The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 2, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1*** |: THE PARIS NEWS, (PAGE THREE Poteetls (M Th»-story of "The Lost Island" a** related by Pap X>u^an was toM The Uons club Thursday by Gibbons Poteet" of Roxton. orisinatbr of that famous character. bTe atory dealt with the rJse and fall of an unknown island discovered by Pap r>ugaa during tfc© civil war •while 'in the hydrogrraphic Service and told in detail of the growth 01 island and the consequent depression follo'A-ins a war which the in- hr.bitants became eu^asred. 11» related how at first conditions be came harder and how continued efforts on the part of the citizens tc meet their debts became futile because of lowered prices on the things they produced and how after the curtailment of production there caine a famine and the entire citizenship of the Island esthe- died or moved away to more fruir fui fields. Other features of the program included two solos by Mrs. Beavis. accompanied by Mrs, Troy Thompson, and two readings by Miss Mar>- !K>rothy Kuykendall. Visitors Included Mrs. J. J j Creekmore of Texarkana. Charle* j Hooks of Texarkanu. D. G. Li^seti of Fort Worth, and Bob Joiner and I Jim Roberts of Paris. j £>r. A* L>. Jones acted as program I chairman and in the absence oi ! President Joe \Vunsch. First Vice Presideni Thomas JustJts pre- SOUGHT AS PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 (Continued K i-i 1'a^re Oa»» Hmdenburg. whose passing may mean much to this country. President AJbert l^brun and Premier Gaston Doumergue telegraphed Chancellor Hitler expressions of sympathy. P1CTOU. X. S. iJPf— Prime Minister J. Ramsay MacDonald of Great Britain, here on a. vacation. paid tribute Thursday to the memory of President Von Kindenburg. "The president's Jfe," he said. '•has been known for some time to hans upon a thread, but I heard the news of his death this morning ^vith profound regret. "He was a great figure in .-war and in peace. He has been a s-ta- biliring influence in Germany and fcis death must have no little effect on th«j present position of that country." * PARIS. L-P) — GeneraJ John J. ^.. worjd-\\-ar orponi-nt of Pau! Von Hindenburg, tribute to hsm Thursday as "one of the outstanding figures of tistr TforH war/' The American general said the President Von Kirs Sen bursr's «r>y conduct, his nn the ea^ern---'trtmt;"- as' a. great genera?." General Pershing said: "His devotion to Germany and her people, -whether in TniSitary or civil capacity. ~:ts h«s most striking characteristic." Lester GHUs, alias George "Baby Face" Nelson (above), who has inherited the title of public enemy No. 1 from the recently slain John Dillinger. i* the object of a widespread manhunt by federal agents. (Associated Presx Pbotal (Continued from On«) two lx>h« lieutenants *& ass«s»ors to fill vac*ncies caused b|T the deaths of two elected assessor*. Raakin announced tfeat a. ***ta,te a&siessor" will auaJify in each "as- sstssrnent district of N«w Orleaas. except the fourth and sixth, districts, in which districts state Representative Joseph "Weber and Long AVard Leader Henry Otnou were appointed by Governor Allen last week. "This is new infamy and outrage." exclaimed Mayor WalmsJey on being advised of the..state administration's latest reprisal move against his city regime. "The- law does not'contemplate this latest illegal act of Senator Long through his tax commission. "Th^ anger of this madman knows no bounds."* FIGHTS Last Night Tommy JLousftran. 15>2=i deiphia. (10). i CINCINNATI.—"Tiger K id " j Walker. 1"&. Cincinnati, outpoint- j t<l Franki-; CoveiJi, 12T, New i York, (KM. Jimmy Kriexler. 1"4. j Cincinnati. outpointed Duminic'• Xicco. 1?5. N'ew York. »J>. MARKETS At A Glance Coert«s» Ftaaer *= YORK COTTON Prev doa« Ki»fa l_ow Clove Jan 1~.2S 13.27 2SIS j S.ri -March . 13.^3 13.3S islsi 1136 May ,13.*7 I3.4S 13.40 13~*S Jtiiy Z3.5: 13.50 13.43 ' j "Continued From Page One) * _ _ I T)i*- preliminary budgvt estimates ; th'- *-\pt-nditures for I$U4 will be j Si'b'.'