The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 20, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1918
Page 6
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pAm vomt: THE Htf'l'OttllNBOlS NEWS. til! riirrtfiiBi limn fin iiii Till: HUTCHINSON NEWS SrriCIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. Y. MUPGAN, EOITOB. f.ST A3'_;S.HED 1871 Eni.crM nt tin ruMufrice In llutchin- lift. Kan., lran B mn». k lon tlnough tta« IDAJIU a» wcoiul-uflju mutter. TELEPHONES. NO. ] No. i No. <U3 No. 2*0.1 llualticBH Officii Au-vi-i tlnlng lJcpiirtln'-'nl JiJItuiial Hoiuim bodily lulilm TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Dally cell .luu Uiilierwi by curler to any piut 01 liulcliinnon, 11) cenla a *yi<!Kj U'U . on is lly iuu.ll olio year. Uy mau. tlx inoiillwi lly mail, ll.ieu iwunliu .. U> iiutll, wie iiiimib Hi INUWH, oni) year. MEMDER OF THE ASSOCIATED PREGb !Kr .r«^ , .ai°i J °t5: , ^.?. r .*i ,,,, ; , !i " , ' r ? l |l.w'ol"'r«l«'>'.lr«tlon of fecial B ELL-AIMS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c ly 1P«R brutal ttuiti Ihn Turks aiul nl lpasl H it-nth as ricndlsh ns their (icr- miui allies. Therefore If the Serbians get Hie chan" 1 they want tho Bulgari*. bail bitIIT melt peace and seek It soon or move off ilir ninp of Kurnpe. r Abe Martin The Sidlinger Drue Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS TelepTione »i. No. 17 North Mam Street. Hutchinson THE KAISER'S PHOTO. •\ In : Oil - (THKiH mi'llKT loS! HUM' Mnlwnrt, younn. tip- Ilims. She wt'ju IM'SUII' InT 'oiitiri' ilimr far thus*) 1 who would it-turn iiu tixirc; the ImnJfJi (>; IHT j-Ti't aiul r;in' seo-mfri C.naiiT iluiu her .^*m1 i-oulil bear; li-r liici' was vum, IHT eyes were 1.tea It. In r hiiir Brown snowy fn iwrit. ifnt now tin- pnstnian rnini -s .Ul'l rrjl 'S, "liiTCH r -OIlle- liiiiu.. tli;!i >v ill dry your eyes! A )«•!!* r with Hit* I'otsdam crest--rim-. III;M > cur woes so Kill ley ui'M'." Willi awe Iiu 1 stricken li'ntli* r tak's Ui'- IHISHIVC, anil (lit- -.h. lip-;ikti. <ire;tt. Willieltn, ruler uf tin- HuiiM, has heart) jilitui hi r niti" lusl suns, and he lus sent ii work of art to soothe and limit Die broken hearl; it Is a |i!m!o -oi hiniM If, lit. fur th'* miiMi'i nr iiu- shell; maji'Mic, bei.iii.Iul itutt gr.iiid, it's nntn- r nii-h* d by IIIH own liamlt I In' iitoiliii ilri"s her seiihllng, t< ;trs; hhe and Tin- '(o.stinai) i:ivt' three flu') i>; tin•ir anus in eesf;n\v they It'i Sv aiul bunnylMi^ nround llif block. "A'.'li, liluinu'l," erics the nioMif r iln-ii, "the world swm.s bnj.'lit and fair ai'.ain; who wtuild not : iml a biim li of sons . Iiu- ImnM > allii'd ;;nn: , if by bi- or S/K inlehi K 1 Ki''»|di a trendy > d '.' granddad in tin- bou-c. tv.o mitdrs and toy worihy .'