Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 15, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 15, 1961
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Page 1 wo Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday, July 17 |Rrid.<'.o Chili \vhich met with Mrs 'linnvn nil .Inly II. There wen luii lalA's dl members p'.aying al „. . „ • the ai'tiTimon uathenm;. VVesleyan Service ciiiild Xo. 2 _ '_ of First Methodist Church will! c . r meet Monday. July 17, al 7:3o| ^O'gon experts P. m. in the home of Mrs. Holer, | Coming tO U.S. Anderson, 20G S. Grady. . 3 Circle 5 of the WSCS First Methodist Church will meet Moiidav, SAK;o\. South Viet A'am 'AD —A team of American experts left for \Va.-hinntoii Indav to present July 17, at 7:30 p. m. in the home; President. Kennedy a crash pro of Mrs. Grover Thompson with' nram designed to turn (lie tide in Mi's. II. E. Patterson co-hostess, j South Vi' ( \am's war against : Cornmunis! n-bels. Tuesday Bridge Club Son)(> ,,,,,,, ()fril ,j. |]s ,„,,,, fl>|l] ,,, 0 Mrs. George Newborn was hi«lr l"- fl l'os:ils-holh mililary and eco- scorer and Mrs. I,vle Drown j nomu ' ~ t ' oul(l '"' om ' '"' ll11 ' mosl was second high at the Tuesday i " 111)0 '' l;ml fru ' 1 " 1 '- in fth< ' llK ''' Ulis _ __________________ Ithreatenoil nation survives in the ' crilir;il month-; .ahead. It would call for a considerably larger outlay of American aid. informed sources indicated. The American team, headed by Dr. Kii^enc Slaley of (lie Stanford Research Institute, spent three weeks here workim: with Vietnamese experts. Their joint report is still secret. Saengei THEATRE LAST TIME TODAY "The Silent Call" PLUS "Operation Bottleneck" Late Show Tonight 10:30 SUN., MON., TUES. | Blyrheville I Pastor Resigns I BLYTIIF.VILLK. Ark. >.\P> — ' Dr. C. F. Pills, pastor of the First I Baptist Church here, has resigned ; to become pastor of the Tarry- jtown Baptist Church in Austin, ; Tex.. Aug. 15. He is a trustee of i Southern Baptist College at Wal- jnut Ridge- and a member of the executive board of the Arkansas Baptist State Association. DRIVE-INfcfe Pass The "Y" Hwy. 29 South Last Showing 7:45-9:00 TONIGHT "Son of Robin Hood" "LOST WORLD" SUNDAY MONDAY Anthony Perkins IN 'PSYCHO " Must See this From the Beginning — Don't,Give Away The Ending ^— Paris Parades on Basfilc Day PAP.IS (APi-Bastille Day parades in Paris and Algeria today stirred sentiments'in Frenchmen ranging frorn patriotism to rebellion, emphasising the deep split jn Ihe nation over the future of Algeria. In Paris thousands cheered .is President Charles dc Caullo waved from an open car along the broad Ciihmps-Klysees. Applause burst out for nearly all military units of 11,000 troops in Ihe traditional review on France's national holiday commemorating the French Revolution's start. But in Algiers and Own Ihe few spectators withhold applause from the French army regulars who had remained loyal (o lie Gaulle through the abortive generals' putsch in April. The crowds shoul- i-d "Algeria is French" to hail the paralroop and Foreign Legion units thai sided with (he generals in opposition to DC Gaulle's offer to negotiate on Algerian independence. Protests Won't Stop Faubus LITTLE ROCK (AP>—Gov. Orval E. Faubus said today the few protests won't stop him from addressing the national Business and Professional Women's convention in Chicago. Faubus is to talk July 23. opening day of the meeting. The association's national president. "Miss Fannie Hardy of Little Rock, said Thursday that her speaking invitation to Faubus had aroused some opposition. Miss Hardy also is assistant state insurance commissioner. Faubus in a prepared statement today said the BPW was a fine organization and "1 will not be deterred by a few protests." Miss Hardy said it is customary for the nation presiden'ts governor to be invited. Freeway Bridge Is Now Open LITTLE ROCK (AP) —The six- lane Freeway Bridge, a future link in the interstate' highway system, will open to local traffic Saturday. Completion of the $37.C million freeway is scheduled for late 1963 or early 1904. The first contract on the bridge was let Oct. 24. 