Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 11, 1998 · Page 13
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 13

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1998
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml — Friday. Sept. 11,1998 Page 10 . TtocefcHomes * COMMERCIAL * RESIDENTIAL * INDUSTRIAL * GENERAL CONTRACTOR Your Full Service TERRA CE HOME Builder/Dealer GEORGE NASI CONSTRUCTION, Inc. BuiLltrlDtoler (715)561-4741 316'A Silver St. P.O. Box 145 HnrUr, Wis. MO\II-:S TUE, SEP. 19 MORNING 5:25 am 15Th* P*r*onal* 18 Uk* Father, Uk* Son A surgeon swaps personalities wltti his teen-age son. Dudley Moora, Kirk Cameron. 1987 5:30 mm 22 LJI1 An orphan joins a puppet show and regains her happiness. Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer. 1953 7:00 mm 15 Article 99 17 Little Niktta 22 Batman A Robin The dynamic duo returns to taka on an icy villain. Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Cloor.ey. 1997(CC) 7:10 am 18 In Like Flint An intrepid spy foils a s«cre*. female society's plot. Jamas Cobum, Lee J. Cobb. 1967 7:15 mm 16 Dancer* 6:00 *m 10 Son of the Pink Panther Ctousaau's Illegitimate son aids a kidnapped princess. Roberto Benign!, Herbert Lorn. 1S93 8:45 am 15 Relative F»*r 17 Addam* Family Value* 9:00 mm 16 Doctor Dolrttie 22 Tomb of Llgela Edgar Allan Poe's tale of a remarried widower's plight. Vincent Price, Elizabeth Shepherd. 1965 9:10 am 18 Play It Again, Sam The spirit of Humphrey Bogart advises a movie buff on love. Woody Allen, Diane Keaton. 1972 10:00 am 34 The Godchild Three Civil War prisoners become the guardians of a baby. Jack Palance, Jack Warden. 1974 39 Rosa Luxemburg The woman who helped form Germany's Communist Party. Barbara Sukowa, Daniel Oibry- chsU. 1986 10:20 am 15 Denl»e Calle Up 10:30 am 17 In A Out 22 The Addama Family A lawyer passes an Impostor off as long-tost Uncle Faster. Anjetica Huston, Raul Julia. 1991 (CC) 10:40 am 18 Who'a Harry Crumb? An inept detective seeks a millionaire's abducted daughter. John Candy, Jeffrey Jones. 1989 11:00 am 30 Once Bitten A lady vampire's eternal youth requires virginmale blood. Lauren Hutton, Jim Carrey. 1985 32 The Taking of Beverly Hills An athlete and a cop try to thwart a madman's heist. Ken Wan/, Hariey Jane Kozak. 1991 11:25 am 16 Water 11:30 am 34 Th* Good Old Boy« A cowboy faces the end of an era In a shrinking West. Tommy Lee Jones, Terry Kinney. 1995 'PG' (CC) 11:40 am 15 Daddy's Girl AFTERNOON 12:00 pm 17 One Fine Day 39 The Plague Tha government quarantines a city when a plague breaks out. William Hun. Sandrino Bonnaire. 1992 52 Mistress A once-promising actress attempts a comeback. Viclona Principal, Don Murray. 1987 12:15 pm 22 Hello Again A spiritualist brings her dead sister back to life. Sliel- ley Long. Judith Ivey. 1987 12:20 pm 16 Like Father, Like Son A surgeon swaps personalities with his teen-age ton. Dudley Moore, Kirk Cameron. 1987 1:00 pm 16 And Now for Something Completely Different 21 Uatlock: The Fortune Mattock defends a murdered millionaire's disinherited nephew. Andy Griffith, Brynn Tr*v*r. 1993 32 White Man'* Burden A tobies* factory worker takes his former employer hostage. John Travolta, Harry Beia- fonle. 1995{CC) 1:1Spm 15 Noises Off 2:00 pm 17 Heaven Sent 22 Cod* Name: Worvertne A former Navy SEAL strikes back against a drug cartel. Antonio Sabalo Jr.. Richard Brooks. 1996 39 The Beat Intentions Ingmar Bergman's retefling of his parents' courtship. Samuel Froler, PemUla August. 