Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 1, 1968 · Page 22
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 22

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1968
Page 22
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Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard Pg. 22 Mon., July 1, 1968 By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Hollywood Bridge Furnishes Moral Today's hand was played on the set of the new movie starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, with whom I worked for a week as technical adviser on their passionate chess game. The stars didn't play in our bridge game, but the hand was oddly related to their movie. I won Hie first trick with dummy's ace of diamonds, drew two rounds of trumps, cashed the top spades and ruffed a spade. East, a script girl with a talent North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH * A73 WEST * 9862 V 85 0 KQ107 * Q98 North 1 NT 3 * 4 O 5* O AJ * K 10 3 2 EAST * QUO 5 V 93 O 96542 * 76 SOUTH 4 K4 V KQJ62 0 83 4» AJ54 East South West Pass 3 <0 Pass Pass 4 4» Pass Pass 4 <j> Pass Pass 6 <2 All Pass Opening lead — OK for bridge, played the five, jack and queen of spades, concealing the ten. Next .came a diamond, and West took his queen. The idea was to swindle West into leading clubs, which would give me a free finesse and the slam. But West avoided the trap, returning the ten of diamonds. The ruff in dummy and one club discard from my hand did me no particular good. East dropped the nine of diamonds on this trick, trying to look like a girl who had started with only three diamonds. It seemed to me that East had all five of the missing clubs, together with three diamonds, three spades and two trumps. Good Advice Just as I came to this conclusion, McQueen walked by and called out over his shoulder, "Don't trust her." Since McQueen hadn't seen any of the cards, his advice was obviously harmless, but East couldn't conceal a look of dismay and annoyance. Many bridge players have called me dumb, but nobody has ever accused me of being blind. Changing plans instantly, I cashed the ace of clubs and finessed through West for the queen of clubs, making my slam. It was the "Thomas Crown Affair" in miniature and had the same moral: a good man can get away with a well-planned swindle if he doesn't trust a woman. DAILY QUESTION Partner opens with 1-NT (16 to 18 points), and the next player passes. You hold: S-A 7 3- H- A10 7 4; D-A J; C-K 10 3 2. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid two clubs, the Stayman Convention, asking partner to bid a major suit of our or more cards if he can. If partner bids hearts, you will bid six hearts; otherwise, you will work your way to six no- trump. (A POCKET GUIDE TO BRIDGE is available. Get your copy by sending 50 cents to The Freeport Journal-Standard, Box 3318, Grand Central Staion, New York, N.Y. 10017.) © T-M 1968, Gen. Fea. Corp Doctor Uses TV To Diagnose Distant Patient BOSTON (AP) - Television has been used by a doctor to interview, examine and diagnose a patient miles away. Massachusetts General Hospital demonstrated the'new technique Saturday. A doctor at the hospital and a volunteer patient three miles away saw each other on television screens and spoke over a radio hookup. j The doctor used his television screen to view charts, X-rays: and electrocardiograms. Aided I by a nurse with the patient, the doctor got direct readings of blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse and respiration. j Dr. Kenneth T. Bird, associate physician at the hospital, tle-j veloped the television technique j and called it "an extension of) the usefulness of the physician." I Ask Your Grocer For ... BLUE RIBBON SAUSAGES Stephenson Locker Service Ff»eporl—Lena jwe care- WE RAN THIS AD LAST YEAR. WE THINK IT'S WORTH REPEATING. WE STILL THINK OURS IS A GREAT COUNTRY. qua •"••» ^fS\ /<r^-^ patriotic? If