-poiiso, and 1 ' hbatl ^* ii.I tli-'ui fori'i hi di'-; perhaps fbc katM-r. in reply, w]I) «i-ml a plKdo-rapbic view oi Kronpr.n/. WillyuM. Krx-.iri-di. t» o." WALT MAS't.V Arlliur Hrlnbant', 'hi'.'f high prinpt of antl prohibition, bns jjwn smoked out. If is nnnomicnl n bis (lorman browt-r loaiHMl him moro than SliOU.rii'u atujut. a year ngo to buy ft tifWHpaprr, Tbo more* you make thr* brcwi-ry lino havb up In tin* United States (In- moro our Alib-s arc nblo to fnn'v ihn Hun line bark In Europe. Tho two nr" working togothor. The Kovi-rnmrnt ownenmip of the express IIIIKIIIPHB has j;ono alone now to tho pi a en where tho soeond in- oroasi' in tlio raloH tho people will bavo to nay has boim asked. DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN 2 \\y Uulli Camnon. If th' worst oomca V th* worst th' Hun army kin live on canned gener- alR. German holmet hanfjln' baskets aro all th' raise in Trance, an' you know how strong we are for Paris styles. alllf ; itiis plintii 1 tin vi- : Slii' liui -st" GERMANS MUST BE WHIPPED. To iiinp'Tiy I'Mil iiu' \vjir tin- i: i.-i mini.', niii .ii Kiuivv thi-y 'ri' wlijppi 'tl. I 'liKi' » II limit tbal Willi I f I n t l -i -iill.v bi' pi-iiri'. Th'' lliTinlins h;l\'i' ml long tiillii'il ul ilir "powi'v of mlt 'lit iK 'int; rltjlii." Dial ilio mivi'i-nini 'iit and tho j )i 'oi>l»* woiililn 'l uinK-rstainl iin> oilit'r Itlinl of an oml lu tlio war. (ionnsiny !''allj r oxpriioil lo win th" ivur liy lior wnpi -i -ior t'on'o, lior "inl(;lit" wltbout ii 'Kaiil lo rlslr.. HIT stati'iiimn liavo aluays Miiil l})i .s brought on ihy war lu'cnu ^i' tliuught tin' "mirvlval of ill moant the winning of Iho .slrong over tho woali. If ^oini' braihl of iii.-acc by uniliT- fclandliiK. whii 'h woiilil givo lo Di 'r- many what ^hi' i -'o oarni-iilly ili'tiircH aiul iniiat noon havi.-, brought an ond to tho fighting, r .ernianj anil tho (UT- inans woilltl iinnii'iliati 'ly ouni 'luilc Iiu: Jicfjin govi'rnini'nt bail won I ho war. and noon bogtn to brag about it am] made I'l -ady for sonn? fuluro oon- fllul whi'ii sho bolli.'Vi 'd sho would bo Mill stronger. TlnTi'l'oro it Is plain thai the only kind of an ctnl to Ilio war that tho (;i iinaliH will ii'oognlzo nu boing the end will bo a complete military victory, one of the sort pulu the (iiTinan army out of busiiu 'SK, puts the proKont IUIIM-S off Die thrum* and glvos I lie whole nation the physical defeat It was Irving to give to Die remainder of Ihe world. Putting the Herman rulers and Die Herman militarists in irons, Instead of allowing them to i |iil! ihe uaiiie arini-d, will be understood by every Dennau in 1 fit; world, not only in (iermany but the l.'.ermans In Ihe United Stales that btlll pray for Die sueciss ot the faihi'ilund. Therefore then: Is only one hind of peace, Ihe kind that makes the Herman army quit In ttiUMinditional surrender or one tbat whips the Herman army until (here lu nothing left of it lo light. The remaining Herman peoido at borne, hacking by e\ery ;ictiou ihe army in tho trenches and the government at bomo, will Uicn suddenly be au-aro that Hct'tmuiy as a mllllury uuiiou bas gone Die way of other oppressive nations of tile world and war, as lar as the Teutons are eonceniod, will never again have it chance. (iermany must bo whipped until the surrenders - before wo cun talk licace. Tl'.e .Serbians have walled a long time, bill tliey seom to bo coming Illicit to tbeir own. And if tuoy ever do ^ct tlio Bulgarians ou tlio run, sufficiently to keel> tbciu going, it will bo a sorry (Jay for tUe Solia govern (wont. Too HuJ«arii liav'e lieen Bo 'iinJo-' There Is an old saying that if you eannol have what you lik" il is equally good to like what you have. I suppose that il is true and yot>- weli there are some people who have that eminently commendable habit, and yet who are very evasperating to me. Kor instance ther.