1992 2:05 pm 18 In Uka Flint An intrepid spy (oils a secret female society's ptot James Cobum. Lee J. Cobb. 1967 2:30pm 16 Twelfth Night 3:00 pm 15 Four Friends 28 Bluffing ft A mkkSe-agcd factory foreman tries to hide Na Ulrteracy. Dennis Weaver, Oeavanf Derricks. 1987 35 Trouble Along the Way A cortege football coach uses unorthodox methods to win. John Wayne, Donna Reed. 1953 40 Fatal Inattnct Filmmaker Carl Reiner's parody of erotic thriller*. Armand Assante, Sheriiyn Farm. 1903 3:30 pm 17 Swimeufc The Movie 22 Zeua and Roxanne A dog and a dolphin form an unlikely friendship. Stave Guttenberg, Kathleen Quintan. 1997(CC) 4:05 pm 18 What's Up,Tiger LJIy? Spies plot to steal the world's besl egg salad recipe. Woody Allen, Tatsuya Mihashl. 1966 4:53 pm 15 Touch 5:00 pm 16 The Hud*uck*r Proxy 17 Major League II 35 Thai Touch of Mink A tycoon romances an unemployed New Yorker. Gary Grant, Doris Day. 1962 5:15 pm 22 The Lemon Slater* Singers from a busted trio search for n«w directions. Diane Keaton, Carol Kane. 1989 5:30 pm 18 Play H Again, S»m The spirit of Humphrey Bogart advises a movie buff on love. Woody Aten, Diane Keaton. 1972 EVENING 6:00 pm 14 The Land Before Tim* TV: Journey Through the Mtsts Animated. Littlefoot and pals search for a medidnai plant. Voices of Candace Hutson, Heather Hogan. 1996(CC) 6:35 pm 15 Joe'i Apartment 7:00 pm 16 Cod* of Silence 17 hr A Out 19 Modem Problem* A man is telekl- netic after being doused with nuclear waste. Chevy Chase. Patti D'Arbanville. 1981 22 Th« Firm A law-school grad signs on with a sinister Tennessee firm. Tom Cruise, Gerw Hackman. 1993 (CC) 34 Trading Place* Two men's lives are altered by a bet made between tycoons. Eddie Murphy. Dan Aykroyd. 1983 35 Pi I tow Talk An interior decorator shares a party line with a playboy, flock 'Hudson, Doris Day. 1959 (CC) 39 Alice An herbalist sparks a woman's journey toward self-discovery. Mia Farrow, Joe Maniegna. 1S90 40 Fatal Instinct Filmmaker Carl Reiner's parody of erotic thrillers. Armand Assante, Sheriiyn Ferm. 1993 7:15 pm 14 Femgully... the Last Rainforest Animated. An evil spirit threatens elfin forest denizens. Voices of Tim Curry, Robin Williams. 1992 (CC) 8:00 pm 3(3) 5 The People Next Door A woman discovers her new neighbors hide a sinister agenda. Fay* Dunaway, Nicollette Sheridan. 1996 (CC) 15 Striptease 32 Blackjack A bodyguard tries to save a model from a serial killer. Do/po Lundgron, Kale Vemon. 1996 (CC) 48 Stolen Memorle*: Secret* From the Ro*e Garden A boy's visit digs up buried memories in a childlike aunt. Mary Tyler Moore, Linda Lavin. 1996 8:35 pm 14 Trading Mom Three children look for a new mother via an ancient spelt. Sissy Space*. Anna Chtimsky. 1994(CC) 18 Spie* Uk* U* Two inept government workers enter a spy training program. Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase. 1965 8:40 pm 16 Baby Face Neteon 9:00 pm 39 The Great Waldo Pepper A frustrated fighter pilot becomes a barnstorming stuntman. Robert Radioed, Bo Svenson. 1975 44 Inspector Moree: Absolute Conviction (Part 1 of 2) Inspector Morse Investigates a shady entrepreneur's death. John Thaw, Kevin Whatefy. 'PG' »:30 pro 34 Trading Place* Two men's Ive* *r* altered by a bet mad* between tycoon*, fdbto Murphy, Dan Aykroyd. 