The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 2, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY. AUGUST 2. 1*3* THE PAWS NEWS. PACCSCTCN Se// [/Or Trade /f VWffi A Paris News Classified CLASSIFIED AD Information All »* t» of fie* or th» P»ri* MLATJCk far " 1 Tim* tc p«r «ora. * Tin** Cc per vrart. t Tim** AC. p*i »ord. It Ti"Minimum umbvr of word*. Ma, or line* «*t U> dtp* *r* coanita on tb* btt»l» of at* word* t» tb* Urn*. Cl*ssltt«d *<t» MI to *11 cmpJtil letter* • »a*i rm,r«* wm O* Ct*«a L*«aJ rate* »t «*rto io*»ru<m. Oat or -town order* lot clztsel- »4 ad» ere pijabU ttt edvejnc* Jirror*; Ta* N-e»» "ill n«w «>• for mor* tbe ritcbt to e4i: «j-d cet»»or all copy for the b»«r tot*r«»« of cad re*<ler. .Sox T«iet>bon* your *<!» to onr «•! pet«»t classified Ad Taker* w •ill ««*i»t voo !•» vortUac t Phone 1*4 OK Announcement* All and Livettock Feed Plants *nd Seed 71 Queen of Dixie Poultry Feed* Sure Nuff Stock Feed Field Seed — Garden Se«d Poultry remedies. Bulk Bird Seed. Bird Re»e<Si«a and Supplies. Dog and Puppy Food Chigger Chaser, Guaranteed to Keep the Chissers Off HARRY BOOK 37 Grand Ave. TeL Feed Plants and Seed 71 BURR CLOVEK SEEJD—50c pel busheL Oscar Sullivan, Caviness, Texas. . Merchandise For Sale Miscellaneous for Sale MY ELBERTA PEACHES will be ready for canning about 6th to 12th of Atignst. SI.00 per b«. at orchard. 51.50 in Paris. R. H Hicks. Razor. Texas. QUICKMEAL. gas range. Lorraine regulator. Good condition. See it at 54 S. 5th St. PERSONAL ITEMS ABOUT BLOSSOM AUSTRIA MOURNS AS DOLLFUSS RITES ARE HELD BLOSSOM. — l>avid and Charles, twin son* of -Mr. *nd Mr*. Claud Easterwood of Meadow, are doing well at the home of their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. D. C- Davis, after tonsil and adenoid operations in Paris. "Wayne Keener has returned from Panipa. R. B. Fatten left Saturday for a trip in east Texas- Miss Sarah Frances- Cabaniss is visiting- in Lsonffvieiv. Marvin Cummins has returned from Bonhazn where he visited relatives and -w-as accompanied home by Ray Cummins/ John Haley of Jones. Okla., is visiting here and -with his father J. C. Haley at Kiomitis.. A. B. Hickey and family of Memphis. Texas. Mack Hale and family of Turkey are guests of their brothers here. Mr. and Mrs. Max Sansingr of Clarksdale, Miss,, are visiting Mrs. R. Sansing. BOG ATA CLUB HAS • This "Associated- Pr«*» picture telephoned from Vienna to London and then sent to New York by radio. MEETING MONDAY *how« President Miklas of Austria delivering the oration at the funeral of the late chancellor, Englebe DoUfuss, assassinated by rebel nazis. Buildings in Vienna were draped in black during the ceremonies and club » prolonged period of mournlnfl was ordered. ^ the ! ! : : : • AInsical Instruments iBC meisbers we!corn«<l. Mr* XV. A!, ilr». Dos*. ila.r- PARIS 1XHX5K NO. 27 A^ P*. »»<* -*-_^- Sl»t.e<l comssuiilcaiiona Jod aad _*tis IrS- <J»y evenine* tach raaat- 7:SO p. ra breihreB cordially inviiifd. 