The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 29, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1924
Page 6
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PAGF SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 29. IWj Oi! and Gas News TRYING TO EXTEND LEASES IN THIESSEN WELL PLANS HERE'S A MAN WHO HAS ENLISTED 41 TIMES tfforts n/c being made to resume work on the Thieseen well. When t:>e contract wna made to make the teat, farmers gave In their leases for a test to be made to 3500 feet. This has been done. I.ease owners, as well as Investors In the company which cJnitcci the wetl, got a run for their monoy, for the test went to 3*00 feet. Now there are a lot of leases that are about due for p.iyment, and if oil hnd been found theso rentals would have been paid, but there is no oil yet and there Is more expense to drill to a depth. Asking Kor for this reason pnny in MIUIUIIK extension mi tli Lxtcnsion. thp well coin effort In Ret en ^H In order iin to !n 'i ;rr-t omm^li capital In no on with tlid drl.liiiK. Tlu farmcra ATH MijrnitiK tjjt ami It in fair that thry Hhouhl, for 1lw> original con- trm.'t VVIIH ondoil ami if n new onti la to bo iwiilo leasi-H should conm for (heir Bh »ro of tho oxpunso by at I oast ins U' ip ox to union a. The W OPCO ronij);.ny, drilling the tout, Is makiii.u an effort in ruHc ' nionr-y (nil It (a Jinnl to do with, Icapo rentals flta.*ing thorn In the 1 ffico and whf -D I PUHOP are properly renewed, RH they Bl .ould and probably will hfl, tnt* hole will go on down for n. second tost, but to a to st i hu t 1 fl I HI portan t to e vory lftnd owner in that necilon. NINETY-NINE DRY HOLES IN COWLEY. In the past dozen or so years many oil tests have been made In Omviey and or the total number Oil •Wftre either dry holes and abandon* 1 as such or Hitch small oilers ttim thf *y have been abandoned ainco that time. Tlmt county had grown to be known us the oil man B grave, yard. Much more money woe put in the ground there than lins ever been taken out ot It In that county, for I'l* Is a largo number of dry holes. Hut Cowley la coming hack, In fact Is on the way hack and is making Borne fast return trip aa she la doing it. There are four or five good pools brought in, In the lust year, that will bring Lack some of this money put In the pround I /i tho last decade. Cowley appenrs to bo cornlns into fts own. A few dry holes, ns Cowley knows, doesn't condemn fi country, for Co w i[•• y wns about the w orst conilemiiHii part of Kansas for years but Is blooming like a petroleum rose now. ed to drill it up. Since Mils was started oil has been coming in (bo hole but It is not known if it is froi tliK oil strata passed some- v. lie re above or if it I H from n m * sand just uncovered when drilling; Mopped. The crews are hoping to have tho bailer drilled up In ft few days when tho pipe will be run back, and tho hole denned out nud drilling deeper resumed. MUCH OF SEDGWICK COUNTY IS LEASED A Inrtre part of Sedgwick county lias reei-ntty been leased and Hever- al ti-stfl are planning to start within ten mib 'H or 'AO of Wichita. Th l 'idl .s down that *Miy are Interested mop' and more in oil since Cowl,->v countv is finding such good fields. 8 LOOKING BACKWARD | <•>«• the Flit* •» Tli* NKM) <7 New York, Nor. 29.—Rnllillni In • tlic great pulsion In the 1 Ifo of Luther C. Hillings. Other men may collect dollars, or Chinese porcelain! or chorus i girls. But Just lot. Hllllnga "re-up • in some brnnch o[ Uncle Sam's uniformed service. He craves the sensation no much (hat ho Is continually "Kotng over the hill" to he out again, so he can enlist again. In the last 14 years he hai enlisted 41 times In the Army, Navy ur Marino Corps, according to Army Recruiting News. He has used 39 different aliases during I he an enlistments, preferring such well-known names as John Qulncy Adams, James Monroe or Owen Moure. Usually he gets out by deserting, and la sought now on a dewrtion chnrgo. Tho year 11)20 was Hillings' hest year. Ho enlisted 18 times, seven times In the month of November alone, your ha enlisted In tho army nine times. His first