.^lI'.-S? and f-->r- ISDi that they j 'AiU bo Sl'50.852.29. For 1933 the j actual expenditures totalled JC4-1,- j 4 l >7.o; t . the budget 5ho'-ve. The pre- I liminary bud grot report >s for the iyo;.;- h~-_-hmir!S on November 1, }IK.>; and ending Octobvr 31, 1935. j The five-cent reduction in the ; tax rate wil! effect a saving of 5l0.jt*o for l^amar county taxpay- ert, ihe budget. shvws. since the <"-timated renditions ar-> ?21.0CO,- 00«>. In 1833 tlie renditions were Oct. L.-C-J, 13.12 13.12 13.05 13.0? [ ORLEANS COTTOJS Prev iJ!'jst> Hi^c Low Close JSTT ........ . .IS.r-i -- -- 13.21 >!3rch ........ 1?35 13.34 lo.Sl 1C-31 -VJay .......... 13.41 13:40 1C.3T 13.S7 J-o-y .......... 13.45 1S.4S 13 *± 13.42 ' 13.:9 13*0 content. Xo comment is necessary." He said any message of condolence upon the- death of President Von Kindenburij -would be sent directly by Premier Mussolini, who is visiting in his home town of Forli, Kerne newspapers issued, extra i editions telling of the statesman- j soidier's death. All Sauded him as ja great -warrior and president, j "His death deprives the Ger- I mars nation of a great moral r-'i*- 1 lax. combining rectitude with a j high .jwnse of duty." said II M-?s- VIENNA, fj-P» — The imposing: <;ature of Paul Von Kindenburg: as a statesman and soldier v/as thrown into sharp relief here on Thursday by the fact that despite the bitterness of A-jstro-Germar! relations all sections of the Austrian population saluted with veneration ihc death of the German president. The press and officialdom joined in expressions of reverent re- :rard for the German hero of the World ""War. Reverence colored even the -words of the official Aus- trian...JS^SVTS agency, tvbieb. aiu>ouQ.- ced the" death of the president vv Ith the toiJovrins s'atemerit: "Keichspresident Field ?»Iarshal ii KJadenburs: at ? this niorn- ssed into eternity." DOOKX. N-stherlanda. i^Ti — Former Kaiser T\'ilhelm s sent a to!esra.m of synsfwithv Thursday to Colone* Oskar \'o;- Hindersbijrg. referrfns :>..' hf* faih--r. the Sa'tc president of G-_rn:ar;v. 35 the **im;oorta5" hero of The battle PRESIDENT TO LAND IIV OREGON THURSDAY The t of the former kaiser's kaiserln and 1 riiourn '-^ith moved hearts vi-jtSi you and the •n-'hoi* Germai: veoplc. A hf*> richly bJesurc by the L,ord has found it3 <-n<3. The crotrn prince r/iil convey our last 3rre*tins p s and ABOA.RL- THE CRUISE ORLEANS **n route with Fresi- dc?;r Roosevelt to Astoria.. Ore.. '.JP^ —PrrsideBt Koc-seveir mailed along the shores o2 the Unned Svaies on Thursday, home frorr^ an cpocna" vcyagre to American territories. The cruisers Hous-on and New Origans ^rept slowly alo^g th«> Oregon- coast and pc'^ntcd tor a ?»v. ir?i; into the Coia~bia river-— the 'A liter avenue *.»' "he Pacific st—t-y early sftrrnoon. KOME. <JF) — New? that Chan- c^r-lior Hitler had succ-s^rded to the presidency or Grermariy tvs.^ received calmly Thursday by Italian official circles. Thry adopted th* attttud-5* that rso cutsidc criticism -s^j? called for. "Thf German people have a ric'"'t to do as th^y -wisSt." said a, frpokc^mars. "yo Icnjj as thfiy arc AUSTIN. fjP, — GO'-.err'.T Mir;a-j 1 A. Fertru-son has s:ven cond:;:^-na! j pardons :.o Fred Btirk. s^rvisTj one ij.<?ar for l^cuor I^^- v ;..••; 3 tier.. ~o~- victed in Laniar cour.ty. Jtay. I5S4, a;,-: Hf. B, Echo's, fiv? years for Smith count;-' \V\TK«; rr 'bills nu-t r--- v>--d ^^ ^r .