The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 6, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 2
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:**· · PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG. ILL.. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 6.-1948 ; The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Ilarrisburg, Illinois, by BEdlSTER-PUBLISIIING CO. ., of.Harrlsburg, MRS. ROY L.J5ERIGHT, President CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. as second class matter at ithe post office'at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. ~ Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties. $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; ·· cents per month. Out Our Way By Williams The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be .sole Judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement MO, MO/ VOU'RG \ CUTTINT ME IN TWO/ ) _ WHEN VOU PULL IT X--^ ONE WAV, IT TIGHTENS \ IT THE OTHER WAV/ DON'T LET GO QUICK" J THEM'S SPRING STEEL I'VE A NOTION TO SET VOU OUT IM FRONT, SO OTHER KIPS CAN SEE HOW NOT TO SIT ON A STOOL/ ^ BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY "Parents who deserve respect are fairly apt to receive it. Yomn sometimes fails to appreciate parental sacrifice, wisdom and iove. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. COPB. 1«8 BY NEA SERVICE. INC WHY MOTHERS 56 DKKW I'EAKSOX Says: Mar- dirvvt to the White- House rircr keclcs Mystery Uegiits to l i n . n o l : West Coast Banker Gi- ·ummi Fired Fatal -Shot: Where \ \ i i l the United Nations Be? \\ \S11INGTOX. -- The mystery J u , (.0. ,,, killed "Cock Robin" Mar- l-'cclcs slowly begins to unit now looks as if big, A. P. Ciiaimini, the west Kinking tycoon, fired the .-Lot. In f.ict. friends of av that when he 5:0! w o r d i Sulphur Springs i Those who arc on the sick list | at tho present time in our com- nuinitv are .Mm Carnott and Mrs. rrancis Justice. Mr. Justice, who lui.s been ill. is much better. ,'ohn Adams and family had dinner w i t h his father and mother in Eldorado. Sunday. Dinner uuests of the K. Churches. Carnett at (nulling, iiing. were (ioldi'n llau;u\ :ic Hiiiwavt'. Mrs. i',iu ;) Nora Church. Cake ;nu| were served. Sunday school was \u-|| -,i cd. last Sunday. ' lit! i'. \ "i ant VO'M-J One W h i t e Uo'.'.-c caller even, ^niiicr KUV»I» «« *" v V Ti 'r'\' came aw;, reporting that tho Pros- Sunday, were Mr. and Mrs., uoi- idcnt fuvois nunnm the U n i t e d , ( ! OP tiarjtr;»ve and son. JaCKit. Nations over to Geneva--despite | !)a [ e Justice and hnnajean the prodigious olforts of Americans j. raV c. to brins the United Nations to M . - \ i ' ' sav that \\iu-n ne 5:01 \ \ o r u i t o o p a c e o n onu s J i : s t c c o i u a y n . . ·^.iiacr Ecelcs was oui as chair- day at the home of Thomas J. \\at-! titL . is [ cc \\ n g better at present. m'ni of the Federal Ik-serve Board, L 0 n. International business m a - , Scnoo i was dismissed during tne liis larse thumbs in the j chines' tycoon, to thresh out build-1 ^i^mciy cold weather. The teacn- ' ' iiC i 111 * i «o i *»*-*». *..» -- v * A A * i \ - », ' » v * w » n *~ --- - - r . i;.\i i \. *i*v- ·,,· *·«·" - - - - - - - Inr-o armholes of tns large vcst' l i m ' ohm* for the United Nations. or hac i trouble with her car. and .ojslcd. "Woll. 1 did it." j 1'resenL at the meeting were Ma\or i Bill Williams had some cattle till! o.lMCU. \ \ 0 i i . 