The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 4, 1956 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1956
Page 11
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Sun Classified 61. Beauty and Health KKDI.'I't:, I.nsc ,"i or Mlurn jieinr «•«]; with, WEV-RITK. saiwricrt In I -.vce, t or miincy ro.fuiHlcd. Knplan. J'li. ^-Wa. 62. Schools & Instructions I Television Glances » • i ! By WILLIA.M KH'ALD I'niled 1'ress Staff Correspondent NE\V YORK i UP i— Bobby Sherwood, who went from the guise. I can get them by their walk, thek' eyes, their hand's, even the calves of their legs." Sherwood, nn actor - singer boards of show business to a guitarist - trumpeter - bandleader .P.T TKACHER will tcnrli third Brittle work. Phone BAUER .SCHOOL — Enrol! for siumm-.- Pnono 'JS02. S'lu.'j ilic clasneg. 63. Lost and Found LOST CAT— Femnlc Si.imose. "Nik-. Chlifl'H IK; i. I'.pwnnl. Loss, from lown MOiel. P!,. 3-1 N6. Lost Red Cow Br.ind 7K. P1IONK 2713 Bav- HAVK FAITH IN THE FINDER When HomethlnK's Lost Tell him who you arc through a Bavunvn Bur. Classified Ad. Call S302 panel on TV, believes television is creating a new kind of real-life i detective. "You get to the point on these panel shows," said Bobby today, "where you can spot and identify people by all sorts of things, no , matter how good their dis- More Rigid Control Of Pianes Seen 64. Special Notices REXAIR SERVICE PHONE .WS?. T-PAYS By KICHAliU K. IMOONBV i United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (UP.1— A via lion officials in government and pri- \vlio has v:orUed in even- branch of show biz but the flea circus, l.-inded a seat on ABC-TV's "Masquerade Party'' about two years ago. The shf ,v is one on which panelists are called upon to guess the identities of celebrities who try to cloak themselves in a variety of strange outfits. "Now you take Jackie Robinson. Die ballplayer — 1 got him right off as soon as he walked in." said Sherwood. "I think he was wearing- a Jackie Coogan outfit or something, but in he came walking like a bear. 'That's the way he walks. He's kind of pigeon-toed, too, and 1 think he's knock-kneed or something from all that football he used to play. .But when I looked at his calves that cinched it—he's got big heavy ones." Peter Lind Hayes, the comedian, was strictly a hands man, T. V. Log - CHANNEL 2, KPRC-TV WEDNESDAY 4:30 Roy Rogers fi:30 .laye I'. Morgan S:-ir> News Caravan li:00 World At Large 6:10 Today Jn Sports 6:SO Fut her Knows Beat 7:00 V.'iiterfront 7:3(1 Gildersleeve R:00 This N Your Life X:30 Rosemary Cloonpy 9:00 1'ress Conference 9:30 Dnignet 10:00 Celebrity Pln.yhou.<*> 10:30 News; Wenzher 10:45 \jt-f Paul. Mary Ford 10:SO .Mnnn About SporU 11:00 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off Uayfmim '§itti vate industry today told of plans saki sherwood . - T can 1el , ^ OSP and ideas for greatly increased- nanc j? ENVOY A CHEAP VACATION-^ FiT^f"! I control of planes in flight to pre- woof f vent collisions in the air. anywhere," Sher- !-hunIi camp irniler hy ins ri:i- week, 1310 X. Mnln St. Piinne Rl l(i' n.95 ....................... ; StUVJ.VG MACH1NK SKRVtCE ANY MAKE OR MOIIEI.-CLEANED- OILSD-AD.Il'STKD-I.N- YOUR HOME ' \VOP.K SHEU.MAN S l 1 ' 1 * V>'. TEXAS i CENTER PH. 2(l6-l ALCOHOliicS~AKONTMbuS " ...... Tri-Cltlcs Group— Ph. 2.;9S, 9S32. ntn Bnytown Group— Ph. 6(170 Highlands Exchai:f,-c rh. 2-1622 or 2-2731 65. Monuments-Burial Lots IIEMORY c;Ai>.r:>KN.<!