The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 21, 1948 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 12
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TW Sf«w*. Frederick. M*., Weteeafey, Julv Si, 1M THE NEWS IMS __ Afternoon Except l y tit* Doctor Savs: Washington Davbook Today In Washington ric. MTC. co , ; LIGHTNING SHOCK IS VERY SCBSCXlPrnOX RAltJE . f EW smPLE Audit Bare«n of QreaUtiaiji «t th* pact oftcc at Fr*d«r- ltd- M «tcood-cl»s» natter. WEDNESDAY. JULY 21. 19*8 to ! FMCAVJTIOXS HELP By EDWIN P. JORBAX Written f»r XEA Service -M.D. Xeraunophobia i* the medical name of excessive fear of lightning. Liberal Krpublieies See GOP Discomfits* By Special Se»Mon By THUS COFFIN Washington, July 21 --Mine hai Factors Which Contribute To Uncertainty And Uneasiness Cited By DAVID LAWRENCE Know America ] S/c/e Glances Russia Wants Germany lightning is rare. Lightning acts on the human body There's a simple explanation for ; n j us! a bout the «arr;e way as any Russia's tactics :a Berlin. It smarts other strons electric current. In -·with the Soviet intention to con- the cae of iigh:n-ng. the air acts Today's Annivertaries i '«TM " »·«· -TM« - "2ta££$j,?Sr££*£ Territory, founder of cities including Cincinnati, born in New York. Died Feb. 26. 1814. i 1801--Theron Baldwin. pioneer Washington. Ju.y 2!.--Lncer- j war brings fright and apprehension · missionary-to the West, to whom tainty--the enemy of stability-- ; and causes people to wander what · several mid-West colleges are in- s,eems to have brought uneasiness j new regulation of profits is coming ! debted. born in Connecticut. Died ' ,, ,,. ,,__«,_., _,,-, ,t,^ L - » !n * ne business and financial world ! to impair earning power and divi-' At)«-il ID 1370 i It is rather common m spite of the ^umphed over the wartime An Ca|Jmg of , he ex . ra ^^ Qf Con _ : dend / * ^ ; ij^.^ '"VTM,,. nhx-rfrian ! fact that actually being struck by early morning oration has frus- gress by p res ,dent Truman and ap-[ Nobody, of course, can tell what; demfet pioneeria pnacun " ! ! *U Geraaanv Because Berhn as the conductor The effect of J hat house the nation's legislatures Usually, the four »tone bu:kJ, **£,,,,,,.,, j actor certamtv the Russian crisis than Washington has created un- \ does Maybe this is because the ( cause of failure *o get a hearing for his invention. Oct. 13, 1886. is the capital, and a symbol German authority, the Reds starting with that city By blocking all lar*i and water routes between Berlin and western Germany, the Russians hope to force the United States. Britain and France 10 admit thry cannot supply their sectors of the city Real "authority over BerSsa would thus be left to Russia, which can provide the needed supplies The agreement, on transportation between the United States and Russia, :: no\v : reveaiec. was verbal. President claims are er damage to the nervous system clear a* a mountain lake. ever, in than n'.Oit other forRi^ jf electric the- soggiest heat of the cap.tai But shock. inty It is the "third round" · government here, outwardly at : 1047 Blanr-bp WillU Mr-«.-aVr) rwwv. ' of lightning produces Mjniewhat great- on Capitol Hill are 3S cool and of wage increases which in turn least, would like to impress the ; u ^ t TMS»t of her g^eraSon" j v. iU bring higher prices. While _ Russians with the gravity of the ' wtso ij ve j he . latler !ife ^ Cee i there w^ s much taik earlier this Berlin blockade. But the truth is iranv borr, i n Ranenr \faJn» I ever since President Truman's eali year cf a ' t h i r d round" of wage : that unless the'Russians are really' ' " =«*msor. .aoaine., Cites Odd Case For example, a 13-year-old boy in Bechunaiand. South Africa, was 3: -d driving iheep during a thar.der- **»:· . . . , , c . . storm when he w.v struck Hibe fcaa such a promi- from Stai.n. ha . and boo! wcrtf . onj .