1957. Total cost of the bridge was $4,335,000 with the bridge and approaches scheduled for opening today totaling $7,340,000. Little Rock has not had an Arkansas River bridge opening since 1924 when the §1 million new Main Street Bridge was completed. ri O f t i T A R , Chrysler Offers Wage Cut Plan By DWIGHT PITKIN DF.TIiOIT 'APi—A proposal by Chrysler Corp. that wages and \ salaries he reduced in certain job i classifications was presented to | the I'nitcd Auto Workers union today. II marked the first management proposals made by a member of the Rig Three since new contract talks began. t'hrysler proposed that wages be reduced for future employes at its six defense plants in order to keep pay scales competitive. It also proposed reducing starting salaries for office and engineering workers on grounds such salaries currently are higher than those at competitors. Norman Matthews. UAW vice president and director of its Chrysler Department, replied "my answer is a flat 'no' to both of them. These arc proposals for wage ruts and 1 have absolutely no enthusiasm for wage cuts. "These proposals destroy all the CA\V has fought for all these years. We have fought for qual pay for equal work." A t'hrysler spokesman replied that. "In some wage areas our minimums are higher than other companies, minimums." The spokesman said no wage cuts would result but that em- ployes hired in the future would get a pay rale "comparable to similar jobs in other companies." Chrysler employes some 6,800 at its defense plants in Warren and S|-jrling Township, Mich.; Newark. Del.; Scranton, Pa.; Huntsville, Ala., and Coca Beach. Fla. The UAW today presented General Motors the same demands for higher levels of pension benefits it gave Ford earlier this week. The union also proposed optional retirement at age 60. It said this would help create job opportunities for GM workers. The proposal also included demands for survivor benefits for the widosv of a pensioner and investment of portions of the pension fund in community and hus- ing projects in areas where GM has plants. After nearly 2!i weeks of bargaining, the UAW and the auto companies have come to grips on issues that could lead to a strike in the _auto industry if they aren't settled' by the end of next month. ARKANSAS Saturday, July 15, 1 Bookmobile Schedule Summer Bookmobile Schedule July 18 8:10 Hinton's home ft:.'{0 PharnV home fi:4f> Marcum's home II: 10 Down's home !)::«) Dcaringer's home 9:50 Turner's home IO:;iO Brown's home 10:f>0 Womble's home 11:05 Huckiibee's home 11:25 Marvel's home • 1l:4n Allison's home 12:20 Gratiot's home l:lii Spring Mill community 2:10 Airher's homo 2:25 Ilaekler's home 2:4"> Cowarl's home !!:00 Williams's home 3:15 Laffety's home li.-IiO Tewnsond's Grocery 4:20 Dr. Rogers' home July 19 8; HO Oakhaven 10:00 Experiment Station 10:45 Breed's home 11:: 15 Meloy's home 1:00 Emmet School 1:110 Emmet Community 2::so Rocky Mound July 20 8::20 Youngblcod's Cafe 8:45 Fry's home 9:15 McNab 10::00 Latshaw's home lO.-'ln Black's home 11:15 Coleman's home 11:35 Bono's' 'home 12:00 Rosenbaum's home 1:00 Whitney's home J:15 Guernsey School 1: :l!0 Clayton's home 1:50 Jones; home 2:15 Self's home 2:110 Dougherty's Grocery 3:00 aisley School DOROTHY DIX Wife Wants Husband to Be Jealous Army to Draft 8,000 Men WASHINGTON (AP) —E.'.JJN Army plans to draft 8,000 men next month to help bring it up to an authorized strength of ViO,- 000. The August draft call, announced Wednesday by the Defense Department, is the highest since last December, when it also was 8.000. Army manposvcr at the begnining of June was about 856,000. Youth Drowned HAZEN, Ark. (AP) — Deputy Coroner Marry Westbrook said 14- year-old Billy Wayne Auersperg of near Hazen drowned in an irrigation ditch near here when he stepped into deep water. Auers- per£ drowned Tuesday and his body was recovered Wednesday. By 'HELEN WOREN WERSKINE Dear Helen: Fm worried sick because my husband is never jealous, no matter what. We've been married 10 years, have three children and probably get along better than most couples but — I want more than a Darby and John marriage. Hoping to give him a jolt or two, I went dancing at a night club with my girl friend, then made a point of (ell ing him where we went and what we did. All he said was, "You're over 21 and know what you want. Just because you're married to me doesn't mean you've got to stick around home