\usu5t : '"* ir. -inicr to secure - 1*> T»cr cent discount, t of "Water V\'ork>. FRIDAY ONLY COOL COMFORTABLE "Let's Talk It Over" CHESTER MORRIS and 'MAE CLARKE ANDY DEVINE, HENRY ARMETTA, IRENE WARE Sailrrs On The Loose — Society Girls I earn Gobs About Gobs BANK NIGHT FRIDAY 'WE'RE NOT DRESSING" Cwn>te torn hard s nnd Allen Ken Maynard WHEELS OF DESTINY Friday and Saturday (Continued From Page One) of their investigation of the escape. Patterson was charged "Wednesday with "conveying or causing to be conveyed" into the prison the three pistols which were used to effect the escape of Raymond Hamilton, Irvin "Blackie Thompson and Joe Palmer, all condemned to death. Patterson was quoted as saying aft^r his arrest that "they have decided to pass the buck to some one so I guess they decided to pick on me." Deputy Sheriff R, E. TVood of Hunt£vi]le said the guard mad-e that .remark as he was transferred last nigl^. from Hunts-ville to Houston. Pauerson remained in the H Boston lai! overnight, then was removed fay Captain A. X. Owen of the Harlem prison farin. It was understood that lie -was taken back to Huntsville but office, rs said They were not • certain, papermen were not p-ermirted to talk with him. It \vas understood that Warden "W. v.". \Vaid '&ad been -working on the investigation in Xorth Texas for the past -week. In the absence* of official staie- nic-nts. the fc-UoTving reports re!a- -ivf- to the escape were circulated h'TO' The au^ged payoff vi-as ?I.50£. A North Texas eang of outlaws. May Oats May CHICAGO GKALS re^- Close Hica IXIT* Close 10TU 10S?i 105% !»'=* ~1l-s T0*i. ** SO *i 46 J i i •^ -SS -•* ; Sept. ... ^'^» '"»'•» 7S5i. T?H I £>ec 77% 77 75 7S?s , Home owners loan i per .cent bonds.; J.I 9*.!*. ^ , j | Fe-ieral Jarss mortsass SVi p^r c»ct | { bords, !91.±4_ - : i Line (Continued From Page Oae> i a-J convict? and eir -w-ives and sweethearts hatched the plot arsd effected the escape. "vVornrn- involved in the ring "VrHled'* thf 1 story. "^Vardfn "Wai=i -^as sa:5 TO have affidavits from some arid some •A't-rc said to or in North Texas SIMMONS' STATEMENT AUSTIN. v-7 11 . — -Lee Simmons, tp.arsacer of i—s Tex;±s penitentiary t-.cj, ? r[ 7 _ ;j^ a t'taicrnent issued here-, has accepted full responsibility for tiio escape frorsi < row of T!:*-v were Ra;. nroT'.'i Harsitlton. Jo-; Falir-er and E'.ackie Tnom?- "No etie rrjreis as- :T:v:cn s-s I do. for th? re5poR5:l>;:;:j for bold; T :r the prisorser* re^^.5 oa. me and -.".a: r**pons:til:ty." ^as Lvrc dus ••prcu-araiory to an escape. an-J when I SJ^-' Frazi^r tfhariit* Fraiier* at - P- "'- l '^" I 1 --" •.:;*•' of t v .-? tielivery < I t^as sur* he was Irs on tbe 4«3.1." ••\V«. pJar.tic-.:! to raid the tunnel ,ir ":~" ar*3. dvi ?o and found h* •A,:-- rut ;.^.TO where '-vo had r-*-^fv; bsni." S'.mniorj* stated. "It V-:K- ;'iis deal that thre v .v- V<*:irden V"-i:--j :••:'.: the r*^st of u<i fr\>rr. su«- r-'vM^ r-r^-thirss: e T ^^- x s x ^c J: '*••:! r*^ui: of "??«* escape. of Canadians then in the line were ready for t2ie assault on the second line, the Drocotirt-Queaiit lizie. - with ihe Canadians for a. saearheadl the allied troops stormed the German trenches, drove hack the invaders. So thoroughly successful were they-that on the nigh; of September 2-3 the Germans fell back to their third formidable Iin"5, aionj; the Canal du Nord. Fi^biing 1 - turned south-ward anti the Germans, after days o* hard fj^htinsr. were drivsii back .to the Hrndenburs lins all the wsy ro St. Qaer.iin. On Septmber 27 all was ready for tfce grand attack. Under Marshal Foch four great offensives were to be launched, including iha: on the Tilndenburg- line. If this could be cut. transportation Unas •would be severed and ths German cause on the other *ronts ham- j pered. i Rafts. n^a.ts even life belts j were used to cress the csnai in ! ibe face of terrific 2re- Engrin- j eers swung bridges into place b«- j hind the shock troops and by the ] rJght of September 23 the reserve j line had' fallen. On October 1 the French took St. Qnentin and by October 5 the Britssh had consolidated their position. i KA>HL»TO>" HUNTED ? FORT "PTORTrTT, 65*> —Tine hunt | for Raymond Ha-miltoii. convict j fusirive and Texas" arch criminal. * swung to this section Thursday 1 after fing-erprints found on a i stolen car abandoned here -^ere | ceiiniiely established as those of ! 1 -Inn* ist on. FKOBE KDINBUKG. Texas. rj& — Ar!di**ct!al election ^udce^ an-;i ot her witnesses -^ere calle<! tc 1 the stand in a court of iiKjuiry being eonductfd here In connection -with absentee voting ir, last Saturday's primary election in Kida'go cci:n- . s :'•••- iru":.