The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 5, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 8

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PACE TWO, SECTION TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARR1SBURC. ILL., TIIUliSI'AY. f K l t l t U A K V P. The Dally Register ' ' 1869 ft Saline £ ,. ( ,County Renter.) ..... evening*-exc«pt Son- ton «ad IwUdaya it 35 South Vine ·trwt, Hifrisburg, ' IlllMta, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. ·"· ' of Harrlsburg, MBS. ROY L. SEBIGHT, , , ' President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Bates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail m Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00'per year in advance; $1.50 for three months.. Outside Saline and adjoining.counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 75 cents per month. If DREW PEARSON Says: Sen. Thomas thumbs nose at colleagues; Ed Pauley puts pals in important places; Lobbyists battle for higher "gas" prices. WASHINGTON. '-- The fiery ultimatum of Sen. Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma that he would not testify regarding his cotton and grain speculations presents the U. S. Senate with a unique problem. It will be interesting to see whether the Democratic senator's Republican colleagues take his ultimatum lying down. If so. some historic ^precedents regarding other Republican senators will be up- WASHINGTON f«. U» V *. »«· «* MERRY-(50-ROUMD ft _ . -- ^ ^ *_A deified 'that either he or his wife were buvinfi cotton. His answer was that this columnist was a chronic liar. Now. however, Agii- culture Department reports show that not only lie. but his wife. 1m secretary, and Ins two close cron- The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a new item or a.paid advertisement. inai uivv JK31 1 "-"- *»»·«»»..-- publican "was so drastically censured that he was defeated at the fol- ary, es. Ralph Moore and Dyke Cullura. have been speculating for years. . Furthermore, the record shows that .Thomas made speech after- speech calculated to influence ihe cotton market. In other words he was usin" the sacred trust given him bv the people of Oklahoma as a forum to send the price of cotton up or down. The Commodity Exchange Act set. In recent years four Repubh- my ^uunuv can senators have been denied their {provides that :m»v... seat or else so severely censured i a nd misleadingly or ..-- ---«,-.- that they resigned. Another Re- accurate reoorts that affect the L i : « « « *,t.^.c- en r l r n c t i p a l l v ^fnSlir- r»vi/*nc fl lowing election. None of the above accurate n.-fui« " ";., u^ti K« prices of any commodity shall be subject to a fine of S10.000 or one enator. Thorn , s u e . year imprisonment Senator. Thorn BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY to a bitter crossfire of iftvestiga- tion tion over charges that he bought, ED PAULE\ S i AL upn o\ei ^'t* 1 *,.. £.,,,,,,.,, :,, iom The ebullient Ed Pauley ap- to be a devout believer in saying: "If you can't beat jine "em." For although his in the government are num- . -11 _- -A u*iKl*» loovf* m*- When you repeat an unfounded ^^JSi^ toSSl"~on"£or ^iSffSS- «£ d S ! ne h a e rlTi^Sl following which 2h£S5e^t£» SLt thyjhe was finally denied his seat neighbor." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Feb. 5. The Bread of Life.