The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 2, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
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Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 6
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THE PARIS NEWS* THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, GIANTS WIN DOUBLE HEADER FROM BRAVES h - Take/Better Hold On Top Place Seat End [Fort Worth Stops Long Losing Run i i Continue; from P»*« On*) ; German people to so into ! niournJnff. Flags will fly at half: staff from all public building* aad j schools. §hips of the nation -will 1 accord the leader a 21-^un salute Friday, Amtisexnent ar><5 other Major Leaders * i Hille«S "Wonders'* of Year places -were ordered closed. Traf- Ago Turn Into Home Run Belter* fie. shop* and factories -will pend operations for on» sninute durias the fQTieral hour. [ TT* a ~ order to military forces BY HUGH S. FULI-EKTON, JR. j Genera! Werner Von Blombersr, Associated Press Sports Writer Th* New Tork Giants, who were accused cf being "h:iless •wonders."' of winrLirijr the T^orld's KOihins but four p:ich*rs and ever, of talking their y to the title last season, have fashioned a reply with 'their bats this sea- con. 3S:H Terry's repu'vcdl: 1 -' •veak-hit- iins tea-ni has turned into «. aggregation of home run hitters, collecting S« ^o far. -3kfei O:t. youthful leader of the •belting brigade, slammed his 25ih aa.c "5th horr.ers V.'ecne&cay to zi^hten ' hU ?rr:p on the Xst-iona.] si!«£d ^rd re- help his club engthei: its position ai the top of the standing ^ 1th a double vie- torj' over the Braves. The scores Tcere -11 to - and 10 to-,;. Johnny Ssiv&son. tnaking his iirst start since his return from ^Montreal, asi3 Carl Hubbea shar- •ed the pitching burden of the open- -er -while Kal Sehuraacber, this gear's leafier of the pitching "Big- r' rang up his 15th triumph in xhe afterpiece, contributing a nom*!• to bis O«MI cSLUse. The double triuiiip-i ;ncrciLied .iCevi* "i"ork N = 1-ea-i to four full games "Paul I>eari en the hill, bumped •off the second-place Cubs 4 to 0. '. The almost daily e^ccha^r-ge of ^irsi i:nd second places in the JLai^rt'ean L-eag-je by the Yankees &n<i Tigers took place on schecu'e as 33etrok -n-allc-ped the Clevelan-l 1 to 7 in a "free s^ing- ±35 -contest Ti-hich produced 31 MLS -while the S.e<i Sox, -a.-:tb^ fornie- in rh« sia.rr;r.g" roles! 'the ^Ce'pr Tork Club 7 to 4. '..-.'!DowTi..ia ihe second dii"ision 32tost of lite excite —lent ca.ine from .the "H-eds;- 2^ho spotted Plttsbursh'E Pirates a,- three- ran lead then -proa T-S on. Chick Haley's 14th homer 33sitis a, .fonr-mri rally i~ the seventh «id' by • the Senators, -srbo b.aiz»rec. ocz as 11-7 decision over the Athletics £c s. El-Ufcfest -^hich p-ro- ^trced ''five circcir blo^rs, r^ro by Doc Crasser of the _*_'s. • •. The cellar d— elling Wr.:te Sos too-k beth -ends of a bargair; bill, •frorn St. Xiocis, 1G-5 SUG. 4-2 zo •drc't zhe losers into sixth place be- Siiud "Wasiiingrtoii- Srooklyn's Dodgers belted euz ar: S to 4 -decision •over tie Fiifilies. Trench Mouth Healed 1 YocTViTiends t*a.~e rrct SB;-" so but 3"par sore, gunis and foal breatb dos's niake folks !:"Ke vou' a—y better. ,/• Lite's Pyorrhea. He—ed:-- lieais worst cases if ^ised as -direct- •ec. It is :sot a uiouth Trash, or paste and is sold on a money ba.CE. e. Palace Drug Store.