* is a man in our neighborhood wbo is filled lo Ihe full Willi this spirit of contentment with Ills lot. lie litis a wife and three chll- dion. Three children is. according to him, exactly the best number for any man to have. Fewer would not be doing Ins duty. .More would be too many. lie works in a part of the city which makes it necessary for him to walk a mile and a half night and morning unless ho wants to pay a doable cartare. Ho loves to walk, wouldn't live in any other part of the city for that reason if for no other. He has also a flivver. He has bought thai type not as the rest of UK have, beeauso it is the least e.\. peneive, bul it is so convenient to have a car of which one can get thi' parts anywhere, Also, he wants bis wife to be able to drive it and he doosn't think women should drive iho:-e heavy cars. All of which is very lonvincing, 1'ut wait a bit. II.. used lo have a small bouse which he adored. A large house was just so much more work lo take care of, ho Miid. he didn't want a maid around, they spoil the privacy of the home, and yet he didn't want his wife lo spend all her time at housework. Then, too. small houses tire much more homelike. He had so thoroughly convinced me of his sincerity that when I lo-nrd he had a chance to gel a much larger house for the same rent 1 said confidently, "(If couse be won't lake it, he really likes a small llOUHe." Then I beard be had snapped up the opportunity. And now he goes about saying thai the house he has now is really adapttil for his family and tiiat there isn't a house in the whole city he would rather have. I if course It is an awfully happy wiiy to be. this thinking that anything you .ave is the best ever because it is yourt;, and thai you wouldn't change It if you could. 1 am ashamed of in) self for being exasperated by il. The only half way decent explanation of my exasperation that I can find is that self deception is at the root of ibis content and Diere are no lies 1 dislike so much as the lies one tells oneself. It Is bcauliful to be contented with ones bit, but 1 don't think there Is any need of pretending that if ono could have them, there are not other things one would like even better. OVER OUR STATE. There were 142 registrnnls for the war ul Utile illver last week, proof Dial tills line cily is growing. The city of Uiwreuce has 1H.O0U people and a total assessed Miluatiun of a little more I hull $i:i,l)ull,OUl). The rc-st room at Lyons is one of the Ihings Die country people who come lo town lo trade always jiraise. Ford county people say they will raise the JIL'.UOU for the seven-in-ouo fund lo help along Willi the war work. The first name of the first man on Ihe lis! of new registrants in Ford county, is Adam, which -is very appropriate. "Ffght find, confab later,' 1 is the headline In the l'nitl Tribune