Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 11, 1998 · Page 15
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 15

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1998
Page 15
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THE DAILY GLOBE, IronwoOd, Ml — Friday, Sept. 11, 1998 Page 14 I KIOAYioM 1 :C7 am 5 Paid Program 1:08 am 10 (10) Grace Under Fire (In Stereo) 'PG 1 1:15am 15 MOVIE: Watch Me(ln Stereo) (1:15) 1:25 am 14 Nature's Half Acre G 1 1:30 am 2 9 30 52 Paid Program 28 Family Times 37 Upfront Tonight 42 Howard Stern '14' 47 Brady Bunch 53 Home Again 1:35 am 6(6) NBC News Nlghtside 1:37 am 5 Paid Program 1:40 am 17 Iniid« the NFL (In Stereo) 1:50 am 18 MOVIE: Secret Admirer (In Stereo){CC)(1:40) 20 (36) Food Science 2:00 am 2 MOVIE: Singapore Sling (2:00) • - - ' ^^ (8) SUr gazer 8 MOVIE: Mom and Dad Save the World (2:00) 14 MOVIE: Air Bud (CC) (1:45) 16 MOVIE: Cod* of Silence (1:45) 23lnCoocert 28 Our Family 29 30 37 38 42 48 52 53 PaJd Program 32 MOVIE: My Chauffeur (In Stereo) 33 Inside the PGA Tour 39 MOVIE: Bottte Rocket (2:00) 44 Law A Order 47 Wonder Year* (In Stereo) 2:05 am 21 CHIP* 2:07 am 5 Walker, Texas Ranger (In Stereo) 'PG' 2:30 am 15 MOVIE: House Party (In Stereo) (1:45) 22 MOVIE: Paraarte (1:30) 28 29 30 37 38 42 48 52 53 Paid Program 33 Up Close 47 Happy Days 2:40 am 17 MOVIE: Out of Bounds (In Stereo) (1:30) 20 (36) Food Science 2:45 am 34 MOVIE: The Urtnamable II: The Statement ol Randolph Carter (2:15) MOV1KS ^MORNING 5:00 am 16 Doctor Dolittle 22 Battle Cry Marina trainees mix duty and romance during World War II Van Hafl/n, Aldo Ray. 1955 (CC) 6:30 am 15 The Amityvilte Horror 6:40 am 18 The Adventures of Milo and Otis A kitten and puppy are swept into several misadventures. Narrated by Dudley Moore. 1989 (CC) 7:00 am 17 In & Out 7:30 am 16 Norma Rae 22 Wild America The story of nakifs filmmaker Marly StouTler and family. Jonafnrl Taylor Thomas, DovonSowm. 1997(CC) •:OO «m 18 My Girt A funeral director's daughter has a summer of awakenings. Macauiay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky. 194M 40 Heaven Help Us Pranksters dts/upt a 1960s Brooklyn Catholic boys school DoroJd Sutherland, John Haard. 1985 8:25 am 15 Sunset Boulevard 8:30 art T7 Places in the Heart 9:30 am 16 Runaway 22 A Place in the Sun A factory worker Ihreetens a man's romance with an heiress. Montgomery Clift, Elizab+li Taylcr. 1951 (CC) 9:45 am 18 The Hoi Rock Would-be thieves try to steal the tame d>amood four times. Robert Rerflord, George Segal. 1972 10:00 am 34 A Return to Salem's Lot An anthropologist's hometown is tilled with vampires. Michael Moriarty, Andrew Duggan. M3B7 39 Alexander Nev»ky The ICJIh- century Russian horo dofoals Teutonic inwi'Jurs. Nikola! Cnarknsscxs NP Okhlopkov. 1938 10:20 am 15 Sorcerer 11:00 am 17 The Graduate • 30 The Stepfather A psychopath is obsessed with having an ideal family. Terry O'Quinn, Jill Schoelen. 1987 32 Wedlock Two fugitives are linked by self-detonating death collars. Rutger Haver. Mimi Rogers. 1991 (CC) 11:15 am 16 To Catch •Thief 11:30 em 18 AM the President's Men Woodward and Bernstein uncover th« Watergate scandal. Robert Bedford, Dustin Hoffman. 