The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 6, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Friday, February 6, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results riZTFMPAY. FEBRUARY 6. 1048 TU,. nin.v R ,.T., S T,... R STER NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 186 TRAIGHT DAY ICIear Names oi iPauley, Graham GOP Members of Senate Committee Against Proposal Feb. G.-tU.R)- health in their commodity hTS'move was made by two Democrats of a Senate Aopropria- ' s u b c o m m i t t e e to clear the of Paolev and Graham. But s e three Republican members of !5c committee voted against the {Democratic motion. .\t the same time, the committee of Paris Hangs Self in Cell PARIS, Feb. 6-U.E~Gen. Otto Von Stulpnagel, 70,, former Ger- ·man military governor of Pans, hanged himself in his prison cell early today to avoid interrogation on war crimes charges before the Paris military tribunal tomorrow His suicide paralleled' that_ot Gen. Johannes Blaskowitz, Gov'f Economists Hope Market Break is Turning Point in Cost of Living Follows Pleas of Guilty by Three On Similar Charges uvu. «jwiiani"-. "·«··' .--- n _ j The trial of five men, said to German commander inH 0 1 ^" 0 ' be 'lircctors, agents n.nd employes who killed himself m NuernDcrg of the jj linois sportsmen's asso- ; prison yesterday a few hours oe- ciation an(1 c h a rged with possess- jforc he was to go on trial as a war jng samh jj n g apparatus, began to-1 | criminal. - . day before a six-man jury in the j 1 Stulpnagel ended his life in his I C0l * ir t O f Police Magistrate Thos. I ' Cherche-Midie prison'cell with a j j . Cain. ! noose fashioned from strips o t , The case f O n owe( j the pleas o f ' cloth ripped from his sleeping bag. j gu jit y j a t c yesterday of Alvin Por- Hc had attempted suicide once previously. He held the double rank of gen- ter, Otis Allen and George Fink, directors of the War Dad's club, to similar charges. The directors ORPHANED-BY TRAGEDY. Unaware of the tragedy^ which rendered them orphans, the Beverly. 8; Glenna, 5; Patsy I !!,Wn n"Ck for an appropriation sna ck served to them by policewoman Carolyn I v ? wnnoo for a 90-dav period to 1 that the children's father, Alvin Gregory, shot his wife, Betty, 10 Q49 lot izu.wu *"' ,,..,,·,.,. n n f i . · , . t, ;,, «i,nif rh; · * l -~ f -- * · -: - " * u ~ "··*· "" *.TMc..-»if .lo-*-- of an army corps and Luf-1 and the corporation paid fines and twiffe general He was German i costs totalling $519.60. Gregory children (left to right), Jane 3; commangder in ran ce and military | The sportsmen's club and the r 10; Richard, 1; and Diana, 9 enjoy a TM andcr of lhe grea ter Pans W ar Dad's club, both having state )hccwoman Carolyn Culhton. Police say ^"'"V'TM rw z iP4n to Ji .. . . -- . area from Oct. 25, 1940, to June, charters, were raided Jan. 28 by in « ^w.u.. ! -- iI..*.* _..- ~ -. u- ir 194 9 ! city police, armed with search war- · five experts and a ; death in tlieir Chicago apartment before turning the gun on himself., , ona «r e i accused of carrying "rants. Police said that they con- · t o assist i n t h c i n - Gregory died later i n t h e hospital, h i s wife v ' a s k u e d instantly ; a i P » · . . F h fj scatec j S i 0 t machines from both to assist |vestiga" on Thu far. their only assistance Jhas been from staff experts who n a short while will have to devote heir time to regular duties i n , connection with appropriation bills. | jSays Would Be Premature , Pauley is a special assistant to j I the -Vrmv secretary, and Graham j is personal physician to President, [Truman. j In defeating the motion to clear, Budget Group lily