The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 21, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 9
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Ifc* Emmitsburg Calls School r 21. IMS i Extra Session Cannot Make Annual Flower Show Held By Playgrounds Meetjulv22 Platform Law A coiBmuaity in arms over projected closing of its high school. Emmitsburg expects between 500 and 800 citizens to attend a community mass meeting at the high school auditorium. Thursday at S p. m. Sponsors said tne mass meeting is called to "discuss ihe proposed long-range program for Frederick county schools and to take necessary steps to avoid consolidation of Enirr.itsburg Hi*h School wiib Thurreoni. as proposed by the County Board of Education. Citizens of Emmitsburg prepared *:gned and delivered before she School Board's open forum on ^chooi construction a lengthy resolution which contained the following exceptions to proposals sn a :ecen; State Board of Educator. survey: "It v. as our understanding that :hts survey 'Aas to provide for the needs of all the schools in al! the districts of Frederick county. Following the announcement of the proposed long range program for the schools of Frederick county a -meeting of tfce citizens of Emmitsburg was held for the pur$se of dsscusiing the present and future -talus of its school. It was clearly evident from ?he report in the paper that Emmitsburg has not been included in this program It was unanimously resolved that the proposed plans for the schools of Frederick county arc not acceptable to the people of EmmitsburR district because: Number Of Objections "It does not give Emmitsburg i;s just and equitable share in the distribution of the funds provided for this program: it includes in it a recommendation for the con- .solidation of Emmitsburg with Thurmon! without due consideration of the effect it will have on the tocial and economic life of our community: it is a program which has placed building above everything else when the greatest need today is for better teachers, better teacher's salaries, better methods of teaching, a better curriculum, better libraries: it is a program of expansion that gives us ro assurance that after millions of dollar^ have been spen* on buildings our ·-·landard of education will be any better than it has been for the past 25 years. "Such a program, if adopted would increase the tax rate in all the districts of Frederick county and at the same time deprive the taxpayers of Emmitsburg from having a school, thereby paying more and getting less This program ha* Given no proof that consolidation is the only way or the most economical way to a better education." The resolution as presented to the public meeting -was signed by J. L. Xestcr. chairman. Democratic Central committee: Samuel C. Hays, chairman Republican Central committee: Ada H. Sperry. president Alumni Assn: Herbert W. Roger, president Uons club: Morris A. Zentz. master of Emmitsburg Grange: H. VT. Hays, professor pharmacology; Thornton W. Rogers, Burgess. Washington. Juiy 20 ¥--The Thomas E. Dewey camp said today that the 1948 Republican platform can't possibly be written into law by .vhai i called the "rump' session of Congress starting next Monday. Herbert Browncil Jr . Governor · Deviey's campaign manager, handed dowa the word He told a news, conference "The Republican platfoim calis for the enactment of a program by a Republican Coiigre;-;. under tne leadership ol a Republican President. Obv:ous;, this dsiuvjt be cont? at a rump scv-n/.'i called «st a politics! convention fu« political purpose;* in the heal ui a political campaign · BroYinell wouidi: i '-ay '*hat he meant by ' ru:r;p' ^e^iion but h:^ criticism was levelrd at President ' Truman's aisnvuicf ::ont ol Ir.c · Ccngretv ca!I v. hen he accepted the Democrat · nt/rninatjon la^: week at Ph:iacielp:i.a At tnat t::ne. M. Tsu:na:i ticket! olT a i:--t ai «UM-uie-, he passed Ma:.y ··£ "he^e he said. the Repuohcau^ ^j.parted in their platform. He said he would s i \ e them a chance :o cjrrj o t their pledges He said !t v ouid be v. rong to read into the s'.jte'm.