The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 1, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1932
Page 2
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DAILY KZWB, PBXDZBICK. MD.. WEDNESDAY, TONE 1, 1932. GAVE BAD CHECKS FOR GAS FOR AUTOMOBILE CHARGE | ! Jarrws R. Stwle, 18. East Fifth | Street Held. j A yoatfcis: PiredericktOElar. who. oT- , fleer* said, had aa "easy war' * P«r- ' chsisg gasolsse »t various local ^iny stauons. rece.Ted a. rude jolt T-jescay | as Constable Charies W. Saatl arrwt- | ed bias 02 cisarses iarolTtac forjerr. j The yo-^ih was Jaraes R. St«e. 18. ' ^s; Fifth street, and he w« isiecti- . SSed positively by tnree as^ss-i^tior; ! operators as the rcan who recently fave · tbea checks lor vanota sums o* taooey 7-hich proved to be fraui-Xect. Tne act-i-.tles or tbe youth. oScers sav. s?^arer::'.y started o\er the last ! week-end On May :5. a: Haine» - 211- l3Lg station, acsth o! r^edenck, near j th* Ewr: Ice Cres*o Company plant, a | youth 1= a model T Fore sedSLn drove trp. ordered sssoline sr.d t*sSer»d a ' check fee- SIS ^i pajasent, Tae name. . -j i_ Bradshan." *-as signed to the. check snd it was made out to and en- ' corsed by "Charles K. Smith" preris- · aKy the ^«r» who was purchasing tie gas. Tfce yoath received chance aad drove away. Later jt iha; the check was On May -S. the sa=ae autonsobiie pulled a? to a nclair fOni station j here, the driver bought gasoline and , gm»e the attecdaat a check for $9, , again s^ned by "J. L. Bradshaw" ansi · ·rf+f* out to and endorsed by "JasM* H. Surocters.'' This check t'jso w»s fraudulent. On the saroe date, there iras » s^nilar occurrence at the filling , station of Stanley Michael, near the | Pair Gro-ntis This time the name, j "Charles H- Smith." was signed to tie 1 check. At each station, the driver of the autoraob^e explained that he had re- | ceived the checs from Mr. Bradshaw j a exchange lor I-.inilf.ire. The latter. | an mnoceni party to the affair, dis- S claimed any knowledge of the youth j Constable South was furnished ir^or- j ication in regard to the fraudulent t checks and. alter an ir.vestig» | rested Steele The officer said Steele confessed that he rcade out the fraudu- ' lent c' - bJt gave no -:ason for his act. Whether the youth passed any more checks has not been ascertained. it was stated. Daily Radio Program WEDNESDAY. JUNE 1, (C«Otr»I *B« EasUrn Staadarfi Time) to cian««. P.M. (Dayl!*-M tte. «n« hear Jater- (B» TJU AtfOdetta Prtut NBC-WEAF NETWORK *TJ «00 i wjor war ·A*IC -- East: ·**£ msixq »eH t»J woc-»to «ow « NO«TMWEST C A N A D I A N - wtajj w'.b» k»t? »*« SOUTH-- *-rra w wfla-wsaa wiod M O U N T A I N -- k?« k»i PACIFIC COAST-- i? kisj ki» keca k«x «r^ vrs ks« «man'» 2 «_ 3 00-- Psisft" 1 * Nl««d 2 3O-- 3 50 -- Ely Ct.!t*rt»en - 45 -- 3.-: 5-- The I_»dx N»«t 3 CO-- 4 00-- May W* Pr«i«nt J 1»-- 4:1S-- »kippy-- »a»t cnlr 3 30-- 4 jo-- w»yn« King Orch-^ lo e 3:«i-- 4^S-- P.ano Ouo 4--X5 -- 5 OO-- Dinner Mu»ie -- *·-** »ootS was csooverec Find Abandoned Track. Abandoned on the National highway about one-half mile east of Pearl Saturday evening, a Dodge truck has been towed to this city and placed In a "Ted Black Orch.--SpecUl jroup 4-4V-- 5:45--Ted Black Oreh---0 to · S '5-- 6:'.S--Concert Orchestra C DO-- 7:OO--Big Tim*. Sketch e-SO-- 7:3O--Old Counsellor 7 00-- e W-- Wendoxa Orch. -- leoaat rcpea: at 11-IS--i:-li 7:50-- 8:JO--Shilkret Concert--« to · 2 00-- 9 CO--Rad'o Interview--c to 8 »-- 9JO-- Artist* Musical*--AUO · 9 OO-- 1C.OO--Nellie Revell tr!s --«e:ii_4ess» Crawford--eaat «'30--10:SO^--Vincent Lopex Orch. 1C.