^ piews and he received a bvirn running from the top of hi^ head to the ^csou* for ;i j!-:rrt time and lay in ** !!: she ran; !-i! hi father found hi;:: -''''··' and Republicans alike *.ni:te the.r '/. l:h a rewound.ns smock ht .nto the ch.pper little po-.vv 1932. but the arrangement was r.^t put into a contract. The Russians say there was no such understanding. The trouble '» that }Sr Truman committed the a.:pa-du::ao!e .-i of makin:; every one -.'.and up ii be counted. r:gh: :: '.he ::i.d- and that Russia has the iole to control traSic. Should :t develop that :he other HI- fitmly decided that he needed -.vh.:.- !hi- /.»!- .\rjsa''. y.i :«··;! stv !:and as well as materials. jand French governments are like-! of the draft law has tend- ly to put the case before the U. N. \ | "d to rsike manpower less plenti- If Russia uses her procedural veto Today In History j f-j! This inevitably had its effect there to stop action and back a *83--Canada's first railroad opens: i on wat;e negotiations. Where labor settlement, it will not be merely a the 16-mile Champlain St. Law-| .s scarce there : a tendency to possible war for which Russia rence j avo.d stnk-s at r.y cost would be exhibited as responsible. 1861--First battle of Bull R u n -- j In t.iMmg Congress back ii:to :es- but also a breakup of the whole in- I Civil War, j .slo:i--especially iti she unexpected I ternationa! structure as exemplified ' 1877--Mobs seem to take over! v.;.y u i.-.Menah.-eci this time--the ' in the U. X. ; Pittsburgh in labor troubles.- ! rvpvrcfsMons are buund to be f e l t ; The belief prevails here that i 1915--The United States sends third j tnrci:sh« it the bu^ine-.-; world.-Russia will not provoke a war or ', note to Germany on neutral j ntx ft hfA SBIXKZ. tte. T w. RIC. u. s. fir 7-21 powers cannot supply their zones then the German people, now. friendly to the Western powers, will turn to Russia, and the first step in complete contiol of Germany wiil have been taken. The cost of supplying '2 000 ton* of supplies a day by air is SlliO.OOO. or $340,000 a ton asserts the be continued U. S. forces will not be ordered out of Berlin, come w h a t may. medicine out." so h 50 nuitri -si two days to the doctor' A!lhoi'£!i !l-e denser of ·-truck b\ l i u h t n i n * ^ is small in the first place tf-,1-!.- a i r a few x i o i t h - w h s i e precaution-* which can b«- takci! which decrea-e the chance These a:e thf dvi-d-lii-lhe'-wo-il'hb- RtJv:r -'''' ; ' txi "".dustry had planned j allow the Mtuation to get to the \ rights. to drive the lighting and h^ moth-.- walked , eraK " h ' ' represent !- :han «-:^- fourth :n- ineinbirihio. Wayne beiie Mof'e. the iinconpro.'ni-:n?!y independent Rr-iub!:c3'i from Oregon. ;-. !i amusement party chioS I'er.ij'iicailv a.-'! n a io-jd voice Senator Mor--e h:is ri.-iui stability for the last j point where war could c« n ee!v- = J 9-MX i:u,:-t!!: of the year but the Pres- ably happen. This belief is based ! in Dayton. Ohio. :dei:t · action brings doubt over ' on the knov!ed.!je that, jn the last tse-A- !··'!'!-it:o'i that ir.:iy be enact- ; year or more. Russia has had even -. u b" a s p e c i a l sv-Mon , more favorable opponunitie.-. f r o m 1 Then- is at the moment another ', a military standpoint, to bring o n ! diMr-4a(i/:ni; factor which, while 1 3 conflict than she has todav. , . _ . _ . , . ... , . "Jo h " sa'S we'll have to quit buying things if we want io bring \ John T Scopes found guilty prices down--he's always kidding like that:" ' of teaching" evolution in high school in vio- · lation of a State law. 1937--The Administration abandons its U. S. Supreme Court bill. The snag is his] . child, aged 2iT, Dear Miss Dix: I am a girl of 16,' ' vho works , out of tovvn - but comes .home weekends about twice Dorothy Dix Says: \ | very much in love with a boy o f ' month eSTeci. will ' The underlying desire of the Rus- . 