~v<Tv choice mis in Investigators seeking the cause of Saturday's fatal double crash in Grand Canyon have made no official finding, but the circumstances pointed to the possibility half between that the two airliners ran into pants bottom | each other. ] Many air-conscious people have been voicing concern for several years about current air tra.ffic congestion and the livelihood of critical congestion in the future | when there are more and faster | planes. There was some feeling- to- i day that; last weekend's tra.g-p.dy i in Arizona would have ironically | beneficial results in bringing more avoid mine. Then to bear on solution of the somebody 1 know.' of his said. "They're nervous they're always tapping. "Now, Stan Kenton. I got him by his knees. They had him dressed in a big gajiie hunter's outfit. I saw about a mile and a, his socks and his and I knew that was my boy. lanky Stan." Tne walk of a person and his eyes are the most difficult to disguise, according to Shenvood. actor or not," he said. 'You take "You take a senator— he'll just walk on. But you take an actor — he'll an e-n-t-r-a-n-c-e. "The eyes are a dead-giveaway, loo. particularly if they try to 1 know it's be- GHANITE, Mnrble. nrc;ni.i-","~Mnn\menu. m.irK'-'r.". cemeierv work K;tsv terms Nn carryinc ctinrscs. Tri-Clty -Mor.iimrat Co.. Ifarkct St. Rt West Mr.ln. Ph. 4702. CKOAHCRKST „ ,.,„ ^ uol . Bayou. A I'patitirul cc-mrilctsly "PER- I problem. PETUAL CAKK" i-L-mciery In an Ideal , , , location, neaiillfin trees, well drained. Just 1'Ollg before the latest v«"opmcm tyn ow.' t BI?^' A :';OW ti0 rvD n SAVE" P h ' ? ' P ' a " S aWi P™*™ 1 ™ ™> H. D. Hanliso'n. Manajtrr E* D Hays' ! 'ng started. Salesman. Ph. Km or .1-2857 ' ' „,. _. ., . , , . The Cml Aeronautics Administration has a $265 million five- fivc-year-plan for multiplying its ground installations for air i navigation and traffic control — 68. Lodo-e Notices \ nldar - I'adio signals 'and grounds • to-air communications. Congress ~ i recentlv voted S40 million for the fy\ ^™cr^'"'^"'^ ] °nm i first >' eHr '- s ' vnrl; - f /<ri : ',', ?- F '?'. * ''I '">'r^irai'i'v. .iiit I Tllp Air Transport Association, r*-*'^i' 'il»r-< P 'a''- i"- -'V?','.,;'' "V,,,'v-!-"'cm-" i nia ^ ! - "P of 'be nation's -IT scherl- ''•^/ "" aiaii." 'ir:viV-,i '';n ai'.-n.V." """ • ulcd airlines, decided only last K. M. M.nirr. w :%!. ! week to make a big push in their Sherwood believes lie- has built up a file of characteristics on performers and athletes. ' TltrKSDAV fi:30 Morning- Devotional* 6:35 George Koesner 1 :flfl Today 8:00 niiijf non ff School 8:30 Krnic Knvnc »:0fl Home 10:00 Feather Vovir Nest 10:30 TV Kitchen H:00 Movie Dale 12:30 Tpniiessrn Krnic 1:00 NBC Theater 2:00 Queen For A liny 2:45 Modern Romances 3:00 1 Married .loan 3:30 Star J'erformances 4:00 l.ooney Town 4:30 Roy Rogers 5:30 Dlnnh Shore 5:45 A'evvs Caravan 6:00 World At Lnrg* 6:10 Today In Sports 6:15 Xcivs: Weather fi:30 Superman 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Ford Theater 8:00 Lux Video P..-00 Groiicho Mnrx 9:30 I Spy 10:00 Crunch and Uos 10:30 News; Weather 10:45 LOR Fnul, Mary Ford 12:00 Sigtt Off CHANNEL 11, KGUL-TV Farm Values: $102 Billion | search for a device to warn pilots , Tri . ! when they are on a collision course with another plain? nearby. ^ „ .- Tlif CAA and the military are /^-H ^./''M'^ l! ,-.c;i"iii- "in'- i wkinjsr on the possibility of'using i I'.S. air defense radar installa- i lions in tlie control of non-rnilitary ! avini.iou as well as military. These ! units are part. 1 ; of the system for detecting an enemy air attack and guiding U.S. fighter planes to the invaders. The CAA's five-year-plan e-nvi- <•/>:.,!,h:n MKKTL-. ,„ i»j;v '"'!'