- ar-ii t"iZ f -' failure -,•' s. ^ruard ;> •*•: h)5 d«t ^'bcn occ:*y'cr. dc- Fl"X"ERAl, AT WOLFE CITY. —Funeral for Vi:ys Bertha Finch, xvho died or. Tuesday in Celeste at fh^ home ••?' her r-arei>:?. Mr. and Mrs. Hd Finch -was heid Wednesday after- ncor, at th^ Saptist church the-re Rr;d bi:ria! •ws.s at Hcg I£ye cs-rn- -c't :r. ";hnt I^<J to the d-rat ic-ivr'r:." >:»-i ^^>" b»«n dcf; v.':-- couM have >e-en throw the- -3 fovt \vaTI* ai n'-gl i:rk--<I t:r and buried ^y som • that they came over thr \ N x thry could come in :•;••• 't» of t r u 5t i i**. as the-re arc <Ja:"y. ; i -~-l !t? !^'^ >':»rd by arr^ns:*: h Leader to Courtniarlial MID-SUMMER DANCE SMITH HAU, THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 9 Till—? <»rnnt Amd Hi* ^"^H;NNA. {•**< — Another l-rr of the Xa*i putsch i.-r-.-usht death to Chancellor "Doll- fu.«s last week faccil hanging before sundowti Thursday when he ncrtt on triaJ by oowrtmartial for activity.> vins T'fmi Tiu<3", 41. fonncr Austrian army. wotj.sdcd vsnd five t:«nes d for bravery tn the WorKI \\i»r. Hudt freely admitted to the courr that h^ had partic»rvated in th«i raid of the chancellery but picaded not r«Ut>' ot hiffh treason. offuer 4r Shivering with Chills Burning with Fever SOT Relief for Malaria/ or n«wfancied remedies I Take tha* cood old Grove's Taste'e?? ChJ'i: Tonic, Soon you will be yourve'.f nsr-aiR. for Grove's Tastei<*y5 Chi*I Tonic not only relieves the 5>n-r- ;onis of Malaria, but destroy? the snfectioft ita^If. Th« tasteless quinine in Grove's Tnstelrss Chill Tonic kill* th* Ma - larial infection In the blood wh:i" :he iron it contains builds uy T^^ Moot! to overcome the effects of the dis^ass and fortify aarainst fur- iher attack. The twofold effect ts absolutely necessary to the o\er- cominj; of Malaria. Besides being a remedy for Ma'aria. Tasteless Chill is also an excellent tonic of general UM > . Pleasant to take and ab^olu- joTy harmletis. Safe to si\e ch'.I- drcn. <S*t a l-ottle today at any ^torf 1 Now two sixes—50c and $ Th« |1 sir* contains 22-1 times a i he iota! esiiniats<i rcveuue 1?35 as shown in th« preliminary I report is $£44,&2& a» ^compared j with the 1-934 estimat* of ?293.- | 47S.25 and the 1933 actual revenue \ of ?*62.3SS.50. Of the 1935 totals \ it is estimated that the current and valorem taxes -wrill brsn^j in •; 5140,550. The 1934 estimate is> i figure was 5143.4*."0.72. Deiiaq^u^Ji*. taxes are estimated to bring in >l^,i-0',» in 1335 as compared i«_» ?5".247.57 in 1334 and ?C5.34!.&1 which were paid in 1933. I»i 1935 it is estimated the tola.! county tax revenues, with the rate cf 9o cent?, will be 5156.550. In 1931. \viih the rate 51-00 the revenues have been estimated at ¥295,903.03 and in 1933. when the rate was $1.05 the receipts -were 517?.- S12.S3. A Total of SI,354,500 Sn county bonds and tim<? \varrants is sho-A-n TO be outstanding Jn the preliminary report. This represents the difference between the 52,134,£19.9? in bonds issued and the 574?,S33.93 that have been retired. The excellent financial condition of I^airiar county—one of the strongest finaiicilly in the entire- state—is clearly shown, -when it 3s considered that in spite of a loss of tax revenues through Sobered renditions and curtailment of estimated rec&'-r-'ts from sortie t^x sources the tax rate is to be reduced to save the taxpayers $1".500. you 2 5 per cent more for your | i money.—Atfv. j Hunt THE BEST AT POPULAR PRICE OUR BIG MID-SUMMER SALE Will Soon Be Over Just as Quick as Present Stocks are Gone Everything Must Be Sold- "^--i^i -^^•-:-::: ' DRESSES A big group of 125 "Perfect IMaid" Summer Sheer Dresses. "Tiiey have been :he outstanding: ?1.S5 season, and have been on ss,Ie during oiir ilid- ^•linimer ^iSarance a~ ?I,5?. But XO"vV w-e are lear otrt for *™***°« SJJ53B?-i:V^r?:.lS/ 39 Some Sizes in tibe Lot! Is Yoa'U Be tilad You B-rvugbt Your Blankets Now Oar Blanket Club Pay OnJy 25c Per We«k JOIN LOW SUMMER PRICES ON Blankets c Wool 0 i. 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