1939--The Hatch Law enacted by I 9 - When we are together At these times his time is all Pageant Of The Clouds In most climates there is usually a daily pageant consisting of the clouds that march across the heavens. These fluffy masses make a , shelter under :t tree during a thunderstorm Both umbrella and tree may act a i : a conductor for a bolt of l i g h t n i n g The same i-true for a flagpole or any other object which may act as a conductor of electricitv. * * * i Note: Dr Jordan is unable to w'ith ihe devastcvt.ntj ind:JTerence t h a t politic.a-i- u'-c »n i r r i t a t m i r sma!-fry. Other Republicans v. ho nr- nrt ' Vermont banker and industrialist. _ /» keep ». v .» ^i iv .. - ... -the frei-jht charge Much uncer-! continent's resources than Russia j 1943--Great battles rage in Sicily ' ing his temper? He has two faults · fectionate towards me. but even-- tainty. moreover, surrounds the fu- has been permitted heretofore. So i and in Hussfa. j One is that he treats me like din thir »g * do or say is compared with'I ture of plants located far away : long as the game is to negotiate 1W4--German counter-attacks and | and the other is that he is terribly , Lily's way of doinsr or saying things. J ·her a °d it has certainly gotten me con'JT to fused. What do you think of it all? ^ _ . . _ j " DIZZY Cnd'-rlyuiK all other factors, and j unity but a disintegration of t h e ; So President" Truman in Potsdam, j What can I do with a bov like 5 - - -. - . - - ------ -------.00 unhappy over the p-.-ht of from basins points. All this added ' for more material advantages, it heavy rains stall the Allies in 'jealous. It I go out w-th oth their high command are: toother n;a!:~s for more worry and is considered unlikely that Russia; Normandy. \ boys and girls, he won't speak Kaiph Flandrr^. the t3-ye:ir-oiri concern m - oii-iness operations : would risk not only internal dis- · 1945 -- Stalin gives a state dinner [ me. ' . s He is one of the most conscientious perhaps the most important of all ' whole Balkan situati lovely spectacle as they pass over ; answer individual questions frhm . mcmbcrs of Congress a "profound i" sts effect on financial markets, i* : would follow" naturally "if which 1 the sky. Some people may say . readers. Ho^vever. each day he j student of economics, and has a the crisis with Russia. The pros-! came. " [ Poles they prefer the absolutely cloud- : w ''« answer one of the most fre- gentle, dry wit Ever since spring, pcct of war no longer sends stocks! The odds are still on the side o f ' 1947 President asked questions in this ,. Senator Flanders has been msi-t-, upward as it used to many decades · peace. | ing that Congress sit no and take as;o. a itrnight look at inflation. A'- ffsulitpr 1 in IPrtlsnd ' thi*;^ Grease hanged by the' " less sky. but the white masses of column. cloud have their own charm. The old philosopher xvho wrote ' "the book of Ecciesiastes in the '· Bible did not seem to favor the idea 'good tan without ireckles. j ers askc( , {( , stand . bv price con . of watching the clouds. He said. ANSWER: Freckles represent a tro ,,. Hc re ,. lrned f - o m a cross . "He that observeth the wind shall reaction to sunlight common in COUIltrv serics of hear ,.,,^ v ,V h not sow and he that regardeth the ' people of f a i r sk ' !ls Ver v g radual the^c strange notions- A* late as , , . .. .. - and small exposure to the sun will clouds shall not reap. , he - ;o avoW frecklci! A , so