The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 21, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 10
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TW* Tkc New*. Fr*4«rtck, SU-. r. J«Ir 21. l»4ii 24 Separate Projects Slated for Conservation Field Day Committee chairmea assembled i Thrasher farm and other* in the at Conservation Field Day head- j county, in order to fully acquaint quarters at the Francis Scott Key; the newsmen with the details o f ; Hotel Tuesday evening, and on the 5 the affair. ; bails of the report? submitted fur-1 On Julx 28. representatives fro:t: tlier coordinated activities for the, daily newspapers. pre«s associa- nianusoth cae-day farm face-lift- J tious and radio stations from ing event scheduled for the Nellie' throughout the state and sections V. Thrasher farm, near JeSersoa. o f p e nns Ivania. Delaware. Vir- j August 18 " ginia. West Virginia and the Dis- Of the 24 sci^:«:e corr-rnittees · trict of Columbia w i l l be guests designated 10 arrange for as many' at a cocktail party and Mnuiar soecific projects in connection w i t h d.nnsr and toui the event. Tuesday n.gnt s me-'t- 'T ; w as j u ;«y developed at Tues- mg dealt particular!} w i t h half da"s meeting that w h i l e the ' face- . that cunxaer. espec.a!!y pertaining H*;jng · w .;j be a one-day event. ' to traffic, farm , m .ach:ner. com- . preliminary preparations w:!l re- municstions. speaker* and e:i:er- q Uire considerable time tainrrtent. policing safety rreasures Qn the site arrangement-, -A.!! and a host of other a^iprvneiits pe;esan'y involve considerable Committee chairmen present m- t:rr , e p rcn . ;isng for placing of r.ia- , eluded HoL-ne* D Baker Roeer H ! c h,ner.*- and communica-' \Viliard. Caarie* F. Bowers. Sher::7j;. ori I 3 j.,:.; ; es. and ail equipment j Guy Anders, 5:-s- Richard F Xal» 1 nece , sar y 5O t h a ; v % O rk of tran^- \ lin. State Police L:eut Charles *.V Magsha. R I-ee Keser. E Ea:! Remsberg. Captas-: Alfred Cutsaii. Veteran Battlewagon Sinks To Watery Grave forming the farm in a single day ' may proceed promptly and w i t h o u t Comprehensive reports on she ac- '.v:t:es of the ir;dr. idual commit-- :ee^ v.:!! b? amounced at frequent . a;stcr\al. c . begi.insns w i t h i n tne Ray Spurrier, Rhea Ktnca.c and Clyde Koons Trrss Luncheon Kridav In addition to indiviowat reports Genera! Manager L H Cricken- next -* w d » « berger submitted an oven!! report ' J embracing the activities to date of EMMY GOER1NG FREED i the 24 separate com.^.ttees Garmish - Par»«-nk:rchen. G e r- Attention also called to the n , 3n . Juiy 25 -r--Emmy Goering. j meeting here on Friday of the x%ldo " w 0 f ~ H n ! c i Germany's No 2 Maryland Press Association co-r.- N _,, u a $ con v:cted today of being posed of publishers of v.eek!v a Nazi, but ^.T'et free immediate- newspapers of the State u.ho v.:!! jy be entertained by the Conservation 1_ Field Day Committee. Tul!-. ap- Ch;ra for ur.toid ce; has praised of the «cope of The project bern a center of jade c a r v . n g a-id ar.d then taken en a tout of the t r a d e \People s Counsel Cannot Appeal Decisions Of PSC Annapolis. July 20 t/P* dcfendant in the case. Tb-tt made him a "rate payer interested in the matter." Dorsey lives in St. Mary's county, outside the Gas and Electric Company's range. Miles was oue of three attorneys ^ . _ . . -Rate in-.more City and County, the Amcri- creases and other orders of the; can Rolling Mill Co. and other ui- representing Consolidated in this Maryland Public Service Commis- , dustries. but harmed "the average case. iion are immune to attack by the domestic consumer '* People':. Counsel, the Court of Ap- The Commission had found the peals ruled today value of Consolidated property to The decision cut snort an appeal be $145.243,978, as of October 1946. t by Philip H. Dorsey, Jr.. the present. for rate-making purposes. Dorsey · counsel alrnoit before it started. ' insisted on separate rate bases for I Dorsey had protested rate re- ea " h °- ~° company's utility enter- visions granted Consolidated Gas. prises 'Electric Liftht ar.a Co. of Attorneys 'Aho argued the case ; Baltimore :ri 1946 He -A on the narrowed the legal issue to whether , fust round in Baltimore City Cirt 'ne People's Counsel was a "person cr party interest"' to Commission orders and thus eligible to appeal A former People's Counsel. C!arence IV Miles, had appealed a Commission order, records in- Cant Sit! nil-WQMIS CAUSE F1DCET1NC AND TUT AWFUL ITCH OB* of the wardsT fifSt of Pi=-Wor=s » reeud ilch which oftea cuses t'Ritec Rail-A ays and Electric Co Fia-' In her final moment.* before plunging to her underwater grave, the once rashly CSS New York, survivor of l« o world war^ and t-a o atom bombs, exposes for the first time her vulnerable under- bull. After tun hours of shelling br ships and aircraft, the 27,000-ton battleship sank prematurely in the Pacific. 44 rai!«rt soullmct-t of Pearl Harbor, brforc ihe Na-'y could test some cf its newest weapons. '.The New York -uas chosen as tartet ship because it uculd ceil too mucli to decontaminate her after the Bikini atom tcs's. Montgomery To Offer §3,000.000 111 r owner of the property, a certificate WANT NO CO.MMl'NISTS ··.gmfying his 28-year record hai " Charleston. \V. Va . July 21 ·*,-- earned the designation. The Federation of Gla^s, Ceramic National forestry officials and and Siiica Sand Workers of Amer- V -- Bids foi »n ooi'.di Object Of Affections . * i P.ockMilc. J u l y '-'I the sale i£ S3,OOO.WO school contiucl.on .: county xi :J! be a^kcd betv. een Aus 15 ar.d Sept !. The uoruii v.x.1! bt »o'.i .n Sc-p- tember. The County nounced the meeting yf-te'rdjy. rovers.!'R a previous decision to sell the bonds in installments e v c c u t i v e s of state parks and for]C a CIO- icsolved Jn.vt ni^ht t h a t or L^try department* also w i l t attend r : the ceremony. GJadfelder. of Spring Grove. Pa . '.s president of a pulpv.ood company ocanng h:s narr-e. Kaylor ^a.d t h a t since 19"0 the companv Commas-oner'- an- has c u t pulpwood from the tract ?c!io:i at a board u:*'ler such practice* !hat the area "has become ^.~ example of gool forestry management. · The forestry official -:3id a tree fj'-m i! 'any tract of five or more acn-s of n a t u r a l or planted farm Detroit. July 21 · 1* --A Mubboin land, the o w n e r of which agree , ' w i l l to escape the fate of his father,' to abide by certain stipulations laid .kept a young policeman alive toda d o w n by local forestry boards" ' in soite of several icriou.s b u l l e t ' i ! wounds inlhctcd bv t-.O unknown TO ENO BREAD RATIONING j ·gunmen Lo-idon. Julv 21 .?--ihe British j ' - " A : -' : -- --id Food Minis-! will announce its oil'.cers ::.utt !-t; mst affidavits MARKET PRICES Wheat, bu Barle;.. bu Corn. bb!. nyi-Commu- S 214 S 1.32 Sll 30 cuit Court v.hen Judge John T. Tucker decided hp had the light to appeal. The Conmiisiion and the Gas and Light Compary called for a high .. . . . , - . . court ruling, however, before tne "cawd. but ne also patronized tne case was actually argued V.'iiile the People's Counsel must act for the public in Commission proceedings, Jodge Ed^vard S. De!aplaine saU today he cannot " prosecute appeals from orders of the Commission." Judge Delaplaifie'-: l e n g t h y opinion rncde a point of how far courts may go i'i determining v.-hat a Legislature intended to do in passing ars act ""Where the !ar--jage is unambiguous." he K.:G. ' the court has no power to evade it by forced and unreasonable construction in order to assert It^ own ideas of policy or morals ' In another place, the judge said the court couid "find no reason why the People's Counsel must be given powers by implication to protect the in:eres*s of the public." Judge Delaplnine said General Assembly rejection last year of a blil specifically authorizing sue"; appeals "strengthens "he conclusion that the Legislature has not intended that the People's Counsel shall have the right " In his lower court t*ui;. Dorsey said the revised rates helped Balti- to e-.ea more . It b no lons«r Eecesssry to pat 09 with the trouMe ousad fcjr Pin- Worms. fc«ea.sse etiecc* ba» at Imst found a way to lick: these stubborn p«sts «asUr and saft-b-. Get JATKTS F-W at the first s^a of Fi3- Worsss. F-W is a leedua!!? sa-^xi u«3- is£st based ca aa ocuiLy Ttas^ised c.