— Three Minute Relief From Your Headache you h.s."c one of those j>o'_:-idc"5 «?Ti a di:- That ir. contains : f-- -rral ingredients so b'ier;d<?c <--r,c i-rc-jx^rtiontd as to accomplish ~.r, a ?e-«- minutes •w-bs-t ..tve believe r ••- one dr-ir for- rstsla «*an co m ^e- s-iort s. "ir r -f. The relief -of muscul;.- aches an minister of war, said: our leader in the ereas tear, has lert us. Hi* heroic Tife as a soldier, inbced with a. spirh of duty to *olk of the Fath- eriand. i sended. "Everyone has faith in K!t;er. the leader o* our people." The. cabinet decree. Tinder -which Kitler assumed po'wer. says merely: *"Tli<9 ?ve!ch sroverrsment ass massed ihe ?o!loTvin=: la-^-. which is bore-by r>ronrulsstec: "1. The office of the Reich president is fcniTec -srith that of th-? Reich chancellor. In conse- t^uence. thereof, powers heretofore exercised bv the Keich president Houston Needs IS Innings To No«c Out Dallas Steers, 3-2 By BLLXj • PARKER As*oci»t«?d Press Sports Writer The "man bit the dojr" in *h Texas league ^S'ednesday there -was ne^vs. Fort "Worth snapped a IT same losing streak. Houston -won a great IS inning: ins duel from L>al!as and the Inssrins San Antonio Missions. league leader*, hoisted up their eighth consecutive victory. Alter dropping the first game of & double bill to Beaumont. 4 to 3. the Panthers salvaged the lasi melee. 3 to -. Accurate, j snappy fielding by Geergre Sindvi I an-3 .Tom Holley gave the Ca:s j their first victor?" in their XATIOXAI* IJEAGHE Hiuing—Terry. Giants. .351; -f. \Vaner. Pirates. .560. Huns—Terry. .Giants, SI; Ott. Giants, SO. Hits—Terry, Giante, 139; P, Trailer. .Pirates. «jid Allen, P1U11J«», iss. Doubles—-F. Herman. Cub*. -JO; Allen. Phillies, and Cuyier, Cubs, Triples—Suhr, Pirates* 10: . . P, "Waner and Vau^han. Pirates; Collins and Medwiek, Cardinals. 9. Home runs—Ott, Giants. 26; Collins. Cardinals, and Berzer. Braves. *3. , Pitchers—J. Dean, Cardinals, IS-?: Schumacher. Giants. 1S-S. A3£ERICAX I^EIAGTIE Kitting — Mantish. Senators, .395; Gehrinser. Timers. .3?0. Runs—Gehrinser. Tigers, Werber. Hed Sosc. 93. 35; combats . -. f Hitler, and the ^.ce -cr.ancellor . . b Ti , e snorters clouted h * , 0 h , r , t .-n o, -,.... ro ; ro in s Hits—Man'ush, Senators. 150; ^hrin^er, Ticers. 139. Doubles—Greenberg. Timers, 3S; Tr - !ples — Chapman. Yankees. 11; ^Frar.z Von Paper dc-zerniines who sh e pe-^'er rests "^ith T zhrousrh tb* combination ^ s e ' " a '- ..... -e- Home runs—FOXN. Athletics. S4; Pitchers—Gomez. Yankees. 17- . nIshtea.T> stooped Beaumont*^ , Ke <Hitler> i w j nJ ,j^'Z. ^.^ a? . a Z "^| x s rrai s v,t- ! be his dep- j bklahonia Ciry Von aiT eight | ,, j irialns saase from - Galveston T to L. Korvc Ti 34 _,_ •*"' { 1. The srame was called early in j Ci '' order that the Indians could catch • ih-^t^-o jobs. ^ ^^ _». ! a train. Kennedy, the league's j Previously ne nsc ._> 5:0 ^.rouc:-- > ]-2.<5ijig- s*ri';eout artist. limited j the formality of subir.i«Ins: plan* j Galvestoa ~ to lh ree hits while the j to VOTI Kisdenburs for approvas. i IadiaTls solved Gumbert for eight! The Reichstag long ago turned L' its power to Hitler and W£l!ops _ e cabinet. Goebbeis :n his rad'.o a-iares nde^ Vor? Hintienburg Fou _ runs Jn the . thirO down the game for s -I { Oklahoma City. •"^^^ ; Tulsa took another the league leading San A ST.