The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 4, 1956 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1956
Page 12
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'2 tjtir Sstjlnmn POGO Bv Welt Kellev ' > ..4 Trade For Votes ... IKE ACCUSED OF PLAYING POLITICS WITH JUDICIARY Quotes THE REVEREND By Bill O'Mailey CAN REVEREND COME. OUT ~J __ | WITH US ? H.v I'.VI.K C. WILSON I'niied I'i'ess Staff ('onv*|ioliiteii[ WASHINGTON UT-:--. Considerably more is to bo heard of Sen. \. Willis Robertson's accusation I hat President Kisenho\ver is pl;\vint: politic;; \viih the federal judiciary in connection with race relations. Kobeiison charged 1li:il Mr. Ki- senho'Avr named a prominent .lexv- Uii lawyer io the federal bench in the Smith to obtain pressure j;roup votes in northern state-'. The lawyer is Simon K. Sobclol'f. t>t c>vj]ily SMJ ici tor ucucr;>! of 'die I'niU'd States and befoie lli:iV. chief juiii;,' of the Maryland Court of Mr. KisPiihovAM- noir,- iiKiti'u him ID be ii:<!;;i' nf t!l<' T.S. Conrl of Apponl.« for' :\\c l-'o!if!i! Oix-uil Muni- 1 >ip of i'iv>.' .< i :i i iv. : Miii-yl.'inil. Wfs( Virsiniii. \'n-yini:i. N'orih Ciii'Olina ami So'.ith C;iruiin:i. Robertson is ;. '.'ii'-i-ini; 1 ! ni'-ivio- r!-;>[. Hi 1 tolii tin 1 Semite 1 Jni'.ii'-iary Coniniitve !:•-=! weeii. ili.-il iln-pi- of i : n' fi\-i i > s'ttito-' oomprisiiii: 1 'he h'oi!!",!i ('ir.'iiit liiii no! \v;uu Soi."' 1 - loi'f On iheir beni'];. Tlicro \v:is no iMtion. tho Nattonul Association fur tho Adviinc'omont of Colored People and oi'fjanixpil labor us the northern pressure groups whose election support he dialled Mr. Kiseniiower sought in sViulinjj' So- iieloffs nominai.ion to Hie Senaie. ''It is "-enoraliy agreed.'' Robertson added, "that probably a majority of the cases which come before ihe Fourth Judicial Circuit ilurinu (he ne.\t few years, and perhaps many yours to oonio. will involve questions touching racial segregation. "Shall \ve be compelled io try t.y i cases befoi'c a judee who has prodaimiMl his personal \ r iews on the .subject from the lecture platform ilnonjj-hoiit the nation, as woll as before the Supreme Court. itself? Or, art Ihe people of Virginia and North Carolina and South Carolina not emiiled to hearings before judges whose views are less firmly fixed'." 1 Robertson challenged Sobeloffs slaiemenl that ihe Supreme Court is 'the final lorinulator of nation- id policy." Tile senator held that natuval polic.v-ma.kinf;' was not a constitutional function of ihe judiciary. The Judiciary Committee voted !)-2 last week for Robeloff's confirmation. Robertson has icady a .'i-Vpa.sfe speech for use when the nomination reaches the Senate floor. If a few other Southerners chime in. Ihe Senaie will face a filibuster in the final weeks of this session. Barbers Hill To Plan T957 School Calendar Hf and LOIS By Mort Walker and Dik Brown PC-ESN'T ,T V^kTS YOU ASHAM5P OF / DOES. I'LL v OL?£ci. s FCR I £O "ciy _ _t. r \ „ " r'Ji t ;N(3 O*~t" A J^i sCA-'iK :.MPLE jcs <f-y PAPER L;<£ ThAT? j \ Rie^T NOW ELLA CINDERS —by Charlie Plumb and Fred Fox 9OJT ~'. A=t.A , TriS J'J~S= WILL WILL 9£ AWARC'EP ~, EL'_A / ?£ASOPY THAT'S N'T A LAW/5K •' / HIS HOW S.fJ\ • --c-. / of ilit' Supi'C'rnr- Conn.'s ni!i!!.u' on i-Hi-ial inlfpvation. llvii he hn'l Mki any siriif MiO'ild h,? able in 9d (lavs to come up with a program for off^.