, double insulation will VA in Bender Terrace. PatPatenolte (Pat-not) "9-4321 nights & Sundays 799-4827 SEVEN FAT RATS Ain't 'nuff to buy this Beauty! Transferred-seller needs some money! Almost new 3 bedroom, all brick, sunken den, cathedral ceiling, refrigerated air, covered patio. One of Lubbock's newest and tinest areas. Low equity. Beverley Albin 799-4321 nights* Sundays 792-4235 3&DEN 3 and den, Leftwich-Monterey Addition. Living room, large den, fireplace, 2'/2 baths, refrigerated air, outside storage house. Very liveable and spacious home Call "9-4321 Ann Parsons nights & Sundays 744-1025 BRICK 3&DEN>S25,950 Most liveable, brick, 3 bedroom, den, 2 bath, 2 car garage on corner lot. Excellent condition, southwest, walk-In closets, storm cellar. Roomy, tine family Nome. Quick occupancy. Ca " Carroll Berryman "9-4321 nights & Sundays 74-1-0392 PLUSH TOUCH Like to entertain? You'll be at home in this gracious two story with basement playroom. Eiegant living room with mirrored wall reflecting beautiful chandelier in dining room. Fresh light colors! Eve Wood i'99-4321 nights & Sundays 795-6170 EXCELLENT BUY IN MELONIE IWalk to school & park. Enjoy this 3 bedroom brick home with formal living & dining, plus den. Priced in |low 30's - 510,000 equity - payments $280.00. Ready to move into - call Jane to see this one! Jane Covert R99-4321 nighls& Sundays 795-9492 EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA Extra is what you get in this 3 bedroom, basement home because the builder built It for himself. Beautiful colors, built on cul-de-sac, wet bar in basement, all the extras! Kent Rabon 799-4321 niflhts& Sundays 795-8592 S6600 EQUITY BUY Will put you in this lovely home near the new school. Just right fireplace, extra pretty carpet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Payments 5211.00 per month on low interest loan balance. _ . Barbara Wilson nights & Sundays 792-J224 FOUR SCHOOLS The kids can walk. Haynes, Evans, Christ the King, and Monterey. Everything is new and bright. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, middle 30's. To see call 799-4321 Linda TippsWalden nights & Sundays 792-8256 EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY BROWNIE BROWNLEE—SALES MANAGER HAROLD CHAPMAN & RAY CHAPMAN OFKN 8 A.M. Til.I P.M. •^ rnhllUR Vniicanfiurrhasea home in Ihe city W UUminU yciu ore mnving to even before your home in l.ubhock Is sold Call us for TO LUBBOCK ™<°™ M °»- rn itin-rnm TO ANOTHER KM! Estate for U» 84. HMISM ow.i;;R must ten — two bedroom, l?i baths. S-'Sl-rao. Includes pool, lawn caie. I-ow ciMilly $2703. 7?i FliX 5702 38lh. Real Estate fv Sate 84. "KKEE bciLoum. L> bat i . . j roue, Isolate MBR. Cathedra! i el. •im. A 1 ' c e'irlr. :'iii'Hiis. " >' :• niont. »27,50C. 787-17K or 7C,3- S7,. OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 3710 69th STREET 4 BEDROOM, MfiLONll PARK, ISOLATED SUNKEN MASTER BEDROOM, MAUTIFUL DRAPES AMD LANDSCAPING, IBST LOCATION 7% LOAN. DECORATE WITH BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES FROM DENISON'S ANTIQUE SHOP. XK3i 34ln STREET. H.G. DENISON CONTRACTOR CHOICE BUILDING SITES 795-17W 1 ROBERSON REALTORS 3U4-34tri-i 3 RENTALS ONE LOT 2400 blk. All furnished, separata 'meters on «ach. Small down- assume loan. Good cash flow, quick pay-oul. 3BR-NE We have?, houses, low payments on each. Small down-assume loan-Check our prices. 4BR-CORNERLOT Over 1500 sq. feel-117.000, has good possibilities. Soulhol Lub- bockHigh. Mary Reynolds 744-3W Louise DleVey Sanders....I43-2S41 Built-in cooking, dllhwishtr Brick, fenced, covertd patio Kit- Oen comblPitlon, bar low in- tertil, equity-*! J9 mo. ONE ACRE Fall-out jheller-walerwell septic tatiKcsrport, barns, storage. Driveway, H«e», shrubs- Near grade tctiool, garage- Owner will carry 2nd-assome 572 mo. WE LIKETOMAKETRADES S.E. Rlchtrion ?»M«54i, L.O. Citty 7M-4W7 1 ' JoneSireu Leonard Orcutt Jerry Alicr 7S7.H2»' 738 -«5i 6701 INDIANA 792-4881 PAT GARRETT REALTORS 795-0611 383334th OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-* „ 470S 74th Large Den living combination, ''Isolated Master Bedroom, Large utility, many BuflMni, ,lr>ree bedroom, 2 Bsths, cathedral celling In Don. -5% • Down-138.500,00 » OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY2-4 , 7«2Silim Thres bedroom, two Ball), Den Living combination, Beautiful •dining area, Built In .bookshelves, cathedral celling ( ln Den, pfenty of itorage, -iti down- J37.BOO.00 ' OWNERWILL, HELP FINANCE Auitln Slone exterior, Beaullful- ly Landscaped, Three bedroomi carpeted. Nice patio — J 15,000.00 lnttr-CemmunlryR«locilion,lnc. 3060 34lh-792 2193' But W« Htvt Ottt«n 797-?