soine Perhaps in those ancient days of the oUv or t a n n i n g preparations there were some who spent an in- · on the ma .' Ke t may help. ordinate amount cf time in watch- '· ing the sky and looking at th' The Oregon Territory was a clouds. In the present busy times. ' mammoth area from which the people do not do a thing like that. ' statcs ° { Oregon. Washington. Taft Today the idea of another (Reproduction Rights Reser\-ecil Truman reports peak orosperity but advises caution in mid-year economic re- ort to Congress. ANSWER: It is a plain case of a CLARICE · father - {iau Shter fixation and the ; sooner you recognize that and reANSVTER: Well. I'd say that the - t i r e frora he threesome. Uie better sensible thing for you to do is to ! °^ J" ou W JU be. You are wasting have nothing more to do with him. ! your time on Papa because Lily is ; will close.with singing i of Coblentz Hall at * ' Tomorrow special guests at the I Elementary Economics ' conference will be members of the i Today's Birthdays Dr Isador Lubm. who was FDR's , executive board of the Women's ! U. S. Senator Bourke 'chief economic analyst during the ' Mibsionarv Societv of the, Marv- looper for apparently he has none of the · never going to let aay other wo- Pacific R. R. I '"s'incts of a gentleman. Any boy j man ste P i" 1 * 0 ker shoes. She is al- engineers go on strike. _ 1 of 19 who slugs his sweetCie^rt ways going to be first with Father J The beautv which Nature paints " a h - and par ' ° f W . vo TM j n8 Robert ior a PP ! i to illustrate his point. before their eyes in the skies and I carved. elsewhere makes a picture of won- ' Sugar cane, sugar beets, sugar derful inspiration, and one worthy maples, grapes, and corn are all of our close attention. i sources of sugar. At sunrise and sunset these. clouds frequently glow with the | -- . . .. most gorgeous colors. Charles' rllTy i C G f f S Kingslev called them ancei's robes. . , ,. ,, _. ,, . , ' .. , ,. . . Local Hems From The Columns and ssid that the fiery west is pav- Qf The Xcu . s Ju , v ,,_ ed with smiling faces. The life a clouds. -the sun. It has been said that there is a silver lining on every cloud. When the clouds break apart, the sun's light seems wonderful and more brilliant than be-fore. From a practical point of view, many persons, particularly those living in the country, and whose work is affected by weather, have been very keen observers of thc clouds, and have been able to predict from them the coming weather. The old rhyme ssicr ! The Ohio Senator had been tent to let Flanders run the Jo · Committee on the Economic , port. It was a kind of harmless hobby, u n t i l the Vermont Sena.«. : began issuing statements about com P ctc w:th foo(:i " 1 Copj right. 1943. by Globe Syne!.) s^ory - Thursday evening. "Stunt ICight" ; ago. will be conducted in Brodfaeck Hall ! when he gets angry with her is '. and anv woman he might marry-- ; certainly a poor matrimonial pros- i on -" ^Uy will never let him do a . "' x " f because he is sure to be a ' f ° o!i s -. and you must in all common sense if you · ^ v earnest advice to you is to even remotely, consider him cs a \ break off with Father and marry life partner. j l some man who doesn't possess an - . ; idolized daughter. Calf Love i Tie Bell Syndicate. Inc. · Fortunately for you. you are hav- . j ing this attack of calf love at 16. j price controls He backed up his ' ept into tne com , mittee and in unmistakable !an- i guace told the economis thesr views to themselves. "Hie j announcements with analyses fay j TM, _ the committee's own staff · econ- ' · /Tkl1T^»'B* ' omists. T.