The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 5, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 7
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C A T S U P \ Not an ordinary sweet catsup. Snappy and full of zest. No other . catsup is just like Brooks. Republican Voters, Mountain Precinct 2. My Friends and Neighbors:- Thc Republican Party today is most certainly the better f ,,s to keep our constitutional right, privileges, and s Wo must not be divided. We must win this fall in THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL; THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1048 PAGE ONE, SECTION TWO head and just looked at me. 1 Jell his eyes going over my face, painting it forever on his memory, i ho way my black brows climb into erratic peaks, UK- way gray eyes arc almost black my be- the goiif-.i . ;iiu) in no instance have 1 sought to put ,,,,.,! 'self inlcrcsl out front before the best interest of the p '" ty ' i have been offered a place on the pay roll but didn't wept it I therefore feel that 1 have not been neglected by oui COUI ^;'j n "i ls fgn| /acons 't ruc tivc, forward looking proposals of ... mrtv invariably finds me on the line to do my full duty, , ' !' 1 \\jic-n it comes to propositions that totally and clearly nVik -in attempt at perpetuation of personal self interest iho\c inrty interests 1 am not and can never be in consistent immoin w i t h that sort of thing. " i t is my opinion that the very surest way for us to rtpdrov the usefulness of our party is to turn it over to a bunch f o,\" tollers who by the very nature of things arc subjugated , {he wishes of the" man above them who holds their security, their job in his hands. This by no means is lo be taken ·it 1 do "° l believe in and am agreeable lo the "give and take" of team work closely and cohesively coordinated in our canipai«n efforts and in fulfilling our party pledges throughout our .successful administration after we may have won the elections. . . . Being your committccman in our little precinct offers me -ome interesting diversion from the daily hum drum of my mofe-Monal work. I have not and do not expect to receive any monetary iccompcnse for the lime given, the actual outlay of CM.S!I out of my own pocket, nor the efforts that 1 have and expect to put out in behalf of our parly in our ( efforts to save ami streiiiithcn our heritage of a free and independent American way of life. When the voles in this little contest between myself and my neighbor. Bert Driskel, will have been counted 1 shall accept'} our verdict in good grace and shall not at all be agitated if \ou "choose to replace me with Bert. I am and expect to continue to be your neighbor and I personally need and want \our continued friendship. If I am not your good friend I want to feel that it is solely because you did not or now do not want it that way. I would" be happy if my Democratic friends and neighbors would also accept this attitude on my part as equally directed to them. We ought not to be so zealous in our enthusiastic party efforts as to intrude upon our feeling of good neighbors. Let us all be enthusiastic and active as \\e see the light to be aligned, but let's not become over enthusiastic and determined to w i n at all hazards. In the future let us play clean and entireh honorable in every respect. Respectfully submitted by Dr. C. J. Estes ol their lashes and large pupils, the way my Jips quiver like a child's belore I'm going to cry. JJut he didn't let me cry. lie gave me a little push and m.'idc me stand alone. lie moved i-v.ay from me. "You'd better get icady," he said. He made his voice matter-of-fact. It \vas daytime, now, his voice said. Daytime and time lor work. Ye.s, we had \\oik to do. It had been agreed that we would net drive to the studio together. » u i n . i u wuvi\ «iiv* .jivwv. · · could see whoever came throygn that door in answer to that call. My nails dug into the palms oi m hands. In a moment now . . · in a moment . . . - Someone was at the door. The doorman opened it and nodded his head and opened it wider and for one moment J saw the woman with the make-up kit standing there in the sunshine. She slipped through like a shadow, the door closed behind her and she was lost in the vast dimness of the set. She was only a sound, the rhythmic clicking of high heels on bare floor. 