The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 14, 1962 · Page 2
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 2

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 14, 1962
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

BACINE StWDAY BULLETIN Jan. 14, 1962 Sec«l, Page 2 NEW NEIGHBORS SPOTTED — A pair of pelicans at the Rochester, N.Y. Zoo took a long careful look at their new neighbors, a pair of leopard cubs, the first to be born in the local zoo. -AP wirephoto Warn Algeria Crucial Period Is Approaching (Continued from Page 1) the popular Bab-EI-Oued quarter, a hotbed of European resistance, and authorities have warned Europeans to stay out of the teeming Algiers Casbah where the Moslem front of national liberation is master. Search Area A two-block area near the largest downtown Algiers hotel was surrounded and searched Saturday by an estimated 1,000 gendarmes. Officials said they were looking for Secret Army hideouts. Similar shakedowns and isolated arrests all over the country netted 61 secret army activists in the Jan. 1-11 period, officials said, including three killers, 10 plastic bomb­ ers, 13 explosives and arms- riggers, and 35 members of the underground network. Administrative officials appeared overwhelmed by tlie events. Weary officials throughout the country telephoned news of terrorists attacks and rising tension to their superiors, and one them said: "All we can do is to report what is happening. The rest is beyond our control." Santo Domingo Says Attempted Coup Smashed (Continued from Page 1) Humphrey Hails Israel for Existing Freedoms demanded proof. It charged Rodriguez Echavarria with using "inco n c e i v a b 1 e pretexts" to stay in power. Deny Reports Navy officials denied earlier reports that a number of the plotters manged to escape in a Navy craft. The 37-year-oId Rodriguez Echavarria has been under of I fire recently by some officers and by some left-wing political leaders who charged he has been getting involved in government affairs not re- NEW YORK — (m — Sen. Hubert H, Humphrey, D- Minn., said Saturday night the state of Israel demonstrated that a government planned economy can co-exist with political freedom. He said Israel's political and economic situation refutes Communist propaganda that new nations must institute political dictatorships in order to achieve efficient progress under government directed economic programs. Bond Group His remarks were made in a speech prepared for delivery at a dinner of the Israel bond organization which hosted more than 350 American and Canadian Jewish leaders for a 1962 planning conference. The senator said that, during a visit to Israel last November, he was impressed by new roads, new factories and the nation's program to achieve maximum utilization of its natural resources. Pointing out that Israel has a mixture of private capitalism and government control, he said that the nation is progressing rapidly while "pre serving Republican political institutions." Stability Factor He also noted that Israel's political, economic and military strength is "factor of stability" in the Middle East and contributes to world peace. Urging support for the bond drive, he said that Israel is sending technicians to Latin American countries to help in land reclamation and water conservation projects. Earlier, Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz, vice president of the bond organization, announced that proceeds from bond sales in 1961 in the United States and abroad totaled $57,214,300 for a grand total, since 1951, of $533,497,200. U.S. Agrees to Study Brazil Plan on Cuba WASHINGTON — (JP) — The United States promised Saturday "careful study" of a Brazilian proposal for dealing with the Castro government of Cuba — but indicated it strongly disapproves of the plan. A State Department spokesman argued in effect that a suggestion advanced Friday by the Brazilian foreign minister is inconsistent with "commitments and obligations" of Western hemisphere countries to undertake positive resistance against any Communist regime in this hemisphere. Peril Parties, .ii*-ii $8*, Elizabeth Taylor Given ftdliart Movie Award , ated to his job of secretary of MAY ORGANIZE f^r the armed forces. POLITICAL PARTY i Seven Air Force pilots re- PARIS — (/P) — A former:signed last month and three French paratrooper colonel in more threatened to quit this Algeria is reported planning month unless Rodriguez Echa- to organize a new politicaljvarria is removed. The pilots' party dedicated to keepingj^'^iarges against the armed 2 Duck Hunters Die in Boating Accident LOCKEPORT, N.S. —(^)— Two men died in a boating accident early .Saturday they hunted ducl<s at nearby West Head. Rupter