-!,'. anj idea that Dewey v.antv Congiesa to take no action a", the forthcoming session. Congressional leaders undoubtedly will mec; caily this week Browncll said, to d.scu--i w h a t the session can and should do The session :ray upc'j \\ ith a fihbuMer. A Republican leader. Senator Wherry of Nebraska, h i n t e d broadly that civil riRhtv legisiat- . son demanded by President Tris- man may come up for Senate debate \vhgn Congress vtarts work after convening Monda. Aulomatica!! this v. ou!d turn on a storm of angry Southern oratory to talk the bill to death It ; could serve to drive deeper the wedge between the harmony-seeking Truman followeis and the Dixie v, ing of the Democratic Party Unlike President T r u m a is Wherry said he is not so suie enough votes could be mustered to cut oil debate. This would require a two-thuds majority. It Wasn't The Fire That Called Firemen in the characteristic phraseology of the ever-ready and efficient firemen--it wasn't the heat boys. it's "sneaky Pete." That was the terse explanation ! given by the United drivers who i hurriedly^ responded with their ' rescue truck to two "silent alarms" | early Tuesday evening. j It wasn't long after 6 p. m.. when the United rescue woikers · were dispatched to Sout~ Market street, in the vicinity of JMt. Oli, vet cemetery. ''It's someone over- I come by the heat." they were told, i When they arrived, they found ' their victim. So did the police. It , was a job for the latter, and the ; "stricken" victim war transferred ; to ?*ie county hastily. ' The XJniteds had scarcely returned to their South Market street enflne house, when they, i again responded to a tosh call to, I court house park. Again it was; supposedly the heat And again, the "victim" was | placed in care of the police. "Res- 1 uscitation" followed at the county , hostelry on West South street Police Headquarters later iden-, tified the first case as Ernest Els- I road, of Rockville. and the second ' as Harry Pagan. 107 East Fourth , street. Intoxication wai charged, From 1855 to i860. California received its ice from Alaska. About . 3000 tons were shipped annually. corrox SALE 2.9J Bc-4 Sheets, S1X99 2.4J 19c Men's Work Socks 1» for SSe 4»c Child's Polo Shirts .... 3 f»r 9fe US Tennis Shoes . . . . SSe 25c Rubber Heels . _ 7c Dr. Lyons' I8c Tooth Poxrder 5e FREDERICK 5 10 41 South Market--Optm Photo by Frank Kecler Shov. .1 ab'»\f jrv *-j'.r.e of :he c-r,;r:es and a number of "he participants in ihe annual Sower show held last Thursday afternoon by i-iv nt\ j)lacrosiiids Thf i'.miers v.ere nn exrsibit on 'he south tide of East Church street along ihe side of the Kemp Hall building. T:u» shuv.- v ax -p-K'-ortd uv !h»- Frt-cier.c'-: Garden. C!ub and three o£ iss members acted as judges. Former Hood Victory Is Now Belgian Ship chairman. Amy Fry, Jane Chss- ho!m, Ed'.vard Mavne and Haroid Kins. SEE NORGE BEFORE YOU BUY Gas and electric stoves, washing machines, hot water heaters, water coolers, oil room heaters, frozen food boxes and the amazing Xorge refrigerator that automatically defrosts each night. FKEDCKH K WELD1XG TO. PATRICK AT BEXTZ ST. Open Sat. Till 10:00 P. M. PHONE 4t7 Easy Payment* Cigarette Price ; Will Go Up Soon ; Baltimore. July 20 i^--Local tobacco distributors predicted today the price of cigarettes will increase one-half cent or a cent on standard brands late next month. Most stores now sell cigarettes at 18 cents a pack. They based their predictions on the higher prices farmers are receiving for their tobacco crop, increased freight rates, higher advertising expenses and high insurance j rates on tobacco inventories. i Exactly half the price in Baltimore of a pack of cigarettes goes towards taxes. There Is a one-cent city tax. a penny State sales tax and a" Federal tax of 7 cents. The remaining nine cents furnishes profits for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, plus production costs. SEEKS INFORMATION "Washington. July 20 ?-,--Chairman Eaton fR-XJ^ of the House .roresgn Affairs Committee said today President Truman should tell Congress next Monday how close the United States is to war with Russia. THE DRUID THEAUR DAMASCUS. MARYUNO Damascus 2171 WEDNESDAY * THrRgn.YT JclT 21st * 22nd WALLACE BEERY In "ALIAS A GENTLEMAN" Also "·lectefl Shorts Cartoon Shows: 7:15. 