1983 9:33 pm 21 Flight of the Navigator An alien spacecraft hoWs th« key to a boy's disappearance. Joey Cramer, Veronica Cartwrkjht 1986 22 The Substitute A mercenary dean* up a drug-infe*ted Miami high school. Tom Seraoflwr, Ernie Hudson 1996 (CC) 10:00 pm 14 Banner In the Sky (Part 1 of 2) A teen attempts to dfanb a seemingly unconquerable summit Michael Rennie. James MacArthur. 1959 (CC) ISTemptr*** 16 The Myth of Fingerprint* 35 Pijama Party A martian scout falls in tov* with an earthling. Tommy Kirk, Annette Funlcello. 1964 10:20 pm 18 Th* Greet Race Two drivers taka their rivalry en th« road. Tony Curtis, Jack Lemrnon. 1965 (CC) 10:30pm 17 The Rat Pack 11:00 pm 39 Alice An herbalist sparks « woman's Journey toward self-discovery. Mis Farrow, Joe Mantoyna. 1990 11:30 pm 18 Unhook the Star* 35 The Cura* of Frankenstein Baron Frankenstein becomes obsessed wtth creating life. Peter Cuahing, Christopher Lee. 1957 11:35 pm 15 Midnight Blue 12:00 am 14 Perrl A squirrel learns to survive the dangers of the forest. 1957 • (CC) 22 Hollywood Dream* Two women wilt do anything to star in a tow-budget movie. Ketiy Cook, Danny Smith. 1993 34 The Blue* Brother* Two musicians reassemble their band for a fund-raiser. John Belusht, Desi Aykroyd. 1980 12:35 am 17 SmilU'* Sen*e of Snow 12:45 *m 21 Herd Time* A Depression- era drifter becomes a bareknuckle boxer. Charles Branson, James Cobum. 1975 12:55 am 18 In Uk* Flint An intrepid spy foils a secret female society's ptot: James Cobum, Lee J. Cobb. 1967 1:00 *m 32 Whit* Man's Burden A jobless factory worker takes his former employer hostage. John Travolta, Harry Belafonte. 1S95 35 A Time to Love and *Tlm* to Die A German soldier finds love on a furlough from battle. John Gavin, Uk) PiMver 1958 39 The Great Waldo Pepper A frustrated fighter pilot become* • barnstorming stuntman. Robert Bedford. Bo Svenson. 1975 40 Son of the Pir.k Panther Ctousaau's illegitimate son aids a kidnapped princess. Roberto Benign!, Herbert Lorn. 1903 44 Inspector Morte: Absolut* Conviction (Part 1 of 2) Inspector Morse investigates a shady entrepreneur's death. John Thaw, Kevin Whatery. 'PG 1 1:15 *rn 15 Maybe... Mcyfo* Not 1:20 nm i2 Hideout IA biological mutant raises an army of angry creatures. Michael Citr;.-ii1t, Rhonda Griffin. 1997 1:30 urn 16 Losing Cha*e 2:00 am 2 Poltergeist A suburban family's lives are disrupted by vengeful WKDNKSDAY WED, SEP. 16 EVENING 6:00 pm 2 Reel TV (In Stereo) 'PG' 3 (3) 5 6(6) 10 (10) 11 (6) New* (8) 13 20 (36) Newshour With Jim Lehrer 9 Family Matter* (In Stereo) 'G' 12 Jeopardy! 14 MOVIE: Bedknob* end Broom- •ticka (CC) (2:20) 23 Our Lady of the Angels Morwutery Dally Mas* 28 Our Hou*e 29 Adventure Bound 30 Beverly Hill*, 9O210 (In Stereo) 32 Xena: Warrior Prince** (In Stereo) 34 ER (In Stereo) 37 Busine** Center 38 Gimme Shelter 'G' 39 Dance of the Century 'G' 40 Dally Show 'PG' 42 New* Dairy 'PG' 44 Law * Order ' 47 Doug (In Stereo) V. 48 Show Me the Funny 49 Waltons (In Stereo) 52 Party of Fiv* (In Stereo) 53 Home Again 6:05 pm 21 Andy Griffith 6:25 pm 15 MOVIE: Friday the 13th The Final Chapter (CC) (1:35) 6:30 pm 2 Simpson* (In Stereo) 'PG' 3 (3) Seinfeld (In Stereo) 'PG' 5 6{8) 12 Wheel of Fortune 9 Coach (In Stereo) 10 (10) 11 (6) Home Improvement (In Stereo) 'G' 33 Major League Baseball Teams to Be Announced (Live) 37 Upfront Tonight 40 Win Ben St*ln'* Money 'PG' 42 Gossip 'PG' 47 Rugrat* (In Stereo) 'Y' 43 Show Me the Funny 53 Horn* Again 6:35 pm 21 Andy Griffith 7:00 pm 2 Beverly Hill*, 90210 (In Stereo) 3 (3) 5 Nanny (In Stereo) 'PG' 6(6) 11 (6) 12 Dateline (In Stereo) (8) 13 20 (36) Anyplace Wild (In Stereo) 9 Wiyan* Bro*. (In Stereo) 'PG' 10 (10) Dharma a. Greg (In Stereo) 'PG 1 16 MOVIE: Three*om* (In Stereo) (CC) (2:00) 17 MOVIE: Who Am 17 (In Stereo) (CC> (2:00) 13 MOVIE: Bite the Bull«t (2:15) 22 MOVIE: Homer & Eddie (In Stereo) (CC)(1:4S) 23 Mother Angelica Live 29 Tripper John, M.D. 29 Rough Guide 30X-Fite* (In Slereo)'14' 32 Walker, Texa* Hanger (In Stereo! 