Fiske of Lockeport died en route to a hospital about 15 miles away at Shelburne, after a naval seaman found him unconscious on an overturned punt. Shelburne police were reported searching for the body of Earle Farrington, about 4.5, of Lockeport. Harry James Escapes Injury in Car Crash LAS VEGAS — (/?) —An expcn.sjve foreign car driven' by band leader Harry James' went out of control Saturday and cra-shcd into a .street light pole knocking it down, I James, 45, told Nevada store highway patrolmen he was.order uninjured. He said an unidon- avert Algeria under French rule. The fact that France already has a half dozen large parties and over a dozen smaller parties and movement appears to be no deterrent at all to Col. Roger Trinquier. Trinquier was head of a paratroop regiment in Algeria ^'^when he took part in the May 13, 1958, revolt which paved the way to power for Pres Charles de Gaulle. forces chief ranged from an alleged plan to install a military dictatorship to nepotism. The general responded with charges his enemies were led by Communist agitators. Efficient Corps Neutral observers agree there is a small but efficient corps of Communists now in the country. But some of these observers believe Rodriguez Echavarria made his own position untenable by But now Col. Trinquier is,j^entiiying himself with the reported by the newspaper:pj^lr^^g right. Le Monde as saying he believes the pro-Gaullist Party, the union for the new repub- Possibly as a result of such criticism, the general spoke forcefully in several newspa- THE PAST EMERGES— Buried for nearly 2,000 years, the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum comes to light again as archeologists uncover the forum and archv/ay that was the city's center. Like nearby Pompeii, Herculaneum was destroyed when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A .D. Most of the old town is covered by the modern city of Resina. Ruins in background are slums torn down to reach the ancient city. >JEW YORK — (i?>) — Sen. Clifford P. Case, R-N.J., said Saturday that some "super patriots" and extreme right wingers are attempting "to take over, in whole or part, one or both of our parties." Case, who is generally regarded as a liberal, said his recent mail indicated a "real danger" to this nation's future progress if views and proposals of the extremists are widely accepted, "Tempting Target" "To many of them the Republican Party is a tempting target and there are a few Republicans who may be tempted," Case said in a speech prepared for delivery before the annual meeting of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Case added: "But I am certain that most Republicans are agreed that to permit the party to be intimidated or seduced by the ultra right wing would be a grievous mistake." "Certain Glee" "It would threaten the usefulness, if not the very existence of the Republican Party as an effective member of the two party system," Case said some Democrats j "watch with a certain glee the attempt to make over the Republican Party in the image of the Birch Society." But these Democrats should not "be pleased by the prospect of any alliance between the segregationists and the political - economic exists in their own heartland of the South," he said. Russia Cancels Visit by Dorothy Kirsten LOS ANGELES — (/P) — A scheduled visit to Russia by opera singer Dorothy Kirsten was called off at the last minute Saturday at the! request of a Russian Embassy official. Miss Kirsten said. No explanation was given by the Russians for the request. The popular soprano was to have left at noon Saturday with her husband, Dr. John Douglas French, for a one- month cultural exchange tour of the Soviet Union. ROME — UP) — Actress Elizabeth Taylor Safuraay night received an Italian ipdvie prize that had been |cept'in storage for her for jinBre tMi a year. The prize—the "David of Donatello" Award, often called tte Italian "Oscar"— was awarded her as the best foreign actress of the 1959-60 movie season for her role in the film "Suddenly Last Summer." In Italy, the movie season runs from autumn thi-ough spring, When the 1959-60 awards were presented last year, Miss Taylor was still recover­ ing'froni her near, fatal illness and could nbt come to Italy. BIBLE SCHOLAR DIES Lb'Si ANGELES — VP) — Edgar Johnson Goodspeed, 90, noted Biblical scholar and author of more than 50 books, died in a rest home Satufday of a stroke. HELMETS NEEDED Helmets and shoulder harnesses are needed for light-i plane passengers to reduce injuries and deaths from flailing about if the plane crashes, a study of 248 such victims indicates. lie. is headed for at least per interviews against exploi partial failure. His new party, tat ion