The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 31, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
Page 10
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THE DAILY HEWS, FREDERICK. MD. TUESDAY, MAY 31, 1932. GETS IN J! AFIER is mm \ Son Found Hanged: Father Asks Probe Mrs. Vergie Lenhart Fined $50 On Each Of Two Charges-- Goes Over For 20 Days. BUHBAUGH. DOREMUS AND HONAKER ALSO ARE FINED Police Break Up Disturbance When They Swoop Down On East Church St. House. E Hold Democratic Convention P 1 OFAUIOACCIDENT Walter E. Early, 27, Washing-; ton, Killed When Two Other ; i Machines Collide. I WAS 10 FEET OFF ROAD i PURCHASING GASOLINE J-S-...-C S.l-'I'-ji-. P B-'itrs i-5"~ ~fi Ic-tges- -·--·_- f t · · · ar * '.r.r r. _r- ly t*" r.3-:r= f.~ f ' ' "-" e --." S-': n iected'T-.e rL -r.--. f d - f - · - a r . - _ --- lecttnz al'emt".e .ill *eTi» I*i the l!n"-**t case ""' "lie t^Tt'tiis five defendant- -*ere '--r.-..-'ed c:. staf by'citv'pcVe cr. 2 "r.o^c-M^d bv V-s Vergi- 2ZS Ex-t Cr. ir-h s*r»«rt early Sunday M-* L-n.iart *as ;·- i:-.d guilty of crurser.r.-s* ard of cisordcr- ly conduct. She *as fi-.- $50 or. each charge cr t?.er.-y days, th* senf-.ces to run cor.currer.t.y On a state ·* arrant. charging the opera- -n cf n disorderly house, a sentence of 6i days * as s as- , pended. Mrs. Lenharfs alleged hc-i-ekeeper. GoMie Bausher. IS. Motintsindale. dre-v a fine of $;n or five days In jai! for disorderly conduct, ihich a as suspended upon Ihe condition that sne return , to her former h3,-ne Px.ce spoke i n , favor of the g-rl A boardi-r at the James Bu-r.batu-h, * as fined $n cr days and a visitor. Glenn K?r.acr. was ( fined »!5 or five- cays. He pa^ ' Maurice -sras fined S^O or ".0 days in jail for drurvseiir.fts and disorderly conduct and sentence suspended os a state charse of vasranrv. Officers must have mace a mistake w hen thev . said he transformed himself to IO^K l.'e j a cripple and begged money on t h e j streets, he stated In reply to the vagrancy charee. bat Constable Charles W. Smith and Chi'f Wiluun F. Steint-r remained convinced that he was the [ game person. Doremus said he arrived In the city front Harrisburg Saturday quite intoxicated and -ras invited '·": Mis. Lenhart's house by BumbauEh He claims to be seeking admittance to a Washington hospital. CnVf Stelner. OScers George Lay- aaa, Marshall Murray and Arthur Hoffman made the raid. Lnytnar. and Mur- . ray said they heard noise in the house ' and stood in the alleyway In a few minutes. Mrs. Lenhart. half-intoxicated., appeared at the door and call-ed "police " i "Here ire are." said Lavman as he ar.d ! Murray -walked Inside and "pinched"' the occupants. Murray and Hoffman, had to chase Bumbaugh to the roof of the building before nabbing him The , Baugher girl blamed the disturbance on a fight bet-veer. Mrs Ler.hart and Bum- . baugh. ; Chief Steuser said that he searched ; the house on a warrant and found three cases of beer, a number of pint and half-pat bottles, gal.on jars, etc T:ie house was Jr. -ar-ld disorder, he said, -nth t bottles smashed, glosses upset and mirrors broken. One cqpcdy scene appeared in the case as Konaker sought to convince j the magistrate that he had never appeared in court before on a city charge. To make sure, tile mag-strate looked h.zn tit cr. tnc clceket "Is your name Lee Honaker"' he said. No sir. don't get me mixed up w i t h h.m. he's my brother," Glenn rep..