1 moved to meet the footsteps. I said: "Sorry we bothered you -- it wasn't necessary after all. Cells of Thyroid Cancer Divided into Two Classes Ky I'AULL F. ULMS ileam." composed of physicists, UniU'd Press Science Writer [chemists, internal medicine ex- Copyright, 1948, Ky United Press' perls, pathologists and technicians, NEW YORK, Feb. 5_U.l!---Ke- is studying the thyroid and its research treatment of thyroid can- lation to radioactive iodine from ccr has disclosed the significant " If such a theory can bo proved to be correct, then a most important step in cancer research will havo been made. That would mean that a certain cancerous growth could be made to revert toward a normal function. fact that the cells of thyroid can cer are in two classes. One is cajled "left-of-cenler," "righl-of-centcr." all angles. The team is treating only the most carefully selected patients, nci iirive 10 uic siumo IUKUUIIT. . ·- ··«·". - ··--···--* --.-, ·ll-.cio uas just one chance i n . Someone found the lipsUck you J made for Avis Vaughn. The wardrobe woman is helping Madge fix in 1 , odd thousand that the per- M»n who mattered might see us j together and become suspicious. Out chance in a thousand. Bui we could nol take lhat chance. So Bob called a taxi and when it came he said to me again, "Don't le afraid. I'll be there--lo take .», 10 . uue .... ,, .., care of %ou. And it will work.! up a t that particular moment or It has to" work!" · I nodded. And went clown and ['got into the taxi. the other sonu . 0 [ whom have the most serious type of thyroid cancer. Such a description wa.s given b y . In .studies at Memorial and oth- one ol the .scientists of the "thy- tr hospitals, including Massachu- roid learn" at Mew York's Mcmor- .sells General hospital, Boston, ial hospital for cancer and allied which is cooperating in the Mem- diseases, 'orial project, it has been found The difference between the tsvo'H'al "l«ft "J" center" cancers that groups, he said, is simple. The have spread from the neck can "lefties" arc those that grow wild- be made in some cases to pick up Jy, far different from the original iodine. thyroid tissue. The "rightists" a r e ' Such a phenomenon has occur- more conservative, he said. They' red in some cases following corn- follow the pattern of the original plete removal of the original gland thyroid tissue and therefore arc i by surgery or by massive doses of the ones that tend to function as | radioactive iodine. In ji signifi- thc parent gland. Just I'clow Adam's Apple The Daily Register, 20c a week, that makes folks sleep all night! Tboiuanda now Bleep uodinturbcU oecauoo ot tbe uvw» thut tlu' wakened iiiitlit alter e u v » u'ir w n K a w a e n e iiiiti a e night migU (M (font btajdtr trrilatton nut tht I. vtnty* Lot's bopuio '1 tin t'a a condition Fol«y 1*1)1* usually ulUy nitliiu 24 bours Since bladder irritation U no prevalent and FoIey.PHU ix potuut Foley 1'ilU must bwcttt you within 24 Lours or DOU1SLR YOUK MONKY BACK Make 24-tiuur t«*t C!«t 'olev Pills from drug- ·I'nl Full HHtutfaction or j)Ol)BIJl Y O U R MONKY HACK / QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptomi of DUtrmArklngfram STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeBookTtUtofHomoTroatMonttlMt Must Help or It Will Cott You Nothtaft Ovor throo million bottle* of tho WILLAHU haw bwn Hold for mllof of "Massive Studios," I said to the 1 taxi driver. My voice was tight in my ihroal. J was suddenly sick v,ilh fear. It was a nightmare. One of those, her. nightmares where even as you; Ravella ! dream you have the feeling that ! you've been through it all before her face.' Our