The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 20, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAAti SMC. fS«S fltJfOfilKSOM KIWI, •FRIDAY, atspyBMSE^ao, m?i 1 Women's Fall and Winter Suits are here at $25.00 and $35.00 S UITS that are carefully chosen—every detail of workmanship thoroughly inspected—linings firm and in good condition—scams secure and neatly finished—styles the tailored staple sort good another season and materials of the most dur- abJc. Careful and early buying is responsible for the quality suits we can offer at these prices. Since the advance in raw material and the scarcity of labor it will be impossible to equal or to duplicate the low figures on these good suits. i Materials are of serge, poriet twill, poplin, burrella cloth and serge. Colors—navy, taupe, plum, brown, pekin or black. .Sizes Hi to -1J. Priced $25.00 and $35.00. Serviceable Afternoon Business and Street Dresses $25.00 $29.75 This week we are having a special sale on one-piece frocks. Frocks suitable to wear on any occasion, enabling their wearer to look well at all times— And giving a winter full 'if economical service and sotls- -factlon. These frocks are of Serge, Satin, Crepe <1« chine, wool jersey, plaids, crepe meteor, Georgette crepe und Georgette and satin. Sizes :10 to 4\. Colors navy, biege, grey, brown or black. Price f25 and $29.76. Dresses and Suits—Second Floor. Warm Sweaters Hundred* and hundreds of warm new Sweaters are Just In—to welcome the cooler weather. Sweat- era of wool with broad rulling collars.-long sleeves and deep pockets and either with wide bolta or very smart and j>laln. Weaves are. In medium weight of fine zephyr yarn or lu rope stitch- very heavy. A few lire ill silk. Colors come In rose, red, grey, green, blue or gold. Sizes 14. lb and UU to U. Prices $5.95, $7.50, $10.00 and up to $25.00 Sweaters—Second Floor. CORSETS For the Fall Dress or Suit Wp have In an unusually good line of G. 0. Justrlte, R. W. La Vida and Modart Corsets—for the fall season. These corsets are made of the beat materials—and ulong lines? graceful and comfortable. We curry a complete line of sizes at prices decidedly reasonable. Come in for a trial flit ins- We guarantee complote satisfaction.-~ ' Corset Dept-—Second Floor. Fair Visitors Welcome to our Rest Rooms — V I c t r o I a Rooms and Tea Room, Fair Week Specials all over the (tore. You will be sure to find some of Interest to you, oeoooDcooo 00Db00Bdt)O00Bt>t>0t3C»bt>eoo t>£it)o D SDQQDQQDaooQDQQDQtlDtlDCltiaooaQDOOQ Rorabaugh-Wiley Footwear —Thorough in workmanship —Substantial in material —Perfect in fit -LOW IN PRICE! Q UALIFICATIONS that prove the Shoe —assure its durability and promise its unlimited satisfaction. - v The model pictured comes in soft French kid with Louis XV heels—perforated tips—9-inch lace top. In Beaver grey It Is <t 7 C /")/") priced at tplD.UU .In black kid it Is priced as low as $12.00. Other smart Boots in different styles are priced $7.50, $8.50, $9.00 and up to $17.50 Shoe Department—first Floor. RACES TOMORROW Six Professional Drivers Will En­ tertain Whul is Lxpectcd to be Record Crowd. ' The attendance record at the Kansas Stnte Fair gives promise of climbing to a new figure tomorrow when the world's championship professional automobile racea will bring the 1P1S fair to a' climax. Seven events will bo slaged and the, concluding number will i)e tho most interesting race ever (ttaged on the local race course as It will be classer in the list of contests lhat decide the hair mile dirt track championship of tbe world. The opening event on tho program will be a match race between Wild Dill Endlcott, the dean of all dirt track drivers und Leon Duray the Ureal French daredevil. While this event will nol be lis long ns Hie Hreed- llaugduhl match race It should be as keenly fought as these two pilots are in tlie first rnnk of circular track stars. The "Sunflower Sweepstakes" which will close the Saturday pro-, gram of races and bring the fulr to a fitting climax will be the championship contests. The limit number of starters allowed in any title race on a half mile track Is six, and eight different drivers sent lu their signed entry blanks for this speed battle but the last two pilots to enter will he eliminated unless one or two of tho first six drivers drop out of the race before the sUtrL ' J. Alex. Sloan of Chicago will have charge Of the cars and drivers on the track and as he Is regarded as the greatest circular track official in the United States considerable Interest wil be taken in his work. iSloon is the racing official who found and developed such noted successes on the circular tracks as Fred Horey, .iuies Elllngboo, Art Klein, Sig Hatfgdah! and many others, lie believes that