The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 20, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1918
Page 5
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•vr-- K«tinni-«ininiiT--i- • rtiT-rrrt ~ri < fflTirt- Tttti! fitTTCBtfKSON NEWS. PAGE WE Styles That Please Prices That Appeal Quality That Satisfies AT LADIES FASHION SHOP The New Store—112 North M MI.. ROYAL Today and Saturday LEWIS S. STONE and MARGUERITE CLAYTON In Earl Derr Bikers' Great Stage Success "Inside The Lines" Admission on "Inside The Lines" Adults 20c, Children 10c. DE* A D I TODAY AND JL £li/\£^.jLi SATURDAY A BIG DOUBLE PROGRAM WILLIAM DUNCON, IN "A FIGHT FOR MILLIONS" —1st Episode— Charlie Chapntan,in "A Million Dollar Job" And a five part Triangle with DARRELL FOST "Ik American IRIS AH Seats r n Always JC TODAY Pear! White in "AT THE PISTOL'S POINT" 18lh vplHudo o( "The Iluuse of Hate" HAROLD L Up YD In "SJc 'Em, Towser" i Comedy. HEARST-PATHE NEWS ** Showing official war pictures TOMORROW Neal Hart IN "ROPED ana TIED" A thriutnc; Western drum* '•mrte Sterling" IN "A CLEAN SWEEP" A laugh In every foot of this biff comedy r ,J « IIUS OP1SNS AGAIN -TOMORROW AT 10 A. M. Full Line of Hats Save Middle Man's Profit by Buying Prom 4 South Main Phone 10 U THEY MADE A BIG HIT "Allen Squad" Was Creeled by Storms of Applause When It Appeared. The raot that tho American nation Is the inciting pot of all nations, Is nowhere more In evidence than In the American army. Proof of this was shown when the "Allen Squad" appeared laBt evening at the State Fair ground bringing their messages of their war alms and what they hoped to accomplish when Ihey lire Rent on their mission. There are Hlxtoen ineiu- bent'of tho "squad" all of whom are foreign born save one who Is au American born citizen. The others arc Americans purely by choice. 'the effect of the men [appearing last night at tho grandstand was very mouioulous due to the fact that Ilioy wore dressed In Ihclr soldier uniforms, representing BO many nationalities, many of whom are Ihelr enemies. A particular thrilling moment was when Sergt. C. ,1. liloemUer the only American born soldier In the squad stepped forward and gave his brief message. The iiamo effect was also true when Private Wolf, a German by birth stepped lorward and saluted the crowd, ills story had u double message due to (he fact that be has a father and tv.0 brothers fighting now In the German army, if they, haven 't been killed or taken prisoners. When he is sent across to "do his part It will truly be blood fighting blood. In interest of Liberty Loan. Tho squad Is in charge of William A. Uiby who briefly Introduced each man giving a short skotch of his life and circumstances surrounding his native country. These men were selected as an experiment from the men at Camp Fuuston b'y the Four Minute Speakers of the slate and were sent here by I he War Department In the Interest of the Fourth Liberty IxjarfT Their appeal was df a vastly different nature than any others because It came from the men themselves asking that the folks back home, in their adopted country, give them the financial backing that they might bring honor home with them when they return, < Touching Appeal. Unusual and touching wut the appeal which came from the lips of a man born in Bulgaria and also Private Rzeznilk of Poland, wbo bitterly denounced the Hun'.and all his relations and expressed the hope that when th-j war was over his land would be pieced where it rightfully belonged. Mr. Biby of Topeka. is the irt'tciel spokesman for the squad and It is- Ithrough. ills efforts largely that I ho isquad has been meeting with so much' success. - Last evening Ihey were very enthusiastically; received by large crowds both at the,.Fair grounds and at. the- Da Luxe and Royal,',theaters. They were cheered and. cheered as Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S C A ST O R I A De Luxe Today and Saturday , JUUIJMUIJUUIJMUIJUUIJIJIJ'JIJI SIS* ^ wfffiifwwtfi* Corner North M»in end ftnend Street JACK PICKFORD The Kain Exhibit An exhibit In our windows that Is attracting n great deal of attention is the collection of German and other war trophies collected by Rev. M. U Kain of litis city during his Y, M. C. A. work 'on Ilie battle fields In France this year. Among them nrc—A German tron Cross of Ihe first class, boche gas masks r.ntl bayonets, a boche helmet, field glass, bugle, hand grenade, canteen," cartridge belt, also French, English and American gas masks and bayonets, etc. You will rind an examination of this exhibit interesting and instructive. We feel under many