Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 7, 1975 · Page 39
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 39

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 39
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Page 39 article text (OCR)

8-B—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Monday Evening, April 7, 1975 Levi Ask U.S. Ban On Handguns, Ammo In Urban Areas WASHINGTON (AP) — A. Levi >aid the proposed re- federal bun on the sale of hand-jstrictions could be invoked nuns and ammunition is being 'automatically when the crime proposed by Ally. Gen. I'Mwardjrale reaches a certain level, II. Levi for urban areas wilh land then would be lifted "once Ho described his proposal us i tires such as registration and li- n regional approach to handgun conlrol and said il "avoids more drastic natiumvidc nioas- rising rates of violent i the crisis level of violence ;clearly passed." had State Surplus Money Gone, Or Going Fast o Cultural Affairs censing but il strikes no less lonl crime over the UK; year," Levi said. than they do at the illegal com-| Foi . instance, he said the s ys- [tcm iiiighi provide merce in weapons. "Preliminarily, we have dis-jtrols in a Incal area cussed a mechanism which} lent crime rale was would bo set into operation ei- course of. in bL' city areas in 1!)72, including Washington, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, San Franciso and Los Angeles, Levi said federal con- iC ils vio- eithcr 2(\ Meeting Changed Uher (Cuntimiril I'lum I'ayi.- One) revenue and the deepening r e e e s s i o n, plus emergency spending bills passed by stale legislators. Stale Comptroller flub I'.ul- loek. in .justifying his $750.15 million .-in-plus asMmak-, said lo no out with <; find sornelbinij (here. If Hit going In danci omebody's going fiddler." "I'm not gom witching rod thai'- nut lfgi>lal ure is this session, to ha\ e to pay the <i<'iic rally 1 In contrast, a lot of stales, if not prosperous, generally are health?. The fuel shortage and rising coal prices have helped Ken tucky and West Virginia both keep -Sl^Ti million surpluses. Illation - 7 per cent -has a proji-ctc-d deficit of Sill) million. Honda is trying to meet a S'23'2 revenue deficit by cutting spending and diphing' into its capital reserve fund. Heavy New Tavos New York ended its April L ,'ifiscal year wilh an 518.o million deficit. Slate officials said at least .sr>d<) million in new- ia\es will be- required to balance a SlO.-l billion budget. i Other slates facing defieitsj are New Hampshire- with S12 million and Vermont with Sti.f million. Illinois has a S'-'lj million general fund balance. Now it must .spend it all. Ciov. Daniel Walker, in commenting that savings are (for an emergency, said, "The by a local violent crime rate significantly higher than Ihe national average or by a ; high local violent crime rate The Lubbock Cultural Affairs coupled with a significant in Council meeting for Ihe visual | crease in the local rale of vio- iiils category has been changed : from Tuesday 1 0 Wednesday at 7:;UI p.m. in the Lubbock Gar (ten and Arts Center. The council's humanities cate- .Sunctay in a speech Law Enforcement before the Executives Narcotics Conference. "In areas where the violent per cent higher than the national average or both 1U per cent higher than the national aver-i crime rale had reached the age and Z per cent higher than [erilieal level, this proposal the previous year's local rate, 'would ban Ihe possession of Under these guidelines, con-jhandguns outside Ihe home Irols would have been applied'place of business," Levi said would apply to all handguns, I not only the cheap weapons known as "Saturday night specials," he added, Levi suggested a heavy tax on "Saturday night specials" to reduce their availability, but said other controls are needed to eliminate the threat from more expensive handguns. The proposal triggered by rising crimes rates would ban the The proposal would allow handguns to be used at target shooting clubs if they were kept in secure arsenals at the clubs, he said. Levi said various penalties for violations arc being discussed. Penalties for the first violation could include a high civil line plus confiscation of Ihe weapon. I No Trace Of Boat Found In Gulf |lim ' April 22 will be in the Genghis Khun Tloom of Ihe First Nalion- (Continued From platform, precisely _ .... , [niters calculated it would have| cann ' slor l\\gf One) (appeared to where com-| ailloniatical| y have inflated jlie said. its metal i The spokesman said the ' or i [I i sale or transfer of handguns or I handgun ammunition in the af- ' fccted areas and also would prohibit' importing handguns , into the