1. J \V. il_ a. G. Brengrsa.p. Sec. CHAP-TJCR >'O. * •\T 1 Stated coavocatioa 3rd *v«ni&g. each woatS,. T;30 p. oa- E. H. O Br«aete*=- S*c. rSTTE JCXSLTNCli. NO. - 34 H. *«« S M-~ Sta.t«<! assembly *th ,Tue»<iay *atc K "mocth 7-.30 5. =3. Visiting com- saclcma welcoai«i. J- J- CaaaiatbmrE:. T I. il_ H_ G. BreneaaAa. i*ec- COMMAXDHRT NO. » KNIGHTS 3rd Stotxiay «,v*«i OS s J5** 5 * ^^...V^ jx. EJ— Vtsitin* S'r Ka'.shts corfilally -««les>ns«e- SitTj-i D. Joimaon £- C^ ii- BARGAIN;—Xice reconditioned piano. Quick sale. 540. Denman Music Store. Wanted to Bay cafe or sandwich shop, reasonable. Address "CAFE" care Xeivs. WILX. PA Y CASH for a. good used car. Nothing older than '23 model considered, and prefer lisrht car. Must be a bargain. Ray Morse. Morse Bee Line Station, corner 19th. and Grand Ave. Real Estate for Rent Furnished Room* • 1 XHJCLJLD -GROTTO M. ~H C. P3.r=oo»i Sec. OitDER OF THE ^ 2. _ R- j FUKNISHEI5 roons corn'oriable. oh^» 1 Reasonable. New Piaza Hotel. ~ a- ! Phone S6S. TO GENTLEMETN bedroom close} la. Phone 1223. STAS. _» -^eh raoatbi. ilr*. i£aJMl« SCQlt. W.. 32- ilra. Ixwt and Found BOG ATA.—The Sunshine met Slonday afternoon at Methodist church with attendance j named for the : next jaeering; , Lassiter for entertainment. Re- j trip to Sulphur, Okla-. accornpa.- of 30. A business session follow- ] 5Imes. C. C. DeBerry. Kloyd Bell ] fresh merits were served at the f nied by C, C. Childress, scoatrnas- ed the program o? readings and ' and .Travis Ha?e for refreshments, j close of the session. j ter, and Sabe Gibson. They wilj music, and committees wr e r e ilrs. J, M. Pike and ^liss ^lary. 1 Seventeen Boy Scouts are on a I stay a week. HOPEWELL LOC4LS, j PERSONAL ITEMS! HOPEWJEL«lA. — Mrs. Uoy<5 Gambin left Sunday for College Station. baring won the trip !n th& "dress contest of the' WILD clubs- Mr. Gambill, Mrs. J, C. Garabill and James Smith wen- with her and will spend the week at Trin-' Ity visiting Claud Gambill and family. Ermis Stapleton became overheated Thursday i^'e working in the h— *; meadow. Some are still baling hay but nearly all have finished. Hess Burden is visiting his sister Mrs. Clarence Thotrxas in Dal- Mrs. J. W. Washington in der!y. - . ••."-• -1 Mack Dickens is meaauringf tired cotton acreage here. COTHRAN BARN AT TIGERTOWN BERNS Reed CaMwell ar.d dau?h- i*r have returned from a. visit in Waco, J. C. Gambill is sU!l walking •nriih a cane, because of sticking: a nail in one foot, some time- ago. but *s TiKprovin^. T!rr> Hutson ga've a da,rice Saturday ni^rht that was attended" b-- 1 T1GERTOW7C.— Jim' Sob> Cothran's barn burned - Friday night with • its contests: Mr." ~ Cothrsar ^«~as in Honey Grove- and no -on* was at the home, bat a«ighb<»» arrived in- time to release *om* hojjs that ,iia<! been penn-e^t Ia,t&»- barn .to fatten for-. market_ barn contained- about 50 corn, a, -lot of cotton see<i arid and, a grood saddle -and - all: the- vv-ork ha^j>ei=s. The- hog-s were not seriously burned, Th« gasoline tank at Mrs. R. F._ Brawn's stcre isras krok^n into Sunday sight and a Quantity of srasoUne was taken. Jlnsa TVard of Koney Grove*, vis- ~ Ited hers