-eat leader of Gcrrnany ^irs war ,^ io il j ssion?t 14 :o 5. Hal anc in r»-esce. one whose lif$ because of its uprightness Trill al- t.icr*ai3G. , £ Cro~?.'cs ca.there-5 throughout • the natiors to discuss the national j , Tt-a~=-f>^ 4i-;i-. itle> in "Ber ; in ntlers Is Winner Of First Game Grove's Arm Keeps Red Hose Down Bucky Harris Thinks That Tough Luck Keeping Team Off Top XEW TORK, (*P>. — Bucky Harris admits, naturally -with some reluctance, that the battle for the American league pennaat race s betxv«ea the N'e'w York Tank?*s and Detroit Tigers, but he is also convinced that only one fateful circumstance bas kept his Boston Red Sox from riding" the crest this season. Tise reason, be insists, !a Robert Moses Grove, whose $100.000 sore arm has meant * difference of »t least 10 games so far to the Red Sox. "Figure it out for yourself." says BuCiO'. "fTe had every reason to expect Grove to -win at least. ARE Furey 20 games He has won only four ami it's a question whether his arm will be- in shape to start another game before the middle Yet we are only iiioTvec Ttilsa 1- hits but coasted | in behind the 15 hits his | cc-ileciec off Oavis nine ^arces or thereabouts back of the leaders, neither of which has the stuff to make any runaway of the race this year. With Grove in shape and taking his regular turn. I don't think there's a, aoxibt h-e would have 15 victories by now, which would uiean we would be right on top of the heap." It may taKe anotner^ year to iei'vie the ^reat Grove mystery. The lean southpaw pitched in bat- tins drill at the Yankee s-Uidiuru Wednesday, displaying plenty of r.ri | B?g Jesse Rosette Gives Up i stuff and ^toid Harris afterward: ! "" T- TLT-* _ T>__* T> .._ 1 "-^y arm f to nose out. "Dallas. 3 t« £. | Ten Hits But Beat: Huso I hits tightened imped a^ay to a 2 to •> | Ic . id .^ Antler5 " Mountaineers -o failed _w hold it t.- , a . .^ ,, victory he re<Tuesd a y over th f ^ ) scoring opportunities. \ ar.ce -or j AXTLZKS. Okla. - - - ' ?re - _ ! Ua-'as and Beckman for Hoi:sion i -. -,, = ^,, ful. They had long regarded % on | ^. e=t ^ & route on th« nx>und. The- | "" Hindenburpr as a chec-K upon ex- i g- eers j-yrn.r>e tr^me NazHsn'. 1 l . bat Hit:er by th- cabinet decree at- j Hu .- f i, j-ar-ed nittinr. taise-i the office for "^hJcn "V'on \ "~ I_ general election of 123^The trro once "P^ere but - the rising po^re " 0 "^ president^zo call Hitler t dears ^ Big Jesse although giving up ten pinches 'eels better than it has in •-veeks. The soreness is gone and I thir.\ I'll be ready to go Xo one is more anxious than Grove himself to show a return to form. He has cone everything possible, including parting with several teeth and his tonsils, to seek the rooi of the Trouble. "These hard-ball pitchers 50 Hugo iigers in the opening e ^f the little "world series,"" the district I fi^st ^,'hen they go," suggested Babe .. | Ruth, tossing some cold water ort «-ar!e. G-ornon. left field- \ *>« s-urprised if Gro^e is ^ 1 ;o-=-aT77e pitcher agairj." ! radio broadcast folios-ing the for- j -.vhich •n-lll decide -=• opponents i rna! announcenaent cf the pres!- i c-f-arr-pionship. t ~ <yr 'the ns- j cent's death. i Hugo scored their runs in the K?d Sox hopes. -They haven r yot the general public. the | opening frame on a single b— Gor- ' so ^nuch !ef» -^hen the old hop dis- cas that of a mar: who j <3on. double by ^-estbrook: and | appears. I vi-ish him luck, but 1'ii ^*"anT"=:iie"hi^ chance^or—in | through his very physical stature j Bryant's «-g! e . Gordon, left fiel ^,,-32^- i*zz land his open and obvious strength j cr . a nd Rice. catcher, collect AH troops Vili -s-ear _aoT_raI=sr { tad be^c a .syrabol of leadership j three hits apiece for Hugo. for 14 da'-s. " except: zhe regiment j and trust. ^ ] Ar.t!er= scored three mns in the ^ *th ^-h = -ch Von Hindenbtir? is-as-j i=e urst honoring of tne d-?a-_ j-^T-re inning on a walk, fwo singles •=ocikt«; " It -s-:<! o-bs^rve the death ] president ^as fosrid in the absence jarc a double. Faudr-e dre^- a pass. !c^ .