metropolitan area, c.x- i ccpt in certain circumstances I in which guns are imported for Air Fall since Wednesday night. | s « l ' c ' provisions were al Bank Building. floated Any person or organization "All wishing to make a report atjtouched." be said. "The these meetings should call the gainers they were in were cultural affairs office so Ihcyjpened." can bo put on Ihe- Agenda. ' He also said the life i-aft when began to sink. He I raft's canopy probably'scraped automatic release ofipart indicated either the boat j the use of law enforcement. life! In critical crime areas a con- uno- of the cannister and was torn soon Orleans sank or the raft was was deployed. aecidently dropped overboard, j The Orleans' or the after it "If the vessel did was because ol shifting survival sink it i also included a llalboat. cargo." • iife rin.'js and 25 lilc .hu.:k handgun owner would be re- (C'o nti nil Oil l>'rom L'agc One) harder than climbing a rope hand-over-hand without usin You have and at the same lime withstand the force of the wind." your feet," he said. to go up the ladder quired to obtain a special permit of extremely limited dura- "H doesn't look like a hard lion if he wanted to transport 1 stunt, but you have to look at gear i his weapon outside his home or I the record. An awful lot of guys four j business for a legitimate rea-jhave gotten killed attempting son. l..evi said. California has an estimated : rainy day has come. Uncertain- S"i">2 million surplus, with hopes i (y became a certainty and the <il holding on to must < s \ it in certainty is the recession...]! is the next budget year. Min-1 time to use that money " .S-litli nosoui has an ••suinaied million surplus, and Oklahoma. with increasing gas and oil income, ar, estimated Sllll) million in e.\tra cash. Other states with solid surplu.-os and generally healthy economies are Montana. Kansas. Hawaii, fr,\va. Indiana. Xortli Dakota and Arkansas. But for many states, it is a fight to find in.oncv to pav the bills. "Faces Deficit Massaehussi.-ts with ils high unemployment and .sagging income faced a deficit that as S-H.T) dead yiiu In . 'he state U ilte." said Ciov. . "When you'r do l\\-(i things: Ihe taxpayers broke, Miciiael i- broke. You can -who not doing loo Michigan, with its limping auio industy and widespread .job layoffs, is struggling to balance ils budge!. It.s $207 million surplus from last year lias melted le .S200.030, 'and fiscal experts says the state faces a StO:t million deficit next in 11 ic next two years. Also SlrtiR-i-liiig 1 Pennsylvania also is struggling to stay ahead of the- red ink. Officials said a surplus of I S1-111 million projected for this ; fiscal year will be wiped out in ; the 1975-7(> period. Other states which started the fiscal year with healthy surpluses, cither spent il, or plan ir) spinel il it, stiiy even, arc M i s s o u r i. Maryland! .Louisiana. Alabama. Wa'shing- | ton, Cicoi-gia. South Dakota. ; Wisconsin, .Mississippi, Ohio, ' South Carolina. North Carolina. Utah. Wyom- themselves arc well --and ask them to cough j Oregon. Colorado. up some more. Or you can cut. I ing and Idaho. We're going thai second route i Stales with liltlp or no just as hard as wo can...." , surplus and which must find New Jersey has an estimated! revenues and cut spending to MS7 million deficit and must: balance budgets included find Ihe funds to balance a' Delaware. Nebraska. An/on a. bare-bones budget. Connecticut. : V i r g i n i a. Maine, Nevada', with the highest sales tax in the Rhode Island and T-onnc.s.soe. i Lack Of Rural Doctors i Concerns Legislators (Continued Krom I'a^o One* .terms of sophisticated equip-'; ways lo deal with the prob-i 111011 ' anf ' adequate health ca |- c! It-ui " : personnel. "Me can't deal with! - ^K, a doe,,,,- , isolate,! .InjS^^Ei.' 1 "^ '"I - Help .Sii-grstcct j He .suggested utili/ing local health care units, as volunteer fire departments, county health! departments and both school orl public health nurses, connected! with efficient communication links to health care centers. "Celling a doctor doesn't necessarily solve the problem." Although Dr. Richard Lockwood, vice president for Health Sciences Cenloi-s. spoke of preferred \va\s l.o deal with area physician shortages, he said ni- . thcr bill offered alternatives ' "wo can live wilh." called; T[e thai Texas Tech University School of .Medi-t Spring Fete To Begin At Area College ^ ODK.SSA tSpeciul) (.Vjiie.^r sluflenl.