-Uiii; 1 inir-.aration in it.« ?iiliool.t. "I must object." Robertson told she ! onimiif'c. 'to his iw : iii^- £.-i\-vV. iiie i r'^i.--!-'!'!^!!)'!! i ly of ueci'lttiif in ihe years siiprni inimerons I-;I-H>S of vilHi concern to these people i hi Virginia and ihf I \iroiinas * wlio !,"-!; ..-otifiiieru e in him and -.vhose faitii in uubiie jn.-.iice •-.vonid ne slinUon by his presence on the bi'iii'li. "Tliev object, fil'.'l of ail. because of tile cireunist.-uii es of his se>etior,. \vhich tiiev feei was p<,- !iue:d!y rnotivateo'. Tliey fot'Og'nJr.f 1 his a.= the ehoiee. prirnarilv. of an official who not onlv is {lie ICE;,':! to the President but also is i'ne chief architect of his parly's plans to win this year's elections and 'hat he is backer! by rjoiiiie.'i! Dre.ssitre groups which control of enough \-otos to s \\-insr 'he balance of power in key states far removed from those in the Fourth Judicial Circuit." Robertson v.-a." referring' to Attorney (-lenerai Herbert Bro-.vnoil Jr. as the ln»-a! adviser and political s;rate.trist who Dk'ked Pobeloff. His slateniPiit identified, by irnpli- calendar for the Barbers Hil; (Tis- trirt H'di be one of : he 'op items on the Jiiiv SO agenda of the school To be derided is the day s.'hoo! will open, the number and dura- !:•:>!! of holidays. «!l<! tile date s\ hool will id. out next spring. Also tin 1 board plans to open bias LTI the sale of -in old school bus. wiiif to take ncEion of the purchase of a n i 1 w one. Olht-r b::s::!css to be 'Handled in- rlndcs f'ne sctt 1 :',^- of a date for.a nubile ht-Hr;:!K on the IH'jfi-nT school budget. S. hool snpiTinti'ii-.ient W. C. I'n- derv/c.od said imc an enrollnieiK of :-;90 in :'.S."i i* ••xpeeled for the 1L' or.ndi-r: ihis fall. K siig'bi increase over th,; ?..5n !as: fi'.li. The ]nvS'Tit plant is adequate Tor the anticipated registration, and no adV.iitional classroom.? will he nci'dcri for at leas! three year?. L' n d cnvood e.'t i mated. Currently underway at the school gymnasium is the installation of :!>'il more seats for spectators at nasketbail games. The new srats v.'ill be larger than the old ones, •permitting more leg roo.m for lanky fans. Also in progress thi.« summer .is. Blonde Beauty Loses Bid For Crow, Douses Judges a complete resurfacing' of ail tii" floors- in both tho elementary and hiffh school. The exterior woodwork is being repainted and a large n'imher of windows are being re- piitticri and recanlksnd Girl Scout Troop 63 To Spend Week At Garner P?/k Girl Scout. Troop ii.''. will spend the week of July 22-'.'S at Garner •Stare park and will make a trip 10 Del Rio a.nd then across the Mexican border. Final plans for the occasion were made this weekend at an outing at Camp Aranna. A list of clothes and equipment, needed, as well as menus for the week, were compiled. The Scouts also learned to pitch pup tents bought, with money from cook sales. The tents will be i:sed at Garner. The trip will complete work nn camp craft and pioneer badges required for recipients of the curved bar. Those who -»4H—go to Garner are Dianne Dauphin. Donna Bond. "STfT-Ke.y Clements. Linda Nelson and BiHie Kay Robertson. Accompanying the girls will be Mrs. Jim Nelson and HIP troop loader, Airs. . 