1 uiu H. i l-TOSeni ill ine IIR-I-UHJ, »v.iv. ....... ~. Olll v v i n u u u n ""« ·"--- · I n - iva-on for Gianmm's bos-10'Dwyer: New Vork Park C o m - , j,],| ppe d to St. .Louis. I ilr "to the man who kept the i missioncr Bob Moses: Bernard b a - , Earl Hathaway, who has ' \ M u u c a n banking system on an { r u ch: Nelson Rockefeller, whose, working in Peoria. visited at l e v - , keel all durinu the war is i family donated the land for thc t tilis ue ek-eml. j v d . k n o w n :n bankin" circles.' United Nations headquarters: Her-1 if the weather ! F ; « e-- v. ho comes from Utah and j b o r t Bayard Swope: Jim Farley;, f, rc c hurch will iwV.'- father owned several banks. Byron Price: and Fred Ecker o f ' uesday night, wit! ! n f mv. o w n . lona has oppo:ed what M'otronolitan Life. _ i loci: bringing th been TOPS ALL RECORDS! been ^* re losses have reached an home all-time high--no record i to be proud of. iM 0re h v , m beheld 1 on wS necessary than ever to be ___ jit, with thc Hcv. Whit-. careful. More necessary i loci: "bringing the message, lie t j ian ever to j ( rs lvesi r .i so will have other speakeis with mv INSURAN c E * ? The Daily Register, 20c a week. by carrier ,boy. _ £88^ PREITY We Ain't Got BIG BUSINESS Vfe Ain't Got FR£E TICKETS We Got Plenty Come Down Give Us tHE BUSINESS We'll Give It Away No Obligations To Buy Marathon Service Cletcher and Sivolc South Main and Raymond ' Jim.TK Lvdo" puts his best foot forward to Jean Porter's mother; ' in "«w«ct"Gensv:eve." Columbia picture with Al Donahues orchestra: . ' phis~Johr.ny Mack Brown In "Valley of Fear." showing at the Grand 1 Friciav ar.d" Saturday. · For Your Dancing Pleasure WE PROUDLY PRESENT RED ALLEN And His Eagle Ramblers Eacn Saturday Night KITE CLUB VL .... o w n . long has opposed what Metropolitan Life. i h e ik.-cnbes as the "banking oc- Also present were Senators ^"ir.iso win nave oii^-i XTn'-Titnnd" 'to-H-v of the west coast"--thc G i - ' o f New You. Hickenlooper of ] lim . \ V e h o p e t h a t a l l c a n a t t e n a . .a-ini:n chain. To combat this "oc- t ov .. a anc i o'Conor of Maryland.! Those \vlvo_assislcd_Mis^ ·*"» , ' o p u - " Eccles last year helped ' the Senate subcommittee in charge j - u VI a new bank holding company O f a United Nations appropriation. , bhi which Senator Tobey of New xet result 01 the meeting was a 1 Har.,;^hire introduced and which. decision that each member of the , ,va- .'.:pro\ed by the Senate Bank-, United Nations would pay up a · -ii" ..nil Currency committee. 'proportion of the cost for the j !* VMS brought storms ot protest | ncw buildings. Meanwhile, since 1 from the Gianninis. One telegram the United Nations has no immecl- · sent by A. P. and L. M. Giannini , a t e cash on hand, a loan of sixty-' i ca'Ied Eccles: "A bureaucratic des- eight millions will be necessary Ipol. \ l! io is trying to suppress free f r o m Uncle Sam. to be liquidated · ; -'iLi.uons tnrough the exercise of Ol! t ot annual U. N. income. It is · d'Ctatorial powers masquerading as now up to President Truman to acin-.i iibtrative discretion." o kay this financial plan and 1 L-.tlcs, however, was not dis- jt to Congress, couiaged. , He accused the Gian- - - - - - ninis of trying to monopolize west Musical Program ^?? 