- 0 " a '_ ^ee"k=- 1 of light frivolous Tnnsic on the {,,,,; Car .,,,.. an p^^^^^ Tfells dotrb- acrTnar.:-/Which shontec the j radio 'arta in the closing of the p c ,7.^ scoring Faadree. Calhotin -3.TTie "Ton Hind?nb22rg"" erring i s'^ck _ j -vored T*-~hen Pitcher Shell baikec. rh--"^-ar r^rrrc srr??s fo=:r:d -onifori f The first public prayers for the | a;id ^ells scored on Chick G:I- :r< it ;n the political srrife of to- [ ic^d field marsha- ^vere saia—py j Ham's single. Xlcho!s singled off strange coincidence. '"""*"" "j u£ t "20 years ago | Hitler's el:te corps of Schutz Sta.f- | .-„ >^= T*-« wic u-=r. *7/ho ha^j relieved She!! Hugo. of tlte --vay an-c Tva= never ser- : :y threatened at any time -rvith er.cept.foTj of the niittii- Tn* t tTo men facing him singled In his f;naJ batt!" first by a sol- j glorious bros.-5cE.ST an€ later 1 er c--nn mdi throc~rt ~ O—• * r-¥ T-r f-! «>T; ^» ^ ; _; , --'- **.- * — , ^> n-.arsbs! of c-'jr [ .. is dea<3. In rev- | 1,,^.'.' ^, V .I ; tjght an attempted "burst by Cslf t - black ordered --itters score-d its last run in th^ urzh Inning en an error, a T*- a T> ; '- a ;=1 ".—^- Faudree scorc-i on buildings were s.t salf-staff as thonsarJCE -of citzzer:* on. tb=ir -s- to work leErcec o* the presl duty. Mindful of _ _ ,;. 3."em?iei to sacrific tcer eader threw too late to r Fuehrer '"rhe leader'; " rr f5 Faudree. at third 5 to XT; "deck by airplane '.I*- ::v« as a symo o I- .---s.rr.rjed: i;^t"K;r/dcnbur?- VSLE -!esc/ but ^ The entire cs.rrer of the old sc!- • fersls no pair, for % 01 <V> r WEi t.h of sum- tands as an evcrl&stirjg idea" fT w a~"?J hi*toT*icsJ an- f "re. & * •* ! BerMr:"* downtown i= - 1 , i DeatJi came to Patr^ not told, ajjed president. recovered fron: -,hs illness r-jfficiently to b-. abotrt. received trie Xazl chanc*!- .~. th-e sa'o -''' r^^ " t*"aiia!ber—a.!rto«r*i r.ot in : '.-ck- l^'exciien-.est— "hat cf June!:-- j conference for a Jo::g- ttme. I Hitler fI_Tr back to Berlin ajj-i g-i-erj out that Von Pap- Tjot be removed btrt that tak^ a long vacatfon. 'h.a-- icirs&" "'" ' "-~---"-« rre .jrrr. secort-d an<J v~*''"t To'D^-'-^er-r, I r€:cbs, i- the stirring: days follow" ^o i --* J-»^ 3 - rtocd firraly by his . a - »v« i principles as z. Jcya.1 G«nr:a.n and. j fnff-'.-f '^.a-"* r-\-""- a T*ai ^/to ttsd ES -"--•• - —"t.— "^ ' "" _ •*"ithc-ut >ta.Lr,t foriRirLg in uars srr s-oi-fi. • •^ari- ir. the son~.. "T Ha>f a Colonial Cleaners Now Located At 34 N. Main St. Phone 300 We ifivke '-ou !o v^..?* u? in otir nc'- 4 -' ^c-caTson. FerndnT- sav;nr priccs. CASH AND CARRY DELIVERY PRICES PANTS 20c 35c tp ' >KI ^*> 50c rr * ALL WORK GUARANTEED en- L ^- ore -w: «>:s after h^ ha' 5 { ~<- rn:c: s. -Tturdy oak" in j TV ^ as assTimetf that "on Hlr- • >•:-. bei.cved Gcr- j .^nrh-j^ v, d -*«, pp&< j in th& .,_,._„ of ' had penr^aded him to give Naszi» therr chanc* to jErovftrr: '"•377 Hirrderburg not only -V2t be hero cf the German people. > r -t «--er. rr,orc s-o of the Reich- :d ?r;r;; r-»:-:r;g ab!«t to do ** h" Char.cel'or Adoipb Kit- ! The :<"?.00« officers and soldier-; j ready ;'! at his eour-try estate :n ! *-<_ by a fjrr?- 1 . faith In h-is patrlo*- I Necdeck. j isrn an-5 goo-i .Trm.