Sxindav. Mrs. Earner Parker is reported Improving- from an irlness. Hedus Park-:-r took some m-?n fishit»-sf 'on the river Monday ar^ Tuesday but they reported no luck. Mrs. Ber.ton Love spent the •weekend in Bonham. John Mason of Dallas and vn!er Fuller of Petty visited in the Joe Miller home over the •weekend. Eniiis "^Vashin^ton and family have returned from a visit with. CALL 401— ^"s win buy or tra£=» for TOOT old furniture. Come tn to se* «•" for the best values Jn home Cor- O. H. Baker Furn. Co. •"The House Thar Sells- Fcr Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE It Feels Like Rain By E. C. SEGAR i-ELLCWJ \ €-J€R ujo CAM DO- \VRE&U_V UKED CALLED /N HE'S P4.MOST -/-4xS A ^Of^A TO Me - KICKED ME B t BUOU3 Me TO GO JO5TTO SEE IF IT UL5OOLD C JSJ*. Knrjc r<j.mi SCTKST- Jr«_ S'iiS^sSiS .X1SHED bedroom to gentle-! Call 2099-Vf. Aparttnents tor Rent »£ L.OST—"Week-end b&s •sroraen's wear, bstiveen Paris ar.d Deport Saturday nl^ht. Return to Tood Burru«. Fuibrigrht- Reward. FURNISHED or unfurnished ar-artmerit. 123 Bonharn. Phone Ttf et T r ART -of store "space near Plaza, S Clarksrille street. BTTY YOUR MINNOWS AT L^XKt: CKOOK 15c and -3c Per tXoarea ^Te have ell kinds of bait and give prize rtf 100 month 'or largest •svito our s H. \V\ Sxv*p Tbis for Tliat II "WT±-i. SWAP srood year old heifer lor hay, V. K. Dlckson. Phone I3I5-VT, Automobiles Mattress and Hog Renovating 2S YOC CAN HAV^E TOTJR MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tbc E&S7 Parnxrnt Plan! Otx: 03j- ScTTice •- Pmrit Mattress & Awning Co. SO W, Sbermnn Pbonc 3TO Business Property—Rent 97 Houses for Rent »s THE BUNGLE FAMILY Lost By HARRY J. TUT3 Km. FurrL Hm. arid Or:p.—S65J FIVS roon-; furnished house, close in. Phone 704 Notice NOTICE: P'arscaat to *. Ecao'c:!cts passei by ih* C:ty Cowmen O r tt<: City e; Parts «n the fith «i3y of Jaly 1334 i i:«r^J»y s-j-rt! no:;cf :h»i a.n civeUss by Jfc*- GtaSiri'-d \cter* or rh« City of Purie »-fci> o>«-» taxable property != »*!d Cit? *T!!i -arho Jsav* cslji rett^lsr-d *».JiJ prcr*rtT for laxatlon, wJU a« &*:<! fre- ;-we<>a i3s« sours or Si59 o'clock, A_ M.. «.rd ?;a5 o"c:ook, p. >!„ oa tii« Till •S»y o* Anp-jst- 1334, for ti3» 5Urpas« of d«- ;*-ir:5niT'.j5 tis roi'onclr.s srcixwltlcji: "XVhfTJw-r cr noi the city of Par!* -Rait t?r> auihor!r»^3 to Iroue Socifis of sS« City In :h* SUTT: of S*-r^t-ly TJsoc- tax ««fncirs: »s!-3 bon.'i-s, s *affici*-r?l to r :bp siaJsJ b«r-i >2a.t* tt d rate co: ay tb* Sr-;c<-c»t on \ THEN I U^iD THE^ r-3 ON THE RIANO. ( DID SOME 3EKT5Sr uSa 5^05521 SsTHS-l UP .. ( L.GQK UKE DIANA DANE Tlie Martyt to r tnteres* *5!!!ir « p«r a-a rr:aj- b- f! co fcorr'J :?? r-C'«?-1irs Tfc'.rty S ts TH' orzxi^ST IDEA v=T/\%.'£Vs <S-C A PIANO cur TQ TH- BI.ECTKIC far. and motor rew-:n<5 {US- Main Salvage Co. 26 X. Mai» j Vn'si Si, Fhon«- -104. »r Sya'err; anfl to be S&4/1 'j^i^^-^^-p^^^^^rp^f^l •^KS^^s'i :••* •'-* :*—^^^^k ^ f /^^^~ A'.i I ^V^-^S-7 Employment h* 7 CT- HUGHE?. sa!