[t5 GHieHamlll 7S5-238J Lois ileuniStT 762-U10 Bob Gilliitn 7S2-JIU rani Oliver 7S5-4I9J BmRobnett Cammefcijt 799-SOI4 O.W. lewter FJfmiRjncfi 799-2W THE 0 * (501 REALTORS 744- MS 1 ECONOMICAL-SOUTHWEST A small down payment will let you own this lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Southwest Lubbock. Double car garage, all brick. Only S25,9iO.OO EXCLUSIVE 188 G.I. Completely redecorated two bedroom home In South Lubbock. Storage house In back yard. Perfect for the economy minded young couple. EXCLUSIVE 184 MYRTLE SLATON ADDITION Relax and enjoy life (none of the finer established areas of Lubbock. Four bedrooms, three baths, refrigerated air, fireplace in master bedroom. Only 534,950.00. EXCLUSIVE 177 INCOME-INCOME Invest your money and watch it grow! This 2 bedroom house has two rental units behind It. Total Income S295.00 monthly. Hurryl EXCLUSIVE 176 LOW, LOW EQUITY Only $1,950.00 buys the equity on this 3 bedroom home in South Lubbock. EXCLUSIVE 175 Phyllis Bates 789-7122 Normand Gibson 799-5129 Tom Stow 744-9813 Nelson Pierce 795'OIBT . Gerry DeLorimiere 799-7426 Mack Osborne 747-1109 REL& PKE-OWNED HOMES 41019lh-3 tlr. 211. dbl. gar,, llv-den. KP, like new, under 160,000, lV t loan. 4507 9tMllr-Gdiieroom. Immaculate-unusual, landscaping, circle drive. 4i!S »th-5000 S(|. ft. beautiful living aren, very sharp, many extras. 5131 liih-l.iv. room, formal dining, den, r'p..ijbl. gar. Lots of new carpet. 531H lath,2 Br. brick, good Iwalion. Owner will carry some paper. -107 liih- Income profwrty. front rents lor JS3; rear JoO. Oecuoied. 68H Naihville Ave. 4 Ur. formal dinlnu, den, Ff, completely redecorated. 2617 71th l'l-3 Br. 3 B., beautiful yjrds. many trees, 5 hole pulling gr. NEW HOMES 8107 Ktnoiha-4 Bf. 2>.i Balh, large kilcherMtiningarei, liv-d en. H5 JW. •TI09Tnprka-iUr.2liJth.dbl.gar.liv-dcn.KP, brick,lollol cabinets. 3101 Toptka-3 Br. 2 Bath brick, liv-Jcn. KP Dbl. garage, good location. "M5 Memphis Ave. New duplex. 5275 each side. Leased. Sale Pn.M9.SOO. ;<ll Kidimond-3 Ur. 2 told, lii'-dun, KP. Corner. Side entrance, 2 car gar. CHOOSE YOUR COLORS AND APPLIANCES W1IEHENOTALFIKADY INSTALLED COUNTRY PLACETOWNHOL'SES, MIID & SLIDE. HS.OOOIIP OPEN 3-6 WEEK-DAYS -1-6 SUNDAY E. B. llalntr 795-6137 Lillian Mallei 7»i-g|BJ Jinn Crttney rw-4iir < ErntitMn Kilty 7»J-»74» „ Gladys Abfrnt Ihy 7»5-«5M Peggy Dimlap 79J-M42' Lels Follls 7«-*44< • Oivid (net 7»S-47I5 , Paula Oavls 7T5-4Mf Lwn, Sli, Mflr. m- Port»rO>rr»t1 m-SMJ • OPEN HOUSE iUN DAY !-« 321441st Near Monterey — four large- bedrooms, three baths, Huge, Patio with wet bar. expensive drapes, Study could be used as ' tilth bedroom, Corner lot -« S53,800,00. NEW FHA - VA HOUSES Three Bedrooms, two baths, den living, fireplace, Double' Garage, Refg. Air, Quality con-' slructlon; Call one oj our. salesmen for appointment to see these homes. TWO STORY -NEARTECH Brick, Six bedrooms, two baths, paneling throughout, ac- coustical celling, apartment In rear-$40,000,00 3<!0-Mth Drive Melonle Park — Spanish, Huge Den, Three Bedroom, two baths, Electrical Garage Door openers.playroom, J 45 FILL'ERUP Four bedrooms will hold lols ol kids... large yard... covered pallo... 2 I baths, one with sunken tub ... sunny Kitchen on the front ... mailer bedroom isolated ... great schools, Parjoni, AIMm S. Monle'ey ... lei us show you this one. SEARCH NOMORE...JM,fSO.OO It's all here, 3 bedrooms, two baths, ipecloui kitchen with t*lf- cleaning oven, separate lormal dining room ... large Ivllng-den . plenty of storage space ... lailefully decorated. Evens, Stewart & Coronado. Hurry, II won'l last long, EASY LIVING This family home has a formal living & dining room wllh "huge" den- play room ... 3 roomy bedrooms 4 2 baths. You'll love the easy living and great school location ... Meedgen, Wilson 8. Monlercy ... call us for details & price. THE TAJ MAHAL We don'l have this available ... yet ... but we do have a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2'/i bath town house wllh all the "plush" ot Ihe T»i Mahal You'll like Ihe convenience and privacy... all the extras .. at a special price... don't wait on the Ta| Mahal... see this nowl ENVIABLYDIFFERENT and In the Rush area ... Ihls home will grow wllh you ... 3 bedroom ... Isolated master ... could be (our bedroom ... formal living room ... lor- mal dining room ... breakfast room ... garage on back with paved alley us about Ihe lax credit available on this new home.

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