•>•'« f.'hnplrr, '>;• tf$$$ » : S'-.r.- 1 W fi.tllc Ila" Kay: !>•!,"•. IJ-.i;i::i]l WOOI'MA.V Of T1IK WOP.1,.1). " 'ii! !!" W.O.W Hfil. •J'. "When J. Carrol Naish, the ac- 10:5() Mann About Sports tor, came on the show T got him 11:00 Tonight by his teeth. I got Mickey Mantle by his hands—they're so powerful — and his shoulders. And F got John Wayne, just from the shape of his frame," he -said. fi:00 News. Weafhe.r 5:15 DOUR Ed\vnnln 5:30 Eloven Video Lane 6:00 My Little, Murgio fiiflO KoMou ItllMiltir 7:00 The Millionaire 7:30 I've Gnt n .VcM>t WASHINGTON a.-P) — The Ag- «:'«> I'. S. Steel Hour riculture Department said toflay farm real estate in the T'nited States was valued at S.in2.-1 billion on March 1. up '! per cent from the previous year's total value of S9R.S billion. Farm buildings accounted for 24 per cent of the value of all farm real estate, or a total value. Of S2-I.3 billion, the department said in its publication, "The Farm Real Estate Market." The average value of farm land .1:00 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 Sherloclr Holmes 10:30 Late Show 12:45 Call To Prayer sions -16 more airport surveillance during the period was $88.40 ,an radar installations. There are 34 now operating. The plan also would increase long-range radar Installations — two now ojx>ra.ting and two more authorized — by adding 87 more. acre compared with a year ago. ago. Value? of farm land increased in all regions during the year which nnrlpd last March, the Department said. Record Attendance Is Seen At Apprenticeship Meeting KDOAK St.. Do- K. KF.KIIOW. Illinois Park, observed his lalh :uuiivei>:iry nf service, with Shell Oil Company in .lime. Kerhow is a No. I o.jiiTiit<ir in the tfii.s «lr- Iiartiueut :it the Sliell rerinery near Deer 1'nrk. Bond Gets Lincoln Cedars Sale Rights S.-ilc.s rights in homes j-i Lincoln Coaar.s subdivision for Negroes in Cedar "B.'iyou now belong to (Clifford M. (Spnrkyi Bond, P.nytown realtor, with offices at HOT South Main. The announeement •.'.-as made bv T. C. Morrison, an official of Lincoln Cedars Development Corp., owner of the propcrt\. Negroes in the Baytown area who are eligible for FHA nnd Gl loans may buy homes in the new subdivision. looHtisi JUKI across Cedar Bayou bridge in Chamber.'; County. Bond «:iid. The subdivision contains Iti units, which are price*! from Sfi.OOn to SR.oOO. P.nnt" suid a field office is uiain- tnined on the property nnd will fee open Saturdays and rhow ju-ospeciivc puri GULPPORT, Miss. — iSp.1 -Present registrations for the Eighth Annual Southern States Apprenticeship conference, to he held at. the Buenu Vista Hotel in Biloxi. Miss.. o n .July S-6-7, indi- cati.'H perhaps the largest assembly of mn;igement, labor and government officials ever held in the South. The sole purpose of the conference i« to lay the foundation for industrial opportunity for our Southern youths through improved training methods. This year's eonfore've theme is "The Apprentice in Today's Changing- World." \Voll over KXi iipprcntio<>» have .