obligations to Father Kain for permitting us to display them where the public can ijavc tho benefit of seeing Ihem, We know they appreciate tho privilege, ' O. F. SAWYER & CO. Now Is Your Best Time to Buy Furs of All Kinds The Largest Stock of Them Here We saved at least from 10 to 25 per cent on our furs by buying them last March and April. Many kinds are still advancing. By buying your furs now you get the benefit of this saving we made and get a much better assortment to select from than we will be able to offer you later on/ The houses we buy furs from have a reputation for reliability unsurpassed by any and equalled by few. We add our warrantee to theirs, guaranteeing any furs we sell to be exactly as represented. We are sole agents for this city for Gordons, Marks, Narobia and Lazarus furs. Mink Mole Beaver Lynx Fox Wolf Fitch Raccoon Marmot Skunk Seal Nutria Muffloon Ocelot Wild Cat Thibet Coney Goat Civet O. F. Sawyer Dry Goods Co. they marched out of the building. They are to leave lonlght and will return to Camp Funston. Dr. Oscar Wolf of Topeka who-is acllfig as publicity agent for the "Alien Squad" has gone to Wichita today to make arrangements for the men to appear there at the Wheat Show. Fpr heating stoves go to O'Doa- nal'% - mi IN "Mile a Minute Kendall Speed || Speed Nothing but SPEED in this lighting fast thriller and laugh maker. Whatever you do, don't miss this! Special z Reel Comedy in Addition Mrs. P. J. has returned from spending (he Summer months 111 New York City and in Virginia. .Mm. Leimbach joined her daughter Mrs. S. Field Dallam in New York where litey bade goodbye to Col. Dallam as lie wan leaving for overseas. From Ihere I hey went to. Virginia spending considerable time,.at Hot Springs. They were the guests of Miss Mary Johnstone, a noted literary woman whese summer home is located near Hot Springs, <S> <J> Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cooter will leave tomorrow for "Topeka where Mrs. Cooter will spend several dujs vsiting at the home of her ulster Mrs. F. C. Kaths and Mr. Kallis. '.Mr. Cooter will go on to Chicago where h will attend thu annual meeting of the American Bankers' Association, which is tq he held there next week. Mr. Fred C. 'French'"'is another Hutchinson ba')iker"who w'lll attend this convention, tie will leave this evenlng.- ^. •Mr.'and Mrs. Frank Simmons, -Mr. and -Mrs. Charles Warnock and Mr. Clyde Warnock of Manchester, Oklahoma, who have been the guests fol­ ate past few days of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Parks and oilier friends, and attending Ihe Fair, returned to their' home yesterday. •«• '£ <v :. Mr. aud Mrs. 1.. E. Fontron and family left today for-. Garden City, New York, where Mr. Fontron will take up Red Cross work. He will stop In St. Louis to visit the Southwestern Red Crop's Headquarters. <8> <!• '•• 'Mr. Harry Cochran and John Boone returned yesterday morning from the Colorado School of Mines, and left last night for l.awronce where they will enter K. II, <i, -t> ,Mr. and Mrs. Archie Brown and little daughter Marjorio are. here from McPherson attending Ihe Fair and vlsitlug at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. B, Agrelius. <*• * Dr. O. O. Wolf of Ottawa and Senator II. W. Avery of Clay Center were the dinner guests last evening of Mr. and 'Mrs. S. W. Riddel of Fourth avenue east. , <•• * <$> Dr. and Mrs, II. .1. Duvall returned last night from a. thre weeks' visit in Colorado, where they visited friends In Estes Park, Denver,' «»d Lamar. <j, 4> Mr. and Mrs. .1. F. Fontron relumed last night from Kansas City where they have been attending the Farm Mortgage tluuker's Convention this week, Dr.' and Mrs. U. W. Robertson will leayc Sunday for a two weeks' motor trip through Oklahoma. They will visit relatives in Gtnhrle and Stroud. •i> •}• •!> Mrs. A. I. (liiddard has come Irom Dodge City and expects to make her •home this winter with her sist'T. Mrs. 14. ,1, Ollphant and Mr. Ollplmnt, 'J. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Rosier expect to leave .Monday for a- six weeks business and pleasure, trip to New York and other eastern states. Mr. and Mrs. lien F. Hunaley and two children are hero from Larned for a few days vlsitlug at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. U. Agrelius. - <>• * * Miss Hasselle Hitchcock bus as her guest Ihis week Willard Abernethy of tho U. S. Navy who has been en- Joying a several days furlough. <t> * <8> Franklin Hettinger 1ft today for Ann Harbor, Michigan where he will take up his second year's work at .ulchigtu university. «• Mr. and Mrs. R. 0. BroslUB have as their guest*, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Smith, Miss Carrie ltrosius, und Mr. Otto Griffeth of Wichita. • Mrs. Amandus Smith of Kansas City, who la on her wjty to Colorado, j was the guest_of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Asher last night. I <?