Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 7, 1975 · Page 38
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 38

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 38
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Page 38 article text (OCR)

6-B—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Monday Evening. April 7, 1975 Greek Cyprus Still Licking Its Wounds, But Turkish Cypriots Now Enjoying Life »y JOHN I,A\VTON Creek NICOSIA (UPli Cyprus is still licking its [\. Botore ihc invasion they wounds from last summer's |lived in scattered enclaves and All this is -d hOidly oxperionue for tho Turkish C'yprisiL minor! • Turkish invasion. but tlie i:ii),()l)() Turkish Cypriob, never had il .so good. On the nortlu'ni third of the island, eontrolU'il by Turkish troops, the economy is making a f|iiick recovery and Inuiclreds of special isls .sent in by Turkey are .joiiiiiit; Turkish Cypriuls to help llio new stato they [iroclaimi'd in ^eluuui'y ye I on its feet. "Our ivcei|its are up 70(1 per lly 11)70, \\c hqi? to eliminate our t)udf;el defieil," said Alpher Orhon, '.i~>. the A in eric tin edm-ali'd minister coordination ami planning the new stale. role the Creek Cypriol government denied them all but a minimal in Cyprus' lucrative Irade and hoomiiv.; ioiirist industry. Orhon said. The Turkish Cypi'iol c-uivi- munity eked nut a living from stibsfdiy.ed by an of SliO million ;i year from Turkey. "lint for Turkey's aid we would not IIE»VD survived," said Uauf Dcnklash, leader of the Turkish Cypriol community. Turkey sent '10,DUO troops into 1'urk.s feared \va.s aimed at (Cyprus pound. uniting the island with Greece, i "The Cyprus pound Now the Turkish Cypriots convertible and is losing control l!5 per cent of Hie island and ils resources. .Cyprus last July after Arch- ofjliishop Makarios, I he Greel ol iCypriot president, was deposed • in an Athens-backed coup the The last tiling we want is jkind of currency," Oriion said. In February Turkisli Cypriois! The Turkish Cypriots have proclaimed a separate federalLsei up a company \vilh a stale under Denktash imdjcapital of S7M.UOO and 2,000 offered lo join the Greek [employes to tend the citrus Cypriois in a federation. (orchards. Most of the employes The formerly Greek CypriiH-iarc Turkish Cypriots from the controlled cUrus orciiards ofisoulh. who have moved inlo the northwest, Ihe north coast i former Greek Cypriol homes !(a, and are working on direct [Greek Cypriots. [for the toui is not|(.rude ;ic;ils >vitii forc-ij.;!) firnini Turkish Cypuui officials have | planning to value, that previously cloulL wilh|wrilten off *1975 as a total loss holidays lo Ihis Uiurist resort of Kyrcni.i and Ihe soul h e a s I e r n port of L>\imai;iisla all are in Turkish hands. The Turkish Cypriot urea daily is taking an mon; attributes of a .separate state. Us administration is working on a bank ins law. and the Turkish Lfrafiually is replacing the languish in G.