The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 31, 1975 · Page 18
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August 31, 1975

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 18

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1975
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

'"^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^^iiiiiMBMiwBRajRBiRiBil A potpourri of plots Augst 31,1075 • DES MOINES SUNDAY REGISTER/SB lizzans featured in show Kay Lens Joanne Woodward NEW "WOMAN UNDER THE INflUENCE" Friday at Fltur 4. fitna Rtwlindi and Ptttr Fift. A John Ciumtn mtv It. Story of a mtrriiM of nftmitchtd Ptoplt. "BUCKTOWN" WtdMidly it tht Cl- taxy. Frtd wftamon* Pirn firitr. It to 'Mictloaitory. RETURNING "AMERICAN GRAFFITI" Friday it Fltur 2 ind Forum IV. Rfctard Ortyfuu. Picture of young people In tht 60's. HELD OVER . "WNW UOr it tht HoM*. *r. bri Strthind urrlti on wttk nort of tht Finny Brict itory. Junes dan to Myftott. "LOVE AND DEATH" at tht Ciprt. A Woody AHen spoof set hi Nipoltonle «.. T« HW-Y MAIL" it Ftar I and Forum 1IL A wy do of tht Kim Arthur story. "WALKING TALL PART II" «t Flew 2 *£&!!"* L X"*S tnt «"••' «' Sheriff Punir. (Throoth Tmndiy.) "JAWS" at Ftew » art Forum II. Mfcr shirk ttrrorlm m tin coast rt- Hrtrtojon. "UNDERCOVERS HERO* at Fltur 4 and Sierra 1. Ftttr Sefcrt, Rn Stil- Jngs, Curt Jurttra, Lla Ktdrova. WorM War II settings. SUtrs tssiyi stveral BWtriyals. (Through Thursday it Fltur '"GROOVE TUBE" it the Ingcrsoll. SilrtonTV. "THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG" through Thursday it tht Ptaii ind it Cmemi I. Susin Clirk, M Bliby. Old CiMornH, a goM itrftt ind • tank rob- btry. "ROLLERBALL" it Rlvtr HMs. Jimet Cun.lftijKurt world whtrt mrylhlng AWMftv IM Wttrff VfOltliCt h Pf0* "NASHVILLE" it tht RMeri. How a MUonil poWcal iwc FEVER" at sima 2 a«d Punttr DrM-ln. jin-MMntl vm- ctnt, Kiy Lint. Young indtptndtnt tnkktr got* to war igimu Melt truck* trs. James Caan ISU CENTER DEDICATION WEEKEND-Sept. 19, 20, 1975 Ames, Iowa RIG RAND PAVAI PAHF with Freddy Martin, Bob Crosby, DIVa DHNU tft VMLV/MUt "» Ray tberle, Margaret Whiting rv C.Y. Stephens ; Auditorium and comedians Edmonds & Curley Tickets: $6, $5, $4 Siturdiy, Sept. 20-8:00 p,m. J. H. Hilton Coliseum --------Tickets: $5, $4 BRIEF LIVES— a dramatization of stories, grumblings and outrageous gossip of 17th century diarist, John Aubrey — a scandalous one-man show — ISU Theater Department , Friday & Saturday, Sept. 19, 20— 8:00 p.m. Fisher Theater Tickets: *2 (adult); $1 (student) ISU CENTER DEDICATION WEEKEND, SEPT. 19,20,1975 Name II Date_ Address. .Daytime Phone. City and State___ _ Enclose stamped, Mlf-oddreued envelope; make check payable to, and mail tot CENTER TICKET OFFICE, 7_!n Anws, Iowa 30010 O15-zy4'Z49o) » Dot* Event & Time Sept.l9(Fri) Sept.l9(Fri) Sat., Sept. 20 Frl.,Sept.l9 Sat., Sept. 20 Big Band Cavalcade 6:00 p.m. Big Bond Cavalcade 9<00 p.m. The Lettermen 8:00 p.m. Brief Lives SiOOp.m. Brief Lives 8,00p.m. No. of Tickets Price o«ir. u » an ,v, • Amount of cheek Total $ - cc w o cc o Ul By- .Check .Refund. I THEATRE 1536 1536 E. ACAMMV AWARD WINNIRMST ACTRISS IUINMIRSTYNe\KMSmiSTOmRSON "AUCIDOISWTIIVI HIM ANYMORE" 2rtO,5t40,9:10rHUSJINNIF«O'NIIlt