«smana^rr of iftt^rn rnnnuiaciurer TV!!! sn- snlcsraen -sclth tars tor lo" cal territorl** Saiurdar and Sui»lay. Fhoni or write for appoint m*jTit- Gibraltar Hotel. Sltaation«* Wanted, 51 want* place ,t!i r^ok and jrcnera.1 *!1 arcupvl man In *v.:ift private horao. At references. Address X car* of "WANTED: To do housework for j room and truant. Inauire at Paris Financial lnsar»nr*r anrt Bf.mlw «* St CHARLES PRICE &!»* & VPrwt Hous Genrral Io» T irmoc«. GALBRbATH, DEXVEBSE AND PKQCK G?nera? Insumnc* S7 Money To lxK»n as fol !*>»•. :: Uattcntc S;-JK.. Grand A»-««.. *. A. W. Nev;:i«. i h* lorrti or &*:io? ta j ^le^iion for U»o»* WCI "Fr>r t£» tjMtiiancff of P^T^eT Con- •Trxsctiea fiend*, S-rS*-» "1534 " T6» forns of ballot 10 fc# ascd in *a»a ***ctj»» for !!:«•>*# vot;os ijri.-ns; iwi^anc* or torn:* *ha:'. l«» »» folJows: • A*mir5»- thw t*s«^nr* «r S«w«? Con- trTJctson Honda. Svrie* ••:?34.~ Tb» *-!»cilort to fcf n* T ,il la accor<J*r>c« «ftS tit* O«ocr»l t!«ct!o» C»«» o' tSs» S:*t<-, tn m<r f*r «» t?:* «n:~* *r» *p- r»rsc*&;« *n<J or?: *n c^rsfilct wltS tb« jirovts'.ons of tfc» City Charter. ET*rj- O«TI»T of t»T»b:» property !r, :h« Oty o? Tar}*, who hH* ..laly r*rid. *r«-*J »*:<? tropf-rt* Tor t*xst!oa, ST^rf who »» <jtja::fs«d to -Ff>'." tcr Tr-*^t-*r« of tr;« i*ue!»}«tsr* of t^* «;»;• »ni w!i*> ha» r**!<l»«9 tn tt>* I!rr.!z» of "Ji^ • 'it* for «tjt <5> rrfCTtths. «-«<J ?r. th« \v*ar-3 !r> wftJrS S* prfi>r» to v<\T«! for tJiirsy <3e» O«>n. n»x: »r«!e*4:ise -' t.fc» *Sffs-t!on !» «ntf;I*<j to *ot*i. tlt<"*^r» ur.Or mT ^a^!•^ w;;Js thi- S»>a! or th» City «f P«r:» fcff5«*.l 4fel» ll.r «th u«y of Jti!«. A. I> . ::>j* J M. CflOt-'JC Mnyor. Ctly cf farl* At!«it: SIr». G0<>«* Tsrk. City »»cr«>t!iT-y. ci'y f' Pur**. USmi VTAHA FEKA WORKMEN EMPLOYED vaj: J&.]zz£- -*»•• /\JC!PS~ J SUSSS VDU'D B=TT ^"M^tr^i K-^" HOMER HOOPEE Big Business S'.Vv SORPXX M^s. KL.VMK, BUT t's'N ?ER?Or?^AWCEl I UMKMQWlS3<£Uf /I 0?cK!ED VOUR 3OX AMD LET Ol H ??ASSETS HOWEVER, AS LO»S A^ > S'dCW A^S. ~T*4Oi>^- T^S tS A £OQD . IME TD TEU- M£ WnW rr is vou WAMT" ID 5c^ ASOUT: i rr is AMD I Ml!i>i } .*40T DH1AV f \T MUCH L lOWvrER 1 / CAM VOa MEET A\t _Atr~ trli-iili- ^Sw\ — *M ' ifif'-^f ErF\S STRE£T\( VES51T?, ft!, BE ^j | TT5 SHOW VCU HOW I CAH *M TtlR^H QUA^TEKS f\ -THEs?e.A.\R-^ * pi VANISH AM E^ EPV-AK^T It ^CF ^ HOUK T^jrHc^ KLWK - I !>-- —. x: r^^T' ") SCORCHY SMITH Fletcher's Reaction AUTOMOBILE LOANS >«tf"< flrtinxtK-ril. «"«-ti \t}i J !>«-«•<» GENERAL INSURANCE Mr«tt«« Itnnk Ittdc- TTIAI>K . Mnkr C«««lt A mo !,«*»»* SK BKE OXK «TA. Okla,—Thr<*f> CTr-w> will be called out on August 3 on made-work projrc^t ] at Mountain View. Divide school and at Rattan: it was announced y at FKRA h-ra«1^i:art*nii. m<?n xvot'ip <;jiIltNl T\i<«sd. v .>' en a project a; South Corinr.o school, and Tl> incn. maktnc up two cr*»\vs of 10 »*ach. ar* work- Jn«r ex*cry week on th* Clayton school gymnasium, whtio two* crew* ol 1<» men each ar« work- Ing on the Bumpltn hridB«« pro$*.-l thrf»« nill«»s ipast of Antlcrw. During th«s month of July, si totwl of 1 7,<T4? poundii of m<*nt w** to xth« needy ot onicJaJs «tld.

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