-eek refugee Cypriois camps in the south. Other companies are hotels indus- .set up to operate and revive abandoned tries in the north. Turkisli Cypriots are exporting citrus fruits to Israel, Libya and Hriti;m through Famous- ©KTXT, PBS QKCBD, NBC •-'»< • 5 Cronram information in TV Weekly (.on is supplied by Ihe Network tB/Vn Hl.ick anrt While l'r<i)jrani, 128 Let's Make A DIM I l:llll ,111 DaysOf Our Lives 178; SIO.QIIU Pyramid (tit'lll (m f-'arm \- llanchNcw •i: 15 OJJ Ni'» Mexico Report 7:110 to) Farm Shim in; CHS News lis AM America "t:'M (.tn Today Shim X;ii(l lu] Captain Kangiiruu — Mr. Mouse invents an antoin:Uic door m. in. 9: (111 is 1 Sesame Strrel. — NH. "K. Rij: Hirrt trrvs rii keep Ihc street i|nirt. ill! People I'liirti. — Alice French is hostess. .Artiill's rnle in guaranteeing child opportunity to hecome competent, curing. iiJ .lack 96. TTO (This, That anil the Oilier) — Morning talk stiou hosted hv Rill Mc.Mister, ISernic llowell, 9::lO iii) Wheel Of Fortune H.Ji Nol ( c 'or Women Onh --• iiarhara Wallers hosts. 111:1111 i Kleclrie t'ompanv \(i. fill. Kskimo hoy s;ot's shopping with a dime. (in llij-ti Hollers in) Now You See It '78' l.ucvXliim 111; Ull Cs'l V'illa Alejjrc Children's series explores aspeets ot Spanish am) Cn^lish vultures. j i llolly\vo»il Squ;ire< •u; Love Of Life 128! l!ra;ly Hunch <«: 55 in: CtiS News 31:1111 IV' MisteniKers — iNo. S.ili. 'l'\vo hallel dancers per*' lorm. in .lackjiol !U Yoiini! \- Keslless 126 I'asswoid •I1::!H Ui !!! ;ink Check iU Search ForTomorruw (is Split Second 4 1:55 I!" NBC News 1-: (HI (i.i. Celebrity Swuupstitki-s ii3: News. Weather. Sports lW All My Children ,1'J : JO ill Mow Til Survive A (Marriage ;i3. As The Worlrf TIM-IK l-:ill nr Doclors iiJ' KiiRe Of.\ijjhl (is Hin Showdown -'•mi •." Another World ln ! |>riee Is IUf;h( 25 (ienoral llospicil -•.(II u. Match (ijime JK One Life To l.i\e ',(:illl i5 ! Sesame Slreel illepi'al ot morninn teleciisli it Somersei .u TaltleJalev 28 Money Ma/.e ;l-.lti " Beverly Hillbillies u Joker's Wild 26 Movie: "The Thiel 1 ' il»52l Hay Milland. Hila (lam. Communist spy steals atomic secrets then suffers iiirtures of conscience, Story is without dialogue. Mi" 5 MisleroKers illepeal nf morning telecast i 11 (loiner l'\le u Gambit 'l::!ll >5: Villa Aleurtr iHeurnl of niurnini; telei'ust i ,n; Ironside u Hun,ui/;i J.IMI 5j Kleetric Co. I Repeat ill' murninii Urlecasll ."i-:lll 5! l.ilias. Y«na Ami 'Vim ll!W) u NHC Ne\\s n CHS News •78' ABC News '11:11(1 i s Spi-akint; Out in, :u ,28 New s, Weather, Sf]i»r[s ^:.((l '5' Washiiiulnn -Sliaiglu Talk r n Sanford X Son (Hi La- mem invites his ex-convict friend (o visil, t)ti( (Jradv is iipenh hostile ;ihoui the arntngemcnl. iu To Tell The Truth OB'i Dei lleeves' Country Carnival 7.110 (5: At The Top — 1'ertHr- maner by nighlcliih enler- lainrr llacidv (Irei-n. +" »*»V *> v s and local television stations .mil (H) Repeal Program. Appearinj; uilh (ireco is trio known as Ihe Main SiriH't Incidi'iu. ;ii. Sandburg's Lincoln -•' ' I' r a i r i e La \v y or ' * Ahraham Lincoln defends- murder suspect a(jainsl prosecuting attorney wln> intends to use Ihc trial to his political I age. Ihil llolbniok, Walter McCinii. Calherine Hums star, u Ciiinsmoke IF<) ('anieroiv Milchell guests. Respected sberill has Icl himsell degenerate into saloon bum. 