-c. Many H«»ich- | "TTord re^-che-d hirr; of the rivjties of tfc«> Hitler firing- and. at th<» same time, h* heard how a;d*^! of VJc« ChanccTlor Von f ?ap*-n had be.en «Iain and how j ~»"otj Pap«n him*<»>'f ^a* • 1rr.uaT!y! ',n<Jer arrest :r : his private re«l- j TEXAS LEAGUE 4-2. Fort "»V"orrh 2-3- Oklahoma. City ~, Galveston 1. nigbt: game (called end eighth to catca train) . Antonio 14. 6. night Houston 3, I>allas 2 flS innings. 7t. ; ghT 'game). Bostoc. T. Xew Tork 4 Detroit 19. Cleveland T. TC-asnington II. Philadelphia Chicago 1C-4. St. Louis S-2 (* c-n=2 game 10 inninirs?. NATIONAL LEAGUE ICew Tork 11-10. Boston "-3- St. Lotjis 4. Chicasro 0. * Brooklyn S. Philadelphia 4 Cincinnati ~. Pittsburgh S EAST DIXIE I_EAGOE Greenville 3, El Dorado I. JacSson 7. Clarksdale 1. night game Pine Biuff-T. Gr«en i =rood 1. is'.ght WEST DIXIE LEAGUE Jacksonville 5. Lufkin 4 .Palestine 1. Tyler 4 STANT>rSGS TEXAS liEAGT^ T«arc— "W t, ?ct. San Antoalo . , ,65 45 .551 5! 43 .555 .57 54 .514- Tularai -54 54 .500 55 55 .300 __.SS 57 -452 F"ort "vTorth 5^ 5T- .435 City 45 55 .445 T •«?• ../rrrr JLS-I^. A^Jr «^ A.^ W I, ' Pet. E»-*tro{t . . . . _— -SI 3T .52.2 New Tork 5& ST .515 Cleveland 54 43 .537 , . ,,53 *7 .530 45 53 .454 . .42 51 -452 2'", 55 .404 . SS 64 .350 PROFESSOR T. E. GAT, v«t«raa southpaw golfer who has become m. tenaillar lifrur« around Spring: Lake rolf course »lace he took up the gam^ seriously several years ago. Tuesday came home with his first par 35 for ih& course. Frequently i Prof essor Gay has been miyhty near the charmed figure- buz until Tuesday it alv.-ays had evaded him by a stroke or two. He Tras playint with Harry J. Crook at the time. h» scored bis 35 Tuesday. Through, the first five holes he was hree under par, chaixks to a trio of birdies, and he played consistent golf the rest of the way in to earn his 35. Mr. Crook's card for the nine showed a 41, which is far from being a bad score over the ::: '* >riTT * Lake couese. which is not par red by every golfer who =c«es around. And now that Professor Gay has succeeded in turning- in one card showing- a perfect iota!- he. probably will begirt to aJ-J par rounds to his score from time to timSi After all. I guess j the- first par round is the hardest, i fellows who hav» been shooting Jong enough to be classed as "experts. 'Every member of the club right now is proud of the accomplishment of securing the Southwestern for Paris thi» September. It took a. lot of. -work—missionary \vork. xve mean—to swins the event here- and in this respect Paris and the skeet club owe much to E«3 Lindsay. And Russell Berry spent much time with Mr. Lindsay in compiling the program, which la one of the most interesting ever dra.T?m for a shoot. The money in the events has been arranged so that the shooter who breaks IS out of each 25 targets will share in the money. In fact, the program »ets o*it that the man who breaks IS will have the same chance as the shooter •who breaks 25. with an equal division of money. For the- first half of the Southwestern Individual Championship, at 100 targets Saturday. September 35. there is $120 added money, not including what wiil corae in from entrance fees. -The entrance fee for the four events plus ground fee is $11,50. Of the entrance fee for each event, which is f 2.75, the first ?2 of each entrance to tho average money goes into the ad- <ied money and 25 cents goes into the high over all on "00 targets added. ' I KE Paris Skeet and