all the lime." Now 1 ask you, is that love? My girl friend's husband threaetned to give her a black eye or worse, and was she happy! If my husband loved me, shouldn't he have been even a teeny bit mad? — Fearful Dear Fearful: Your marriage has hit the doldrums, which is not unusual after 10 years of calm sailing. Needling your husband in the hope of making him jealous isn't the answer. Jealousy is a .symptom of insecurity, not an evidence of love. It takes careful planning on the part of both hus- ancl and wife to keep a marriage from drifting. Put a little wind in the sails by giving your husband a sincere, frank statement of facts. Speak from the heart. Tell him of your fears' and hopes. Urge him, if he wants your mutual happiness, to pull with, instead of'away from you. Encourage him to talk too — find out what, if anything, troubles him. Be enthusiastic about your marriage and he will to. Enthusiasm is contagious! Dear Helen: My husband and I are having a difference of opinion over my first name. I was baptized "Marjorie" but called "Agnes" by family and friends. Today, that is the name I go by. My husband contends that this will cause trouble should any legal question arise involving my signature. I was married under the name "Agnes." Our home, which we bought recently, also bears it on the deed, as does my insurance. Just lately, I received a check made out to me as "Agnes." In cashing it I had to refer to my husband's bank account, e book carried my baptismal name "Marjorie." I admit this was confusing. Must I change my name on all legal documents as my husband thinks I should, or remain —Agnes? Dear "Agnes": I felt your hus-. band was right but to be doubly isure, checked with Sheridan Me.- j Garry, my stepson's law partner. '• He says that regardless of nick: names or "aliases", your legal name is "Marjorie" and advises jyou to affix it to all the legal i documents you mentioned either by signing it beneath the "Agnes" ! or inserting a paragraph explaining that "Agnes" and "Marjorie" are one and the same person. I'm sorry to take issue with you but feel, as I'm sure your. husband docs, that this is in your interest. Dear Helen: It seems like divorce is the only answer for me. I've been married twice and already divorced once. The two daughters by my first marriage hate their stepfather and now Jive' with my mother. Me won't let me see or talk with them. This breaks my heart for I love them and they me. But I also love my little girl by my second marriage and so does my husband. Why is he so unreasonable when I treat his daughter by a former marriage as if she were my own child. I can't take his hard-heartedness any longer. Help me —Healrt-brokcn Wife and Mother Dear Heartbroken Mother: See your problem for what it is: jealousy on the part of'your husband for his predecessor. Blinded by it, he strikes out al anything and everything associated with your former husband, including the two daughters by this marriage. As I repeatedly say, jealousy is born of insecurity. Try and make your husband feel that he comes first —and he should. Don't force the issue about your mother and the girls. I take it they arc teenagers. Once they become more mature they will be less belligerent. Divorce again and you will be making a revolving door of marriage. Give this one other chance. Send your problems to Helen Worden Erskine. Be sure to enclose astamped, self-addressed envelope and address her care of this newspaper. Helpful leaflets available. Write for "Jealousy." Dorothy Dix is a registered trademark. Released y The Bell Syndicate Oil Allowable EL DORADO, Ark. (AP)—The state Oil and Gas Commission set the state's next quarterly production allowable at 83,500 barrels daily when it met here Wednesday. The rate is the same as the present allowable. PSC Approves Telephone So 15 LITTLE ROCK (AP)fThc Arkansas Public Service' Commission Wednesday approved the sale of United Telephone Co. of Alma to the newly • Organized 0/ark United Telephone Co. United will receive 15.000-shares f Ozark United's $10 per share common capital stock in «#change for its system which serves Alma, Ozark, Altus and adjacent rural areas in Franklin and Crawford counties. , in another action Wednesday, the PSC authorized Wickes Telephone Co. of