Shove! Urges Relief For Taxpayers g Chairman William F. Know-:The House-Sena^ 'land R Cal. said that it "seemed;tec today voted t to us that it would be premature ( T r u m a n s Off Heavie; Snow o gambling table from ;for i rn 4 terrogatTon"before"the"per- lihe Sportsmen's club. · manent military tribunal at Reu-1 Select .Tury jilly barracks tomorrow. The in- Selection of a jury to try Mitch-; Iterrogation was to determine if he c u Golish, Paul Golish and Carl: would be held for trial. :Haglcr, called the directors and. He was charged with murder,; agents of the Sportsmen's club by j i complicity in murder, pillaging, j City Attorney Don Scott, and John sequestration and destruction. Hart and William Sandage, said He is the fourth top Nazi to es-Uo be employes, began at 10:10 a. cape punishment by suicide. First,m. I was Hermann Goering; second was I The jury, composed of Cnarlie Gen. Franz Boehme, who leaped to j Jones. James Edwards, Luther Gu - Stock Market in Nose-Dive on London Exchange LONDON, Feb. 6--UJJ-- The London stock market took a nose-dive today in the heaviest selling slump since July, 1947. The British market which had nervously watched the plunging American exchanges for two days went into a speculator decline of its own. Millions in pound sterling values were wiped out. All types of securities were affected by the wave of selling. The London decline was clearly in sympathy with the sharp downward trend of American markets. The London exchange yesterday · was only mildly affected with light selling in dull trading. Today, however, the dive picked "up momentum. Son Confesses Experts See End of High Price Spiral New York Stock Market Steadies after Yesterday's Loss CHICAGO, Feb. 6--U.R--Grain WASHINGTON, Feb. 6-- OJJ?.)-- Government economists hoped today that the commodity market break may mark the downward turning point in the cost of living, but they were puzzled why the stock market followed suit. Food, clothing and other consumer goods will be somewhat cheaper later on if basic commodity prices continue down. It is ]ust t/is for which President Tru = U Congress, and- many businessmen ( j ievcd meant the end ' of the , nfla . have been praying. tionary food spiral. Lower living costs would take Corn, wheat and oats prices at some of the steam out- of the drive Chicago, Minneapolis and Kansas for a third round of wage increas- city dropped the limit or close to, es, government economists point- jt. ed out. At the same time, a drop At m id- mo rning, however, a ral- or even a leveling-of f i n prices will ly . set in wheat futures at Chi- row in a ma- TM kill the administration's. last lingering hope for restoration of price and rationing controls. ' President Truman only yesterday urged anew that a depression j from the low. Sir is certain if prices don't come j veloped at Kansas down, and again urged Congress "to enact standby rationing and price controls. But Republican i leaders remained cool. Sen. · Rob- cago rose 2 5-8 to 7 1-4 cents above the day's lowest prices. September corn rallied 1 1-4 cents and December corn was up-three cents Similar rallies de- City and Minneapolis. At Chicago, on the nation's biggest grain exchange, the flurry of opening trade lasted only three i PIT A Ta7t~R, 0., said one ob- minutes. Traders swarmed into jSticm i? that when prices drop | the pit as the opening gong sound- the bidding on With Hammer econom recession. And they hope price { buvers drops will be gradual and ortog. British - Market Drops, U,i.V/|JL7 V T A * * ***-· O* , , ·§_ A too-sudden decline would catch businessmen with stocks of high- priced goods on their shelves. Corn