-Jl zt vrhich hs.?t proved %«ry «5"ecfivc la l!-5z with thja cjrly infection. The jr±il! ·! act in P-W ioni;it\ IMI \ni \r\ Successor To Pearre's Drug. Store Drug «V Prescription Service TELEPHONE 208 N SHOT And from the receiving hospital j Prcss Association ·bed where he now is given a 30-50 · tcr John Strachcy 'chance to live 23-year-old lookic today the end of bread rationing in j iCasimcrKahszcwski even was able, Britain--exactly two jear; to the ! 10 give police a little help in track- , *nv since it began | ing down the two youths who fired ' Thc report came less than 24 ! on him as he walked his beat alone ' lo " r - s n f t e r Minister of Agriculture . Tom Williams informed the House j w - as ' of Commons that "if we are lucky [ Nov., jour Home I'ermanents EASIER! EASIER! EASIER! w«fh new, round PLASTIC CURLERS exclusive with ear!/ yesterday morning- Kaliszcwslci. whose father [shot to death by bandits 23 j e a r s . ^ ' i t h the weather" Britain's farm !ngo when he too wa= a rookie cop . "opi this year will reach the peak his assailant* name them and i i " sure he ' But he couldn't ' was too v. eak to attempt a dc;crip- i j tion. I But at the bedside where 'ner son ,lay so close to death. Mrs Helen jKaliszewski remembered \ \ i t h an- i guish a similar experience when ~ Casimer senior died in her arms not long after he joined the police force. level of 1943-44. TO BE TREE FARM ! Annapolis. July Cl -r.--A 1 278' acre pine-covered tract near Wel. come. :n western Charles county. j will be designated Juiy 30 ai Maryj land's first tree farm in recogm- | tion of the owner's forestry man- i agemcnt record i Joseph F. Kalor. director of the State Department of Forests and , Parks, said today Governor Lane i will present to P. H. Gladfelder. The object of Jean Osborn's affections seems to be Don Koll in this scene from "Dream Girl." this w e e k s production at The Mountain Theater. Braddock Heights. Third member of the triangle standing back of Miss Osburn is Barnet Biro, who plays one of the romantic leads "Dream Gsr! " a comedy - fantasv written by Elmer Rice, featured Betty Field in its long Broadway run and the rent movie version stars Betty Hutton. The production represents the most ambition staging effort of The Mountain Theater in that it consists of 22 scenes nece?::tatin?: a new cyclorar-H and special movable platforms ' Dream G'.rl' open' tonight and continues through Saturday. Bennett's Clearance JUNIOR EXECUTIVE If you have a college decree, preferably in Business Administration, and have strong: leadership qualities, this job «i!l provide * real opportunity for you. State w hen you graduated from college, and any vorfc experience you may have had. Give age. height. \\ eight, and marital status. No reply will oe considered that does not have complete facts. Address Box 1712. care Frederick New s-Post. HOME PERMANENT THE CREME COLD WAVE Deluxe Kit. with plastic curlers Regular Kit. fiber curlers RcfiH. no curlers. . . J 1". WILLIAMSON'S DRUG STORE Want Ettra CASH in a HURRY? Just Furnish us with a few i simple facts--tell us how '. rrujch to set aside for you. 1 TfTe money most likely v;ill be ready for you by the time it will take you to reach our office. §25.00 to S300.00 LINCOLN ; A N ; E h V : ' : ; - IOS VT Patrick St. Phone 'y ;:» Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store 9 SOUTH MARKET ST. FREDERICK. MO. COTTAGE CURTAIN SETS $2.98 jaiKiucs art' .uiuieo. r.; · At thi^ price they \\m~v !,»-=: Discontinued Styles of BLANKETS Chatham "Button" 25', Wool Blankets Rose only Chatham "Airloom" 75' Wool Blankets Cedar and Blue onlv S7.50 S8.95 An unasiiallx good valnr that \\e won't be able to offer again this r a r . Buy now for winter's needs. Shop In Air-Conditioned Comfort Pare some of those lumpy, overlapping la\ers oil \our waistline and make a belter .ing. Ea=e Into Du-Ons-trim, iifiht. one-piece, brief \_' i and cool. Xo binciing. pinching, no pulling tip and out. For real comfort this summer, come in and eet vour Du-Ons. The Young Men's Shop HOME OWNERS · COMFORT · CONVENIENCE * FUEL SAVINGS YOU GET ALL 3 WHEN" YOU INSTALL C H A M B E R L I N COMBINATION ALOIIXfM STOR3I SASH BLOWN ROCK WOOL INSULATION METAL WEATIIERSTRIPPING PH. FRED. 1409 OR BRUNS. 