1 .5 an e 1 r ag c'eni le of t0 a!i iSJIg'^t Dorris Heights BREAKFAST at the" Delux Sandwich Shop HOT BISCUITS HAM. BACON. SAUSAGE FRESH COUNTRY EGGS HOT CAKES GOOD COFFEE On West Elm */, Block W. of Saline Hotel force. ROBERTSON, CRECELIUS GHENT Rose Bldg. Pho. 1051 Representing The /fona Cavalry Surety Company of HsrtforJ. , vii.ct::, and 3o per cent of all the Churcn busiday N j e^.-nn.orciaJ deposits in Caliiorn:a, . ., Arizona, Nevada. Oregon and Wash- A special musical program w , i l ..... ;o - Icicnuea to me Giannmis. be presented at the Dorns He^hls, lie ^ou-ueu "to -ii tanks in the Methodist churcn Sunciny at i P- :iai.; ,Sca group the m.. Rev W. E. Shallcr. p a t o r an- huge total of U19 oanKirig otiices. notmccd toda:- i..c no aunanded or the Senate that s tmanciat stranglehold be brok- « Scout Troop 86 to Present Program at j ' ~~ Mt. Pleasant Church j .. · « N^B · l iB iortlf i N ft^l^'W^ Boy Scout Troop No. 86 will give ii GS3 Z l e S fa^SJW* a program in honor of National j B Illinois Medical Society Qrv,. Cnr,,t \VooV- find \'f»2T-0 HlStOl'V I - ; k\en manufacturing firms, ship-, pine,, ranches, and retail business on tne v.est coast are beholden to · cnc Gianninis. Eccles claimed. lie . argued that this is too much power to put in the hands of tv.o men. hccies also has frcr.vnecl on the , approval of x Giannini applications I ior the opening of between 15 ' 20 new branch banks in Cah. fornu. now pending before Comp- 1 iroller 01 tne Currency Prestoa i Uolano. Though Eccles has no , d:n."J. jurisdiction over the appli- hs has mformeu Delano Here's Good News, Ladies? PRICES ARE GOING DOWN 50c A lirMti Ya-tro-nc-! in each nostril qutcklv opens up r.asal passage: to relieve st'.iffy transient congcotion. Ir.vucs restful sleep. Relieves s n i f f l y . snee~7 distress of head colds. Follow direc- 15 ii \ u.?i -i utitit* j^i--f^i«ii* %,*.M^ i« v^;i;iiii in j xj.-vuu.i^i vn »»w.i« «^- ---- ^ioris 21- tiic pticK*i^c. Try it! prominent in. the program of the fa-r^to bank compeli-.' % « i r r _ s** *._»·. n ,-. ^ *-,C Ti f\t*f\mTc" iiTf * . Boy Scout Week and Negro History i Week at the Mt. Pleasant Baptist 1 · L- rt uu-^. .^ ..«^ ...^"^. "---··- church at 7-30 p. m. Monday. -Health. A Year 'Round ITogram , ;no .t lc:a iiy that tne Federal Re- cr.urcn. at i au v /,,,,.,... The maintenance of good hcaltn se r,c Iso^id feels that further ihe program will be as f o l I O A S . , i s a yMr . round progr am that is Gionnmi expansion would be un ijCOllt- OpCnili o . - 2. :,, *.l.^, *^»^.I-T^S n-M *-\T 1 Vin c _ . _ . j _ ,J ^ fc ^ rt .,* 3 rt v% t- N»i TI L- /*r»T»i Song -- America. - - - ' Illinois Congress of Parents and tors . Invocation -- Rev. S. D. Woods. · Teachers. The Annual Summer Also. Eccles feels that the Re- Introduction of Troop Committee R 0 und-Up. started by this group sferve Coard has :i stake in this and Officials. _ . ' in 1925.'is one of the finest ex- [ a te^t Uiar.nlni move, since the new T^.-rtr-^nf-oTj^r, rtf T^idlrl "Rvpputivp. , ~ m *xinr. «f o i-^'iivT-mnifl nro^rnm. v .1.,. .. ,.nirl Vm Tiotmrr-il hnnk Shampoo a n d Wave . . . . Any Style -- Complete Permanent, from $4.00 Cola Wave, from $6.50 All other prices lower in comparison. MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENTS EARLY A uu!d be national Eat Plenty UK; uiiiuiiiis. ' in jy^u. is uiic ui tin- !«-··--"· ~-- lai^sv ' Presentation of Field Executive., amples of a year-round program, banks wuu:u uc ^.-.L.U.