-John 6:3040. The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier boy. · MORE CASH FOR YOUR USED WATCH Regardless of Age or Condition Bring Them In Get Our Offer EWELl WINKLEMAN Graduate Watchmaker l9 Truman New- s in the governmen - berrv of Michigan, former G. O. P. b ered. he will probably leave be- secretan' of the navy, was elected ! hin d some potent friends neatly secretary of the navy, was inma some yuici". "*· ""_+ to the Senate from Michigan. He;tucked into high government took his seat, but was so severely places. ,, «. f censured by his colleagues for| P O ne of these is HaroWjones of ," CHILL OFF i ni= ; \-jti %ji-^ " . i -- 1 - » » / OF A BACK SCRATCHES. - WM REAP I STICK HK5E O THESE t^OWN THIS ? OH, J' ELSE TO SAVE WOULP SAVE ^00 AM AWFUL LOT OF LABOR MOTHERS Galatia Cholera Luu Hog cholera causes a loss of about 12V4 million dollars each year Mrs. Ktlna Jones KcpreM-nlativc Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hitter and Mr. and Mrs. Ainon Jackson ol Anna visited at the home of Mi. and Mrs. Artie Hitter Sunday. . Dr C. L. Woolard made a business "trip to Beiilon Monday. Imoiicnc Allen, who is attending business college in St. Louis, spent the week-end in Galatia. Little .lolui Williams, who wis injured several months ago when a car ran over him. was able to it- turn to school Monday. Nobody Barred ITHACA. N. V. U'.l'.'-Tp insure a full house at a htudenl tea at Coincll University, the invited "an\one with a in 3943." duo to colds...cosed without "dosing" AT . . . SIE(JKl/s We Carry a Complete INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT MATCHED SHIRTS PANTS, CAPS JACKETS In All Colors'and MateruiU WE DO OUR OWN LETTKK1NG Write for Prices Complete Men's Store FOURTH AT LOCUST Phone 2-0133 Evansville, Indiana Former Resident Dies in California Word was received late yestcr- iploma to obtain a diploma to a^iht m. securing employment, meeting rev quhements for state licensing ana qualifying for jobs and college entrance, censured'by his colleagues for- O ne of these is Haroioaon« - ,,»- «. .-- - -- --^ Q£ ,,,,,,,,,. ,~. r .-..-- information and assistance m heavy campaign expenditures, that Los Angeles, whom J a «J» £ ?# ^ A (Vcrba) Estes. 65, a t , R CSO onsibility of a home or cmm: .king arrangements foi t.LU ... · _ r^^Mo, onH _,,:«*!.. K««ctmo for tne chairman-1lurs. \j. «. v » - t , ,, ,. r ,.___ ' . % ; i ;,- 1t comm itmcnts do not testing can be secured at an U ^ pi event'veterans of World War II, O f lice in the State irom ob-.uinmg high school di-' i n Saline county the IV C oince ilomas " I is located m the courthouse at Through a special testing ser-l Harrisburg. MCC deCelopcd by the American eavy campa , life became too uncomfortable and * h'e'resigned. Smith of . Pennsylvania. aU. suffered some- Pauley ^ what similar inquisitions, both los- pointed to ing their Senate xseats. Hiram mission · of Connecticut also faced · This latte * is » p ,, , 'et ap-1 was the former Verba Shelton, ' Com- sister of the late Howard Shelton i of this citv, and an aunt of Raymond Shelton of Harrisburg. Funeral arrangements have not Cherry Upside-down Cakes .. 50( Sweel Rolls, cuslsrd iHlei ea. 5c I Lonnc(jtiv.uL inainxi.**^*.***. w*« ««---^» 1st sit in on closed-door sessions is one wi. u'c ui^ "^~"" - -- - ---- . and the Federal Power Commis- is - e e r a o a position to shell out Bona Fide Club Meets Council on Education, it is po*- Isible for a veteran to take a Genc-al Educational Development test Beef Stew Shov.ers Down MUXCIE. Ind. (U.K--Customers Haven-Cafe Vere victims of . high school diploma s- s u r e |1SI 511. »" «« v.i.wji.v.-v.wv» . nncuinn 10 alien w«* ·*««» (while his committee drafted a new sion is m a PJ!" 1 ^ 1 {J it comes \vith Mrs. Ora Portee 'tariff act. Bingham had to sitjsoine ricn ia hwnrodurt The. "Rom Fine Federated club. tiv. a _ . ired-faced on the°Senat e ^^ Tuesday-sued. ' nm was injured. jhis colleagues passed a stinging ,* oil M ap- evening a? the home of Mrs. Ora, If ^ veteran passed the GEDl .resolution of censure, po ^'0The Power Commission, Portee! Mrs. Nellie Adams was; test unite u . J i e sen*^ £' TM v I Only Democrat who has gone j P°""f° h considerable assist-i assistant hostess. ., ,"?» " p £!'