--c cj'iicklj "Well, in th.s case, it might be -A ell if your caine were Lee" ssid tnc magistrate. aince ri^ name appears once «inc Glenn Kansxer appears -hrco t mes Fishermen Held Three youthful B.ilt.rnorear-s. who iKln"t kno-^ tncy hai t-- obtain licenses to 3s.h in ce_r.ty s'.res.rr-s. were jut of jail MT.cUy r..?ht. Thev ·sere jormcted of Ssh.r.g ^ a 1.cense ·ad lined S10 =?.e-cc IVpj-y Game Warden Shank arr'-stod them r.p?.r th* Monocacy cr.cce al^ng the Gas HQ-JSS pilc. Tr.ry ^ore Elmer K Bownan. Fred H-^tcr ar.d Paul S^r-nsc*- T^eed Burke csrr.c to the c.-y - o get tr-Des Saturday but also proccecec ts fsi very intc-t.-avd an5 ^is arrest*c by OScer Ijay-- ?.r. K-: T^S fir.'xj S5 '"r cus'oclv o;. Ofs-.r Artr.jr K'flman Saturday. 3--tr. .··-..-""·-·c; -." ;a 1 I" appeared t.-.c.t .- ^.vf S5 cr '.hire c-r--cl .-_-.d C.-.srs crd-rly -c-c.-t f '.'.rr"-I= a-"^-"^* 3J Ci ar.-c. Cc. STICKLER SOLUTION tr.-- dt-atr. of j .V ^:id .-.anged .r '..-.* -xim cr. his fatner js farm near Mo Otis West, tne latter.'J-d t.-.e inqu-ry ar.d openly »c- ^ _v1 .f.-.» West the Sx\'a stepmother. ,'. £:·.'··* d«- of the har.gtn?. The Crash Comes As One Car Tries To Pass Another At | Hyattstown. JAP FORCES HIT OUT More North And South Of Harfabs To ! Halt Insnrjents \ Harbin. Manchuria. May 30--Japi aaes* forces struck oat north aod soath o! Harb^i today to break tie eactrchng aweaxeat oJ insurgents aa$ *ere reported to bare set fire so Hai'.ua, 150 aii'es north of here. Although Japanese airplane bcanbirK raiders appeared to be meeting success in their efforts to dislodge a concentration of Cnirwse insurgents at Hailun. their activity MS only part of the story. A Japanese column proceeded north w StHKia. zEiflaray between Harbin as Hailun and encountered a stroag ?r-s:taciins force of Chinese cavaOry A- last reports a fierce battle was us- d*r His right leg terribly crushed To t-ie .six Democrat pief.ired abo'.e will fall the task of handling tht_: lv L« shown here PLUNGE INTO OCEAN .\\iaton* I'vr PirachuU^s When Plane Brtomes Disabled. Si ¥ a*-'.' Wash. May 30--A spectac- peculiar automobile accident at HyaUs- pAr ;v'4 national con'-er-tioti in Chicago n-ext month. In the upper phow, left t j ' ' !af-«moon, Waker E Early, 27 years a; - a rnis: Pjtnck J Haltigan. reacir^ cl^rk. and Senator Alien W Hartley of I of age. Washington, died at the Fred- Kenfjcky. keynote ipcak-c-r. ino-iti ».th t.-.e gavel iised at the 1928 national jtriclc City Hospital several hours later, i C onvent-on B--!«n. :rfc u r.^ht. are Kennct- s-.-r;ear:t-»--'-rnis of the ,fol!o»;nK arr.putaUoi. of the leg Early] House. -A-no nil: be tally clerk as delegations i:;tut their -.-jt-r for tae presidential ·xas brought so the ttospital in an au- c ;3i;r;ation: Congressman Claivr.ce Canr.'.'ii of Missouri, parl-amentanan. and j ·on-.obtle ar.d an examlnatlo:i revealed'_ Joseph J. S^inott, otficial doorkeeper : that amputation was necessary at once : ------{ Early, who was alone, stopped at Bur- | ,,,,,,, BONUS SEEKERS INVADE , His car v.-is about ten feet B-,,,,,. NV, Vork a-.ia,, off ,,,. h!gh ,. a , ^ * « ,.and- , WASHINGTON FOR CASH t h.s .