in regard to Die peace plans of the Aus- trlans. It tells a good story in a tew words. The people of ttutler counly feel certain their roads should be inailo permanent. They arc about tho worst roads In the slate, Is Ihe gen oral report. Most of the schuols of Kice counly wire dismissed luday so Die children could attend Die Kansas Stale Fair." Jteno counly will remember this very courteous act. A Pawnee Hock young man, Jwi returning from the war front in Ku rope, was married almost before he lilt the railroad plalform. And lie was right about it at .that. A large number of the cities of Kansas buve u higher lax rati* than the city of Hutchinson, an exceptionally good showing mndo hero with the rate at fl'.UO on tho thousand dollars. We Always have, a good feeling for the Great Ue-nd Tribune and the Townuley toys. Tboy managed to get their Thursday paper out sovoral hours earlier than usual lu order to (ARMYCASUALTY LIST 'J'lit* followinjr (MisuftUI-p* urn reportP<1 l»y ilio O 'iniiifliKlinii; (*H'!it-nil of the American KxiK'tlltlmifiry I'tmw. Killed in n c.t Ion, missing In anion, &d; wiHjiwIed B -nverely, SL'; dint! of disease, 10; dhxl of - wounds, 15; ili«d »f uccid-vut ;ind other euuews, 6. Total, U'7. KILLED IN ACTION: Captain: James l>lwaru Ht »ud "f son, Oil City, Pa Sergeants: Vrtr-r r>r»-an)s, Willlainsvil].'. T.\ Y. J'Mward AI'Mipr, K-cattlt*, Wash, Corporals: Sam RrndP'y, itnadiin;, ' i. •juunlr-vU 1 fnr<. tuiid.'i, \V. Va- Hurry 0. Knilzi'i, I.»a.,'i i:i, o. Privates: .last'pli V. M'-nuIt. IMJd Knoo. Ark. John StUus linnai'. ilitr' ,, « , i.-\•!.•-, O. John \V. t.'P'ikin. .JU uii-m. Wis. JuhvT M. I-niTi.-r. .•Mi .'.w.'li-M. LMnh. I'V/ddlo J. Finn, I.'OBSW.'H, N. I J. I.•.•(» T Ford, Unit! '1 1 r.'«*, ,\. IJ., Sylvan (Jay.* 1 !, Klw.ind, Jnil. Hoy 1-lJunJHoii. C;.rrt«'»!», N. M. Horaco Handy, Austin, 'lor. l-'n-d llarrinRton. New York. V. V. Ueiiffln r*. Lynch. Mavlir.v, Vu. (•"led Moormiin, Lima. * *. Lmruird Osti-ow.skI, Ohti-nu-i, 111. l>jul.v S. l'han -8. Mound tMt.y. ill. Clistnv Hocjlek. Lll*lir ; oIil. X.-h. «.Tiit«(av H. Sc-hulze, Wln-'liest-fr, Tox- John Sirhwarrz, Mniin-'i»'', Hivhiilt 11. Si »0, Ii(K--'W .Fe »l, ill. Oon I ; >Mvftrti Sharp, l> Mt.?h <;ill >-f *rt vnllnir, H-KK llm -ii ..r. Wis. Pi-tpr Whltr. i 'anlernai \\ W. Va. John J. K.'inknwfch. J->rsi -v t. ily. N. J, A lit ohm ZucimwNkl, Sn.\ in, Wis. Aniat Schwartz, Holly. Mich. . DIED OF WOUNDS: Sergeants: , Alffd G. TliUK-y, KU. uk:a. JoM-pii ll. 'l*rt>tirr. i;uni>im"li:im. Tox. ';«'ortr*' VtKllcka, *'*hi;: IKO, JU, Privates: Arthur F, AJden, Idvermorn Fall**, Me. l^-o K. AlWaln', Lakcvlew. la. Ohcrt J Mh'fuV, AmhKi-sC. U'Is. Artliur li Kobin^on, Warriors Mark, riiKiitialc Porvino, Ser?:alc, Catr.nznro, Ii aty. OfotRe Spring*tin*. Homo, N. y. DIED OP DISEASE: Corporal**: James IJtig-nn, Ju^y *'ity, *N, J. William " K. titiitiimd, Tm i Ingtoi", t.'on. Privates: Ad^lard l>nhn. Nashua, N. 1*. Hanlid o tlendrlfx, Nrwmnn, III, Itnbi-rf I!. ItHhurii, Corydnn.' Pa. l/nuta It. S'lrfioH. Mtmu itpohis, Mltm. Itobcrt Ogilvir*. Halhoa, 1'amima. » <'ntvln HldRr-wnv, Ja«*h*oii. tia. * Ithdtt* Hplnkn. Vnlden, Miss. Isidore Turner, I'ak'Mim*. Tix. DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: William M. Privates: Jttnep, ('orrtnvn, Aln .H );u.'orm» TJ. Mauirr, ll'-gins, Piu Austin C. Mnt'ncn, (talvrston, Tnt. l-'rank X. Mlohrl, New Yurk. N*. V. Jiwoph R W«)lf, lrvlneton, N. J WOUNDED SEVERELY: Lieutenants: •'•us li •fimfmnllfr, Hruoklyn, N. V. Hultdi Chapman. Vlnrmn, 111. Iti'Giifir T. Klddt*. N«sw York, N, 1*, William J. Bwi .Tiu -y. Pittsburgh, Va. Sergeants: KmII J.