3311 "\Vhy wonder where you can get the money to buy car. See us to arrange for .a loan for two-thirds of the purchase price on an easy monthly payment plan. Low interest rates. National BanK FREDERICK. MD. PUBLIC SALE ANTIQUE HOrSE FCRXISHIXG5. CHINA, GLASSWARE AND TOOLS. ON SATURDAY, JULY 24.1948 AT TEX O'CLOCK A. 31.. D.S.T. at Mrs. Hester Wineorenner's Home, the former Michael Residence, at DAYSVILLE, 2 Miles East of WALKERSVILLE. 3ID. 5-lesrged drop-leaf walnut table, blanket chest. 6 cane-seated chairs. 15 hard-bottom chairs. 9 rockinsr chairs, schoolmaster's desk. S porch chairs. 2 kitchen cupboards, one ·with glass doors, kitchen cabinet, corner cupboard. 2 lounges. 2 kitchen safes, 3 bureaus. 3 wardrobes, vanity dresser, folding cot. complete: 2 wooden beds. 1 iron bed and springs, stands and images, coffee table, sideboard, long- dark frame mirror. 2 mantel clocks. 1 wall clock. 2 alarm clocks, 2 writing desks (1 pigeon hole). 10-ft. extension table, iron safe suitable for small business icombination perfect), medicine cabinet, clothes tree, lot of old pin cushions, wall brackets, deep frames, old pictures of every kind, doll babies, doll baby buggy, drophead sewing machine. A-l condition: 2 old quilting frame sets, curtain stretchers. Aladdin lamp. Moon and Star lamp, oil lamps, electric lamps. 2 feather beds, toilet set. ironing board and stand, washstand. Axminster rug. linoleum mg. hand-made hooked rc^s. scatter rusrs. ttCtr pillows, qcilts, spreads, linens, quilting patches, lot of woman's -wearing apparel, very old and specially kept, china and glassware, ironstone, blue and flowered plates, old black trays and waiters, silverware, knives, forks and spoons, jewelry, bracelets, watches, earrings, necklaces, pins and brooches, scissors, crochet and knitting: needles, fancy work, boxes, old silken threads and yarns, old hat pins. Brussels stair carpet and pads, iot of rag carpet, new blankets, linens, yard goods, old scarfs with Deer ensrravings- 1S2S ODSMOBILE SEDAN, low mileage, practicallv new robb»r new gray enamel rustproof kitchen range, new A.G.M. oil heatrola, used one season: Perfection oil heater, steel drum and kerosene. Loraine; two or more tons hard coal, lot of stove wood, wooden one 4-burner oil stove and oven, two 3-barner oil stoves and ovens, wheelbarrow. 250 jars canned meat and fruits, lot of preserves, and home-made jellies, home-made soap, old salt box. flat irons, cobbler set. large aluminum kettles. S iron skillets, about 150 pounds granulated sugar, numerous fresh groceries, red and ·uhite table cloths and napkins. Yonng America .32-calibre revolver, new pocket knives. 4 boxes of old buttons, pile of boo*;s, pewter sugar bowl, clothes wringer, new clothes lines and clothes pins, new ice cream freezer, ice refrigerator, cellar tables, glass jars, galvanized tubs, baskets, old fans, bric-a-brac, fancy pieces, ladies* and gents" shoes and arctics, foot stools, bramble scythe, one-man saw. hand saw. new 5-gal. oil can. new sprinkling can. benches, brooms and mops, new cistern pump. 2 step-ladders, scoop shovel, buckets, and numerous items of every kind not included in this list. TERMS--CASH. Fuji settlement required on day of sale. Lnnch and refreshments will be served by church. MRS. STELLA V. CRUM GLENN* TROUT. Auctioneer RAYMOND L. KELLY, Clerk JEWS PA PER rWSPAPER!

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