.,,bm ! nm«evidence of Wough such an ordeal recenUv |Paulej, iws TMF S from ex ., Ip the absence o£ Lhe yresmen . nioma ° HTM, £ mt % s t was the late Theodore Bilbo of "^^ntiss Brown of. Michi-1 Mrs . Helen .Williams the, mcet-jhaving passed ^c test. iBSBfriB. THOMAS b it ^SSceSaifolS ^ «*****. *"° Meanwhile Senator Thomas has j gas . a rea" Republicans. __, _ The meeting ^opened^ith exploded. ·^. pretending to i Comm ission is to the oil and a Senate committee part of industr y is graphically illus ate a favor by even give a Senate co his books. Nearly two years ago when this column first exposed is to oermit those veterans. »i^ othenCise would .be unable to re- Meanwhile Senator Thomas has i---'Republicans , The meeting wa,; opened^^wun ne ^e ? t^^schoo!: an opportunity acted as if he were doing the Sen-;» H impor tant the Federal Pow- devotional and during ? "sci.s.ion iarn_tu_^^ _J^T ate a favor by even pretending to i Comm ission is to the oil and O f business members \oted unam , -^.^.^s^^g^^^ J^ 1 "/^ a . ,, _ . _ _ / _ :*+«« n^rt nf i e l ^y l ".""f u:»,,ii,. illiic. TO «,,^u- tr. rnntribntc to the JlldrCI: / c=STJS»-«5eK73f^J jf. \V// JB FREE TICKETS 200 Gallons Gasoline Grease Job Battery Meal Ticket NO OBLIGATION TO BUY Tickets Given to Auto Owners Only For Visiting Our Stations. * SEE US For Further Information MARATHON Clelcher and Sivok South Main and Raymond AMERICA'S FAVORITE FEED FOR You're money ahead w h e n y o u r c h i c k s l i v e a n d g r o w -- icst. That's w h y «o ««^.f i ' LlC» U L l w l l c l l iiiiv* i -- « * » * - ^ -of business members voted unam mously to contribute to the bv a bill now before Con;0 f Dimes and Tuberculosis IUIM«. called the Rizley bill. Sena- Appreciatory speecnes in rcgara i "or Ed Moore of Oklahoma, him-1 to the co-operation of those cut- 'si 'j^s-s^ss. -ssiru srssf 1 ^^- · In? tt0 rdfissffi, pl .s a ysss i-"ucSc| S Snies bv between 20 and 30 per I c lub has had numerous request- ??S-jSt at a tfme when millions i t o bring the brilliant piamsu oaes.; '.of peopk are especially in need of t to Harrisburg . for anothei per , .oa= to heat their homes. · Iformance. · , . i '" ° company which will profit Refreshments were served L.-I "from the"Rizlev bill is Cities!fore the meeting enaed. The next. M And it-so'happens that meeting of the club will be on Congressman Rizley s law firm Feb. 17 at the home of Jits. Car; back in Oklahoma is listed as rep- losBnggs_ resenting Cities Service. In fact i his law firm is also listed as representing several gas companies which will profit from this bill, including Republic Natural Gas and the Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company. .. , It is even suspected on Capitol Hill that it was not Congressman Rizlev himself but his firm's, gas- company clients who really wrote the so-called "gas-company gra\y 1 The bill, if passed, would permit the gas companies to charge their customers a rate based on their "field price." which in turn is pv- ramided up by sales from one companv to another within a holding company. This pricing _system would add a total of So2.DOO.