^, Charles Montgoy. because the defects found in this branches, and thus automatically Song -- Negro National Anthem., phvsical examination or "round-up" become part o£ the Federal Re- Sneaker " '-'--"·» ' '" -v:u--- --- .--II -! - ' - ' Try This Amazing Home Recipe For Taking Off Weight Without Starvation Diet Rcnncl Is \rbmicrful Says - It also Happens that these two )CSC " 1 -- ... . . . f,r.arc:ers have been potent back- Preventive medicine is tne mr.;:i, -^ ^ ., ]0 Dcr . :OC ratic paity or. the v.cst coast. Their financial iniluencc n party circles Is not tc be sr.cexcd at And it y. as the .-i-u..iie^i.ti. ^... ^.· - · ~^~~~: loi^c «"i »- v.^.,-.......-- --.. --.- (uiu -tion of campaign contributions ant scoutmaster: and Eugene Kent h ea Kh of the child. t:ic !l«i:ioib ^i" 1 -""! 1 .'. - . Scoutmaster's Benediction--Rev.' Leroy Williams. Troop Chaplain.. rre%eiui , c - m ^..v. Troop 86 is sponsored by the object in any program of h-ja'.in. ' T, School FT A. The officials Recognizing that a:ul tne fact tnai for Troop 86 are Frederick Ulmer. t }, c f u t u r e health of the natio:i al s';ter: Ivy O. Fieias. assist- i Ul - ?e w jll be determined by th-j and inches of excess liicuu.i ^ j u - - - . -- -- 1 1 ua.\a v-*- ^- --.·· ---·-;.·;-. h -. 0 , to disappear almost hke mas'-c irpm W or.dcr= for :r.canc. I leU --en o-"£- neck chinTarms. bust, abdon-cn. hips. i r c. ·£·-- Rockwell, Bo-c 03, ba calves and ankles. ju»t return thc empty 1 Molme, Hi. ; bottle for your money back. j j^ 0 r ,; cl ; CCCj .sary Evaristoh Lady Ixst 28 I'ound.s 1 whcn yo ,. buv R .^d you iwv a p:cp : "I am very thankful to you for Rcr.ncl' r.rst:on for i.-\ir.-^.r. ·^··'''·'^'·^^ : Church and McKnrcley Same Location Since 1919 Maxwell House, Old Judge. Chase Sanborn. Folger's. LB. REGULAR -- PULVERIZED Holy Name Society Holds Regular Meeting The Holy Name Society of St. i cooperation of parents and teo , Yellow Cling, 2 No. 2j (ans 41c ^ . how much John Snycier had to do with it isn't known. s\vore that John was not hSc rSu'cnA'tl: It cont ; »i^s SU Evasion. I1U ' \ TM ^^^^ TM u IcS'lJETTER'! Ccntralia Man lx*.t 50 Pouiu^ J in ^' :ic ;' v r.J-T·rbcc.'i ^ ^rppc'-:.t With Kennel ; j u ; ce dor, thi- l-'.r t--C :t - C'CAP. ;'·:. completed, an attempt c Scullv's ptrience which onginatcu wv j»-· - ·- ;;,r n - p _'.-; " - \ f , ~ . c '. a ,, a : n dcmotca as ci -ual hlcssin" to persons hopeful live medicine \.as u . O.- dclivetarce from throat ills, ' i n the recently ena^d school J^ wii; sli , . \ f t e r reports of the various com-, hcaltn law; wnicn call., foi a p.^si- yolcs OJJ "... __ ^.)..^^i;r,mi mnvio wns cal examination ot c\er cniici :_:,· .,« r resented. Pubiie of School Property February T -- "i :OQ O'Ciock MP SOH : 3_5 3^3 S d 2 K ----.----. . '- j-to the "embarrassment o The significant trend of proven- Jj^^ as chairman and still con thc board. Actually, ill control the balance , v l v , .'cports of the various com-, ncaun ia-.v «:iit.-i t-iia i»' - i"-.*--{ volcs on t hc board, so the «mc«. an educational movie was ca^ TM£*TM^^ ^ G^vn^ oattle is^^ way asain in the fiflh and ninth arapcs *TMTM.?TM 0 , c determined than c%cr The- enforcement of t nis aw is * h b k ho i t ]; ng com the responsibility of tne Illinois lo P a ~. 1 .- 11 State Department of Public In- «-truction with the cooperation of . _ . the lilinois Department cf Public strict newspaper ccnsereinp hr,s Health. been r'-ccd on all informatio:: Added importance -AS- ^:\cn to about tr.e tests of nc-.v ^ atomic the health of 1 hc .