9:13 Finally Agree To Accept 87.300 Prize Kuntington. vV. Va . July 20 t ~P--Ever try to fe'ive axvav a large sum of money--say. 37.300'.' It ought to be easy. But it v.-asn't heie today. Radio executives called in Mayor Douglas C. Tomkies for moral support befoie the Mutual Broadcasting System persuaded Mr. and Mrs Jack L. Adams they should accept a check for S7.300. Adams won the money Saturday night by participating--via telephone--on a National network pro- '· gram. Mutual's "Three For The. Money". For a few hours the ~~-' year-old war veteran, employe of a telephone company, thought of little other than -what he and his wife would do with the money. Th*n well-wishers and salesmen of everything from cemeteries to motor scooters began telling h i m ' what to do with it. All had a plan. The Adams telephone rang incessantly. Adams got little rest, hardly had time to eat. His \vife and Adams' parents became nervous and upset by all the hubbub. On Saturday nlgnt Adams called ·Mutual to say that because they were being "hounded to desih'* they The former S S ' Hood Victory" is shown above as it looks today after its recent conversion at the Totld Shipyaids in New York from v. arlinie status to a combination passenger-cargo vessel for the Cornpnsnie Mari'inie Beige TVse Belgians have renamed the ship "Marchovelette." The "Marchovelette' was btisii sn 15*45 and oncinalK named in honor of Hood College. It was launched June 9. 1945 in the yards of the Betiilehcni-Fairfield Ship Building Company in Baltimore. For a short time following the war the vessel iva e in the prts^csaion of a Greek company. It was then known as the "Salamis Victory " The Belgian Line has tdicduled the "iiarchovelette" to operate between Antwerp and Brazil, Buenos Aires and River Plate. had decided not to take the money, t operator of the non-unicn strip : at GaUhersburg High School on Mutual sent Edward Lee here mine, last Apr!, ' Friday. Juiy 23. from 9 till 12. The from Xew York today to convince Attorney-General J. Lindsay Al- music will be furnished by the the::i th«.' should. The networks moncl. Jr. and his associates agreed ' Esquires Band. The dance is be- loca! outlet aiiiinsed a conference to drop prosecution of 78 other men ·£ headed by Charles Linthicum, in one of its studios Mr and Mr« named in the GUI-am indictment, i Adams were present. a".ci after 15 Three men named in the same in- minutcs of negotiation finaib took dictment were unable to appear to- the money. day because of illness, but will b? arraigned at a later date. TTiey -;til! face charges Attorneys for the Commonwealth also agreed not to prosecute further nine othfer anti-lynch law indictments against the same 178 men. Suspended Sentences Are Given To 97 Miners Grundy. Va . July 20 ··* -- Xmpty- seven of !he 178 union mincis in- dicte'l under Virginia's nsiti-lynch law pleaded guilty late today ar.d received suspended penitentiar sentences of five years each. The mass arraignment in Buchanan Circuit Court came late in the t afternoon after two days of con- ' ferences behind clossd doors by opposing attorneys ir: the case. ' SpecificaUy, ihe 97 men pleaded . cuilty to one indictment charging j that they violated the mob violence I provision o£ the anti-lynch law in an attack upon Robert J. Gilliam. ·4-H COUNCIL DANCE The Annual Montgomery County 4-H Sr. Council dance will be heid ANY 6 OR S ROLL FILM 35 DEVELOPER PRINTED 30 HOUR SERVICE ALLEN'S MARKET 2nd ST. USED CARS SOLD BOUGHT TRADED Every car sold is first demonstrated, t h e n honestly represented as to its actual state of repair. 20 used cars at all price ranges to choose from. IXC. Your DcSoto--Plymouth Dealer 110 X. Market St. OPEN 9 TO 9 SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNT 15 Checks--$1.00 PvEGULAR CHECKING ACCOUNT Subject to analysis REGISTER CHECKS L'p to $100.00--lOc charge COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES At Western Maryland Trust Co, FREDERICK, MARY LAND MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT IXSCRAXCE CORP. TO Loans up to $t,3OO on your AWO-FURMTURE-SIGNATURE-COMAKER, ETC. Don't deprive yourself of the things you need any longer. 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