•xlri'iKfy been .selected through competitive examinations given them by their respective industrial plnnt (mining departments nnd joint ap- prenticeship committoe.s. Their reward is an nil expense pflirl trip to this conference. No ItiSR than 1.200 riflcRftt.Ps will attend. One of the highlights of this year's conference will he H sen- food jnmhorRp in honor of the out- si«nding apprentice* who will, at that time, receivp their certificates of merit. Chairman '.Tames R. Mnran nnd Co-chnirman K. A. Parent of the R.Vmnn Jtississippl host committee announce completed plans for a splendid conference. nil of Tiri.RsnAl fi:30 Kuriil Keveillo B:.">f> Islitnd Hendlini-n 7:00 Caplain Kangsroo 7:55 J'ress »ws S:00 Gariy IMoorc H:30 Arthur (iodTrey «:SO Strike It Kich ' 10:00 Vnlinnt Ijitly 10:15 Love of LIf,- 30:30 Search For Tomorrow 10:4.1 Gui(lin K Liffhl 11:00 Stii Ero-in Show 11:30 World Tunis 12:00 H«l>y Tinin 12:15 Johnny Cnri-on .12:30 House T'nrty 1:00 Slfir rinyhcuite 3:30 Bol. Oroshy 2:00 HriKhtc.r Dny 2:IS Secret, Storm 2:30 Kdge of NiRht .1:00 Itny .Millnntl 3:30 Lnte ^Inline* 4:30 Kit Ciirson S:00 Xexvx; AVeathc.r 5:15 Home Edwards Si.lO Kleven Video IJIIK. RM .My Little MiirRift 11:30 Sgt. Preston 7:00 Klhel Knrrymore 7:30 J-'our IMnyhnnM 8:0(1 Arthur Miirrny K:30 I'acc, The Fncti !l:0<l Bob f'uinmingfi 0:31) OlirnftT ll»:.1(» Lnte Shnu- which have been opproved bv the 12:45 Cull To 1'rnyer steering committee heacf»\-i by MT-. H". L. F/ikew from Birmingham, Ala. The t\vo key speakers are Mr. E. R. Hanirnet.t, vice president, of Ongalis Shipbuilding Corp., and E. H. Williams, regional director, AFL-CIO. Cameron Taxpayers' Group Contesting Bond Election UKOWNSVILI.E, Tex. (UPi — Tlic S3. 75 million bond issue approved by C.iniprnn county voters May 26 was being contested to..lny in a. suit filed by the Cam- Sidewalk Engineers To Watch In Comfort MASSENA. lUPi— Sine- UIVIJIVS tO a.spfs I ho Lake Texoma Is Now 1 1 Feet Below Normal 'IV USA iVl'i — The District Corps of Knsincers nmmunroil to- dny tli;<l L:ii;e ToxoniM is 11 ffel below normal. Normal clcvniion is ill? I'^et, :ind current elevation is 606.2S. The- Uik" =-hn'.v7'l li'lc change of. elovniic>n from Insl wcok. No Such Officer In Indian Government KARACHI, Pakistan !<>l(f>r <i<Mr.>>:sci! to t!i." ifficer, erinvi-ntUiMit of .vound up in the oftic iI'Pl— A "iritciligrnt l';ikistnn" of the <.-;ibi- walk sujienntPiulouts will ho :ihU- to watch in luxury the construction of the St. Lnwrence Seaway near Mnssonu. 'Hie Xew Vuik Stale Power Au, thorily and the St. Lawrence -Seaway de\'clopment will upon two shaded pavillions for spectators. One will provide soft drinks and liolh will he equip[V>d until closed * ircuil te]r-\-Jsion, Suds Embargo fnn% \vho brine their ««TI beer fo thn pnrk with (horn to nvoi'l the S5 and 40 cents p->r onn •'hite 1 ' that tin- rniio>s5ioii operators charge, herenfter will lun'e to check their linnv at, Hie jtntc. Officials <if tin- Ynnkeo>, (iianls. nnd Omkrrrs re\e:\1ei| it nc«- policy (iffeelivo imnmdi.ticl.v which will forbiil fnns to )>rinK liottles nnd crtns into tli« eron County Tax Payers Association. The suit alleges that the election was "incorrect, erroneous, il- lepal nnd void." It WHS filed in 103rd District Court Wednesday hy attorney Alan F. Lippman in he- half of the organization. The seven-page brief alleges that 1.S32 persons voting for the bond issue did not have taxable property owners tax rolls. Only property owners eligible to vote. It's also alleged that 2.M2 person 1 ; votin« had property not correctly rendered on the tax rolls, and thai another 4:V> voters did not pn>|>er]y render their automo- bi'es for taxaiion. The petition alli'jjed that if any one of those groups had not been permitted to vote, the