- 000 to the gas bill of the American , consumer--just at a time when he I can afford it least. MERRY GO ROUND Most people dont like to be , cjuizzed by Senate committees, buc I Bernic Baruch was miffed when I the Senate Foreign Relations com' mittec didn't cross-examine mm [ about his 11-poSnt program »or -" world reconstruction. (It was such a ccod program the senators couldn't find any fault with it.) ... . Irving Kaufman, the new lobbyist- probcr pays tribute to the efficient cooperation he's getting from J Fd"ar Hoover and his G-Mcn . . . "Spccchitis" is the word coined by . \ \ Davis of Barncsvillc. Ohio. 1 for those afflicted with an overdose of longwindcdncss . . . rural Missouri counties which never voted for Harry Truman because they didn't like the Pcndcrgast machine now will go for him: Reason: S3 corn and wheat. (Nobody wants to kill Santa'Claus. Sounds like the same kind of support that rc- clccted dl Coolidce. Hope The rcT'crcuss5or.s won't be the jaipc.) 3 I Phone 126R 10A W. Elm St. Harrisburg Spectacles Spectacle Repairing Chas. S. Boicouri Optometrist 110 N. Vine Harrisburg Phone 459-R Aspls Turnovers, ea. Parker House Rolls, doi. . . Cup Cakes, choc, covered, ea. . 5c BROS, BAKERY ·"^'^ejfc V*" .!''° ni *'""» o»»er 0e ~^nb iiai,!X?.~ oeeeler - 7wn» in H£NSY J. 1JXIO?., tfulvol f Fndcyj CHICK STARTENA Star* Chicks that Pay THE CHECKERBOARD WAY MAKE THIS YOUR HEADQUARTERS f - j X \ - C GODARD'S Farm Morkct Harrisburg W. Elm V PURiNA°CHOWS and FARW SUPPLIES Traffic Violators Sent To Church for Sins , i 1 SEATTLE UE--Seattle motor-1 ivJs. if they aren't careful about tniffic laws", may find themselves. \\riJing a 300-\\ord essay or be under orders to go to church c\cry , for six months. i ' It has happened to several dnv 'r.s. convicted of major traffic \"»latioas n traffic court heic ·lud^c Roy DcGrief ordered a n.oloml convicted of reckless and hit-run driving cither to write a; 300-word thesis on "Reasons for ftopp.nj; and idcntif\ing \oursclf .'iftcr hjt'.ing another car" or serve a five-day jaii sentence. The drive wrote the thesis. Another driver, convicted oi 'drunken and reckless drivms. escaped sen-ing a 30-day jail sentence b\ piomiMiig to atlend church "even-' Sunday for six, months. He was required to prc-' .sen: an aifidaviJ altering to his ! .ittenJancc. . f5k©S th foo^S-with fen spark/ing models, a new Vibra-Shielcfed ride, sensational Dynaf/ow Drive, 30-odd new advances The curtain's up -- the show is °" 7- nnd square in Jhcspntli^lu of public fa\or is this f.ishi»»n-pl;»tc Buicfc- This lonnic. binwny bcnnty is jak- ing Ixnvs for ihc c\c-appcal of its ten stunningi) sinait moilcls . · - Cntchinq boinjin !s on the «ucr bi il- JinnccofHi-roiscdrircball power... Getting applause for Safety-Ride linis. pillow-so,i t i l e s , all-coil for no less than 30 new features. And it's winning amain calls 071 two major advances no oilier car oilers. One is the fabulous new Dynaflow Dii\c* where fhrrr ; ?.o grarshift- in%, rj r?? mi1onialiraU'\. Yon just step on tlic -- and inotoi ing close "to magic is \ours. Oihcr star feature is ihe Vibrn- linis. pillow-soli tius. a n - c o u v/mc. .,,, n.,,..*v , ...v. ...... snrincine - for bodies newly slicl- Shielded ride 1 Icrc for «hc first nnic tercel against distm bing noise- ynTrc shielded against v,brauon bnild-np tlint blinds on Hcrcnotim t J t i : i » i v f . i n . into bi,q OIKS. Hue i- lhin:;-ioom comfort and f j i i i t : . Your 15ni(V dc.ilrr is *hoi\inc this fashion plai- ih \\\ i o i u h ( d w i t h mngir. Sec it. C h ' k ii for V]),T ions- ness, for s o l i d - l f rhii'^ su .id in ess, for snpcilati\c fin^h. hi sings and fabric*. Then -- to qct one into \our ^aiagc at the cailiest pt^jblc dale -- gel your ord" i'» n'i~,s. * OYNAFIOW 06IVE * TAPER-THRU (O^'^wMii, |f/-.rf»JMr**r *wrv«» *VJERA-SH/aDfD RIDE * SAFETY-RIDE * HI-POISED f/REBAU POWER *ROAO-RJTEBAIANCE * RIGID TOROVE-TU3* * OUADRUF1EX COIl SPRINGING * REX-FIT OH RINGS * SOUND.SORBEB TOP UNING !*itf*r «nlf R»9tf~nr*'v' *CUO«ATIC SPARJf ADVANCE * TEN SMART «ODEIS * BOD/ 52 J S. GRANGER HARRISBURG. ILL. The Daily Register, 20c a week. I by carrier boy.

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