-00--11:00--Ralph Kirbery: Roger* Or, 1O:SO--mo--Charles Agnaw Orch. CBS-WABC NETWORK BASIC CHAIN -- KAST: watxs (key) «k'c «hk »xv* wire w iau w:p-w?an irjas wt.»a w'U vs^d wma:: Midwest: wbt~i »Kn wfbm S-mbe wcco kmoz EAST AND C A N A D I A N -- w _ _ w'.lw irhac wiax wrea wore efrb ekac D I X I E -- »r*9t wfsa, whro wbt wdod wrr ktrf kts.\~»raco kfjf wq-m irdbo wja« «:!* whaa wtar wdbj w::w wwva MIDWEST--vi b-ra wsb: »rca v i wnb! »-a: «££h kf*! w!sn icscj «-:bw Jcfb MOUNTAIN--i£»JT k!l koh V!T! PACIFIC COAST--khj kr.x ko!n Vfrc ico: xrpT kvl k«rn km] Wbk Ctnt. East. 1:JO-- 2:30--Captivatora--c to o 1:45-- 2:^5--Four Eton Boya--e to 0 2-OC--- 3:00-- U. S. Navy Band--« to e 3:00-- 4:00-- Kathryn Parsons--c to 3-15-- 4:15--Going to Press--o to e 3:30-- 4:30-- Professor A Major--east 3-45-- 4:45-- Prohibition Talk--e to e 4:00-- S:CO--Arthur Jarrett--c to e 4:15-- 5:15-- Stern's Orch.--const out 4:45-- 5:45-- Punnybonere--coast out 5:00-- 6.00--Morton Downey--c out 5:1S-- 8-.1S--Larny Boss-- eaat: Qyoay Mum.o--JLMxl* Cant. A 5dO-- a-.JO--«aay AOM -- B*alc: H*la and Duiwv--Da^» 8^»-- «i«»--Bins Cro**y--e to e ·;00-- r.-00--The Club-- baaic; Or«*m- a!iti»s-- Dixie _ . e-15-- 7:is -- ·inoin' Sam -- Baale:; Light OP«ra--IMx!*. Hamp'a Oreh., --west · :JO-- 7.30-- Kal* Smith- Baalc «:4$-- 7:49--Colon«l and Budd--Saatc ' Matft* nostrum--Oil'.* 7:OO-- · CO-- Lomoardo Orch- -- Baalc. Mara, era*--Dn'» 7 JO-- ·:SO--Crlm* Club-- B*a!e: M«. rina Band--O.x'.*. Cun""'" a Oreh. --weac (-00-- 9.-OO--Shl!kr«t Oreh.--c to e g 11--- » -5-- Adventu'es in Health 8 SO-- ».30--The Playbey--e to · g-46-- *i4--·Baric** Syrnohony^^ to c · loo--10-00--Madriguera Oreh.--c to e 9:1S--10.1»-- Lanny Ross--weat r*^«at f:30--10:30--Redman Orch.--« to e . IO.-00--11^0-- Ouch n Orch-- to e i 10JO 1 "!1:3ft rollsr'n Orch^-coaart OQt: ( Cr!m* Cluo--ocas: rewt ; 1140--12 00-- Dane*--urabc wean wnac NBC-WJZ NETWORK ; · ASIC CHAIN--East: »)» Ck«r) «l»- wbxa wtai wham k4t» w^ar _»_J«-_«^J ; Soured muffin pane or baking cupc aad , bake 13 minute* in a moderate orea. Cover wilfc boiled IdHg. KITCHEN BY BUTE* MA»T JfEA fcrricc WrtU» taodvicnes and little cake* are aivayt most acceptable In tile picnic fcisx*-. or camper, 50 perhaps a Jew aaa recipes may help you in ryt your aert picnic luncheon. Cbilted tomato Juice, cereal. cream, paa hroijftd oottafe bast. ao!t cooked ejf», repeated roIX milJt eofTee. Loneheoa: Creamed crab roeet and rice, esbbafe ealad. raisin bread. Jesi- ocade. Dlciver: Broid hasburg steak *itii jniled apricots, sew potatoes 21 pars- | y sauce, s^ced iceberg J«'uc* irith Prencis dreang Taffies iriih s'.raa __ ,, _,,. ,,«»,, o-rries, a^-i, coSee Sentence Arraigned on a tharje of ness in Potloe Court TtMtday Az»ncler "Buddy" .Tottnton. colored. *M fined WO aad eotta or forty 4ay« in jafl. «uapended 1900 promise at fa- section wkl P«irfc«r'« Hair Bah«a» ta»r »oft mod fluffy. SO ««aU fcr M«k«« tie for picnics i NORTHWErr A CAWADIAN -- »UOJ b« kat» webc w«a7 kf »r «Jca-w era SOUTH--wrra wpvf wwoo »ia wj*x wfla-ws-jn wlod wsm wrae w»b wapl. ar watnb kvoo wky -r!a* wba? kpri · woa! kb* kths , MOUNTAIN--koa ksl kt'r k«hl PACIFIC COAST--kto kfl Hf» kotno, khq kco k*ca kex k kca kfad ktar j Cent. Eaat. ; 1:SO-- 2:SO--Hc::= Vsrl*. Sketch J 1:4V- 2:4S-Stokta' Oreh.--Also aonth 2:00-- SX»-- Mid-week Musical* | 2:30-- 1.30--To Be Announced 3-00-- 4.-00--Jlng!* Joe--AUo eoaat ' 3:'5-- 4:15--PUno 4 Violin Recital j 3.30-- 4-JO--Singing Lady--to ooaat ; 3 4V-- 4-45--Orphan Annie--Mat only 4.00-- 6:00-- Musie Treasure Box 4:15-- 5:15--Melody Thre*--«rjx wbal 4-30-- 9:JO--Impersonations--AUo ao. 4:4$-- 8.S--Topics In Brief -- eaat: Orphan Anni*--m:lweat repeat , 5 OO-- 6:CO -- Amos *n' Andy -- east: · Singing l.