Haugdahl Is the greatest dirt track driver in the world and that he can beat any other man on the face of tho earth, with an even break in luck and a car equal in mechanical efficiency. The program of events and the cars and drivers entered follow: UNITED DOCTORS ARE CRITICIZED OFTEN BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE WORK METHODS OF THESE SPECIALISTS OR But The Sick And Suffering Wh» Have ReaUy Tried Them And Know, Are Loud In Their Praises. W. L. Hlnsbaw, Plevna, Kans., used an International -Combined Harvester Thresher this year—result: Saving of one-half In threshing expense. See it today at tho Harvester Company's exhibit at the Fair. 14-6t CLOSES CP A BAKERY Hanson Oread Cannot Do Any Business Until After Close of the War. FRED WEESNER Successor to Briggs Bros. DRUGGIST - No. 3 South Main Phone 168 I 1 Better Be Safe than Sorry! Use Hutchinson Creamery Co. Pasterized Claarified MILK 502 4th East Phone 446 BOMBED A HOSPITAL. The Huns KIHed Eight American Patients in One In France. (By The Associated Press.) With the American army on the ]<orrulne front Thursday Sept. 19— Klgbt Americans were killed when a clearing hospital was bit by a German shell on Wednesday night. The CASTOR IA For Infant »ad Children In Use For Ov«r 30 Y«ara Alwys b»ai« th» Mgeenuc el Golden Rule Grocery Big Chief School Tablets, doz.50c 45 sheet tablets, last year's size. Lead Pencils, 6 for 25c; doz. . .45c Bucon, per lb 40c 2 cans Soup for 25c Blue Plums, crate $2.00 Preserving Pears, bit $2.75 Large Sour Pickles, doz 30c Bulk Kraut, lb.. 10c 2 cans Salmon (flat caus). ,. , .35c "Why Pay More?" Phone 296 321 N. Main Harrison D^Kclsey, Prop. enemy threw a large number of high explosive projectiles into the region of tho hospital on two successive nights and finally hit a large tent Wiiere gassed patients wero confined, A largo Red Cross against a field of white had been laid on tho ground before the hospital so that it could be observed by German aviators. The Twentieth Century way of harvesting, cut and thresh, at the sumo time, Learn how today. Soo the Combined Harvester Thresher at The .International Harvester Companqy's exhibit at the Fair. 11-lit You wouldn't take twice what you give for a Lallcy Light and Power Plant. Ask Tom Majors, RenoBulck Co. 16-61. Tall crownB are a feature of new millinery. New wide braids make fashionable sashes, Lower hauling cost by using a Republic Truck. Jleoo-Buick Co. 16-flt, The first business house to be closed in Hutchinson until after the duration of the war by the Food Administration Hoard will shut their doors Saturday and not do any more business until war is a thing of the past. A. E. Hanson of the Hanson Urcad Company when confronted by evi^ denep showing wilful violation of the substitute law alter having been before the State Administrator once before' In May on tho same charges, vol. unturiiy surrenders his license rather than face trial. • L. A. Clarkson of Wichita, a member of Mr. Inuis's force and Will,S. Thompson called on Mr. Hanson recently and submitted the following facts. His July reports show that 4,500 pounds of barley flour of the Kelly Mills—to be used as a substitute in his bread, the mills records show lie only purchased 1.7S0 pounds of barley flour. He also reported purchasing 2,000 pounds of corn flour at two different llme« from tho Lyons Milling Co., and the milling company has no record of such sales, He reported that he had purchased 2,000 pounds of com substitutes from the Chapman-Smith company of Chicago. The latter company has no record of a sale to tho Hanson Uakery. Mather than face the publicity of tv trail Hanson waived a hearing and agreed to surrender his license. He paid a fine of $200 for the offense Jaat .May $100 going to tho Sedgwick Bed Cross chapter and $100 to the Reno county chapter. It was Impossible to locato Mr. Hanson today, Tho News Itoporter called his bakery many times but was unable to get him. Ho has no telephone ut his home. See that man Heaps about Republic Trucks. Reno-Bulck Co. 10-6L A GOOD AIR FIGHT. AmeVlcan Aviator Took Chances With Small 1 Supply of Gasoline. (Hy The Associated Prefls.) With the American army on the Lorraine front Thursday Sept. 1!).