-ft swept into tne com- ' ^-* ~^8.JiJLV3JL :lakab!e Ian- s-^ . nists to keep 3 -Oiltill 11 f*C selves. The VJ*J.U5-i.lllI.C/J5 T)par rtnmth-L- Tf,-^- -\T - i, t, ^ - Genesis that God made mau in his - T h£2 L - ^. usban ^ I ou-n image and after his likeness, on ^ quarrehng off It ^ faterestin3 to note howevei - r on for years mostly about a f . that thi:ough ^ succeeding ^ ATi Vest r f°° rS away [man bas been creating God after ' AlOiough I have never his image. In other words, men "When clouds appear like rocks arid towers. The earth's refreshed by frequent' showers."' Clouds make beautiful shadows as they pass across the face o f , mountains, and they are wonder-- ful in the variety they g-.-ve to the heaveas. , . - .--- - -,,. .^ ^« church workers of Rev. T. Freeman Dixon. to Mr. j Charles Tobcy. the bouncy old land Synod of the Lutheran , Lew-is A. Rice for S3.12.-. gentleman from New Hampshire being conducted this week at Hood THE - - - - - - - -honor h: st poses the house of Charles Howard and are furnishing it handsomely. Officers are' President. Lewis Jlob- erly." vice-president. Charles A. Scheli. secretary. Thomas Good' man: treasurer. Edward Jones. manager. John Six THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN DECLINED to grsnt a request of a committee from the Key Monument Association for a contribution of S250 to assist in defray- · .,,,, h c la ^, ,, ol ._,. of ., i!.K expenses at the unvcihns ex- 5p ~ il0n Bender'every da. ,' Hall and the annual Council fire ; gon. born Susquehanna. ! circle follows. At the Council fire, j years ago. · an informal hour is held at whirh j Lewis S. Rosenstiel. board chair- ; ; | time students along with faculty j man of Schenley Distributors Cor- j ; ,. .members are given, the opportun- j poration. born in Cincinnati. 57 ; woma » who lives two doors away; man has oeen creating God after , ity to express themselves about the ! years ago j from * us - Aidiough I have never | hj s ; ma g e . In other "words, men 1 week of conference activities. The j Harold Boeschenstein of Toledo. ! ^"^ ^ er and my husband to! unconsciously fashion God' after i final assembly is scheduled for 10 30 , Ohio, glass manufacturer, born in i Ssther. he always looks at her and their own ideas of what is right or ' o'clock on Saturday morning at · Edwardsviile. Ill. 52 vears ago. ! always looks at him. N"o matter ' desirable. s the annual summer conference which time credit course cards will i Dr. Walter B. Pillsbury of the { ^ vhen l . leave tne house with my , In a play which appeared some,, the Marv- " De awarded to those who qualify ' University of Michigan, osycholog- · husban d. or when he is alone, she : years ago. a character who hac an Church. ; °~ the end of the courses. {i s t emeritus, born in Burlington, | al w av s looks at him and he always : never prayed finds himself in great Rev. Howard F. Ressz. of Haiti- · Iowa. 76 years ago. i loOKS her w a'- My daughter is al- [ peril and he offers up a prayer v e n t i n e him from fcec^iiin:; rhair- man of the Joint Hous'.nc Committee. !1 HO o clock heard Rev ,1 mf-j.iop.ary from India, speak on t / 7 y / / S / l t-GSSOH not gressman-at-iarze froTi Ohio He was author of :he anti-pn'l-;ax bill passed in the House 3 in the Senate '.ike a c r ecii!ar rr tw o Rev. Sprenkie at present is not assigned a congregation but is the pas;or to the Lutheran college stu- would corne. on!y he was too busy, "but he was too busy." Often mispronounced- P a r a- up. the one that's falling down. I do a lot for you, God. if you me live." This reminds one he man who admitted that he , a devotional, gentle mind with re- j ; v -"as not a church member but de! fined instincts. There are indica- 5 A ^SWER: Well, if you have been clared that he intended TO join ont 3 ..' ' t-ons of public service or some po- ; manied for 20 years to a man j soon because his health wasn't so licisl preferment, wh-ch will "be have - ai{ained " bv pure ' f o rc " e of abilitv i than ' ' Say. and not by favoritisln _ , door, you I knees BY SOME MEAN'S OR OTHER n became known that the rope which leaves the arc light lamp down y.