'is [{ookies (111 Nurse and married riot-tor, who are linked r o m a n t i c a 11 y, witness a murder bill refuse to inform police for fear of exposing their relationship. Trish Stewart, .hired Marlin Sliest. X:llll s Memories Of iVntc-e Albert Hunt — Traces storv ot a Texas fiddler wlm (•;iut<hl the musical style ol the Texas country early in ihe -Oth century. An experiment in use of super X film, (he film won ;i Silver riao.ui- in the IDth Chicago International Kilm Festival. n N15C .Movie: "What's ihe Matter With Helen'.'" i I » 7 I) (Hi I) e h h i e Reynolds. Shelley Winters Mothers of teen-age sons convicted of homicide an- hount! together hy mutual triigt.'dy. u Maude till Maude and Vivian are. furious at their Inishands lor going on ;i fishing Irip. 28: S.W.A.T. — I'rolessional hasketliall learn is kidnaped and held for ransom. •j*:!Mi is* Komanlic llehellion — Discusses K u g e n <• llelaeroiv. considered the greatest of the l-'rench painters, ;\ I) r i 11 i a n I aristourat with a I'crnrions leni|)eramenl. ©KLBK, CBS < ; - 2D KMCC, ABC /|$ : K -»?;^WM^avS' is suhjcft lo changc u lUioila 1)0 Joe pups the i|iH-stion, hul it's not exactly iliv one lUioila wants lo hear. Mary Tyler Moore nuikes Riicst appearance. :i.n» s Ciiiuerii South ~ ICv- :<mines- Southern person- .ilit> through tradition, arls, lolkuays ami hislory. u Moiiii'iil Center i K] Hwliioy Allen Hippy guests. Orphiirt is about lo he adopted when Dr. Cannon discovers he has u heart problem. 58' Carilii' — Alter tracking down leader ot school (or killers. Hen and Murk most lure him back into tiicir juristlicliun. Stuart Whitman. Claudia .lenning, Hohert Vnro "nest. S! Capitol (iallory — News' from Austin. in. .I3 ; !2S< Spurts HI .'in 5 Who Herbert .News. Weather, Area Television LOP Is iMan'.' — Dr. I'uryeai, former l.iibhuck residenl now with ihc lMlg:ir t'ayee l-'ounitii- t i on studying p s y <: hie: phenoiiii-non, hosts. M 'I'oniiihl Show — Mel. earl Stevenson is K l| esl host, Steve Allen pie. sis. a 3' CI5S l.ate .Movie: "Sweet Ride" (IHIJSl IK) Tony Franeiosa, .Michael S:irra/.in. .laequeline llisset. l.ile-and-death story o! sand-and-sort dwellers on carefree Malihu Bisu-h. .•?« Wide WtirM Mystery ( K) ' Sijjn it Death" Krnncescii A n n i s . 1' a t r i c k A Men. S e e v e t » r y will do rvi-rylhinu shi-cnn tn marry her hoss, eM'n murder his wile. -:tlli .ir Tomorrow — Dorothy Kuldheim. radio-TV broad-. easterstill aelivr. though in her Xlls, talks ahoul her career, •u News. Weather. Sports 1 1:1111 ,11 News. Wciilher, Sports Radio Stations ^.KFWOIIK SI'ATl DNS K» If rll.VNMil, 7 — fi-"0 i ; ?5 7- iH -•i'cf) *I'GI) o-:.o 10:00 tO:: II n-:n 1!: ITi 7'' 1 • ', !:Kl" \l'un!;n Kind-n.'ail-!i : >" s x i' - 'ii'j(jiv ^i^ime ^1 Jci('i) Col!J» Lucy Jeanme Ilriitly Bunch Split ? r cLOnd "•»OTf^ ," - [,j|-n n^"-]] 'i^rlJTrcci* \|MLl 7 ].:3'J •::0,l :7:'6'.i .1 ;00 -J-M i> • "II 7:00 11 :[H1 .VUAKIJ.1.O . 1 !l7.'i Cirl in my I-ife Cicti. lln^pjuil Oflp Ijiffi l.nvc Am. -Sly. Hi»unn Hillbillies n. v<vn nvke ADC NCITJ Tcll-Tru'h J 'uok^s' j\nr Movir 7: n S: ID: 10 11 LI: 1.1: J2 j 1 KO-A, 7— Ot)K?SA T:00 'l.M 9: 0 10: UO i'i;,10 11:10 !!.:» 1. :'i:l .!::;,' 1 :l(j ^ PnSl' .lok'Jr's'wild Non-ice II Lfive Of Lift >»>nroli-Tnirsv ri.