— Com* on, Fellers, P0STT0A5TIE5 n^p^p ^H (HAM Or C08N) Th«yV» r vffSSt.' Every successful man has his enemies. Every institution that Is a success has . reached It in spite of criticism, derogatory remarks, and the general "pull back" of n certain' class of people who hate to see any- tntng succeed, A famous man once said: "I nm usually able to Judge a man by the enemies he has made." A man or an Institution; that makes no enemies, Unit has no detractors, usually does not cut much figure In this buSy world. When we hear some one criticised we nt least know that (lie party in question ie alive and making some impression. The United Doctors have not escaped the general tendency of some people to condemn any progressive and successful person or institution. When (hey established their institute in HutchttiBon a number of years ago thj;y expected this critlcsiu and were preparetl to meet and answer it by strict, attention to the- work of their profsslon and the deliverance to every patient under their care the very best service known lu the science of healing. The fact that many of their methodB were new to tills part of the country mode the way to success still harder for them. Hut the fact that in the face of this they have steadily built up their •work until now they have the largest and most completely equipped Institute for the troatmnt. of chronic and rectal diseases in the West and are crowded with patients every day, is sufficient proof that they have auadc good and have won the confidence of a vast majority of the peo-- plo. When you hear someone criticise the United Doctors you will usually find that tho party talking has never been under the treatment of the spec- lallsts, really knows nothing of their methods, and In fact has never even visited their institute. On Lh other hand those who have taken a course of treatment with the United Doctors for some ailment are loud in their praise for the skill and attention given them by these specialist*. The average patient treated by the United Doctors is usually glad to speak of them In something like the language used by Mr. Royer in his letter following: Liberty, Kansas, Aug. 1st, 1918. "1 had been a sufferer from kidney and bladder trouble for the past twenty years . My disease slowly but surely grew worse. The trouble finally became so bad that life was a drudgery to myself and everybody that 1 came in contact with. The pain and irritation I sutfred was continuous. I took many remedies and tried .many physicians without relief. 1 commonoed the United Doctor's treatment in April after other doctors wanted to operate on me. I feared an operation and knew that' the United Doctor's methods were at least non-surgical. 1 began to improve from the very First United treatment that was give me, and am now feeling as well and good as 1 ever did In my life. 1 am lhankful that there is such a thing in this part of tho world as the United Doctor's system of treatmeut. To nie it has practically meant the diti'erenco, between life and death, for my life was next thing to a living death before I found these specialists. You are at liberty to publish this letter for the benefit of other sufferers ,in fact 1 will be glad to have you do so." A, Royer. It. F. 1). No. 2. The United Doctors devote their entire time to tha.ofi'ice treatment of chronic diseases of the stomach, kldny, liver, blood, nerves, heart, skin, rectal troubles, diseases of women and diseases of men. They make no charge for consultation, examination and advice, and will not accept'any case for treatment unless a cure or great relief can be honestly promised and assured by the United methods. Their institute occupies the entire second floor at 5'A West First street, Hutchinson, Kansas. (Advertisement. On tho flight during which Lieutenant F. Luke, of Phoenix, Ariz., brought down 3 enemy balloons and an airplane his gasoline became exhausted and ho was forced to depend on the small emergency tank with which all American airplanes are oquipped. • Lieutenant Luke turned on this supply sufficient only for ten minutes and though on the German side of tho lines he went after his two opponents in Fokker machines. The first was an easy victim, falling in the French lines. The second fell on tho German side and Lieutenant Luke wus unablo to follow because of his shortage of gas and so landed near tho first German. He had c^ily a few gallons of gasoline when lie entered the fight, the last few minutes of which he had devoted simultaneously to fightiug, guiding his machine and operating his hand gasoline pump. Lieutenant Edward V. Ulckcnbach- er of Columbus, Ohio, has downed two more airplanes during the past week, one being officially confirmed Lieutenant Rlckenbacher is now officially credited with six victims. Tho •roup to which he and Lieutenant Luke belong has twenty eight enemy" airplanes and balloons to its credit since the offensive began Confirmation of these victories has been certain In nearly all cases. Why work in the dark when there is a l„alley Light and Power plant to be had? Ask Tom Majors, RenoBulck Co. - 16-6t. If one material good, two are better, Lower hauling cost by using it Re* public Truck. Ueao-Bulck Co.. 1« fit. Puttpn-frlrunjej turbans are-

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