*achora, I liunnont, O. (i -fttr^o II. Duckworih, N'.*w Bedford, Mitjv*. ituasotl J. I)yt (j f.'lilc«Ko, til. Hoy 10. Kusncll, iV .ttPt, Ate. Jlf**nn«n J. Schn«Ut'i\ Wnterbuiy, Conn Alfred W«atl»'rlM'«, Akron, O. Honjarrdn C. Kohlll. iteil'-foitt-?, Pa. John H. F**reu."«ni, l^-rndiile, Ciilil. Ixiwrrnce- Donald Myers, UuMiir, Mich, t-nirfoiil It, -Troxrtl, J'-uJl^n Tlmhor. 1'a. hnrMn noeiie, < I rami Haven, Mich, lienrtfu Wilson flondy. Monroe, Mlclt. James F, Counlhan, I'tnxbnry, Mass. Jamt*s G. dltclmlj Hudsonvlllr, Mich. Henry Byron Hail, Jlaidlnshuiry, Ky. Kloyrf N. Hollldny, Allison Park, Pa. Thomas I*eroy Uiwpnii, (..'orry. i'n. Olydn A Muon 1 , CnrneKl*'. Pa* WnlteT G. Srhnlz. PltlahurKh, Tn. lCdward S. AVuff 'iiK 'r, Indlnimpfilb;, Ind. Jl'jnry R, WJfcnn. MnnluMo, Minn, Jotin Itobcrt Williuins, BUI*K« W, N. C. Bugler: JoiPpti O. Gey^r, mUndvlphla, Pa. Mufclclan: Harry Johnson, La t 'roKSP, Wis. ^ MechonlCBi * Alexander .^tksmiwskl. l>etmli. Mich. Jlcnry I A Tectets, Mom*.4.seni Pa. Cooks: John J. Fohy, StroiidslnirK* X*a. William Siiw;h*ion, Morrlstown, Pn. Privates: SperoH \y. Andros, Lynn, Mna«. Ony Partolctta. Mlddlnluwn. Cor.n Ya'iner Pcntlla, Pcmmon, Mich.. Nwil p. lleroth, South HPIHI. Ind. William S. ItllltK. M-:Adoo. p«. Oemjo* I'tlackburn, Itook Wall, 'I'rx. Joseph' Btash. Phllndelplila.. Pa. Willlnm J. Hiallsford. Providence, Pv. I. Josrph 13. Pro/.o, Turner Falls. Mass. Andrew J. < \j rpnntnr, Ulck-y. N. D. Hoy F. Carroll, N-ublwIIIr, Ind. Artliur 1 .7. f'aricr. l.'ornna, 4^ttHt. M»;rton 13 t 'olemau, UhacnVMlch. Charles B* Fenton. lU>sl> n, Va. VHII Fiotl. KlntfRton, Pa. Thin Vlorps, itediands, C^illf. Anton Hurth. liorchcster, Wis. ^HILDREN tlitald ftot fa* "dot-td" for t«ld»—t»l» lh« cntitde*' iteitratnt— NEW riUCES.-30c, 60c, $t»20 Karl Ilulrhlns. Brockport t Pa. fJlarpiicc J. King*. Marlton. N, J. Floyd I«nh bnne, Ciustorlond. N. V. John N. Musiv, Hoiiih Wales, N. V. Janice F-tliVnKl Nacle. Matawiin, N. J. Huron Nowburv, Mnr«*nll, Minn. Wmiiim II. Oclrich. Jersey t^ty, N. J Jost-nh PAX ton, Mllwntikne, Wis. "William F. H. Schlldbach, Peorln, 111, Charles T. S</liwlng|e, Naples, 2*7. Y. Fred C. Walls, Spni-Biirsvlltc, 0. Claude R. Wernette. Cnlcdontn; Mich. Kmont I»e\vcy VniKleti HwLt, Grand Haven. Mich. Donilnlelt Co.ttom, TH coma, Wash. Ira 10. Clmffmnn, HfiUlmovo. Md. 1 tnrold Garfit-Id chapirun, ihiKiklyn, N. \. Nicola Oolnrnpfi!, Post on. MASS ICd w a nl F. Crn n f»»rd, Knfpl re, Ga. Voriinn I.. DaJilelKon, Waupaca, Wis. Fi-ii nk J. I >evi no, Itat 11 mot e, Md. Michael J. Oiulpy. tMmrletrtown, M«AS. Frank Fahlch, Hammond. Ind. Rrnes-t M, Ffltchhey, I.iuwan 11111, N. Y. Snivan 1->atlno, Snucstuck, Conn. . Phillip