1976 (CC) 22 The Beautician and th« Beast A Jewish hairdresser gives a foreign despot a new attitude. Fran Drescher Timothy Dalton. 1997 (CC) AFTERNOON 12:00 pm 34 Flower* in the Attic Four children are held prisoner by their grandmother. Victoria Tennant, Louisa Fletcher. 1987 39 Gas Food Lodging A divorced waitress struggles lo raise her two daughters. 8roc*a Adams, lone Skye. 1992 52 Fatal Woman A man tracks his missing bride lo LA's art underworld Colin Firth, Lisa Zane. 199V 12:25 pm IS Hamlet 1:00 pm 16 Race the Sun 17 Witness to the Execution 21 MutJoefc The Informer Ben Maflock becomes involved in a mob blackmail scheme. Andy Griffith, Clarence Gilyard tjf. 32 Uonheart An AWOL legionnaire becomes a modem gladiator i^ew York Jean-Claude Van Darnel Harrison Page. 1990{CC) _ 1:30 pm 22 Buddy A 1920s socialite raises a baby gorilla as a human child. Rone flusso, Robbie Co/trane 1997 (CC) 1:53 pm 18 Innerspac* A miniaturized Navy pilot is injected into a clerk's body Dennis Ouaid. Martin Short. 1987 <CC) 2:00 pm 35 The Razor's Edge An Idealistic war veteran questions the meaning of life. Tyrone Power, Cena Tiemey. 1946 39 Burnt by the Sun A lover from his wife's past darkens a Russian man's door. Oleg Menchikov, Ingeborga Dap- kounaita. 1994 2:30 pm 17 Born Yesterday 2:45 pm 16 Grease 3:00 pm 22 Dragonslayer A fumbling sorcerer's apprentice must destroy a dragon. Peter MacNicol, Caitlin Clarke 1981(CC) 28 Joni A woman overcomes a paralyzing injury and gains faith. Joni Eareckson, Bert Remsen. 1979 40 Heaven Help Us Pranksters disrupt a 1960s Brooklyn Catholic boys school. Donald Sutrieitend. John Heard. 1985 4:00 pm 18 The Adventures of Milo and Otis A kirton and puppy are swept inlo several misadventures. Narrated by Dudley Moors. 1989 (CC) 4:15 pm 17 In & Out 4:30 pm 15 Easy Money 35 Tha Grass Is Greensr A millionaire duels (of the hand of a married Englishwoman. Gary Grant. Dottoruh Kerr 1960 39 Alexander Nevsky The l3Jh- century Russian horo defeats Teutonic invaders. Nikolai Cherkas&ov N P Okhtopkov. 1938 5:00 pm 16 RoooCop 3 22 Star Tr*k: First Contact The Borg try lo prevent a space pioneer's historic flight. Patrick Stewart. Jonathan Fnkm 1996(CC) 5:20 pm 18 The Man W Hh One Red Shoe A musician unwittingly gels mixed up with rival spy groups. Tom Hanks, Lori Singer. 1985 EVENING 6:OOpm 14 Air Bud A lonely boy discovers a dog with a nose lor basketball, Michael Jeter. Kevin Zagers. 1997 (CC) 6:10pm 15 Citizen Ruth 6:3O pm 35 Friendly Persuasion Southern Indiana Quakers try lo stay oul of the Civil War. Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGulra. 105G(CC) 7:00 pm 16 Mimic 18 Secret Admirer A love letter falls into the wrong hands and creates havoc. C. Thomas Howoll. Lori LoughSn. 1985 <CC) 22 Cold Around the Heart A thief vows revenge on the lover who betrayed him. David Caruso, Kelly Lynch. 1997 (CC) 34 Dangerous Heart A drug dealer woos a slain policeman's widow. Lauren Holly, Tim Daly. 1994 '14' 39 Mistress Financiers fight to cast their girlfriends in a new film. Robert Wuhl Martin Landau. 