The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 2, 1959 · Page 75
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 75

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1959
Page 75
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Usteune siops ])adlsea& 4tiines than fooOi paste! Tooth paste is for yo«r teeth— •.hterine is for your breath. Germs in ihc moulh cause most bad breath, anil you need an antiseptic to kill germs. Always reach for IJstcrine after you brush your teeth. No tooth paste is antiseptic, so no tooth paste k ills germs the way Listcrinc Antiseptic docs... on contact, by millions. I.isteriae stops bad breath four times better than toothpaste— nothing slops bad breath as eflcclivcly • its the Listerinc way. .,. your No. 1 prolactien •gainst bad breath STOP PAIN mmNTLY COMBAT INFECHON PRDM0IEHEAUN6 Campho- Phenique LIQUID PIMPLES-ACNE CAMPHO-PMIMIQUC HILPS PRKVINT THIIR aPRIAD AND MI -INriCTION. It'a wonderful, too, for fever bliatera, cold aorea, gum boila, cuta and acratchea, minor burna cauaed by boolc matchea, lioC cooking utenaila, hot water or steam. 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Then the other players have to chase him. He has to flash his light from time to time so the players can tell where he is. The first one who tags him gets the light and. the game starts over again. The same person who is Flash three times is the winner. nior su Edited by MARJORIE BARROWS. Editor of The Children s Hour Plant Quiz Lois Williom* Stein 1. What plant provides the principal food of about one- half the people of the world? 2. Are all the beautiful cultivated roses descendants of the wild rose? 3. What is the largest and oldest of all forest trees? 4. A plant saved Scotland from attack by the Norwegians in the 13th century and afterward became the national emblem of Scotland. What is it? 5. What common garden plant was at one time known as the "love-apple" plant? 6. What plant has pairs of jaws for catching the insects on which it feeds? Answers: -dej^Cy s.snua^'g :o|euiox 's 'apsniL^ ieionboge '^XZ -aafHT Riddk M» This 1. Why is aviation a deadly poison? 2. Why is SWIMS a most unusual word? 3. When is a boat like snow? Answers: ijupe s.^i uaqM C -dn ap!S)i {8u se UMop apisdn auiBS aif) si 's\\\^ dojp auQ l PUNCH AND JUDY PUZZLE: r/ND jUDY A Tricliy Trick Give a friend nine toothpicks and ask him to make three and a half dozen of them without breaking or in any way changing their size or form. This seems impossible, but is easy if you know how. Answer: 'uazop Jieq B pue sa ^m 3Aei{ uaq) no;^ jaq^oue ui xis Suiuieuiaj am pue aiid 3UO ui siioidq^oo) aaaq; Sui) -^nd Aiduiis Xq siqj aAjos noj^^ UI'S Draw a DMr Ann Davldow Draw a long- necked flower vase, One that's wider at the base. Then put in place His slender legs and deer-ie face. Add "leaves" and "stems" and it is clear The ears and antlers of a deer Have taken form. How delicate is every feature Of this timid, graceful creature! Coin Trick Maude E. Haltmer Secretly stiA a small amount of wax on your thumb. Tell a friend that you can press a coin so firmly on his forehead that he won't be able to shake it off within two minutes. Say that you will use no adhesive to make it stick, and that he must not touch the coin with his hand. Press the coin firmly against his forehead writh your waxed thumb. When you remove your thumb, the coin will stick to the wax and come away with it. He will not know this because the pressure on his forehead will have caused a sensation as though the coin were still there. After two minutes have elapsed, drop the coin on the floor and he will suppose that he has succeeded in shaking it off. Then invite him to try again. But, instead of dropping the coin after two minutes, tell him to put his hand to his forehead. The joke will be on him when he discovers there is no coin there. IX FamUv WMICIV, Aii «iMf t, If 5t

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