1 cineB (''lenient.-. From News I5y r.MTKO I'KICSS KLA.MATH FALLS. Ore.—Uranium prospector Karl Sheridan after removing ihe tent he piiched on a dov.ntown street to sifikn a claim io mineral rights tinder the j)a'.'ement: "I'm through with ui'diiium mnv ihf!. Anyway, the Geiser counter SOt waker anil weaker whore i pitched my tent." CAVALIER. N.D.-- Xew York Gov. Averell Harriman hne.Uing hi:;her farm price supports in an alack on the .Eisenhower farm program: "Our Uod-givon a b n n d a n c e should be looked noon as a blessing, not some kind of disaster." NKW YORK"— Kd Sullivan, in a telegram Io Rte\'e Allen when he learned Allen's Sunday nipht television show had ifoi a higher viewer rating; than his: "Stinker!" LONDON— B'rilish Foreum M ni . i=ier SeKvyn Lloyd in a so.">7h 117 Parliament on she balance of arms in the .Middle F-ast; "1 believe 'hai al (he moment the balani e of aims in the Mkid'n Kast is raihei 1 in favor of Israel." CHAMPAIGX. in.— HO. bel. aitorney for coed Dawn \Yoif, -2. on a peace v/nrrani sisned bv I'mvei-nily of Illinois Prof, .iop.ef iVjiien. ."ii. charEing' Miss \Volf 'vii'n "disturbinir ihe JKNTL-P of nn individii.-d:" "I don't iliink 'iiere is any question hiit diat she has been pi:rsuin.C him—but after ail ii is leap year." BTCRLIX— The Polish t'ommu- hist newsp:iii?r "D:de;:nik Xachod- ni" of K'tiowitx iSialinsrnd i on rc-porleri unrest in uppe'" Silesian ''.•on 1 jiiines: "But !Hi\>.- '.ve are more vigilant than before since \\v iiave been warnetl by Poxnan aiul we will beat them down v.-nhout mercy." BLOOD PRESSURE TlnTos nothing like, on unsatisfactory II1IJVC 111 5 t . |)( ( y..,llr lllooil prrvnirc soaring. i; a ll your .Nnrtli N'Sn Lines aprrit "c\t linn: yo'n move. Iljj cosy, "fc incllioiJn uill soon liavc^oa purrinj like .1 kiiii.-i'. HASTY TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. A. c. <;OK/:K. own.-r K. TI>\;IK Oi-,1 21)511 Channe/vJew To Lef Sewer Line Contract Project Will Cost $164,502; Seven Miles Planned j::ent pia.-.l for i-'r-'-sh \V rf ; vr S'.. p!y District .Vo. f. :n Oi; .1 v. n '; ; •, I'- Ospt. Gt;y Horror. s> -.:•,>'• '.ary ^he oiptru. 1 :. ;•?. :'j ^!i : r;n: y?r:;K;r for the actua, h •.>.• *::-i\r. a of ;:.'• HO.- D'OS -c." ria::. SM:>',"> <'" : :::. r: FTiV C.F.-.' t.:i..i '.'. Barbers Hill Ball Diamond is Ready Cub Pack 326 Gets Several Awards A r..-.v , H, : •.'.•::: '' F ''' '.ir. 'iu:<.;:.g. olympii s and Or-.-:;::; ai-.y Mrs. Tom Uic-- (>f Injuries K. S. Mci.ear,. ','.>. of •.\ . i!;'''d ;r; :: iidlderi- ",'•: MI VV.-'uicka.'oUa Oil Refining Firm Bought CHICAGO 'I'l'— PuMJiase of '.he Preir.ier Oil^ Co. of Texas. For: U'oith. b\' 'he City J'rod-.'i ;s Corp. for .v) :> million CHS!; was araioiuiced today by \Vil- iiani .1. Sin-'k, City I-'rod'ot t.s chair- jiiiin. The Hcrjiiibiiion of the Texas urn: puts City i'rod'ajts in the jia.Miiw- ii.-finuii' field for ;h>' fiist •line. Smkvk sai'i ihe sale added to the Chi- a«o's r.-ornpar.y's natui'al rirsouifie di-.