it is.... then, by golly, we're square. Because we're proud of our American heritage... grateful for the free enterprise system that has afforded us the privilege of serving the American people for more than a century. The United States is today, and has been since its founding, the land of opportunity. We've been first-hand witnesses to this fact for a long time. In our business, we've seen good, sound competition grow and prosper. We welcome it. It keeps us on our toes. As July 4th approaches, we want to go on record as saying: "We're proud of being Americans." As we said: "If this be square, then we're square." 'Super-Right" Meats-Great Holiday Buys! A&P's Super Right-Fresh SPARE RIBS 2 to 3-lb. Avg. 30-LB. BOX $lg99 TURKEY Oven Ready U.S. Gov't Insptd. GRADE "A" 8 to 14-lb. Avg. Super Right Quality Pork Chops ROTISSERIE 01 RUMP ROAST BONELESS ROLLED & TIED A&P's Super Right Quality 98 Ib. ttPork Loin Sliced 9 to 11 Chops ASP's Super Right Quality COPYRIGHT ® 1967. THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO . INC Jane Parker Bakery Features! Super Right-Skinless (Mb. Pkg. 59c) FRANKFURTERS BONELESS, Super Right CHUCK ROAST Super Right (4-lb. $3.59) CANNED HAMS A&P's Super Right GROUND CHUCK Super Right—Frozen—Chopped BEEF STEAKS 2 8 Ib. pkg. Ib. 79° more b Ib. 0 Mi pkg. FULLY COOKED FULLY COOKED 16 to 18-lb. Average Whole or Shank Half A&P's Super Right Quality Ham 55 B/A & HAM 10 to 12-lb. Avg. Super Right Top Quality WHOLE or HALF IB. Value Priced-Holiday Groceries! NEW...SOFT TEXTURE Peacll Ple SANDWICH BREAD Jane Parker Oven Fresh Angel Food Coffee Cakes or Lemon Jan* Parker or Custard Jane Parker Raiiin, Pin*. Almond Twiit JOM Paifc«r *.45' ... 49' *,. 45 C f W Great For Pienfe» or Snacks Frosted Ball Donuts P.™:, 3? K NIK SHOE •. . * ^ % •> ^^^fjf S -••• TATOES •vfjr Farm-Fresh Holiday Produce! Whole MILD £ MELLOW EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE Fresh Blueberries box California Strawberries box 39 CHEESE .» American • Pimento " * Swiss Mel-0-Bit Brand Del Monte 17-ox. Can ;*&&£:.* vstofT Below * Cocoanut , •Banana ( -• * Strawberry * Neapolitan * Choc. * lemon > Froxcn-^Pet Wti Jane Parker Potato Chip ; Instant Dry Milk w t±" V£*r Stuffed Olives £ST S'£" 69< Pork & Beans 49 Instant Iced Tea 'Sultana Brand 52-ci. can Our Own Brand Jar VALUABLE COUPON IOO EXTRA PLAID STAMPS mm With thii coupon t purchase of » 8-oz. Btl. A&P SHAMPOO M of any A&P Star* in th. Chic. Unit i-- thru July 4, 1968 Sultana Brand Qt. Jar 49 C Salad Mustard ,±r£SL 2^29' SAVE 16c HELLMANS MAYONNAISE 59* QUART JAR With thii coupon It any purchase at any AtP Start in tho Chic. Unit thru July 6, 1968 SAVE 16c SAVE IQc MINUTE RICE 28-or. ^O fi Pkg. 7V* thii coupon t any purchaio at AtP Storoi in tho Chic. Unit thru July 6, 196B SAVE lOc 45° Open Wed., July 3 9A.M. to 9P.M. SAVE 16c PUNfU "UNDRY rUM\.n DETMGINT King Size With Hiii coupon & any purdiat* •» any AtP Store in th» Chic. Unit thru July 6, 1961 SAVE 16c SAVE 26c •2S 1 POPSICLES of 12 With this Coupon & any purchait at any AtP Star* in tho Chic. Unit thru July 6, 1968 SAVE 26c \ Announcing! Plaidland Redemption Store Hours... ^^ M f ^ _ ,m f* * mm f» m The Great Atlantic A Pacific Tea Co. Inc. - These Prices Effective thru July 6 1968 Now open W to 5 five days a week. Bo , Bi ,. tk . tlM L Open Dally 10-5 except Monday llllno '« HARVEY ROCKFORD AURORA 288 W - slble V Blvt *. 4215 E. State St. 637 E. New York St. JOLIET VILLA PARK CHICAGO 250 N. Cicero Ave. 3042 W. Peterson Ave. 6006 S. Pulaskl Si. 817 E. 79th St. 32E.113thPlaca CICERO B24S W. Cermak Rd. 501 E. St. Charles Rd WAUKEGAN 316 N. Genesee St Indiana 205 Collins St. NILES 8009 Milwaukee Ave. OAK PARK 6109 W. North Ave. OTTAWA 5f05 w - Fi(t n Ave. •115 W. Madison St. . nn < SOUTH BEND ROCK ISLAND . 321 S " La(a ye«e Blvd. 4124-26 11th St. 'Open Monday— Closed Wedneidi

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