-chool child u capons on Kr.iwciok Isl.'irc. NCV.-S- rcccr.tly when the first mc n can't even report thc oatr was held for thc ph\'c : an and the w hcn certain '..capor^ were tested " cducaior bv th' 1 American for'fccr enemy scientists v.ili -x; 'ure .TORN 5 scclior.s composition Mack oar« iy 2 sections slate boards Sxl ft. 1'two door steel cabinet 1 library table kindergarten 2 long recitation seals 1 upright chair, -mall 1 set Comptons L vol. il).o_ 1 set Human I n l e r c ^ G vol. 1S)C. 1 set Progressive 1'c'crcncc 10 vol. 1928 2 fire extinguishers 1 framed picture ((iro. \Vashinston) 1 set 8 maps (soocl) 1 two room frame building school grounds--2Vc acres f. Auctioneer. ] tcavherV desk 1 teacher's chair 1 globe 1 large dictionary ' 2, bulletin boards 10 desUs No. 2 one back ".: desks No. : one back 7 !c.--5.^ No. 1 iv.-o backs ' des'is No. fi two backs ] clc-k No. ." 1 «..{ · ituips (poor) 120 l;i»rar\ b«ok 2 buhhler.-s terms: CASH IM "HAND. The trustees reserve the right to reject any or ail bids: A. A. MOORE, HENRY DALLAS, SH., W. 1). NOLEN, Trustees ations of ihk confe:e:.c- the location and correct -. fect5 in thc school chil.l. A.s the health ol the .-c i«. improved, thc of 3c- 00^ to JU«rc out , bv s : ud v ir/4 r.;r masses from t..? I'jcifsc "br.^c5 PS they P.^S over tr.cir own ia"d . . . The ' . t-. .». ·I child 'hns virtually broken relation 1 ; w i t h I ^ood jhc mili^rj' nnd r.aval stlachc«, of health of the n-ition ;s n^urcd. all nations "behind the iron curtain mentally and phy.Mcally. except one--Czechoslovakia iJcp- And nowhere is ii mo^ cm^ha- rcscntativcs from Knsia, Poland sized th.-n in Illinois. Hiiro;- nn; l Yucosla\ia are still adm:ttcd proved that the S;im"u-r Koiind l"p to this countn,. but only Occho- of the llinois Coi^rc-s of Tirc'it-. s lovakia« attaches arc si:ll ir.\i:cd and Teachers cir ;·-.']· r 1 !.c a j o mil'Jary (.'.ut'o:^ . . . ".onc^ arc looking for a r*inie i - ' ! - TTj/i~c wl.o bnr^cd into Senator oca! TaiVs office ; nd ihrca:' ^e.l Sec- '.aul rdary M-'.rio'.u Shaddock v.hen --·.·'· l-,c refused to 3«-t h:p) t ::·]. "senator. Police have been · of 0% cr since .1 di^nintlcd former lh~ employee tor.k two sl.ot.N at T.'ift .= -co;- ,,.:unr" John ^r:cV- -^.^; j.i "Yer.r Konnd-l'p " Defective ht.'.'-m". --o dcf acd troth ar.d LO v debility r.ll ha»c .-" bearing on the mcrtnl : rctonsc ol t^c chili: the parcel ar.,1 il-o f r - child in the horr»\ 3 fK'f's of cine, doctors of dt-ntiMi;. ;-.-. : toscV \} K Caritol .Vii 1 -..- ay. tr and physical on-,:f.-.;or^ i;xiTEr» NATIONS hnr.dN in a:i o'.crall pn.-T.'ir.i of " health. Florida's Southern Florida rc?;« on n formation oJ n-.orc ;h;r ") in xhickr.cs |;r;K T O GENEVA? There is a hie hole o;i iro cr.s'. j j j ^ of Xc\v ^'ork Cit \\herc the i|"« Nnt:f" Lcncuiii.r, ier sor..c- ( 5Jy arc S 'ip} o^ct; to be. Mer.n- X vh"i]c, a mj.Mcnotis delay has tie- vcloped ar.d some say it loads CHlCICiM NO Phone 68 Z small ]6c f fcirge 39c or Jel!y .. Block Pepper pop, brands, ctn 3 gigaranteed fro pop, 2 Sbs. 29c cens Monarch aby Food Libbv's 07. . . smoil 5c, IE SOUP 2 No. 2 cens ·. 5Qc!Polish Chops. Loin Roast, small, lean ; Ib. 51JL !i YarieSiss of Frssh Fruit - Meat - Vegetables IffW M KWSPAPLR! »-.. NEWSPAPER!

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