t 'SUMMIROF'42"TODAY4iOO,7>90 TREAT YOUR WHOLE FAMILY THIS WEEKEND TO THIS REALLY GREAT ENTERTAINMENT STREISAND CAAN MAKE •tt»»tt»>t»t>tttt<mf»ttt l PARTY COSTUMiS RINT —SAIE FUNNY LAW THE BEST HOLIDAY TODAY 2:30,4:45, 7:15,9:30 THEATRE 3400SW9th The only place to see Sha No Na DRAKE FIELDHOUSE **^ ^mr -^^- ~^r -^r -^^- ^^__^^ ^• r ^^ 0 MINI I AST 0 —Saturday night, September 20th 8:00 PM SHA I\f A 50'« and 60'$ music at its ben. OLDIES G4NLDIES GREASIES MOLDIES (NO RESERVED SEATS) Tickets $6.00 qt Just Pants, Music Circuit, Co-op Tapes, and Records, Drake Student Activities Center or write:SHA NA NA Tickets, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa 50311. (Tickets $6.50 at the door) Drake University Major Attractions Committee "THE OTHER SIDE or THI MOW- TAIN- A Siirra 3. PeHmnt ttory ef ikl CnKflpWfl Jfl KtfrtnOflti "ANIMAL CRACKERS" (tht Mir* *»«|*«>Md "YOU CANT CHEAT AN HONEST MAN" <W.C. Fitltfi) at tht Virslty. -DEVIL'S RAIN" «l tht W«fcen*a. trnnlitmtnt, U* toelne, Join frt- th«r, WMim Statntr. A fun* fMi ft. utt rriMd up wKh dtri mnMptn. Ah* rtwrtne, it tht WHt-Vut Drrit>Iit "THE OWNING MOL" tt CtNM If. Jewnt Woedmrd, P«U Nnmn. lUrptf tkt dtttcthrt at wort •**. "THE STING" at Fonm IV. Koto! RtdfWd md Paul Nfwmin. Con mm hi thcTMrtmtaCMcigo. "ALICE OOESN7 LIVE HERE ANYMORE" it Thtitrt 1536. Ekn Buntyn. Story of a wMow who hoots for a tint* Ing urter. With It h "Summer of '42." The annual tour of "The Wonderful World of Horses," featuring "The Royal Lipiz* zan Stallion Show," plays at Veterans Memorial Auditorium Sept 20 and 21. More than 20 of the famed Lipizza- .mrs will perform their classical school movements in a twothour presentation. The performance will Include a complete and authentic program of Lipizzaner movements. Bred in the sixteenth century for the use of the Hapsburgs, the royal family of Austria, the horses have a notable history. Originally the Airs Above the Ground was a' tactic of war, used by mounted men to inspire terror in enemy infantrymen. The Lipizzaners, because of their ezceptlonal strength, courage and in- •telligence were especially bred for this purpose. Today, the jumps are performed only for their beauty. Among spectacular movements is the freat leap from • stand-still position known as the Capriole. The stallion jumps to a height of well over six feet and kicks out violently with his hind legs while tucking his forelegs under his chest. In the Levade the horse must maintain a haunched position at a 45 degree angle to the ground, requiring great muscle control and perfect balance. The Llpizzans shown are •from the breed's sis blood* lines: Conversano, Neo- politano, Pluto, Slglavy, Maestoso and Favory. Morgans, Andalusians, Sad- .dlebreds, Thoroughbreds, Palominos, Arabians and Western horses will also be among the other breeds presented in the horse show. Role for Piazza NEW YORK, N.Y. - Ben Piazza has been signed for a major featured role in "The Bad News Bears," the new Paramount film produced by Stanley Jaffe which teams Oscar-winners Walter Mat- thau and Tatum O'Neal. Piazza portrays a Los Angeles area councilman who is responsible for getting a bumbling group of misfit kids into the sandlot league and hiring Matthau as their coach. IKCMCVMffDVO | SIERRA PIONEER 2ND Week • Drive-In 8:30 & 11,50 Fhey've got a dream, „ each other, and a fight to the finish. MONDAY TO HM Lf YOU ALL INJOYTHIHOUDAY, CINEMA 1 Park Freel nit • in* IM> >mui/ ^.