Gun -Club, j which wi'2 hold a practice j shoot Friday in preparation for) the b'gr Southwestern shoot here September 15 and 15. has once niors extended this column an invitation tc- be with the shooters when the stnc-ke clears Friday-af-| ternoon. "VVTiich sounds like a difficult -riviLation to decline !n view of the fact this corner's conductor is qiilto fond of the sport. It's too bad there are TSC shooters .in our class with whom we car. corn pete Friday. But all the shooters wha g-o out to Gordon Country cltsb persist in breaking- 20 or more targets and that's 0x11. Any shooter may shoot this program without shooting for money if he prefers by presenting a National Skeet Association card and paying the ground fee and for his targets. Thus it is possible for shooters -who feel they •would be outclassed in the race for raoney to shoot in the event with the remainder of the field at a very low cost to them. A most satisfactory arrangement. In o<:r estimation. Cooper to Come Here On Sunday Manager Logsdon of Bat* tiers Promises Almost New Lineup Cooper will b4 the next ball club to invade. Paris and battle Manager Gene I*ass<3on'8 club. The Delta county team will be seen in actioi! here Sunday and Manager London promises a practically new line-up -when. they tackle the lads from th« 3>elta. county seat. Harper. Bosrata lefthander, who made such a fine impression on Paris fandozn. -will probably be in the box for the Battlers. Harper -who has been loaned to Hugo, has been going great *nd. will most likely see service in the Oklahoma sand lot tournament later in the month. Following the game trith Cooper Sunday the Battlei-s will take on the Cole Park club of I>aUas the following Sunday arrangements to that effect having been perfected Tuesday. This is another strong: semi-pro assrregration, and on?, that has been winning consistently. That baseball interest is groping' is attested by the fact that:* meeting is to be held at Hugo next •week, at Trhich time it is hoped to perfect a six or eight club loop. which will include Hugo. Antlers, and Heavener in Oklahoma ajid Paris. Sulphur Springs. Reno and. possibly other clubs in this section. The clubs that enter into an agreement will play a series -with «ach other along the same lines as th« Oklahoma sandiest tournament "is conducted -with. all of the Sunday games and the final evfenta to bs played fa Paris. The Oklahoma folks are for this kind of an and are the prim's movers for the organization of such a. loop, TJz* Oklahoma, sandlot games "will have been settled by the time this organization is perfected, and if and •when such 3oop is organized, it should provide seme excellent -sport for baseball lovers on both sides of Red river. our class. If we could find some crack shot who consistently j broke 10 or 12 targets out of each 2Ti -rvr rrnsrltt take *err» OTJ. But the ozherrt—-rreH, they*Tnakc us f-?«•*! -,vors<* than a duffer play ins with Bobby Jones. Ths only way 3~s can set bac"te { a* the bo"? who cirop only one or j •Tve—rnayfoe sometimes three— I tarsrets ir. a round of "5 is to put their; on the ?