1992 7:05 pm 21 Look Who's Talking Too A toddler must deal with potty training and a ne w siste r. John Tra votta, Kirs tie Alley 1990 7:40 pm 14 Brink] An in-line skater deserts his pals to (oin a rival team. Erik von Detton, Christina Vidat. 1998 'G' (CC) 8:00 pm IS Jerry Uagulre 28 A Dog of Flanders A boy and his grandfather restore an injured dog to health. DavidLadrj. Donald Crisp. 1959 32 Sudden Death A fire marshal races to save his daughter from terrorists. Jean-Claude Van Damme, Powers Booth*. 1995(CC) 40 Back to School Campus life is turned upside down by an obnoxious tycoon. Rodney Dangerfield. Salty KeB- etman. 1986 4« Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood A studio chief turns a stray German shepherd into a legend. Bruce Dem. Madeline Kann. 1975 52 Secrets Danielle Steel's novel of a TV series' cast and producer Christopher Ptummer, Stephanie Baacham 1992 8:45 pm 18 Up the Creek Glory-seeking collegians compete in a ruthless raft race. Tim Matneson. Jennifer Runyon 1984 ^ 9:00 pm 17 Random Encounter 22 Men in Black Secret agents monitor extraterrestrial acti vity on Earth. Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith. 1997 (CC) 34 Her Deadly Rival A relentless secret admirer destroys a married man's life. Harry Hamlin, Annie Potts. 1995 39 Bottle Rocket Three dim Texans embark on an ill-fated career In crime Owen C. Wilson, Luke Wilson. 1996 9:30pm35ReptilicusAprehistoricbeas1 terrorizes Copenhagen. Cart Ottosen, Ann Smymer. 1962 10:00 pm 14 The Horsemasters (Part 1 ot 2) A teen-age horsewoman must overcome her fear of jumping. Annette Funicello, Janet Munro. 1961 (CC) 32 Lionheart An AWOL legionnaire becomes a modern gladiator in New York. Jean-Claude Van Damme, Harrisor Page. 1990(CC) 10:20 pm 15 Hijacking Hollywood 10:25 pm 18 Easy Money A slob must give up his vices lo gain ari inheritance. Rodney Dangartield, Joe Pesci. 1983 1 f :00 pm 28 A Dog of Flanders A boy and his grandfather restore an Injured dog to health. DavidLadd, Donald Crisp. 1959 34 Student Bodies A killor stalks high- school students in this horror spoof. Richard Brando, Kristen A7«r_|0ai 35 Beginning of the End GJant grasshoppers munch their way k> Chicago. Pater Graves, Peggie Castla. 1957 11:15 pm 22 Intimate Deception A married man begins an affair wt«h an aflurrno housemate. George Saunters Lisa Bcyte. 1997 11:55 pm 15 HoUywood Dreams 12:OO ana 14Th«mcred*le Journey Two dogs and a cat set out on a dangerous tre* home. Bodoof, Tao. 1963 {CO 18 The Birdcage 17Th»Flne( Cut 21 B«st Defense A hapless engineer's 2-year-old tank gyro pjans go awry Dudley Moore, Eddie Murphy. 1984 32 Valet Girls Attractive would-b« rock stars park cars for a living. Mori O Marshall, April Stewart. 1986 39 Mistress Financiers fight to cast their girlfrisnds in a new film. Robert Wuhl Martin Landau. 1992 12:05 am 18 The Hot Rock Would be thie .-« try to steal the same diamond RobertPod/ord. Gooroe Segal. 19/2 12:45 am 34 Deadly Friend A bra«vdead patient is given a computerized mental unit. Maltha* Lntyortoaux. Kristy Swanson 1986 1:00 Mn 22 Virtual Combat A vriain spawned by cyberspace materialises into reality. Don The Dragon" WStson. Michael Bernardo. 