futures generally had dropped the full 24 cents in the last three days. Wheat, with a 10-cent But there is still a vast cpnsum- limit of " decline, had dropped 30 ; ued into the" night, measured five and one-fourth inches. Traffic was slowed by thc snp\v visi-1 Children Burn To Dsorh, Parents Injured ine s One prospective juror mer. officials said. planning Office, said the drop in stock ma rket took a nose dive m. Ified himself when, upon being | Siefker told police he killed his , prices f or livestock, grains and the worst slump since July, 1947. ! questioned by Scott as to his'coin- mother, Mrs. Cora Siefker, ^' 0 ther commodities was 'favor- nn.« u^*;^ tr^r-Vpt was hit bv i ion on enforcement of gambling without any reason, laws, said: "I think we ought to; ..j was i y i n g on a couch think- , , was 'favor- The British market was hit by TOTIIS Feb 6-- EE)-- Six ! have everything. I think it ought j . ,, he sa ' id- »i got up and hit . L.UUI, ieo. o. V ^ v v i t ^ u^ «.;^ 0 r.n»n - ! , t " ^ *u» ^o^moi- T Hon't open. Scott, in his iher with the able." a wave of selling after nervously "But" he added, "there is no watching the American commodity reason why the stock market pr j ce break for two days. The should go down with commodities. s i um p in London followed yester- I didn't have!ihereis nothing to explain it, ex- day's losses on the New York i cept that the stock market is nerv- stoc k exchange, which hit the low.- at'ous and it was a casejof 'sympa- es t level since.last.June. --. TKuedTfhata poker table'was ] ' TI.e youtn saia TM^"Xrthe' SSti? selling." ' * ! The "New York stock market upstairs in the room of the the *°TM ~J^j^g*£j; a T Commodity* prices^particularly ^dav was steadier and gained * . . , i ' l l d »» A H l Vk«*» .,,,--. is opening statement · k hv T did it the evidence would r,how ihatl reas on" Jan. 23 and 29 search warrants | a ^ ..^ gaid he remained Voting against the motion were cut f j Li _ 0i , FHIJ ,,.. - Know land. Sen. Henry C. invor- cratjc hel j n m trying to override , s t e ps of her home on Mellaney ;; jctims. shak. R.. Ida., and Chairman worn- thc cxpcctc( j presidential veto. street and suffered a broken arm. i The elder Eoffs ran out iniOj I.. p^,,««n P M.rh. hv nroxv. · . . / , . ..,,,. The temperature dr0 pp C d sharo- lhe snow in their e proxy of Sen. 3 I dings, D', Md. L/L»fW-t O'i***-f^ · iiv « · » * * " -" *-» _ After hover- \vhcn the alarm was spread by - | CUS i." V**.N-**--·---- - - - n j ,, music in a hotel overnight and called I Golish. lice early today. Dut^ro^i«S. Jtaiement ^aid; ^Mlndia^polis.^odyo^Mr, ^--^^-ee^were "out of Clinton out about $1,500.000,000 in market that he I Corn Traders After Only 3 Minutes the evidence would show that the'Siefker was found on a i_ .,, u«x ,,« rnnnfinn nt V,ov cnn fjlpnn. her nSO Sludalieu line. increase: rose to the highest level in history 'vbrv great national moment" if Everett Sneed, chief of police, - meat supplies r m r % r n P K R OTD m m another depression comes. Rich- today urged motorists a n d pedes- S 3 CHICAGO Feb 6.-- (II!)-- Corn ^noi ^ d t House Un . t i to how cau tion on the W0S!ii3 S g traders on the Chicago Board oi Jade were so jittery today that they started screaming their offers to sell before the market opened. the market on the skids. the brokers gathered in tight thc groups around the corn, wheat, dus t r ie; and oats trading pits in the world's compc titors. largest grain market. Here the c cacram buyers and sellers set the market f nC f th c _,, subcommittee streets and urged motorists who should compel Com- attend the basketball game at the as foreign high school to""~*~'' from parking on "Unfair"--A. P. Fenderson of streets near the 3 t quotations which eventually will ^av determine, to a large extent, how _i · added that he would prove that 134, who shared the modest three- suv ^^ -«i-j »-----, --«-, ^ n - r - fe^-'««g g gg a i| f -^- gsgfe?; ag jusea nis w * v ".