«dy--m'lvr*at repeat ; B:1S-- ·:ii-- Bob RIpley--Alao aaulb 5:3O-- 6:JO--Steboms Boya--c to e 5:45-- «:4»--Jonea H»r«--AUo soulfc 6:00-- 7rt»--Taxpayers Prog.--e to c · ·IS-- 7:15--Jane Froman--c to c 6:30-- 7-30-- Melody Momenta 7:00-- 8:00--O. Henry Story 7:20-- 8:20--George Olsen's Music 8-00-- 9:CO--Boh Nolan's Serenade 8:15-- g:15-- McCravy Brothers 8:30-- 9:30--Victor Arden's Orchestra, 8:45-- 9:45--Pickens Sister* 0:00--10:00--Beau Balladeer -- Basic:, Amos 'n' Andy--Repeat for w*st · 9:15--10:15-- Rochester Civic Oreh. , 9:4S--10 '45--Tea Cook Orchestra 10:00--11:00--CJb CallowJy Orchestra 10:30--11:50 -- Kyle's Orch. -- basic: Jenu A. Hare--llcvc*.t tcr coaat garage. Constable Charles W Sroith. who Is conducting an Investigation Into the abandonment of the vehicle. learned thai the owner, from cards in i truck after pirking it akr.j the h'-sh- the tnick, was Joseph P'.uso. Ne» York !«r»y Saturday;? about dust The county officer has sent Mrord to Mr PIuso Residents along the road say three youths Jumped from the Pota-to »a:»(J 1* a and It is very *»tis:a«ory. but frequent- ; ! g if pota'vo chips are Uced and then the ' salad must be »onaethitic *'** tb*'. vi j gj eaar v pack acd easy to sen». ! StaJted Tomato Sab*. Pour aiediuac-iaed vmatoee. 4 hard- cooi^d ejss. 4 tablespoons diced celerj. I 4 ;bspooa5 chopped boJJed ham (op- \ ·tional). bo!d salad dreaclng. ; ' Sea^j and ch^: tomatoes Peel and , scoop out the seeds. Sprlnk the in- ' ·side ».th sa^t and pepper and tiim up- Uide dove to iiraic. Bbxrd coot eggs · 'az:d chop eoarseiy. Add celery and ham i ' and enou^a salad dressing 10 m«Ve : ' QU:;* aioai. KU tomatoes with 3»c- · ' '.ure and put each tomato into a sata£ . · batins cup. ChiH until readi to pack. _ t A bold dreasinc !a choaeB Ic pUc« , of maronnalse because the boiled dressing "squids up" better while mayou- n»u* '.ends w separate it treated too roughly. Sand^-ches o! chopped olifes and . p:mectoes are good to serve with this sa'.ad Cream cheese combased with . flne:y-ch«j?ed nuts and lettuce sandwiches might eosipiete the ssaortmcnt , Indiridtial cai«. such as cup cakes · and coox^s are usually easier '.-o hac- d'.e at a picnic than one large cake. Chocolate Cop Cakes. Chocolate cup cakes are aure to be popular. The Joliowinj rule will !taie :o or 12 cakes, depending on the size o! the cups One cup flxir. 1 teaspoon baking poader, i-4 teaspoon saJ:. 3 tablespoons better. 1-2 cup sugar. 1 egj. 1-2 teaspoon vanilla. 5 tablespoons milk. 1 square bitter chocolate. Mix and sift flo-^r. salt and baking ! g powder. Si!t three times Cream but- i -mi ter well and gradually add sugar, beat- j g I ' In? until the mixture is iight. Melt j j = chocolate over hot water and beat mto ! !H batter mixture Beat eg? until light with rnije and vanilla and add alternately with dry imrredients to flrst mac- You Can Build Anything On m The Foundation Of A Savings Account A Home--a business--yes, anything can be built on the foundation of a savings account. Start one at this bank next pay day and then add to it every pay day after that. It is an £asy habit to get into and unlike most habits it pays big dividends. Open A Savings Account Today ture. adding dry ingredients flrst Stir to keep smooth. Pour Jntc oiled and i E I - THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO. 1 .NORTH MAKKJE1 STREET WJiere Banking is a Pleasure tore good behavior, by Justice Sherman P. Bowers. Officer Murray ^aid he IJrsl warned the negro, an old offender, and later arrested h't" vfcen be Tatted to heed a wamteg to leave the streets because of his intoxicated condition. H. Morgan forfeited $ 1 on a charge c-r -parking too long on a yellow 15-mlnute curb zooe. Offtcer ttltner tagged him ·AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE I rOLK THETT PKOPfcKTl OiMAGt M VPiUITl t HELFENSTEIN URNER j M^gffir!»