ten years In the army worn comparatively filald, the record of enlistments nnd desertions aggregating only seven. When Billings first enlisted at Columbus Barracks, Ohio, ho gavo his ape ns IS. This would make him 32 now, but nt his last enllst- LUTHBR C. BIL.UNG8. mant a few months ago ho eald ho was 24. If'lho army gets Its hands on him again, according to Ma]. Gon. Robert C. Davis, It plans to suppress hlB wandering instincts. FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874 Dr. DeWitt who had been in Milan, Mo., for his health, returned home. .lames Jones and fnmlly of Mingo, Ohio, arrived and bought the claim of W. \V. Pierce south ot the river. Captain Tromalna and William Roth were here from Dodge City hunting men to haul supplies from Dodge to Camp Supply In Indian territory at $1.20 a hundred. FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1884. Tho Presbyterian choir was composed ot Misses Vnngla Robertson and .Minnie Brady, sopranos, Mesdaines Talbot nud Towksbury, alto, Messrs. McCandlesa and Tewk.sbury, tenors and Messrs. lloagland and Wood, bass, and Miss Kl,ng, organist. The man who went to Arlington to start a saloon was toid by the citizens ot that town to skip, and he did. MAY SHOOT THE Ci. CARWATER WELL. I: is planned to shunt the No. 1 M Mullen well, nw. ] l -2H-2w, near she town of Clenr.vnler, IS mile 1 * r:„ul Invest of Wlelllla. Tho oil w.v.\.\ was found at ar .sn to 3fi0i; feet nnd it is said 1B00 feet of oil is Mati'ling in the hole. It is If^ied tn tiuike a pumper of It. Hut un>way, there Is enoiH'h oil there to convince the nil im-n that tills purl ion of Sedgwick county ii .-ts nil and 5umeone may find it fiouner or later. THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 1894, Thanksgiving Day. Helen Jewell, Eva Carey and Edith Carey went to Ilalstead to spend the day with Mr. and Mrs. I. X. Palmer. Mrs. Knapp nnd daughter, Mabel, came from Denver to spend tho winter at the Brunswick hotel. Rev. Buxton of the Christian church preached at tho union church services. The O. A. n .'i hnd a eamptlre In the afternoon and a grand ball at ulght. S. Lewis, Mr. Blgger's daughters, in their honor. Miss !,ella Watson and Miss Lena Paige returned from Kansas City, whero they had been visiting the schools. TEN YEARS AGO IN 1914. The county Sunday school workers held a conference here. Tho Reno county high school's domestic art class was making their own party dresses at an average cost of ?5. House of Luxury On Motor Truck gallons ot gasoline and runs at speed of 30 to 35 miles per hour. Curt for All Disease. Rome: In a darlt red liquid sold In tiny bottles, Frank Mnrby, an English peddler, r claimed to have a cure for all diseases. He attracted large crowds to his street lectures and grew moderately wealthy on the sales of his medicine. Police arrested him when they found the bottles to contain merely a populnr soft drink with a dash of pepsin. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Bigger arrived home from a year's absence In Europe, Asia and Africa. A reception W.IFI given at night by Mr?. h. K. Fonlron nnd Mrs. Howard One of the most luxurious tour ing cars Hint ever has passed over tho Santa Ko Trail went through this week, a veritable house ot luxury on a motor truck. The portable house was that of W. K. Kellogg, manufacturer of Kcllogg's toasted corn flakes, en- route from his home In Battle Creek, Mich., to the Pacific coast. It is on a Whlto truck, with a wheel base ot 19S inches, weighing 11,000 pounds, and Is between twenty and twenty-five feet long. It has every convenience of the modern home. It is equipped with pullman twin beds, hot and cold running water, heat, shower bath, lavatory, Pullman folding tables and chairs, kitchen and dining room facilities, long distance radio outfit, and telephone fioru the In torior of the car to the chauffeur' compartment. The car is lighte ] and an Ice machine for the refrlg era'or operated by a Delco system There are also electric conven' ences such as curling iron, ho' water heater, toaster, fan, etc. The car carries a eupply of 3^ Has Bright Dog. Berlin: Charles White, an English resident of Berlin, claims to have a dog that can read and write. He will not allow visitors to see the marvelous nntmal, however, saying that he will not reveal him to the world until the dog's work has attained perfection. The dog most enjoys reading passages from the Bible, White declares. Eat Many Oysters. Los Angeles, Nov. 28.