The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 2, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 8
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MGE EIGHT ?THE FAR!* NEWS, ItHUftSDAY, AUGUST a. Ift34 U. S. Silent On Situation In Germany Political Significance of Von Hindenburg*s Death Is CarefuIK Avoided WASHINGTON. (.^'—The ceaih of Von Hinden^ursr.. Germany's "'grand c'd Hia-iv" and the assumption of the presidency by Chancellor Hitler came as no surprise to. official "Washington, hut istration official refrained from making any official cor*.-r.'.-"" T ~ or-. the politics! •_ f the political ansles. Official "Wasninytoa, has pondered the future of Germany without the stabilizing hand of Von Hindenburs wita considerable apprehension- Little doubt exists In the minds of officials here that Germany now faces its sreat c risis. Hitler as chancellor and president now assumes full powers of dictatorship, officials believe, but rrone tare to puMicy prophesy Secretary o r : State H^K :tuvne- diately after- being informed ef Von HJudeiiburar'-s death, issued a short forms' statement in which he expressed hi* SOTTOT, at the passing: of G-errv.anys president and World War hero, but eare- fuJIy avoided comment or. the what Germany's future ur.cer lone guiding hand may be. Dr. Rudolf l>imer. charged d'affairs of the Germany embassy. prepared to pay a formal visit t« the state department officially to not if v the g-ovemmer-t of the death •,'f the president. The German flag: over the embassy was lowered to half mast ris soon as word wa« received from F.?r'.in that Von Kindenburs was ..;-:ad and the embassy. *n common \\ith *h» entire German govern- n:ent. ^ ent into official mourning until after Vor. Hindenburs's fun- The embassy a~d •'fficia's also cacne! Flashes Of Life )| SHOWER SETTLES ! DUST AT LINDEN By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 12'S UNLUCKY LIXCOLX. Neb. — It'» th« number 12, not 13, that's unlucky for Jaoie* O'Brien, recent arrival at = he Nebraska penitentiary. He was first recei\-ed at the prison June 12. 1922, and given number 8712. He served 12 year* and was released June 12, 1934. Oat a montn and 12 days, he was sentenced 10 another 12 years- His new number? 12,000. all social T BEE-L1EVE IT OR NOT HAGERSTOTVX. Md. — Twelve prisoners were cutting weeds when one of them struck a beehive. Everyone, including the gruards, ducked for safety as the bees vented their spite on s. negro, The prisoner put so much" dis- bees so quickly that he hasn't been ance between himself and the found since. YOUR HOME NEVER AGAIN 1 CHICAGO. — There was a time .\ hen William H. Crow, manager of a private detective N. — A shower Friday j afternoon and iiaaother Monday ' night settled th« duct but did not ; help crops nor supply water for stock and family use. People are hauling; water and cleaning pools. All crops here will be short, j Charlie Kins of Blossom •»«« in ' the community Monday measuring \ cotton acreage. ; Tickers entertained the | folks Saturday night. Small Jane Biard. ill at th* home of her grandfather John Albright j in Paris, is improving. . j Earl Ritchie and family living j near Houston spent the weekend | here with their parents. TV. T. j Ritchie and R. X. Johnson. 1 At The Plaza Shortly after issuing his persona! statement. Secretary^ Hull dispatched a telegram of condolence to Baron Konstantin Von Net: rath. German minister for fore-en affairs, at Berlin in which he said. "1 extend to your exeelleney sincerest corrdolences on the death : To < ,_, Tr , rtI ,^ r _ aIe a of your beloved and venerable ; vest _ he stood at one end of th-: president. My fellow ctttzens join \ ^p^aser's platform at a Rotary with me in niourninF- the passing: : ...j.,,^ i unc heon. From the other end, j of this srreat figure •whose services : j^vrjg ""-an' L :b i jrs; ainzed a 1315101. ! t>>e The picrtir* ' "L«f» Talfe It I Over" showing at tb» Plaza on j Friday promises the audience gobs j and gobs of fun as they follow zhe | adventures of Mike, McCann <Ch«»- | ter Morris) the roughneck o* the j fleet -who falls in love with "Fat** j Rockland (Mae Clarke) pampered | daughter of a multi-millionaire. | The affair starts when "Pat" ' his country have commanded Not Let a Master Cleaner Handle Your Suits and Dresses 1 You can get ine services ot a Master cleaner 2.1 no extra charge ^-hen your suns ana dresses sre sent to the City Steam. Our charts for clean* men's suirs Ibtearn. Our cnar 50c CITY STEAM LAUND1Y TELEPHONE 21—22 cencv. would , . , , ,- ^ 0 ™*> 0 «o «ho-->- IcoUs for help at a bainsng beach. , :>vs a^e s:one"for- | not because she is in danger but "* " " =.v .