bond issue '.vould not have passed by the required two-thirds majority. Purchase of rights-of-way for eight, county roads was authorized by (he bond issue-, including; those needed to complete Expressway "7 io th«> Hidalco and CHANNEL 13, KTRK-TV WEDNESDAY 5:00 Mickey MoilSfi fi:00 News: \\Vnther fi:15 .Inhn Daly fi:30 Disneylnml 7:30 Amazing T)tmnigcr 8:00 right* 0:00 Screen Director !l:30 Kddie Arnold 10:00 News 10:15 Town and Country 10:30 MysN-ry Omnibus' 11:35 Sign Off THTR-SDAV 7:45 .News; Wenther 8:00 Playranch 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 Hollywood Theater 11:30 Kitirik Comic.s 12:00 Midday Movie. 1:00 Film Festival 3:00 The Kugglejj 3:30 Adventures 4:00 Little. Rascals 5:00 Mickey Mouse 6:00 Xews; Weather fi:15 John Duly (5:30 Bculnh 7:00 Star Tonight 7:ito Lone Ranger X:00 Gulf Const Fishing 8:30 Stock Car Races »:00 Hour Glass 10:00 N'evvs 10:15 Town nnd Country 10:30 Mystery OmnibiiK 31:45 Sign Off CURLEY KAYO 7-8-9-IO HE'S OUT.? CURLY KAYOC IS THE WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION, FOLKS.' AS SOON AS THKY PICK UP PHIL O'Of NWtON WE'LL FINALLY SEE THE SECRET PHIUS KEN HIDING FROM THE WHO.. WORLD... BIG BEN BOLT THAT'S JUST IT, SPiC tT,/,LEx'-PCSS :-•-.-•; -vt (i™ '?!SiJ H • \ ; YOU SEE,Vic'! 5COOTSO BY 74£ PO ,"-- LExlSUC-S..,-^ -'' ; i :r ; - f tt ^i. ^ -'^^ jPWs'.-v)jr»rv W -•*/•»» i ^B /T-f/T'S rVWV 0£! k j<51> • 1 Ch'^VO M|SH7 .M/« • £fe\ WE'LL V'MSh' VO j!l ^1 V" ^^ «"**. -* Hi ,.--«^ s?-,. 1 ,c"t"".'l*( 1 M i?\ .' ••• \,,r i : : By John Cullcn K'= 7H= P.'STSesMCE. 'HeWi?ICEO\-E5 „ — -.^'- TO V!C/S POP'S >* BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lasswell HAH YEP, NANNY- \ A TS'PiCAL IT'S A KNOWED FACT-- ] ^^^E 80YS ARE TWICET AS /^ATTITUDE ^ STRONG AS GIRLS, ENNY DAY" I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU Y OW YOJ1 CHOP A PILE OF KINDLIN' XuAl iiri WOOD THIS HIGH IN / w ™ ""JJj. THUTTY MINUTES FLAT )J lVyul -t J "OU t MiSS SMART ALECK BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Wdker m to SECRET AGENT X-9 By Mel Graft I <SET PAID. 1 WHO SENT >OU HERE? I -WAS LOOKIMG J0# !.., ftuT IT UOOK5 UIKE M3U CJEED OM6, A COUPte OP S(JY£ Iti CM I * / VEAW! yOU'CE STEERBC? ME THI5 WAY. / UAJvlKY LINES HAS BUT THgY MUST HAVB ^\NOTl-(lMS 566N STIP.-HAPPV. LANKY UN65 HA6 MOTHINS TO OPFBBt BUZZ SAWYER mm i By Roy Crane 'WELL, ANCHORS AWHlSH! THIS SETS BE7TE!?»YTK£ .V.INUTE! / USEP TO Be IMTU.E l(fc'/Y,/W5ELF... EXCEPT I WAS l>i'WP POTATO-'ESl -MS / CO/rE Oil AM5 UT US P ( YOU O-JT: v.'Ei 1 . ;a HA \ » BALL T05ET'r!ES:. SUPERMAN KENT 5PCKE TO / BEPORE ED WIVE •- XJ 50METHW1C ABOUT WJ J YOU GOiliG TO DO WiTH BOv F By Wayne Boring //Ell TAKE HIM TO THE LET frlEM FIGURE IT GUI/ IT'S OUT OF 0:JP -T MAUDS, MP. KEr:T •/-• Andrew Mellon was secretory! of t.he Treasurj- under threp President.? — Harding:, Coolids;* and LONG SAM Al Capp and Bob Lubb«n , it \v,\s itjt'uir.cJ to tiie postof- V-.i> v.'ith tha notation 'th- «ov- •/ rim .-r:t of Pakistan cloc3 not : ;ve (n; ir.teJUsrcr.t officer." 7h A (]irerti>r of inteiligeTifc fill iy got hi, 1 ? lei it r. or.u-ihlivj the total area <.-;' .^tate. is as large as Dtla.\Vi iia.<fa;.h;;s-:its. Rhode T;isr..-i Connoci.Ku! tomb)noil. A R*«1 BtMufy And A Real Bargain 1955 OLDSMOBILE 88 SPECIAL TUDOR tic, Rfldio, Hestsr, Whitew fl |!, etc. 20,000 mils*. SINCE 600 W. Texas 1934 Phone 8186 • »ii ,1 iij U.LliUUiiilliyjliiiJ 'ill! i ''[m h i iii i 'illJ^O •—'^"~-

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