-i^ion whioh primarily expioraturf, and pror-lnclion in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. Pr«rriier Oil has refineries at KOI" V.'orth. Lonpvic-w and Baird. Tex., wirh ii;jv.Hines of Tnore than 7, r .O miles. D. Simmons Re-Enlists, This Time In Air Force listed !or another "hitch' in the ir.Mitary scr\-u-e and this lime will S"!Vi. \vilh tin.' Air Force. Simmons previously spent iiiree ir: ihc Mariin-.-' with I-t iiionlhs yi'f. .<>• in Korea He was d;--;-fi,t; ^*-u from *h»- Corps in H.- :.. •.>;•- sol. "' Mrs. .1. K. Ap-' J-'. S;m:nun:- of HnytdWii. P.OMK if Pi — A blond bombshell with a 40-mi-h bust ihyew a pitcher of ice wa'"r on two judges in a beauty contest when her unsi-heduied strip-lease failed to win her ihe'iiiie of ''Mss Rome." Nineteen - year -old Ivana Fcrri appc-ared to think 'he feminine pulchritude around her was Ion much competition so she went the other irirls in the contest one belter. She shed her blouse and . skirt and started a solo dance eiad only in black !aee bra and pantk"'. Her opponent 11 raised tiV'ir '•lamls in dissust. Hey male adinir":'- .-rowded around in a riiijj 1 and whistled. It took the beauty contest orRwni/.ers five mmutes to end the pandomomum. T:i"y fasi- talke.i Ivana :nto puitii'.p her eio;hes on apain lust a.- -he w:-s ijeine tyrsn.'idt?'! by 'he men to shed slill more. Judge Stops Man Kissing While Driving PKTROIT .'ri'.— V.'iliiam K. Kirifj. -'-"'- K'' Township, says he will on:y ki><; ins wife ".'.-iii',-1 tiu-ir ''ar i:- park"d. Kint; was :-.r- !c-t.:d on a iei kless dvivinp 'N.'ir|4<' v.'hen :-. pohcem;m ca'iiht him kist'infi" his wife, Mary Ann. while driving- from a wedding. The i'ldfc suspended tile charge when Kins n'-oirised not io Viu'-'s his wife while driving. Funeral For Wooster Woman's Mother Today F':r,c.-fii services were il'-id \Veu- iieKday in Ho:;s'on for Mi'ti. John F'.;-i'j. rno:ner "' >Jrs. Snm Pryfir, !;"( .lohn A. Woosti-r. Mrs. R"j-i di'-fi 'Monday rdsht ;it Houston wlnTi- shi' riad livivl for many She is '-il«o s:ir\ "-<•<! by two k'ra.vicn Si-Jrers ^ho i:\'4- ::i \VoOSt"r Sam Pryor .!.-. nnd Mrs. Rob Then the jury announced brunette Angela, jjui as "Miss Rome ' and Lu« iana Morena. as her "maid of honor." The enraged Ivana picked up a juy; of Ice water and sloshed it over the head? of two jurv members. 'I"ney were the only men in the audiem:*; wno wes c cool. Huge Bulldozer Just Scoops Up Wrecked Planes LONOVIKW, Tey. il'I'i _ A Inipre buildoxei-type maehine thai can move a •KiO.OOO-pouiui crash- cii bomber off a runway in less than 2fl minutes has been delivered to the I'. S. Air Km ce by R. (;. T.i'Toui neau. Inc.. of IVm^view. The task of >'emoviM^' si:<'h ''rip- pies fioni nmvays formerly re- fiiiiieil from fr/e to 1f> hours, the 1 .eTournt-ri i.' firm s.' j .id, T'ne new machine.-, imjje p.nd utilizing the mammoth tires LeTonrneau lias utilized on some of hits hea\nest pro'HK H t. c , work in pairs an<l scoop iip the debris between them. Non-Violent Opposition To Segregation Urged SAX KIIANVISCO i IT'i — The Kev Alailin Ijilh"!' Kins'. Deader of Ihe Montgomery. Ala., bus hoy- coll, has lilted Negroes Io oppose .