W. l-Ynser, MonttileUer, VI. William J. Fron-tihi, Lea*! City, S. D. ltobert Gibson, Wellflvtlle, O. WUfton 12 Grave, Minneapolis, Minn. •« John Harris, Bulls Gap, Tetm. Georpe L. Harris, Neltleton, Ark. Frank 15, HOKP. Homestead, Pa. Archie GIMiert Hy»«nnd. Brooklyn. John .IlonvbtllHU, Amsterdam, fJ. Y. MISSING IN ACTION! Corporals: ll 'in -y i^-onnrd FrlS'-ll, AupUsto, da. lOdwurd H. MacDon/ild, Chester, Conn. Privates: I'lystfei*? Arhontous, ThnmpsonvtUe, Conn. William J". Bacbrnan, Alb'iilown. Pa. IrfiwiT'ncn I* Benedict, Rnhivny. N. J. .Torfpph IliHikiT Murphy. West Pblladol- rdila, Pa. Tonal Nelson. Albert L«\'i, Minn. Richard N Nlckerson, Grand Julivtinn, Colo. K**»in KiiRone Ranch, lOmaiiH, Pa. Wallace Rlehanl Rcld. Philadelphia, Pa. Charles W, Arndt, Allentowni-t^i. Bradlev O. Kills. Klinwood. Okla, Wllbert F. Fee. Cutbaiik. Mont. ". Floyd l'>ettprkks. Lecdcy, Okla. Harry nv. Gn.rland, ISunlce, 1JI. Nicholas Hermes, Wauneton. K. D. William H. Honk, Chk-aRO. II], Ixiulf Kaplan. New York, N. Y. Marino T.apletrn. Alkensvllle. N T- Lester Ixltl. Sturgeon Bay,-WI?, Pct« ; r Mandlck, Plitffburtfh. I'a. Alllo Mulberry. Arlington, O. Ijiwrcnep J. O'Connor, Union City. Ind, TOvIn L. Peterson. Olivia, Minn. Constantino Pteheszl, Philadelphia, Po. 0*cai B. Qtitnn, IlairWon. N. J. WlIllftTrt 0- Tolfot-t; Pftttucah. Ky. Fred 1'ilpp, Rnn Jacinto, ttulf. Chostev F, Trxmo, Mlna, S. "D. Jose O. Tiujllto, CunJIloPr N. M Anton Wecker, Osmond, Nfcb, , , Walter W. Welher, Cleveland, O. i?arl A. Wells, Smlthdalc. Miss. Hairv Westphal. Grand Island. N>»>. rJveielt C. Wbeeler t RIver»lde, Calif. ChrK-i 8. F. VVIII&dacn, Marquette, Neb. Claud Wllllafrff, Itemct, Cnflf. b , tllchard Wltlmight'y. Perrlnton, Mleil. Clarence Rhlnehort, Jersey Shore, Pa. Ilnnv Schuck, Kn«l Orange, N. J Leo K. Sk-olt. House, N. M. Wlwaid M. Sharp, I>o«P City, Neb. .*' Michael Joseph Ahoehnii, 'Pwnntnn, itasM. T'hailrs A. Shirley, iJiwrencn, Neb. Ben B. RlmpSoii. MTiiyi'tte, Tenn. William A. Sheff. Philadelphia. Pn. WHIIam A. RnvUT. Piedmont, Oklit. JnttiM'A .Stanlev, llnlldayshurg, Pa. Kdward J. Sullivan. Andover, Muss. Gcorgi! V, Tabor, Manltou. Colo. Klbeit U Tliomjiklhs. Uugby. Tenn. Vltn- Valeche, I^-nlinl, Italy. Charley Vetler, Nnalitm, la. James H. Young, Hamilton. Ala. George L. Zabolnky, Shnmokln, Va. GREAT OLD REMEDY FOR SKIN DISEASES i-'ranlt Harrison. Ka&ton, Pa. Wallta- JIaiTlsoii Deary. Newark, N. J. AUri-il Johnson, "TCIeva, Win. lOveri'tt Miu-chtiiiid, l.uw*r \Vo*Hl s tocU,' v H , Ouiailii.. 1-uuin Oftherowl'.s, P,iil<]cfoi-vl. MII.H«. WalO-r Jto2W() L ="WiUI. Uctrnlt. Mich. S. S. S. 'Clears Skin of Eruptions—Drive Poisons Prom Hie System. Got It fixed in your mind that sliin eruptions, Scrofula, lOczema, burning, itching skin, and all skin diseases are due entirely to Impure and infected, blood. It th" trouble was on the outside of the .skin, by simply -washing und keeping it clean jou could obtain relief—not even ointment!