of the laboring classes called "The Party of the Peo-bolh by politicians and big pie," is designed to pick up business, any De Gaulle deserters. j Controversy over Echavar- jria contributed in recent daySi to mounting unrest on the political scene. The main cause of discontent appears, however, to be the continuance ;of Balaguer, a holdover from Trujillo times, at the helm of the provisional government Lifted Sanctions When Balaguer announced and maintain law and Ihe creation of a provisional; in Stanleyville and to state council, he said he would: civil war there." The step down when the nation! Congo Battles Gizenga Forces (Continued from Page 1) tilled car. driving without spokesman .said Thant issued was restored to the hemi- lights, turned in front of him his order after receiving a re-jsphere family of nations and as be was heading home from quest from the central govern- work at a strip hotel, causing mcnt.) him to swerve and hit the Gizenga was reported to pole. Tiir jocnNAi--TiMi s HlNDAV nilLLKTlN •in fourth Kl have only a company of about 200 men in his bodyguard .surrounding his residence at .Stanleyville. 1 Lundula, the former Con- hoped this would be before Feb. 27, However, after the •Organization of American States (OAS) lifted its sanctions early this month, Balaguer told newsmen he would quit when the. nation had a chance to avail itself of all op- Th« Juurn»l-Tlmft Compiny Uvaeri ro-rubllibfrt J I). McMumr, I'mldfnl IJarr; II Lrl'aldi>irln. Mfc -Trrn. HtBSCUllTlON BATtS Hnrlnr Journnl-TlinfB iridtlyi !rr!ud Ing tile Jounibl-Tlnii-ii eundny Di .,.ii .n Home flcUvpry ruiofl lii Ftncin*' C'.'v Zone 66c per week ami In narliif Hi-iiu, ailOlhcr Zone 40c per werk ijriyiblo lo rafiiT Motor Truck »(>rvlcr In It«rlii<- I'-ty bc SCnt Army chief under Patrice'portunities for its recovery. ( umumha, was reported to;He repeated that this wouldj liave u larger force of about a battalion in Stanleyville, i Denies Reports Ihe United Nations also h .is a battalion of Ethio- [)i;ins m Stanleyville, and has that could • II wuillhu. »M 3U battalion n. Adoula denied be before Feb. 27, but declined to be pinned down to a specific or an approximate date. The opi>osition has been hammering away at what were termed arbitrary government appointments by Balaguer, some of which were said to have been made without from authoritativc'consulting the council. High- ont ji-ar. 138 eo Adoula denied earlier re- Miill «ub«crlptlon ruten hpply only in n o r ( e Breai wberf motor routf* oi currli-i t ' • , , ».-rv>re i« not^uvi^Bb). 1^': f^^Yil.'^ 8U ^(^"''^•^5 that the Cabinet had est sources said a near crisis months.*!! 00. onr yent. Jil'OO OuUI' 'r ordered Lundula to arrest developed earlier this week ;?"",no 'nthr,!ooo'. ^."e 'Tr^.V/oo Gizenga. lOver such appointments. ?nryt .^mo«''o'u ,^'ur;r;..*^^ The denial was taken with milffa oiifi mortlh, i2 00 113 00; one year, »22 Oc Armrc! iiite» HI inoiitiis, HOC. oi.e yt»r nvils ueTt', alter government ALL MAIL sfBscaiPTiosn S ()urces said Lundula might MUST BE I'Aii) IN ADVANCE dccidc that the best way lo DIAL Mt i.iTii y^jj ,.,1^ orders to re- Trr '!c' « Krain of salt by some diplo- store order would be to place' MEMBER AflsociATED PREBs ^hc Icftisl leader under ar-. Member Audit Bureau ol ClrcuUlioii. fCSt. 1 Inlfcnd Dully Freu AiioclBClon. wucon- « j i i • i • • ' »ln Dally ^lcw»p»per LeftKue, Aiiifilcau AClOUla, ill making hlS dc-; D.lly Jc.urn.1 lound.d January, 1831 ^aid the qUCStlOU Of an. S*?,'",,** V^J^l' i?,",.'""' arrest had not been discussed* Cull »B «orbea In June. IBJJ w .u u- . L r^- i •me A.y. It txciuaiveif entitled to the the Cabinet because. Gizen- u*e lor repub!lc»tiot> ot all newe p;, gj,]] j^^g epuDiicaiiuti (II kll newt o<, crodlted to )t 0/ not otherwu* credlitd " In thU paper and aUu the lyc*l iie»> ininiunilv pttWuhtd herein. •'• parliamentary w cond ClM» Ptwuge P»ld at Haclne IMPORTANT Snbacrlber* who (all to (ct tbelr newapa^er^ call^^oiir Newabey or p.m. (Saturdax*, 6 u.m.; SuoiUyt, U tm-i li Wiir IX ddlrered. Gi/.enga set up a rival regime m Stanleyville after the! slaying of Lumumba, and ;with Soviet bloc backing claimed for many months I that he wijis the rightful pre- imier of tl^ Congo. SAVE BY MAIL AT BELLE CITY SAVI!>J(>S . . . WE PAY POSTAGE BOTH WAYS Belle City SAVII^GS & LOAN 1733 DOUGLAS AVE, Paris Royal's MID-WINTER SPECIALS suns DRESSES .p,.i„, *r* PANTS 69' SKIRTS pioin 69* WHITE SHIRTS 5 99' 22 each CHILDREN'S GARMENTS 45 ea. through size 10 FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY ME 4-7101 507 6th St. High & No. Moin St. Minor Repairs on All Garments—FREE • paris royal CLEANERS 507 6th St. HigH and N. 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