^i't; N'o^JTl i Jit-'iliii-,' l.'l. ]''rii->:-r.T 2: ;)!! :--:liO :i:::u :? :M f; ;I)Q i li.'JO 7:00 -:-';^o :':00 :0:K M.iti.-ii n.-iim TaUlo r l"a]f'\ SI. Gliflin " I.ucy <-i:.^ Xr.ns N \V^: Gll!-i5niol-:r i!.\-|'iii n-. M- Mt'll. CrulCT Jyi'.s .Movie d 1 U u r. l_l i 1C.M1I) CIIANX* Alrvmhiv. OU "I'Dday 00 Din.lli :0 .Ironarclr 00 Wizard '!0 tl'wtl K'lt- (10 -Inckiiot 30 Swccpslnkcsi "i> NBC News f(0 Conlaci :':6 ::bn .\ Match 00 r>ny.i-O<'.r Live :^0 lloclois TO Ano'licr Wtn 1. J - Vlilil ; :T-o(j '•<Voo •y:.o fi-iill V'-'M ifj-iiu « !<i:"n i ^ ^ t'O i - Mini,A,\n . 127.-, Somerset Beaver Anily Giiriilii S'.ar Trek ARf 1 NliVVS KWS 'i'l-utli-Consq. ^T!l;!iciall .\RC -Movie .NWS .1. Cru^on Tomorrow KC.NC CIlANN'Kl. * - AMAKIUX) -rO AS Toii'iy IS) Diiinli's PI. : 10 !i-«'j'lnr.-:<[V.' M .I.K.-fepol "(ji) f-.-ovT.^:' :'JU J On A M.ilob 00 uuy» Of I.ivci Mini 1 ::•( 2::!0 ':';': ::'o ", - J( . ll^.-j 1 fUV'IOI 1 Anatitn \ 4 ,'crlti '.Movie 5 '" Ni^i': NfiTTj 6-::c i.iio- 7:C(I Kfufiinil JO: II! 50: 0 .N"c\Tj^TatC(i 1. <':i!30n K.r t:20 7:00 8:00 S:00 9-:0 ;0:60 11).. 10 10:,» 11:09 U .-.'Ifl 1_:M r'-^n i:on l:iM L'rOd 1 I'M '-.::« S:;o 10 :M 1 1 -00 11. :o l-:00 j " " I '•!) J:00 1:30 x^/ B* CHANNEL MiiiKl;i>. A Amur, College CBS' News C, Kain."arno .Iokci-s Wild Kamblt Kow-Sce Jt l.ovc or Life CBS News Voung-ncstleii Sean?h-Tmr*r Ncus H'oi !d Tiirni Gni'Iir^ l.l. £d^e Of r^Alit P[[cc-f.[. MUM C'llAV.VK KIIAV (AIIC) 38() Kin lvl-:Nll (NIIC) 151)0 UIiz 1» ~ iM.\HlIJX) KI'VO « IIS) TOO Klir. ii-il 7, l'J7j KI.P.K (All! ) mill Hill ::30 Malcli C;iui« Kl ' lJ - <' ISi;<f > ' l(i ° niu ;^S3 Brailclll'fl'" ^''^ NKTWORK STATIONS 4:00 Thai Girl Kl.ris u-Jii Kliz <:30 r.rcen Acrei U^l-'.l, i.'jO Kli/ fi:(10 'i'niVli-Cnn.'eti. r>:"0 CES Kcus I.-XT l'H<if;u \\mi\(; B:00 NWS ...„,. ,'..,«r -MI i;-"!! VVlnt'K m,- Ihi*- UI.IVK IM '.1 ,,) .Mil/. -•m r , «,,^', KI-". I'M flll.:i .Mil/ / - W OUI'SniOKC r-fiinr I-IIILII i i i !):!)!) J.ut-y KOIDf I'M HI. I .il iii s::;n I). Van U'"kc "'SKI, I-'.M :«.7 .Mli« a:00 iicJ. Cciucr UTl-.'v: HK.i .illi/ 111:00 NWS KTXT TM 01.11 Mil/ 10. "0 CEi Movir KWliO I'M II1I..1 Mlu 12:00 Kcw» KM. I. I'.M -111.:! :,lli/. I. D— MON.MIA.YS .»liiuil:l>. Ani-il -. 1117.-, l-'j\rn.t!:anch 2:00 Cc?i:. Ilrniiifal \'r\v Zoo l':^li Our- Life Vovage Dan'l Booiit r,. \Valwrs M;. chlldl-,'11 J^rady Buijcii I*ass\vonl lUtppJiiin;: M;ikc A Tlnal \c\v]v-weds Cirl-My !Jf« :i:OJ L.uvn Am. sl.i V10 D:in'l Bonne r>::;o A.BC News <;•:;(> Tc'lt-Trnlli 7:00 Itnukios S:0ii ABC Movie U:00 .\c-»» U::.0 MuViC |^^^^»^>.^1X» < ^i^>i^j ( JE/ Sererco / RESTAURANT ' \ The Traditional NOON Special | (Saltiilo Dinner 1 45( f Hon.-Fri U:30 AM-2:00 PM ' J Enchilada Dinner $ 1.75l 9 nrt __ nirnnrn rtr Pawn Shops Feeling Pinch Oi Economy HAKTKOIM). Conn. lAFi — .Su>vi- Cli^l. ojicriiloi' ul oiu 1 ul In totliiy's lijilil economy. Tin:- jifiwnsh'jji. -n d« indiin^ ic:i- ilic fc« pa\\n^hops licrci, saiti nljiuil onu-lhirri of ihi'in don I Hire o!' llic ciiK'S. i.^ liavin;-; lh:ii mil lu'ii; ;i'_;i) only about 7 ; com(- bnck with thcii' p ii'iuiliic Inniiiu; :i iirnlit hi causcjii'i' (.'on! u! nis tiislomi'i's abaii- jlickcis, lie said, apparently tcvvL'i' customors an- I'eclaimiii'.