- . > >ecause ,; ne would like to know : '• -what kind of man would respond : bullet proof firs . M}ke effec : 9 what he be- \ Yes to be a r«scue, and takes < vantage of h:s opportunity to i t into the "swell gang-' because I his supposed heroism. The girl j went the weapon, j and >, er "p a i s decide to "take the j i Frankburg's aim was good. j ^nor for a. rice" and from that '• \ Crow staggered and gasped, | ---JJ-IQ on Mike's troubles multiply. '• I "'Something's happened." j wn ile the audience's pleasures J j Something had. There was 3. rde j re< 5ouble. ''• \ welt or, his body where the bullet j' ^^ affatrs develop throughout '. • had penetrated the vest. ; _^ & p ; cture and for the. climax of ihe injury was not serious, but i ^ ^ c ^ on the i ove affairs develop : i Crow said "Never again!" j ;V,t3 conHicts. and the jokes become . I ~~ |<;i.r-'O"« matters, and what has been ! POST OAK LOCALS !"%hi- k --^™ edy **** " * PERSONAL ITEMS r At The Lamar CLEARAWAY! Sum POST OAK (Mount Olive). — A I daughter wa.s bom July 22 to Mr. i and Mrs. Floyd Ramsey. j i J. D, Docscn is reported ill- _ | .Gecriz* Burns and Grade Allen. \ I Misses Ailie "Miller ar.d Janice ; ..."C" e -Ti :w i ts of the networks," i Crawford have returned from Day- : n ," a :.- c -^tr fifth screen appearance [ton. Ohio, where they spent f-vc ; ._ -p-3T-srr,oun.t"s acveuture-fiinms- ; months. ; .- cal --iVe're Not Dressing.'" v.-hich ; VTalter Bush and family of Bon- j ^I^ Thursday -and Friday to i ham visited in- the J. VT. Rarr.sey ; _ he r^niar Theatre. They are | home last week. i f^tured with Bins: Crosby. Car- Several from Cro?s Roads it- I ,..-,-! e T jOn -.- r >3. r d. Ethel Merman and j -.ended s:ngrins: here Sunday alter- ; T jeon £; rr ol- nc " on - __ _ _ ' Burns and Allen made their ~ ; screen 'debut a few years ago in I Paramount" s eminently successful \ "The- Big- Broadcast." They proved ; to be so popular tha: they were ! cast, in rapid succession, in *"CoI- j lege Humor."* "International j rtouse"* and in the recent "Sis ol ! a ±C:nd." 1 In "We're Nor T>ressiit£" Bums [ ar.c Allen enact a pair of nnt- • naturalists, vt-ho are hunting wild ! ar-irrials in the South Seas. Off ! the coast of their island, a palatial | vacht is shipwrecked. Its owner. i a beautiful heiress, and a company 1 ot friends are cast, ashore. I i JL LACES AND VOILES proceeds to become mas:e: f the compan>- with suitors among' and the sailor fall by the tropical m MAXEY HAS LIGHT RAIN LATE FRIDAY Values To 6,95 p-j=r ~?£^c~ , . v/£ck^ of hot and here's a group That offers real value . . *et us she" "--"c-"j ". MAX ST. — There vras a I:?r"::* Th-^re will be singing here Sur.- day afi-srnoori a.t 2:30 o'clock. ~>~''^~ 2s** ; *isT mc*itin^ conc"ct^ : Ji by Rev. J. "W. M:Uig~an trill cor.- iiiiue throucrh zhi.s w&tX. Oi&.tid 1"h.orns.scrj anc fsrnHv or" i^:id oth'sr r^l3.ti T '"j=j; htr*;. Alfred V,";isc-'n and family =;••- v:<;tincr Mrs- Charlvs -Corvro<ic IT; .Mrs. J. A- Brisys and child:^--. ;i^.v*: returned from a *~isit 2.1 Cooledg-e. Texaj;. Mr. s.nd r»Irs. Clint H.yn" are •-•:!:- :t:n.* at ?"?..• r^st II:!!. HOOVERTOWN WO3LLN BREAKS ARM FN FALL IiOOV£RTOV.'X. — Mr?. ^ T; Values Up To S3.98 COTTON DRESSES 2 For 52.75 Women'* Sixes To $1.79 COTTON DRESSES 77 C 2 For $1.50 Women's and Children's Sizes ar.-i r'TC-ic*: her left arrn. the r--', •: ':•<-:Tit; crashed at the ^"rist. H, IT. CarperTt-r is 'iig'^-r^ large pool in pr-*^arat:o?; ''';' rsin that vrjll «.;uj..-p]y «*o~k ^a' A sor; •who has b':«*Ti r.aTf.e^ .'-Tr'-v"in I>"r";ie -vra" borr, July 28 to >>r. "i7r:- .- -•••i'i Ward of V." <• '••*). ••;«: I G. V. Hoover hem.*. JAMS Values to 50c C Vat Dye, Sheer Print* WASH FROCKS 49c CHOICE AH Summer STRAWS 39 C TENNKSSEE: E N'Ah-HVII.LB, Tenn., i^»/ — crnin:s?i'>r.