- \\ill ;i \\'0£k of fun-filled today thi-ough F'riday. Tiie \\'CL'k, traditionally the ".Spring Festival." "will activities! inludi: contests, games, dance.s. i -.. ,1 elections. .,,-corfiirv to Gni] I , mt ' d ' cal ,.:..: ! having s or «,f to studom activi- wa.s also seeking lo t'illt needs in the area, and! poken lo Head about! Ihe .school i Death*. .s eleclioi I -MM, Clll'eCt.'i t;j -LUII^-IJt elV-U\)-jl -, L '11 tie^ 'U O(J ^ u '". ouuigat V '. ' , ,- , , , - ! f ' nilld s "l'Porl such a legislative A iegs contest kicked of tiie : directive. vu'ek's activities. Tuesday's; _' se.'i-'fltile will include a pie eai-,' ing ccintesl at Ju a.m.. n bubble] .,'iiin chewing contest at noonl and an eg_r loss at li:!10 p.m.: A tug-uf-war ronlcst, is >ut l"r| nuuii Wednesday on the O lawn. Tile nm-of-war contest will iic jirceedcd by (iemon-irali'in. Thursday's acti\'itics \vili be. --• — • .....^>i m highlighted by liic election ,,|'| I:iilll; ^ Saturday when hit in the [ Mr. and .Mi.s.s'OC anri .selectionl^hest by a shotgun bast. Police; of Student Government officer.-,jsoiii/ht a man observed runnini; I lor the 197f) 7(i school year. A i' ''°m the scene. " ! rlancc- is slated from 8-11 p.m.- -lini Torres of Nara \ : i<a. in (lie ijafl<ing lot between thr"N..M.. OC gym and Wilkei-son Hall. Ais i. tlic OC gym wil] be open during the '.'veiling for intra- (Continued f'riini I'ugn One) ^.,.:i-eon. '2'2 - were injured sc- a fem.'ingi riously. i An oifduly Terrell policeman, ; Milton Madden, was killed in Torre* of Nara Vi- wa.s killed near Oaldarl. Texas Panhandle. mural games and activities. r'l'isiay's ac'ivities will nate the week of fun that has hoeome an e\'ciit at Odessa College. A dance in the Texas Panhandle, early ' Saturday in a one-car accident." 1 Traffic claimed (lie lives at! Dallas of lour persons in sepa- j •ulmi-^ 1 ''" 0 iifeidenls laic I-'-iday and: fnriy .Saturday. They we«, ..•IK a i .'Robert Wiiielord. an, of •"-contest i Quite: Paul Ashbury, 17. of , . ihcj ( -' :ll 'l ; ind. and Kudol|,h Cash, (il, i., 1'inri ,J:;b;iny Lee Broun. 27, featuring the jitterbug. bump, and tl'e Charleston ,.-,.-- ., slated for 10 a.m. in the Stii-both of Dallas, dent Union Building. The SUi-j Two men wore killed in Fort '• ck.'iit Gr)\'enim?iU officeis for'\Vorth Friday nighl. when their! the in'a-TG sciuiol year and ihcjvan truek rammed a bridge j winnt.'rs of ihe Mr. and Miss OC'iabutmcni. Police- identified; < ont.est will also be announced ,tlu-m as .lorry McCloskf-y, 'l'\,\ I - 'riday. Sand Roger Burns, 'Jj. both of -- - ;Durant, Okia. Terry Whitenton. IS. of IL'l i Pa«o was killed in a Uvo-car accident there early Saturday. 1 Ciuy \\'inf;-ed Moutray. 33, wa.s found falally shol beside a mad in Houston early -Saturday. Police said Ihe lasl time a welder, was seen I. A Clillon man was hanged Fralernily Helps Girl Scouf. Camp r Phi Delta Theta Texas Tech '""': alive was April .VIembers of fraternity at versity have completed Ilieiri annual Community Service Dav at Rio Blanco (iirl Scout . ..., nCrH' C'rosbv'lon .oiiia^. .. — _ -••-.? -•-.— Members of ihe Tech chapter,] Favkl olscn ' 4? " ' nboilt l():15 *• coordinated by Mike Itoye, '"• suspended from a makeshift completed work necessary to get the camp in shape for summer operation. Work included cleaning and general repair on the camp's CarniJ' 1 ' 55 '3 fjsf l 110 County jail cell Saf- jiirday. Jailers said they found of ihe Tech chapter,] swimming pool, roof repairs on camp b'uildings and general cleanup of the camp area. m. noose. . Nine-year-old P.illy Cahil), playing ball with a friend, was struck and Idled Saturday in stop, police said. Me was the son of Dr. and Mrs. Allen «J. Cahill. about N BOR-SAV NG TO UPPER MIDDLE INCOMERS ^ on know, ol roursr. \\hal Rank ol'ilir \\rsl dtir- uilh \ our inoncx in i\ \ Kl C,\ 1 R( )1^-SA\ KU -a\ inn.- ;n'- counl. or in \oiir C. D's. \\ r pui il in \\ork. financiniz i'\|)an^ion. or a pick-up, or a nr\\ car. u|- a cdllciir t'< Incal ion — <ir a /ill ion oilier ihinj:-. Rul a-idc In MM all Iluil. and I roin ihe \\ a\ il \\ ill firo\\ — l^o \on lui\c an\ idea ho\\ lii^ \nii look lo a i-rrdilor. if \ our -lalcnicnl -ho\\- a ('.ASH Ki-'.S|-'.K\ [•'.. ;I\KIV on ice. so lo speak, and oniv lo Itc loiiclird in llic ^ra\csl crisis? II \ou rr a pn)l<v--i(inaf man. have sou e\er ihou^h \()l ini|ihl al>o -oinelinie need ;i crisis reser\ e \nd b\ llie uay. isn I il >orl ol a uood idea ],. -ta>h thai reserve in a SI',(.()\|J hank'.' ^lon can I havi- ln ( , uiaiiv I ncnds. can von'.'' \\ ell. \\ e d MI re like in lie n idol em! MEMBER FDIC 'TtffS AMOL'.N'T IS BASKI) 0\ f>'/•'•, j'|-K VKAH. COMPOUNDKD DAILY AM) YOIR AC.COLNT IS NOW INSUKKD (.'i' TO S-H) (100 Banking Hours: SOUTH PLAINS MALL LOOP 289 and SLIDE ROAD Monday thru Thursday 9-3 Friday 9-6; Saturday 9-1 Drive-in Tellers open 'til 6. TV Teller in the Mall open 'til 7 "1975-A. Cowchmon ^

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