-.'urting point. Kr -.vr- ar.d hL- volunteer assistant In ^ j ,,. ,;, e S! j e · i i;s machine with the! hood up two other automobiles, one a! .·efuel:r, K operations. Frank Brooks, were , C -, D , TO . ria(is y. r and the U. S. TO STAY ALOOF her a , To Appeal To Congress For Pay- evroVt ' r r ment Of Certificates. Will Have Nothing To Do \\ilh Conference At Lausanne. Washington Mav 30 -- Premier Ramsay MicDonald's plcft that t! 1 .'" i auxinsy repar.itions" confect-.-.o- -n J'lne i'j bv he «:r:pljinc-d he "hadn't intended to taki* a ba'h until Saturday " "We both left the plane at the same lime." Brooks said. ' We couldn't help It When the -*»ng tore uff -AC were l«.ft »ittoi' almost la the air. "It rain's! plane all around us as i settled in our parachutes in the Wash:ngtor . 3^ --Three hundred . ed by Paul F Myers, Chevy Chase, oc- i ·* br his s o n a n d driven b v Carl : , - » » » . r» t »» i - nesro chaufte-^r. followed : WorW War veterans rose today from Senator Reed, Pennsylvania, Brow operating the Packard, at- flxrs * hlch re taesr tempted to pa« the Che^olet. He ', «»t n-gn, a tt ^nmr-on ! evidently mtsjudged the distance and ' P ared -°- - ne J ^ ^ .aa. and pre- .aa. Aside TfCaSUFy Estimate. ! crashed into the side of the Chevrolet. :The impact caused the Packard to \eer turned Mo a sowral coiif. r-at,- « *a:er Wo left the plane at an alt.tude j ^ world trade was said ·«·-,* oy the otate of abo.t =00 feet and the chute; open- | ^ ^^ and shcfe m|o thf garage Early standing by the side of his ma- Department to have l«ft unshikcn the et! about !00 feet before we lit" determination of try Vis.t'-d St.ves to Broc-l-ts said the wing was torn off In chine, was ·;'.- the onccTiin; , them across the cont^ient--impressing on CongreiS th?ir demand for fall payment, of the bonus The lean and seat.ier-b»3t-a bane from the Par West rolled into the Capital Sunday evening in IS trucks pro- Hot Days Are Corning So Buy Now . . . Gliders in Our Incorporation Sale as low as $10.90 Awnings--Porch Shades 6-ft. Stock Awning, Green and Orange Stripe $4.15 Rubberized Glider Covers $3.50 NEW LOW PRICES ON WESTINGHOTJSE DL'AL AUTOMATIC KEFKIGEKATOKS C. C. C A R T Y USCORFO RATED Established IS68 Telephon.- 396 48-52 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK. MD. SALES TAX TO LOSE AGAIN saa^ississaisystsssjsis^^ Washington, May 30.--In a carefiilly- tax rcni3.n a^av fro*n Ija;Lsiinr ciins deemed amputation necessary aifced no r»para'!o:i» from G^rmanv anti a hen h" :\xr, p.cseil up some distance js therefore not concerned abTit repsra- fror.i ·vh^rc the fuselage of the plane once tions It expected o ha'.e European". pay their oblicatlons !o United S'at* 1 .-. srrcsD*x-tiv- of WTther Germany meets the reparations obligations imjwe-cl tip- on her b-. trfa'-'-w asrrtrmen'." settLng t'.-.e Croat After the European po-ivrs have reached *=ome r'Ertvmont ^ n r^i"*r:xtiorts and ir.'er-BQvernmental lebt^. th" United States will consider pr.