Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 6, 1968 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1968
Page 3
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SATURbA¥, JULY 6,1968 ALtON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE A-3 Tax. Hoods. Roads Bug By L. ALLEN KLOPE telegraph staff Writer Beautiful homes attractive yards, and "a pietwv esque lake make up the tiil< landale Subdivision on Foster Township, but Its residents are troubled by what they call unjust tax burdens, bad roads, and ruffians who have, at times, taken over their lake. But what is even worse, the residents haven't been able to get any help in attacking their problems from county or township officials. Lately, however, they are taking action on their own. A petition will be circulated throughout the township this week in an effort to get a more equitable assessment on their' property, and it also asks for improved roads. The men in the subdivision have banded together to keep the trespassers out of the lake area, since is has been impossible to get any action from the Madison County Sheriff's office. The tax problem has come about following the receipt of tax bills this year where there was an increase of $67 in one case, but there was no additions made to the home or property. A 24 per cent increase in real estate taxes is expected next year, according to information furnished the residents by the assessor's office. Explaining the residents position was Mrs. Kenneth L. Porter, who said there are homes of different size and cost, but all are assessed about the same. A frame home with three bedrooms is assessed the same as a brick home with four bedrooms, Mrs. Porter said. The assessor, she said, is trying to be fair with all township residents by assessing them the same, but this is not the proper way to establish what taxes should be paid, she added. Citing another example, Mrs. Porter said one family paid $268 in taxes this year, which is similar to taxes paid by a resident in Alton with a similar built home on a similar sized lot. "The resident here is paying the same, but does not enjoy fire protection, sewers, city water, street lights, or police protection," Mrs. Porter said. She said Hillandale Subdivision will be included in the proposed Foster Township Water District, which will amount to part of the proposed increase in taxes next year. For the amount of taxes being paid, Mrs. Porter said, Foster Township should have better roads. "Right now most of the roads are full of deep pot holes, and are extremely rough," she said. Along with the road problem, the JHillandale residents live about a quarter- mile off the Godfrey - Fosterburg-Road, but have a small bridge to cross to get to the main road. "The school buses would come to the subdivision if they didn't have to cross the small bridge," Mrs. Porter said. As of now, she said, ihe school children have to stand along side the main road to wait (or the school bus. "We've just been lucky fhat none of the children has been hit by an automobile," Mrs. Porter added. To add muscle to their efforts, the Hillandale residents had a meeting last week to lay the groundwork for circulating the petitions on taxes and roads. The residents have^u- ble with teenagers sneaking into the lake area, mostly on weekends, and having beer parties, after which they leave the lake front in a mess, The most recent incident Involved eight young men whQ were using vulgar language/ and threatening to throw anyone in the lake that tried to remove them from the premises. Locking the gate and setting posts along a road ditch have not kept the ruffians from getting to the lake, Mrs. Porter told the Telegraph. * 8be eaW Ui<? eight young men got their ewe back to Hie lake by driving through Suburb a road ditch. Mrs. Porter said one other neighbors called the sheriff's office about 1:30 a.m. when the eight were hollering and throwing trash barrels into the lake. However, a patrol car did not show up. Early the next morning Porter called the sheriff's office to find out why a car was not sent, and later that day another neighbor did the same, but the office personnel said there was no record of a call the pre- vious night. The following evening Porter again called, but was told the same thing, that there was no record of any calls regarding the eight young men. However, later in the week, the Telegraph ran a story regarding mail boxes being blown up, and the Porters were listed, by .the sheriff's office, as being one of the callers. Apparently the Hillandale report was carelessly lumped with the mailbox complaints. The sheriff's office has now turned the matter over to a juvenile officer, who has been working, oh the Hillandale case; but