£n for rnfssina: thein. ?o that's something-. I crness, to look forward tc-- But seriously the ske»t cltib meet Friday afternoon at 3:*0 o'cIceS: at the Gcrdon Ccrantry •c;cb for G. practice shoot and all gunners hs-Vf» been •arg'sd to be r>resent for the contest. A special ir-v>ati«n has been extended all jie^* shootors to coine out and | try skeet shooci~s p and se^ TIOTV rRUch they c*r> improve th<?ir fi*ld shoo tin & ss a result. Competent instructor* -^ilt b« on the field agraln Friday to aid any beginner In learning ho-*- to break th» targ-ets. Ed r>!nd5a~, Trorid's champion professional,, al•s-ay? is -rrlllins *o lend a. helping hand to the notice in the sport and th^. »<ajiie holis for Russell Berry. J. Y,. Osburn. H. Xx "^''nila.nd, Rof TTillourhby or any of the Dawson In SecondRound Chicago Amateur Star to Face BerryhUI of Sa- Okla. COLOKAOO SPRINGS. Cole, -Saptilpa. Oklahoma.** best »cn i golfer. Ear! B»rryoiO, jjonnry "Da'waori, Chicago I in a second round match ir. the | annual Broadrnoor SnTft,it!oc tour- i rw.ra»nt Thunjday. [ Berrj'hU! vas the cnly player !r. 1 the field of 2*6 to shoot t.h* {latins cotirs-? ir. par 70 ta the Tea-m— w Tork X_ Pcu 35 .S3* Both he and T>a-9rson clunjr to card ntimisra.1* ir. winning tboir first rour.<5 m*tch*«, B*rryhia <S*s- f-satins Hom«r Jo;-. Broadmoor, .g«<J pre*;^f.nT. even th^n t.*r:oys*y s:ci: <-TJoush for the -con- v«r;i-r>g' of a "r.-:a>&r medics I cotin- rij" on Ju'r ". «wnf » "or-3 to *h< ReschtW'fthr <reg"alar arrr;; > th.<st h» h»i^ :t rr.»po!irib:l«: for the«ty of Von Papei?.. | At t&« «em« tiroe he <Ji«pa.teh*d J to Hitler a- •"••**" * pjijj,.ia<_«.!phh Brooklyn i r.'y Austria. •ornjr^ Ton Pap*rn »s «r>«?c*a* rr .s.T'-r to rnat country, An offjefal -vrzf. s^nt tr> rcr *jth rh«? prftKld'sri* Jw'y 2 r> , "•a.r*r:t!y t'* r*p-or!., to htrr. -jrt p- ' Team— -* I Pin<s Blaff . . took, to the coy n try frora mu- en OUT In O Vc-r. H!n«J*rf,bT:rar not only ,sf 45/>mr*t!« arid fo to apt>«ar on r*-. for rhf fetn* ari<3 ^^^n O fi Hitler's j>ian «-as g: Von Paptrn from i.hft tlie <-'>ns^r">'a*.*'4'' 1 vi^e chs * ho toad bt-en critical of Nazi rad:- | On Tbu caLis, was b<^Jd to b?am« b^caute Kf?,* i -r tlji" "pursre"—tl fc« did not ?«*rn of ai!eg«d traitorous activities on t^e part <xf some of 'hl« sJd^-ft and'•• privets - B;t:t «-b*n .the cabinet • Jiour* pi di*cTi«loM Hitler-*udd*a- . . S6 4*7 .,>%? .4'» r>i .isi* . .-4 j 45 .479 .42 S«5 -«.2r* ,,4! SS .4.:? S4 «2 .?,5; EAST I>rXIK I.EAGUE Tl' I. Pet .26 TI .703 .24 14 ,f>7,'^ .It* 19 .500 .55 22 ,»3C 3 & 23 .33T, , botb by j Other rrtaTch^ scheduled Thtsrs- jd:»y Included: M- I-- Majw'narP.U Ft. »'orth t" 1 * N- C. 31 orris. rrf» Rus- P. Brady t<<n. Colora'S «-!!. J>«nton. T* a? of that, !1 ' t j rad:- ' On This o-Jvs.sJon — a r*-^ aff.»r tlj«" "put rr;a..n, **"a!ibinj£ wtt.h A. ran^. wjrne srfc^ns' o in hi* e **' n I Greenwood WEST DIXIE DANDRUFF ' **• *? r i -v 4 -* j t *4 «, •? -s, T «rf ! Ja<;itfeOTJVJli« I, II Tyler - IS 24 ... ,.,14 23 ,410 ,37« Is quickly «H**olv*i<s ar.<l rj-vay by th<- ; Uf,r: of BKO\VN S XX>- TIO.V SOAT'. This »<^.p i* a f!<|ut«5 an4 w!f« a?, fifty rcnr*. For c'^rs in th«* scalp *r.d <*es«*ma. N'S- LOTION *l>ou}d b<5 on <•*,«• h bottle. For and" ^'jaraot-j-rd T/y Th*r Palace Drug Store. — Adv. BIG FEATURE ITEMS —IN— 2 BIG SELLING BAYS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Complete New Porto Rican GOWNS Flesh, Peach and White One Low Price Another Ringer For Penney r s! Big Lot of Ladies Wash Dresses 39 *1 Ne-w Colors! New Styles! .00 CIo*e-Out One Lot Fine Quality Rayon All the new summer and early Fall shades ^ a Pairs 49 Idotnlt—Hay New Brims I New Shapes! The»e Are New Fall Felts Th» most comfortabtfs h*t you C-**TJ •v.-f'xr. S*r«i our •win- 98 cOENNEVo "S»- . ^J i ; Li-. f. A ' • . H PARIS V TEXAS

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