1995 (CC) 35 Laav* Her to H*av*n A Jealous woman adopts a murderous way to se«fc attention. Gene Tiamey. Com*/ WUde 1945 40 Buy & Cell A wrongty imprisoned computer whiz beats the stock market Robert CamKtne, Michael Wmslow. .1988 1:15 «m 15 Watch Me 1:50 anil 8 Secret Admirer A love letter fate into (he wrong hands and creates havoc. C. Tnomas HoweS, Lori Louoh- trt 1985(CC) 2:00 am 2 Singapore Sling A private investigator deals with corruption in Singapore. Jonri Waters, Jan-Michael Vincent 1993 9 Mom and Dad Save the World Suburban earthlings lead a revoft against an aJwn tyrant Teri Gerr. Jeffrey Jones. 14 Air Bud A tooery boy discovers a dog with a nose (or basketbal. Michael Jeter, Kevin Zogers. 1997(CC) 16 Code of Silence 32 My Chauffeur A limousine driver is harassed by her male bosses. Deborah Foreman, Sam Jones. 1986 39 Bottle Rocket Three dim Texans embark on an il-fated career In crime Owen C. WOson. Lufte Wilson. 1996 2:30 am 15 HOUM Party 22 Parasrie Germ warfar* creates horrific beings Ihat prey on humans. James Davidson, Dami Moore. 1982 2:40 am 17 Out of Bound* 2:45 am 34 The Unnamabl* R: Th« Statement of Randolph Carter Researchers stalk a creature from another dimension. Mark KJnsey Stephenson John Rhys-Oavias. 1992 3:00 am 35 Cafl Me Mister A sokfer goes AWOL to win back his entertainer wife Betty Grable, Danny Thomas. 1951 44 Hostage* A fact-based adaptation about the Beirut hostages. Kitrv Bates Colin Finti. 1993 3:45 am 16 The Myth of Fingerprints 18 Th* Brfcto* of Fu Manchu Fu M«n- chu kidnaps 12 women to procura an explosJva secret. Christopher Lee, Marie Versinl. 1966 (CC)4.00 am 22 LOOM Cannons A no- nonsense detective towns up with a wacky skJektek. Gene Hadman Dan Aykroyd. 1990(CC) 4:10 am 17 Whiskey Down 4:15 am IS Back to the Beach 4:35 am 35 Hired Wrf* A ary tycoon marries his secretary lor business reasons. RosaJtnd Ruaael, Brian Aheme. King gets personal help SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Larry King got some close, personal help booking an upcoming appearance by Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley. It came from his wife. Shawn Southwick, a part-time resident of Provo and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, arranged for a meeting between her husband and Hinckley when the couple were in Salt Lake in April for a motivational speaker seminar. King, who is Jewish, expressed interest in having Hinckley on his live CNN talk ubow, and he wejcomed him Tuesday night. King, 63, has publicly referred to his wife as' an "infomercial goddess" with a fondness for Gummi Bears. Southwick, 38, also is a singer and actress who has appeared on daytime soap operas and guest-starred on TV shows like "It's Garry Shan- dlinpfs Show" and "Who's the Boss?" . The year-old marriage is Southwick's third and King's sixth. ^ Large enough to meet your needs, smallenough to care, Our Dedicated Team Of Health Care Professionals Are Committed To Those We Serve. Come Visit Us. Villa Maria Health & Rehabilitation Center -_.., (715)561-3200 .American rieOui Cars A»»ocia;«i K rjnui'STJP 0C rS- ASSIRED BECAUSE THEY KNOW OTHER PEOPLE ARE SELLING.

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