he, too, informed the residents he could: find no record of the calls made regarding the eight men. Mrs. Porter said that practically every weekend there is a group that comes to the lake. Sometimes there are both young men and women, but most of the time it's just men. Dog Catcher Trips Over Fleeing Mutt PEACEFUL LAKE — The private lake in the Hillandale Subdivision. Residents now patrol because they can get no help from county police. The lake area in above photo has been cleaned up but when ruffians invade they leave the usual residue of beer cans, paper cups, broken bottles, and assorted trash. This problem is only somewhat more serious that the tax situation, some residents will tell you. "OVER THERE" — "That's where they cross," Mrs. Kenneth L. Porter tells a telegraph reporter, as she points to where teenaged ruffians drive their cars across a road ditch to get to a private lake in the Hillandale Subdivision. } eople Hurt.. . Alton's new animal control officer was injured Friday when a dog he was chasing doubled back and upended him on the steps of Garfield School. George Leone Jr., 21, of 95 E. Elm St., suffered a pinched nerve in his left arm and a possible back sprain when he fell on the west side of the school at 521 E. 6h St. Leone, more popularly referred to as the dog warden, told police he had chased a small dog after observing the animal barking at a woman pedestrian. He said the dog ran through his legs and he lost his balance and fell. Leone was treated at St. Joseph's Hospital. Leone, son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Leone Sr., was ap- WIN A WESTON '15,000 3-BEDROOM HOME Ann Sprained Elizabeth Heitzman, 21 months - old, suffered a sprain to her right foerarm when she fell while playing with a group of children at her home Friday night. Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrr,. Robert Heitzman of Rte. 1, Moro, was given emergency treatment at Alton Memor- rial Hospital and then released. Slips on Grass Marlene Schmittling, 6, lacerated her right ankle when she slipped on the grass at her home Friady and her foot scraped a drain link fence. Marlene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Schmittling of 111 Auto Strikes Bridge A one-car accident, late Friday night, on the west end of the Hardin bridge in Calhoun County resulted in moderate injury to three,passengers and major damage to the car. Ticketed for not having a valid driver's license and driving too fast for conditions was the vehicle operator Oliver Fugate, Four Face Charge Of Siph oning Gas eleased from Jerseyville Community Hospital with lacerations Three teenagers and an Alton man were arrested by Alton police Friday night and charged with disorderly conduct in the siphoning of gasoline from an Alton man's car. Alton police identified the four persons arrested as Marsha Cans, 18, of 1811 W. Delmar, Godfrey, Paul Melvin Sheff, 21, of 1203 Marshal St.; Lawrence BUSES WON'T CROSS — The bridge in the foreground does not meet specifications for load limit for buses of the Alton Public School System to cross. Children in the Hillandale must wait for the bus on the Godfrey-Fosterburg Road, and are in constant danger of being hit by passing cars. R. Wright Jr., 18,of Greenwood Lane, Godfrey; and Robert Lee Lefler, 18, of 1200 Spaulding St. Police said the quartet was arrested after Edward Gilbert of 200 W. 13th St., noticed a suspicious car parked behind hit own auto. Police found a gas can and a length of hose in the auto occupied by the four teenagers. 'Mr. Clean' Gauf Faces A New Rap George David "Mr. Clean" Gauf, 38, of 715 Henry St., Alton, has been charged with deceptive practice after a Jerseyville store owner complained that Gauf gave him a bad check. Jersey County sheriff's deputies delivered a warrant to the Alton police department Friday. Gauf is currently in jail in lieu of $500 bond on a theft charge in Alton He is accused of stealing $70 from a woman acquaintance's purse. The Jersey County charge re* portedly Involves a $22.64 check cashed May 0 at Don's Department Store, 106-108 S. State St., Jerseyville. Gauf'.* bond on the Jersey County cJiarge was set at |1,« 000. " Car Brakes Fail; Woman, Son Hurt An Alton Woman and her infant son were injured Friday when a left rear brake cylinder on her car broke and the car hit a tree and sheared off a concrete light pole. Mrs. Queen Ester Clark, 23, of 1228 Belle St., suffered a cut on her chin. Her year-old son, Howard Clark, suffered facial cuts. Mrs. Clark and the child were treated at St. Joseph's Hospital. 