-eKrexaiion through "non-violent" nviMant'O. In a 'speech Wednesday nijli' to the -tTih annual convention of the .Valioua! Association for the Ad \'an''cnieri' of Colored People. Kintf also exhorted Ne^ioes to be prepared to face jail—or death — if necessary to win the fi£"h! for equality. F-leviewni2 the hisioiy of (lie Montgomery bus hoyeott, King, (old bow ihe oi'sanized protest, against .Mm Crowisni shows Ihere iy a brand new \ei>ro" in the S'Hiih. wi'h ,1 "new sense of dig- nil.v and destiny " He said the basic philosophy nn- derlvinp' ihe bii.i iirole?t was one nf "non-violent re.sistanee." ,>Mod*l this big 3/4 lip FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONER puts 40^o less drain on overloaded electric lines, works at full efficiency on regular house current. This means you save c installation (no special rewiring needed), save on operating costs (slash air conditioning electric bills). Arid we have a special low price that means extra savings. KOYAR APPLIANCES We REALLY Service What We Sell 221 East Texas Phone 5004 or 7438 6012 Bayway Drive Phone 7383 i Benson Scotches Reports That His Aide On Way Out i 1 \V.\SHIN'(;TON" - I'!' - .->,...(•• live pcisilii.n. :lrf!',' of A.2i icui'.ure K/i :< T. Reir- Despite these iii< ideMs. Ben-on ' : sn iia" scoiciie.i ic|-K]!K thai .1. told a news cniifcrence U'odne^- (',:••••; CriKsily is on his wav fr'i! as. day thai he has "£iven no Ihouahl the d'-'iiarrmerii 1 '-' security officei. Io replacing" Casvity He SUK! ; Crissity ha;.- been a centra! fig- lhat ''a-sity' 1 -' "recoi'd is £ood. Uie in i:cmlro\-r-"s:a; .veciiiilv al- <; i '' rlnrit 'l v -peakiiiK" and thai le^iitions invoKinK .lohn C. P.Hker. "from all T know of his character, Midwei'l chief of the Agriculture !:r (avried out Ills duties sat.isfac- • l.icpai-Iiiienl> inai kelint' sei vice torily." >i! '('IIIC.-IJMI, and V.'olf /..xli'jm :ky. ;-'(M.ICCS clo--:e to the Scru.le Civ- Mlf. AM; MRS, ( J'<)KI) AVTOMNT rrrTM < w.vnoi.ri for hi«. jnh <« itti Humble u ln>r? h«''« a fjr-l'i fngiwr-r arid A'r f irr c- dnrine AMlrinini«i »r *[^^"/b rtlul duri. 1 c p^ipi!, : t fustUe H.ii ti'»is.'t!i itj'id o aul <'i( KI'I|P( f". !fnnl < 'tt;uliA. Jr. r. .< nt^nini i.- J.. i.<'f KTrvl. I((.\ FXiVV liti'Tliiillg \\.-ir II. *penf twi var* in of St. .Io«p |th : «i f afholie f'h'ir<h. An»/mini bought Chevrolet numb»r fi\p frnm -John Adair at Knfk Turner ' IKM rr-let < '(>.. HA V. Afttin and 10 F. 'l>v«s Vd'.', i>v by i r iei rr'i'rfxj t'rl III.-I ill (Ml illl>. Ill expert kor, r,e-.,vr rnaiic later -,vi' hdvo-c ;)]|i il !-'.r-i;iic COllilillltt.-c 1ml.iV i'• fused (in •'•<•( cou'ili'ienl on a /C|KJI| - ajcaiiist l-a- lh;tt tbe ooft'iinilee is (o;,.siderinf; p'l.'.ln, ii;)V(; H)i investigation of Cassil.y's ac?- arifl T'erii'iv) ti'Tl.ic''?. ;;Hion> made O'v- ':o';i •'c -avl the f oTiiinitre s on !ia.~ "* running int'Ter-t" in f"as- that pity becans" "he is not well onab- clurerl fiei] 1 ' for his seeuritT job. Knt he jii'.il sai'l no fr/irnal'^ili.'in i/f lb. s ov-t'-iJ I in; ii'&in ;h.? Ocivririrrieiit. Api'n 'liture ]\ |Xit;ro."r.t o''i'i'!'r T/c'|;:->:r!.:kv l;:t./r v, 1 .-> ('ini.rioy'.-d by hus br-r-n onlert-d and he conii) not the Slate Department ir» a sensi- say whether one would be. ('assity 's h;'"! NOTICE KOYAR APPLIANCE STORE No. 2 IN WOOSTER CLOSED MOW THRU JULY 11th VACATIONS Will R«-Optfl On Thursday, July 12 MAIN STORE AT 221 E. TEXAS WILL REMAIN OPEN AS USUAL 8 A.M. TO 6 P.M. KOVAR APPLIANCES 22! E. Texas 6012 Bayway Dr. Ph. 5<XM or 7438 Ph. 7383

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