-i»sal.s foreicn countries nwy care to make con- dropped into tnc deep water PROSECUTORS MEET 1 Th* Chevrolet car v. as forced agalns* , i tree and the druer lacerated about nLt head. His injuries were not serious '. Early did at 4 20 o'clock, about two and j i lialf hours after being taken to th? ^econtl Annual Convention Of Slate'-. ho*pltii. State Corp. J. T Knight ! was notified and ···- ent to the scene of the acc.aert. In the meantime Of- pro- Arnval c-'. the 300 unrr.arced by ponen-^ almost totally unprepared Sen. disorders of any kind. The veterans Reeci Republican. Pennsylvania, leader called a fnendly jreetin; to .l.e citi-, of the fight for the Iev'. threw a7.ay senry as tr.e trucl-is lurr.oered down Mas- the original estimates of Secretary Mills and the resident and said the msa^ure was S200.000.0OT Attorneys. B,il'.r.-.o ficers of May 20 --Prosecuting of- B.'..tiir. re c y ;nt.e w and the various .11 meet tomorrow e "he th^v one this country. at the Err.erson hot"! ann.ia! contention of th .. th * ficer T. F. Voliten. Rockville. and MontTMCKn"rv county police arrived and m-ide an mvest.firti 4 'ion Bn-An. tlie t chauffear, was arrested and was belr.! sachusetts a\enue. waved oac'-c An ola s'ore suildir.j iis C3r.-.erted temporary oarracis for the ' b-Dnus arm;.." There ho; vejc-taole soup was ladled jur Police u-oer^itenier.t Pel- ;hor of oalancmc; the budget. Demcra=£ as'-iad on ·xhat grounds he oasec; such estimates and cited the :c-r delaying enactment of ham Glas-sford personal"." bou;ht 5120 the -jve^uo measure upon -yhich speed worth of fooci. Merchants anc! voter- has be-^r. urc;sa at all times by the ^l^' aus" organizations donated more. Rol' *"~ T.V k.tchens Dromised by the Pres.dent Reed appealed '·- the patriotism of d . or , 2k:ai: SALUTE COSTS ARM , «»«· At»r- held today pencing toe outcome of the Depanmeni 'a-ed to arri-.e. Bread the 56 sixers aza^t the sales tax. as- ru",-. Association of Ma-y.ana Jjaire , investigation. , T **«,··. OfTutt. of t.w ·Court of Appeals The booy of Er.r v was taken t o . nnc! -h.ef j-iaze of the Third Judicial RocfcvJe by an unaertator from «lw C.r-u t. and Chief Judre Sam-iel K . .nttor place. Early resided at the Member Of New Vork Gun Crew Injured Memorial Day. Xew Yt»rt- Mav 30 ---The accidental d.tchar^c of a thie^-inch eur. at a MemArirt! Day celebration r'-sulfx! :n the loss of his r.;l." arm nr.d se\ere burns for Anviony A'.trif. 21. s member of the srun crew. Di-nrU. o' the Supreme Bench of Bal- j Chester Apartmcn' on Cathedral ave- t.aiore. are scheduled to speak at the , ntie. Washington T.he Chevrolet ca- pr-s"cut:-rs' banquet tomorrow e-.-.nmg 1 was slightly damaged. None of the oc- The as.o"iation wa-s formed last year ! n-pants of the Packard w hurt it a r^.e^t-ns in Baltimore State's At- ! ··IT."-. H'-rbtTt R O'Cor.or. whr pro- i"iso i 'lie iT-"ra:tinat:on is president. A n ! t'l'Vior. of officer- for the current year' v..;. b'' held at the opening of tomor- , ASKED TO DEFINE STAND Altrie. bel-inRinp to Batterv B. One r^-» s session Hundred and Fifth Field A-:i!ry of thj- New York Nat.vr.a! Guard. -,\as rammlnc a cr-arRe of Dlack ponder down the gjr, tihen it exploded Altrie. his right ami torn oft at the elbow, was taken tn a hnsp.til where his condition '.\as said to rje rrif"a':. Want To Know Democratic And Republican Prohibition View*. rindi'sons in Baltimore and : su^ counties will be discussed' oiITerert prosecutors at the , , .=cssiC-n Mavor Ko-ward W. ^ Jac.vson .o scheduled to open the convention ,\.th an address of welcome Stnif .