^dniii.'d tin- nn.tjs. musiord inslni- 1 eliciting the money is inoi'o Jm- Ijns-^'ssuiiis Ihcy jiav.ncd foi'iiiii'ius and ather items tliey liail! piirtaiH than the item.. several operators sa\. 'left as seciti-itj-. ; In fjriri.ucport. pawnbroker lr-' luin I'eck also said liie amount valuables lefl OUR SANGRIA .............. > 2 UU lues. & Wed. All Day Relax to music of '/'/»(• Strolling I. Of A<ir/cm>,s 6:30-9:00 PM each TUBS, i Wed. 50th & Ave. Q SANDWICH PLATE WEEKDAY LUNCHES, TOO!! PEKING RESTAURANT LUNCH SPECIAL rcll. horn-fried rice, pork chop suey, ond ^o Open Fa t Sit., 11:00-11:00; Open Sun., 11:00-10:00 / ' I/ ' i ' IU1 ^ TAIWAN RAILROAD SPECIAL S3 TO GO IS WELCOME If HIT. PH. 79Z-75J5 NOW PLAYING IN JEANS KERR'S BROADWAY HIT COMEDY "FINISHING TOUCHES" 1 2-LB. C HOPPED SIRLOIN OUR NEW LOWER PRICES ARE: MONDAY-THURSDAY .... '7.25 French Fries or Boked Pofofo Steak Toast OIK! Salad Bar FRIDAY t SATUHDAV 5 8.50 TP JJJ S 1 1 ,1,111 -10 |i ni (Vlnn l-i i. . M ,i in. 1 I p.m S< Sun. 1st industry, Intl are offer cut-rale 197U try to revive il. "U'o have already had some inquiries Ivom West' Germany anil Sweden,' 1 Oi'lion said. Have a European Advent'are with your * West Texas friends tf. a n d Calf orwrile foi'TJTrv*i'ory<ineJ1»r-otf»UVe' Downtown, 763-1901 South Plain* Mall, 795-552* ~~ Planning a Convention or Sales Meeting, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Reception Or Just a Weekend of Relaxation? ...Let us help. Convention & Banquet Sales Located in Lobby Phone 797-3241 COFFEE SHOP OPEN 24 HOURS 'Elegant' ATMOSPHERE :MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, AND WE TAKE PAINS TO ASSURE THAT MEALS ARE PLEASANT, SOCIAL OCCASIONS...SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS AND SEAFOOD! INDIANA AVE. AND LOOP 289 im. FOR 2 PERFORMANCES ONLY ' Scheherazade ' BELLY DANCING will be performing 8:45 and 10:45 .. Mar. 28 & 29 | and April 4 and 5 .Voit? {'"autitring... TINA CHRISTINE SHOW AND QUESTOR • COVER CHARGE • OPEN 5 PM - ? AM • DANCING STARTS 9:00 PM • HAPPY HOUR 5:00-6:30 pm (ALL DRINKS ': PRICE) • • • •• APRIL 6-20 FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE Whan you have your birthday dinner with us. One day notice please. HOT APPLE PIE WITH CINNAMON BUTTER SAUCE SUNDAY APR. 6 TURKEY and DRESSING LARGE SLICE SERVED DAILY THRU ANNIVERSARY DAYS NO TAKE OUTS — PLEASE DAILY ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS CLIP AND SAVE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE Monday —April 7 Barbecued Chicken Dinner 1" c^ppette Steak Dinner .. 1« Toeiday —April 8 Tuaidoy— April 15 Broiled Chicken Meat Sauce & Spaghetti Liver Dinner 1" Dinner • T' W.dnosdc-y-April 9 W.dneiday-April 16 Complete Mexican Dinner. 1" Complete Mexican Dinner. 1" Thundoy—April 17 Thursday-April 10 Chicken F^d Fried Chicken Dinner 1" Vealetie Dinner 1" Friday-April II friday-April 18 Fried Cod Filet Dinner V 1 Fricd Cod Filet Dinn er '" Saturday —April 19 Salurday-AprU 12 ChicJC6n MlA Baked Chicken Dinner ,. 1" Dump , ing Oinner IM Sunday—April 13 ' Sunday—April 20 Baked Meat Loaf Dinner.. 1" stuffed Bell Pepper Dinner 1" UlUfltt CRKttRIRS SOUTH PLAINS MALL

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