-as charged with electric- sty and a nurrbcr c{ young nicn had quite a lively time on the corner of Church streets la: ni$:!i; ISot A Lovers" Quarrel Because thc Soviet Union has ·ways and -means of settling affairs between itself and its puppet states, it may be too early to assume that MISS KATHERINE EISEXKAL'ER week-; called up h:s ir.e:-d. Ser.- '"""v fro: " I:U!ta atcr Taft. beasins h:m to ue: the " r '- s becr - a auest at ihe conference , b.ll o-i the floor Each time. Tpft " in:i !rl t! ""-' a l i v -"ill resume prev- ' said There were too m n n v other 1OV:S *tudic at Yale University. ' bills ,-ihcad Jack Ja^ iit. the Xew York Cop.- fchet'uled :n Hodson outdoor thc- %\r,o fousht ';ke a Tro- "ter :n charge of Rev Dr Fred R aents in the Baltimore-Washington mour. Pronounce par-a-moor. first area Re\ Mr. David, the mission- a as in al - second a as ;n ask un- n'.ons: with his wife. ; stressed, oo as :n look, accent first has never done anything worse ] good as it used to be. 5 at the woman next, - ljet us st °P worshiping a false ought to be on vour' conception of God. which we have thanking God for your luck ' created aft er " - image of our own 1 of hunting around for mi s era 'oie little distortions. Let us I open the Bible and observe the kind ar.d Market ja:i for the Tast-Elicnder-Wa^ By touching hou«:nc b:il He -riako no bones QuPttinTKi And Jnein^r* 1 instead ot nunUn § around , ijuesuons Ana rin5tcerS| SOmething to gripe about ', Q--What is to be understood by j Can 4 """ syllable. j Sanskrit literature? j y °? 3 . re Often misspelled: Heinous: pro- '· A--Sanskrit is the language of ! f, i: P u r _"·"* ""·- 1 : 1 -" 1 = . gres=ively to TOV- nounced hay-aus. " ; the ancient Hindoos. It is not now ! l"'^ ° ee ?' a , ark . meanl ngs into i (Copyright Babson Xewsoaper Syad ) _ . , o -, - Synonvms: Morose, m o o d v. ! SDok en and is understood onlv bv j a P 13 ! 1 In --" el - glancing at a woman , ' '^-j Tomch. at 8 o C.OCK vespers arc g]£omv . suUen . surlv ' , t h e Brahmins. Among the oldest!! 1 * 0 na °P ens to Iiv e a coor or two . '" Word Study: "Use a word three writings in this language are the 1 . o n l / llm? . Do you ^^ sct a 'l ^en J _ _ _ _ ^ . rjnr o» / times and it :s yours." Let us in- Vedas. which are believed to be j^J"^L°" . hnders when *ey w a l k . f\.UlOng I tl OlCK Seibel J r . of Sliver Run Rev. Dr Seibe! 3i.--o ha? charge of the crease our vocabulary by mas'er- as old as 2000 BC. the rope they would receive Quite a c c u t :'.' Jav;-- w o u l d 1.1-cc :o ^"?!p orvico- 0:1 Thursdav evensnc :ng one word each day Today's . word Demonstrable: that can b" ', I " ^ T "tf^" * . ' Mrs - V lcs Baker. 130 West Fifth My advice to you :s to quit wcr- street, returned _^ , - - --~ to her home on a shock ,I,ch produced much Leo All,, ^i_Jc. ? e WA ,,CO« foV -uldo^ : «oet.n g v,H commence ,: ^£ ^^C Z^~effort. ' 0%^*° *"* "^ ^ ***"* '· TM ^^1°^^^^^-^'^^-^^^-^ ^^^ at merriment the Yugoslavia break has a happy permanent meaning for the Western world. But there i? or.e circumstance that xs fcroadiy significant. For the first time one of the Russian creature governments has dared to speak up to its --.asters in the Kremlin. And :r. casing for formation cf a Balkan bloc to res^t Russ;a. the Tito outfit indicates that it r..cs:is business. Belgrade engage,- n ar. unprecedented show of defiance It accuses the CcrniTiforrr; of ";es and slandc 1 - and ^erves notice that Yugoslavia -\-i!I r.o* accent the Stattia of ?lav_ = ia*.e sr.d v.