'Police said Mrs. Clark was driving at Sixth and Piasa streets at about 1 p.m. Friday when she found her brakes had failed. Police investigating Man With Unhealed Bullet Wound Freed later said that the brake cylin der was the cause of the crash In another traffic mishap, a city trash truck went out o control Friday and crashed into a ditch on Harriet street after the motor died and the brakes failed to hold Willie Hammonds of 200: Moore St., driver of the truck told police he had attempted to drive north on Harriet stree to make trash pickups and the motor stalled. He said the vehicle rolled backwards and th brakes would not hold. Th truck ended up in a ditch a 208 Harriet St. Alton police investigators Friday night on Information from Madson County sheriffs' deputies Invos'lgaUng a, burglary and theft case, .then released affer police hid determined the man was suffering from a ' bullet wound of the hip. Alton police arrested Donald Gene Baker, 20, of 1310 E. 4th St., Alton aUl:55 p,m, Friday at the ill Tavern at 5th and Belle Streets. Polive investigators said they determined that Baker had a still unhealed bullet wound. 24 Hour TOWING SERVICE Get Your CASH SAVER SAVINGS BOOK PARTICIPATING STORES: COLLEGE AVE, AC MARKET 3124 Colltge Avt., Alton 4o5-6109 What art you doing thli lurnmir? Penney'* new Summer Cfttivlog la here with everything you need to do it. Get your Free JL eopy today. AUNAYI WWffBMAMrr* Catalog Qrdw Desk 9, of Hardin. State Police reports indicate he Fugate auto went out of ontrol and struck the bridge ailing when the driver braked t the west end of the bridge, ut failed to hold the car onto le road. The driver was treated and 7th St. in Roxana, was treated and released at St. Joseph's Hospital. Cut in Fall Susan Funkhauser, 2, suffered a laceration to her head when she .fell on a purse while playing "dress up" with some other children Friday. Susan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Funkhauser of 4810 Dogwood Lane in Godfrey, was given emergency treatment at St. Joseph's Hospital and released. Cyclists Swarm Alton police were called to Rock Spring Park early this morning and stood by while a gang of motorcyclists from Chicago were ushered from a picnic area that had been reserved for an Alton family. Alton police said the cycle group left without incident. Police said that the group, numbering about 40, had been resting in the park apparently before attending activities , at the Alton drag strip. Investigators said the group had a disheveled appearance but appeared to be orderly. One Alton police officer said some of those in the group may have been women. small appliance? radio? toaster? clock? Iron? can oponor? see— P. N. HIRSCH & co. STORES WILSHIRE VILLAGE NORTH ALTON ALTON PLAZA WOOD RIVER EDWARDSVILLE ointed dog warden on Friday, Aay 17. He is responsible for nforcing dog and animal cot- rol ordinances. J & ASpringman GOLD BONO PAINT SUPPLIES What a grand prize for some lucky homemaRer! Designed for carefree year-around WATERight living with: unique glassed end gables, cathedral celling, full bathroom, cabinet Kitchen, wood-paneled Interior walls, warm air heating. Fully Insulated. Plumbing, heating, electrical wiring Installed. 1,008 sq. ft. Erected on your lot and foundation. Nothing to buy I Get Sweep* stakes entry and see the new IN-SINK-ERATOR America's No. 1 stainless steel disposer with the double warranty I As advertised In LIFE N. N. CHALLACOMBE CO. Plumbing & Heating 558 East Broadway ALTON, ILLINOIS 62002 Phone 462-3131 SUNDAY SPECIALS o his head, lip and left eye. His passengers were admitted /ith more serious injuries. They re 26-year-old Robert Plum- tier, Rte. 1, Jerseyville, and 22- ear-old William Ashford, 503 outh 3rd St., Carrollton. Plummer suffered lacerations bout the face and forehead. Ashford had a deep cut to his orehead, and right eye. Both are listed in satisfactory condition at the hospital today. The accident occurred at the west end of the bridge on Illinois Rte. 100 which enters Hardin. The driver apparently was attempting to slow up for the road Y at the bridge exit, when ic lost control. Vandals Tear Car Top Paul F. Morris, of 335 Dooley Drive, Alton, told police Friday that vandals had torn the convertible top of his car as it was parked at his home. In another incident, Carolyn Richter, of 506 State St., reported to Al'on police that, a battery had been stolen from her car as it was parked on the parking lot at Owens-Illinois Glass Co. AMERICA'S LARGEST FAMILY CLOTHING CHAIN JULY 7th 12:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. „ Sun., gJUly 7th Only With This COUPON COTTON REMNANTS Prints & Solids 3 100 yds. I W. T. GRANT CO. , Sun., j July 7th Only With This COUPON SUMMER YARD GOODS | Denims—Fashion Coordinates, Some Perm-Press 2 u88c W. T, GRANT CO Sun., July 7th Only With This I COUPON of doctor and hospital bills. 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