—The average oyster consumption In Los Angeles amounts to 12.000 pounds a week during the season, or nearly two carloads. The annual consumption IB estimated at between 45 and 50 carloads. W '< <*»^«»****** Vitll Santa la TOYLAND Our Third Floor Gift Suggestions For the Men Men's Initial Handkerchief! —of a beautiful snowy white, soft material; .with fancy, colored border In blue, tnu and lavender; Initial embroidered In contrasting colors. Neat box ot 491 flit three handkerchiefs, «S litftf Men's Linen Handkerchiefs —in a very fine grade all linen material; neat embroidered initials; a beautiful quality and packed very neatly In a box, A box of three, nt 0 4 An the box $ltUU Men'g Knitted Ties—a wonderful selection of men's knitted ties; plain colors and fancy stripes In pretty color combinations; each tie in a pretty Christmas box CC» Bach DOC Men's Phoenix Silk Hose— make such appropriate and suitable Christmas gifts for the men. A splendid quality silk thread hose In black, cordovan, navy, gray champagne, English tan, and French Tan. 7K«» Price per pair ....... I 3C Men's Scotch Plaid Mufflers —the very flneBt Imported Bonnie Prince Charlie Scotch Plaid mufflers In such beautiful colors. Bring ]oy and Christmas cheer to the men with one, M*«#lB* 1> *a^Mas#*js* 1 **'M Remember the Shop-o-Scope whenever you think of Xmas shopping, tf. MARL AN D HAS NEW COWLEY COUNTY WELL, The Maria rid company believes It has found n good well in the Writht No. 2. nw. lO-XKto, e-ix mi!e,s mv.ithwu;U of Winfiold nnd about (wo miJfs norlhJ i a.'.f of iIn.* Rainbow Bend I'Ifdrt. It is in what j ia helnc culled the Graham field | and It Is believed to be good for 20e barnd.s. The Marland company ban nn oil well five mllcB Komh of ilte Wright and has made a lot of core te-Uu there which may brin« morn driMiiiR In tho future. Tim Wrii ;h' U In a milt; and half of the Arkansas river. UNDERREAMING AT THE SALLEE WELL (IhaiiKinLT the drilling lino at th*? Hnllt '9 was Koine of tho first work lo bo dorm there by the Youbf'r nnd Ptiuf'lnHs crown. Then tin; crow r..i .--i .d the pim* to do a short job of niHW 'rreaminfr, boforo pet- 1 tin*; it iiKatn to Phut off tho last ] •watftr. Then It la planned to drill \ ahead nnd mnl;e some new holy, 1 dnrlnn the coining week. Everyone | TYill hnvo nn eye on thin test now na It la getting deep In the earth. I DRILLING AHEAD AGAIN j AT O'HALLORAN WELL I Tho crewn are ueain drilling i tihend nt the O'lhilloran test for 1 fiann nnd HuCflne. soui li went of! CaMleton, 2N-L'.Vi;v. . There should bo considerablo now hole maib' there in u nliort time, a* ei.-rv- thing is in j*f)ud shrine to fo abend. The bit has been down to foet. MAY START UP I*' RUSH COUNTY SOON II Is planned to st;:ri work In tho eastern of Uirdi county on the No. 1 Mohr in u Rhort time, a test to h t . drilled by }'•:. U. Morgan of IJnirhJnKoji and o'hors. Probably by the pdddle of the coming weel; •work will b<> KninK on there. Make this a practical Christmas —'with these magic keys to happiness T IME slips by with startling rapidity. But a few short weeks ago you wen looking forward to Thanksgiving, Now it's gone! Christmas will be here before you realize it. So don't deby. Decide now to place your order for a Studebaker Special Six Sedan, Make this the most practical Christmas of all~ with a useful Rift that will bring years of joy. Present your family with these magic keys to happineM on Christmas morning—the keys to a StuJcbiiker Special Six Sedan. Here is a car your family will be proud to own — a car that looks and rides luxuriously. S^uuebalcer Comber sa A car ot imposing beauty —richly finished and fitted —with genuine mohair upholstery and appointments of the very finest quality. Its smooth, quiet, vibration!ess performance Is a delight to even the most seasoned motorist. The gears shift so easily—the clutch operates so smoothly—the brakes are so sure and positive— you are hardly aware of any effort in operation. Make this Christmas one that will be remembered. Put the keys to a Studebaker Special Six Sedan on your tree. We will gladly have the car delivered to your door on Christmas morning. But come la and make arrangement* now. ft exceeded in value those of any other automobile manufacturer in the world except Ford. CLARK MOTOR CO. 110-112 West Second St. I Ai"l< OF .VATP.R AT THE TAUL W r LL NO'V. T)".