^-^-*^^^-n-o-^-l-^^-^^H-~^-i-^^ ' t *t^;t:i l G;rt(l''i»iM)- ·STAN'DARD" H A S E V E R Y T H I N G ! Check it! ,/ CARBON-LESS--Spirk plugs. F'" oo$ - cvhndcn zsd vilva stay clean. Saves repair b:!'^ i/ Gl'M-LESS;--No clofjcd rn»nitolJj--co ' K:c\.\ vilvcs Cuts repair biiis. / SULPHUR-LESS--No corrosioc. Sa%:^ '' rtpair bs:!s. ./ ANTI-KNOCK.--Extri power, less noise, * Irss Kf-Kccp -c«t tbroujh rrdjced hatnincnrg of p!;rrs a"i bcirings O:rs repair biuj- / QUICK STARTING--MiPimoas oje o: * c u ,o!kC-- ^ i-i- po^r and pick-ap--less con- tin::njticr o^ crinkcasc oil // "BUBBLE-FREE"--No sta!:i=g aad bocic- iij rroTi varor b-jhHc* in jis !itK lod csrb--- rctor--ereri stcid^ Sotv ot po-n-er to tic Sot- test ractor. , X ODOR-LESS--Rcfiocd "fVcet"--no dis- ' ajrreib!: srsclN. jx' CRYSTAL CLEAR--Made cjear--»tjo i -a tr-ir 1 ^- 1 " of perfect clcasUacjs UNIFORM--Sa-oc coalirr ard reislr* ».- wi\s. ever* »rbcre. A'.^sys ns^rc c:ics :or Copr. 1«K. StaadaH CM (X of r- Jrmrr STANDARD "The STRIKE-OUT is only 5% of pitching" "You must knotc and work on the weakness of every hitter," says the major league strike-out king of the Athletics. "Fanning a clouter in a pinch makes the crou'd roar, but it is not everything in pitching. You must bate good control and never lose poise or confidence. You must be at your best ufth men on bases. And you must keep on pitching until the end of the game. Pitching is no game for anybody unless he has pou-er and nerve. It takes everything" JUST to be quick starting is not enough. Just to be J anti-knock is not enough. A gasoline to be great must have everything! Gasoline may contain gum which you cannot see but will cost you money later. No gasoline gives you your money's worth if you pav for it twide. Once at the pump and again in needless repair bills. What you want is trouble-free, low-cost transportation. Power that gets ypu there without ruining an expensive engine. Power that can be counted on when you need it. fiower that starts like a flash--and is still with you at tHe end of the run. A gasoline to give you this must have everything. "Standard" 1932 gasoiine has everything. Read the list at the left. Check it. And aext titae you buy gasoline--buy "Standard." "Standard" has everything a real gasoline should have. No Matter How You STRETCH KABO Two-Way Stretch Girdle -Won't "Ride-Up" They're made of a ne-* elastic that stretches both ways ... up and doira and across ... it stretches with Che flesh, that's way they can't ride up. They FTT x: la- out a wrinkle too . . and come out of th? v?-'- nex. Let our GRADUATE CORSETISRS (the only ice in Frederick) fit you in one today KEMP'S CORSET CORXES--Setond Hear KEMP'S CORSET CORNER I "STAN DARD/pSzGASOLI N E Sale! Wash DRESSES Cool Summery Styles! SIZES 14 to 50 2 FOR $LOO Tftis Week Only! They're BRAND NSW S-^ st-:?5. carer-;:-- ir.sce of 5r.e count covt-on percales. Tasy're the JctrxJ of dresses tiar yc.ii: ncai u keeo v;a COOL and fresh lookir.g all througli the -rv;e materials ise5 ;n t~ese dresses are VAi DYSD, «-h:ch s:ea=s tha; the- T-.U s'ar.c coz^r-s of :n?s to the lauscrr lading KEMP'S--Second noor KEMP'S

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