*, lotions, and salve/* would bo necessary. Agree with us in Ibis belief, and your trouble can be relieved—you can be entirely restored to health. S. S. S. is.a purely .vegetable treatment that you can secure froui your own urug- girt—it in a blood tonic that will pur­ ify your blood and cause "a most decided abatement of your trouble, and filially make you entirely well. Fifty years ago S. S. S. was discovered and given to suffering mankind. During this period it has proven its remarkable curative properties as a blood purifier and tonic, and has relieved thousands of cases of dfsense caused by poor or impure blood, and chronic or inherited blood diseases. You cuti be relieved, but you must take S. S. S. Take it if only pimples appear, for (hey denote bad blood, and may be followed by the sufferings from torturing skin eruption*!. Therefore be sure. Don't take chances, don't use lotions. Get S. S. S. from your druggist. If yours Is a-'special case, wrili.- for. expert medical advice. Address Medical Director,- *3S Swift Ijibora- tory, Atlanta, Ga. fa •^MARINE CASUALTY LIST j The following c««U«itt6a oro-itported bv the" Com nt ami Ihg Uenernl of the Amei- Itiau .expeditionary Forces; Klllftl In action, s; killed accidentally, 3; dUnl of wounds received In action, 'J; wounded tit action, Buvctcly, 6; m ISM lug lu action, i!. Total. IP. KILLED IN ACTION: Second Lieutenant: J, W. Overton, Nashville, Tenn. CorpoYals; Kdward Nation, New-ark, N, J. Kdwatd iI, , Oelschlacger, Hobuken, N. J, Privates: Alex P. Christtdi'etsen, Pinimo, Colo l-'loyd ICdue. iSii-sl Cbattniiouga, Tciin. Charles MiMenamy, Philadelphia. Pa. Penjnmln Peeler, High Shoals, GIL Joseph L. Rishei, Hutchinson, Kan. KILLED ACCIDENTALLY: Seryeant: James Mnttson, Wintrop, Minn. DIED OK.WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: First Lieutenant: Donold Gordon, I'.iris, l-'rance. , . Sergeant: Lloyd Urotdu.-, CarthaK*'. Mo. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Severely) Corporal: Daniel T, MoKenna, Itoxbury, M^iuss. Privates: Andrew I j. s. Shepard, 131yrla, O. Royal II. C. Shepherd, Houston. Tux. George N. Snyder, Cleveland. O. IJoyd 13 Pike. Silver Springs, N". Y. Clarence A. Shedden, Dundee, 111. MISSINQ IN ACTION: Privates: Norman S. Lomas, r -'ldladelphla. Pa. Maicont K. Webst»;r. Wollnsion, M^ass. (Juiepb I<. Rlshet was killed in action Jnlv 19 at the fir .st of the ChaleiVU- Thlerry fighting.) HOW THIS NERVOUS WOMAN GOT WELL ' Told by Herself, Her Sin* cerity Should Convince Othera. Christopher, 111.—'For foor yciiri' 1 sulTercd from irregularities, we-nkhoM. ncrvousneuj, auo was in z run dorai condition. Two of our boot doctoro failed to do mo rJiy good. I heard CO t.iuch about v/hntl LydiaE.Pinkhom'd Vegotablo Compound had dono for others, I tried It' ^nd wna cured. I ao longer nor- vouc, nm roftulnr, 1 , •J.V.C In Cicaltl). i beliovo Cio Compound will care any female trouble, "—lira. AblCB HELLER , Christopher, III. Norvousnec; ia often c aymptou of weakness or :omo functional ckrange- ment, which uny bo ovorcomo by tniu famous roct and herb romcdy, Lydlc, E. Pinkhar-i 'a Vegetable Coapound, 30 thouonndt; cf women havo found by experience. If complications exist, write Lydia E. Pinkhar.i Medicine Co.. Lynn, Mass., for otiggeotiona in regard to your ailment. The result of its long experience is at your service. - r