*n t 'Ms brr 'N u flint do^vn nt. tb ' "':<n' wit in t!lo ('I'.eyii'i'lu Mnt- l"t-'-- h Mi' of a l 'v k of Wilier I'- I'-nv ''lis WrU t'rurk uu '|mv : I "<1 uati'r ;an uvrr ' • •/ ••nr'Tv !> ,l fnre ii wis stop !' ir -'V 1: il I III" sfl^i'Il i • i! *"i! wsi'rr llnTf to •i MM 'I'" to mtrt ii'i again. v -T TUT " ' Vi llfl;. Mni^i-'ulnn "10 A WAY l.r-S - . BAILER. cirrpanv Is stfll 1 I!II> lo<l luiilor in •I'll, no 'i'-MS K!w, Ami IIHTO la oil in tln<~hnl(!. Tim lost bHng Mni 'Khl -rcnmoil lo si'l t!»» five Incli down W I IMI cnvlng ciiujjtil tlio taller unci held It nnd n pull on the Imam broke the mm lino. It couldn't be fished out ami It Its hop- I-HE NEW STUDEBAKER SPECIAL SIX SEDAN, $2150 One of the IS New Studebakers, lUnulng In Price from $1125 to $2860 (oil price* f. o. b. factory) STUDEBAKER $3.50 at Men 'i Bath Robes— In heavy figured silk material; prettily trimmed with Skinner 's satin; colors, brown, blue and wine. Price range, Sr..?. 5 :?? $18.50 Men's Beacon Bath Robes— The Beacon blanket robes In checks and pretty plaids; trimmed In Skinner's satin In plain colors to mntcli robes; colors, blue, purple, brown nnd green. Price ST..* 8 :?? $14.95 Christmas Novelties From the Balcony Section A new line of Amaryllis taper candles just arrived. Several pretty shades are shown. Prtce per pair, $1.00 The Kalo- Chrome candles nnd tapers are shown In a variety of pretty colors. Very reasonable, the pair ....50c Here are a srent number ot Polychrome candles In plain colors. All shades represented. Price, each ....15c Christmas would be Incomplete without the beautiful Christmas cards and booklets. Here are cards and booklets with appropriate sentiments for all occasions. Also special verses for the whole family—for father, for mother, for brolber, for sister, etc. Price range, from 3c to $1.00 You will find such beautiful framed pictures, mottoes and calendars In our showings In the Book Section on tho Mezzanine Floor. The price range, 50c to $2.50 For tying your packages, hero are Christmas cords, paper, seals, tags and everything you would wish. Tinsel Cord, per spool ..10c Ribbonzene, per spool ..10c Sandallace, per spool ...10c Cards, seals and tags. pkg ,10c Ronlxujh-Wey's Don't Forget tho Model Kitchen Our Third Floor Christmas Girts t"or me Juoys Kiddies' flay Suns- -Uun. they are—Indian suits in good quality uiuionaiu, una made very suivicuublu; inm med with flatiuol and leathers. Just the suits tu while away muny pleasant hours in, uDd to bring genuine Christmas joy. Price range, from f3.35 to $1.49 $6.95 Boyi' Cowboy Sulti—Cowboy suits with chaps of sheepskin; leather trimmed sleeves and trousers; The suits also Include holsler, belt, pistol, rope, and hat Price Boys' Cowboy Sulti—Suits In leather and button trimmed; black and white chocked flannel shirt; Includes holster, ' pistol,'* belt, rope and hat. Price *C QC complete «pu.w«l Other pretty Cowboy Suite at Boyi* Bath Robea — Every boy loves a nice, warm blanket bath robo. Let old Santa bring him one ot these either In a check or plaid tn brown, Inn, green, and bluo. Sizes, 4 to IS. Price range IJg 52.75 $4.95 to Boya' Knitted .The Christmas Store is gay with old-fashioned Holiday Spirit The jingling of sleigh bells, the bright expectant faces of little children, gay colored Christmas wreaths smiling through windows, jolly old Santa himself—don't they all together paint a picture of Christmas vividly in your mind? This store has already caught the captivating joyous spirit of Holiday time. Frim tip to toe we