^;:-___ t^ n ^ mo W nr-, ftl^... AfIS««ttt* M At Minneapolis. th~ee large mill- 1 ing companies cut flour prices in i the first visible si?n that the com- imodity price break may work its ing 5clI .!Snced Testifies* K ? b . crt .G- LcTouraeau, a seU-, chief ^ polkc Ev?rctt Snce d after neighbors became wor- woman's disappear,J him. Officials of an Indianapolis radio plants there. much the housewife will pay for before the joint committee on eco- .* a loaf of bread or a pork roast ; llomics that this was "unfair to'^gj^\ c From the visitors balcony, the othcr American distillers.". He ^^gjf 1 ^ trading floor was utter confusion., cn( jorscd proposed legislation to fr"~};; n Tho h n l l n i i i l n n i*nntnrnA in thi» ' i- " ·» !i:_:i1 nn . «r« ·O =;fVl flfJO hTlshcls lne Slop ^seu-r It was a'religious family: three j -^d testified that whe,[,««*«! "g^JUKt Sie" toe after driven .,,,,,,],,, «.,. rt a n ,-.Tc .-, n d two sisters , , _ .. ^i^. «,o/,v.-:noc in thp base- 'ciKcr» uca"« ° ·«res crackled with orders. : D C using 10.000,000 uadcr hadn't seen «thc mcs- mo nth senscrs so busy since thc U. S. ' entered the first world war. . In thc torn pit the waving and ssoatin; sellers gathered around sk'ncsorr.c buyer like thc Brooklyn Dodgers around an umpire after a oum dpciMon. ·Jt when the noise hit a crcs- bushels a evening. adjoining room je d. A copy of Murder Up My New Officers of Greater Egypt sh the _ · n «· : level to the corner sroc Arc II AfClimH nililP^ Most branches of the food mdus- A55 II A55UI3IU l/IIIICl; tr ; agreed . however, that house- . on thc floor in Lloyd's stained white shirt was U. S. Air Forte Too Weak: Dooliille MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 6-Op-- Thc price war with The at "the pfcscnt time is bccaiisc we V ctoowll* * \.\-v* · *-»· »"-~ -- -given treatment at the Pcarcc hos- Ipital, Eldorado. City to Rope Off Streets Tonight for Sledding by Children Through thc efforts of the Woolcott Milling company. Citv Street Commissioner Earl Crabb has agreed to rope off streets tonight beginning at six o'clock that children misht use them for sledding In his sermons, which arc ; "!when he made the raid. ac "i Shortly before noon .Poll b ut i W !Sc "victim's "former husband, ,c::bcd as simple. outspoKcn ac- j "shortiv before noon Policeman | Fred Sie^r told police thc *ere i counts of his own religious cx-l ls h am Thrcct. who participated in i divorced pcnence told in a mechanics lan-j thc raids . took thc stand to tcs-,"still on 'guage, Mr. LcTourneau icils ot't5f v liiis personal encounters with mor-j * . -' el. spiritual, financial ar.a physi-j f · III!.iAir i^os^^s^afsS-^iSays So. Illinois (hands oi God work in a marvelous; CARBONDALE, 111., Feb. 6.-OLE)--Will Griffith turned over the gavel of the Greater Egypt AssocH ation last night to bis recently- elected successor. C. L. Biggs o f : iwui Cobden. at the second annual meet- ,, he ing here of the Regional Booster *·-·-- cents from the peak of six ag °" .howlow it will organization. M|llcrs prices f«Si u. «*» o f ^ , h J6raifi Mills are ha\e come to him since r.e came "God's businessman." ne '!;tpt onlv a small iraction. 'How Aii'ich of My Money Do It MURPHYSBOKO. Ill- give to God -- But How .Mucii ot | a'.i:_-Grain mills throughout _bgy. Big losses Five Oil Workers S Hurt in Flash 1 McLEAXSBORO. Ill- 6MM «...».