wnpawsoyoung Rub Dandruff and . Itching with js ./Cuticura Ointment Stu»)»o Wkfc Cvticm Ss*p M Pnt|^l«i<; »<t*p, Out— Ittommjbt.jmi. I'M SAMBO! yovk. see my smile on your dealer's sKelf -you'll know I'm just po-ppin* over to show you "some cake* tHat is cakes"! Order Mr. Grocer to send me over to your House today— and Have me ready ill tKe> mornin' for a real SAMBO Bre alt-fast.' PANCAKE FLOUR self-rising Follow the plain, simple primed directions or» tHe partwMje"- for th*e best cakes.waffles..gem*and muffins vovi ever tasted. BLAIR MILLING COMPANY ATCHISON t KANSAS McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86, Opposite Convention Hall PROFESSIONAL CARDS PHYSICIANS. Practice Limited to Office Troatm*ant.»r Chronic Diseases - E.iAmlnnilon ano Diagnosis rr««. IU West Flrat St., Hi-'ohlnann. Kanl Directory of the Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg. Eaevaior aervlce day an<* nlchl. ARCHITECTS MANN 4 GEROW RJom. 721-22. Phone 5tee. ATTORNEYS WMi H. BURNETT Altcrney-at-Law cos ii.-w, niiig. Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE ^ Office with Or. Louise F. niclnn«ld, Sulla 621 RombauKh-Wiley Uulldlng. P'nona 2G52W. TESTING EYES AND PITTING SPECTACLES Is our apeclalty. Prices reasenabl*! accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3359. DENTISTS TTXToN&aC DantlaU Suite 812 .13. Phon. BOW. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS H. 1^. STEWART, M, D. STEWART, M Bull. tit. BiiectAl Attention to Eye, ear, and Throat Gtai.e* Accurately Fitted. Not. Lu. luui Mundea tlr. W. IN. aiua.l.u .. DR3. MUNDELL, Buiia-m II-W. Blda I'hoii. iisni G. A. DLASDEL .PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON •Dlta »t1. qf»|be Phone, jjn. . paa. Phone 7>*\ ..'bn.; LOUISE F. RICHMOND. ' "i-f ' StiUe 821. Ottlce ' Phone 266SW. Residence 2S52F1 G. A. CH1CKEHINO, Phyalc'an-turgeon. Ilea. Tel. JJ18R. Office Tel. JllaW. HUH. .113. DR. A. G. BEALL Physician and Surgeon Special Attention lu Utattnosla. Itoom Sol I'honee:' Office 3399W. Itca. 3551 _ Dr.-H.-D. STERRETT Practice liniited to Eye, ear, jioue ahd throut. Room 5tlH Hoi-abautrh-Wiley Bids, J'hone s6ao. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE ^iTaT^AviSr" Loana and ^aonda. Room «07. - Pnor. 1aa. AUTO DIRECTORY AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St East Auto Supplies,-Tools and Garag. Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, StromberQ retors, and Leak Proof Rings. Phone 3000. Carbu, -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"— THE »VanZandt ™ PC0 DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 WICHITA HUTCHIKSOI. Arnold Auto Co. Marnton Haynes—-"Dodge Brothers Phone 2707. AUtOHtObUeS 25 East Flr.1 S< P A TC* V ~"The Most Beautiful * £%AXKMU qar in America The Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sherman East Also Studebaker Farts.and Service Electric Battery & Repair Co. me-TRtewTORs W iy,ARU ST-ORAflB BATTERIES Used by 97 per Cent of All Manufacturers LARGEST BATTERY REPAIR STATION IN KANSAS, tog Sherman East. phone 17— FREE INSPECTION OF ANY BATTERY AT ANY TIME

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