timing was right. /Ravella couldn't stop to analyze the situa : lion, lo think about what 1 had iaid or how unlikely it was that Avis Vaughn's lipstick would turn up at that particular moment or . v.nether or not it would suit 'Madge's coloring. She only heard j m\ words--"the lipstick you made '· lor Avis Vaughn"--and on the stage-she saw Madge with a lip- i slick at her lips while a wardrobe i woman held a large mirror before flung herself past me. ,cant number of cases the cancer- jous thyroid tissue that had spread LSI iciuw /luam s vv|ijJii: -;··' v . , , ,,,, , . ,, - , 'to other parts of the body began Those who have thyroid cancer i " H , J i d i riv r-nn«irW lhfm;rlvf«: I n r k v :r « tOllttl lOUinc. g y m p t o i i H o H r o w i a r K n K f m and Duod«n«IUIc«r«luo to Cxctt* Ada- Poor DlfMtlon, Sour or UpMt Stomach.. GMslimt, Heartburn, SI««pl*«tiW«f. «te., diiutuExe««« Acid. Sold on 13 itayn' trial! Auk for "WllUrd'i MMMI*" wtilcli fully vxplulus thin treatment--fr»#-- ttl BARTER KELTNER EVERYBODY'S DRUG STORE SKACCS PHARMACY Tilt WEBSTER PHARMACY HART'S DRUG STORC Orlrf Mlllt From where I sit... Joe .MarsK been two theories what makes the may consider themselves lucky if | ,,. . . their cancer is in the "rightist" I "ope Second theory Right group. Only about 15 per cent of I There have thyroid cancer patients are in this advanced on , -group and they can be helped with spreading tumors show an increas- nidioaclive iodine, a by-product of ,ed capacity to collect radioactive Ridge, Do You Have Noisy Neighbors? the atomic energy ovens at Oak i iodine. The first theory is that the normal thyroid in the neck is located as "stealing" all the iodine that The Tenn. thyroid gland and ou know what is going to j Don't use that happen before it happens and you i cached the girl. She raced for the stage. She sci earned, "Don't, Madge--don t! me uiyruiu ji'J' lu J? jucaiuu i ----- --. ----- -·= r »u~ v..,«: n «t just below the Adam's Apple in, was .being taken by the patient, the neck and weighs barely an leaving little or none for the dis- ounce. It has the all important · ant tumors. The other theory n l duty of manufacturing a com- . that removal of the original ! Know \ou ought lo do something OLD FRIENDS ARE BEST FRIENDS Vour favorite grocer now has in slock the flours that "·i\c been the favorite of Southern Illinois for 5G K'.-ir-. Renew your friendship with this family of fine flours! If \Mir »rocer is unable lo supply you or is tcnipor- anl ut of slock, lelephone I he" mill--Phone I5f-- and n nur w jjj j, c delivered lo you. CREAM OF PATENT Cake and Pastry Flour MASTER Hard Wheat Bread Flour WOOLCOTT'S BEST AlM»nrpo:c Hard Wheat Flour Perfection Old Kentucky A Good Economical Flour SNOWDRIFT A Very Ixi\v Priced Flour tadian Meal Cream Meal Crystal Meal WOOLCOTT MILLING CO. HarrM )Urff . 1n Phone l."6 Order A Sack Today! , lo keep it from happening, but i ou can't. i Madge Xarney and dark, hand- I .some "Mark Sevrenb, who had |st"pped into luckless A i t Cleves' ! s-hoes, were rehearsing the same scene I had watched Avis and Art rehearse a week before. There wa.s the same setting, the same flooding %\hite lights, the same body on the floor with the knife hai.dlc between the shoulder Mades: Madge even wore Ihe same blue evening gown, cut down toi hei sue. that Avis had worn. A n d j in the back of my mind I could! hear the echo of Avis' voice when' Madge began: "But 1 wouldn't | havo used a knife . . . " , Jeff stopped her there. And 'that, too, was like that other time. ' B u t now he was gentle. Too gen-j | tie. His voice was almost a p u r r t i as he explained the way. he wanted j 1 this scene played. You could see , i Madge straining to catch the exact! mood he was trying to put intoi 'words tor her. Trving to catch tlu.