'PG' 34 MOVIE: Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (2:00) 35 MOVSE: How to Merry • Millionaire (2:00) 37 Hardball 3« Wild Dl«covery 'G' 39 MOVIE: House of Game* (2:00) 40 Jeff Foxworthy: You Might Be a Redneck 42 Celebrity Profile 'PG 1 44 Biography 'G' 47 Hey Arnold! (In Starso) "Y' 48 Ohh. Noool Mr. Bill Preeent* 49 Life and Time* of Ann* Murray (In Stereo) 'G' 52 Chicago Hop* (In Slereo) 53 Tornado 'G' 7:05 pm 21 MO VIE: Kung Fu: Th* Movie (2:05) 7:30 pm 9 Jamie Fox* (In Stereo) 'PG' 10 (10) Two Guy*, • Girl and • Pizza Plac* (In Stereo) 'PG' 40 Jeff Foxworthy: Check Your Neck 47 Journey of Allen Strange 'V 48 Life, Camera, Action 53 Deadly Force* 'G' 7:59 pm 32 MOVIE: Police Story (In Stereo) (CC) (2:01) 8:00 pm 2 Party of Five (In Stereo) 3 (3) 5 Public Eye (In Slereo) 6(6) 11 (6) 12 3rd Rock From the Sun (In Stereo) 'PG' ' (8) 13 20 (36) In Performance at the Whrta HOUM (In Stereo) 'G' 9 Wayan* Bro*. (In Stereo) TO 1 10 (10) Drew Carey (In Stereo) 'PG' 15 MOVIE: Th* Harv**t (In Stereo) (CC){1:40> 23 Reiiglou* Catalogue 28 Miracle* and Other Wonder* 29 Lonery Planet 30 NYPO Blue (In Stereo) '14' 37 Rivera Uv* 38 Discover Magazine 40 Brett Butter: Sold Out 42 Ml** USA: Behind the Scene* 'PG' 44 American Justice 'PQ' 47 Brady Bunch 48 MOVIE: Just My Imagination (ZOO) 49 Canadian Country Muilc Award* (In Slereo) 'Q' 52 MOVIE: In the Lin* of Duty: Ambush In W*co (2:00) 53 Jam** Gang 'PG' 8:20 pm 14 MOVIE: Hocu* Pocu* (In Stereo) (CC) (1:40) 8:30 pm6(6)11 (6)123rd Rock From the Sun (In Stereo) '14' 9 Steve Harvey (In Stereo) 'PG' 10 (10) Drew Carey (In Stereo) 'PG' 23 Ro*ary In the Holy Land 40 Drew Carey: Human Cartoon 47 Wonder Year* (In Stereo) 8:45 pm 22 Making of Roeewood (In Stereo) "PG' 23 Papal Audience 9:00 pm 2 New* 3 (3) 5 Chicago Hope (In Sterso) 'PG' 6(6) 11 (6) 12 Ute Night With Conan O'Brien Fifth Anniversary (In Stereo) (8) 13 Into the Rising Sun (In Stereo) 'PG' 9 New* (In Stereo) 10(10)20/20 16 MOVIE: Ringer (In Stereo! (1:45) 17 Oz (In Stereo)'MA' ' 20 (36) Gr**1 Performance* (In Stereo) 'G' 22 MOVIE: Th* Pandora Project (In Stereo) (CC) (1:30) 23 IntkJe the Bible 28 Landmark* of Faith 29 Seven Wonder* of the World 30 ln«t*nt Comedy With the Groundling* 'PG' 34 Babylon 5 (In Stereo) -PG' 35 MOVIE: A Shot In th* Dark (1:45) 37 New* WHh Brim William* 38 Would You Believe It? 'G'. 39 Expo** 'PQ' 40 South Part 'MA' 42 Talk Soup 'PG' 44 Sherlock Holme* Uy*t*rlea G' 47 Happy Day* 53 BtMt Ma*t*r*: The Science of Expio*lon 'PG' 9:10 pm 21 MOVIE: Kung Fu (1:30) 9:15 pm 18 MOVIE: The Frleco Kid (CC) 9:30 pm 23 Purgatory: Th* Dogma Explained 30 Bobcat'* Big Show'14' 33 Major League Ba**ball Teams to Be Announced (Live) 40 Upright Citizen* Brigade 42 Night Stand '14' 47 Laveme a. Shirley 9:40pm1SMOViE:Gi»dl«tor(lnSlereo) <CC)(1:45) ' 10:00 pm 2 Nightman (In Slsreo) 3 (3) 5 6(6) 10 (10) 11 (8) 12 New* (8) NJghtry Bu*ln*i* Report 'G 1 9 MecGyver (In Slereo) 13 All Aboard (In Stereo) 14 MOVIE: Banner In the Sky (CC) (1:00) 17 Chri* Rock (In Stereo) 'MA' 23 M*gr. Clark 28 Trapper John, M.D.

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