—-.^. -. CINIMA liOO-3A3 . FtAZAat ti004iOO • «A « •« A fUk ^V * JMfc V AA A A* Dl A T A KLA/.A HILARIOUS FUNI ^ttElE CAPITOL DRIVE-IN OKN7t30 ... T^ 82 "^ * "»9 • CARTOON--I,IS • GAl WOt2!00.4:00 MAGONeie,30 O.OO.SiOO.JOiOO FIRST RUN SHOWING! SIERRA 1 FLEUR 4 *^^*55S»?i ~^?^Ki8josa«»i«>«« ! arj•,»:. Co-HIt • Drtvt In Only At lOslO - t»V 2K»-3i45-5 I 30-7il5.9 ! 00 • Fltur 2tl5-4.15.7i15-9i15 &XI . bobby - -PLUS Co-Hits • DRIVE-IN ONLY AT 10i30 JEFCMIOCCS Hew "THI LAST AMIRICAN Hmo " FLEUR 3 —»— JiOOl 3:10-5,20 7.35-9.50 4.30-7,30 49,43 'RIVER HILLS FOPUM2 I NO PASSES^ kGOINOSWlMAAING?! Show* 2,15 5.00-7.15 my 49.30 SPORTS FANSI\ THEY USE A \STJELBALU JAMES CAAN Shows 1.30 4,15-7.00 &9t45 RIVIERA! SONUS UTE SHOW RICHARD ROUNDTREE AND ISSAC HAYES MUSIC % 'SHAFT" Forum 1t30 3:30-5(30 7,30-9,30 I m FLEUR 2 Fltur 2:30-4.45-7,00 49.30 gHHfflHW" !•••• • V 1 VARSITY ^iit:: IPi :;i ll in I.^TT? 2 FUNNY CLASSICS INDSMOffl INGERSOLL 4 MARX BROS. AT M5-4M5-7.45-NM5 %% ANIMAL iCRACKIRS" JSa»3,3IMi3fr«i30 W.C. FIELDS rOU CAN'T CHIAT ANHONfSTMAN" Shows 1:00 3.00-5:00 7:00-9,00 PARK f «Et ACROSS THE STREET 2 GREAT WOODY ALLEN CAPRI CINEMA 21 "MOSTHIUUIOUS [WILDEST MOVIE IS HEREI 'Beaton. IOVE 2:30.5,30-8:30 tt LOVE and DEATH" Shows 1:30 3:30-5:30 r ^___ — __ - _ —7,30-9.30 V.MHIH • intiit»i Horptr it An "ACE", CRACK DETECTIVE. "Sleeper »» SLEEMR AT 4M-7iOO'10iOO WAKONDA Shows 2,00 3:50-5,40 7,25-9,00 EXClUSrVE INDOOR SHOWING .THE MOST MC»IILEENIW8 FORUM 4 i jnmn:r:cniiiiF, Shows 2,15 4:45-7:15 9,45 Shews 2,00 3:50-5:40 7:30-9:20 SIERRA 3 FLEUR 1 -,' HEM. HURRY! POSITIVELY LAST 5 w , DAYS! f:,'A S7IN< Th»Mo»lTofc»d I About Film This Ytor THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN I'r Fleur2:15 4:45-7:15 &9:15 FORUM 3 Forum—1:20 3:00-4.40 6:20-8:00 9:40 \ PQ^ CROWN LOUNGE BEST WESTERN INN ANKENY, IOWA presents... Soothing Sounds of Irene Mylee her toogi and pi«no ityling of your TUES. thru SAT. with •mlM Clarence King FRI.&SAT. van •ICtUIMT V Pie WONOERfUl WORLD of HORSES. Present * ... THE WORLD MMOUS fl fncfudfng... THE AIRS ABOVE THE GROUND! AMUSTTOSEEl THEGREATWHITE STALLIONS ' MADE FAMOUS BY WALT DISNEY'S "MIRACLE OF THE WHITE STALLIONS" 'SUPERB HORKHAIISHIP! 40 HORSES! ALL NEW SHOW! 2 PERFORMANCES SAT. SEPT. 20,8PM SUN.SIPT.21,2:30PM VETERANS AUDITORIUM —OWMOINIS— —ALL SEATS RESERVED— o $500 $400 16 e\ Undtr Vi Pric* Sun 2:30 —Tickets on Sale Tues. 8 AM— VITIIANS AUW10WOM - CITY OtW - UCHMAN ftOIDMAN JTOtU—MUM, AMIS — VOUNKtU In FT. DOMf, NIWTON, MAISMAUTOWN — STARTS, OSKA100SA MAIL OKDfKS WELCOM the SpinTth' Ridfn* School or Auitriin Gov«rnm«nt. FAMILY BUFFET IN THE TOP O'THE TOWER featuring THE SINGING WAITERS& WAITRESSES $4.1 Your Favoritt Hot & Cold Entrees • Assorted Stlsds& Vegetables (ids Under 1212.50 - Sun. 11:30 AM to 3 PM COMPLIMENTARY CHAMPAGNE PUNCH AT OUR CHAMPAGNE TABLE loiva's Entertainment Capitol ^DOWNTOWN I-235* SIXTH AVENUE trtfUM riWBf w ^ ^ ^" || * OPEN AT NOON * SUNDAY & LABOR DAY susm FIHU HKKIFIC mm OFF 6THAVE. AT CORNING

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