-j 1 double impact of shock and fear; ! t h e bituation called for. She stood 1st ill for a moment taking it in a n d 1 ' t h e n she said quietly, "All right. '·I'm ready." ! -Good gfri;" Jeff, applauded. I Madge went back to the far side of the'stage. She began her walk toward the body. She raised her c\es to Mark Scvren's face. She read the dark accusation there, j She began her lines--the lines I 1 .was sick of hearing, the lines I [ j repented so bitterly ever having! | wi itten. Once .again she was pour- j ing her heart and soul into a pail; and this time it sickened me.; i Ambition is such an evil thing! 'when it s-erves only a selfish end.! 'when it twists values until a h u - j !man life is cheaper than a bit o f ) ! tinseled .stardom. ' ! And then I froze. Mark Scvrensj [had started to move toward Madge.- i That was not in the script, and) i Madge knew every word, every; I "c-sture. every action the script i called for. His walking toward her ! surprised and confused her. she 'half-turned her head to look ques-. tioningly at Jeff and she did no., see what was happening. Mark stumbled. He threw out his hanqs to save himself and one of his bands hit Madge in the face, slid ! down across her face smearing her ln.ake-up and leaving a streak of 'red lip rouge from her mouth down across her chin. Jeff called out angrily and everyone stood; * '"Sorry." Mark" Sevrens apolo- i r J "Gct a make-up woman over, i here " Jeff bellowed. "And j . hum-" Delays made him furious. I One of the technicians ran back j , to the tek-nhonc by the door o. , the set to\all the make-up dc-1 stick from her fingers. lipstick!" She i is picked She tore the lip-'stream. u y o m a n u a c u r n a c o pound which is active in regulating gland created a need for thyioid the ut,li-,at,on of oxygen for hum- 08 an needs. The thyroid makes the com- I pound thyroxin from iodine which up from the blood (To Ke Continued) Treat Selected Patients , cer responded by attempting to | assume the function of the parent j gland. ' The Memorial scientists present- 'ly do not know which theory, if either, is correct, but are hoping A lot bf the neighbors were suddenly annoyed by Jeb Crowell's hammering at night. Jeb was building himself a new front porch--and the only time that lie could give to it was after sundown. Finally we decided the best thing to do was all pitch in and help-and get the carpentry over with as soon as possible. We did. Finished the porch next evening--and Jeb gratefully treated us to ice cold beer and cider. From where I sit, that's what being a good neighbor means. In- stead of complaining about the other fellow's habits, try to understand and share his interests. So if my practising on the flute annoys you, come on over, neighbor, with your fiddle or guitar and join me! Maybe it will end up in our knowing and appreciating one another better..'. in an evening oi good fellowship. And I'll promise to provide the beer that goes with, evenings of good fellowship! i cat o^iuiiuu l a i i u i i t ^ . v-n-n^-i t 1*5 \,\j* i\*\.^ r »^**v «»*, ..^^.-.a, The Memorial hospital "thyroid i that the second theory is right. 7IP-A IF.E SI'IT. T)own Miami i Beach. Fin. «*y. «iis IS » hc . la jj»} ·bathing sail fa^ion. Mary Hill i is the model, and *hc demonstrates 'how this classic one-piece suit is equipped with a dowt.-thc-front zip- Sr to spare her the unpleasant- neks of wnsgling out of a wet i bathing -sail. FLEETLINE SPOR7MASTER fLEEUIHE AEROSHJAH' ' V*" H.EETMAyre»'SP08T SEDAN' ISlow on ^ g* · * · -- EVROLET Newer! Smarter! Finer! . ,, see it . The new Chevrolet for 1948 Here, .e one, see'. Co :: ^s :: - oior brings you new smartness, of des, , lusllry _an even greater measure of B ^ ^ m . Kt .^ fine » TO R-'TOWN SEDAN. !'. "jV COST. And W Uh aH Us greater - ficU .- the ^ car U, '» , Va,ve-,n . tod Hdraulic I** , 1C aU-e as Body by Positive Action ction Rid e and d ,, ve Chevro ,et S . according to i: - V Copyright, 1948, United States Brewers Foundation . '1- -fUETMASTa-STATrON WAGON /r COU?E aa» coon STYIEMASTIS TOWN SALINE MOTOR COMPANY HARRISBURG, ILL. u .-It ·-I ,4 if I , il JEWS PA PER I JEWS PA PER I

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