• <S> * I Mrs. A. E." Harrison of Ilerlngton Is. |here visiting her cousin. Mrs. .1. 10. Foltz and Dr. Foltz and attending Ihe State Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Guy MePheeters of Dodge City have been the State Fair guests of Mr. and Mrs. 12. J. Ollplmnt Ihis week. <?• <•> * Mrs. Clyde 10. Gay and daughter, Flo Louise, of Pratt, came today to visit Mrs. Gay's mother, Mrs. Flora H. Crooks. Mr. Fred Hemon, who is attending the University of Kansas, has been pledged to tie Delta Tan Delta fraternity. «• <j> <•> Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kasselman or | Fllinweorl are h--re visiting with Mr. i and Mrs. I). W. Palmer for a few ' days. ; <j. ! Mrs. Florence Chester of Chicago is here for a tew days as the guest i of Mrs. George Hippie and Mr. lilp: pie. * <j, Mrs. E, P. Magill and Mrs. F. G. Gettys of Canton, are visiting.Mr. and Mrs. A. F,. Duvall for a few days. <* <J> Mrs. E. W. Cline, who has been visiting relatives here for the past week, ! returned to Topeka last night. * * ^ Mr. Frank Nichols of Rlaekwell. Oklahoma is visiting his brother Dr \V. W. Nichols and Mrs. Nichols. Mr. and Mrs. John Shtiman of King man are here visiting with Mrs. .lane Hnnning. '?> <» Miss Mamie Gilbert of Conway Springs is the guest of Miss Helen Welch. <5> '5> 't- Mi™ Mabie Ridenotir of St. John is here the guest of Miss Helen Shackelford. DANCING Yeoman Hall each Saturday evening. Holaday's music. Ray Bailey, Mgr. Dancers. Class lessons In ballroom dances every Friday night, 7:J0 to 9. Social dance from 'J to 12. Woodman Hall. Holaday's 'i piece orchestra. Private lessons by appointment. Phone 1455. T-tt ANNA M C D ONNELL. Children 's Dances. Beginning September 7, every Saturday afternoon will teach children's ballroom unit fancy dances. Phone 145.1. T-tf ANNA MCDONNELL. ATKINSONS SAT. NIGHT DANCE. Al Central Hall with SOLSBKRG'S Hid FIVE PIECE ORCHESTRA. 20-^t GET YOUR MILITARY TRAINING At Cooper College. Cooper College has been added to ; the list, of Kansas Insiittttlnns to 1 have a Student Army Training ; Corps. i They are preparing to take care of : I'UD bii.\s. There Is still room for! more. Military training begins Oet. ! I. but send your application nt once,! as Ihe number is limited, ! Full uniform, free tuition, room and board, and the pay of a private. j Tills is the young man's chance. | Address Pres. It. T. Campbell, Sler- ( ling, Kansas. 20-lt Fresh Meat. Spring lamb, veal, spare ribs and sauer kraut, all choice cuts of roasts and Bleaks at i. SMITH'S Grocery and Market. Phone 1500. 20-lt Largest truck factory In the world. Why not best'.' Republic Trucks. Re- no-xuicli Co. IC-Ct. Riverside Park TONIGHT Milton Schuster Mucical Comedy Company Mostly Girls Dancing at Park Pavillion Don't miss a visit to Riverside Park if you want real entertainment. Go to O'Donnel 's for stove pipe, elbows and coal hods. 10-31 Large lists are edged witli fur. Just a Suggestion TO FAIR VISITORS While in Hutchinson The weather being cool, you can buy your Coat, Suit, Dress, Blouse or Furs at a great saving at the Frank's Sample Store, although you will have to walk up -stuirH. Hut it is best, for yuu save all the way from $1.00 up to $25.00 ; it depends on how large a purchase you make. The reason why we sell for less than down stairs stores is our low rent and none of those expensive fixlurcse, flcor walkers and all other unneccssacY expense. Samples arc •bought at a bigdiseount, and we give you part of the benelits. And there are several more good features about the Frank's Sample Store. Our experienced sales people being very accommodating. We will mention just a few items that are priced Special for Friday and Saturday : Suits Same Size as Coats That Are Wonders $25.00 COATS Cloth and Plush in all desirable shades. Sizes 14 to 48. Special - - - - $25.00 DRESSES All wool Serges Silk and $6.95 to Silk Poplin all colors and $59.00 sizes WAISTS One Lot Georgette, Priced Special for Satuaday, all colors good styles, other Waists up to $15 $4.85 We are Located Opposite Kress 10c Store Up-Stairs. We are also showing a good line of Furs, mostly staple colors and the upstairs makes the prices low We are Open Saturday Evening Until 9 P. M. FREE ALTERATIONS

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