- .. At Minneapolis. Russell Miller Griffith will serve as executive Milling C o. said it had-cut prices secretary and member of the board . lo who i esa i e rs 40 to 60 cents per of directors for the coming year . hundr ed pounds in the last three Othcr new officers are: Virgil davs. Company spokesmen saia. Center. Benton. and Vic Davis Gol- howe ver. that it would take 60 to · conda vice presidents: Oscar Scha- 90 days for the reduction to be fale. Marion, treasurer: and Scenal pas sed on to consumers. Thompson. Harrisburg, secretar-. Commander-I^rabee Milhng; Co- Directors are: W. L. Cummins. | annou nced it had lo^f^" 0 "^ 'Venna- w£ Gentry. Carterville:' prices to jobbers and bakers, but C C K e r r Cave-In-Rock: Moms, added that its prices vary dail v. v.. *«£,· .,,_. T ^ n \T5tohpll. «-!*h the T rain market. We can't say how much^thU^ a Kuder" OkawVille; Joe Mitchell. w ilh the grain market. Snn- E C Spivev. Shawnee- "We can't say how mu SE? Eari ThrogSorton. Carbon- affect retail prices.but it sh« ;.--i to? n *- a "«--TMJr" r,rri*r Mills: ovcntuallv oush them down. -building 2 site for a new The streets^ ^^J ^J uod's"Moncy Do~T Keep "tor"'sty-', n ' r c" taking 'bT? daily Bosses in "the ^5^. E t 3 o SkSss: and '»«.»: - a motto hanging on ''^current market plunfie._Jam^: The flrestertedhU.wgas , A n,ar\v, ana iy sl for a big grain iCommcrcc that the United States , C h lirc ] «x.y* has been around the b -pilrfu ly^«A »"J ^ 'h str «V, closed arc: from Vine - .Webster street from cither Church or Poplar to Raymond « vstsBSsisis, a^BSa .war unless we j children might enjoy thc cvc- . hnk the market is w'ng remain militarily -strong enough to w-ncc back, he said. " ' ' i .«« ! iu««v-« Milling Company !said the flour price cut should be ! felt by consumers within oO to w ^General Mills said flour prices have been following the downward , trend of the gram market_ since ijan. 15. The company ning. Refuse fumes j Leave Injured onc-iR«Kv in Uiey tad released *££ S«^5dSrt te gtcaW *"«***· kVvS;j*!S fflL"SfTM^*-n-,siSSSS£S.n,ca.M«r encouraging. Although meat prices in thc St. Louis Compoiqns , - - / , v , , , ^r Wor/d's Fair i Remembers Nothing _o«_A!Of Delivery Room I/.V1S. Feb. raisc Motor Fusi Tax SPRIXGFIKLD. in.- Feb. G-- (Continued on Page Four) Homer signed a statement Joseph of all rcspon- ££]«· n'r^cripiion was aunchcd SEATTLE. 1-cj- o 1^5 as the i,ri step in deter- cholopist «P°rtcd ; ·.ve 1h. ^vi«hility of holding!«oinan who fiaxc bi world's fair in St Louis. in the case. The parent. \J^ e Weather ,,,,· Christian Scientists, said! . .ere certain the boy W ould ^^ ^^ ^ ThSr son was hurt when he ran ard Saturday changing to Meet ineir sw at lay _ Saturday close to the pwo MINES fractured. The parents insist,, ^hon thov arrived shortly a»-t ^r« '-, K - -* ,,. lmaI . e v -7 mcr - ls ,, 1 c--17 -"''nlin SI ISO- bar* residents gather earlier tnan:$.vd, 'maybe I'd belter ^·^^ 4 67 -^ r f; Washcr vw *-i us £t, ll TM 1 an awakened 45 min- /rank l,n. Sj^lJ. ^ n t n SI^BO. ^^S ^our so that they-for a while/" 3tac 1 Wa^J vJ'rk* ,^2«nr ffc b?bV Sri her fourth » ainllt ^ ial re $3 963: White i v ill not be disappointed in hear- many farmers would U* g SfcX^otu gSfd'^i to?^« *«P itol *TM S^^ilSKS. Sim |in B this unusual man. j^tade. eriT1 3 'flip. the report said. night and warned them that, n p. m ^ u,^ would be liahle for Prosccu-, c p. m. _~~ 28 35, also of tjon O n an involuntary manslaugn- s p. m. .. at a hospital. t er charge if the boy died. 12 mid. - Local TcCTperatare Friday 3 a. m. If 6 a. m If 27 9 a! m 1* 12 noon 26 23 J · f I SPAPFRf

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