- Attorn;-, Walter E. Sinn. Frcder c'-t. is attenJinc was a run on American Glassforj expected the kitchens to be jo'.ci. ·?.hich woald be unchecked unless i o n nanti later tday He also detemiin- ;he r:venu? measure was up to ed t-o seek a sho^-down with Secretary rare fur.ct eonugh to balance the bud- i ot War Patrick J Hurley or. the (jties- ~et 1 ;ion of the army prov.ding cots Few ---sere ava.lable last ni-ht \Vash:n"on May 30.--Actual work Gi-issford is ma'-un? every effcrt o or. the ael-cste task of framing the Be- sc^id t'^e ExriU£-see.ver£ on tneir vray "^bl.can rjlatform ?.nh its prcfmoition ' within a '·'a', or t w j He _s ootntinz out o'.anli began today .r. conferences at the ' tc- t.iem that some of the funds '-3 care White H:.ise ar.d the Capitol for them are bein; taker, from badly , James R. Garfield. Ohio, son of the .ate Pr53.d-T.:. ^merged as the chair- mar, of 1.1? all-important Republican resolutions committee and talked with Republican Ssnate leaders to get- their ' depleted local relief bjagcti Ke points ..; 1 to cdn3re_5.=ic.nal snd House dec- ~ New York. May 30--The Republ.-can larations -na:-absolutely no bonus v.ll and Democratic parties we."e urged · be passed the Voluntary Committee of , But the present n.spcssition of the Lawjers. Inc.. an anti-prohibmon or- '· -veterans is to stav r.znt -icre tintil there SAVE on Blam« Other Ship For Crash. B'Tston ^tlay 3 0 -- T h e siri'cir.c ^f the steamer Grecian. Wnic*'. tt*k f~-ur liii" 1 . was blarr»S bv t!v Greci.-'-;'.- ntoster on the cap'iin of the Ci"' of C.tat- tancoea. Cspt L G. Bor-.ip.'. of the Chat'.a- nooca tr.ecl to rass to the .:,irb.v,r 1 irtfrcid cf *· pert. Cap; H E Cal.j- of th-^ Gremn. told\i States Strarr.biXit Inspectors ln\"^* th? rolljs.on C.Vlis scim.ttod :'c was c,xnp tcr. fcro'j; despite the hca"-T f-x Joint Commencement vanization to define without delay the.r stand en the Eighteenth Amendment. Re-, lew ins suggestions that a temporizing pc-licy on the issue be adopted, the committee adopted the folio-ring resolution and addressed it to Presi- -nil be a jo.ns comm.-ncement (j er , t Hoover and Speaker Gamer and Baltimore o; - nor5 Thee ..f -he CSV^ and b-tnchc^ nf the L'liuersity of Miry- t '·" l: "1 - : " R--chie Coliseum at Collect T .--.^ p ar;v : eat jers that such cynical and Park on Sa'urdai afternoon. June 4 . , frivolous induTerence to the welfare and K.irton F.nley. associatv i happiness of the cr.j^ns be not toler- al ^ aad :ila; aefinito statements of .5 a vote .n Consress one other. W W. Waters, corr.xar.cer of the V\"cs:-err. bonus -rm. expeci-c-d '.D ci^- cuss today witli his .ieu;er.ants tr.e oest jtratt-gy t"3r hammenn? home the.r demand A mass the others e.i?e~ted this ieei i; one pjssi- . Th , co -, m u ; ee urges honestly upon a.l.f. The veterans also plan ta can-.ass all consresstner. and urge t.vom Prisident Soo\er called in Sen. Bor- , ^h. Idaho, the pronioition leader :8r · inot.icr coherence ar.d started a new · rcur.d of speculation on r.j ideas for , tne snc-t:;. p'c-r.ibitlon plank. \ B-Drah. w n a has drafiec a plank out- ] l,r..n; h^ views, rr.a.nt-iined silence on i tr.e Hdtise parley, but indicated j he conUME?latcd no change in his plan , - j remain away from the conference. : GarMelcl. who was prominent in the Dr .1 fcL-o-r of -he New York Times, me tr.e -address to the graduates, it , purpa se either to repeal the Eghwnth ' has been ar.nxir.cvd bv Dr Kaymor.d i An ,endatcnt or o enforce it De adopted i Allen p.