-i,5 d- cuss the dispute v.i'h the Soviet only or, a basas of equally and independence. Russia is not accuftorr.ed *o harsh language hke this froir. one of her satellites It srr.acks of open rebellion against Moscow As such :t is a test of her authority which she will somehow have to meet or run the risk o: the eventual crumbling of the empire she has built up in Eastern Europe. If i.-^e Repub- 845 o'clock this evening with Rev ; "These thines which I have" told i ?r.y. he c:a.rr..-- openly. Snrenkle :n charge. This event and her elocution class are nicking r.t the Fair grounds today, the following be:ns ores- er.t Miss Grace Mers S Fovit, Li!!:e Birely. Luia Jair-.e 1 : May Ebberts. Grace Kowck Treia and Sarah McFadderj Eiear.or Voung. Bertha Hoiick Viola Bower?, Bertha Bowers and Mar- Erie Ser.ley. ?Irs. Harry Bowery. Twenty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News. July 21. 192S. PROHIBITION" AGENTS. MAKING r.-;ds throjchov.t Cr.rroll county thss v\eeic. arrested 31 persons for v:ol3t:o-^ oT the ..Gisor I^v.-s F:-.c.- of $."· to S150 were imposed by Macistrate Ben^or; MEMBERS OF THE EASTERN' Conference of Mo;or Veh-c!e Corrrnis^-.onerj: of C^' E Austin Bauchn-jar:. this c:ty. is president, were guests at h:s hon-e at Poplrr Terrace Dinner w a s served on the p:crac cronridf where a temporary can-p ha^ been erected to house the visitinp corr.rr.ijf.or.ers \vno are the weekend guejts of Col. Bauch- you are demonstrable." or your husband · University Fosoi'a! A-- This name -was first applied g'ancing at them. 'She is improving" nlceiy. to agents of the Federal Bureau Mr. George Noms vvas removed Convention Hangover Yugoslavia can challenge the Soviet and win her point so can THE WIFE AXD TWO YOUNG ; others. j children of Manager Henry T ! In some respects this is the most Sherry, of the Frederick Hustlers. interesting development of t h e ' wer e run d o w n by an automobile- postwar period. Of course, in a ' '" Balt!rr "-' e an J injured matter of this kind the temptation ; Wi f ILE ENGAGED _IX LOADING is great to j u m p to false conclu- 1 lions. But when a dispute is given! ihe public airing now in evidence, {t u more than a Ipvers' SPAPFRf sheep on a truck. Lewis P. Mam. of Middletown, suffered a broken nose when one rf the ?heep struck him in the back, throwing him reaiasi the truck. It's all over--except the cleaning up! This is the w a y Philadelphia's Convention Hall looked after the 1948 Democratic National Conx-ention adjowoed. i ^ Q--What tree is said to destroy I ' all animal 3;fe within a radius of { 15 miles? j A--This is a fable reiatins to the J upas tree of Java. Its juice is " · foisonous and is used by the na- t:ves ti po:son the tips of their j 1 arrows However, thc tree has: be?n cultivated without harmful -s- : ; suits. ; Q--What v.-as a shin piaster? A--Confederate money -was cali- J ; ed ?hin plasters during the Civil · War. Q--What alphabet do the Russians u^e" A--The Russians use the Cyr-i:- 3ic alphabet "based upon the Greek letters. This alphabet is ascribed , to Cyril, a .9th century rnissionarv . to the Slavs : * · · . Q--How o'd :s the use o: coffee ' t , a s a beverace" I A--The earliest written records I of the use of coffee, as a beverage. ! are by Arabian writers. It is said j to have prevailed in Persia as early ,' a S75 AD. and in Arabia about the i 15th century | Q--!·? ouicksilver mined' i A--Quicksilver or mercury oc- I curs in n a t u r e in a free state, but only in very small quantities. Commercial mercury 'is obtained chiefly from cinnabar ore the sulphide of Quicksilver. Truman's Ca mpaign Cigar ^T 7 - ·'".,· p-mN A

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