Wickes to borrow up to $344,000 from the Rural Electrification Administration for system improvements and additions The PSC gave Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. permission " install an $86,700 unattended dial exchange at Tupelo and connect is its Newport system. Southwestern Bell was authorized to serve adjacent rural areas in Jackson and Woodruff counties. Southwestern Bell also was authorized to serve the Swan Lake area in eastern Jefferson County through its Pine Bluff exchange. - *W Diet in Wreck SPRINGDALE, Ark. (AP) Mrs. Bet-nice Wods, 24, of Springdale was killed Wednesday when the car driven by her husband went out of control while passing another car on U.S. Highway 68 two miles west 1 of TonLi- town. Hayden Woods, 2G, was hospitalized here and was reported in good condition. • Woodmen of the World "The Family Fraternity" W.O.W. LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY See: DENVER HORNADAY 518 W. 4th Phone 7-2317 HAROLD HENDRIX PULPWOOD DEALER Buyers of Pine and Hardwood. Hop* Yard Prescott Yard Uth A La. N. on Hwy. 47 7-4321 88-72310 SPRAYERS Row Crop and ' Pasture Sprayers Now U the Time to Buy -AT- PORTER Implement & Garage . 3rd St. Phone 7-2767 A»k for a Demonstration NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC TOWN MEETING • HOPE CITY HALL MONDAY, JULY 13, 1961 - 2:30 P. The Board of Cify Directors urge all interested citizens to attend the public hearing on proposed sewer rates set for 2:30 p.m., Monday, July 17th at the City Hall. The problem confronting Hope at this time is the replacement of a large part of the trunk lines in the old system, which have been in service for about 50 years. The present condition of the sewer mains is not so much due to the age as to the shifting soil in a large part of the city. The many sewer line stoppages which back sewage up into the user's premises and often flows out on the streets is the result of lines fhat have been crushed by the shifting soil. Repairing these breaks is expensive besides being a nuisance to the user and a health hazard to the community. Repair jobs are never permanent because when o line is uncovered to repair a break, the other pipe in the line is so badly crushed that it often caves in from the digging necessary to repair the break in the line. The proposed replacements can be made with better materials than was available at the time the original system was built and should be able to withstand more pressure and give even longer life than the mains now being replaced. Last year the city obtained federal money to pay for a complete engineering study of the old system of mains. Based on this engineering study, it is estimated that the lines needing immediate replacement will cost $210,000. The city invited all the municipal bond dealers to submit proposals on the financing of this and have received an offer to finance this at 4.25% interest, including the cost of preparing bonds, legal opinions, etc. In order to sell the bonds, it is necessary that a service charge be established which will provide adequate funds to pay the principal and interest. It is estimated that the proposed rates will retire the indebtedness within 10 years. The rate schedule proposed by the Board of City Directors is the same as the existing sewer rates except that a residential user will pay o minimum of $1.25 per month, 2? ci t e ° mmerc ' al user wil1 p °y a mo "*hly charge of 51.50. These rates will provide sufficient revenue to meet the financing requirements. It was decided that this would be the most equitable way of financing the cost of replacing these sewer trunk lines. The public is invited to offer any suggestions and are urged to attend the hearing and get all the information on the problem and the planning that has gone into this program, much of which is too detailed and lengthy to be included in any type of notice. The engineering firm and members of the Water Deportment who maintain the sewer system will be on hand and should be able to answer any questions in connection with the proposed project. CITY OF HOPE Frank Douglas, Mayor BOARD OF DIRECTORS* ? ecr9e Frozier ~ LaGrone Williams - L. W. Young •Sam Andrews-George W. Robison - Dewey Baber

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