« for f^'o Cnit^ Sr'.aJe* rns.tors * i a'«;re v.*ri*tert by the T«n-.*.>.^««, €--*ctorAt» Thur3»--lay after s» r:**'! c«m3tii!rr!. Both D*rrso- j»Tat« primary, makinz uons also for ufn* »tat«« JTJ th* n ti'->r.a.I hou»*s of r*-^r*s«r.t*.?i.v srovernor and other «.tat« off:'-* ; J wi*b JO take U'.J» «>ij;>'jr?.;;r ; ;j.y \ to fxpr^f* my thank* an«3 n in'.-ere j a.j>preciation to the voterw- for rh"ir j ioya] support last Kaiur'l.-iv. ! a»i &ure you that I v-'iSS do rr;j- j 5.u #iv<» you The fair and fffi you 4*»*rv«. \V, T. WOODY, of P«*c«, i'rtc. Xo. I, AUG. CLEANUP PRICES Bting you an opportunity to have crisp newapparelto finish the summer at Sensationally low cost! Shop with usl Work Shirt* 39 An extra spe- ial value in a. blue 4 cheviot, coat style shirt with two pockets, „ full cut. strongly sewn and is shown in sizes from 14 ^s to IT. Basement Toeless Sandal* 79 A big assortment in white and colors. Priced t o clear. White Shoes 98* Final August Cleanup price on white pumps. straps. and oxfords. Quid's Shoes 98c White elk playshoes that are soft and comfortable. Sx- ira. values. Basement Men's Pants Stifel cloth >asts that are !e. well tail- red. cleanup riced- $1-49 -lues- $1.19 ro IT. SI .39 Values 98c Duck Pants Just a fevr pairs left. ail pure white, super va-lues 1 Boys~ Sizes 69c Socks ±ty ated rayon jcks Jn a big ssortment of esigms and •oior comb-l- •ations. All •'O<i service:: White Purses 39 ^ t tr a c tiveiy : rinirned, are ; h o w n in '. 'tfJf 12C tl S,HTJ ftT5~ v^iope style. fitted -with neat linings, coin purses nncE mirrors, ri'c- values. Bascrrvent 2 Piece Underwear Garment Shirts are of -s-hit** spring 1 as«dl« knit cotton, short* are of printed material !n attractive ccl- ors Fine Gloves $1.98 to $4.50 V*Iw« pecial rlo»*out aroxip of in , iru«d« and Fren-~h K'.'l. Choo** from 4 an'i 6 button lengrlhs In b-ei^';. '<*n, brown or |pr<y, with fancy or plain cuff*, All Summer Dresses August Cleanup Price $029 A very select group of smart dresses recently reduced from S5.95. There are laces, seersuckers and printed crepes and solid pastels in the showing in styles that are flattering" to all types. See this group Friday or. Saturdav. Second Floor ; i4c An extra ouaiity. 35 inch material reduced from 2Sc, 3>ots and plaids on white grounds are the predominating patterns- Smart for all types of summer frocks. Summer Fabrics 14c and 19c August Cleanup .prices are now In effect on plain and printed waffle cloth, plait* or printed pique, printed seersucker and broadcloth. All these fabrics are popular for summer sewing . . . choose materials from this group. McCall Patterns 1-2 Price Our entire stock of McCall patterns including: styles are featured at this big savins:. Main "Floor Fall Summer Dresses Hurrying out at these August Cleanup Prices All kinds r.f smart summer dresses are to be had in these groups. There are solid colors and prints in silks and fine cottons. Choose a ne"** frock to finish the summer at small cost. Every dress is now at a. price. S3.98 Values $4.98 to $6.95 Values $1-47 $1-97 S7.95 Values - $9,88 Values - . §2-97 $4-94 BASEMENT 14c Etr *howir=*r of fine flaxon. b Flcckfa.Rt Voile Jr ; aU th* TTOPT pr!nt*"<l oryandy an<5 r summer coSors a.n<3 REMNANTS Sslks ••n'l co't^n* of *very pos«Jb?«« kind a colTeet'.oiJ of fino remnant*. They'r* all o«t Cleanup prlr*t that Tvjll hurry th*-m i BASEMKNT prce tn"thi» bJg ^ at an Aug- Per lei ns Brofc s =» ^x KJ V ^ Summer Shoes Cleanup Prices $198 Special group of white kid pumps in, broken sizes, reduced from S4.95. Low priced for quick clearance. White kid pumps and oxfords that have been marked down from as much as $6.50 are shown in this group. They're shoes of the finest quality. Main Floor All kinds of soft straws and a big group of Stetson sailors are all included in this big showing at an August Cleanup price for fast selling. Choose yours this Other Fine Straw* reduced to $2 ,$3 and $4 Main Tloor Good Mixer 1 One of Our New . .fo'r young things '*'ho s:et around a lot and need lots of inexpensive hats. Straws 2 A group of white crepe*, pique* and linen* SPECIAL

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