are in Christinas readiness — everywhere you turn you will find new attractive gift suggestions. Christmas shopping now, while the stocks are complete, is a real treat that you don't want to miss. For Christmas! Fur Chokers Beautiful New Corduroy Robes $25 to $150 $3.98 to $25 Why not give the women the one thing they love—a beautiful fur choker—for Christmas. You will find a very complete showing ol fine quality fur chokers In our so lections, tiucb de.ifred furs as Fox, Baum Marten. Squirrel, Sable, and Stone Marten are represented. Everyone a beauty—and to reason$150.00 The now arrivals are coming dally Here are beautiful now Corduroy robes In both the plain and brocaded effects. IJeaullful patterns, all so neatly finished In laces, embroidery, fringe, and self trim nilng. Somo are lined while others are unllnod. Colors, American beauty, copen, rose; purple, orchid, and fuchsia. See thorn ffOC flf) at J3.98 to 3>£3.V)U ,..$5.«i< Tltt— Nifty ties of silk knitted and plain silk In beautiful assorted colors; each tie comes In A lovely Christmas box. Price range 7lin 39c to I ww Boya' Silk Muffler*—Materials of silk and silk and wool; assorted colors—tans and browns, blue and grey, nnd plain colorings. Price rnnge 4P1 CO $1.00 to «P I itlU New Arrivals in the Ribbon and Lace Department Artificial Flowers—for coatB and dresses to be worn on the shoulder. Single gardenias and roses ot gold, silver and bright colors, nouton- nleres ot hand made flowers In wreaths and clusters. Price range, 50c, J1.00 »M en and Ol iJU Elaborate Corsages—Large roses and poppies Including gold, silver, blue, green, and orchid combined with ostrich foliage and ribbon. Price range, each, $3.00 $4.00 and Fur Trimmings—Furs are lavishlngly used on coats, dresses, and suits. A new shipment has Just arrived Including plucked reversible Coney, black and brown Coney, Ermine, Mink, Dyed Squirrel, Heaver and others. lMs to fi Inches wb'e. Price per yard pi C On 75c to O I OiUU $5.00 Beautiful New Book End Sets Before selecting your book endo for your home or office or for giving ns Chrlstma3 Gifts, you should see tho many new creations received here, during the past few weeks. We mention a few of the many. Pretty Polychrome book end sets In sliver and colors in floral designs. They aro very attractive, anr'. stand (i inches hign. Per set Beautiful sets of carved brass, representing elephant heads. 6 inches high. Price per set $10.00 .$3.00 Book sets in bronz metal representing the Indian Thinker Book Worm, and the AngJ- lus. C inches high Per pair $2.50 Polychrome book ends In black and green In various styles—conventional and flor al designs. Per V 1 } Cfl pair, $2.00 and «>£.UU Metal book end sets tn Imitation leather designs tn blue and gold; brown and gold, and black and 0 4 Cfl gold. For set * I <9U Ostrich Trimming—This is u heavy quality ostrich trim mlng; comes in the 4 lnc^ width. A very popular trimming, and prlco V1 |Cft per yard «P I iJU Chiffon Pleating—This Is a special lot of chiffon pleat Ing with Itoman Strlne stitching trimmed; all the new shades; 4 Inch width. Special per yard il .25 Net Footings—Useful to* trimming handkerchiefs and underwear; plain ' net in white, black and colors; black plcot edge on colors; 1 to 3 Inch widths. Prlco range per yard, 10c to 15c THIS I S STUDEBAKER YEAR The Gift Slipper Section Is Ready With Better Quality Slippers A complete stock of house slippers in all the w.inted styles and materials, and in dozens-of pretty colors for men. women and children. 1 VELVET-SUEDE—FELT-SATIN-GLAZED KID People now-a-days realize that as a gift—cheap, shoddy house or bedroom slippers are worse than no gift al nil Daniel Green warranted slippers with their guarantee of satisfaction, their high quality of material and, mirk inanship, and their new styles in beautiful colors are a very happy and practical expression of the giver's e ^ucm. The best sizes in the popular numbers are going fast. Plan slippers on your gift list, and make selections now. In Answering Ad?ertisements Please Mention the News and Herald

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