\»-sc-n president of the Old. ^..hout qualifications invplving vacil- ' Line iitstifi-i'Tj ^n 7.3-i.d c;-rr.pel the 3;: ;; MSC*; iact.or. D: the 1912. Republi- , Kou.e to ^ote c-n t'r.e cDr.-; oJ to i j latlon or Welcome To New York c».r. spl.t. sir.ilsd in response = "es- : rs Ke called on Sen Watson. FROST I N M O U N T A I N S iVdiana. -..-.* Republican leader, and _______ -xn-e at the Ca~itol he also -. ^sitec witn Temperature Of 32 Decrees At Elk.n,. Senators Fcss Onio. natienal chairman. j/0.27'''-rJ3; jg Th» -,-Jy-. t-r-i S } 0 )',, ar:.i«r. kv- p: ^eri *--i -' ~e! jK-: p^ K r J trie K IV. Va_ Monday. Frart formed Monday morning in the Allcsr^ny ?.!ou-itatn rccric-r.. At Blkms W. Va. the temperature fell to 32 degrees. The frost anil sharp decline in temperature in Western Maryland hau its effe'; h^re Mon-ay. a minimum of 38 decrees beir.? ri-ccrcec at the l:-cal weather stvi'-r. Cr.cer tl-.e ir.r.\icr.c* of a warm sun the mercury becan to climb durine the d,v. to stta-r. a n-.a^i- murn of 75 decrees The unseasonable torr.trerature Monday didn't ha 1 , e p.nv ad-, erse effect 110- oa the stream of Memorial Day traffic that j*nired througn the ·;--,- fror* all cLrect.cns. The untio'-ally heavy traff.c Mondav;! Jha- a rr.a;or.ty cf instead of cxter.rl.r..: .: three cay? by ge-f.r.c aiav on A 1 ., .rd^y. The day -sas nea'i f^*r rr.-xon.i; -r.c dancing .n the af--".r.ocn nr.c -ngii'.bti'. a chill brere f-om t.-.c ~ -.v '"·' d-c-v-n a-tcr.dar.-v at t-ie ---intrr. r.g p-x-1 -.: cr.d Mo$es. N^w Hampshire. HITLER NEARS CONTROL But Xot Likely To Obtain Immediate Government ControL Berl.ii. May 30.--Dr. Heinrich Bruen- r.~ and h-s cao--": stepped aside today ar.d tnc Xa/=s c-f AcD.f Hitler hailed the re.-.rr.?.'.ir. --.til 3. ;r.r,rr:rnant slogan. · c ir hour has corr.e." But when pres- -.-nt ?· .1 v;n Hiiczr.bun accepted the -".· ~ r t:.e t -- 3 year old cabinet ·h'-re -ras r.i that the fascist Tx;ld "ep erectly po~er. .As ccr.fererccs procressed throughDut ~r. '..'-'"·-' recer.: sta'e -.ictories but that ~erl"Atx- "r.-c re\t char.c".lor would be Tn-- Sicialist*. and Nan leaders c-rr.- Today As Never Before Folks Are Making The Dollar "Go Farther" When buying Dresses keep this Old Reliable Store in mind. "Why buy less than Quality when you can get Quality Garments at the lowest prices in years?" Our Ready-to-Wear Department Large Spacious Show Room 4 Large Dressing Rooms Courteous and Pleasant Salesladies Efficient Alteration Department Elevator Service to All Floors Select Your Garments Amid Pleasant Surroundings Captivating Styles I 172 · SEEKS SAFETY IN CHURCH SUN SPOT CAUSE Man Had I'cdrrtakrn Pciics Of StriV- Q* Display of Northern Lights Sunday ** _ _ . mir ,,* _,"^ __, ,.._ '.^ ._.. - § Clia C.- _-\.-. -.1- a S.i--.a - - -;r , \--rl----r. ^ zhts. -b=-:rv..a hers 5} l")-.?r. for a rrar -.-· « ~ . 7 " t " ·;«--.-·· ^,. . r;--. -_-: ,--·- -x-" rr.2" r..-v- N ^ str_.r.c c^cd.-- 1 * v.-\x? cl-'.-s r.e ^.-- ,-,? i bv i ''.--_- --··· -r. *.-.-· ~ir. §^ " c _^ w?.cr c _ - 'Uii'." rec^rt-lv." ..c s:.5 ".hire 'r. -* =^ «on ."x-t -h" wh-* ;.-.'.c - iV . e: , --, ^^^ r n .-· t ;r _ K"vever. .:. ^. Georgette and Triple Sheer Fabrics 2 pc. 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